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Shipwrecked #1


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This is the first book in a major new series. "Lost" meets "Gossip Girl". I jump at the sound of a whispered voice over my shoulder. But when I turn round all I see is sand, and the towering, green wall of the rainforest. I guess it must have been the breeze, but I can't help shivering. I have the weirdest feeling that we're being watched. Grace Delaney and her fellow dance students are en route to perform on a South Pacific cruise-ship when a freak storm hits and they find themselves stranded on a deserted island. With the tropical heat rising, passions and tensions swell to breaking point. And the island itself is quietly steaming with a terrible secret...

342 pages, Paperback

First published June 3, 2013

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About the author

Siobhan Curham

33 books307 followers
Thank you for visiting my Goodreads page! It still blows my mind to be able to say that I'm an award-winning, best-selling author of books for adults, young adults and children, because I'm also a former council estate kid and university drop-out who gave up on my writing dream because I didn't think I was from the right (aka posh enough) background. So I really am proof that miracles can happen!

My books cover wide ranging subjects, from spirituality, love and friendship to World War 2, the refugee crisis and talking animals! One theme remains constant however, my desire to leave my readers feeling inspired and uplifted.

My first historical novel, An American in Paris, was published in 2021, and became an Amazon best-seller in the US and UK, which I was over the moon about, as it turns out I have a real passion for writing historical fiction. I love unearthing the lesser known facts and details from World War 2 and presenting them to readers in stories that will resonate today. My other World War 2 novels are Beyond This Broken Sky, The Paris Network, and the yet to be titled 'Book 4' - which will be published by Bookouture in August 2022.

I'm also currently writing two more books for my Moonlight Dreamers series for young adults.

Because my path to writing success has been such a bumpy one, I love nothing more than helping other writers achieve their dreams via my online community, THE WRITING ADVENTURE (you can find us on Facebook).

For more info about my other books please go to:


Facebook: Siobhan Curham Author
Twitter: @SiobhanCurham
Instagram: @SiobhanCurham

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Author 3 books400 followers
July 27, 2018
Nothing special. A lot of teenage drama and not enough island spookiness.
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1,384 reviews189 followers
July 1, 2013
The tag line of “Lost meets Gossip Girl” has no impact on me, I’ve never seen Gossip Girl and gave up on Lost after episode 2. I picked this book up for one reason only: Siobhan Curham

Reassuringly Siobhan Curham writing remains brilliant. You just want to read Shipwrecked. As a first book in a series there is a good balance between setting up the next book while having a gripping story for the reader to enjoy this time round. Personally I’m really looking forward to reading what happens next.

I wasn’t as enthralled with the characters as I wanted to be. Grace is a little middle of the road and really no one else stands out. We have the pretty rich mean girl, the scholarship kids, the best perfect friend who isn’t. While I didn’t dislike any of them I didn’t love anyone either and I really wanted to.

When I reached the last page I wanted the next book, ideally that very minute! Because I have to know how this ends.
I think that tells you how captivating the story is. :)
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885 reviews52 followers
July 4, 2016
Das Buch erinnert ein wenig an die Serie "Lost"... Nur stranden hier Jugendliche nach einem Unwetter mit einem Boot auf einer einsamen Insel.

Für Spannung sorgt ein Mythos rund um die Insel, der durch seltsame Vorkommnisse verstärkt wird. Eine Frage beschäftigt alle: Sind die Jugendlichen alleine oder ist da noch jemand? Und spielen alle das gleiche Spiel?

Die Jugendlichen sind ein wenig klischeehaft, aber gerade die Oberzicken bringen ein wenig Abwechslung in die Gruppendynamik.

Das Ende des ersten Teils lässt so viele Fragen offen, dass ich mir den zweiten Teil auf jeden Fall schnell kaufen werde.
Profile Image for Samantha (A Dream of Books).
1,145 reviews96 followers
May 26, 2013
Siobhan Curham is the author of the wonderful 'Dear Dylan' and 'Finding Cherokee Brown' both of which I have previously enjoyed. Her new title 'Shipwrecked' is aimed at a slightly older teen audience and is the first in a saga. Described as Gossip Girl meets Lost, the tagline made the book sound extremely promising and I was looking forward to a thrilling and sizzling summer read.

Grace Delaney along with her friends, are en route to perform on a South Pacific cruise ship when a storm hits, leaving them stranded on a deserted island. As they try to survive with little hope of rescue, strange things start happening and they fear that the island may not be quite so deserted after all. I really loved the idea for this story and the plot sounded so promising but although all the elements were there for this to be a stand-out read, I felt like it didn't grab me as much as I was expecting it to.

The pace of the story was slow and I found my attention wandering in the beginning half of the book, even with the dramatic events of the shipwreck. It did start to pick up in the later chapters when there are some spooky goings-on but it was a little predictable at times. I do feel like there is still so much more to come and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the series unfolds.

