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A Woman Rides the Beast

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Are you missing half the story about the last days? Virtually all attention these days is focused on the coming Antichrist—but he is only half the story. Many people are amazed to discover in Revelation 17 that there is also another mysterious character at the heart of prophecy—a woman who rides the beast.

Who is this woman? Tradition says she is connected with the church of Rome. But isn’t such a view outdated? After all, today’s Vatican is eager to join hands with Protestants worldwide. “The Catholic church has changed” is what we hear.

Or has it? In A Woman Rides the Beast, prophecy expert Dave Hunt sifts through biblical truth and global events to present a well-defined portrait of the woman and her powerful place in the Antichrist’s future empire. Eight remarkable clues in Revelation 17 and 18 prove the woman’s identity beyond any reasonable doubt.

A provocative account of what the Bible tells us is to come.

549 pages, Paperback

First published August 15, 1994

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Dave Hunt

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Dave Hunt was an American Christian apologist, speaker, radio commentator and author. He was in full-time ministry from 1973 until his death. A prolific best-selling author, international lecturer, and Bible teacher, his writings have been translated into at least 50 languages. More than four million copies of Dave’s books have been sold. For nearly a decade, Dave also co-hosted a weekly radio program, Search the Scriptures Daily, broadcast on over 400 stations in the U.S. and worldwide.

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Profile Image for Janet Mueller.
51 reviews
August 8, 2012
Having been delivered from the very big & powerful cult of Roman Catholicism, I appreciated this honest & well written book. Every practicing & 'angry at God-Lapsed Roman Catholic' should read it. Mr Hunt is an internationally known author & lecturer. He exposes the false doctrine & evil institution of this 'church'. He recounts it's corruption & the violent history it attempts to revise.
Profile Image for Mark.
9 reviews5 followers
May 22, 2008
Great book by Dave Hunt exposing the Roman Catholic Church for what it is, and even tying it into prophecy. I pray Catholics will read this book and see the truth -that their church is not following the Christ of the Bible, but rather the one they have created. Very good book if you are concerned (as I am) about the current trend in the church to embrace other religions (including Catholicism), or if you do not have a clear understanding of the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church, and is also a great analysis of prophesy. Five stars for "A Woman Rides the Beast".
Profile Image for Brett.
10 reviews3 followers
November 6, 2010
One of the most surprising books I've read in a long time. It is presented more in a textbook or reference material style, but it clearly lays out the history of the Roman Catholic Church and the distortions, lies, and outright murder perpetrated by the church leaders. Written a different way, this could appeal to any fan of The Sopranos. Except it's all true.

