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Evan Arden #1

Otherwise Alone

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Lieutenant Evan Arden sits in a shack in the middle of nowhere, waiting for orders that will send him back home - if he ever gets them. Other than his loyal Great Pyrenees, there's no one around to break up the monotony. The tedium is excruciating, but it is suddenly interrupted when a young woman stumbles up his path.

He has two choices - pick her off from a distance with his trusty sniper-rifle, or dare let her approach his cabin and enter his life.

Why not? It's been ages, and he is otherwise alone...

56 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 5, 2012

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About the author

Shay Savage

46 books3,678 followers
Shay Savage is an independent author from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she lives with her family and a variety of household pets. She is an accomplished public speaker and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International. Her hobbies include off-roading in her big, yellow Jeep, science fiction in all forms, and soccer. Savage holds a degree in psychology, and she brings a lot of that knowledge into the characters within her stories.

From the author: “It’s my job to make you FEEL. That doesn’t always mean you’ll feel good, but I want my readers to be connected enough to my characters to care.”

Savage’s books many books span a wide variety of topics and sub-genres with deeply flawed characters. From cavemen to addicts to hitmen, you’ll find yourself falling for these seemingly irredeemable characters!

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474 reviews2,412 followers
June 10, 2013

"She's opened the door, and it might as well be a pair of those gigantic wooden double-doors that grace the front of some huge Bavarian castle because I'm coming in."

Ever since reading Surviving Raine earlier this year, I've been a fan of Shay Savage's unique writing style. She's become one of my new favorite authors to watch out for; which is why I didn't hesitate to give this novella a try.

Otherwise Alone is an intriguing story told from Evan Arden's POV, a seemingly closer off "tough" guy with a remarkably softer side. This novella is the beginning of his story and, although it's a short story, Evan already managed to make an unforgettable impression on me.


✦ Evan Arden ✦

Lieutenant Evan Arden has been hiding out in a little shack somewhere in the desert, waiting for his approval to return to civilization, after a job for his maffia boss went wrong. His only company being his loyal Great Pyrenees Odin. But when a young woman suddenly appears in his line of vision, his exile is about to get a lot more interesting...

"Maybe it isn't exile.
Maybe it's an execution.
The days are long and the nights are longer, until a young woman suddenly appears at my doorstep. I'm all for getting a little - it's been ages - but she makes me long for more."

- Lia Antonio -

At first Lia seems a little hesitant and maybe even a little scared of how Evan will treat his unexpected guest. But at the same time, Evan also senses that she's just as attracted to him as he is to her.

"Soon though...soon I'll be in control. Once she's decided she really wants it, I'm fucking taking over because that's what she really needs."

All too soon though, the next morning arrives and Lia has to decide whether she'll move on with her journey or if she'll stay a little longer...

How will their encounter end?

Well, that is for you to find out by reading this novella and prequel to Otherwise Occupied. All I can say it that the ending was an open one with many possible outcomes and it made me want more!

Overall, I really liked this short story, with the emphasis on it being short. Since it was only four chapters long, it was a little hard to form a real connection to the characters and just when things started to get really interesting, it was over already. BUT despite it being so short, Sahy Savage's did manage to make me fall for the controlling, brooding and hot bad boy Evan and the story intrigued me into wanting to find out what will happen next to these fascinating characters, so I'm definitley starting the sequel soon!

3.5-4 STARS.

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1,258 reviews1,513 followers
June 10, 2013
Well, I'm fairly certain that I have a new author to gush about. After reading Surviving Raine recently and sticking it directly onto my favorites shelf, I just wasn't sure what to expect from this short teaser short story/novella.

My synopsis:
Evan is a hit man in hiding. Stuck in a tiny shack in the Arizona desert, he's been living for three months with no modern conveniences that can't be run with a gas powered generator. It's hot, it'd dry, and Evan is ready to move along. Until he sees her...

Walking toward him on the hot, dangerous, lonely road one morning is a young woman. Instead of shooting her simply for annoying him, he decides to do the right thing and help her. Circumstances being what they are, and after Evan's observation skills are used fairly well, he begins to put together a picture of what led Lia to his little shack...and the picture isn't pretty.