I quite liked the main character Grace and events are told from her point of view as she struggles to cope with life on the island. I enjoyed seeing her develop friendships with Cruz, Flea and Belle but I wasn't as keen on some of the secondary characters such as Jenna, Cariss and Todd who seemed a bit one-dimensional.

Although I didn't end up loving 'Shipwrecked', I'm keen to see what direction Siobhan Curham will take the story in next. I still think that this could be a great series, but sadly, for me, the opening instalment failed to wow me which was disappointing considering the immense talents of this usually brilliant author.
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Author 3 books92 followers
June 11, 2013
I read Shipwrecked in 2 days over the weekend past. The set-up is handled well and effortlessly by Ms. Curham (as expected)and I relished knowing that the kids who seem so very cultured and bitchy would soon be stranded on an island. There is much bitchiness and shenanigans and it's handled well within the context of the book. I liked the voodoo vibe too and I like how the characters find out about that. It's creepy in places - thoroughly approved of this too - and I liked how the main character actually became stronger after being a bit too wishywashy in her ways for a part of the book. This didn't read as a YA for older readers, but definitely a YA for readers on the younger side of things but it's no less enjoyable for my remark.
Profile Image for Franzi Bücherseelen.
91 reviews332 followers
August 21, 2016
Anders als erwartet. Wenig "abenteuerlich" dafür viele kleine Zankereien und Dramen unter den Jugendlichen , sowie eine kleine Liebesgeschichte. Trotzdem gute Unterhaltung für zwischendurch :)
Profile Image for Jack.
83 reviews70 followers
June 10, 2014
For book reviews and more, please visit my book blog, The Book Stop

I read Shipwrecked during our scorcher of a Summer, and it was the perfect Summer read, I must say. I love all books involving a shipwreck, but this one just blew me away. I was not expecting it to be THAT good. I read Shipwrecked as part of the Shipwrecked Readalong with Sophie and Zoe. It was great chatting about Shipwrecked, and we all seemed to have the same opinion, we loved it!

The plot of Shipwrecked is very interesting. At the beginning I wasn't so sure if it would be the book for me, but after the first few pages I really got into it. The story was gripping. It was totally unpredictable too. That's what makes it stand out, the unpredictability and originality.The hints about Hortense and the whispers Grace was hearing made it a chilling read. I was at the edge of my seat because I always had the feeling something bad was going to happen. And something did. Well, a lot of things did, to be fair!

"In the pale light of the half moon she dances around the fire, her body swaying and pulsing in time with the drums. With every jerk of her head her hair whips at the night air and sweat trickles, salty, into her mouth. Let this be the night, she thinks to herself, please, let this be the night."

The characters in Shipwrecked are just amazing. They're the best aspect of the novel. Each one of them is different have distinct personalities. I loved how Grace wasn't the typical 'strong' female, kick-ass protagonist. She was shy and insecure and didn't really speak up much. I loved how she developed throughout the novel and I can't wait to see her blossom in the sequels to come. She was the perfect protagonist for Shipwrecked. All the relationships between all the characters were realistic. Jenna and Grace had a very rocky relationship throughout, even though they're supposed to be 'best friends'. Siobhan Curham's exploration of the concept of growing out of a friendship was fascinating. It hasn't really been done before in a way like this, and I appreciate the way she approached the idea.

I'm interested to see how some of the quieter, more mysterious characters develop in the sequel, like Dan and Cruz. They were pretty quiet characters in Shipwrecked, and I'd love to get to know them better. Overall, the set of character in Shipwrecked is the perfect set of characters for this interesting story line. Loved every one of them!

"She looks up at the moon and smiles. Not long to go now. Not long at all. Then she pulls up her hood and melts back into the forest."

This is the first novel I've read by Siobhan Curham, and I am amazed how brilliant a writer she is. The writing was full of depth and the character development was flawless. I am definitely going to look into Siobhan's previous novels. One thing I would've liked to see more of in Shipwrecked is suspense. I felt at times, some scenes could've been told in a more suspenseful, mysterious way. I also thought that at the beginning of the novel, the characters seemed a bit young, but that quickly changed as the story went on.

Overall, Shipwrecked was a fantastic read. Although all I've done in this review is rave about the book, I haven't given it 5 stars because it didn't 'feel' like a 5 star book, the story didn't exactly blow me away, but it was still great. I don't know how I'm going to wait for the second novel, since it won't be released for a good while. If you're looking for a chilling summer read, then look no further. Shipwrecked is for you!
54 reviews7 followers
May 30, 2013
Shipwrecked by Siobhan Curham is darker than her previous two novels, Dear Dylan, and Finding Cherokee Brown. However I think I enjoyed it more. Shipwrecked is what I would look for in a Young Adult novel with equal amounts of sass, adventure, drama, and romance. I like how Curham manages to make sure that there is an equal amount of girl/boy time to girl/friend time.

