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Summer #2

An Endless Summer

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Sean looked out over the lake, squinting against the sunlight. He turned to me, his expression sobering as his eyes flicked over my face in a silent study.

“Come on Amy, I saved you once, I’ll save you again.”
I met his stare unflinchingly. “I don’t need saving.”
A wicked grin formed slowly. “Don’t you?”

After a rebellious summer night that almost claimed her life, Amy Henderson – the Onslow publican’s only daughter – is sent away to suffer a fate far worse than any other punishment:

Boarding School.

Three years on, a now nineteen-year-old Amy returns to Onslow for the summer. What once was a cauldron of activity with live bands, hot meals and cold beers, the Onslow Hotel now lies dark, deserted and depressing. All fond childhood memories of loitering on the hotel stairs and eavesdropping on customers’ colourful conversations are in the distant past.

How had her dad let it come to this?

With the new threat of putting the Onslow up for sale, Amy reluctantly turns to a local tradesman for help: Sean Murphy, the very same Onslow boy who saved her life all those years ago. With his help and that of some old friends, the task is clear: spend the summer building the hotel back up to its former glory or lose it for good.

In an endless summer, Amy soon realises that sometimes in order to save your future, you have to face your past, even if it’s in the form of a smug, gorgeous Onslow boy.

311 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 11, 2013

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About the author

C.J. Duggan

28 books1,160 followers
CJ Duggan is an internationally best-selling author of contemporary Young Adult and New Adult fiction. From small town dramas to big city dreamers, CJ’s coming-of-age tales are filled with hope and heart, and told by relatable protagonists with strong Australian voices.

A proud Yorta Yorta woman, CJ lives with her husband in a rural border town of New South Wales. When she is not writing you will usually find her rearranging knick-knacks in her home office, or plotting the next weekend escape.

If you love ceramic owls, dusty-pink decor and old typewriters, then CJ wants to be your new best friend.

Follow C.J on her website: www.cjdugganbooks.com

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July 15, 2013
Amy was fifteen in the first book and now she has returned to the Onslow at nineteen for the summer. She thought she would hang out like old times but her dad left the place to someone who has let it go downhill. It has many memories so she decides to work on fixing it up with the help of the Onslow boys. It is a special place for the town so everyone attempts to bring it back to it's glory days to prevent her dad from selling it.

I loved Sean Murphy in the first book! I think everyone loves Sean. ;-) He has a bit of a playboy reputation but he can't help that he is a rich, handsome, and also a nice guy. Sean goes to a lot of trouble to help Amy in any way he can. Amy is quite stubborn though. I like that she wants to work and not just let a man take care of her but after awhile it was a little frustrating. Sean wants to help her and help the Onslow, which holds lots of great memories for him, so if he wants to buy some paint let him buy you some paint! They do seem to play well of each other and I enjoyed their flirty interactions to the fullest. Although at times I was like why do you not have Sean naked yet?! LOL

The rest of the gang from the first book returns as well. Tess, Toby, Ellie, Stan, Adam, Chris, Ringer all were willing to help Amy. I love the group dynamic between all these friends and how supportive they are. They are so hilarious. I had many laugh out loud moments. Anyone would want to hang with the Onslow boys. A big part of the book was also just Amy figuring herself out and what she wanted to do. In the end I was happy with the way her attitude changed. I'm already excited for the next book and very curious who the main couple of the story will be! This is the perfect summer read!

"Mmm, I overheard some horny housewives in the supermarket, and apparently you, Mr. Murphy, can leave your drill piece under their pillow any day of the week."

"I can't exactly walk the publican's daughter home."
"You can always walk me to my bedroom."

"I understand why you're spoilt within an inch of your life." I frowned puzzled. "Who could help but want to give you the world."
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July 15, 2013
An Endless Summer was a book I was immensely looking forward to after I literally devoured Boys of Summer at the end of last year. Duggan just had that knack to capture the essence of what summers should be about; having fun, blossoming friendships, a sweet lasting romance and making it a summer you will never forget. And once again Duggan has been able to do that with An Endless Summer.

With An Endless Summer we are given the story of Sean and Amy. I adored Sean in The Boys of Summer; he had that laid back care free attitude about him and that golden smile which could reassure you that everything would be okay. He had a super sweet side to him that I appreciated but also a cocky swagger about him which I adored. Sometimes cocky guys can become hugely infuriating, but with Sean this wasn’t the case at all. So I couldn’t wait to finally have a Sean story, underneath all that bravado, I so wanted him to get his happy ending. Whereas Amy on the other hand didn’t leave the greatest impression with me in The Boys of Summer, she was the type of girl who would throw tantrums and be the one who was throwing death glares at you from the other side of the room. For some reason when I read the blurb, it didn’t click with me that it would be that Amy whose side of the story I would be getting. But I’m glad that despite this I gave this book a try because despite some mix ups and wrong decisions along the way Amy did show some great growth and maturity along the way.

The obviousness of Amy and Sean being totally right for each was so clear very early on. I did enjoy some of the mind games between them, but I wish that they realised sooner well in particular Amy that Sean wasn’t messing around. Because the swoony scenes between them were so worth it!

Once again Duggan was able to mix the story up well, despite the fun nature of everyone getting together at The Onslow Hotel, there was always the potential threat of losing a place they cared about a lot; a place where they share many memories, and which played a massive role in so many characters lives.

Overall An Endless Summer was a cute summer read, with lots of returning characters, fans of the first book will not want to miss out on.

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July 15, 2013
Getting drunk and diving into the water in your knickers was never really going to be a good idea especially when your main motive was to catch the eye of one of the Onslow boys (for your friend of course). So when Onslow boy Sean Murphy rescues Amy Henderson from drowning in her knickers Amy's parents pack her off to boarding school as punishment for her reckless behaviour.

Amy hasn't been back to Onslow since that embarrassing night three years ago but finds on her return that things at the Onslow Hotel have really changed. As the publican's daughter Amy grew up in the hotel but in the time she was away at boarding school and living in the city with her Mum her Dad has let the Onslow go to rack and ruin. Leaving abruptly to save his marriage Amy's Dad left the Onslow in the very incapable hands of barman Matt who has been busy helping himself to the meagre takings. The place looks like it should be condemned and it's going to take more than just a lick of paint to get the Onslow looking good again.

