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With his tight leather pants and a sharp edge that makes him dangerous, Jet Keller is every girl's rock and roll fantasy. But Ayden Cross is done walking on the wild side with bad boys. She doesn't want to give in to the heat she sees in Jet's dark, haunted eyes. She's afraid of getting burned from the sparks of their spontaneous combustion, even as his touch sets her on fire.

Jet can't resist the Southern Belle with mile-long legs in cowboy boots who defies his every expectation. Yet the closer he feels to Ayden, the less he seems to know her. While he's tempted to get under her skin and undo her in every way, he knows firsthand what happens to two people with very different ideas about relationships.

Will the blaze burn into an enduring love. . . or will it consume their dreams and turn them to ashes?

Don't miss the latest bad boy in Jay Crownover's unforgettable New Adult series.

416 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 28, 2013

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Jay Crownover

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Jay Crownover is the International and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men Series, The Saints of Denver Series, The Point and Breaking Point Series, and the Loveless, Texas series. Her books can be found translated in many different languages all around the world. She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays. Jay is a self-declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the road.
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834 reviews4,769 followers
August 31, 2013

5 Stars for Jet. I loved him!
1 Star for Ayden. She drove me nuts!
Equals 3 overall Stars!

OH BOY! Where to start with this very frustrating story. To say I struggled to keep my temper under control while reading this book is an understatement! I spent most of the story feeling the need to completely and utterly smack the heroine. I guess after that statement it's pretty obvious WHO became my main issue throughout this book...that's right...it was the heroine, Ayden.

I really liked the first book in this series, Rule and had high hopes that Jet would be just as good. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and the heroine, Ayden, was mostly to blame. I knew before starting this story that many readers had issues with her character, but I figured she couldn't be THAT bad. Oh, how wrong I was! She was that bad and more! I found her nearly impossible to like. Up until the last 10% of story, she was self-centered, self-serving, and self-pitying. Basically, the girl took self wallowing to a whole new level. Simply put, Ayden and her ridiculous sub-plot ruined a great portion of this book for me. By the time she finally came around and truly shined as a character, it was a simple case of too little, too late.

That said, I absolutely adored and loved everything about Jet. He was sexy, charismatic, and delicious. I loved him every bit as much as Rule. Unfortunately, he wasn't enough to fully save this book for me. Still, the ending was sweet and left me with a HUGE smile on my face. I'm very excited for Rome's book. I have high hopes for that one! Fingers crossed.
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May 31, 2013
4 Stars

 photo f813bcf1-91f7-44e5-a9ec-ba02261ed1d6_zpsda2d1ec0.jpg
Jet Keller was all kinds of temptation wrapped up in too-tight pants and with too many personal demons hidden in those dark, golden rimmed eyes. He was every girl’s rock-and-roll fantasy, with an edge that made him just sharp enough to be hard to handle.

 photo f11f0270-e959-4823-a8de-ccced6d3bd5b_zps3ac96f7b.jpg
Ayden Cross was a puzzle that, every time I thought I was close to solving, proved to have five extra pieces and no corners. For a long time, I thought she was a southern belle, complete with mile-long legs in cowboy boots, but then she would turn and do something that knocked me on my ass. I had a feeling I didn't’ know the real Ayden at all.

The second installment of ‘Marked Men’ series is about Rule’s friend, Jet- and Shaw’s friend/roommate, Ayden. When Ayd first see’s Jet, she is instantally attracted to him. She knows she shouldn’t be. He is not the type of guy she can be with. Ayden is a little screwed up because of her past.

 photo 347fe12e-cf14-48c9-bb9f-e7935af0e52e_zps9244ca49.jpg
Security would always win in any game where love or any other emotion was a consideration, and that was just the way it had to be.

Ayden has priorities. She will get her degree, have a job that makes at least six figures, and never look back. Jet is just a local musician, he doesn’t fit in her picture. Jet is more secure with his job than Ayd thinks. He loves music. It is his life. But he doesn’t just perform. He has a studio, he writes and produces and does pretty well for himself.
‘I would rather be broke and do a job I love then wealthy working a nine-to-five any day.’

These two finally decide to ‘hook up’ after a ton of sexual tension. When they do, they both know they have something special. They just don’t know what to do with it.
I don’t know that either of us is really ready to handle the other. What I do know is I want you more than I want to keep breathing.

When Ayden is with Jet, nothing else really matters and that scares her to death.
I knew if I let him, he would own me.
 photo 9c8c9eda-f472-466c-92fd-8184c818928f_zpsafbe9c7c.jpg

They both have more in common then they think. Both have messed up family situations, Ayden just finds it necessary to hide hers. A ghost from Ayden’s past appears and it makes her second guess everything. So she does the stupid girl thing....
 photo JEt-Dontdeserveyou_zps1c6abb23.png

I wanted to love Ayden. I liked her some of the book, but she drove me bonkers. I don’t know what is up with these females in my books lately, but its just like they have the worst decision making skills ever and they infuriate me to no end. Just had to throw that out there. Jet, however was pretty amazing. I love my boys with tattoos and piercings, and a rock star to boot- hell yeah! Ayd had to go and break that poor boy’s heart. All because of her past and insecurities. I understood some of it, but it was still aggravating.

While all this is going on, Jet decides to go on tour again. Its killing him being so close to Ayden, but not actually being with her. While he’s away (in Europe) something big happens with Ayden’s family situation. She has Shaw and Cora there for her, but its not the same. Shaw calls Jet to let him know whats up. Once he hears about Ayd’s past, he just wants to be there for her and remind her-

 photo 6850c6f4-14da-4e23-940f-3f4cc45d0772_zps87a1d629.jpg

Eventually Ayden realizes the plan for her life doesn't have to be a certain way. Things don't always have to be according to plan.
One morning you just wake up and realize that the way things have always been doesn’t mean that’s the way they have to always be.

I liked this book. But I didn’t love it, not like I did Rule. Maybe it’s just me, but I have been having a lot of trouble with sequels not living up to the first book in the series... It was hot, I loved Jet, but I just didn’t connect with the two of them like I wanted. I am really excited about Rome and Cora’s book! Can’t freaking wait! Another Archer boy... yes please!

 photo 19c07a9d-c274-4644-805f-a3e55b76c6ac_zps723e2de1.jpg

We were just two people who were meant to be together and that was all there was to it.

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June 20, 2013


A delightfully yummy novel that I feel I've been waiting an eternity for. Most lovers of this genre fell in love with Rule in the first of the marked men series, and I was another in a long line of excited readers when it was announced that book two would lead us into the world of Jet and Ayden.


I enjoyed this book lots, nothing gets me hooked more than a friends to 'let's hop between the sheets together' story and Jay Crownover delivers once again.

