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Letters From the Ledge

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Still reeling from the suicide of his best friend Tess, seventeen-year old Brendan struggles to overcome addiction and identity issues. Walking the ledge outside his Manhattan apartment has become its own sort of drug, as he stands night after night with his arms outstretched, ready to fly away.

Sarah can see him from her window, and begins journaling about a boy on a ledge. Paige and Nate, a young couple in another building, can see both teens from their fire escape.

None of them know the others are watching, but a strong desire for freedom resides in each of them, and as their lives begin to intertwine, that desire will be tested. Anyone can jump, but not everyone can fly...

Sharp, humorous, and deeply layered, this chronicle of a suicidal teen’s survival explores the reality of addiction and other tough issues, but does so easily, through the use of multiple perspectives, intelligent dialogue and authentic characters. Equal parts romance, contemporary drama, and coming of age, this highly engaging and intensely beautiful novel challenges our cultural perceptions in the battle for balance.

Winner of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award
Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival
Runner Up - Hollywood Book Festival

From The Back Cover:
"When I was a kid I used to dream about being a pilot. I had a bunch of model airplanes and I would fly them off our balcony, then ride the elevator down and try to find them. Of course they were never there, so I figured once they left the balcony they must have become real airplanes–Pinocchio style. I know better now, but there’s a part of me that still wants to believe in miracles. When you make the leap, can you really become what everyone else says you can’t?"
- Brendan

High above Manhattan, Brendan walks the ledge. Night after night he stands with his arms outstretched, ready to fly away.

Sarah can see him from her window.

Paige can see them both from her fire escape.

None of them know they’re being watched each night by the others.

But everyone has a story to tell.

388 pages, Paperback

First published December 12, 2011

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About the author

Lynda Meyers

12 books20 followers
I believe deeply in the power of story, connection, and authentic relationship.

I’m a fiction author and a former staff writer for Modern Moto Magazine. I am also a blogger, a mom to four kids and a grandma to one, and juggle a mostly full-time job as a registered nurse. I have written short stories and for magazines, as well as online content.

My blog is a mix of life lessons, travel stories and motorcycle adventures built on a foundation of yoga and organic food, poetry and painting with a belief that life should be an intentional endeavor.

My first published novel was Letters From The Ledge, published in 2012. The Truth About Truly and Finn Again were originally published in 2016 and 2017 but have been revised and re-released in 2019. These two novels are related but can be read in either order.

Steel Journeys, a brand new, female-focused motorcycling series, is set to launch November 15th, 2019!

For more information visit: www.createdtofly.com

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271 reviews75 followers
April 13, 2012
First Thoughts:

The instant I read the summary for this book I wanted to read it, it sounded so powerful, so psychological that I definitely wanted to check it out and I'm glad I did. I mean just reading the title of this book it gave you a sense of how this book was going to mess with your mind and your emotions. There were plenty of scenes I have taken to heart and will never forget and believe it or not I think this book taught me a thing or two about myself and others. A definite read I'd recommend to all those who are just beginning to discover themselves and make their mark on this world.


The plot was intense and emotional at times, though I didn't really cry in this book it did dig it's claws deep within me and made me FEEL. Some books will leave a mark on me and this is one of them, so much happened, so much raw emotion was unveiled that it literally made me stop and really think about what was going on in these four lives. I'll admit there were times I had to stop reading and just take a break, there's just so much I can take in one sitting. I would lightly set it aside and read a more "light" read and once I was back to semi-normal I picked it back up and finished it. It definitely had a lot of twisting plots and sub-plots; it really told a great story. One thing I found off for me was ending, there was something mentioned at the end that I'm still unsure of what it meant, I don't know if it was a small detail mentioned early on and I forgot or perhaps it's just me but either way I didn't understand it. Perhaps one day I'll go back and re-read it and see if I can find it out but until then I'll have to leave it at that. As far as the rest of the plot I thought it was well played out and found it a good and steady read.


What to say about these characters? There was so much to them, I literally believe there are people just like them out there, it was like the author took a real live person and implanted them into this book, it was just so realistic and true to a person...kind of made me shudder. And besides the realistic nature to them I loved that they made mistakes, it wasn't like anyone of them were perfect, the author created flaws, imperfections. I can't tell you how many times I've read a book where a lot of the characters were painted in this factory perfect light, it's one of the flaws I hate in a book, I personally like a good idealistic and realistic character, one worth rooting for and boy did this author do good in this aspect! As for the connection of character to reader there definitely were some strong connections, the way the author created really made it hard for the reader to not connect to them. So overall I loved the characters and as for the minor characters they were well placed and added to the overall plot.