Shipwrecked follows a dance crew as they become wrecked on a desert island while they travel to a cruise ship to perform. Curham really develops each individual character, Grace, Belle, Jenna, Cariss, Todd, Ron, Dan, and the Flea. The story is told from Grace's point of view and she's a perfectly flawed teenager, she's real, she's easy to relate to and she's kind and likeable. I really enjoyed following Grace and watching how her relationships changed with the members of the dance crew. I also thought Curham introduced Cruz, the Spanish boat boy, to the crew well (he's shipwrecked with them) and portrays the attraction between Grace and Cruz well.

Something I have to comment on about Curham's writing skill is that she is amazing at dialogue. All the dialogue in Shipwrecked is beautifully written and seems realistic even when the events that are taking place seem far from! Just flicking back through this book in order to remind myself of what I thought I've reminded myself how much I liked it! and how I can't wait for the next in the series!

I'd give Shipwrecked a very fiery five as Curham has really mastered older YA writing with this book and I, well, I really enjoyed it! Published on the 3rd June, at the moment, you can order it from Amazon.co.uk for £5.59 which is a bargain!

Go for it, Summer treat.
Καλή ανάγνωση (Greek)
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3,223 reviews329 followers
January 27, 2015
The press release for this is bang on when it describes this book as gossip girl meets lost. A group of teen dancers are shipwrecked onto a tropical and oh so slightly sinister island and the story follows them as they adjust to their new settings.

The story is told from the point of view from Grace. Grace and her friends are hilarious to follow as they find themselves shipwrecked. The group immediately splits into cliques, the bitchy rich ones in one corner, the nice but poor scholarship students in the other with grace stuck in the middle. Just being on the island heightens those differences rather than seeking to bring them together and seeing their differing reactions is brilliant and pure comedy gold.

I liked seeing how grace grew as a character as the book went on and couldn't help but swoon with her over the very hot Spanish boy who is shipwrecked with them.

Not only are the teenagers shipwrecked they are shipwrecked on a very creepy island. It become apparent very quickly that not everything is as it seems. There are so many spooky things going on and it takes a while for you to get your head round which of the things are real, which are imagined and which a caused something else. I loved finding out more about this spooky element and have many many more questions that I am hoping are answered in book two.

A fab read and something really different and unexpected from an author I thought I knew.
Profile Image for Booksandtheirworld.
137 reviews41 followers
December 13, 2021
Bei diesem Buch hatte ich nicht allzu hohe Erwartungen, es hört sich zwar ganz cool an, erinnerte mich aber so sehr an die Serie Lost das ich nicht wirklich dachte, dass es mir gefallen würde.
Umso überraschter war ich, dass mich das Buch wirklich gut unterhalten konnte und zum Ende hin sogar richtig spannend wurde.

Vieles konnte ich nicht erahnen und war überrascht über die Ereignisse die passiert sind. Auch die Charaktere an sich fand ich allesamt ganz cool, jeder hatte eine eigene Charaktereigenschaft die man auch deutlich merken konnte.

Auch die Streitigkeiten der Protagonisten untereinander waren glaubwürdig, die Insel wurde super beschrieben und wäre es keine einsame Insel ich hätte echt Lust dort einmal Urlaub zu machen, so schön wie die Beschreibungen waren.

Einzig die Love Story gefiel mir mal wieder nicht so wirklich, da ich sie viel zu schnell fand und mir langsam das "liebe auf den ersten Blick" und dann das angeschmachte etwas auf die Nerven geht.

Auf jedenfall eine Reihe die ich empfehlen kann, leider gibt es den 3 Band aber nichtmal auf englisch.
7 reviews1 follower
July 26, 2014
At first I thought this book would be one of those typical teenager-type of books, and to some extent it was, but I think it was still interesting because of the twist. Every chapter leaves you on a cliff hanger, and I kept wanting to know more. The plot line and characters were very "typical teenagery" and I think that was what made it amusing to read. Overall, I think this was a fun and amusing book. This type of genre is quite new to me and I'm glad I gave it a try!
Profile Image for Katie (Kitkatscanread).
676 reviews168 followers
September 12, 2016
Thank you to Electric Monkey for sending this to me for review!!