So what's it all about ...

Well the book starts with the meeting of Jet and Ayden, bring into the mix sizzling chemistry, alcohol and an unfortunate initial rejection and so begins the story ... Thrown together as housemates we are taken on a roller coaster journey of will they won't they? Can this couple take the risk? Can opposites really attract? A story that had me hooked, I fully invested in every page till the end desperate for the gorgeous couple to find their perfectly happy ending.

Meet the characters ...
Ayden Cross, is leaving behind her chequered past and shady upbringing, now her life is all about finding security and safety which in her mind equals to finding herself a reliable, polished respectable man. She has a belief system centred on rewards for living her life in the right way. That meant there was no room in her life for a rock star musician, especially one that made her feel the way that this one did ... With the object of her attraction and lust personified becoming her housemate it should be easy to enter the friend zone and ignore the chemistry right? Wrong, meet Jet Keller a complete package of temptation, rock n roll, tattoos, piercings and a whole lot of 'hurts to look at him' standard gorgeous. This bad boy has a side that brings him to a whole other level - smart, funny and talented this rock star hits the killer combination of bad boy and gorgeous. So What happens when two people want different things? is love enough?
Ayden needs to make the choice between following her head or her heart. Jet needs to Decide if love is worth fighting for.



What I loved ...
Well aside from the fabulous characters, this book has a slow agonising build up of connection and chemistry that just reading about made me want a cold shower. I also fell for the darker side of the story ~ The ghosts of Jet and Ayden's pasts certainly
had a part to play in the story, I thought that the author delivered the more somber side of the plot well enough to make it realistic, but not so much that it made it too heavy. For me, the writing flawlessly took the reader right into the lives of the characters. There wasn't much that I didn't love about this book.

Why not five ...
Well as sold as I was this story is no Rule. I know it's not fair to compare but I didn't fall for the story as a whole as much. I enjoyed it for all it was but it didn't quite hit the five star mark for me. I would recommend this story to those readers who enjoyed the first in the marked men series and there is no doubt I'll be reading Rome's story when it hits.

❤❤“I think we’re both actually pretty screwed up, but together we just work and we make each other better.”

❤❤“Sometimes things change, because there just isn’t any way for them to stay the same.”

❤❤“I'm in love with us Jet”


4 Jet stars.
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1,476 reviews459 followers
July 20, 2016
3.5 Stars. Jet and Ayden have had a tension between them for a while. They are both doing their best to ignore it. After an explosive moment, they realize they can't ignore their chemistry any longer. Ayden has a past she is trying to outrun. Jet is holding himself back from his full potential professionally and personally. For a good deal of the book, they have their ups and downs. Their sensual scenes are ridiculously hot. I mean the dude has an interesting piercing that is just... delish. Jet is able to get to a point where he won't allow his circumstances to limit his progress. Ayden finds she can be who she is now without losing the good qualities of the Ayden of old. The plot deals with some sensitive topics such as domestic abuse, alcoholism, and more with tact. There are a lot of things these two have to work through. I liked it when they finally overcame their issues but found their drama a little wearing sometimes. All in all an enjoyable read. Safety: No OM, though Ayden's ex was clearly interested in a reunion. No OW, though one was naked and throwing herself at Jet when he and Ayd were on the outs. No sharing. No rape, though there were sexual situations in Ayd's past that weren't exactly consentual or wanted. No physical abuse. Yes to emotional abuse.
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2,414 reviews4,661 followers
May 31, 2013
It pains me to write this review because I was all about the first book of this series Rule which sits on my favorite shelf... enough said.

Any who, the next installment in the series, Jett missed it’s MARK for several reasons and had me skimming (which I very rarely do).

I was all excited to fall for Jett Keller the lead singer of a local band and he didn’t disappoint. Jett was all heart!!

My disappointment fell completely on Ayden. Her inner dialogue felt like it was stuck on a continuous loop. Her constant comparison to her old self verse new self was never ending. As well as the references to Adam's and his sweater vests, Cora’s different eye color and Ayden’s long legs felt completely repetitive.


As a reader, we learn that Ayden has been lusting after Jett since their first encounter. They become roommates and friends over the course of a year. Still she only sees him as a piece of ass and can’t see that he is a well-respected person in the music industry and is more than a hard worker as well as loyal to his abused mother…*all of which ALL of his friends know.

When they can’t resist each other any longer, they seem to have some hot chemistry but Ayden yearns for stability since she has reinvented herself and refuses to fall back on the girl she used to be.

”Careful is my middle name, Cora.”
“But, Jet’s is passion, and he can get really wrapped up in things that are important to him. If you don’t want to be wrapped up, you better be honest with him about it.”~Cora

They start to have a relationship but the appearance of Ayden’s brother who comes to town in deep trouble with a biker gang and Jett’s parent’s situation exploding things seem that they can’t get worse.

”What if it doesn’t matter? What if I cared about her as much as I care about this version of you? I don’t want to own you, Ayd, I just want to be with you.”~ Jett

Have no fear, this story ends with a great big hea for Jett and Ayden, even though this couple spent more time completely apart than together than as a couple.

Perhaps this installment just wasn’t for me. I do love the characters of this series and I will definitely be reading the third book about Rule's brother Rome.
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2,658 reviews3,254 followers
November 7, 2020
4.5 Stubborn Southern Gal, Hot Metal Rock God, Flaming Hot Smexy Times
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
Does the old saying opposites attract really have merit… and what really is opposite if, underneath it all, the two in question have more of the same in common than they think?

That really is one of the burning and continuing questions considered in the follow-up book Jet, in the series Marked Men by Jay Crownover.

We meet Jet: Heavy Metal Rock God. He has all of the trimmings to make any woman with a pulse cream; has the tattoos, piercings... and people, I am talking “decorated “ body parts… multiple body parts….and with that long and lanky, hard body frame…But the best part of him was the mind and soul of Jet… pure musician, songwriter, and actual good guy. He just had so much rage and hurt wrapped around him, the only way to make it manageable was released through the music… the passion of the moment … because carrying all of the burdens he had left a raging fire within.

Mix all that volatility with Ayden, a woman set on reinvention. Had the body women and men checked out due to legs that went on for days… sweet curves with dark brunette hair cut choppy with some curls and eyes… songs needed to be written about them; they were the color of whiskey and just a potent. She came from a life where she did everything and then some ...which labeled her trash. She came from a cliche Kentucky family with a mom who tried her best… but was far from good enough… and a brother whose way of looking out for his baby sister was using her to get himself out of whatever con or back alley deal he was in….

