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Beyond The Spotlight #1

Craving Her Soldier's Touch

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She swore she'd never give in to him…

Feisty nurse Jaci Piermont's heart was crushed when Staff Sergeant Ian Eddelton walked away from their passionate night together. But letting him know? Not an option! This reluctant socialite would much rather channel her energies into helping the vulnerable women she works with.

Now Ian's back—as gorgeous as ever, but with dark secrets in his eyes. Her head might be screaming "keep away," but Jaci's rebellious heart has a very different idea…!


First published January 1, 2013

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About the author

Wendy S. Marcus

66 books266 followers
Wendy S. Marcus is an award-winning author of contemporary romance who lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York...where she spends way too much time indoors on her computer. Writing. Really! Okay, more like…where she spends way too much time on Twitter and Facebook! To learn more about Wendy and the books she’s managed to write, in spite of her social media addiction, visit http://WendySMarcus.com.

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Author 233 books1,379 followers
January 27, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lots of great emotion with a dash of danger. The hero was totally delicious. Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. I am so looking forward to reading the sister's story in "Secrets of a Shy Socialite."
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Author 2 books30 followers
February 11, 2013
Wendy S Marcus is a special author for me. Up until I started reading her books, I had a sort of phobia about reading books with sexual content. I sort of felt I had to run to confession or something. But when I started reading the work of this then new-for-me author and enjoyed the rich warmth and humanity of her writing, I realized (yes, at 48) that sexual activity is as much a part of life as any other aspect of living. The shyness melted away and I was cured of that particular phobia.

This is part of the Piermont Sisters duo and the second promises to be just as interesting. Jaci Piermont could have led the life of a carefree socialite, but she wants to make a difference to society. Her work as a public health nurse and social worker for abused women brings her into the most dangerous places in New York, but her courage will hit you right between the two eyes. This woman is a powerhouse. Her love affair with war hero Ian really rocks. She gave him everything right before he went away to war and promised to wait for him. He came back bruised and damaged. She's still there for him. But things have changed. His comrades-in-arms were killed and now he has responsibilities to the wife and kids of his dead 'brothers', the only family he's ever known. So can this pair of amazing individuals overcome their differences and get with each other? Yes, it's the old cliche again, you'll have to read the book to find out, but I guarantee you, you will enjoy every moment. Wendy is up to the mark as ever and will give you a read you will not forget in a hurry. There's a special ingredient in this story - the humour. Like when Jaci tells her sister that Ian's back and Jena responds without missing a beat 'the one we had the menage with?' She's referring to the time when a rumour circulated that Ian had had an affair with both sisters, owing to the fact that he had a bikini shot of the twin sisters on his locker (the only photo of Jaci he had). The rumour had gone viral much to the disgust of the girls' brother. It's always the humour in Wendy S Marcus' work which I enjoy most.

Read this and you'll get an enthralling contemporary love story and learn a lot about domestic violence and and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Hey, don't let me put you off. These topics are part of life too. But they don't have to be the end of the world. Because as Wendy S Marcus shows us, there's always hope. That and the healing power of love.
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247 reviews271 followers
January 26, 2013
Reviewed at HarlequinJunkie.com

Craving Her Soldier's Touch by Wendy S Marcus is book#1 of Piermont sisters, this is a story of a war veteran hero and a Society socialite.

Right from the beginning this books starts with action and drama; there was never a dull moment as I read this book. Jaci was tough, fearless and funny. The chemistry between Jaci and her war veteran hero Ian was off that charts and their relationship wild and passionate.

If I had to pick on anything it would be on Ian's perception of his obligations and responsibilties, it just seemed a tad too far fetched and detached from reality; sLike this scene below near to the end when he brings home a widow and a baby to the Condo he is currently sharing with his friend and is then surprised that his friend threw a fit about it!

After the fit Justin had thrown, Ian could just imagine how Jaci’d react.

He didn’t dare look at her. “I didn’t know what else to do,” he explained. “She looks terrible, so pale and thin. I mean she was thin before but now she’s sickly thin. The house was a mess. There was hardly any food in the refrigerator. The baby has a terrible diaper rash.” At least it looked terrible to him. “She has no family. I couldn’t leave her there and I didn’t want to stay. So I packed up her condo, hitched a rental trailer to the back of my S.U.V., and brought her home with me.” And he had no plan past that.

Now I should mention overall I did enjoy this book. Wendy has a wonderfully fresh voice and she wasn’t afraid to step outside the box. In both the Piermont sisters books Wendy deals with some pretty tough social issues such as PTSD, domestic violence and elective mastectomy and for that she needs to be commended.

The writing while funny and flirty at times was also deeply moving and emotional at others which made for quite a contrast and provided a range of emotional depth.

