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The Silver Dream (InterWorld, #2)
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The Silver Dream (InterWorld #2)

3.52  ·  Rating details ·  3,023 Ratings  ·  310 Reviews
Sixteen-year-old Joey Harker has just saved the Altiverse—the dimension that contains all the myriad Earths—from complete destruction. After mastering the ability to walk between dimensions, Joey and his fellow InterWorld Freedom Fighters are on a mission to maintain peace between the rival powers of magic and science who seek to control all worlds.

When a stranger named Ac
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published April 15th 2013 by Middle Grade
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I'm not ok with the false advertising of this book. I put this on my Kindle wishlist because I own the first Interworld novel and had felt it was a reasonably good book, and because I tend to enjoy Neil Gaiman's work. On Amazon the listing is "The Silver Dream by Neil Gaiman, Michael Reaves and Mallory Reaves". The cover art of this book has 3 different font sizes. The largest font, right up near the top, perfectly centered, in bright white, says "NEIL GAIMAN MICHAEL REAVES". Beneath the giant w ...more
Jul 29, 2013 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
So, after reading "Interworld" and being such a huge Gaiman fan I was honor-bound to read this.

This time I entered eyes wide open.

Neil Gaiman did not write this book.
Neil Gaiman came up with the concept.
Michael and Mallory Reaves wrote this book.
Ok, now I won't scale my expectations.

It was still "blah."
Not saying "bad."
It was nowhere near "bad," but it was "blah."

I felt like Reaves spent an awful lot of time reacquainting the reader with the worlds created, the powers used, the past trials and t
Paul Nash
Nov 23, 2016 rated it really liked it
Teetering between a 3.5 and 3.75 stars. This was a good little YA book; fast and interesting!
It may not have been as good as book #1, but this is a trilogy, so this one just ends, without a conclusion...just stops. So I am looking forward to the conclusion in the last book, Eternity's Wheel.
Note: book 1 was written by Neil Gaiman and he came up with the story line for the entire trilogy, but books 2 and 3 were written by Michael and Mallory Reaves. Don't let this fact put you off...both Reaves
Mar 18, 2017 rated it really liked it
Shelves: completed-series
The iPad ate my review.

The short version: Good. Middle of trilogy but won't stand on its own -- read InterWorld first first first! Neil Gaiman was joint creator of "story" but not a writer (whatever that means) and I think it shows. I liked the heck out of it, so probably rated it higher than it should get on technical merit alone.
Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)
Este libro me gustó mucho y es, quizá, porque llegamos a conocer más a este montón de Joey Harkers que aparecen por ahí, a las organizaciones de Maldecimal, Lo Binario, InterMundo e incluso de los Agentes del Tiempo. Vamos, que el mundo loco que van creando Gaiman y Reaves se va haciendo más complejo y más difícil de imaginar con cada página que pasa, pero es genial... y muy original.

En El Sueño de Plata vemos que Joey ya es un activo regular de InterMundo, participa en misiones y tiene su prop
Was this really written by Neil Gaiman? There are three names on the cover, and there's been very little fuss about this, so I'm going to guess the answer is "no" - he may have had input but this wasn't a real Gaiman effort. It definitely read as though the author(s) weren't really thinking this through as much as they could have.

This is a sequel to InterWorld, and Joey is slowly - maybe - getting accepted by the others. He and his team are on a mission that goes badly, and somewhere along the w
Wulfran David
Oct 14, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Me encanta. De la forma más sencilla en que pueda expresarlo, me encanta. El mundo creado, la amabilidad en la escritura, la versatilidad de sus secuencias. De manera simple, me encanta y espero con alegría el tercero.
Jun 01, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Awalnya agak ga yakin dengan buku ini karena alasanku membaca buku pertama, yaitu penulisnya, tidak ikut berkontribusi di sini. Ternyata saya sudah terlanjur hanyut di dalam kisah dan konfliknya, yang kali ini begitu kental sainsnya, dan kehilangan sentuhan ajaib khas Gaiman.

