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MIND MGMT, Vol. 1: The Manager
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MIND MGMT, Vol. 1: The Manager (Mind MGMT #1)

4.08 of 5 stars 4.08  ·  rating details  ·  1,398 ratings  ·  155 reviews
Reporting on a commercial flight where everyone aboard lost their memories, a young journalist stumbles onto a much bigger story, the top-secret Mind Management program. Her ensuing journey involves weaponized psychics, hypnotic advertising, talking dolphins, and seemingly immortal pursuers, as she attempts to find the flight’s missing passenger, the man who was MIND MGMT’ ...more
Hardcover, 200 pages
Published April 10th 2013 by Dark Horse
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I liked the idea of this so much, my enthusiasm for what I wanted it to be carried me most of the way through the second book before I realized I wasn't actually into it.

I still like it in theory. A secret history of psychic spies and super-damaged people all around the world; action scenes interleaved with interviews and training manuals and reportage; loose watercolor art in the mode of several indie artists I like... could be cool. I think I just really don't like Matt Kindt's writing. The na
In the introduction, Damon Lindelof—noted for blowing people's mind in the film industry—promises Mind Mgmt would blow the reader's mind. He wasn't wrong.

Mind Mgmt functions perfectly as a standalone novel, reminiscent of Christopher Nolan's Memento, while taking the amnesia game to a higher level. Meru, an acclaimed photojournalist, delves into the mystery of flight 815 in which every passenger with the exception of a child and a missing person from the list is struck with a debilitating bout o
Read in issues.

When I saw the first issue in my LCS I wasn't sure about it. The watercolor art through me off a little bit and I decided that I just wanted to read something familiar. However, over the next couple of days I kept thinking about it and how intriguing the look of it was. I went back and picked up the issue, then the 2nd issue, then the 3rd, etc. I fell in love with the storytelling as well as the art. I can't think of a better art style to fit this story. You spend most of the time
William Thomas
Conspiracy theories aren't my thing. I don't care for them, don't like their speculative nature, don't understand their acceptance as fact by so many different groups of people. I don't subscribe to them. The absurdity of just a few of the most recent ones we have dealt with in America when it comes to claims of 'false flag' operations blows my mind. I think that more than the sheer absurdity of the allegations of a conspiracy, the speculative nature is what really gets me. I'm a historian. I do ...more
In another medium, Mind MGMT would be referred to as a High Concept story. What if the US government had a secret program with weaponized mind control specialists?

In its particulars, Mind MGMT is the story of Meru, a true crime writer who investigates a curious incident involving a commercial flight whose passengers all show signs of amnesia. Her investigation throws her into a spy story with psychics, immortal assassins, and former government operatives.

Given the widespread praise that this se
Jeff James
The most striking thing about Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT is the art style, done with loose pen and watercolor sketches. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before in a graphic novel, and definitely gives the book a unique flavor. I will admit, however, that although the art is interesting, it isn’t entirely to my personal taste. I like that Kindt did something original with his style, but I had a hard time accepting the art as a stylistic choice instead of something that just felt a bit amateurish. A varian ...more
Deborah Biancotti
**spoiler alert ** **looking for the 'hide spoiler' option on my mobile goodreads app**

I'm a paranoia fan, love a good government conspiracy, always on the lookout for new stories of supernatural or psychic powers. So the story of a plane-load of people suddenly developing group amnesia (including the pilot, who forgets how to land the plane) sounded like a winner.