My thoughts:
Not often that a fifty page story has my five star finger twitching, but this one sure did. I must say that I'd have been amazingly bummed had I not had the next (and significantly longer) novel awaiting my leisure.
For some reason, I immediately saw Chris Evans as Evan:

And Mila Kunis as Lia:

This author does a fantastic male point of view...I think the male POV romance books are all the rage right now, and I can't even tell you how much I love them. I get so damn tired of whiny girls sometimes, stupid girls who make stupid decisions that add drama to the story. That is NOT what you get with a Shay Savage hero or heroine. Mostly because her heroes are pretty hard core...they won't take that crap from a girl...in OR out of the bedroom. The sex? Smoking hot, yes it is...Evan likes it rough, and he likes to be in charge. He's great at observing his lover and catering to her needs as well as his own.

Not to mention that while this story was all about a man on the verge of ass hole-ish who reluctantly helps a woman before returning to his job as a paid killer, this is very much a romance. Not a lot of time to see the fruits of his labor yet, but I have a feeling poor Evan has a hard road ahead of him...this one ended on a bit of a cliffie, but BOY was it a great start!!
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559 reviews835 followers
January 9, 2015
I'm hooked! This story did everything necessary to get me invested in the Evan Arden Trilogy!
At a mere 56 pages, this story may be small, but it hits hard.

(((As always, beware of my use of vulgar language in my reviews)))

I've already moved on to Otherwise Occupied
I'll keep this review short & sweet to match the subject matter:

Otherwise Alone is written entirely from the perspective of an ex-marine turned mob hit-man, who has been exiled to a shack in the middle of the Arizona desert. He's been alone for months with only his dog & sniper rifle to keep him company... Until a young woman appears on the horizon...

Let's break it down:
1. Evan Arden is sexy & mysterious
2. He loves his dog (total sucker for a dog lover)
4. We're given just enough information to want to read the next book... Sort of a "just the tip" kind of set up... "just to see how it feels" you know, in case you want to pull out... Which you won't.

I took that metaphor too far didn't I?

Well, I'm not sorry...

Can we really mark this as Romance? No, probably not... But Evan Arden has an attention to detail that surpasses the perceived "convenience fuck" of the plot set-up... And let me just say that the hotness level of this particular piece of Erotica deserves some sort of wet-panty award... I mean seriously...

I'm absolutely loving this series!

Some of My Favorite Moments:

My Other Reviews in the Evan Arden Trilogy:
(I will update the links as reviews become available)
1 - Otherwise Alone - YOU'RE READING IT
2 - Otherwise Occupied - See my Full Review HERE
2.5 - Uncockblockable - See my Full Review HERE
3 - Otherwise Unharmed - See my Full Review HERE
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1,998 reviews11.8k followers
December 2, 2013
4.5 Stars

The days are long and the nights are longer, until a young woman suddenly appears on my doorstep. I’m all for getting a little – it’s been ages – but she makes me long for more.

Can you get enough story in 56 pages to capture your interest and leave you begging for more? In the case of this book, abso-fucking-lutely. I was hooked line and sinker.

Evan is not a good guy. Currently in exile after a job gone bad, he's just waiting until his boss gives him the order to go home...if that ever happens. With no one but the desert heat and his dog to keep him company, he waits. Until she suddenly stumbles unto his path.

Otherwise alone, with a stranded and beautiful woman, what's a man to do?

The steam level in the short page count number was incredible. Shay Savage knows how to write one sexy ass hero
Go on," I say with my eyes locked on hers. "You want to."
"I do?"
"And how do you know that?"  
"I’m a very good judge of character," I inform her.

Seriously Evan

Then there were the steamy as hell sex scenes.
What the hell are you doing?" she cries.
"I’m going to tear your clothes off and fuck you so hard you won’t walk right for a week," I respond. "You want me to stop?"

Stop?! Are you crazy?!!!

Did I happen to mention this is entirely in Evan's POV? Loved that.

As for the ending?