Karakter Joe Harker di sini cukup manusiawi, menjawab tanda tanyaku, bagaimana setiap hero dalam fiksi tahu ke mana mereka harus melangkah saat memasuki dunia yang sama sekali baru. Joe tidak tahu, dia penuh keraguan, dia be
Aug 23, 2017 added it
So.. I wonder if this is kind of how scientists felt when they felt that the universe was much bigger than they had thought and it was expanding. Like oh.. that's really cool, but it hurts my brain to keep up.
Aslı Tümerkan
Jun 23, 2017 rated it liked it
I agree that it's obvious Neil Gaiman did not write this book. It lacks the depth he has, even in his works for younger audiences. However, and it is a big however, Michael and Mallory Reaves did a very good job of continuing the series. Acacia is an intriguing new character and the book was action packed. I especially liked the fact that they managed to give each para-incarnation their own voice and characteristics. This was no easy feat. I'm really curious to see how they handled the third boo ...more
Elizabeth Moreau Nicolai
Full review here.

Bottom Line: Fast paced, action filled book that will be enjoyed by readers of the first Interworld novel but probably not independently. Recommended for libraries who own the first book.

This is a case of a sequel absolutely not standing on its own. If you haven't read Interworld, go read it, it's fantastic. Then come back and read The Silver Dream. The story began in the first novel of a teen who gets lost on a class field trip and in his confusion "walks" between worlds contin
Rebecca (whymermaids)
The Silver Dream picks up two years after InterWorld left off, and Joey Harker is, if not well-liked, at least a substantial member of the group. His team is out on a mission when things go wrong and they’re saved by a strange female named Acacia, who turns out to be more important than she’s letting on. In addition, the evil forces of HEX and Binary are coming together and not everyone at InterWorld can be trusted.

Whereas InterWorld was filled with heavy scientific jargon, The Silver Dream was
Бранимир Събев
Поредната книжка на Нийл Геймън! Това е продължението на МеждуСвят, романчето, писано в съавторство с Майкъл Рийвс. Доколкото подразбрах, в това продължение не участва Геймън, язък. Дописано е от другия автор, Майкъл и щерката му Малъри. Аман от шуробажданащина, да ви кажа, среща се под път и над път - не само в политиката, не само в България.

След овладяването на способността да броди между различните измерения, Джоуи Харкър и неговите другари – борци за свободата на мултивселената МеждуСвят, им
Fate's Lady
Dec 02, 2013 rated it it was ok
Shelves: young-adult
When an author's name is at the TOP of a book cover in HUGE block letters, you sort of expect that author to have written the book. Unfortunately, this book was not written by Neil Gaiman, but by his partner in the Interworld novel Michael Reeves, and Michael's daughter.

This book falls victim to middle-of-a-trilogy syndrome. There is very little action in this book. We spend a lot of time re-hashing everything that happened in Book 1, and then segue immediately into setting up the conflict for
Alex Sarll
Interworld seems to have been one of Neil Gaiman's least noticed books. Yes, it's a collaboration with Michael Reaves, but I'd read and enjoyed his Shattered World years back, so it still seemed worth a look. And it wasn't great. I'd always thought a story with multiple parallel world versions of the same character as all the leads might be brilliant, but it sits badly with a young adult school-style setting - how can you have the protagonist be the requisite special-but-ostracised kid when they ...more
Jan 05, 2014 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Lol. Pasti saya korban kesekian yang ketipu sama buku ini. :v

Harusnya saya sudah curiga dengan tulisan Neil Gaiman yang gede-gede dan luar biasa mencolok di depan itu. Lagi pula, seingat saya Gaiman cuma ngeluarin dua buku sepanjang tahun 2013 kemarin: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane sama Fortunately The Milk. Sekuel Interworld ini kayaknya agak cukup mengejutkan.

Pantesan aja. Soalnya bukan doi yang nulis :v Strategi pemasaran yang bagus menurut saya dengan menuliskan penulis sebenarnya kecil-k
Jan 17, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
highly recommend reading the original interworld to get a better grasp of what is going on, but overall this is an easy read, fast paced, fluid, filled with cute references and accessible character descriptions. a lot shorter and faster to read then it might look at first glance.

however, it felt like they could have done much more with the characters before pushing the storyline forward so fast. and the ending was pretty bad imho. i hated the cliffhanger sales idiocy for example, and i have no c
May 03, 2013 rated it it was ok
Shelves: science-fiction
It is a perfectly readable book. But as a follow on to Interworld I was hoping for more. The 'subtle hints' lacked in subtlety. The romantic subplot seemed a bit forced and unnecessary.

