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in Minutes

Maths in Minutes: 200 Key Concepts Explained in an Instant

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Both simple and accessible, Maths in Minutes is a visually led introduction to 200 key mathematical ideas. Each concept is quick and easy to remember, described by means of an easy-to-understand picture and a maximum 200-word explanation. Concepts span all of the key areas of mathematics, including Fundamentals of Mathematics, Sets and Numbers, Geometry, Equations, Limits, Functions and Calculus, Vectors and Algebra, Complex Numbers, Combinatorics, Number Theory, Metrics and Measures and Topology. Incredibly quick - clear artworks and simple explanations that can be easily remembered. Based on scientific research that the brain best absorbs information visually. Compact and portable format - the ideal, handy reference.

416 pages, Paperback

First published March 1, 2012

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Paul Glendinning

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Profile Image for Arshad Pooloo.
58 reviews27 followers
December 23, 2017
Turns out this book is really helpful. I know it's supposed to be basic but I would be way over my head to say that I have understood everything from it. I think part of the problem is the way Mathematics is taught. I know how to use simultaneous equation and differentiation but that's only because I memorized them. Reading made me reassess what I thought I knew and understood. I never realized that calculus was all about studying changes, nor did I understand that the axioms of geometry were that powerful and influential to builders and architects of the past. Even the concept of Prime numbers, complex numbers, rational/irrational numbers, square roots eluded me for so long. Sure I could Identify them and I could use a calculator to just calculate it, but the concept of how and why I didn't know. I think I view mathematics quite differently now rather than thinking of meaningless rules and numbers, I finally understand some of the thinking behind, the concepts behind and how they tie up with other fields. There's a lot of the basics I do not understand even now and unashamed to say that it will require more than one reading, or more than one resource or maybe assistance rather than simply solo reading in order to grasp. Also, there are some concepts such as probability and statistics that I wish to pursue more extensively. I think I will keep this book as a reference so that some of the key learnings do not simply erode with time.

Also, the concept of infinity is a big deal for Mathematicians.
Profile Image for Danyel Lawson.
95 reviews1 follower
February 5, 2018
Excellent quick refresher on the basics of math from algebra to geometry to calculus to linear algebra and a lot more including calculating pi and logarithms and the math of singularities. I was disappointed that Pascal's triangles were left out but that is my only criticism as it manages to explain each concept in a immediately useable form in a page or two with a nice large typeface in a pocket sized book. Plus it has stuff I've never heard of.
Profile Image for Shelly.
6 reviews2 followers
January 25, 2014
More of a math refresher for someone who wants to remember. I took high level math courses in college and graduated over a decade ago. Sufficed for my interest, but would probably go way over some people's heads.
35 reviews
October 22, 2018
Lots of awesome concepts. Very brief explanations. It's a nice way to review math as well as be introduced to terminology and broad strokes of what's beyond your limits.
Profile Image for Amer Al Amer.
1 review
August 23, 2018
I should've known better since I come from a technical background, mathematics is never a subject to describe in words. The author did his best to explain complicated mathematical topics in short, compressed paragraphs, but failed to deliver in my humbled point of view. The theoritical representation makes it quite difficult to follow the context because of the lack of numbers and examples, which is clearly not the scope of this book. As I progressed further within the book, I started losing interest and concentration due to the complexity of what is being discussed (in words.) It would seem ridiculous to read about the quadratic formula to understand how to use it, let alone Helbirt's paradox of the Grand hotel.

Before buying this book, I would recommend using those "minutes" you're willing to spare for mathematics on learning platforms, such as Khan Academy or Brilliant. You would definitely understand a mathematical concept or two this way.
Profile Image for Ivan Vuković.
89 reviews45 followers
January 10, 2014
This is a neat little book for those who want a pretty nice overview of what mathematics is about, more or less.
Nobody can give a detailed survey of mathematics in such a small book, but I guess it's a good starting point for those who want to look for new interesting topics. Oh, and I really liked the way in which most of these topics are summarized, it's not that easy to distil whole branches to several sentences!
Profile Image for Wendelle.
1,520 reviews25 followers
July 22, 2018
Some of it are regurgitations of definitions from analysis and topology textbooks that won't be intelligible to the lay reader without context, but some of it are really brilliant or sufficient demonstrations or visualizations of key concepts or theorems.
17 reviews
July 3, 2014
Brilliant bite size maths in an easy to read and relate to format
Profile Image for -.
52 reviews5 followers
October 29, 2018
يعطيك نبذة عن مواضيع كثيرة في الرياضيات، لكن مشكلته أنه يخصص لكل موضوع صفحة لا أكثر، جيد كنظرة عامة للمواضيع التي ينبغي عليك وضعها في خطة منظمه لتبدأ دراسة الرياضيات وحدك
Profile Image for Ben Rogers.
2,312 reviews144 followers
January 28, 2023
Maths Is Cool

This was an excellent and engaging book that demystifies the world of mathematics for readers of all levels.

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about math but is intimidated by the subject or feels overwhelmed by the amount of information available.

One of the strengths of this book is its accessibility. Paul has an impressive ability to take complex math concepts and break them down into easily digestible chunks.

The book is filled with clear explanations, diagrams, and examples that make the material easy to understand and retain. Additionally, the book is organized in a way that makes it easy to find the information you're looking for and to dip in and out of the material as you please.