Transformation of Character:

There were some major transformations that took place by the end of this book, I'm not going to mention to whom and what they were (that would be a spoiler and I just don't do that) but they were believable and beautiful, I really liked the tactics this author chose to use...it really made them more substantial and stronger. Guess there really isn't much I can say in this aspect without spoiling it but just know the transformations were amazing.


The author did a fantastic job with description, she not only described each scene but she also did a good job in the aspect of the mind of the character. The way she described how the character was feeling was very well executed. As far as the amount of it I didn't really find any problems with too much or too little, there were a few scenes where I wished there would have been a deeper description but other than that I didn't have any problems with it. In fact she did very well in describing the world they were living in, I've never lived or even been to New York but the way she described the city it makes me believe I was there.


Brilliant! Loved the lyrical style to this book, it's one of the things that made me enjoy it so much. As for the POV's I liked them but I found it a little bit awkward at times when the views were switched. Most of the time they were good and I enjoyed each view don't get me wrong but I found that some of the times that it switched to another characters that it should have waited just a little bit longer...As far as the writing itself I found it beautiful and smooth, it wasn't choppy or awkward, it was simply just beautiful to read. And I just loved the little quotes at the top of each chapter, they were so inspirational and perfect you can definitely tell they were handpicked with care. So overall I enjoyed this author's style, especially the writing itself.

Quote of the Book:

"The memories always seemed to hit like a flash flood. They came out of nowhere and buried all her senses under muddy water until she couldn't see and could barely breathe. In that thick, murky place she had to try to find something to grab hold of, because when the water subsided it formed a whirlpool that threatened to suck her back down into its depths, lost forever to the light."

Goodreads Summary:

Still reeling from the suicide of his best friend Tess, seventeen-year old Brendan struggles to overcome addiction and identity issues. Walking the ledge outside his Manhattan apartment has become its own sort of drug, as he stands night after night with his arms outstretched, ready to fly away. Sarah can see him from her window, and begins journaling about a boy on a ledge. Paige and Nate, a young couple in another building, can see both teens from their fire escape. None of them know the others are watching, but a strong desire for freedom resides in each of them, and as their lives begin to intertwine, that desire will be tested. Anyone can jump, but not everyone can fly... Sharp, humorous, and deeply layered, this chronicle of a suicidal teen’s survival explores the reality of addiction and other tough issues, but does so easily, through the use of multiple perspectives, intelligent dialogue and authentic characters. Equal parts romance, contemporary drama, and coming of age, this highly engaging and intensely beautiful novel challenges our cultural perceptions in the battle for balance.

Last Thoughts:

I would recommend this to readers who love realistic stories and to those who love to read writing that in a way mimics poetry just without the confusion of what it was about. I really enjoyed the fact that I could obviously see how much this author cared about her characters, the way she treated and supported them really shined through. She took care on creating this story that could both support all of the characters and allow the reader to enjoy it at the same time. I definitely will be looking for further writings by this author, this was a slower read for me but that's only because of the deepness and rawness of it, to some it won't necessarily affect them in the same way as it did me but I do hope it does...this book just has so much to offer to the reader if only their willing to accept it.
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Author 5 books7 followers
April 10, 2012
"So many people talk about having something to live for. I think they've got it backwards. Maybe we all just need something worth dying for." -- Sarah

Confession time: I received this book on Saturday, finished it on Tuesday (okay, maybe the early hours of Wednesday morning) and am just now getting around to writing a review. Why, you ask? Exams? Homework? Partly, yes. But mostly because this is a book that stuck with me. The words managed to weasel their way into my brain and dwell there, bringing me back to certain scenes over and over again.

With that in mind, I cannot recommend the novel Letters From The Ledge by Lynda Meyers highly enough.

Letters From The Ledge brings to life the intertwined stories of Brendan, the boy who walks the ledge every night, Sarah, the girl who journals about him from her window, and Paige, a working twenty-something who can see them both from her fire escape. Set in New York City, the novel chronicles how each of them finds freedom from others and from themselves.

The first thing that drew me in was the characterization. I felt like I not only knew the characters well, but that they were friends of mine (or at least I wished they were). More importantly, I felt that the author cared about them more than I ever could. Sometimes when I read novels, I get the feeling that some authors come up with a plot line and simply stick characters in to fill the gaps. With this story, that could not be farther from the truth. Meyers truly understands Nate, Paige, Brendan and Sarah. I can only hope that the characters I develop ring as true as these four.