Ayden had only the good luck of a teacher seeing her real potential and guiding her through scholarships to see her way out of a life destined for heartache. Ayden in Denver was new, fresh, and determined to live as differently as possible from the girl she was in Kentucky… and if that meant denying herself real love and pleasure… so be it.

In the first book, Rule, these two have a situation happen off-page leaving us with a hint of some kind of conflict resulting in both of them acting like wet cats when around each other. It seems both were attracted; Ayden was willing to do the nasty and have the one night experience…to scratch that constant itch she had for Jet. Jet was more than ready to follow through … all systems locked and loaded when he decided to take a step back and call a halt from the hottest, most temping kiss ever...

Because… Ayden was seemingly too good; too special; too not his usual hit’em and quit’em girl…
Because with Ayden… Jet knew she would never just be a one-time thing… she would be someone who could slash his heavy metal heart to shreds…. So Jet stepped away, making Ayden feel embarrassed and annoyed; resolved and reassured to stay the path….looking for the professional, upstanding, vanilla guy.

Time passes and circumstances cause Jet and Ayden to be living in the same house with Cora. This means every friggin day, both Jet and Ayden do the play-acting like they aren’t dying for one another; she sees his one niters leave every morning…doing the walk of shame…. He puts up with her dating a sweater vest-wearing fool … someone who ticks all the boxes of the “appropriate” guy who the perfect conservative Ayden should love…. And both are so unhappy it is a hot mess to watch.

All of the friends in this circle see what is happening and finally, things come to a head and Ayden confronts Jet one more time… they finally kiss again… when both are sober and wanting… and neither one of them can stop this train… they both admit… the desire… but both only commit to moment to moment – each carrying their own secrets and burdens not willing to share….

This story was so good… it built on the foundation it had laid in the book, Rule. These characters knew who they thought they were and why they did what they did. They had full day to day lives which were described with enough detail to make you feel you were either in the music studio, concert, bar, or tattoo shop. When a recording session was taking place, it was described as they really happen… I can testify as I have been there a few times and all the comments and feelings of the moments were right on.

During the entire book, I felt I was with people finding their way after a long and difficult growth spurt… like they had tried a few things, thought they had figured it out only to see … they had to adjust their game plan… and this type of character development worked for me.

Because in the grand scheme of things… that is kinda how life is… we think we know what we want or what we have to do in order to achieve whatever the goal is… and then stuff happens… either it is just the regular everyday stuff that causes people to grow and mature… or it is life-changing, hardcore, slap you in the face stuff, and then you really figure out what you are made of… and both Jet and Ayden separately and together come through with flying colors in my book.
They may have made some decisions that caused things to be a little harder than necessary but overall… they handled things with purpose and grace and I understood what they were doing through it all.

I was particularly impressed with how both tried to talk to each other… they would try in the best way they could to confront and share when they thought they could. Ayden really rang the bell for being an incredibly strong woman and able to a great loyal and supportive friend. She did make some choices which were self-sacrificing… but at the time it was the only way clear in her mind. I really respected and liked her.

So do opposites attract… well these two were sort of opposites but in the end, they blended so well.
Their chemistry and love was steamy, active, and caused hot flashes… and not the menopausal kind… I am talking … fanning self and wishing you were there kind.

This series is a winner in my book… our author has a voice with a unique insight to this crew… little Cora and Rule’s brother Rome is up next and I can hardly wait… but I will ask … please don’t forget Rowdy or Nash, those two have big hearts and I am just as interested in them as all the other…and that is because you, Jay Crownover, make me want to know them better.

Rule (Marked Men, #1) by Jay Crownover Rule (Marked Men, #1)
Jet (Marked Men, #2) by Jay Crownover Jett (Marked Men, #2)
Rome (Marked Men, #3) by Jay Crownover Rome (Marked Men, #3)
Nash (Marked Men, #4) by Jay Crownover Nash (Marked Men, #4)
Rowdy (Marked Men, #5) by Jay Crownover Rowdy (Marked Men, #5)
Asa (Marked Men, #6) by Jay Crownover Asa (Marked Men, #6)

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March 10, 2016

3 breaking-stereotypes Stars

Real time talk, my fellow humans…

Slut shaming, I HATE IT!! I don’t know how I can express in a cohesive way how insidious I think it is. How it takes the sexuality of women and reaffirms the social standard that it is perfectly accepted, and actively encouraged, for men to explore their sexuality but that a woman is not permitted the same sexual freedom. Not only does it do this but it also propagates jealousy and validates behaving in a jealous and insecure manner and then BLAMING someone else for your own insecurity. If a beautiful woman looks CQ up and down in a bar or even approaches him in a sexual manner, this neither makes her a slut nor a skank, it makes her a woman who appreciates my beast for all the wonderful physical attributes that I, obviously, recognise. It is my responsibility to own how this makes me feel, be that jealous or indifferent, and not degrade her for merely existing in the same space as my partner.

Needless to say, slut-shaming runs the gauntlet in Jet, it is all OVER the goddamn place.

There is also an alarming amount of drama for drama’s sake here. Which I am also by no means a fan.

However, I really liked the character of Jet. I liked how Crownover emphasized the sweetness of him, underneath all that skin tight jeans, leather, steel and ink. It’s not that he doesn’t have a temper, he does, but he isn’t cruel or over the top alpha. He comes across as genuinely sweet and passionate.

I have known many aspiring musicians; and while they have not ALL been cream of the crop human beings, many of them are passionate people doing what they love; nothing more or less than that. I have known the "married to music" type and I know that it can be very tough and painful for any partner but I have also known the sweetheart who just wants to give the world all the passion inside them, but has enough and more to give to a partner too. The belief that every musician is bound to be unfaithful or a less understanding lover is simply bullshit. Jet breaks this stereotype, and I fell a little in love with him for it.

Come sing me to sleep, Jet! Please?!


We're coming for you, Jet..... get ready! Buddy-read with the amazing and futuristic Dino-Jess on Monday, March 7!!!

For whatever reason whenever I hear "singer for a metal band" it makes me think of this guy I've met a few times named Amalien....

(He's rad as FUCK!)

We shall see how that works out for me...
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1,921 reviews3,458 followers
May 29, 2013
So to sum it all up:





So....I didn't really like Ayden very much. And I kind of thought Jet should just tell her....

The whole old Ayden/new Ayden thing was SO annoying!

And the fact that she kept dogging Jet for being a musician--claiming that he was never going to be able to provide her stability and blah, blah, blah! Really??

I mean could she have been a bigger bitch when she "dumped" him in the car after his studio just got cleaned out....after they had just had some of the best sex??


Ditch Ayden....