I Can't wait for the next installments from this author!
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1,459 reviews103 followers
February 1, 2013
Hard to believe that this is only Ms. Marcus’ fourth medical romance novel. Having left behind her passionate and accomplished Madrin Memorial Hospital nurses, she now embarks on a, let’s say, duet of novels with wealthy twin sisters Jaci and Jena Piermont.

First up is confident and fiesty sister, Jaci – a community health nurse and a Women’s Crisis Center advocate. Jaci was involved with Staff Sargeant, Ian Eddelton, some twelve or so months ago. She really liked the guy, but he up and ran back to his military unit in Iraq without even a goodbye. Now, he’s back, bossy as ever. And, she’s really pissed at him for just leaving her without out that “goodbye”. But, he’s just so handsome and hard – body hard that is. He’s intensity, charm, and beauty all rolled up into one. And, Jaci can’t seem to think straight whenever he’s around. And, Ian, oh boy! Did he ever miss Jaci when he was gone. She’s beautiful! She’s sexy! And, there was not a day that didn’t go by that he didn’t think about her. He knew when he just up and left her it wasn’t the right thing to do, but he had to get out of there. He had an obligation. But, he’s changed physically as well as emotionally after this last tour in the Middle East. War does that to a person. Things are seen that have lasting traumatic effects on a person’s conscience. And, unfortunately, that is what Ian is dealing with – guilt and pain after losing his unit that was under fire; a unit that housed his friends - his combatant family. He’s suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and he will deal with it his way!

The couple do reunite, but will it last? Will Ian let Jaci be part of his life knowing that he has some huge obstacles to overcome with his emotional stability? And, will Jaci allow Ian back into her life knowing full well that he could run out and hurt her even more so this time? While the pair figure out their romantic troubles, Jaci also has to deal with her wealthy father’s stipulation regarding her multi-million dollar trust fund. And, of course, within that dilemma her step-brother Jerry lays in wait to make sure that the request is carried out legitimately. We also get our first glimpse of her twin sister, Jena, along with her two infant daughters. And, Jaci’s friend, Justin, makes an appearance to welcome home friend, Ian. Just exactly what Justin’s true relationship to the sisters is will be revealed in Jena’s book, Secrets of a Shy Socialite.

This was a scintillating book of erotic romance filled with angst, sweetness, and honesty. Yes, Jaci was a little harsh at times when seemingly being told what to do until she realized that Ian was just trying to protect her. What woman doesn’t want to be protected by a soldier? How hot is that? That was what Ian did for “his woman” - stood by her and made sure that she was taken care of no matter what. And, Ian had to let Jaci in. Into the pain and sorrow that stroked his heart after losing his men. The tragedy that eventually lead to him making the promise to take care of his deceased friends’ families forever. One thing that I will say is that they were a couple that truly cared about others – putting their own life on hold to come to the aide of someone else. Truly inspiring! Ms. Marcus’ created two characters that were honorably generous whether it be for family or a stranger.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the sizzling heat in the bedroom. A little inventive I would say – right? Which is defintely a good thing! Ian was pretty imaginative and Jaci was up for anything. So much for a bum leg...haha! They were really a passionate couple that wanted someone to need them and love them unconditionally – faults and all. You will not be disappointed with this recently released novel written by author, Wendy S. Marcus. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for Jaci’s sister, Jena!
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913 reviews25 followers
February 24, 2013

This is my first Wendy S Marcus book and i believe my first medical romance. I read the blurb for this and the first chapter and was interested and decided it was time to try a couple new things. I am happy to say it was a good choice! This is the first of 2 in this series and is about a set of identical twin sisters who are as different as night and day. First up is Jaci. Both sisters need to marry in a few months time or give up a 25 million dollar trust fund. It's not that they're worried about getting the money for themselves but instead the good they can do with that much money. Both twins are nurses so they can make their way in the world working and do. Jaci is a traveling home health nurse and also runs a center for abused women. Ian is a soldier and friend of Jaci's and although there is attraction she's always held him off til now. After one night of passion though Ian runs off earlier that he was supposed to as he was going back to Iraq. Ian was career Army until a terrible injury and the death of his friends takes him out of the military for good. Now he's back and finds out that he doesn't know Jaci as well as he thought. She's not just a rich girl living a pampered life. Now Ian has a few secrets of his own as well. I really enjoyed this book. There was a little of everything in this book. The medical aspect is there as Ian is dealing with a injury and PTSD and Jaci is dealing with abuse of herself and her mother. Then there is drama, romance and some humor thrown in as well. I love when a book has just the right mix of elements to make a great read. You also get a little of the players for book 2 in Justin ( Ian and Jaci's friend) and Jena who is Jaci's twin. All over Craving her Soldiers Touch is a well rounded book. It's one of those books that you are drawn through with a sense of enjoyment. The only turn off for me is there is one part and i believe it was just a paragraph of medical jargon that was over my head. As that wasn't the reason i was reading the book anyway it didn't bother me much. I would encourage anyone who wants to try a medical romance, but hasn't yet to try Wendy S Marcus and this series. After reading this one i immediately got my hands on book 2 and read it as well. 4 out fo 5 stars for Craving her Soldiers Touch by Wendy S Marcus.

