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Spirit of Dragons

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Houston police detective Mirranda Thompson has dedicated her life to helping others while searching for answers in the gruesome, unsolved murder of her parents when she was a child. On her thirtieth birthday, she receives a mysterious gift left behind by her late father and suddenly finds herself transported back in time to 1066, awakening on the very battlefield where William the Conqueror is staging his conquest of England. But there is another, secret battle being waged on the field this day…

Lathan Aro is king of The Kindred, a dwindling race that is all that remains of an ancient clan of dragon brethren. Together with his dragon spirit, he is fighting for his life to return to his people with a lost spell book of ancient dragon magic that could save them from extinction. But he is facing a powerful enemy who will stop at nothing to gain the book for his own race, the Draoi. When a beautiful woman literally falls from the sky into Lathan’s lap, she miraculously gives him the power to defeat his enemy and escape the battlefield with his life and his precious prize. But to his horror, she claims to be from a future where magic doesn't exist and where dragons are only myth. Does this mean his quest will fail, his people destined to die out and fade into oblivion?

Despite her shock and disbelief, Mirranda is drawn to the handsome warrior who claims that magic is real and that he communes with dragons. But she is even more shocked to discover that she has magic herself, and that she is able to wield it to ease the pain Lathan suffers from the illness that curses all members of his race. Determined to find answers and a path back to her own world, she accompanies Lathan on his journey to return the spell book to his people. But the Kindred’s enemies have not given up, and danger stalks them at every turn.

Mirranda soon finds herself the focus of the oracle that sent Lathan on his quest, but the Kindred are far from accepting of a woman not of their race. There are dark forces at work in this world, forces that target Mirranda. She has a choice: risk her life and her heart for Lathan on behalf of a people who do not trust her, or try to find her way home, where those who murdered her parents now stalk her. Torn between her desire to return to the future and her desire for Lathan, who awakens feelings she thought long dead, Mirranda must determine if she’s really in the wrong time and place, or if her time and place is at Lathan’s side no matter what danger she faces.

434 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2012

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About the author

Kathryn Loch

22 books83 followers
Kathryn Loch has been active in the publishing community since 1996. She has actively held offices such as president and treasurer in her local writer's guild. The guild hosts an annual writers conference bringing in respected NY editors, agents and published authors to educate, network, and inform. She published her first novel, Primal Entities: Chaos, a medieval fantasy romance, in 2001 and is now exploring the market with e-books.

Kathryn is not only an award winning author but a successful table-top gaming miniature painter. While trying to paint the eyeballs on something smaller than your thumb is never easy, Kathryn enjoys the creative endeavors of both industries and challenge they provide.

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Profile Image for Deborah.
Author 14 books114 followers
July 19, 2014
Spirit of Dragons is a lovely flowing, easy read. The characters and the emotions they are caught up in are well portrayed and the addition of the dragon spirits adds another dimension.
The plot is fairly straightforward, dialogue is well written and my only bugbear was that there were quite a few typos. Other than that, attractive central characters, a bit of time travel and dragons - what more do you want?
Profile Image for Susan Barton.
Author 6 books93 followers
February 3, 2015
Spirit of Dragons is the first book in Kathryn Loch's exciting Dragon Wars series.

During the eleventh century, hidden from the human race were battles that were being fought in England, between the people of magic. The Draoi (Druids that worked with black magic) used hunters to capture and kill people who had magical powers. Whenever an Ilarian was captured, their blood would be drained and used for potions and talismans. The Kindred race, however, was not so lucky. If one of them were captured, they would be tortured and kept barely alive for years. The Draoi would sever the body in pieces over time, and use the magical dragon blood to cast spells.

Lathan Aro, the King of the Kindred, set out to retrieve for his people the dragon spell book that the Draoi had stolen. Lathan traveled with a heavy heart. He knew that if he failed this quest, his people would suffer and face probable extinction. What Lathan didn't expect to encounter on his journey though, was a woman who could heal his pain with just her touch. He sensed air-elemental magic in her, so he knew that she must be an Iliarian, but he also sensed something else, something extremely powerful. Who was this woman?

Thirty-year-old Houston Detective Mirranda Thompson was flabbergasted when she suddenly found herself in the arms of a handsome medieval man, instead of in her apartment. The last thing she remembered was opening a gift from her deceased father. Was she hallucinating or did she really just travel through time?

Mirranda hated the fact that she was at the mercy of a man - especially a loony one who claimed to be a king with a dragon spirit. She told him he was crazy when he tried to convince her that she was an Ilarian. She was horrified to learn that the Ilarian race was murdered in the same manner as her parents. Mirranda needed to get back to Houston, where life made sense and magic didn't exist - or did it? Could her parents really have been murdered by Draoi hunters in the twenty-first century?

Spirit of Dragons has it all! Time-travel, magic, witty dialog, an intriguing plot and well-developed characters, are all contained in this one fabulous book. Kathryn Loch expertly writes about a fantastic world of magic, shapeshifters, dragons, vampires, carpatii and the Draoi.

My favorite character was Gideon the Carpatii. He was a faithful and good friend to both Lathan and Mirranda even though it took a constant fight with his evil nature to do so. I hope Gideon gets his own book in this series.

I truly enjoyed Spirit of Dragons and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a well-written paranormal read!

Review by Peg Glover for eBook Review Gal.
eBook Review Gal received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Angarad.
1,495 reviews22 followers
February 22, 2015
I feared the theme of time traveling to meet a soulmate was going to be a bit too simple and repetitive as a lot of books I've read we're similar but this book was a total surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed its originality, the amazing and very human (lol) characters. I loved the writing of this author, having trouble stopping readying.
When you think you know what is happening, new elements happen and turn the tide, creating new twists and surprises that keep a great suspense during the whole length of the book.

A pearl really.
Profile Image for Leslie Mesmer.
324 reviews5 followers
December 18, 2013
I have read just about everything written by Kathryn Loch.
This book was no exception. I haven't read many books of this type but will definitely be checking out some more like it.
from the first page you are drawn in and get very little time to draw a breath before something else threatens them and they are on the run again. That is actually my one complaint and why it is a 4 stars instead of 5.
It was non stop action. Although you are there every step of the way, I would sometime get confused on all the dynamics of who and what was going on.
Even though I did get to like the characters I felt like most of the story was on the thrill of the chase and hunt and not enough time for spent on one on one time with the people to really get to know them.
I would have loved to have known up front that this was the first book and would be continued. No ending, just a stay tuned to find out what happens.
I will be reading the further adventures of The. Dragon Wars series.
Profile Image for Aurrora James.
Author 16 books54 followers
August 12, 2017
I wanted to like it

Unfortunately this book fell victim to one of my major pet peeves in romance: inequality. No one person will always find all the answers or can do everything. I lost track of how often someone had to patiently explain something to the hero that everyone else in the scene got right away. It's too bad because I enjoyed the story and the hero. But when a heroine finds all the answers, can fight, and save the planet before lunch...what does she need from the hero?
Profile Image for Anne.
546 reviews102 followers
August 26, 2016
I love Kathryn Lochs books and this one is no exception. Great writing and characters.
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