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2,417 reviews14.2k followers
Want to read
August 21, 2014
4/14/13 AUTHOR'S BLOG:

I am Thrilled to announce that my amazing client Author Jay Crownover author of RULE has just accepted a 3 book deal, for titles RULE, JET AND ROME. This is a "significant deal" With William Morrow imprint of HarperCollins.

The Corvisiero Agency team extends their congratulations and is so over the moon excited for Jay! Way to Go! Jay you totally rocked it! Man oh man today has been crazy. Thank you for all the well wishes, it does this heart good to hear it....
Now here is the long and short of things as I understand it:
Rule is getting snazzed up and revamped and will be out on ALL digital markets soon...probably by the end of the month.
Jet is with an editor and they have high hopes to have him out in all digital markets sooner rather than later......quick like a bunny in fact...no exact date yet but I'll keep ya'll up to date. I hear rumors of both of them being in print sometime in the future so that freaking blows my mind!!! Woot :)
As of right now I'm settling in to get a handle on a certain stubborn big brother and see what kind of trouble I can cook up for him.
Again thank you everyone, I am overwhelmed by the support and outpouring of kindness and love...you're all just wonderful
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639 reviews3,793 followers
October 21, 2013

”Are you in love with me, Ayd?
I’m in love with us, Jet.”

Sexy, pleasureable, full of angst and great between the sheets action, Jet is a well thought sequel in Marked Man Series. I was hooked from the beginning and really enjoyed reading about troubled characaters, that only Jay Crownover can so easily picture.


There is nothing better and sexier than reading a novel about ripped, tattoed and pierced bad boy rocker, that can so effortlessly make your panties drop.

“Jet Keller was all kinds of temptation wrapped up in too-tight pants and with too many personal demons hidden in those dark, golden-rimmed eyes. He was every girl’s rock-and-roll fantasy, with an edge that made him just sharp enough to be hard to handle. And boy, oh boy, did I want to handle him in every way possible.” ~Ayden

Boom! and they’re gone.

Jet Keller is wet dream came true, and there is only one kind of thoughts that are crossing ladies minds when they are near him.

“But still, the sight of those abs, the ink that covered them and the twin hoops through his nipples turned all my good intentions and strictly marshaled thoughts to all things sexy and naughty, where they clearly didn’t need to be.” ~Ayden

But he is also trouble, big, bad trouble that Ayden can’t be in. The attraction she feels toward Jet is dangerous and she can’t act on her lustful thoughts. No matter how hard that will be, right?


Please, don't get me started on the sex parts because they were so, so hot, I melted... . I devoured every sexy snippet and drooled over Jet tats.


Overall, this book rocked! Well, just as I thought it would. Jet is fantastic rock star romance. Great, complex plot and phenomenal characters made reading Jay Crownover’s novel sweet experience add to the mix smokin’ hot, full of sparks, sexual tension sex and I was sold.. I am dying to get more of Crownover’s flawless, yummy style of writing as well as another mesmerazing and interesting plot. My rock star addiction got a big, nice drag from this book .
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483 reviews373 followers
May 29, 2013


Jet Keller was all kinds of temptation wrapped up in too-tight pants and with too many personal demons hidden in those dark, golden-rimmed eyes.

It would take torture to get me to admit it, but my main goal in life was to see how far down that damn angel tattoo went, and to trace the entire thing with my tongue

Music was what made me get up in the morning and what followed me to bed at night ~ JET

Jet isn't the kind of guy you marry and have kids with. he's the guy who makes you forget you name and rocks your world


Ayden Cross was a puzzle, that every time I thought I was close to solving, proved to have five extra pieces and no corners

She had a "take no shit" attitude wrapped up in super long legs and whiskey colored eyes that did way more than Jameson when it came to going to my head fast and hard.

Add these two up and it equals ....

hair-pulling, bite-mark leaving, bed-breaking sex❤❤❤❤❤

OHHH tequila, tequila, tequila....makes you brave. Thats what happened to Ayden. She made put the moves on Jet one drunken night. Jet, because he's under the impression he is not good enough for her ~ PUT ON THE BRAKES....
So I had done the right thing, the decent thing, and told her no when all I wanted to do was tell her yes

The story picks up one year later....Ayden and Jet are just roommates....Jet is a man-whore and Ayden is with an argyle sweater-vest wearing preppy. Strange? But all true.....
You keep telling me that I don't know you, and that I don't have a clue, but the truth is, we don't know each other, and I don't know that either of us is really ready to handle the other. What I do know is that I want you more than I want to keep breathing~Jet

FINALLY THEY DECIDED TO GIVE THIS "THING" A CHANCE.....and wow...what a ride! Reading about these two falling in love...was just so incredibly right!!! They both had a back-story and just watching them finally getting to the ever-after that they deserved was just really intense. Trust me it did not lack angst and drama...But I knew a HEA was on the horizon for these two. The roller-coaster ride of this relationship was so worth it!

He sings to me at night and it makes my heart hurt. The way he looks at me, I feel like he's trying to pull me apart and put me back together in an even better way

"You in love with me, Ayd?"
I closed my eyes and kissed him like he had just kissed me. We just made so much sense together even if we made no sense at all.
"I'm in love with us, Jet"

The Epilogue was gorgeous...and of course leads us into book three. I will definitely continue this series. I fell in LOVE with RULE. Rule's book had me weeping and laughing and just ready to high-five everyone....I loved that book. Thankfully, Rule and Shaw were a good part of this book. I still drool over Rule. For those of you who have not read or drooled over Rule and/or need a refresher.....RULE...mohawk..add your own tats....
[image error]rehvenge photo: Rehvenge Revh1.jpg">

Sorry ....I just had a Rule/Drool moment....needed to share❤❤

Ok here's so more Jet... Don't want to steal any of Jet's thunder ......

And lastly some cheesy quotes! ❤❤❤❤

Good enough to eat...trust me on this....❤❤❤❤
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1,371 reviews85 followers
August 27, 2016
Seriously, guys!!! The "Marked men" series are addictive!!!

I thought that after "extreme" Rule, i couldn't love anyone else from the rest of the gang...
But i was so fuckin' wrong!!!
Jet managed to get under my skin and to remain there like a tattoo...

But i have to be fair... There are not only the guys....
Their girls are also so damn awesome!!!
And the chemistry between the couples electrify the air around them...

I can not stop reading about them...
At this point, i need Rome and Cora so badly!!!!
But now it's not their turn to talk about, so let me talk for this awesome couple...

Jet and Ayden!!!
Those two were having a little history behind them....
Ayden saw Jet performing on stage and he made her heart trembled...
So she, thrown herself to him, but even though he was a man-whore, he didn't accepted her offer... and the rejection left Ayd heartbroken for long time...