Every good story needs a good villain, and Frank Evans is absolutely vile. It was because of him that I wanted to turn the page and see what happened, but at the same time dreaded what he would do next. Through his actions and demeanor, it felt like something was truly at stake for these people and I wanted to see him lose, big time.

What was the biggest draw for me? This book deals with real issues. No, there are no vampires, werewolves, or wizards. However, the pages are filled with real people struggling to keep their heads above water in a world that that is trying desperately to pull them under. This book is not for the faint of heart. I found myself tearing up multiple times out of sheer investment in the lives of these people (let me be clear, they were last-episode-of-Friends type tears, not Marley and Me tears).

My opinion? This book deserves a spot on your bookshelf, Kindle, nook, or iPad for those days when you need to feel that good can rise up out of the ashes, that the sun will come up in the morning and yes, that someday we will all fly free.

Now, go read it!
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240 reviews
May 24, 2012
I am glad I gave this book a chance!

It brought me out of my comfort zone and into the wondrous world of New Adult fiction!

I decided to give this book a chance because I was interested in seeing how four lives would intersect. I also enjoyed the excerpts that Meyers provided online.

What I love most about this book is how each character is trying to figure out how to figuratively fly from their real life and into a place where they feel completely happy because they are with the people who truly love them. If a genie ever flew to me and asked me for my three wishes, I would definitely ask for the ability to fly. (the other two wishes would be for Adrian Ivaskov to be a real person and for a copy of Scandal by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur to fly directly into my hands that very second)

I enjoyed being able to find a remarkable story about belonging. Brendan, Sarah, Nate and Paige are each searching for love. Brendan and Paige are both trying to overcome past grave occurrences. Brendan is overcoming the suicide of a girl he loved named Tess and Paige is overcoming an event that happened three years prior that is surprising and elegantly revealed.

This novel may not be a page-turner that is easy to become enamored with, but it is a special story that will remain in my mind for the years to come. I loved how realistically each event occurred and how I came to admire each of the characters as the book went a long. I was surprised by the big reveals towards the end of the story and enjoyed learning how the characters dealt with changes.

This book diverges from the normal Young Adult market. For one, two of the main characters are adults. I felt that the adult characters, like Nate and Paige, were a wonderful addition to this incredible story of self-discovery. I found Paige and Nate to be a perfect couple to experience the ups and downs of life with. I love the scene when they are on a bridge in Switzerland together. I enjoyed seeing Nate relationship with Brendan grow. Nate was the perfect role model for Brendan.

Overall, Letters From The Ledge by Lynda Meyers
is a marvelous and special story that I urge you to try!

To spark your interest some more, I have provided my favorite excerpt from the novel!

"Imagine if you will, a magical place, where the fog rolls in off the ocean each morning, covering everything in a fine, damp mist. Sometimes it's so thick in the valley you can't see five feet in front of you-kind of like smog, only clean. By afternoon it's been burned off by the sunshine, revealing these incredibly vibrant colors and animated textures, like the unveiling of a long awaited painting. The ocean rises up to meet the hills and the landscape practically breathes in time with the rhythm of the tides." (Meyers 20)
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209 reviews70 followers
July 15, 2012
Title : Letters from the Ledge
Series : -
Author : Lynda Meyers
Pages : 353
Release Date : Jan 11th 2012
Publisher : Hallway 11
Format : Paperback
Source :
** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange of an honest review**

My Opinion :

This book was just... wow. Just read it. You'll understand.

This was an incredible debut you don't want to miss!

Letters from the Ledge is, from how I'd describe it, a YA/Adult (well... more of a YA) contemporary romance... mixed with some 'coming of age' and other pretty intense stuff. I received this book from the author, and, I have to admit, I know I would have never discovered this amazing book if it weren't for book blogging.

Letters from the Ledge is about two (well... um... four... but two are more of main characters). There'S Brendan; a guy who smokes pot and cuts himself, because his father doesn't really treats him well, and he has just lost a really good friend to suicide. His life hasn't been the best. He meets Sarah, who's a good kinda girl. Then, there'S Paige, who's got a boyfriend, Nate. She got raped once, in an alley, and since then she hasn't been the same, even if it happened two years ago. And then, Paige gets 'employed' by Brendan's father. And, they kinda all meet. (Just so you know, the story is actually really more complicated than that... so yeah, read. the. book!)

Letters from the Ledge is a moving story you don't want to miss. The book was just so great!

I absolutely loved this book! It was amazing! I mean, it'S fast-paced, it keeps your attention all the way, the writing is great, there's drama, it's action-packed; IT's GREAT! As I said, it keeps your attention, because you can't wait to see what will happen next.