And so, I liked a heck of a lot about this book. I liked the idea of a woman who seems permanently distracted but is just focused on
Really enjoyed this one. It combines some of the spy theatrics of Kindt's earlier Super Spy with a conspiracy story revolving around a secret government agency, responsible for psychic warfare. Meru, the main character, is a young woman true crime writer who sees a televised report about the tenth anniversary of Flight 815, the so-called "amnesia flight," because everyone on-board mysteriously lost their memories--everyone that is, but a seven-year-old boy and the missing, 121st passenger, Henry ...more
David Schaafsma
Not really a review here. Later, after I read the second volume. Just a few thoughts for now. I loved Kindt's Revolver, as did my wife, and I just put this in her hands seconds from finishing it. We loved Kindt's friend Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth series a lot (and Kindt also contributes to that series!), and they seem to have a lot in common, very creative original ideas, deft sketch and coloring, just enough to give you a sense of the situation, not too much, and perfect for their subjects and s ...more
Sarah Jane Smith
I was SO READY to drop this book in the first chapter because the artwork was off putting and not traditionally aesthetically pleasing at all but I ended up reading further and further and I'm so glad I did. Because this is an amazing, mind-bending story about memory and secret agencies and special powers and fate and reality and I am hooked. I am HOOKED. I read this book in one sitting - and it is not a small book. This is one series I don't regret starting. It's gonna be fun following all the ...more
"Remember that when you are 'alone with your thoughts'-- you are NEVER alone with your thoughts."

All of the passengers on a commercial flight lose their memories completely. A true crime author in need of a hit attempts to get to the bottom of what is going on. She uncovers a secret government agency called Mind Mgmt full of telepathic agents. Agents who can make people hate, love, and most tellingly, forget. The most interesting question this book asked was this: If you can consciously and unco
I really love this story, I'm excited to read the next volumes. I docked it a star because I thought there were some sporadic moments where the writing was a little weak. (Some of the dialogue or inner monologue/narration seemed to be either unnecessary, redundant or to state the obvious for no compelling reason.)
I've always thought Matt Kindt was an incredibly talented writer and I especially enjoyed Super Spy which was incredibly clever and featured a really smart, strong female protagonist. So far, the Mind Mgmt series completely lives up to those expectations and maybe even surpasses them at times. I especially love the first two trade volumes of the series where the real core of the story is established. He has such an amazing attention to detail in the way he presents the story, even using the marg ...more
This was one of the items I got at the recently held Printer's Row Book Fair held in Chicago.

My opinion in a nutshell: Strong on ideas, somewhat deficient in execution.

My longer opinion: In this graphic novel, a group of secret agents have incredible mental powers. For example, one might have the ability to read minds. Another has tremendous powers of suggestion. A group of monks can remember whatever they experience, with total accuracy.

The problem is that I found the book too info-dumpery. A g
I think I would have enjoyed this graphic novel more if I hadn't just read Lexicon by Max Barry. This book came out a few months before Barry's and I don't think it necessarily influenced it; I think the time is right for mind control books. Meru is a down-and-out-author who is looking for her next success. She wrote a best-selling true crime book two years ago, but now she can't pay her bills and her agent is just about to give up on her. She is intrigued by a follow-up news story about the pas ...more
fuck this book
Hobbes Cat
I recently picked up this book at the library, and I'm really glad I did. It's hard to say too much about this book without spoiling it. The story involves a journalist (Meru) who has seemingly had a rough few years after her first bestseller book. She decides to investigate and write a book about mysterious occurrence a few years ago on Flight 815 which left everyone aboard without any of their memories. Soon after she is onto even bigger mysteries, traveling the world, and being hunted by inv ...more
Jeremy Birks
As Damon Lindelof’s (LOST) forward in this book suggests, you have likely already read this wonderful collection of comics and They have wiped your memory of it to protect themselves. Their agents are everywhere, after all. Writer/Illustrator Matt Kindt’s new series is an excellent fusion of high concept thriller and existential roller coaster. Meru is an investigative journalist who is tracking Henry Lyme, a missing person linked to a major amnesia event. As she gets closer things become strang ...more
It's interesting watercolor art and an interesting concept, but for some reason this really didn't connect with me. Part of it was the 'Manual' quotes on the sides of most pages - forcing me to turn the book EVERY page to read something that may or may not be relevant to the overall story got to be really intrusive. But Meru's investigation into Mind MGMT didn't seem to reveal as much as the archive sections at the end of each issue did. I understand there's a lot going on here, and the concepts ...more
I read this book twice and then read all of the Field Guide Notes in the margins (which was annoying). I was trying really hard to figure the story out and see why everyone likes it. I could not decide if it was genius or crap. After reading the second Volume, I've decided the plot is crap. I don't know how Kindt is going to piece all of his loose threads together to form something coherent.