So now, almost a year later, they became roommates...
Ayden was dating a boring, preppy and "perfect" man and Jet every night was sleeping with another girl...
But the air around them grew thick and heavy when they were around to each other...
But they were trying so hard to ignore it... and that's because they both were having a screwed up background that made them scared these intense feelings the hell out of them!!!

You see, Ayden is having too many secrets about her previous life and the person who was in the past was weak and made many mistakes and all of that in the name of brotherhood love...
She had aloud to her brother to manipulate her and to take advantage of her and at this new life of her she was trying so hard to become a strong person that count only to herself... That means that she needed stability and a perfect person to stand beside her and Jet is too much intense and unsteady for her...
And even though he is the only one who made her feel extraordinary, she hold herself behind....

Jet has his own demons to fight...
He is a great musician but he denied to himself to become THE greatest, even though he deserves it. He has problems with his parents and especially with his old man.
His father used to be a musician himself and he still accused his family for not being in the road anymore to live the rocker's wild life. He is trying to take advantage of Jet and he uses his mother for that cause... Jet is trying so hard to get his mother out of this shitty life but for her own reasons she refuses...
His only family is his friends and his only fear is the possibility to become like his father... He is so angry and he is feeling inside him to exist a fire that is trying to eat alive his soul... He earns calmness only when he's on stage, but lately he realised that Ayden is the only person that can consume this fire...

When they finally end up together, there will be an explosion...
But they are able to win this bet with themselves???
They will manage to overpass all the demons that eat them alive???
Will Ayden stops to fear this feeling and to run all the time away from Jet???

Wow!!! Just wow...

That story for once again spoke directly in my heart...
I really like and enjoy Jay's stories!!!
And i can not to find more about the rest of the guys!!!
Yep, Asa's story too...
I won't lie to you!!! I wanted to kill that manipulating bastard, and i was wondering why the hell Jay wrote a book about him??? But i have to be honest with you... My curiosity won and i want to find out what was going on in his mind!!!

"Rome" i'm coming for you!!!!
March 10, 2016
This is not a romance novel.

This is a story about an idiotic, judgmental, slut shaming woman, who runs away from the best thing that ever happened to her, for the entire book.

Ayden is the most frustrating "leading lady" I have read about in recent times. Her justifications for things are ridiculous.

You know what Ayden? I hate to break it to you, but you aren't a special snowflake. We've all got baggage. It's how you deal with that baggage that shows not only how mature you are, but helps build your character. You simply running away from any sort of problem that you ever encounter in this, just shows you have the emotional maturity of a toddler and I didn't want you to get a happy ever after, you don't deserve it.

This book was exhausting. Sure. I like a bit of drama here and there, but reading Ayden's constant stream of nonsensical rationalizations for her idiotic actions was horrible. I wanted to punch her in her stupid fucking face.

Because I've already spewed enough rage about Ayden, let's not even get into how much of a judgmental bitch she is. Or how she slut shames pretty much every other female character in the book. She's a piece of shit and I loathe her.

Jet. Look, he's also an idiot, but he's much more tolerable than bitchface Ayden. I liked hearing about the passion he had for music and about the way he worked in the studio to help other bands get a start in the industry. I also really enjoyed the descriptions of how his piercings helped to enhance the love scenes.

Speaking of the love scenes, they were hot, sure, but they were too few and far between. Mainly because of Ayden's dumbass decisions. Oh and of course this wouldn't be a Jay Crownover novel without some unsafe sexy times thrown in for good measure. She really needs to learn the phrase "no glove, no love."

The drama-llama is at work in this something shocking. You want a drama burger, with a side of drama fries, topped with drama cheese and then smothered in some drama sauce? You got it.

Oh and that ending? My goodness. Did someone order a cheese fondue? Because this thing is dripping cheese all over the place.

Having said all this, I'm still going to continue the series. Because I am a glutton for punishment. Bring on Rome and Cora's story.

2 vagina-punch Stars

Thank you for the buddy read Karly!
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1,507 reviews132 followers
January 16, 2016
Jet is just perfect

Ayden as had a hard up bringing but she as turned her life around she doesn't have 2 worry about anyone but her she has a great best friend Shaw an lives with Cora who is just as great an then there is the Marked Men who r just amazing but Ayden doesn't let anyone in the old Ayden the one who she was WoodWard isn't someone she wants to be an as had her on lock down since moving to Denver but there is one person that gets to her more than anyone is Jet he does funny things to her she as never felt like this for anyone but he hurt by turning her down it mite of been the rite thing but it still hurt like hell but she couldnt let the old Ayden out cause she thinks it will destroy everything she as built she as done some pretty crappy things in her life but they were for her brother to help him she did let herself do those things anymore she wanted a straight laced man who could look after her even thought they did nothing for her the only person who got her some wound up was Jet she just didn't want to mess things up an once her old life came into her new she could cope with what would happen an what her new family would think of her

Jet as been in his band forever an they r great doin really well they r happy solid group they get on like brothers they never wanted to b a big famous band even though they were amazin Jet is super talented he writes song an helps others band everything is goin good he as his other brothers the Marked Men Rule Nash and Rowdy they have such a strong bond they would do anything for each other but the person who he can't get out of his head is Ayden he as liked her forever but she isn't like him she is so straight an proper an he doesn't think he is good enough for her (if he only knew) there is so much sexual tension between them an now there living in the same house with Cora it's makes it even harder seeing those long sexy legs every day just makes him crazy he just wants her he even things he could luv her but she is just to good for him an this comes from his parents he as such a shitty dad he is such a crappy dad he is just out for himself an Jets mum just doesn't c it even though Jet would do anything for her she just won't leave his dad who would use an abuse Jet God he's an ass I hate that man so much

This story is just so good these 2 think they r protecting each other but they r just breaking each other it's more Ayden then Jet he just wants her no matter what is goin on or what happened in her past she just won't open up to him or anyone until she need help which I have to say is pretty annoyin I luvd Ayden in Rule she is so sassy an I luvd that but in this book I actually wanted to slap her a few times Jet is just so amazing though al this book he just her luv cause he just knew they were meant to b but she would fight it an run when things were getting good or when things were getting out of her control her past had damaged her an I understand but Jet just wants her to open up an tell him but she just would Ye I was screaming in my head in parts at her I know I m crazy haha I just luvd these 2 together they make such a great couple an were so hot together sexual an as a couple damn Aydens walks built so high

I luvd this book I m delighted I started reading this series wish I read it earlier cause I 've fell in luv but at least I m getting to it now I would recommend this book the drama is great an the characters r just brilliant it's great how we get more of Shaw an Rules an al the other Marked Men getting to know about them is just making want more if them I m only 2 books in this series an i know just goin to get better even though I m luvin it after the epilogue of this book I m dyin for Rome an Cora's book xxx

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March 12, 2017
OMG Please, make it stop. It's official. I'm too old for this crap.