Oh my God this book was so good!!
Blew me away how fantastically entertaining it was!
It really makes me want to play Sims Castaway now (damn you)
So many fantastic characters. Eep!
Honestly can't wait for the sequel =D

Video review to come..
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221 reviews2 followers
January 28, 2016
Es würde 5 Sterne bekommen,aber der eine Stern wird für den Gruselfaktor abgezogen
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93 reviews
May 8, 2020
I read this book during isolation and it was the perfect thing. The way the author has described the island was fantastic. This book isn't just a trashy romance it's a thrilling adventure filled with friendship, love and voodoo surprisingly. I would recommend to everyone who loves a thrilling tale and some romance. I loved most of the charecters especially the flea but I hated Todd and Cariss because they were stuck up rich people who didn't give a damn thing about everyone else and didn't care for other people's feelings. The plot was incredible and just the fact the island that they happened to land on was a voodoo island that grace had cursed them to land on,well I'll be definitely reading book 2.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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4 reviews
December 27, 2018
I got scary dream after I read this novel. But I still looking for the Shipwreck Saga.. ;]
Profile Image for Jo Bullen.
412 reviews2 followers
April 18, 2019
I like Curham's work generally, though I found this a bit of an odd mix in terms of teen-drama and shipwreck. The ending disturbed me so much I had to read something else for another 2 hrs to 2am.
3 reviews
October 26, 2022
I loved this book, full of amazing cliffhangers at the end of some chapters, and shows good friendships
Profile Image for Wub.
1 review
September 28, 2014

Und was für Dinge würdest du auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen?

Seiten: 301

Cover: DIESES Cover finde ich so passend, zwar auch für dieses Buch, aber noch lieber für Soul Beach.

Geweint: Eine kleine Freudenträne auf Seite 299

Inhalt: Ein Traum geht in Erfüllung: Grace und ihre Freunde von der LA-Dance-Academy werden die Sommerferien auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff im Südpazifik verbringen, um dort in einer Show aufzutreten. Doch plötzlich zieht während der Überfahrt ein Unwetter auf und lässt das Boot kentern. Die Tanzcrew kann sich mit letzter Kraft auf eine einsame Insel retten. Völlig auf sich allein gestellt kämpfen sie ums nackte Überleben. Dabei spaltet sich die Gruppe jedoch in zwei Lager. Zudem geschehen mysteriöse Ereignisse und ein seltsames Amulett taucht wie eine Warnung aus dem Nichts auf: Die Gestrandeten sind nicht allein! Vor allem Grace fühlt sich verfolgt und ist sicher, dass die Insel ein düsteres Geheimnis birgt ...

Meinung: Grace hat seit einigen Wochen einen Freund, Todd der Liebling aller Mädels, und als wäre das nicht genug wird sie auch bald 4 Wochen mit ihm und ihren Freunden und Mitstudenten von der Dance Academy auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff Auftritte absolvieren. Nun ist es nunmal langweilig sich einfach so auf ein Abenteuer einzulassen und so entwirft Grace eine kosmische Liste mit Wünschen und verbrennt diesen Zettel in einer Schale. In einer Schale die sie von ihrem Vater bekommen hat. Der sich danach von ihrer Mutter hat scheiden lassen. Und genau, diese Mutter ist mit den Nerven so am Ende dass Grace ein schlechtes Gewissen hat was diese Reise angeht. Jedoch wendet sich erstmal alles zum Guten, ihre Mutter hat sich auf wundersame Weise wieder gefangen und will sogar wieder mit dem Malen anfangen.

Also kann Grace beruhigt zu ihrem Kreuzfahrtschiff aufbrechen, dort lernt sie dann erstmal Cruz kennen, der, natürlich, ihr absoluter Traummann ist und Todd etwas weniger toll aussehen lässt. Aber ich möchte mich auch gar nicht mit solchen Banalitäten aufhalten, denn das wichtige muss ja erst noch passieren. Der Schiffbruch, das auf einer einsamen Insel stranden, also passiert dies auch. Grace fühlt sich, wie es sich für eine gute Hauptprotagonistin gehört, verfolgt. Sie hört ein Flüstern und riecht komische Dinge. Und dann folgen erstmal 100 Seiten Langeweile. Die Gruppe langweilt und zickt sich am Strand an und ich musste mit meinem Bett vorlieb nehmen, denn mehr als aus Kokosnüssen schlürfen, Fische essen und anzicken passiert erstmal nicht. Und das auf jeder Seite! Na gut, manchmal ändert sich auch die Reihenfolge, da zicken sie erst und essen dann. Und das ganze Zwischenmenschliche passiert dann halt auch.

Irgendwann hat dann auch Grace die Schnauze voll von ihren alten Freunden und verlässt Todd, nachdem sie Cruz geküsst hat. Cruz ist ja auch ein toller Hecht. Sie freundet sich mit Floh und Belle an und gegen Ende kommt sogar Spannung auf. Denn da ist nichts mehr mit Fisch essen und aus Kokosnüssen schlürfen, nein, nein, Belle verschwindet, sie finden noch einen Inselmitbewohner und war da nicht noch etwas mit dieser Sage von einer Vodoo Königin im Exil?