I would consider this a must-read for any Christian. And doubly so for any Catholic. If you're going to proclaim membership in a group, you ought to know its history as well as its core values. Apparently the vast majority of Catholics don't.
Profile Image for Larry Taylor.
271 reviews26 followers
April 5, 2008
absolutely horrible, prejudicial, sloppy research, unfounded conclusions that produce hate
Profile Image for John.
1,456 reviews36 followers
January 22, 2012
This book introduces you to a dark side of Catholic Church history that you'd probably otherwise never knew existed. Popes committing fraud, rewriting the Bible, conspiring with Nazis, excommunicating kings, giving indulgences to people for committing mass murder, smuggling war criminals across the globe, executing people simply for trusting in "Salvation by Grace"--the list goes on and on. And on. In fact, that's the big problem with this book: the list of the Church's crimes are so vast that you can't help but become a bit numb and further reading about them is rather tedious. However, this book is not an attack on Catholics as a whole, but rather an indictment of the gross and opportunistic ways in which the Church has filled its coffers, led good people astray, and turned its back on the unflinching reality of Christ's teachings. Hunt feels that the Roman Catholic Church will be back up to its old mischief again as the "End Times" rolls around, and, after reading his well-thought-out arguments, I can certainly see how such may indeed be the case.
157 reviews6 followers
September 5, 2014
I read this when it was first published, back in the early 90's. I picked it up again recently and I find it even more relevant & enlightening now that I understand more of what makes the world work the way it does. Thank God for bold men like Dave Hunt, not afraid to call out the truth. Of course the brainwashed ecumenicals don't like it. He's telling them the are in quicksand. But he really only wants to save them from leading their followers into error beyond any error, that which leads to eternal damnation.
Profile Image for Laura.
114 reviews
June 24, 2015
I picked this up off my uncle's bookshelf at random. If you want to explore the ugly underbelly of the Roman Catholic church, this is the book for you! What made the book worthwhile, in my opinion, was the extensive research behind everything. Every little detail was footnoted and cited one, two or more sources--everything. I certainly learned some things about history that I didn't know before. What I didn't like was the occasional attitude of "I am right and no one can dispute me" that popped up every now and then as Hunt connects the Pope with the Antichrist. It struck me as arrogant that Hunt would say that there is no way anyone could disprove his argument. But, as I said before, this was the occasional comment. Most of the book was explanation of historical facts and I found those mostly fascinating.
Profile Image for Robert.
27 reviews3 followers
August 31, 2011
It's been a long time since I've read this book. The author is part of a group of Americans steeped in dispensationalism. Every time I see this book and others like it I think "oh, another book of the month dispensational book. Every time some new world wide event takes place you're guaranteed to see this author and others like him write a new book on how that event fits into their end times belief. If you believe the eschatology you'll love this book. If you don't you wont. Hunt does go into a lot of Catholic history. If you're Catholic and decide to read this book get ready to be offended. Read it with a grain of salt.
357 reviews3 followers
June 11, 2007
Can't remember if I read this whole book either. Weird, I think I would disagree with a lot of the premise of the book now exegetically, but Hunt's exposing of the dangers of Roman Catholicism I find gutsy and important, even though, I would not do it in the same way and think there is areas in evangelicalism itself that is just as dangerous as Roman Catholicism.
Profile Image for b e a c h g o t h .
564 reviews23 followers
December 21, 2021
In-CREDIBLE collection of all the proofs that the woman riding the beast in the revelation of John is intact, the Roman Catholic Church. I had no idea the papercy supported Hitler, Mussolini & the slaughter of orthodox serbs by the Berlin Butcher, this book fully BLEW MY MIND.
Profile Image for Brian.
116 reviews
December 15, 2020
Part of me was hoping to be able to dismiss the author as an anti catholic zealot who was postulating an unhinged conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, the book is reasonable and well documented. I would recommend it, but I wouldn't expect anyone to enjoy it. Honestly the book broke my heart and fills me with sadness for anyone in the Catholic church. I'm not 100% convinced his conclusions are right, but I am 100% certain that Catholicism doesn't teach the Gospel of salvation by faith.

If you are offended by the statement that the Catholic church doesn't teach the Gospel, I invite you to read Ephesians Chapter 2 verses 1-10. You don't need anyone to tell you how to interpret what it means, the text is very plain. I'll post 8-10 below, it is kind of the critical takeaway, but I'd recommend reading the whole epistle.

God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:8-10 NLT
Profile Image for Nicole.
82 reviews30 followers
September 18, 2009
The historical facts abounding it this book are completely incredible. The amount of corruption is astounding. It was an interesting, but rather dry read. Also, quite heavy for the amount of facts and dates and information in general. However, it did seem somewhat repetitive in places. I think it probably could have been a shorter book and still gotten the same points across. I would recommend it to any Christian with a strong foundation in the Word and Catholics just for informational purposes. I can see how some might find it offensive even though everything presented within the context is historically backed.
6 reviews1 follower
July 6, 2019
Opened my eyes

Coming from a catholic background, now a protestant, I was stunned by the atrocities committed by the catholic church and the continued refusal to admit and ask for forgiveness and the continuation of graces, indulgences and Mary worship.
Profile Image for Rich.
41 reviews10 followers
December 13, 2008
Want a clear cut confrontation on the history of the Catholic church. And their heritical history. Then read.
Profile Image for Florian.
13 reviews1 follower
March 19, 2019
Exegetically weak.
I would recommend any of Kenneth Gentry‘s or Gary DeMar‘s books on Revelation. Dispensationalism is so wrong on so many levels. Rev 11:8 tells us who Babylon the Great is. It is all there in plain sight. That this has escaped Dave Hunt says tons about his bad exegesis.

The following questions will help any serious Bible student in identifying some key elements in Revelation that will unlock the book pretty easily.
- Which time statements do we find in Rev 1 and 22 that indicate its time of fulfillment?
- to whom was revelation written?
- what does that tell you if you put the time statements and audience together?

- Read Rev 11:8. Where will the two witnesses be slain?
Where was the Lord cruzified?
Who is Babylon the Great?
- Read Exodus 25ff and note the materials that are being used for the tabernacle. Now read Rev 17. What do you notice?
- In Chapter 21 we see a city which at the same time is a woman. What is its name?
- in Chapter 21 the citybride is called “New Jerusalem”. In Chapter 17&18 we see a harlot which is a city at the same time. If there is a NEW Jerusalem, there must then be an old Jerusalem.
Take Rev 11:8 into account and you will see the following: The harlot is 1st century Jerusalem.