Find out more here.www.wendysmarcus.com
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582 reviews
February 28, 2013
This was such a good book and I ended up reading it in about 24 hours. The writing is good, the plot moves along well, and there is the perfect mix of romance and intimacy. The story opens with Jaci and Ian sharing a hot and steamy night together. He then goes off to serve in Iraq and comes home about a year later. During that time Jaci doesn’t hear from him and assume she has scared him off for good.

Ian is a typical alpha male who wants to protect what’s his and that includes Jaci. He suffers from PTSD since returning from Iraq, which causes him to be on edge and not as carefree as he once was. He worries Jaci will not accept him now. Jaci is a feisty, independent woman who grew up with two very overbearing and abusive men in her life. She doesn’t want to be told what to do, so she doesn’t listen to anyone. She worries that no one will ever love her for who she is, only for her body or her money.

Wendy does a great job with Ian and Jaci, as well as other characters in the story. They have real depth, show emotion and deal with real life issues such as PTSD, domestic violence and other family issues. I admire Jaci for turning her bad experiences into something where she can help others in a similar situation. There are some funny scenes in the book, some hot and steamy, some sweet, and some that made me cry. Wendy writes in a way that reader actually feels these emotions as though they are living in the story along with Jaci and Ian. I adore Jena, Jaci’s twin sister in this story. Jaci and Jena are quite the pair and seem to complement each other so well.

Jena has a huge secret that is going to be unleashed on someone in the next book and I can’t wait to read it. If you are looking for a read that will have you laughing, crying, and sighing while being swept up in sweet yet hot romance, I highly recommend Craving Her Soldier’s Touch.
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741 reviews4 followers
March 28, 2013
This book tells the story of Jaci, a public health nurse who devotes her time to help abuse victims. Both she and Jena is arich socialite who is stood to receive trust money only if they marry. For Jaci, love would never be in the picture as her loved one has leave her behind to go to war. She was devastated when Ian left and rumours flies that Ian have boast about their relationship to his colleagues. Ian is back now; recovered after an injury from the war. He wanted so much for a second chance with Jaci but given the heartache she had before, she is reluctant.

This story contained a fair amount of domestic violence and and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, something that can really be related in reality and the way Jaci dealt with each of them. The author managed to instill the raw emotion into the story and i really felt for them. There are also funny, witty scene in the story especially between Jaci and Jena especially when they are getting ready to attend the gala dinner organised by their stepbrother. ;)
15 reviews
June 19, 2013
This book did not disappoint. Ian is downright sexy and Jaci is not your typical socialite, together they have some great chemistry. And,I like Jaci's character for channeling her energy into something positive after coming from a harsh family environment.
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Author 153 books33 followers
May 7, 2015
Another great book from Wendy S. Marcus, filled with emotion and hot sex! My favourite author of the moment and I can't wait to read Jena's story next :)
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1,183 reviews77 followers
February 28, 2013
C- at AAR, so 2.5 stars. Category romance authors at their very best pack a lot of emotion and characterization into a rather limited page count. Unfortunately, when they don't bring their A game, packing lots of conflict and emotion into a small book can result in a hot mess. Sadly, that's what happened throughout most of Craving her Soldier's Touch. This book just had too much going on, and none of the various plotlines and conflicts got developed well enough to really pack a solid punch.

Before heading off to war, Ian Eddleton has a night of passion with Jaci Piermont. He has no intention of taking things further because he plans on a military career and he saw firsthand how his father's military career embittered his mother, so he does not stay in contact with Jaci. Jaci falls in love with Ian and does not take his desertion well. She learns somewhat by accident that he has returned home, and her anger at his silence is immediately apparent. And from there the sparks fly.

This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance: http://likesbooks.com/cgi-bin/bookRev...
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640 reviews13 followers
July 1, 2016
Being a military wife I enjoyed the story. I liked that it didn't focus only on him but we did get him and what was going on with him but we got how well they worked together.

It was a sweet story and you have to love a man who is willing to help women.

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330 reviews27 followers
Want to read
August 30, 2013
** ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **
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