Whilst her parents are enjoying a mid life crisis sort of second honeymoon they believe their princessey daughter is lazing about working on her tan. In reality Amy is determined to bring the Onslow back to its former glory and finally convince her Dad that the hotel shouldn't be sold off to the highest bidder.

To help her in this somewhat enormous task Amy needs to clean, tend the bar, sack the barman and find new bar staff (in the first week!) she also needs to reluctantly turn to Sean Murphy for some DIY assistance. For a girl who is ultimately pretty stubborn and proud, asking and receiving help doesn't exactly come naturally to her.

In the three years since he rescued Amy, Sean has become a successful tradesman building a multi million dollar school so he's also just arrived back in Onslow. He's now so successful that he's bought himself a old lake house in cash and finds himself to be the preferred fantasy of the housewives of Onslow. As Sean and Amy work together to bring the Onslow back from the brink romance is certainly in the air and let me tell you it is DELICIOUS.

You know, I thought my heart would always remain true to my first Onslow boy Toby Morrison from The Boys of Summer, but OH. MY. GOODNESS. how fickle am I? I've found myself moving on and falling for DIY-tastic Sean now! Not only is he gorgeous with an smug little smile and a chiselled stomach he has a huge... LAKESIDE HOME! Not that I'm materialistic or anything but LAKESIDE HOME!!! And, don't forget he's good with his hands (ahem) and can fix stuff. Sign me up for the Sean Murphy fan club pronto. As the gossipy Onslow housewives said Sean can "leave his drill piece under my pillow any day of the week" and yes, I'd quite like Sean to walk me to my bedroom too. C.J.'s ability to create these yummy, drool worthy Aussie book boyfriends astounds me. This is a talent that should be fully recognised by all although I do think it would be wise for her to hone her talent further on Amy's older cousin Chris in the next book (just saying!).

I have to say I did really love Amy too, I couldn't help but cheer her on. Her parents were a little bit judgemental she's almost viewed by them as a reformed party girl with a lazy streak. So yeah, I really felt for her as she battled to bring the Onslow Hotel, a place that is honestly really important to both her and the wider community back to life. Amy's not afraid of a bit of hard work and I loved her for it. Seeing her friends and former colleagues rally round to help her warmed my little heart immensely and made the town of Onslow really come alive for me.

I loved An Endless Summer it was "fracking" amazing (I had to get that little Amy-ism in there somewhere). Sharp, witty and romantic it will tug at your heartstrings and is the perfect kind of Summery read. Pure Gold.

** When you buy An Endless Summer (you know you want to, right?) have a look at the acknowledgement, it makes me bubble every time I see it. Just to explain C.J. was my first blogging pal and we bonded over book boyfriends and she fed my love of Aussie YA. After loving her debut novel The Boys of Summer so much I became its UK book pimp hence the acknowledgement. I was mega touched when I read it and I may have actually read it out to practically everyone I know. So thanks again C.J. you touched my heart and made me cry like a baby.**
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August 13, 2016
3.5 Rating

What I liked:
1. Sean over coming his fear for Amy
2. The Onslow Boys are back
3. The whole Onslow gang of friends are back...adding in Tammy
4. Humor/banter with the characters
5. There were quite a few fun scenes with a bunch of the characters I liked.
6. What Sean does in the end.
7. The ending & Epilogue
8. The Rubiks Cube (last scene with it)
9. The gang pitching in to save the Onslow Hotel
10. Amy learning new things about herself & Sean for helping her.
11. The Dictionary scene.

What I didn't care for:
1. Amy's mom
2. Amy's mom's attitude/feelings towards Sean.
3. The cat & mouse game between Sean and Amy.
4. How long it takes them to get together and then the time frames apart.
5. Sometimes I really didn't like Sean's non-answers to Amy.
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July 26, 2013
This is a combined review (sort of.) of both the previous book and this one. So, be smart and avoid reading anything you don't want to read.

I'll award this series some serious credit for being able to capture the right essence and beauty of summer. It was bright, light and sunny....and it was kind of fun. So..YAY!

I've had crushes on older guys. I remember giggling 'mentally' (Yes, I was too cool.) after sneaking glances to see THAT hot senior guy or group of senior guys in my school. I'd walk by their classes repeatedly and I'd keep looking inside and go all swoony and ah, well....I was creepy. So I understand Tess's infatuation.

I understand why seventeen-year old Tess was so enamoured by 22-year old Toby Morrison. I definitely see the appeal. It's quite natural, actually and frankly, pretty cute. Old and responsible guy with a cute, sweet girl? Nice dynamic.

The problem?

It wasn't believable.

Tess, Ellie and Adam are best friends and have a fantastic plan for the summer. They plan to work at the Onslow Hotel, swim in the Onslow lake, watch fireworks and have water bomb fights. So all in all, it's going to be an enjoyable summer. But here's the specialty of YA summer-themed contemporary books: You always have hotties.
And the Onslow boys, aka Toby, Sean, Stan, Chris and Ringer are just that. THEY ARE HOTTIES.
They are employed. They are sweet and they soon take Tess, Ellie and Adam under their wing which is really nice to read about because they come with buckets of banter and swoon swishing and swooshing over the brim, topped with the beauty of friendship, just like a cherry on a cake or..was it ice cream?

Anyway, the idea sounds so compelling and fun but it all fell apart in the book. I had some serious issues with Tess and her behaviour. I won't judge her for what she did but I, as a person, just couldn't agree with any of it. Ergo, I didn't like her. At all.
I loved Ellie and Adam, though! They were amazing bestfriends but by the second half, their characters started..diminishing? Fading away? So I was a tad disappointed. Some of the twists and turns in the book were unacceptable and I felt like pushing my kindle away before I seriously lost it. Sean's and Stan's and Adam's characters were the comic angle of the book but in the end, not much happened for them as well. Although, I wouldn't say that for Sean, because Sean was the only character in the book who actually managed to swoon me off my feet.

Now, Toby is a different character. I like Broody and intense. I was made for broody and intense but hell no will I accept broody and intense, especially after
Toby as a love interest didn't sit well with me. I kept on vouching for a Tess-Adam or Tess-Sean dynamic because it made sense. They cared about Tess. They were protective, supportive and responsive which obviously, I didn't think Toby was. It wasn't normal and there was a point when all I could so was roll my eyes. Rolling eyes=Not good.

“Do you want some words of advice, Tess?”
I glanced at Adam’s profile as he sipped.
“Don’t give your heart away too easily.” He turned to me. “Make him earn it.”

And now for, An Endless Summer...