There are way more cues from Revelation for every serious student of Scripture. I would recommend reading Gentry and DeMar. Other than their view on Nero I think they are spot on.

Hunt nontheless is way off the mark.
Profile Image for Dan Roach.
5 reviews
April 21, 2022
Very Interesting about the Catholic Church

While most of history has been dominated by the Catholic Church. The real Church/churches referenced by Paul's letters and confirmed early churches in Revelation are what I and the this Author think we should be focused on. Tradition and dominice on the world stage over thousands of years is hard to break. But all the traditions we have as Christians date back to when Christianity was accepted in the state In Constantine tine's time. But this is where we get Christmas (tradition) and Easter (tradition) and the Catholic Church and also the Popes.

But as the book points things out, its still hard to fathom all such things and history. The reformation was important for us Christians so we would know what was the teachings of Christ in the early churches. While There are strong Catholics that live by faith, Hope and Love. This pointes out how important reading the scripture is On top of just having faith Hope and love.

With regard to the end times, no one knows when that will be, but be on the look out and read the Bible for yourself to see what to look for so your confused if the time comes in our lifetime

Profile Image for Ben Horgan.
6 reviews2 followers
December 10, 2022
Although I may not agree with the main point of the book in that the Roman Catholic Church is tied to the woman who rides the beast found in the Book of Revelation; I will say that this was a well written expose on the horrendous history of the Roman Catholic Church. I had heard of some of these atrocities prior to reading this book but now I have a better grasp on just how widespread this blasphemous institution’s corruption goes. Those in Rome are not our brothers and sisters in Christ, they are an apostate church who has happily, thirstily, and eagerly engorged itself with the blood of God’s elect throughout its history. A history that doesn’t go back to Peter but one that finds it’s birth at a time when wolves came in and enticed people to follow them as they wandered away from the true Bride of Christ and away from the true teaching of Christ as found in Scripture. This book is a must read and eye opening to be sure. I hope those in the Catholic Church would take the time to read this book and seek out answers to the hard positions this book pins on their institution. Perhaps they would find themselves looking to Christ instead of their man made abhorrent institution.
Profile Image for Mark Reeder.
71 reviews1 follower
March 8, 2022
Protestants have long opposed the majority of Catholic teaching on the grounds that it lacks Biblical basis. However, this book shows that much of Catholicism's core teachings (papal infallibility, for one) are more recent in history that believed.

And it's shocking to hear that the Vatican and Nazi Germany were on the same side in one issue: elimination of the Jewish race.

A necessary book for anyone who has Catholic friends or family--they need to know the truth.
1 review1 follower
January 6, 2021
A must read for every Catholic and Christian

Every Catholic should read this book if they want to go to heaven. Staying under the control of the Catholic Church will lead them to hell as the Catholic Church is not biblical and therefore operates outside the protection of God.. that is the true God of creation.
November 27, 2021
Great book exposing the evils and the hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic Church. It’s also a warning to all evangelical Christians to abstain from any joint agreements with the Catholic Church. One thing is certain, the Catholic Church will never change its doctrine but they will expect the evangelicals to change theirs. That’s how they operate
Profile Image for Katie Wojta.
7 reviews
August 18, 2022
Full of great information, but not sure the thesis of the book is accurate. I feel like Dave Hunt may have been a little myopic in his idea that the papacy is the woman who rides the beast. Personally, I believe that the woman is more than just the Roman Catholic Church or the papacy. She may encompass paganism in general.
Profile Image for Don Drury.
6 reviews1 follower
February 22, 2021
This is an excellent book, especially if you are even remotely interested in end time prophecy. There is a lot of startling information in it. Dave Hunt was an expert in these things and it shows in his writing. Highly recommend reading.
5 reviews
October 21, 2021

I grew up Protestant, and I always knew the Reformation was an important part of our history; however, I never knew the extent of the cost that was paid by those true believers. I do now!
23 reviews
February 26, 2018
Very revealing on Vatican

This book exposed how the Vatican for fill the woman on the beast in Revelation in the bible an world politics.
Profile Image for Jonathan.
Author 29 books21 followers
July 24, 2018
Very educational facts about the crimes against humanity committed by the Roman Catholic Church over the centuries. I ignored the silly prophetic content and paid attention to the historical facts.
Profile Image for Steve Wittmann.
Author 1 book
September 18, 2018
Hang on to your socks or this book will blow them clean off. Napoleon Bonaparte once asked, "What is history but a fable agreed upon?" This book reveals history before it was covered by fables.
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