The watercolor illustrations are really good. I see many people complaining about them. It is ART! Yes, a
Okay, this one is absolutely brilliant ! I knew Matt Kindt from 3 Stories and not much else, but I didn't expected this book to be so good.

You have an amazing sci-fi concept, a conspiracy, a secret agency, mind control, brainwash, people trying to murder other people, hell what more can you ask from a book ? Good art ? Well you got it, it's not for everyone but Matt Kindt's style is definitely his own, and I'm glad to see people like him or Lemire drawing a book, it's a nice change from your gen
Arnie Shunneson
Whoa Mr. Kindt really shows his stuff here. Some people don't love it ( I did) but everyone must admit this is a VERY original book. So original I wasn't 100 percent sure what to make of it for the entire first half of it. By the time I finished though I was thoroughly impressed.

No spoilers but a very intelligent, smart, and original book. The book itself comes in a very attractive hardcover and the art defiantly fits the story.

Four stars instead of five only because as I said I struggled for t
Angel Gardner-Kocher
Not sure if I plan to finish this one, but I'm just not into the artwork at all. I was attracted to the cover and the good reviews, but the watercolors just make it look washed out. Maybe that's intentional, because it gives that effect of being in a dreamy haze where you're not quite sure what's real. I've been reading more superhero graphic novels lately and maybe that is affecting my patience (or the lack thereof). Reading the intro to the book, I had high hopes (it basically said, prepare to ...more
Holy crap. I have never so quickly fallen in love with a graphic novel like this... I'm officially in love with this guy, I want to read everything he's ever done, especially the rest of this series. Unique concept of world-wide mind control conspiracy, and every time deja vu occurs it's simply something they programmed you to forget, basically. I don't know how better to explain the basic concept driving the main characters, but that's a major part of it. Everything about Kindt's stuff is quali ...more
Susan Lulgjuraj
What is Mind Management? That's the question most people want answered and one that needs to be told. The first volume follows Meru and she tries to look for a man, Harry Lyme, who was a passenger on a flight where everyone on board suffered from amnesia. He was on the plane manifest only he didn't get off with everyone else.

It's a good beginning that definitely gets the reader interested. And it immediately starts with you asking questions: Why does Meru seem a little off? How can a plane full
Secret histories, psychic spies, immortal agents, mind control agents, conspiracy upon! I wasn't sure what to expect going into this series. I hadn't heard much about it other than it was a twisted and mind-bending read. And it is! The art threw me a bit at didn't seem to fit the subject matter...but after reading the first volume, I can't imagine any other style that would fit the story and it's multiple layers of reality.

Matt Kindt does a great job with his written
The art is glorious in this book, in part because it isn't what one would expect from something along the lines of a conspiracy thriller. But then, this isn't exactly a conspiracy thriller either--it's a kind of meditation on reality, driven more by that kind of exploration than by plot; I like the mix, but I need a bit more plot to make it interesting.

It is a beautiful hardcover book (I checked it out of the library)--when I see a book like this which is only 20 bucks, I don't understand how ot
Edward Lebowski
Invogliato all'acquisto prima di tutto dal prezzo lancio di solo una moneta e dal disegno particolare mi sono ritrovato a sfogliare una storia che, cito, strizza l'occhio a Lost.
Un volo, tutti i passeggeri colpiti da un amnesia di gruppo, perdono la loro vita.
Una scrittrice, ormai in declino, cerca l'inspirazione per un nuovo best seller, alla ricerca dell'unico scomparso del volo.
Messico, Zanzibar, New York.
Pochi soldi, drink, voli intercontinentali e fusi orari interni.
Aspettiamo, ma non con t
Michael Seidlinger
My memories are cadavers awaiting dissection.
Mind MGMT starts with a creepy premise -- in a moment, everyone on a passenger airplane from the pilots to the passengers forgets who they are and how they got on the plane. This kickstarts a story of spies, intrigue, and psyops with a world-spanning narrative, creepy "immortal" superspies who will stop at nothing to track their targets, including getting shot in the face. It's a parable for the modern superstate, a tight thriller, and an artful comic with a surprising and deep story. I look for ...more
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