Fazit: Ich finde das Buch, trotz der langweiligen Passagen, sehr gut. Ich mochte Grace denn sie hat gelernt sich durchzusetzen. Auch wenn Cruz halt so typisch männlicher Buchcharakter ist, stark, setzt sich für sie ein, würde sich für sie wahrscheinlich in eine Badewanne voller Blutegel werfen, usw.

Von den Nebencharakteren finde ich Floh, Jimmy, am besten, jedoch dachte ich am Anfang er wäre mit Belle zusammen, aber ziemlich schnell kann man dann rauslesen das er schwul ist. Aber ein wirklich sehr, für Bücher, untypischer schwuler Charakter. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn, ich will den zweiten Teil unbedingt sofort haben und überlege ob ich mir den einfach auf englisch kaufe. Ich kann den Auftakt der Reihe also nur empfehlen.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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311 reviews6 followers
December 2, 2013
I wrote some notes about this book as I was reading. The first half I wrote about half way through, and the second half were written once I'd finished the book. I'm going to put them both under separate spoiler cuts, but I don't know whether the first one counts as spoilers or not because I hadn't finished.

Profile Image for Jesca.
55 reviews3 followers
September 19, 2014


I just finished the book and I'm actually blown away. My mind is wrecked. As in shipwrecked?
Wasn't expecting the book to be this good.
I thought it was going to one of those bad young adult clichè novels. I was totally wrong. Although it was a cliche but it was a brilliant cliche.

So le' me give you a rundown on what's going on in this story.


We have a dance crew right. Grace (main girl), Jenna (bestfriend), Cariss (bitch....but she is), Todd (Grace's girlfriend), Ron (in love with Jenna), Flea and Belle (bestfriend's but pretty sure they aren't, I think hey are going out, it confused me) and Dan (doesn't give a chickens arse).

So these eight dancers catch a ride on a boat with a Spanish guy called Cruz and then woop what do ya know the get shipwrecked. And apparently it's cursed. It is btws. Sozz for miny spoiler, actually it isn't because the blurb. They aren't aloooOOOOnnnneEEeee....

And then the bitchen begins and I wanna kill a bitch. And then epic romance intensifies and curse intensifies. And the backstory of the curse is actually quite sad and there is a special place in my heart for those type of people. I want say what type of people because spoilers.

And that's basically the story line in a non spoiler fashion.

Ok now to the fangirling



Far out brussle sprout never in my life has an author made me this angry with rage over these bitches. Not the main character Grace of course but Jenna and Cariss. Like are you actually kidding me. I wanted to slap a bitch.

The amount of times I've said that phrase is countless.

And Dan, oh Danny boy he doesn't give a chickens arse about anything and it's great. He's got this silent sassy thing going on there and its beautiful.

And the good old Flea. He and I can be friends. "Holy groceries" Quote by flea. I can confirm that I would indeed say holy groceries to.

And then we get to Cruz. This baby is so genuine and down to earth. He is hot, Spanish hot. But I don't want to call him hot because I don't want readers to think of him as just hot, just a man to be objectified. He is so much more then that.
His words are simple and honest. And he says it how it is in such a gentle way.
And then he stands up for what is right and it was beautiful to read that part and I broke my hands punching my carpet because I was so pleased with Cruz.

There is this one part that I absolutely adored when Cruz and Grace are in the boat (not they don't do they deed shhhhh Cruz is better then that) and when Grace wakes up, she sees him sitting cross legged reading something. And its a bible.
You probably thinking why you tell me this but let me tell you. Me being a Christian (shhh I don't hate people who don't believe in God, I still love you all) I hardly ever read books with God loving characters in a non Christian book. Actually I think this is a first.

And then Cruz just went up the scale and I was electrocuted.

So I had a bit of a Christian fan girl thing going on in this book if you didn't realise.


Ok well I'm done and I'm out and there is a second book and I am so glad I did a yolo with this book.

