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The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting: Raising Children with Courage, Compassion, and Connection
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The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting: Raising Children with Courage, Compassion, and Connection

4.54  ·  Rating details ·  1,323 Ratings  ·  142 Reviews
We all know that perfect parenting does not exist; however, we still struggle with the social expectations that teach us that being imperfect is synonymous with being inadequate. These messages are powerful and we end up spending too much precious time and energy managing perception and creating carefully edited versions of families to show to the world.
Based on 12 years
Audio CD, 2 pages
Published May 1st 2013 by Sounds True
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Mandie Mc
Jul 29, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: parents, grandparents
If you have children, go buy or borrow this book. Like, now.

This two-hour audiobook reads more like a workshop by author/narrator Brené Brown. Broken down into simple "guideposts" and with a very friendly, conversational tone, The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting is refreshingly optimistic and realistic. As Dr. Brown says, it's never too late for wholehearted parenting.

My favorite thing about this book is that it's not just the advice of some parenting guru. It's not a lot of theory from a psychol
Feb 05, 2015 rated it really liked it
I enjoyed this and it got me thinking about how I view myself and the world around me. I really liked the part about home being a safe space to feel included, silly, and vulnerable.
Jan 28, 2018 rated it liked it
Shelves: non-fiction
I read a few Brené Brown books this year (three, I think) and I definitely have thoughts on them. I'm going to try save those thoughts for where they're more relevant, but overall I don't really like her message very much. I think what she has to say is very interesting, and I believe a lot of the points she makes, but I draw basically the opposite conclusions. She is all about "You are enough," and I find that phrase repugnant because to me it is a collapse or a compromise or a surrender on wha ...more
Jul 28, 2015 rated it it was amazing
I have read/listened to a lot of Brene's work. This touched me in a way that nothing else has. A must read (listen) for all parents. I feel more responsible for my failings as a parent and yet hopeful for the opportunity I have to parent better than I was parented. Somehow I became acutely aware of my role as a parent. I cried hard a couple of times, but the message was hopeful and in the end I feel capable and grateful for all the personal work I have done and the possibility of passing that on ...more
Shelley Carr
Jan 05, 2016 rated it it was amazing
Every parent (I would even suggest this to educators, caregivers, anyone who influences youth) should listen to this audio book! It doesn't matter if you are expecting your first child or have teenagers- it is well worth your time. It opened up great insight on my own behaviors and what research shows my struggles with perfectionism and vulnerability will ultimately do to my own children. She relates the research to her own family and is very honest and transparent about her struggles as a paren ...more
May 24, 2014 rated it really liked it
Definitely a book I recommend to parents. The lessons about shame vs. guilt are so important to be aware of as parents that you not only learn about parenting your own children, but you also might start to understand why your parents parented the way they did. I am certain most of us would have been parented and educated in different ways if only our parents knew all the stuff we know now. Vulnerability is another important part Brene Brown is talking about. Some of the anecdotes seem a bit stag ...more
Dec 15, 2014 rated it it was amazing
Not just for parents. Brene (it's so easy to call her by her first name, isn't it?) tells you why your parents did some of the things they did, and why siblings do know where to hit you the hardest. For any age child of any parent. There are gems in her words, as always. It's not too late to change how you relate to your family.
Jan 27, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Love her. I did this as an audio book - and I would recommend it as the way to go. Brene does the narration, and she gives it almost as a presentation - like her well-regarded TED talk. It's short, but there's a lot to absorb. I'll be listening to it again.
Azam Heydari
Oct 29, 2018 rated it really liked it
این #کتاب صوتی از برنه براون در واقع دو جلسه سخنرانی است که هر کدام یک ساعتند. برنه براون استاد دانشگاه هیوستون چندین کتاب در لیست پرفروشهای نیویورکتایمز داره که یکیش در مورد موهبتهای کامل نبودن است. این سخنرانی در مورد موهبتهای کامل نبودن برای والدین است و اثرش روی بچهها. برنه براون اعتقاد دارد که 'توانایی ما در پذیرفتن این که کامل نیستیم میتواند باعث شود بچههایی تربیت کنیم که اصیلن، میتوانند خودشان و بقیه را دوست داشته باشند و احساس ارتباطشان با دیگران طوری است که بهشون حس هدف داشتن و معنی داش ...more
Sharon Erickson
Jul 29, 2018 rated it it was amazing
I learned so much from this book and it also made me feel like I’m not alone. Brene offered really good, practical advice and knowledge on being a whole hearted parent and accepting imperfections/mistakes. To me the underlying theme is learning to recognize our behavior and going forward. Her personal stories as examples to different parts of the book made her very relatable.

I could read this again just so that I haven’t missed pertinent information. I can’t wait to read Brene Browns other book
May 09, 2017 rated it it was amazing
"Kids learn so much more from what you do, than what you say. So be the person that you want your kids to be."

What a fantastic "read". This gave me ideas on ways I could improve my parenting, but also made me feel good on some of the area where i've held firm.
Brene Brown is brilliant, and taking her research and applying it to kids was a great idea.
I highly recommend this to anyone with kids.