For more reviews visit
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239 reviews504 followers
September 2, 2013

Otherwise Alone is one of the best short stories/novellas I've ever read.

Even Arden is wasting his life away in a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere. It's not by choice, though. That's what happens when you piss off the boss. And it was either a shack in the desert or six feet under the ground. Now, if his boss would only send word for him to come back...
But when a sexy, lost women stubbles upon his shack things don't seem so bad and it's been ages...
He just might have to kill her, though.

The characters were developed perfectly and the story was mysterious, captivating and exceptionally written.

Shay Savage can do one hell of a male point of view. It didn't feel forced or strange... it was like I was really in his head. And I loved his no bullshit, unapologetic attitude. He was who he was and made no excuses for it.
Lia Antonio was another great character. We didn't know much about her, other than what Evan knew, and I was completely fine with that. Lia is one of the only female characters that I've ever read about that hasn't annoyed the crap out of me at some point.
That's a huge achievement.

However, that ending.... Evan what were you thinking? *deep sigh*
Men... you just can't win with them.
June 29, 2013
Shay Savage, you've got yourself a fan.

When I read the arc of Surviving Raine a few months back, I knew I loved her writing. It's more than just a fluffy shallow love story....it's a movie in my head. I know it's corny, but that's how I look at it.

Even Arden is shacked up in a remote area in the Arizona desert. He's in exile for screwing up in his "job" as a Chicago mob sniper. He needs to be off the radar until he gets word he can return safely without further fear of retaliation. He's an ex Marine and all things badass. It's just him and his Great Pyrenees Odin. Their lifestyle is minimal at best.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

When a young beautiful girl comes stumbling into his field of view one day, he's instantly curious but leery what she's doing out here in the middle of nowhere. She's got reasons but neither ask a lot of questions of each other.

One thing leads to another......yada yada yada, sparks fly and they have a night full of sultry hot sex. Evan is taken back by the way he can't get enough of Lia. He's never done the same girl twice in a row......

"She's opened the door, and it might as well be a pair of those gigantic wooden double-doors that grace the front of some huge Bavarian castle because I'm coming in."

The morning leads to each of them opening up about their stories (Evan's not so complete). Lia has to see her mother. She needs the support thru her hard times and Evan is more than willing to assist her getting there. As long as she promises to come back to him.

And then the call comes telling him to return to Chicago. He's torn. He's never wanted a girl like this but he needs to get out of here. What does he do? He doesn't know her phone number or address. Oh well, chalk it up to a night filled with sex, a night he won't soon forget. Leaving this behind won't kill him, will it?

This is a super quick read. An intro of sorts to Otherwise Occupied. It captures your attention and leaves you wanting answers to what is to come for these two. Evan has done some bad stuff in his mob days but something about him locks you in and you want that happiness for him.

Diving into Otherwise Occupied.,,.,
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1,350 reviews2 followers
July 26, 2016

Evan is living alone in the desert. He has been living there for over three months, not by choice, I might add. He has his trusty dog, Odin, for company. He is retired military and a hit man.

Lia arrives in the desert, he wonders will he shoot her or let her discover him. He does the latter, oh boy, he sure does.

He falls a little bit for her, I know they only spend one night together but, hey, this is fiction.

She has to leave, he asks her to return…. If I write any more the review will be longer than the book. Just go read it, you will enjoy it and it is a nice set up for book 2.

On to the next installment

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1,008 reviews918 followers
May 31, 2013

This was my second book by Shay.. the first one was Surviving Raine which turned out to be one of my all time favorites.. I can say with total honesty, that it was not a fluke.. Shay Savage can write her f'king ass off! She has a way with words that just sets you smack in the middle of everything....

The story starts out with Lieutenant Evan Arden sitting in his shack off a dirt road in the woods.. away from everyone. Isolated. Lonely. Just him and his dog Odin and his sniper rifle. He's not military any more.. he was honerably dishcarged, although we don't know why and he's now a hit man for the Chicago mob. He's in isolation for an unsanctioned hit.. just waiting for things to blow over until he can return to Chicago and pick up where he left off..