The fault is mine. Not the book. Not the author. It's like me going to the store and buying a pair of Free People, super skinny, embroidered and bedazzled jeans. It's not done at this age. And if it it, clearly something is wrong in my head. That's not to say I can't sport some seriously awesome True Religion skinny boyfriend jeans. And I do. That's appropriate. Do you see what I am saying people?
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June 20, 2013
I loved Rule by Jay Crownover. It was full of longing and unrequited love, a type of romance I can’t resist and Ms. Crownover got it just right for me. When I heard she was writing a companion novel I was over the moon! Jet did not disappoint!

Ayden, seems like a sweet and wholesome Kentucky country-girl, but looks and packaging can be deceiving. Ayden is far from being an innocent even though that’s the image she wants to cultivate. She wants nothing to do with the previous life she led and doesn’t want the image her new friends have of her to tarnish. She left all that behind when she came to Colorado to attend college. That was her ticket out of her old life and she doesn’t want anything tempting her back into her old ways. Her off-the-charts attraction to Jet has the danger signs flashing red, but her willpower is slowly weakening.

I had waited forever for this boy, and had wanted him, coveted him for so long it felt like the longing was a living, breathing thing inside of me.*

Looks are deceiving when it comes to Jet, as well. He looks like the typical bad-boy rocker, but underneath it all you’ll find a good friend with a big heart. He has a passion for music but not all the notoriety and fame that goes with it. He has no desire to lead an empty life filled with nothing but drugs, booze and woman. This is the life his father craved, and often abandoned his mother and him for while he was growing up. He’s tried to get over Ayden’s pull, but it’s like electricity sparking when they get together.

Jet was a captivating combination of fiery chemistry, angsty push and pull, family drama, and a little bit of danger. Jet and Ayden may look like opposites from the outside, but they had more in common in the way of family disappointment, so it was easy for them to relate and get each other. Both of them faced the sad reality of having a parent that didn’t put them first. There were obstacles along the way of their romance, and a few times I seriously wanted to strangle Ayden, but I knew it would all turn out. Any frustration I felt was made insignificant when I got to the sweet parts!

This man, who was all metal and tattoos that bled out anger and frustration, really had the softest and kindest heart I had ever encountered in my life. Now that I knew how easy it was to snap in half, I told myself it was going to be my job to take care of it from here on out.*

Jet’s story put a smile on my face and was a worthy companion to Rule. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Crownover comes up with next!

*Quotes taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in the final copy.

A copy was provided by William Morrow in exchange for an honest review.

You can read this review and more at The Readers Den.
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June 3, 2013
3 Solid Rockstar

I am really excited to start this book when the release date came..

While reading first half of book, i felt annoyed & bored to both main character,i feel everyone love them but me

specially to Ayden. all her reasons to push Jet away, totally not acceptable for me. Denying want she really wants is not my ideal heroine. not cool Ayden,not cool

but when they finally come to their senses, this is what i felt until the end of book

so this is my Jet

"What do i know is I want you more than to keep breathing"

So glad i finished the book(i almost give up on half of it) After Ayden giving me hard time,at the end,i think i still like her. I so love that Rule & Shaw,they are still adorable and the rest of guys still there. I am a huge fan of tattooed hero,so i am so loving all of them Jet's dad & Ayden's bro was totally not in my top list. They both pissed me off. I want to read Rome & Cora story. I love Cora from first book. so i guess & hopefully it will be a great one.
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Shelved as 'not-interested'
November 17, 2016
So I love this series and I have read all of the other ones...but I just have no interest in this one...

It could be because Ayden seems annoying...

...or simply because Jet wears really tight pants...




Nope, nope, nope, nope.


I just threw up. In my mouth.
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May 30, 2013
This second installment tells us the story of Jet and Ayden, both friends of Shaw and Rule.
Jet is a musician and lost himself in alcohol, women and music to try forgetting his family problems and has everyone at arm’s length because he has afraid of get truly connected to someone. He knows that his family is only bringing him pain but still he can’t let go. And although he wants Ayden, he believes that she deserves someone much better than him.


Ayden is in college, graduating in chemistry. She is the perfect student, the perfect girl and only dates perfect and safe boys. So, falling in love with the tattooed and pierced musician who by the way, lives in the same house, it’s not part of her plan. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happens.
But she doesn’t want to give herself to anyone afraid that somehow her past will eventually drive the people she loves away.


On the first book we see when she wants a night with him and he tell her no because she deserves better than someone like him. Now, one year later, when they finally realize than can’t hide from the other anymore and decide to give it a try, their pasts get in the way and they found each other not knowing how to get through everything and still having a chance of a future.


Okay, the first book is still my favorite, but this is pretty good. I’m really loving these people and all their crazy minds. I loved the romance, the steam and the friendship formed between all these characters, especially the great amount of alpha-males.
Fortunately this one didn’t have the same grammatical problems as the first so that was a good thing, I didn’t felt frustrated while reading.
Definitely a series to keep up with! ;)
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March 2, 2015
There is something about this author's writing that is so perfect to me. Her books flow seamlessly and I found it impossible to put this down - I loved every word. If I thought Rule was fantastic - Jet completely blew me away. And when I wanted to be angry at both Jet or Ayden at times, the author made me see their points of view so amazingly that I felt like I could relate to them and their circumstances. I fell in love with both of them and absolutely loved their story.

Jet is the lead singer in a local metal band, runs his own studio, and is dealing with family issues. He’s always been content with hooking up with random groupies and just living his life how he wants, as long as he always has his music. He wasn’t expecting one girl could change his entire view on love and relationships.

Ayden Cross was a puzzle, that every time I thought I was close to solving, proved to have five extra pieces and no corners.

Ayden is attending Denver University, determined to live a completely different life from the one she ran from in Kentucky. She knows she wants a stable career and relationship and has worked really hard to convince everyone she’s someone different then the girl she was in Kentucky, hiding all of her secrets from her closest friends. Her plan doesn’t include falling for the sexy, talented and panty-melting Jet, who doesn’t appear to have any goals or future planned.

Jet Keller was all kinds of temptation wrapped up in too-tight pants and with too many personal demons hidden in those dark, golden-rimmed eyes.

Both Jet and Ayden run around with the same group of friends (her best friend is dating one of his best friends) and they can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other. One night Ayden throws caution out the window and gives into her attraction for Jet, hitting on him – and he shoots her down, unwilling to corrupt the girl he thinks is too good for him.