We have to watch out to see you what barriers to worthiness we’re passing down to our kids
We can’t give
Courtney Gorden
Sep 10, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Brene never lets me down. I loved listening to her talk- it felt like we were having a conversation. There is so much great advice in this book!!! It's a must read for parents!
Feb 07, 2015 rated it it was amazing
I really wasn't sure I was going to like this. It's more a lecture or a talk than a book. And though at times I was annoyed by yet another anecdote about her kids, they really did drive home the points she was making and made them more relatable. I really got s lot out of this. Will be listening to this again.
Apr 08, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Love this! Simple, thought provoking ways to become a better parent and human being.

Listening to this book again, two years later, was an incredible experience of self assessment resulting in both celebration and goal making.
Oct 11, 2013 rated it it was amazing
This had so many important thoughts, that while I listened to it I had to stop repeatedly and type out quotes to go back to and meditate on later. Well worth the two hour listen.
Oct 18, 2014 rated it really liked it
This was a quick book to read with some sound advice about parenting. A good recommendation for any parent.
Feb 20, 2014 rated it it was amazing
This 2 hour audio book is fantastic. Well with your time for some thought provoking talk about how to raise children- this is down to earth, realistic and applicable.
Nov 03, 2015 rated it really liked it
Short but really hit home for me. I plan to listen again & take a few key notes to remind myself.
Sep 17, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: guides
I think the title is kind of misleading. This is not going to tell you how your imperfect parenting is helping your kid (that's what I was hoping for!). It is going to tell you that it's ok that you're evolving into life and learning WITH your child, as the parent. We don't get it all figured out then pop out the kids, we grow all our lives.

I've listened to this audiobook 4 times or so. It's short. It's more like a podcast than reading a book. My take-aways other than the affirmation I've alrea
Oct 11, 2018 rated it it was amazing
This is only available on audio and is only two hours long but is so, so good! I am already trying some of Brene’s suggestions on my family and the results so far are quite pleasing. I still wish she were my neighbor—I know we would be BFFs!
Mar 10, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Brilliant! Loved this and will probably listen many times.
Sep 09, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Whole-hearted living and parenting! I love Brene Brown!
Aug 31, 2017 rated it really liked it
I loved this book – is short, entertaining and not a lecture. A good read.
Aug 28, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: audiobook
I really really liked this book and would recommend it to any parent. It's one I will revisit again and again as my kids and I grow up.
Aug 07, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: parenting
I bought this as an audiobook, but I am not sure it counts as a book, since it isn't available in print form. I would call it a lecture or a seminar. Either way, I love Brene Brown. After a 15 minute TED talk and this 2+ hour listen, I am hooked. Her research and advice make sense to me. This book is about how to be "whole-hearted", starting with a base of creating an environment of belonging for our children. It touches on perfectionism, vulnerability, gratitude, hope, etc. The author reads the ...more
Katrina Sark
Feb 01, 2015 rated it it was ok
Mostly repeat of what she says in the other books:

"We can’t raise children who are more shame-resilient than we are. We can’t give then what we don’t have. So in many ways, parenting is about making a journey with our children toward wholeheartedness. And it’s about learning and growing alongside them."

Importance of being mindful about the relationships between siblings. Siblings know exactly what hurts each other. They see the struggles. They are witnesses to our best moment and the most diff
Aug 09, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Quick listen. The parts that I particularly connected with were the shame/guilt distinction (and the extent to which the child's pre-disposition to one or the other affects their choices as they get older), the idea of making home a safe place (and enforcing that kindness between siblings), and the idea that you can't teach your kids to be better at life than you are (so you need to keep growing yourself, and it's okay for them to see that). I could imagine listening to this regularly.
Suzanne Platt
Sep 13, 2016 rated it liked it
I liked this but had already heard most of this because of the other books I've read of hers. But if you have not read any of her other books then yes get this book!
May 20, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: audiobooks
This was an audiobook that I purchased from audible (I dont know if you can get it anywhere else). Like all Brene Brown literature, you have to take it in small, dense portions because pretty much EVEYTHING she talks about is relevant and good. Here's an excerpt from the description and I feel it definitely gives you a sense of the book. "We all know that perfect parenting does not exist; however, we still struggle with the social expectations that teach us that being imperfect is synonymous wit ...more
Amber Koppenhofer
Dec 18, 2013 rated it it was amazing
I cannot say more about Brene Brown and her insights on shame and vulnerability. She is remarkable for the work she has done and for communicating her findings to the rest of us to help us understand why we react the way we do to the many experiences of our lives. In this instance, she speaks to how we behave as parents, why we react the way we do emotionally to our children, and why our children are reacting the way they do in their experiences. She offers some awesome insights as to how we as ...more
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Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work.

She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy and is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wildern
“I love this from theologians Richard Rohr

“ My scientist friends have come up with things like ‘ principles of uncertainty’ and dark holes. They’re willing to live inside imagined hypothesis and theories. But many religious folks insist on answers that are always true. We love closure, resolution and clarity, while thinking we are people of ‘faith’! How strange that the very word ‘faith’ has come to mean its exact opposite”
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