*Drum rolls, please.*


I lean towards feistyness. Timid and shy girls just don't do it for me. I think maybe that's why I didn't like Tess all that much, but Amy, well, she's somebody I liked. And trust me, I liked her A LOT.

We met Amy Henderson in the previous book when she was just fifteen years old.Being the Onslow Hotel's owner's daughter, she was spoilt, irritating and easy to dislike. She was known for throwing tantrums and had a temper nobody wanted to be the victim of. But after almost losing her life when she was sixteen and after being saved and sent to boarding school, things were put in a perspective for this hot-headed train of spirit.

And guess who saved her?

Presenting to you, the swooniest guy amongst the Onslow boys, Sean Murrrphyyy. I've always liked Sean and I didn't really like how things ended for him, in The Boys of Summer, so the fact that he was getting a book of his own appeased my angry heart.

It's safe to say, that Amy and Sean were perfect for each other. There was so much banter, humour, swoon and hot-displays-of-chest (OMG.), that I don't think I have anything to complain about.

I loved Amy so much. I loved how she didn't want to let go of the hotel and how she wanted to bring back the hotel to it's former glory! I even started to like Toby which is funny considering how much I disliked him in the previous book. Even Tess seemed sane. HAH! Chris, Adam and Amy were the perfect cousins to each other. Even though, Chris was a tad dominating. Adam comes back to play a MAJOR role as the comic angle of the book and boy, his success in being funny is commendable. AND DO I SEE AN ADAM-ELLIE THINGIE IN FUTURE?

Oh wow.

What I love about such books or any book in a series, in general, is that they always shine a spotlight on the underdogs. I've always loved secondary characters and their potential and when these secondary characters get a book of their own, it just makes me immensely happy and I think that's why I read even the dorkiest of books. I read them because I want to know how the character's life pans out.

And An endless summer was satisfyingly good enough to make me happy.

“Come on Amy, I saved you once, I’ll save you again.”
I met his stare unflinchingly. “I don’t need saving.”
A wicked grin formed slowly. “Don’t you?”

This review and many other things @ YA Fanatic
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August 6, 2016
Oh my.. C.J. Duggan you did it again. The simplicity in the setting of your contemporary novels (this one and The Boys of Summer) is what makes this series so appealing. I loved (actually loved is an understatement) The Boy of Summer when I read it last year. I raved and raved and raved about it to anyone who would listen to me and made all my friends read it (and they ended up loving it too!). So I was impatiently waiting for the release of An Endless Summer and I was over the moon when the author emailed me to review it before the release date. I picked it up immediately and proceeded to read it in one day. I basically devoured it and right now I demand more! just kidding.. (if only my demands could come true immediately *sigh*)

An Endless Summer is set a couple of years later and stars Sean, a secondary character in The Boys of Summer as well as Amy, the daughter of the owner of the Onslow Hotel that Tess (the main protagonist from The Boys of Summer) worked in. I was happy that this book was a companion novel because I really loved Sean and all the Onslow boys and wanted each one to have their own book and happily ever after like Toby! As usual, C.J. Duggan knows how to write, mold, and create characters that not only have depth and are 3D, but are also very likable, interesting, and entertaining to read about. Sean is the opposite of Toby.. he is out there, always jokes around, and loves to tease Amy. While Amy isn't afraid to speak up and doesn't get embarrassed easily (unlike the shy Tess we met in the first book). From the moment Amy and Sean met again (Amy has known the Onslow boys since she was a little kid) the banter between them was hilarious. Sean loves to tease while Amy hates losing so she always tries to get back at him. I found that so amusing and it always brought a smile to my face.

Some other things I enjoyed in this book included the 90s setting, as well as the lack of technology which usually overtake the lives of our book characters. Here, there are no laptops, texting, IMing, Skyping, tweeting, facebooking, and so on. Also, we don't have any conniving ex-girlfriend or queen bee that has her eyes on Sean, so haters of love triangles, this book is for you! Overall, An Endless Summer, while it isn't as good as The Boys of Summer for me (Just personal preference), is such a fantastic sequel that didn't disappoint at all. I would definitely recommend it to all contemporary fans out there! If you haven't read this series, then you are seriously missing out!
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302 reviews515 followers
January 20, 2018
This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea's Bookshelf.

It is so good to be back in Onslow! I really liked the first book in the Summer series, The Boys of Summer, and I honestly don't know why it took me so long to finally read the second book, An Endless Summer. Just like with the first book, I loved this one, maybe even more.

An Endless Summer is Amy and Sean's story and it begins 3 years after when Amy gets back into town. What she doesn't expect is to find Onslow Hotel almost in ruins. She wants to fix it and get it back to the way it was. With a little help from Sean Murphy and her other friends, will she be able to save it?

When I saw that the main love interest in this book will be Sean Murphy, I was very excited. I loved his character in the first book, but I didn't know what to expect of Amy. I didn't know how the two of them will go together. But let me tell you this, my worries were for nothing! I loved them as a couple. The whole romance was very sweet and I enjoyed it from the very first page to the last one. We always knew that Sean was cocky, flirty and charming when he wanted to be, but in An Endless Summer we also see a different side of him. He is caring and sweet and we know that he'd do anything for people he cares about. Amy was stubborn, she didn't accept help very easily, but it went well with her character and who she is.

I loved how the romance was going. There was a lot of flirting and games and it is hard to tell when they became aware of their feelings, but they took it slow. I can easily say that the two of them is one of my favorite couples ever. Yes, I loved them that much!

Another thing that I find really amazing is how all the characters from the first book made an appearance in the second one too. All the friendships that started then, continued in this one and grew even stronger. We can see how close they all are and wish for friends like that.

If you are looking for a great contemporary romance, I highly recommend you to start with Summer series. I think the books are perfect summer read, but also when you just want a sweet book with a great plot and well-developed characters.

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3,131 reviews24 followers
July 23, 2016
Another winner in the Summer Series by CJ Duggan. the onslow boys are back and in full heartthrobbing force. It's four years later and everyone has gone on to other things. Chris is in the city, Adam is in the army, Tess and Toby are still together (yay!), Sean has become a successful tradesman but the Onslow Hotel has taken a turn for the worse. So when Amy arrives thinking she will just be getting away from her lovey dovey parents she has a surprise.