I may just be judging it too harshly, having loved the first book (which I may also be remembering in an overly good light, I've not read since it was practically new out), but it just didn't live up to my expectations.
Apr 24, 2013 rated it really liked it
3.85 stars -- Most of this book I enjoyed. At first, the plethora of characters who are almost Joey Harker drove me crazy, but (somehow, magically), Reaves managed to make each one an individual person. I liked the story, only partially saw the twists coming, and loved the ending! And while not his book, there is a certain Gaiman-esque feeling to the whole thing (which is good, as Gaiman tends to be careful about what he signs his name/brand to).
Jun 28, 2013 rated it did not like it
Juvenile, shallow and confusing. Even though Gaiman's name is on the cover, this is not a Gaiman novel. It lacks his insight, thoughtfulness, depth and grit. There is none of his patented darkness, and the writing is mediocre at best. The plot is confused and unwinds slowly and without subtlety. Not recommended.
Jul 20, 2016 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Pero, ¿Qué clase de idiota lee el segundo libro antes que el primero? Yo, obviamente. Como siempre, Neil Gaiman no me ha decepcionado, a pesar de que no había leído el primero, fue capaz de engancharme en la historia desde el primer momento, los personajes son maravillosos y a mayoría del tiempo logró mantenerme en suspenso. Al menos para mi, no fue un libro que pudiera predecir fácilmente.
Karen ⊰✿
Petty good book 2 that retains the fast pace and episodic nature of the first book. Unfortunately it is one of those series books where it lands on a cliffhanger and is really just setting up the next book in the series, but because it is only 250 pages long I don't mind that so much. I guess it means I need to get to book 3 in order to complete the storyline ;)
Better than the first of the series, the Altiverse takes an even more perilous turn. Of course it ends on a cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next one.
Rut Ing
Oct 18, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Loved it ... even though I would have liked to continue further with the story - but, as they say - patience is a virtue ;)
Sep 05, 2017 rated it really liked it
Joey Harker used to be just this kid, but now he's one of several hundred "paraincarnations" of pretty much the same exact kid, gathered from around the altiverse - which means the earthlike, inhabited part of the multiverse - which means... never mind. They all live, study, train, and travel between parallel dimensions on a ship/city/school called InterWorld, whose mission is to fight the evils encroaching from both ends of the spectrum of possible worlds - the HEX pirates trying to conquer eve ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Pedro Pouchucq
May 22, 2017 rated it liked it
The universe created by Neil Gaiman is magnificent, though really confusing sometimes. Reaves writing lacks description, there are new characters showing up all the time and they're rarely well portraided. The sequel is super interesting, as much as the first book, it has retained my attention from the very start untill the last page turned. However, there were too many events in the end, and not as much explanation to each. Also that somewhere around the second half no other character, except J ...more
Egy újabb érdekes agymenés a Köztesvilág-Altiverzumok-Átmenet vonalon, ezúttal megspékelve egy lány-főhőssel is, aki talán Joey társa lehet. Újabb világjárók és újabb bonyodalmak adódnak a hajó és a legénység számára, és úgy tűnik ebben a kötetben minden szétesik kissé körülöttük. Egy egyszerű terepgyakorlat is halálos áldozatot követelhet. A Hex és a Bináris készülődik valamire...

Egy újabb epizód ebből a furcsa világból, tele kalanddal. Ennél nem több, de nem is kevesebb. :)

Hamarosan bővebben
Hana Eka
Awalnya agak bingung dengan Impian Perak ini. Istilah dan pengandaiannya itu loh. Nama-nama tokoh yang diawali dengan huruf J juga, walau unik tapi terasa agak menipiskan karakter *LOL

Kemarin membaca lagi. Untungnya alur lumayan cepat. Novel tipis. Cukup suka perkembangan ceritanya. Berasa sekali seperti membaca setengah cerita lalu tamat. Sayang, cerita yang lagi seru dipotong untuk lanjut ke novel jilid tiga. ;')

Jun 14, 2017 rated it really liked it
Ok, I read these all out of order so when reading the third I wasn't sure if I just didn't remember some stuff, as it had been quite a while since I read the first, or if there was an issue. Now the whole story comes together and makes so much more sense. Each book is quite enjoyable on its own, but they do make a lot more sense if you put them in order.
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