I've grown attached to the characters, especially Brendan, and I'm kinda sad to see him go. He'S just so.... special. At first I thought he was just another kid that smoked pot and just didn't care about other people. I just thought he was going to be a jerky kid who got everything he wanted, especially pot. But, he turned out to be a great, awesome, lovely, hot (*cue the fangirl giggles). I just... really liked him a lot. Sarah, you better be ready, because I'm going to steal your lover boy and you'll never see his face again... because I'll be kissing him (*again, cue the fangirl giggles*)

Paige was actually really good. I thought that, even though she was fragile from what had happened to her, she was a great character.

Nate was cute too :D I liked him quite a lot, although I think that he just fluffied everything to muck for Paige before.

Sarah... I would have liked to get a bit more of her story. And more of her and Brendan's romance, since, I really love romance.

The characters were really well developed; which is always what helps building a book with a great story and plot line .

I jsut kept turning the pages faster and faster, until there was anything left :(
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243 reviews79 followers
July 27, 2012
Lynda Meyers absolutely blew me out of the water with "Letter's from the Ledge".

As usual I'm going to be very straight forward and say that I wasn't expecting to like the book much, not at all because I didn't expect it to be well written but it just wasn't in my genre sphere. I was fully prepared to encounter a book that was good but not appealing to my reading interests. I even told my Fiance that very thing.

I guarantee you he would be more than ready to tell you how much I talked about the book after I started reading it. It took me less than two days. I was sucked in, held captive, and just plain flabbergasted at how compelling the story was. My eagerness to read kept me up late into the night.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough to any of you who are reading this review. My skepticism proved me foolish and showed me that I should never, ever, judge a book by it's genre!

When I expected dry and depressing I got colorful and uplifting.

When I expected an overabundance of angst I received a tidal wave of hope against all odds and strength to overcome.

The book is smart, interesting, compelling, and gritty. The story sucks you in. The likable characters have you searching your own soul for strength to face your darkest places, your own problems, your own prisons. It is impossible to not feel intimately connected to Brendan, Sarah, Paige, and Nate in their struggles with the blackness life might be inclined to offer up. Their hurt become the readers indignation, their triumph the reader's joy. It's a darn good book that can get a handle on your feelings that way.

I must add that there's some great humor and a very amusing Monty Python reference that had me giggling for a while. I couldn't even resist reading it out loud!

Perhaps in life it seems that sometimes walking the ledge is necessary, but darkness is conquerable. That's the feeling I took away from this book.

Truthfully I believe that "Letter's From the Ledge" gives the reader a small, shining hope that they too can find their wings, their great freedom, and learn to embrace life with abandon.
Author 9 books1 follower
March 1, 2012
Letters From The Ledge begins with a depressing theme as Brandon, one of the four main characters, thinks about flying while standing on the ledge of his window. Lost in his own pain, he is unaware that he has some audience, two people in fact. Sarah is new. She is always the new girl as her family keeps moving from one place to another. Lost in the city with a fear of everyone, she simply lives until she sees Brendan standing on the ledge, as if trying to escape. She sees him every night and journals about him and when she meets him, she finds herself attracted to him. Still, it is clear that Brendan has demons of his own and she tries to be friends with him, not caring for more. The third and fourth audience, a young couple, Paige and Nate watch them both every night. With a scar of her own, Paige is intrigued by their desire to be free and is curious about them. Nate has been always stepping carefully since Paige got scarred to make sure nothing hurts her again.

When their lives intertwine, they discover that it does not matter who you are, there are demons in you and only with your 'someone special' can you truly find your best. Whether it be Brendan who can't let go of his first love or whether it be Nate who can't bear to risk Paige getting hurt, they all realize that they are holding themselves back from taking the risk to get what they want, even if it means suffering is the way to stay safe. (It looks like I made my review sort of a summary.)

Ms Meyers presents a story with a bleak start but as the time passes, the characters begin to evolve and you feel like you can relate to them in an unexplainable way. It's summary does it complete justice and I would say that if there are more books like this, bring them on!
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Author 7 books8 followers
April 10, 2012
Seventeen-year old Brendan Evans has lost his first love, Tess. She committed suicide. Stuck inside his grief, Brendan spends hours every night out on the ledge of his Madison Avenue apartment building writing letters to her. But he’s not alone. Sixteen-year old Sarah watches him from her bedroom window as she writes in her journal. She has lost her younger brother to cancer and feels stifled by fear most of the time. Then there’s Paige and Nate who watch Sarah watching Brendan. Paige was brutally beaten and raped two years earlier. She still feels trapped by the terrifying memories. A new work assignment for Paige opens up a contact with Brendan. A chance meeting brings Sarah and Brendan face-to-face. Each connection offers Brendan a chance to save his life. Will he clean up his act or will he take the leap instead?