Ok bye :)
Profile Image for Umgeblättert .
173 reviews71 followers
August 30, 2014
Da ich Geschichten über Schiffsbrüchige und einsame Inseln sehr gerne mag und auch die Fernsehserie Lost liebe, musste ich dieses Buch einfach kurz nach dem Erscheinen kaufen. Ein weiterer Pluspunkt war, dass die Protagonisten auf eine Tanzakademie gehen, was sich für mich sehr gut anhörte.
Von dem ganzen Tanzen bekommt man immer wieder am Rande was mit, aber es steht definitiv nicht im Mittelpunkt. Das war jetzt nicht so schlimm. Ich hatte nur irgendwie erwartet, dass man noch ein bisschen was von den Tanzshows auf dem Kreuzfahrtschiff mitbekommt, doch das Schiff erreichen sie gar nicht erst. Stattdessen überrascht ein Sturm die acht Tänzer auf einem kleineren Boot, dass sie zum Kreuzfahrtschiff bringen soll.
Die Protagonistin Grace mochte ich eigentlich sehr gerne. Sie ist eher jemand, der versucht Streit zu schlichten und sich ein bisschen zurücknimmt, aber nicht schüchtern.
Wen ich allerdings überhaupt nicht leiden konnte, war fast der ganze Rest der Tänzertruppe.
Da ist einmal Graces beste Freundin Jenna. Grace betont immer wieder, dass sie mit ihr befreundet ist, weil sie ihr wahres Ich kennt. Aber im Laufe der Geschichte meckert Jenna an allem herum, kommandiert herum und bestimmt über alles und ist einfach nur eine schreckliche Person.
Dabei versteht sie sich bestens mit Cariss, die die Tochter eines bekannten Schauspielers ist und es gewohnt ist, alles zu bekommen, was sie haben will. Wenn etwas nicht nach ihrer Laune geht, wird sie zickig und alle Menschen, die weniger Geld haben, als sie sind ihrer sowieso unwürdig.
Auch Todd, Graces Freund, bekleckert sich nicht gerade mit Ruhm. Ihm ist immer nur wichtig, was andere Leute von ihm denken und ist dafür auch bereit, seine Beziehung zu beenden.
Mit diesen Charakteren ist der Zickenkrieg natürlich vorprogrammiert.
Ein Lichtblick ist da Cruz – er ist der Kapitän des gekenterten Boots und nur wenig älter als Grace. Er ist ruhig und denkt praktisch.
Auch wenn die meisten Charaktere mich ziemlich genervt haben, hat das meinen Lesefluss nicht geschmälert. Ich bin förmlich nur so durch die Seiten geflogen und hatte das Buch in null komma nichts durch. Wirklich gruselig wurde es dann, als sich herausstellte, dass die Tänzer offenbar nicht allein auf der Insel sind – und dass sie von anderen Bewohnern keine Hilfe zu erwarten haben. Immer wieder geschehen sehr merkwürdige und gruselige Dinge, für die sich die Grüppchen gegenseitig die Schuld zuweisen.
Aber was genau hat es zu bedeuten, dass Grace vom Regenwald aus eine flüsternde Stimme hört, die andere nicht bemerken?
Ich muss sagen, dass mich das Buch jetzt zwar nicht wahnsinnig vom Hocker gehauen hat, aber enttäuscht hat es mich auch nicht. Gerade das Ende hat mich sehr gespannt darauf gemacht, wie es mit den Schiffbrüchigen weitergeht und ein paar Antworten brauche ich auch noch dringend. Den zweiten Teil auf Englisch habe ich schon bestellt.
Wer – so wie ich – gerne Geschichten über Schiffbrüchige und mehr oder weniger einsame Inseln liest, für den ist Shipwrecked genau das Richtige.
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Author 6 books5 followers
July 9, 2015
Meine Meinung

Das Buch war lange lange auf meinem SuB, aber am letzten Wochenende, als es sooo heiß war, hatte ich keine Lust den Kindle mit den Garten zu schleppen, sondern nahm einiger Bücher meines SuBs. Dabei war unter anderem Shipwrecked und Watersong.

Fangen wir gleich an. Grace und ihre Freunde gehen gemeinsam auf die LA-Dance-Academy und haben sich an einem Ferienworkshop beworben. Für sie geht es auf ein Kreuzfahrtschiff im Südpazifik. Sie sollen dort tanzen und die Reisenden unterhalten. Doch so weit kommt es gar nicht, denn das Boot, mit dem die Jugendlichen auf das Schiff gebracht werden sollen, kentert.
"Ich klettere ihnen nach und drehe mich dann noch einmal zu Cruz um. Er starrt auf die Insel. Und zum ersten Mal, seit wir das Boot betreten haben, spiegelt sich in seinem Gesicht pures Entsetzen!"
Von da an kämpfen die Jugendlichen ums Überleben. Erschwert wird alles dadurch, dass sich die Freunde zudem in zwei Gruppen spalten. Während Grace hin und her gerissen ist zwischen jahrelanger Freundschaft und dem, was eigentlich richtig ist, geraten ihre Gefühle in Aufruhr und sie entdeckt, dass Cruz, der das Boot gesteuert hatte, ganz neue Dinge in ihr weckt. Grace merkt auch bald, dass etwas auf der Insel ganz und gar nicht stimmt. Doch was geht dort vor sich?

Grace ist eine typische Jugendliche. Sie hat einen Freund, eine beste Freundin und liebt die Kunst. Doch erstmal auf der Insel gestrandet hinterfragt sie ihr Leben und merkt schnell, dass etwas nicht richtig ist. Ihre Beziehung zu Todd ist alles andere als glücklich und Cruz, der rassige Latino wirbelt ihre Gefühle durcheinander. Als sich ihre beste Freundin Jenna dann auch noch merkwürdig verhält, zerbricht Graces heile Welt.