I particularly enjoyed how the book was filled with fun and interesting math problems and concepts that I had never encountered before. As a programmer, I was familiar with a lot of the content, but I was still pleasantly surprised by the new things I learned.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including geometry, algebra, and calculus, making it an ideal resource for students, educators, and anyone with a general interest in math.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Maths in Minutes to anyone looking to learn more about math in a fun and accessible way.
The book is well-written, engaging, and provides an excellent introduction to a wide range of math concepts.

It's a must-read for anyone who wants to understand and appreciate the beauty of mathematics.

Profile Image for Meltha.
946 reviews45 followers
September 8, 2019
I'm not sure who the audience for this book is supposed to be. For those, like me, who were not very good in math, this book feels very complicated, but for those who were really good in math, much of the book would probably be too simple. I admit I didn't finish this one, largely because I'm about to be swamped with reading for another seminar again, but also because I felt uncomfortably stupid through most of this, giving me flashbacks to high school algebra... which, I will point out, I have never once used in my entire adult life.
Profile Image for Jack Cheng.
728 reviews17 followers
June 22, 2020
Trying to shore up my pathetic math knowledge for trivia!

This book was just what I needed, for about 100 pages. Each page of this book explains a concept (certain types of numbers, theorems, concepts) and the first half was very useful. The second half was higher level maths and might be a good review for someone who wants to remember math from previous courses, but for myself, at a certain point, it was hard for me to follow the logic and a multiple page explanation for a concept would have been helpful. Maybe?
Profile Image for Galatea.
244 reviews
June 27, 2020
Amazing. Summaries of entire disciplines and subdisciplines of maths in 3 paragraphs or less.

This book doesn't cover everything, but it touches on topics that are covered across the entirety of one's education, from elementary to grad school. They have number theory, set theory, topology, abstract geometry, calculus, and so much more.

An absolutely amazing tour of maths today.
Profile Image for Rima.
62 reviews
June 27, 2020
4 stars to that amazing book.

It was a nice way to re-remember some mathematical concepts I have learned so far at school, discover the origin of many ones and learn new great theorems and ideas.
Profile Image for Tammy.
182 reviews
August 14, 2020
Much like a collection of flashcards with key topics in mathematics. I'm afraid the intended audience is at a higher level of mathematical understanding than I am, but I still learned a little and feel I have a better grasp of what the field means to those who love it.
January 8, 2023
The most complete pop-science book about mathematics I read so far.

However, I noticed three mathematical typos and one spelling mistake, I believe the book should have been proof-read more. The typos did not confuse content-wise, but left a weird aftertaste.
Profile Image for Alexandru.
225 reviews10 followers
September 2, 2018
In case you missed mathematics this a nice, but rather short way to recall the main ideas from algebra, geometry, calculus etc.
2 reviews
March 1, 2022
Want math explained to you in short, easy bites? Then this book is for you. It takes essential concepts, explains them clearly, with simple illustrations.
1 review
December 15, 2013
The 1-page explanations are too short to really explain anything, and not entertaining enough to be a nice read. More importantly, there are some small but important factual errors (using a plus where it should be minus, subscript instead of superscript, etc.)

The only use I can think of for this book is as a quick refresher for someone who already knows the topics at hand - as long as they remember to go elsewhere for the actual details.

For a similar (albeit less technical) but IMO better book, check out Clifford A. Pickover's The Math Book: From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics.
Profile Image for Jean-Sylvain.
271 reviews3 followers
March 2, 2019
Ce petit bouquin superbement illustré nous présente sommairement des concepts mathématiques fondamentaux. Ça m’a rappelé mes cours de cégep — algèbre vectorielle ; calcul intégral et différentiel, entre autres. Malgré ma fascination pour cette discipline — elle est tellement présente dans nos vies ! — j’ai compris pourquoi j’ai opté pour une autre profession : cette matière est souvent très abstraite. En tout cas, ça l’est pour mon cerveau. Pour amateur de haute voltige arithmétique et géométrique !
Profile Image for Russianwitch.
143 reviews26 followers
May 15, 2016
Will be slowly working through it for ages to come, but not exactly a vacation read.
Me and math don't get along, though we really should unfortunately this is not the book to enlighten me further.
Clear examples, if not always easy ones.
Well written and interesting.
Unfortunately not suitable for a noob.
6 reviews5 followers
January 8, 2020
При мен не се получи с тази книга да си припомня повечето ключови дефиниции и теореми. Липстваха ми примери на моменти по-детайлно обяснение на повечето неща.

Книгата е посочена, че е 416 страници, което е така, но е с размери 20 см х 20 см., може да е поберете в задния си джоб без да се притеснявате.
Profile Image for Chris Lawrence.
56 reviews5 followers
June 23, 2013
Pretty good, although my understanding started to get seriously challenged after about the first 100 :)
Profile Image for David Ranney.
339 reviews10 followers
March 11, 2014
A one-step forward, two-steps back review of mathematical concepts. Mostly it just reminded me of how woefully inadequate my brain is.
Profile Image for Jon Mann.
64 reviews2 followers
April 29, 2015
Cool idea. Unfortunately some of the concepts really need more space to explain properly. A vague understanding of a core idea isn't sturdy enough to support later ideas.
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