Evan spots Lia stumbling down the road before she sees him or his shack.. she's lost and carrying nothing but a backpack. Evan can't imagine what this beautiful girl is doing out in the middle of his nowhere.. He can tell she's been walking for a good while and if she continuous on through the night she'll end up dead. He can either put a bullet in her before she enters his domain or he can feel her out and find out what she's doing out there. He doesnt want any company, but he's intrigued.

Evan invites her in....... and WOW! The story only takes place during 1 day and night. When these 2 come together.. damn.. it was so HOT!! Evan's got a serious dangerous side to him, he's cold.. but Lia lights a fire in him in just a few short hours...

This story is told from Evan's pov which makes it even better in my opinion...He's strong, he's alpha, he's a killer.. and---- he's HOT.

“Touch me,” I repeat as I nod towards her hand.   “You want to – go ahead.”

I need to be inside of her.   Mouth, pussy, ass – I don’t care.   I just need to merge with her…

“You want this?” I whisper in her ear, my hot breath making her shiver.   I push against the back of her hand and tilt my hips at the same time, basically smashing her hand against my dick.   “You say the word, and I’m going to give it to you just how you need it.”

This book isn't long at all, it only took me about an hour to read it , but it definitly packed a punch..I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2!!
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1,093 reviews1,009 followers
September 7, 2016
4 stars

HO.LEE.SHIT , this shortie packed a punch, told from his POV, his dirty mind kept us well entertained. After months of being stuck in this oven they call a shack, Arden knows his options are limited on how he can deal with unwanted guests. Lisa has no idea what she’s stumbled on when she jumped out of her Ex’s car, a rundown old shack with a sexy rugged man holding a gun. But alone in the middle of nowhere, with nothing else to entertain and distract themselves with besides each others bodies.
Each push is fast and deep – almost violent as I bottom out in her, buried balls-deep with every thrust. I pound her and pound her until there is sweat running down my back and into my eyes from my hairline.

There is a cliff hanger, but I didn’t think it was that bad, just something to look forward too, and believe me I am definitely gonna be reading the second book.
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732 reviews797 followers
February 8, 2017

After comitting some sort of faux pas while doing job for his mafia boss, Evan Arden is hiding for weeks in the middle of nowhere with a dog as his only companion. What happens when young lost woman accidentally arrives to his hiding place???

This story is extra short (only 4 chapters long). But it was extremely hot and attention-grabbing. Looking forward to sequel Otherwise Occupied!!!

MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing
June 4, 2013
4 Stars!

This a perfect prelude to Otherwise Occupied! We meet Lieutenant Evan Arden who sits in a shack in the desert waiting for orders to come back to civilization. The only company he has is his Great Pyrenees named Odin.

Okay so I've no clue what Evan looks like but I definitely got a Taylor Kitsch with shorter hair vibe maybe a beard?. But this picture might change to suit a better description.

It's a normal day out in the desert, well as normal as it can be. It's hot as hell and Evan is starting to get a bit antsy, he's scared the call to come back will never come. Well not scared, Evan doesn't get scared but he is weary... When he sees a lone figure walking in the distance he is immediately alert, he can't afford to trust anyone. But when he sees the woman stumbling along the road something stops him from reacting as he normally would. Which would be to...

He assesses her as he would any other threat, and although he is at first hostile towards her he lets her stay the night. This where things become super steamy!

Lia is skittish around Evan at first, but perhaps because of what she's recently gone through she finds herself relaxing around him. Evan wants her but knows he must tread carefully.

I want her quietly moaning my name into the pillow as I come in her, not freaking out on me because I pushed in the exact wrong way.

I need to be inside of her. Mouth, pussy, ass - I don't care. I just need to merge with her...blend...be one.

Oh and I had to add this quote because I love an alpha hero!

Soon, though...soon I'll be in control. Once she's decided she really wants it, I'm fucking taking over because that's what she really wants.

And then the three lines that killed me!

So I drive off.
Odin at my side.
But otherwise alone.

