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Amazing Machines

Amazing Airplanes

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Amazing Machines: Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker

Join our wacky animal crew for the flight of a lifetime! From the airport terminal to the flight deck, the zippy text and zappy art take children through how a plane flies, safety rules, in-flight entertainment and air traffic control. This action-packed picture book will delight all children who love things that go!

24 pages, Hardcover

First published March 18, 2002

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Tony Mitton

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2,041 reviews72 followers
February 26, 2014
2.5* art
4* story/rhyme

Read this to Squirt for the first time right on the airplane - so he knew exactly what was up. Love the rhythm, which makes it great to read to him. He loves the "This is your Captain speaking." part, and giggles everytime - even when I'm not reading the book.
12 reviews
April 29, 2012
Amazing Aeroplanes is a lovely book written by Tony Mitton and illustrated by Ant parker. I read the book to my reception class as we had just visited Duxford Air Museum. The children really enjoyed the story and the pictures were great for asking children about the things they had learnt at Duxford such as the different parts of the aeroplanes. The book is also a brilliant introduction to rhyming literature as it is set out as a long poem and this could certainly be used as a template for older children to begin their own work. The book is part of a series called ‘Amazing Machines’ and I certainly aim to become familiar with the other titles I just wish I’d found them earlier as we were doing a topic on transport!
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1,031 reviews22 followers
August 25, 2019
Mason, Cassie, and I are reading books based on the letters of the alphabet each week. Last week was our A week. So I had to read a book about airplanes to them. "Amazing Airplanes" by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker was published in 2002. In this book you join a wacky animal crew for a flight of a lifetime. It takes you to the airport terminal to all the way on how to the plane works.

The illustrations in this book really make the book. My kiddos loved looking at the pictures and seeing what parts of a plane is called. There is a few vocabulary words that are hard for preschool age but it was easy to explain to my kiddos. They loved all the different animals on the pages that are riding the airplane as well. My son Mason even counted all of them on one page. This book is really short and really sweet perfect for my two little kids.

99 reviews1 follower
June 10, 2020
I liked to read this book to my son who loved all things airplane. This rhyming book also teaches a lot of science in an interesting and creative way. The illustrations are well done and add a lot to the text. This would be a good mentor text for Kindergarten letter A, or for grades K-3 for science, poetry, captions or thought bubbles, and illustrations. It has a guide reading level J and could be used in a science text set as well.
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100 reviews
June 17, 2020
Children's literature picture book nonfiction

This informational book on taking an airplane trip rhymes, making it fun for students to read. The cartoon drawings of animal 'people' reminds me of the Busy Town books by Richard Scarry. Young students would find this book helpful to read before taking an airplane trip in that it helps them know what to expect. I could see using this in a K class when talking about travel or places in our community (airports).
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1,094 reviews3 followers
November 7, 2020
My daughter has been fascinated with airplanes of late, so I put a bunch of picture books about airplanes on hold at the library and this is the first one we opened up. It’s a rhyming book that gives a lot of detail about riding on an airplane, from arriving at the airport all the way to baggage claim. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was even information about the science of flight included.
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Author 15 books218 followers
May 31, 2023
The usual assortment of animals (for a book by Tony) makes terrific tour guides....

At least they're terrific when animated by the zany team of author Tony Mitton and illustrator Ant Parker.

I'll definitely "give a cheer" because this book tells kids (and maybe some adults as well) all that we really need to know in order to fly the friendly skies.

Thank you, FIVE STAR TEAM.
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1,457 reviews17 followers
December 18, 2017
The illustrations in this book (and the others in the "Amazing Machines" series) kind of remind me of old school Arthur books. Board books with rhyming text about vehicles is pretty much a staple for our 2yo boy.
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252 reviews
June 11, 2018
It's more advanced in its description than the usual board book. However, it's still a board book so it's sturdy.
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269 reviews7 followers
September 21, 2020
We love this set of books! They are fun to read for ages 2-6 year old.

(D esp loved this book when he was age 3-5 and loved everything about airplanes!)
367 reviews
May 29, 2022
A book introducing little ones to what happens when you go to the airport and go on a plane. Informative but not particularly inspiring.

2 stars.
199 reviews1 follower
October 18, 2022
A colorful picture book. It teaches children what it is like to fly. It also teaches the airplane parts.
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25 reviews
November 25, 2015
What did you think of the book? We actually used this book in my classroom for an Illustrations unit. This book does a great job informing students what takes place at an airport, everyone involved to make a flight successful and what all is on the plane (how they load luggage, etc) My students love this book. The pictures are great and give a great visual to what is mentioned in the text.
What resonated with you? They use real life terms but give great detail in the pictures to help with understanding the text.
Where were you most drawn into the story? I loved how they showed how luggage is loaded on the plane. My students loved this part-most of them had no clue.
Where was your transaction with the text the most powerful? The whole book did a fantastic job connecting text and illustrations.
What will you carry with you from the reading experience? Fun and informational
Would you recommend the book to others and why? Yes. This book is very informative.
How might you use the book in your classroom? You could use this book when connecting text and illustrations. You could also use it for a community helper unit.
118 reviews
September 14, 2011
This book is all about planes. It rhymes and it has a lot of information about planes and how they work. I thought this was a cute little story. It would be a great story to read a child that is getting ready to ride a plane for the first time to let them know what is going to happen!
61 reviews1 follower
September 6, 2012
I think this book is very good. The illustrations are so colorful and help explain exactly what is happening in the story. This book would be great for a child that has never flown before so they knew how an airplane worked.
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2,158 reviews45 followers
October 1, 2012
Great for preschoolers. My 2 year old grandson loves it, especially since he just went on a plane trip....so he had a lot of connections.....and yes, I said connections. We are working on those reading strategies already! :0)
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356 reviews1 follower
January 20, 2016
Lovely description of what a journey on a plane is like. Also the simpliest description of how areoplances actually fly! Covers a lot of ground.

The rhyme didn't work the whole way through but perhaps that is because I was reading it in a bit of a rush.
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Author 1 book649 followers
November 24, 2008
Simple story that describes a trip on an airplane. Similar to Byron Barton's book, "Airport," with the description of the plane and the process of going on a flight.
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