I must say I loved Sean and his flirty fun ways. Here he takes it upon himself to help Amy out and in the process falls for the girl. The fiesty fiery Amy who is pigheaded, stubborn and at times flys way off the handle.This though makes her more fun to read. The banter between Sean and Amy will have you hooting and hollaring. They are so much fun to read together.

Amy decides to take it upon herself to make the Onslow what it once was and Sean helps. He even gets all the boys back to help. Chris helps manage the hotel again, Adam comes back and repairs his relationship with his two best friends and we begin to see him showing signs of more than friendship for Ellie (I hope I hope fingers and toes crossed!), Tess and Toby are just as cute and in love, Stan is just as sweet an pleasant and ringer is funny. As Amy is throwing liners at Sean and cleaning up the hotel she falls for Sean. Even gets jealous of the women she sees him with and her one liners to him are hysterical. She keeps him on his toes and Sean loves it.

As the hotel gets back to itself, her dad has a health issue and when her parents see the hotel they decide to sell. Her mom though I do not like. She is money hungry selfish and thinks the worst of her daughter. The dad is a gentle man who shows such love and affection for his daughter but is tired and gives in to Amy's mom. This doesn't go over well but Sean is there for her and saves the day. Her prince charming.

This is the funny witty story of Sean and Amy and how they get together. She keeps him on his toes and she reigns him in. A fun read that will keep you entertained.
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July 22, 2015
I love the fictional town of Onslow and what it represents. The Summer series is beautifully brilliant and realistic. Set in a small town where they all know one another, the setting is realistic and anyone who has lived in a small town in Australia, knows that it can either be a blessing, or a curse. In Onslow, they share a sense of community, and genuine warmth towards one another.

C. J. Duggan is a romantic storyteller. She has not only created likeable characters, but an entire town to fall in love with. Thank you to C. J for allowing me to transport back to Onslow again. I absolutely loved it immensely.
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May 24, 2015
After loving The Boys of Summer , I was excited to dive back into CJ Duggan's world of great friends and summers by the lake. An Endless Summer did not disappoint and honestly, I couldn't put it down while I was reading. I really do love this series.

Once upon a time, Sean Murphy saved Amy Henderson from drowning. Then --

Amy Henderson has been away for about four years now, after her parents felt she needed to calm down a bit and sent her to the city for school. She's excited for summer - she's excited to return to the place she loves: her father's hotel, where she feels at home - to her friends, to those handsome Onslow boys...but when she arrives back, she finds that the hotel has fallen into serious disrepair. This bothers Amy because more than any other place, this place feels like home and she knows that the locals feel the same way. Since her father is spending time away in the city [rekindling his marriage] with her mother, Amy takes it upon herself to spruce up the hotel - like, completely re-haul it and get it in tip-top shape. This is far more than she bargained for this summer and it is a shame, really, because she knows her father has no clue how dire the situation has gotten - how far the hotel has fallen out of control. [She hasn't wanted to bother him because rekindling a marriage is serious business.] She is determined to fix things up, though, and she sets to work. To her surprise, the Onslow boys, headed by none other than Sean Murphy, help her out. Pretty soon, the hotel's renovation is a group effort, and Amy is not only having the summer of her life, but she is falling in love.


Okay, so here's the deal. When I read the first book, which featured Tess and Toby, I was ALL IN. I loved Tess and I loved Toby and stick a fork in me, I'm done. I loved the rest of the secondary characters, but I had no clue how they would ever live up to those two. Here, though, I've gotten to know Amy and Sean, which is wonderful. Both of these characters stood out less to me in the first book, but now, I LOVE THEM. Granted, 3-4 years have passed since the first book's events have happened, and there has been some maturation and character growth and change. Really, Amy and Sean are so much fun.

Amy is a almost a little much in the beginning of the story, maybe. But that doesn't last long at all. She's been away for a few years, in the city, and she seems to be the stereotypical wealthy girl, to me. When she comes back, no one is expecting this completely lovely, more mature young woman - all they can remember is young Amy. It takes everyone aback. Then she sets to work to restore her father's hotel, his life's work, and BOOM! everyone has this new respect for her - they just have to pitch in and help. Myself - I have to admit that I had a new respect for her too. She immediately pulled up her sleeves and got to work. Even though it felt pretty clear that her development as a character seemed a sure thing, what I loved was that it was steady throughout the story, even until the end. SO...even though I began to like her MORE early on, by the time I finished the book, I just wanted to hug her because I liked her so much. I also loved that she had weak spots and admitted them AND she had strengths and wasn't afraid to admit them as well.

Amy has this main goal the entire time: the hotel, the hotel, the hotel. This is because right now, for some reason, her family is such a priority to her. Amy is able to keep her eye on the finish line because she never looses sight of her main goal, but she is able to incorporate other important things and people into her life. This is HUGE, I think, because everyone reaches a certain point in their lives when they step over the line from child to adult - sometimes we straddle it for a while - but Amy really does a service to coming-of-age here by demonstrating her work ethic and the reasons behind her decisions and such. She shows that she is able to manage multiple tasks and things, and I loved this. (I'm not always great at this!) I also loved the way she allowed people to help her - I think this is a great thing we all have to learn, when to delegate and when not to, etc. Amy is fine-tuning her growing up here right before our eyes - it is not only the romance aspect of the story that demonstrates this.

Of course, the romance is very present in the story, and it is sweet and I loved it. The romance is called: Sean Murphy.

Sean has a little bit of a reputation throughout the community as a ladies man, and this is mostly due to his fame as a footballer and his good looks. The truth is that he has grown up a bit; he is actually a super-hard worker - he has a career outside of athletics, see - and this allows him to help Amy pretty easily...which allows him to nudge himself closer and closer to her, which is his end-goal anyway. HE LIKES HER. But the two of them are a little stubborn and it takes them a little while to admit these things to one another, when they are painfully obvious to us, the readers.

I think that this is mostly Amy's story, but it belongs to Sean too, only Sean is a little more mature than Amy.

Ultimately, I loved this story. I loved the slow romance between Amy and Sean, because if the truth is told, I think they both liked one another for a long time before this story began. I love the way Amy takes on hotel renovation and her friends + the community rallies behind her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the cast from the first book shows up in a big way - I had grown to love them quite a bit during the first book. These are people that I could definitely see myself being friends with and wanting to hang around, so it stands to reason that I am happy that they are included in this book. I'm looking forward to continuing with this series - I have the third book and as well as some of the novellas on my Kindle - I'll be reading more about the Onslow boys soon. They're FANTASTIC summer reads.