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Author 9 books612 followers
February 7, 2016
3.5 stars

I'm finally getting to this series ... it's been on my list forever ... but to be honest, I'm not sure if this little teaser of an opening is enough to make me want more. It was kind of sexy and gave a little hint of who Evan Arden is, but it was't really enough to get me fully on board with him.
Since this book is really so short, I plan to read the next one before rendering my verdict.

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509 reviews785 followers
August 10, 2013

Whoever said "size matters" clearly hadn't read this novella yet!

Three reasons why I LOVED this book:

3. I will read almost anything written from male POV.

2. Just when you thought nobody can top Sebastian Stark, comes Evan Arden.

1. Shay Savage is the author. Need I say more?

Solid 4 stars and a place on my "favorites" shelf!

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2,645 reviews3,215 followers
October 17, 2020
4.5 HardCore, Sweltering, Anti Social, F'In Hot Stars
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
There are many things I like...I can like Cheesy, tell me you love me stuff. I can like historicals with all the pomp and circumstance... with visions of beautiful gowns and pretty locales.

And there are times I like and need down and dirty... gritty... with men who don't give a shit for manners or what is expected...
men who if the situation presents itself... will assess, see if what they want is available and in agreement... and they will take.

They will take and slam up against the wall... they will take from the back.... they will take so that it is so good, it is on another level as they thrust and pant...

I like meeting these men and I get to any time I want...any time I open the right book... they will come to life in my mind and I will be there in the heat...with the dust, watching the horizon waiting to see what is approaching...

And that is who I met in Otherwise Alone...Evan... one of those men who lived by a code and had to take a time out for not sticking to the set game plan. As he waits for the ok to return to his life of being the mob's method for many to just disappear... he bides his time....

It is by a fluke of happenstance Lia, ends up as the vision on Evan's horizon. Lia has her secrets, is stuck out in the heat, and the only place to possibly receive assistance is the shack with Evan.

The pleasure of this tale is the POV from Evan... there is no sugar coating, it is male... it is direct... and it is hot and sexual.

It is up to you to see if this short read is for you... it certainly was for me... I met the man I wanted... he was so real I could feel his eyes looking at Lia and almost thought I was the third wheel of their encounter.

I will be following this man... in the next part, Otherwise Occupied.... and yes... I will be Occupied with dreams and fantasies of Evan.

Fantastic BR with Camaro

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Otherwise Complete (Evan Arden, #1-3) by Shay Savage Otherwise Complete (Evan Arden, #1-3)
Evan Arden The Complete Boxed Set (Evan Arden, #1-5) by Shay Savage Evan Arden: The Complete Boxed Set

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242 reviews26 followers
April 30, 2013

I'm just...


I knew going into this story that it was going to be short. I wanted that. I wanted to read something short, hot, and had a decent story line to it. I wanted something to occupy me for just an hour. Yet, when the story ended...

I cannot CANNOT believe I got this invested in a character that is only four chapters long.

Evan Arden has been stuck in a shack in the middle of nowhere for 3 months without any human contact except for an aging dog and a sniper rifle. That's when Lia shows up, lost and in need of help. She would not have survived the desert another day.

That's all you are going to get out of me except for READ THE BOOK. That's because I want someone else to share in my misery. Why should I be the only one tortured with wanting some more time with Evan my new book boyfriend?

Evan has got to be one of the more exciting characters I have read in at least the past two years. The author just gave us little glimpses of him. Just little teases and hints of how a really dangerous man would be like. Not, oh, there's something about him that suggests danger . More like, don't mess with him too much because he will actually end you.

And there's how he responds to Lia. How he laughs at himself on how different he is around her. *le sigh*

So if Ms. Shay Savage does not finished
Otherwise Occupied and release it soon....

I'll do it! I swear!

Some blogs state that Ms. Shay's stories are pulled from fanfic sites and say that's heinous....but really

A good story is a good story is a good story. I've ready plenty enough original crap novels that I'll take a great tale where I can get them.

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177 reviews160 followers
December 29, 2012
Somebody please stop me!
I'm a masochist (and, not in a good way). I keep reading these short stories and novellas, even though I know they'll just leave me frustrated as hell. Damn!