Fast forward a year and Jet has become Ayden’s roommate, moving into the house she shares with her friend, Cora. Both Jet & Ayden try everything in their power to fight their feelings for each other and to remain friends, with no avail. Their constant resistance didn’t bother me because I loved the intense buildup of their relationship. I was able to understand and sympathize with the reasons they both had for fighting their growing attraction for each other.

This is definitely the type of book where the two main characters do a lot of denying and fighting their love when it’s obvious they are meant to be together. But it was that back and forth that made the book so good. You also had their friends helping them out along the way, giving them advice and guidance. Can’t help but adore every single person in this group of friends - I love them all!

What I loved most was the undeniable connection and chemistry that scorched between Jet & Ayden. It was clear to me from the beginning that these two were perfect for each other, they complimented each other and most importantly would understand each other so much, if they finally let their walls down and shared their secrets.

The suspense of whether they were ever going to be honest with each other about their pasts was intense and had me unable to put the book down. They both were holding so much back, afraid of getting really close to someone and letting them know the REAL them. But when they finally give in to each other – it was incredible!

This man, who was all metal and tattoos that bled out anger and frustration, really had the softest and kindest heart I had ever encountered in my life.

When you find someone, someone who gets you, who understands you, it’s worth fighting for.

'I could see forever with you, and could promise you every day that it’ll just be me and you.'

I’m absolutely in love with this author’s writing style and can’t wait for her next book about Rome! This one was easily added to my favorite list. A total roller coaster of emotions – but totally worth the ride!
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January 30, 2014
"Jet" is book #2 in the Marked Men series, and for me I didn't enjoy it as much as the first. As far as the writing style went, I loved it just as much as Rule's book. My main issue was the heroine in this story. Ayden's decision making drove me insane, and I found myself more and more irritated with her. Jet and Ayden spent a lot of time apart in this book, and that is something in my romance books that I don't enjoy. I don't mind some angst while the couple are trying to figure things out; but to just be insensitive...that annoys me. Some of Ayden's choices were done during stressful times for Jet, and I just felt that if a person is in love with the other; they would want to be there for their partner during times of strife. So that is my major complaint! I still adore this series and the characters are a group of friends that I am beginning to feel like I know them! When I crack open a book from this series, it makes me feel as if I'm coming home to friends!

Jet is the lead singer of a rock band, and he is beyond ready for the big leagues. Even though he has wicked talent; he has no desire to become famous. Jet just loves to compose and write songs,as it is a wonderful escape for him.It is a way to bank the blazing fire that burns under his skin. Jet has some major issues when it comes to his parents, and his mother is also another reason that life on the road isn't worth it to Jet. He would rather be at home keeping watch on how his father treats his mom. Of course, Jet is like Rule and is covered in tattooes and piercings. He is somewhat of a manwhore, and since he started living with his roomates; Cora and Ayden they get the pleasure of watching a different girl leave his bedroom every morning. Cora and Ayden have developed an amusing game of rating each girl that does the walk of shame right out the door!

Ayden is best friends with Shaw from the first book, and she is a hard worker both at school and her job. She is on the straight and narrow path, and doesn't want any caos in her life. She has a past that she would prefer to forget, mainly because she was a person who she is pretty much ashamed of. Even though she is a part of the circle of friends that all hang out together, she is very secretive about what has gone on in her past. Ayden and Jet have been attracted to one another for over a year. She still cringes when she thinks about how she propositioned him and he turned her down because he felt she was too good for him. If Jet only knew what a bad girl she had been a long time ago...As the year continued on though, these two can't seem to hide their attraction for one another. When they do decide to give in, it will be an explosive situation- in bed and out!
Will Ayden be able to keep her past from Jet when it comes knocking on her door? And will Jet decide to give up on protecting his mother who really doesn't want his protection, and go on tour?

Book #2 takes you right back into the world of tattooed and pierced men and the woman who are attracted to them. I love how we get glimpses of the other friends within their group, and how the friends are there for one another when life gets hard. They are all so close, and would protect one another no matter the cost. Next up is Rome and Cora's book, and I can't wait! I have loved Cora since Rule's book, and I can't wait to see her feistyness come out for Rome! He has some major demons I'm thinking, and Cora is just the girl to be alongside him to fight them.
This is a series that I would recommend to anyone that is loving the New Adult genre. It is a wonderful addition to my shelves, and I so look forward to whats to come in future books!
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June 1, 2016

....better than the first one ☺
A bit better with the sex scenes - a bit more explicit. But there's still LOTS of room for more!
What I hated - and already hated in the first book - and also hate in other books if it happens too often - like recently in Jennifer Probst's Everywhere and Every Way I loved that book but the BASIS expression is soooo horrible. All those ON A DAILY BASIS - CONSTANT BASIS - REGULAR BASIS.... just say daily or regularly or whatever - just not that BASIS shit - I HATE IT!

But other than that - I cried and chuckled and adored (I'm a huge rockstar fan girl - even though Jet's a bit too metal for me!!)

Great romance with a great cast of people - I will read them all one day - have to try to squeeze them in between arcs and re-reads ☺

Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
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January 7, 2016
Jet & Ayden
She's a little bit country, he's a little bit rock & roll...

I started this already liking Ayden from the first book in the series, Rule (Marked Men #1) so I wasn't surprised that I found the characters in this installation to be more tolerable and more realistic. But there is still something I am missing from the story. I thought maybe it was a lack of understanding of Jet's character because I'm not a rocker chick so I went to the interwebs to investigate what Jet's band is supposed to sound like.

Did not know there were so many kinds of metal...
Finally I found a video from the band that the author said Jet's band would most sound like...
I could handle it for all of 15 seconds.

NOT my scene.

So as you can imagine it was hard for me to really fall for Jet as our male lead. Even though there were sketchy music references and an almost overwhelming cheese factor that should have had me running from this book, I did like it. I thought Ayden and Jet were well suited for oneanother and that their story had a good arc.

I will be continuing on in the series despite my issues because book 3 is Rome's book. And he is likely to be my favorite of these "marked men."
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158 reviews
June 1, 2013

This is one of those books where you just want to knock Jet and Ayden in the head. Both have their own issues but I mean why would you want to run away from Jet, he is HOT!!!! It was nice to catch up with Rule and Shaw and I still love Rule, maybe more than Jet. A few things at the end caught me by surprise, but a lovely ending.
627 reviews5 followers
June 30, 2014
When in 2013????
WHEN IN 2013?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/7/13 - Eeehhhh, no. Not loving the cover. Nothing says trying too hard like studded everything. And he's not how I pictured Jet. But I still can't wait to read the book!

4/24/14 (the 9 likes are for the above comments, not the review!)

4.25 stars.

I liked both Jet and Ayden in Rule, though to be honest, while I felt I had a pretty good handle on what Ayden was like, I thought Jet was more serious and bookish for some reason. Not that he’s not serious about his business and music, he just came across as more calm in the last book. I have to admit, I like a fired up Jet better than a Zen Jet!