I recommend An Endless Summer and the entire Summer Series by CJ Duggan to readers that enjoy new adult contemporary, summer romances, and fans of Australian authors.
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July 16, 2013
Favorite Quote(s):
“And just like Sean, without even knowing the reasons why, he just did. Without a word or a worry, he saved me.”
Favorite Character: Amy.
First Line:
“‘There he is!’”
My Musings: Way back when, I was a part of the blog tour for the Boys of Summer by C.J Duggan, so I couldn’t pass it up when I got the email for the blog tour sign ups for this second, companion novel. I couldn’t wait to see what else C.J Duggan had in store.
An Endless Summer follows the life of Amy three years after the events of the Boys of Summer. Three years prior, Amy was shunned from Onslow after a night involving drinking, a lake, and almost dying. Three years later, Amy returns to Onslow for her summer holidays; however, she is shocked to find that the hotel that she grew up in has fallen to pieces. Amy resolves to fix up the hotel and to reclaim her home. With the help of the Onslow boys and her friends from three years prior, Amy works tirelessly to rebuilt the hotel. But when her parents decide to put it up for sale, will everything that Amy be for nothing?
Amy was a determined character. She was determined to fix the place that she considered home. She didn’t give up on fixing up the hotel, and she was tough on everyone that helped. She was a stubborn character, and she always wanted to get her way. Although she had good intentions, the fact that she would not let anyone help her was slightly irritating. She kept up the mantra in her head that she could do it all alone until the end of the novel. But finally, she realized that the hotel was just a place, and home was wherever she wanted it to be.
“Sean just did. Without question, without hesitation.”
Sean wasn’t my favorite, but he was an okay character. He had grown up a bit since the Boys of Summer, but his personality was the same. Sean was a hard worker. He worked for his wealth and he was generous about it. That’s the thing that I loved about him. He was always giving. He was also a very teasing character, which rolled over into this novel. He teased Amy like it was his job. He had trouble showing her that he was serious, and Amy often didn’t believe him, but as a reader, I could tell that his intentions were true. I’m glad that he persisted in getting the girl, because it was all worth it in the end.
Sean and Amy created sparks. Although for the majority of the novel, they were in a constant state of teasing each other, you could still see the chemistry between them. I was constantly waiting for them to stop playing games and just get together. However, it was fun reading all of their banter with each other, and picking out the undercurrent of caring that was buried underneath.
It was fantastic seeing the Onslow group together once again. Although they all grew up, they still had that perfect dynamic amongst themselves. They had fun, and they supported each other. It was really great to see them together once again.
The thing that I loved about this novel, as well as the Boys of Summer, was the local color. C.J Duggan, being a Australian herself, really pulled the locality of her life into this novel. I loved seeing all of the Australian slang words. It really put an authentic feel on the novel. It reminded me constantly that this novel was not taking place in the United States, but in Australia. I loved to different setting than that same-old that I read when novels are set in the United States. I have even made a mini-dictionary for you all with some of the words from the novel:
Sunnies: sunglasses
Ute: car
Boardies: board shorts
Ciggie: cigarette
Mate: friend
Pashing: kissing
Thong: flip-flop
Overall, An Endless Summer was a great novel filled with determination, hard working, and fun. A lighthearted, warm read, this is definitely the right choice for a summer read!
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July 19, 2013
Actual rating- 3.5

*NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received a copy of An Endless Summer by author C.J. Duggan in exchange for an honest review. We thank C.J for the book!

Although I had many problems with the MC in the first book of the Summer series, The Boys of Summer, I really enjoyed the story as it was fun and flirty- an almost perfect summer read. You can find my review of it here.
When I started the second book, An Endless Summer, I had a feeling I won't quite enjoy it as much as the first one and I had problems with the MC here as well. However, as the book progressed, I was hoping things would go a certain way and when they did go the way I wanted them to go, I as good as fell in love with the story. The best part about this book, unlike book #1, was that there was a lot of other stuff involved other than just romance.
In An Endless Summer, daughter of the publican Mr. Henderson, Amy, who nearly drowns herself and is saved by Sean Murphy and returns from an all girls boarding school, is back in town, only to be greeted by a rather dense and fallen Onslow Hotel. She knows how much the hotel means to the Henderson family and decides to work hard to get it back in shape without her dad knowing anything about the same. Little does Amy know about her mum's plans regarding the hotel.
As an MC, I admit that Amy worked hard to get things back on track and she was a good enough girl as well. I did feel that she wasn't contributing a lot as compared to the others. I liked how she didn't make boys the center of her thoughts unlike Tess in the first book. Amy balanced her hotel life and love life quite well. It's just that I felt bored reading her point of view until the Onslow boys and the gang from The Boys Of Summer came along.
It was nice to meet Sean, Tess, Toby, Stan, Chris, Adam and Ellie again. They brought in a lot of colour and cheer and took Onslow to a new level altogether with their dedication and loyalty towards it. I loved Adam in the first book as a best friend and in this one again, I loved him as a cousin brother. I really hope that the third book, That One Summer is his book.
Amy's love interest Sean Murphy was a fab guy. I liked him a lot in the first book as well and in this one, I liked him even more. He was such kid and a gentleman at the same time and I loved getting to know him better. He and Amy had the sparks going on from the initial pages itself and I really loved how Sean tried to express his feelings. His romance was unique and quite fun as well.
Author C.J. Duggan's writing is smooth again and has a nice flow. It's very easy to read her books as they're full of sweet things. An Endless Summer was an enjoyable read that ended in the way I hoped for it to end and it left me smiling for a long time after I'd closed the book.
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July 16, 2013
A review copy was provided for an honest review. If you were as blown away with the first novel as I was then you have to pick up An Endless Summer! An Endless Summer is irrefutably fun, sexy, summery and has exceptionally written characters. Smiling, laughing, and sighing—these are all things you'll be doing while reading. After Tess McGee I didn't think any other character would be as funny or as entertaining but I was SO wrong. Amy is hilarious, snarky, and indomitable. She meets every challenge head-on. It's invigorating to read about characters with brains, good-looks, and fight in them. Every page is littered with witticisms, and I loved each scene with Amy and Sean because they are an absolute riot together. C.J. Duggan captures Australia's beauty, and creates a town full of wondrously outstanding characters. Also the story is excellently written and you'll be flying right through it!