Jenna mochte ich nicht, ebenso wenig wie Cariss. Jenna lässt sich von Cariss Eitelkeit und ihrer Falschheit einlullen und bemerkt nicht, dass sie Grace damit wehtut. Cariss ist eine arrogante Ziege, die nichts auslässt, um den anderen zu zeigen, dass sie sich für etwas besseres hält. Doch auch Todd, Grace Freund, ist komisch. Da ist es logisch, dass es zu Fetzereien und Krieg unter den Personen kommt.

Cruz hingegen mochte ich. Er behält trotz der heiklen Situation einen klaren Kopf und handelt durchdacht. Damit rettet er den Gestrandeten öfters das Leben. Dass er allen, bis auf Grace, zunächst vorenthält, dass er Englisch spricht, macht ihn irgendwie sympatisch.


Shipwrecked ist ein Buch, was nie an Spannung verliert und auf jeder Seite kommen neue, brisante Details ans Licht, die den Leser förmlich in die Geschichte hineinziehen. Einzig der Zickenkrieg unter den Jugendlichen nervt gewaltig. Dennoch hat mir gerade die Insel-Atmosphäre den Sommertag versüßt.

Ich habe Teil 2 - Captured bereits bestellt =)

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October 30, 2014
My second Siobhan Curham book was very easy to read and get sucked into. Curham has this easy-reading and flowing narrative that just rolls over you and draws you in. And with a mad and adventurous story as this, the story-telling has to be great. Luckily, it really was!

Told from Grace's P.O.V, the group of dancers get stuck on an island on their way to the cruise ship for which they are the entertainment. The lot of them make up quite a stereotypical group, from the rich brats, the jock types and the scholarship kids, but I couldn't help but get involved in each of their lives. The nice were easy to like but even the spoiled ones had secrets and complicated layers that they didn't like to show. One might hope that with their lives in danger, they would put aside their differences and work together. But no, the bitches still lash out, the scholarship kids are still treated like crap and Grace still has to deal with stupid relationship drama.

On the island, it soon becomes apparent that there are other things to worry about than not being found. Strange and spooky things happen, like the SOS sign being moved and a skull hung in a tree. The fear and the not knowing was nicely paced and kept things interesting with a mix of weird voodoo and Mother Nature's bitchiness. Lucky for the teens, they have Spanish-speaking Cruz, their boat driver, who has real life skills like splitting a coconut and how to catch and cook fish. He is the one who fears and realises where they are - a lost island where a voodoo queen was banished. The weirdness goes up a notch, as did my nervousness!

This was a great introduction to the world and story; the characters were compelling and the we-might-die-on-this-sticking-island attitude was gripping, made better by the magic scariness. The whole book was really fun to read and kept me guessing the whole time, and although some of the characters were incredibly annoying (I think I was actually hoping they'd die at some point!) they created this strange balance on the island. Which of course was ruined when they went stir-crazy. All in all, a great first book and I can't wait to find out what happens next in Dark of the Moon!
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July 9, 2013
Review by Beth

I had the pleasure of reading Finding Cherokee Brown by Siobhan Curham in March and so was super happy when another of her novels found its way through my letter box. Shipwrecked is entirely different from Cherokee though and is the beginning of a brand new series from the author. I believe the Shipwrecked novels are also aimed at a slightly older audience which is all good for me.
Described as ‘Lost’ meets ‘Gossip Girl’ I didn’t find myself hooked by the synopsis. I am NOT a Gossip Girl fan and I AM a Lost fan and I can’t see how combining the two could create anything worthwhile. However, Shipwrecked was worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyed.
This novel begins slowly, Grace is travelling with her friends and dance class mates to perform upon a cruise ship for the summer when disaster strikes and they’re stranded on a desert island. This is hardly the first time this has been done, I’ve cited Lost already and of course there’s Lord of the Flies too but Curham puts a fantastic modern spin on the marooned-on-an-island experience with spoilt rich girls versus everyone else type oppositions set up and plenty of issues covered from social class to pressure into having sex. It’s amazing how these types of issues can even be covered when you’re in mortal danger on a desert island!
There is an element of supernatural to this novel but despite my set in stone feelings against this type of work it was PERFECT for this novel. Rather than your usual supernatural elements Curham presents something much more exciting, ancient voodoo and witchcraft, that’s the kind of supernatural I can handle.
The character cast seems quite broad from the archetypal bitchy girls to the token homosexual, who just is, without any need for homophobia or huge announcements and the way they blend together and clash is fantastic. My favourite character was either Jimmy the Flea or Grace herself whilst Curham created absolute horrors in Jenna and Cariss, as well as Todd.
Now I need the next one in the series please, quickly…
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November 25, 2016
2.5 stars out of 5.

Lost meets Gossip Girl. Apparently. I personally find this tag line ridiculous as well as way off the mark.