In Jet, we learn that both he and Ayden have issues from their past to deal with, and while Jet deals with his on a regular basis, Ayden thought she left hers behind in Kentucky when she moved to Colorado and created a whole new persona for herself. While I figured she must’ve been a bit of a slut back in the day from the hints that were dropped in the first book and through most of this one, I think the main reason for her some of why she slept around, , was just stupid. No way in hell would I whore myself out like that and get involved in some of the stuff she did to numb what she was feeling about her actions, especially for such a scumbag. It’s great that Ayden was able to turn her life around because she really is a good person and though I know she was scared of telling her friends, and especially Jet, about her past life, I think she should’ve done it way earlier, it would’ve saved everyone massive amounts of trouble, though of course that would’ve taken away from the problems that got between Ayden and Jet so it probably would’ve have been a much shorter book!

I really liked how Ayden and Jet were friends for over a year, and got to know each other pretty well, despite leaving out critical details of their family lives, before they started something with each other. Just as with Rule and Shaw, who had known each other for years, their friendship makes the romance that much more believable, rather than the usual, I’m so attracted to you I’ll sleep with you the minute after I meet you and get to know you later (usually with insta-love thrown in) garbage. I also liked how Jet finally came to the right decision about how to handle his mother all by himself. What I didn’t like was how Ayden looked at Asa’s doing one thing right after all the shit he didn’t stop her from doing on his behalf (I hope we eventually get more about this story, like if he knew exactly what she was doing and why he either didn’t or knew but didn’t stop her) when she was younger was such an amazing thing. Yeah, he risked his life for her, but yet again, he created the problem and dragged her into it. I just don’t think she should be so forgiving or understanding without really having it out with him.

A note about Jet’s attire. Blech. Skintight jeans, tons of rings and fingernail polish are things I cannot stand on a guy. Forget that I’m with Ayden on the lack of merits of heavy metal and the fact that piercings below the neck turn me off and/or make me squeamish, I like guys who dress a little more like a guy, not wearing stuff that chicks would wear (not that skinny jeans are okay on anyone, they’re not, in my opinion).

Something that grinded my gears a bit was, at one point, Jet mentions how he stopped Ayden from having unprotected sex. Unless the words I was reading don’t mean what I’ve always known them to mean, they had unprotected sex, he just didn’t finish. And FYI, that doesn’t mean you can’t get knocked up (I’m not even going to go into how dumb it is regarding STDs), especially since there was never any mention of Ayden being on the pill at the time.

One big annoyance in this book was the misuse of words. For example, taunt and taut are not the same thing yet when describing someone’s body, taunt was used more often than not (and if the correct word, taut, had been used instead, I’d be complaining about how overused it was) and I have no idea how that got by anyone reading the book before it was published.

Finally, for one of the future books, I think I’m going to have to request a diagram of some of the piercings, well, one in particular, because I still can’t imagine what it looks like (and don’t think I’d want to get up close and personal with one. I really don’t know why a guy would put himself through something like that. Just the thought of it being torn out makes my stomach roll, and I’m not even a dude!).

I love that we got to see not only Rowdy and Nash but also some of Shaw and Rule (more of them, please! Maybe in Rome’s book) and particularly Cora, who I especially like. I’m really looking forward to reading about the rest of the group’s stories because they’re all not only very loyal but unique and decent guys, despite their whorish behavior and bad boy appearances. I’m not convinced that a certain someone has redeemed himself and I still sort of hate him, but it will be interesting to see what Asa’s story holds for him. Since the Kindle prices are so high, I think I may just have to break down and buy the books if I can get a good deal on them, I don’t want to have to wait to find out what goes on with Rome and Nash!

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1,378 reviews160 followers
October 8, 2017
La historia de amor de Jet y Ayden me gustó más que la primera de esta serie y eso que las indecisiones de los protagonistas, sobre todo de Ayd, me pusieron un poco de los nervios. Deseando leer la historia de Rome estoy.
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545 reviews82 followers
August 18, 2015
3.25 JET Stars

In this 2nd story of the Marked Men series, we get to know more about metal band lead vocalist Jet and Shaw's best friend, Ayden.

I was very much looking forward to their story. I really loved Ayden in the first book and I was looking forward to getting to know more about Jet who we met briefly in Rule.

They had similar terrible upbringing that shapes what they do and how they live their lives currently.

Right off the bat, even though Ayden is country and Jet is metal, they have an explosive attraction. Physically their lust for each other is fiery and potent. Their physical attraction is the one thing that works. It's everything else that gets in the way.

The more I got to know Jet the more I just loved him. Who couldn't love a guy who sings to you every night while you're wrapped up in his arm?! GAH....I JUST MELT thinking about it!!! He's also not just a vocalist but a talented musician who plays, writes songs, not only for his band but for other bands as well. He produces and records other bands making them sound the best they can be. And he's actually the opposite of the vibrant frontman of his band when he's off the stage. He's unassuming, loving, and kind.

The story's weak spot for me was Ayden unfortunately. And it kills me because I liked her so much better as Shaw's best friend. I started to feel so disconnected to her as the story progressed. It was hard to buy the before her and after her and then the hybrid her. I also didn't really care for the storyline about the people after her brother. And the biggest suck was the way she pushed Jet away for the sake of protecting him. I just wanted to fast forward to when she finally just lets him in!

I do like how this ended though...thank goodness! I'm loving the fairly decent length epilogues and the little cliffy for the next book.

Since they're all friends, we get to see glimpses of Shaw and Rule and I'm happy to see their love fest going strong and how they have progressed as a couple. ***happy feels***


The narrators for both Ayden and Jet's parts were decent. There were some parts that I would space out but I can't really pinpoint if that was the voice or the Ayden parts I just wanted to fast forward through. Overall it was a good audio production.

Rome is next and I'm curious because he was a totally different person in the beginning of Rule's book to the end of it so I need his story to help close the gap.

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December 18, 2017
Full Review on my blog!

First off, I’ve been loving this series so far! I absolutely loved Rule, and immediately ordered the rest of the series after finishing the first novel.

Jet is a story about a couple who aren’t as different as they seem to think. Jet and Ayden have been attracted to each other from the moment they met. Ayden is a country girl from Kentucky with a past that she isn’t proud of and Jet is a rock and roll musician that every girl dreams of falling in love with. They are living as roommates trying to keep a platonic relationship, but still having to deal with these romantic feelings that they try to hide from each other.

I think it could have been a bit longer with more of their relationship developing. Overall, this is a great read and I will be continuing with the next book in the series. I highly recommend it!

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