Anyway, it's a nice, short story. It's kind of hot too. And it doesn't even have a HEA.


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1,921 reviews3,436 followers
December 6, 2013
Well.....I'm intrigued!

Great tease and intro into the series.

We meet Evan.....ex-Marine turned hit man for a Chicago mob boss. He's been in hiding, in the middle of nowhere, with his dog Odin for the last 3 months.

We meet Lia....a 20 something, college student perhaps, who was "dropped-off" in the middle of nowhere and finds herself on Evan's doorstep.

They spend a wicked HOT night together. He doesn't want her to leave.....but she can't stay right? She goes to visit her mom with orders to return.

But Evan gets his own orders.....

Sender - Roger Moore

Subject - none

Body of message - come back
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1,822 reviews834 followers
September 29, 2013
I wanted to pick up another read by Shay Savage after reading and LOVING Surviving Raine, and I'm not disappointed.

This novella, really just a morsel, is only 56 pages but it's a brilliant set up for what promises to be an addictive series! And it was HOT, with a capital H!! Oh Ethan, I hope you're around if I get lost in the desert! He's dark, mysterious, dangerous, and I want more!

I'm left with lots of questions that make me want to pick up the next book Otherwise Occupied ASAP!
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1,683 reviews593 followers
November 30, 2013
Book - Otherwise Alone (Evan Arden Trilogy #1)
Author - Shay Savage
Publication Date - December 15, 2012
Type - Part of Series
Genre - Romance, Erotica, Novella
Rating - 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars

I first saw this series not too long ago on Goodreads when friends were reading the 3rd book so curiosity got the better of me and I JUST HAD to find out what all the hype was about.

I'm not disappointed....HELL NO! This book, even though it was short, took me on a fantastic journey through the mind of a hit-man. I connected with him and the loneliness he was dealing with. I LOVED this book and couldn't wait to continue reading Evan's story.

Evan is all alone with his dog living in a shack in the middle of a desert. That is until he spots a girl stumbling around lost and he battles with himself on whether to kill her or save her. Since he has been alone for months, he decides to find out what her story is and then just let her go.

Evan finds out that Lia was dumped on the side of the road by her abusive fiance. He struggles with getting close to anyone because of his connections to the mafia but Lia chops through those shields until Evan opens up to her on the first night. They make love and instantly know there is more than just sex between them.

Evan wants Lia to stay but she must travel on to check in with her mother but before she leaves, she promises Evan that she will return.

Wrap Up
Yeah, I cried at the ending - my heart broke over and over again for both Evan and Lia ---- but I trudged on hoping that everything will be resolved in the next book.
Profile Image for Kat.
940 reviews
October 15, 2014
Woah! 0_o Whereas the M/M genre is acting all responsible these days with its condoms and STD testing, it once again seems that these concerns aren't shared to the same extent in M/F reads.

"I don't have any condoms and I'm fucking you bareback. I'll pull out if you want."
"I'm...I'm on the pill," she says, breathless.
"It's a good thing," I reply, and I shove into her.

Laughing my ass off. But only because I don't have a 14 year old daughter who has a habit of snitching my books.

Anyway, I don't read all that much M/F erotica anymore these days, but...Rachel.

And this was an interesting short erotic story in the sense that it's solely written from the male's POV. I was waiting for the explanatory female POV to take over and it didn't happen, which was nice. The guy's a marine sniping expert turned hit man for the mafia, and currently waiting for new orders in his ramshackle hut in the middle of nowhere. He's exactly the badass, brooding, dog loving type of guy some *cough* women just can't resist. Something that also applies to the woman who stumbles upon his place, looking for help.

Because I was more intrigued by the guy's story than I had anticipated, I was actually a little disappointed when the sex-fest kicked in? Him suddenly fantasizing about wanting to pound that pussy contrasted harshly with the author's intriguing set-up. In general, the sex-scenes kind of made me squeeze my legs tight together when reading: 5 rounds of slamming into her again and again, pounding as hard as he physically can, hitting her center (are we talking her cervix here? Awck!).

Oh, and then he's that kind of guy too...