I thought that Shipwrecked had such a promising premise. A bunch of teenagers, on their way to perform on a cruise ship, end up stranded on an island where strange things start to happen.

This book started out so well, I enjoyed it for perhaps one third of it. But once they ended up on the island things started to go downhill.

I just wish that for once some teenage stories could contain real relatable characters instead of caricatures and over the top generalisations of Queen Bee types. The bitchiness of a couple of the girls really grated on my nerves. They were vapid, lifeless characters who I think the story would have been much better without. I know they were included for a reason, but it doesn’t mean I have to like them.

A couple of the male characters also seemed to be there as filler and didn’t have much point. Basically half of the characters could have been removed and it wouldn’t have made much difference to the story.

The cover of this book is gorgeous, and I must admit that, along with the potential of the plot, made me pick it up. Unfortunately it didn’t pan out so well.

I did like Grace as a main character. There was some good character growth for her throughout the novel and I did enjoy her relationships with Jimmy, Belle and Cruz. This series might have some great potential, but it didn’t hold enough suspense for me and while it was a quick read, it was also a dull one. There was an attempt at some action toward the end but it fizzled out quite quickly (and it does end on a cliffhanger of sorts).

Unfortunately while I really wanted to like this book I cannot bring myself to recommend it, nor will I be continuing with the series once the second book comes out :(
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April 6, 2016

Au début je n'étais pas très enthousiaste... mais plus les pages défilaient, plus je me suis retrouvée charmée par l'histoire. L'héroïne, Grace, à travers laquelle on suit l'histoire, est une jeune fille amusante et profondément gentille. Au contraire de sa garce de copine Jenna, elle sait voir au delà des apparences et se montre ouverte et tolérante. Notamment avec Belle. C'est intéressant de la voir s'affirmer au fil des chapitres, au début, elle est plutôt "mouton" vis à vis de celle qu'elle considère comme sa meilleure amie même si elle pense totalement le contraire de Jenna et se pose beaucoup de questions... Mais petit à petit, ses yeux se dessillent et elle comprend que son amie ne l'est peut-être pas tant que ça. La romance avec Yago est bien amenée, et, aux vues des pensées de l'héroïne, coule de source donc devient crédible en dépit du peu de temps dans lequel ils tombent amoureux (mais, les circonstances sont tout de même exceptionnelles). Sur les autres personnages, même si Cariss frôle la caricature, son personnage de pourrie gâtée reste crédible tout comme celui de Jenna hypocrite à souhait. Pour les garçons, j'aime beaucoup Yago même si je le trouve limite inquiétant (il sait garder ses secrets), j'adore La Puce et ses références à Discovery, Todd me fait pitié, tout comme Ron. Quand à Dan, je pense qu'il a un faible pour Cariss... Sur le reste, la sorcellerie et le vaudou sont bien présentés et expliqués, l'île est morbide à souhait et le tout forme une histoire "jeunesse" réellement crédible et bien ficelée

Ce que j'aime : le personnage de Grace, plein d'humour et attachant. Le côté fantastique/sorcellerie

Ce que j'aime moins : parfois un peu trop caricatural, notamment le personnage de Cariss

En bref : Un bon premier tome, porté par une héroïne attachante et des éléments fantastiques habilement distillés.

Ma note

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August 4, 2014
This is the second time I have read Shipwrecked and I absolutely LOVE this book!!
I love Grace too!! She is lovely strong character and a good friend! I did not like her boyfriend Todd!! Ugh! He was sooo cocky and just a TOOL!!
I LOVED Jimmy the Flea. If I ever got Shipwrecked on a weird island I would sooo want him there!! He was just hilarious!
I quite liked Dan too although I would have liked to get to know more about him! Maybe we will in the next one! (Which I am psyched for!!) :) ugh!! Jenna and Cariss were so mean and bitchy and constantly felt bad for Grace!! Some best friend Jenna is!! Ugh! :) thank god she had the Flea and - of course - Cruz!
Oh...amazing wonderful Cruz! I loved Cruz!! He was just so awesome and selfless and sweet!! I loved that little nice twist Siobhan put in there around half way through! That made me laugh and also go naaaw!
I am not so sure about Ron, I felt both sad for him and irritated by him! His infatuation with Jenna was annoying especially when Jenna was such an awful bitchy person! And if she ever did get with him she would have just torn him to shreds!! Plus WHAT was all that about with her and Todd?!! I definitely don't trust her or LIKE her at all!
Belle! Poor poor poor Belle!! This girl can't catch and break!!! But I loved reading about her and Grace's growing friendship! I hope she and Jimmy become her new best friends! They are so sweet!
Can't wait for the next instalment!
This book was a great read!
(So why only four stars??? There is a bit of a cliffhanger and I almost can't quite award it all the stars because the story is not yet finished!) :)
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