Lynda Meyers weaves these characters’ lives into an intriguing story about life and loss and the powerful desire of the human spirit to fly free. “Letters From the Ledge” is a book for all ages – especially teens – because it shows you can recover from anything. Life really does get better.
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Author 8 books63 followers
August 19, 2013
This was an unexpectedly enjoyable read. I have to admit that the blurb didn't really bowl me over, and so this book has wallowed on my kindle for a fair while. I just began reading it on a whim, deciding to clear off some of the oldest books on my TBR list...I was quickly sucked in.

I really enjoyed the multiple perspectives that the third-person narrator moves through. It delivers the story in a nicely balanced way, drawing together the different elements. Each was well defined, and noticeably different from the others, and so made them realistic. I also found the dialogue pace-y and well-written.

The plot is not as 'heavy' as the blurb suggested to me - yes, it covers some difficult areas, like drugs/drink, self-harm, violence and grief - however, each difficult element was integrated with the characters in believable ways. The examination of relationships: parental, friends, boyf/girlf and business were all intricately woven between the various character perspectives and action of the book.

Overall, I enjoyed it, found it well-written and quick to read, when I sat down with it (reading the last half in a couple of days).
Profile Image for Jenn.
1 review1 follower
April 16, 2012
This book was extremely compelling, and I was totally addicted to it! I started and finished it in 2 days. The story line is genius. Lynda worked the characters together in a magical way and it just fit. I would recommend this one to anybody looking for a book that has meaning and depth behind it. It makes you think. The issues that the characters address are hard and real. It's raw. I especially enjoyed the male 'leads' in this story; a friendship that should never have been but was! So good. You'll see what I mean. Lynda Meyers is a masterful artist with a pen and I eagerly await her next book!
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439 reviews1 follower
February 15, 2016
I really loved this book. The characters are completely vulnerable and flawed. I honestly didn't want this novel to end. I loved the unconventional love stories of the the two couples. The story begins with one character observing two characters without their knowledge. Later, this triangle of three characters' lives become intertwined in unexpected ways. I just loved it. I've never read another story like this with so much danger, love, and pain mixed together in this way. I highly recommend it; it's very memorable.
Profile Image for Nellie.
463 reviews
January 29, 2018
This is a story that first seems to have 3 separate sides but the stories intersect delightfully!

We have Sarah who is a girl taking AP Biology. There is Brandon a troubled senior in Sara’s class. Finally there are Nate and Paige a couple who work high stress jobs.

Great story coupled with strong writing make for a great book. Definitely will read again!
38 reviews
August 31, 2019
Everyone and everything is connected

Beautiful story about the impact total strangers can have on each other's lives. I loved this story. Highly recommended for anyone that needs a good book with a HEA.
Profile Image for Michael Jacobs.
9 reviews1 follower
November 6, 2020
Such a beautiful book. I’m not sure what prompted me to download it initially but I’m so glad I did. I truly loved the main characters and the influence they each had on one another. Seeing the characters grow was wonderfully fulfilling and made me want to keep reading!
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683 reviews92 followers
May 9, 2012
Going into this book was very sad for me. I have a relative that committed suicide and I could really identify with Brendan. The thoughts that surround you when a tragedy like this happens is filled with “what if’s”. What if I was there, what if I tried to talk to them, what if I would have known before this happened?

After reading this book, it gave me a little more sense of what goes through the minds of people who have contemplated hurting themselves. The characters were very realistic and made me feel a whole lot of different emotions. The storyline was wonderful and I really liked the different POVs given. It allowed us to see into the thoughts and feelings and to get to know each of the characters on different levels.

My favorite character was Brendan. He had worn a mask to cover his emotions and it was time for him to start healing. I think he changed the most throughout the book. His problems not only stemmed from his friend’s death, but also issues involving his nonexistent parents.

Highly suggested reading for anyone whom has lost a loved one. The story line is a little dark, but, it gives the rest of us hope that we can over come the difficult obstacles surrounding our loved ones death.

If you or anyone you know is thinking of harming themselves, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

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169 reviews11 followers
April 14, 2013
This book had some very touching and deeply thought-out conversations, but that was about it. The overall writing of the book was a bit amateur and unsophisticated, and it could have used a really good editor.
August 2, 2021
....could not put this book down!

I felt so many emotions reading this book! Some heart warming, some bring actual tears, some a reaffirmation of all that is good in this world!
Bravo and thanks to author Lynda Meyers for writing such a captivating story!
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