"Do you know how easy it would be," I moan, and my voice is gravely and husky in her ear, "to fuck you in the ass from this position?"
I feel her tense (...)

As far as the ending is concerned, I have no idea why he didn't simply

On to the sequel.
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2,082 reviews857 followers
March 4, 2017

Otherwise Alone kicks off the Evan Arden Trilogy, a quick novella that is the prequel to the story, but should not be missed. Evan has spent months holed up in some shack in the middle of the Arizona desert waiting for a message that will allow him to return to Chicago.

“Maybe it isn’t exile.
Maybe it’s an execution.”

Off in the distance Evan spots something moving on the horizon but what he sees isn’t a threat sent to find him, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t dangerous.

Lia wasn’t just aimlessly wandering in the sweltering heat of the desert, something that Evan picks up on immediately, reading her completely. But without a phone and night approaching she has no other choice but to stay the night.

But there is something about her, lying next to him on his twin mattress and the way she’s looking at him. Evan makes his move, voicing the desires that she can’t seem to admit out loud, while letting her control the situation (as much as one bad-ass-alpha-male can). But this situation is temporary. She was abandoned in the desert just needing a way to get home and he, well he’s been forced to hide until he gets the message that it’s safe to return home.

I have no idea why I stalled when it came to reading this. I remember the feeling I had after finishing Surviving Raine and thinking something similar, but yet, here I am nearly a year after this book hit my radar and am just now starting this series.

Shay Savage has such a beautiful talent of telling a story. She masterfully tackles the male point of view and never allows his voice to be anything but masculine. Often times an author can water down the male voice to make him seem far more emotional than we expect some men to be, Shay Savage is not one of those authors.

This was a fantastic intro to what I am certain is going to be a series full of twist & turns. I have read a few reviews for the next book in the series and am equal parts excited and scared to begin that particular journey. In just a few pages I was captured by both Evan and Lia and I have a feeling it won’t be an easy ride from this point forward.

For those who like me, have allowed countless of other books pile up in their to-be-read lists, including this one – do yourself a favor and start this one immediately. The writing is done wonderfully and there is just a hint of some grit that is to come with the rest of this series.

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July 24, 2013
This is an introduction to Evan Arden.
Evan is no ordinary guy.
There he waits for instructions to return to work in the middle of nowhere in a run down hut,with just his dog as a companion.
Out of the blue a girl stumbles on his hideaway...
 photo 8a11fa143adcfabf3c68495c45e36890_zps7e4967c9.jpg
My thoughts
As short as this story is it good, very good. We don't get to find too much out about Evan just yet but it makes us want more..
Its also told from Evans POV so we really get into this guys head..
I think I'm falling a little in love with him already..
Shay Savage's Surviving Raine gave us a taste of her fantastic work, so if you loved that story wait till you meet Evan

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November 30, 2014

The first time I read Otherwise Alone was in January, and I only had this to say:

"I want to read more!

Evan Arden, tell me more."


Why I haven't read the sequels yet is a mystery to me, because Otherwise Alone was a great way to start a series that had everything to get me hooked. It had just enough information to make me want to learn more about Evan Arden. His line of work promised a lot of action in the continuation of the story, and the short time with the lost woman Lia did left me wondering what/if anything will happen between them. Also, that short time was full of hotness, so that's another reason to continue reading. Plus, it's written from Evan's POV. I always like finding books written from the hero's perspective, and when that hero is an assassin, you just know you're in for a ride.

I'd say we got a lot from so few pages, and this time I'm going forward and finding out exactly what Evan Arden has to say more.
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April 25, 2015
I want to read Bastian's Storm (sequel to Surviving Raine) and Evan Arden is part of it, so I thought why not check out his story first, and get to know him a bit.
And this was good, regardless of it being a novella (which I usually try to avoid, but well). You got enough information about the characters, but also not TOO much, which keeps you diving right into the next book. And that's exactly where I'm off to now.
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May 30, 2013
4 Hurry the Heck up with Book 2 stars from me!!

Short steamy hotter than hot read that sucks you in and leaves you craving more!! Definitely hanging out for book 2!!
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