After an incident that nearly cost Amy Henderson her life her parents decide to send her off to an all-girls boarding school. Three years later and she's ready to come back to Onslow and her safe haven—The Onslow Hotel. What she doesn't expect to come home to is the place in horrific disrepair. Amy is determined to get the pub/restaurant up and running again, and patrons swarming in like the good-old days. There's only one problem with her picture and that's Sean Murphy. The incredibly attractive, women magnet, and plague to her teen years thanks to her old best friend's obsession with him. It's Summer and the Onslow Boys are back together again and they're ready to stir up the town. Sean once saved Amy and now it appears he has come back to do it again, but it's not Amy's life she's worried about—it's her heart.

The Onslow Boys are the guys to hang with and seeing them reunited again was epic. Stan, Ringer, Tess, Toby, Adam, and Ellie all make appearances and I enjoyed seeing what they were up to. Amy's cousin Adam who was also Tess' BFF is also back with his winning personality—he was one of my favorite secondary characters. Amy surprised me the most because in The Boys of Summer I didn't see her redeeming herself but she most certainly did. The relationship between Sean and Amy is a red-hot roller-coaster. Amy has a stubborn outlook on everything, and Sean shifts her focus to what really matters. Although there was some predictability my amusement never faltered. I can say with ease that I'll be rereading An Endless Summer again and again!

All in all I'm dreading the end of this trilogy because every Onslow character has etched a place in my heart. They are unpredictably fascinating, gorgeous, depth-filled, unforgettable, and so much fun to read about. I can't wait to see who C.J. Duggan will write about next! Those who loved Sean in the first installment will be swooning over him tenfold in this one. An Endless Summer is a blazing hot sequel, and it will not disappoint!
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August 27, 2013
I felt like clutching my Kindle to my chest and twirling around in pure joy after I finished An Endless Summer . That sounds so unlike me, but that goes to show just how much I loved it. I just wanted to bask in the sweet, glorious book high for as long as possible. I absolutely loved The Boys of Summer , but this was even better!

An Endless Summer takes place four years after The Boys of Summer left off, but this time it's Amy and Sean's story. I loved Toby and Tess, but Sean is so much more my kind of guy, so I was ecstatic that he was going to be the love interest to none other than Amy, the publican's daughter. She can be such a stubborn smart-ass, but I adore that about her... apparently Sean does too. Oh, what a pair these two make! The chemistry between them is wonderful. Sometimes their interactions had that Rhett and Scarlett vibe that I love so much.

I was happy that all the characters from the first book made an appearance, because this is probably one of my favorite groups of characters ever. The Onslow Boys are exactly the type of guys I like: respectful and good-natured, but can be total smart-asses and a bit rowdy at times. I love all the girls, especially Amy. And Adam ... the guy constantly cracks me up! But the great thing is, they aren't just amazing characters individually, their personalities mesh perfectly. Nothing about this group feels forced or awkward. I seriously want to hang out with them all!

The story itself was a lot of fun. Trying to save the Onslow Hotel was a wonderful way to bring everyone back together. I knew fairly early how it was going to play out, but that didn't take away from it in the least. I was pleased with how it all came together and left me grinning like a fool.

I think I've been very clear that I love this book to pieces, so imagine how unbelievably giddy I was to discover there will be a third book! Ohhhh yeahhhh ... give me That One Summer now! I want to force everyone to read this series, so get on it!
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January 30, 2014
Though this is book 2 in a series, it reads much more like an independent book than a series or companion novel. Along the lines of Sarah Dessen, it’s more a story where the same characters from other stories make an appearance, yet you don’t have to have read the first book to enjoy the second. It’s a wonderful story all on its own.

If I didn’t love the Onslow Boys enough after reading The Boys of Summer, I definitely love them plenty now. Getting a closer glimpse into the hotness that is Sean was quite fulfilling. Aside from his gorgeous exterior, he also was a sweetie with a heart of gold. (My favorite kind of guy. ;))

I can understand how Amy is one of the tougher heroines for people to like. She is the spoiled daughter of the local publican who everyone thought of as their younger (and immature) little sister. When we first meet Amy in The Boys of Summer, she’s only 15 and has a major attitude. And I mean MAJOR attitude. In An Endless Summer, Amy is now 19 and has definitely grown into her own person. Though she is still a bit spoiled and kind of rough around the edges, I really enjoyed her edge and entitled attitude. The girl is spunky!

An Endless Summer was very different from TBoS. In TSoS, Tess was completely head-over-heels in love with Troy. Here we had Amy, who couldn’t stand Sean, yet had a BFF in high school that totally had a thing for him. Though he got on her nerves, was overly cocky and too sure of himself, she learned to slowly but surely find him somewhat appealing. It was a slow burn, a very slow one.

Another fantastic book from C.J. Duggan! In book 3, That One Summer, we get to hear Chris’ story. Out of all of the Onslow Boys, Chris is the one I’m most intrigued by. He comes off as so tough and pushy… yet I have a feeling there’s a softer side to Chris that we’re all going to love. If you haven’t met the Onslow Boys yet, I definitely recommend you give them a chance!

Find this review and others like it at Lost in Literature!


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July 20, 2013
In the same vein as The Boys of Summer, Duggan takes us back to Onslow where all the summer love of the hottie Onslow Boys takes place. An Endless Summer gives us Sean and Amy’s story.

Their story is a nice one with less angst than The Boys of Summer. Set a few years after The Boys of Summer, Amy Henderson has grown up a bit and heads back to Onslow. When I say ‘grown up a bit’, she is 19 years old, but does still have bouts of Princess Syndrome, which she at least is able to point out herself. What I liked most about Amy was her strong connection to her past and family. The Onslow represented her childhood and a sense of generational family owned business. With things looking like her parents may sell, Amy kicks it in gear to try and hold onto the business. She is sassy and able to give back some sarcastic banter, which always is a win in my book.

Sean is meant to be a womanizer and his past probably indicates he was. However, in An Endless Summer, I don’t see him womanizing at all. In fact, he comes across as a gentleman and quite gallant coming to the aide of Amy. Sean has recently returned to Onslow as well after a few years of making his business a success. It’s a good time for Sean to meet Amy since it seems he’s grown up as well after sewing his wild oats. Time and time again Sean is placed in a position to save Amy or help her out when she most needs support. This in itself would endear you to the man but add his good looks and body? Really, who wouldn’t want Sean? Despite Amy’s stubbornness and little freak outs, Sean and Amy do this little dance of love and hate. Sean plays it cool while Amy mentally runs around like a chicken wondering how Sean feels about her. Knowing the age difference, I understand why Amy is insecure about how Sean may feel about her.

An Endless Summer is a nice read. While I like how things played out with Sean and Amy, I found myself just wanting Sean to be happy and Amy to treat him well since he really is a knight in shining armor for that girl. I would recommend this to the Summer Series fans and contemporary romance fans that want to lose themselves in the lives of cool people that bring love and friendship together.
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March 25, 2018
What I Thought: CJ Duggan had completely blew me away with The Boys of Summer, so she really had to make An Endless Summer on par to grab my attention - and she did. We have a new protagonist, but all of our favourite characters are back, four years on in the future! This time, we live the life of Amy, who has come back to stay in Onslow after years away in boarding school, but the Onslow hotel is not how she remembers leaving it. The place has become a bit of a wreck and now it's up to Amy to get it back up to her Dad's old standards. Of course it's not going to be easy, and Sean is back in town to shake everything up.

An Endless Summer is quite different to The Boys of Summer. Amy doesn't already have a long term crush on Sean, but really finds him annoying most of the time. It's a different side of the boy-meets-girl, girl-falls-for-boy type story, and that's why it was so fantastic to read. I went in thinking Amy would be just like Tess, but really she was the opposite. CJ Duggan manages to give us another love story in the same world without making it feel over done - in fact she left me wanting more. I know I'll cry the day she stops writing these stories!

The biggest part of this story, is watching Amy grow. Amy is a selfish, spoiled brat at the start but by the end, she learns so much and changes so much, it's beautiful to read. But of course, for me, the big part was having Sean around. We really only got a small glimpse of him in The Boys of Summer, but this time around we get all of his wit and charm - he sure charmed his way into my heart!

If you loved The Boys of Summer, you are going to love this one too!

The Good: Sean being a prominent figure of the novel really, really, really made this novel. He has so much spunk!

The Bad: It took me a little while to get used to Amy, because she was so unlike Tess as a character, but once I got used to her, it made reading so much more enjoyable.

Rating: 5 book stacks
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August 5, 2015
Review also found at http://kristineandterri.blogspot.ca/2...

3.5 stars

was really excited for this installment in the Summer series by C.J Duggan because it features Sean. I sort of fell in love with him in the first book The Boys of Summer and was hoping he would get his own story, and here it was.

I'm going to start with what I did not like first. I have come to know Duggan as being able to write relationships where romance is so intense and yet subtle (I can't even explain it) that you are drawn in to see if it will ever materialize. This was the case for Toby and Tess in book one. This was not the case with Sean and Amy. Instead it was the in your face, ride each others nerves, until they have no choice but to admit they are attracted to each other. On its own this is not such a bad thing other than the fact that it is overdone, it just is not the unexplainable attraction that I think Duggan excels at.

That being said, when I got past that I got to spend time with the Sean I love! Cocky, fun loving, loyal and devastatingly attractive. From the beginning of the book to the end he was putting others before himself while disguising his sensitive side with his sense of humour. Ladies, look no further he is the perfect man!

Amy was at times annoying with her woe is me attitude and need to fight everything and everyone however Sean managed to let her see that and she had a period of growth throughout the book. While I may not have been as much of a fan of Amy as Sean, I did enjoy the two of them together. I liked that they were goofy with each other and it was all serious.

I could go on and discuss the plot but really this was all about Sean for me. Duggan has created some great male characters with the Onslow boys and I cant wait to see who is featured in the next story (I refuse to look ahead)
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September 6, 2013
So, I am kind of embarrassed that it took me THIS long to review this book. See, I got this book as an ARC, before it was released even. And I kind of stayed up until two in the morning and read it, and then emailed CJ as soon as I was done. CJ laughed at me. I loved it. But that is beside the point. I was a huge fan of the first book in the series, you can read my review of book #1 here if you are interested!

I was so excited to get back to Onslow! But I was cringing along with Amy. Selling the Onslow Hotel? No way!

I seriously didn’t think I could love two characters more than I loved Tess and Toby from book #1… I was wrong. I adored Sean and Amy. From the moment I started reading I was cheering for Sean and Amy. And OH MY GOODNESS… I want to live in Onslow, in Sean’s house. This book just stole my heart!

If I didn’t have kids, I would so be packing and moving. Cause living here would be so amazing! As it is, I keep threatening to moving in with CJ. Last year she would send me pictures of her pool in the middle of our winter when I had snow on the ground. To say we bounded was an understatement. But seriously, if you are looking for a fun, lighthearted romance, this is the one. I adore this series…

To say that I am impatiently waiting for book #3, cover revealed today, is such an understatement it is not even funny. I can’t wait to finish this series, except then it will be done, and I will sadly miss Onslow.
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July 2, 2013
WOW C.J I don't know what to say but you have written yet another AMAZING book. Sean I am so in love with him. I love everything about him and especially the lake house. OMG!!!

I couldn't stop laughing at the personalities of each character, what they got up to and who they are as a person. You have visualised on what true friends and family are about and everyone get together and help each other and no one gets left behind no matter what!!! This here is very important to me and I like what you have done. That is what I love most about the book. The love for each and every single character.

Enough words can't explain how much I love this book and how happy you have made me by giving me AVC and trusting me with this LOL I can't stop smiling.
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August 2, 2013
*Before reading*
whaaaaat. this book is about Amy? ugh. I was excited to read about the same characters in the first book. awesome. we'll see how this goes.

*after reading*
OMFG THERE'S ANOTHER ONE OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE THANK YOU C.J. DUGGAN! I LOVE YOU. But omg this book made me love Sean even more! I didn't even know that was possible! I almost cried until I found out who actually bought the Onslow. Which made me incredibly happy. Wow. I love this series so much. I'm going to read The Boys of Summer all over again. Bye!
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Want to read
February 22, 2013
Hope they all haven't broke up -_- would be pissed tbh. Liked the way book 1 finished.
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141 reviews
October 20, 2013
LOVE this series, very good book and i liked the fact that it wasn't just about Sean and Amy , it was also saving the Onslow! Very good book ! x
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July 19, 2013
So good!! Even better than the first book!!! In love with Sean!!!! Massively big crush on that guy!!
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July 13, 2013
The Boys Of Summer is a great read but Endless Summer was even better!!!! Loved it !!!! Sean<3
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July 17, 2013
Review taken from our Book Blog The Three Bookateers

For those of you who have not yet heard of An Endless Summer, I will let you know that it is the second book in the “Summer Series”. This series was written by the talented Australian writer: C.J Duggan.

The first book in the Summer Series is called The Boys Of Summer. Reading the first book, I felt like it was definitely a cutesy romance, and that is what originally drew me in to signing up for the Endless Summer Blog Tour. BOY OH BOY am I glad I signed up as I FREAKING LOVED An Endless Summer! First of all I will say that I am 100000% in LOVE with this book. I kid you not my dear friends, C.J’s ability to write a romance filled novel that doesn’t just centre around romance is brilliant. Her writing style is witty and charismatic in a sense, as her main characters: Amy Henderson and Sean Murphy are lovable, normal, everyday people that I completely adored. But before I get lost in my own thoughts, , I feel like I should mention that the Summer Series is one of those series where I feel like you would get a better understanding of the second book by reading the first book first (does that make sense). An Endless Summer is based on two characters that were sort of side-line/secondary characters in The Boys of Summer. All of the characters that you’re introduced to in the first book appear in the second book and their relationships continue on in the same way – translation: read the first book if you want to understand more of the characters and their relationships.

Now, I admit that I have been reading and writing reviews about books that were all good but not great. This book however, exceeded my expectations. I can’t pinpoint just one thing that made this book stand out to me, it was a multitude of things. It was firstly the way the C.J writes. C.J has a way with words, a way with character development and the creation of each charcters personality. Her characters were all relatable characters. An Endless Summer, is technically classified as New Adult, however unlike most books where the storyline is completely about the journey of the two characters who find love, this book revolved around what I reckon are three central themes. The first theme that is critical to both storylines is The Onslow Hotel. The Onslow Hotel, is pretty much the towns local watering hole. It is a place where you come for a drink after a hards day work and pretty much is the perfect place to just hang out with your mates.

The second theme in the series is The Onslow Boys. Now the Onslow Boys are a bunch of beautiful men composed of Toby, Sean, Stan and Ringer. These boys come to the Onslow almost daily to have a drink and shoot some pool. Toby and Sean are both gorgeous looking men that girls swoon after. I’m not 100% sure about Stan and Ringer but these boys are always having a good time. Last but not least the third theme is the romance, it wasnt a straightforward romance it was a flirtation-friendship – more on this if you keep reading.

So there you have it the three central themes of the book, The Onslow Hotel and The Onslow Boys and the Romance!

So now onto the main characters! There are 2 main characters in An Endless Summer, firstly there is little Amy Henderson, who is seen as ‘the publicans spoilt nineteen year old daughter’. Her fathers family has owned The Onslow for a very long time and she is slightly younger than the all of the other characters in the book. Amy was sent away to boarding school and only just returned to town as part of her gap year before she enters university. She returns home with plans to work and live in the Onslow Hotel. Her plans drastically change when she discovers the hotel she once knew and loved has turned into a dump. An Endless Summer, with her fierce determination, Amy decides to spend her time fixing up the Onslow to prove her parents wrong. That she isn’t wasting her time taking a gap year and that she could do things on her own.

I loved Amy’s character. She was full of fire and humour, sarcasm and wit oozed from her pores. Amy is a very determined yet stubborn person and is very independent. At times, I felt like Amy was a bit timid, as she was always unsure of the way she looked when she decided to dress up. The beginning of the book is a bit of a flashback to how she first meets Sean Murphy. Sean is in his mid twenties and is the resident stud muffin of Onslow, with a pair of beautiful, vivid blue eyes, an amazing body and a personality that both rivaled and complemented Amy’s. Pretty much, the guy has got it going on. He has his own building business and is pretty successful at his age. Where Amy is occasionally shy, Sean oozes confidence and is a bit cocky. I also really loved his character and

Oh yes, I did. He was a genuinely amazing guy with a personality that you could just fall for. He is sweet, thoughtful, genuine and will compassionate.

I completely adored both Amy and Sean. I loved their chemistry and I loved the pace at which their relationship grew. Technically they didn’t have a relationship it was more a flirtation-ship, where Amy was full of sarcasm and Sean well he just loved to press Amy’s buttons, they challenged each other through their competitiveness and her stubbornness and I LOVED IT. Call me strange, but I loved the fact that they were constantly challenging each other. Amy kept denying her feelings towards Sean and well Sean you couldn’t really tell his feelings towards Amy, he was sort of a hard to read closed book. Although you could never tell Sean’s feelings, he did little things to show Amy he cared, even if she didn’t really notice it – read the book, there are too many sweet gestures he does and she all thinks he is doing it for ‘charity’. Oh Amy, how naive and unknowing you were ;) Their flirt-ationship wasn’t any of this new age insta-love crap. It was sort of a forced on friendship, in which Sean kept turning up and saving Amy. Throughout the novel, Amy being sort of clumsy always ends up needing saving and Sean is always there to save her, he’s sort of like a Amy’s knight in shining armor.

You cant blame me for swooning over Sean, I mean what girl doesn’t swoon over a guy who is constantly saving them, if Sean is constantly saving Amy, it means that he is always there for her. Now please name me a girl that wouldnt swoon over a guy like that.

C.J has written a wonderful novel, that I absolutely loved. I loved the relationships between each and every character, I loved her writing style and how much humour was laced in the novel, I loved the sarcasm and wit and most of all I loved Amy and Sean. I was rooting for them the whole novel, I couldn’t put the book down as I wanted to know where their flirt-ationship would go, so I pretty much stayed up till 5am reading. I know I am a full on psycho, but I was hooked and I would recommend this book to you if you:

want to learn more about us australians and our mannerisms ;)
are looking for a book that doesnt solety focus on romance
want a book full of geniune and fun relationships
are like me and love sarcastic characters love humour and just all round love really witty comebacks
want a light hearted and humorous novel
Just on an ending note, in all seriousness

I want a relationship exactly like Amy and Sean’s. I felt like they didnt need to change for one another, they were completely themselves and just clicked. They had a genuine chemistry and I now feel like I will end up like a lonely cat lady with 1000+ cats. I am in a mood of depression and am currently sitting here with a block of chocolate and cookies. Oh C.J, I blame my happiness, giddiness and depression like state, on you and your ability to conjure up the fantastic chemistry and relationship between Amy and Sean is astounding. For that I pretty much love you ;) Thank you for telling their story and I absolutely cannot wait for book the third book in the series: That One Summer!
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