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Scarlet #2

Lady Thief

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Scarlet’s true identity has been revealed, but her future is uncertain. Her forced marriage to Lord Gisbourne threatens Robin and Scarlet’s love, and as the royal court descends upon Nottingham for the appointment of a new Sheriff, the people of Nottingham hope that Prince John will appoint their beloved Robin Hood. But Prince John has different plans for Nottingham that revolve around a fateful secret from Scarlet’s past even she isn’t yet aware of. Forced to participate at court alongside her ruthless husband, Scarlet must bide her time and act the part of a noblewoman—a worthy sacrifice if it means helping Robin’s cause and a chance at a future with the man she loves. With a fresh line of intrigue and as much passion as ever, the next chapter in Scarlet’s tale will have readers talking once again.

312 pages, Hardcover

First published February 11, 2014

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About the author

A.C. Gaughen

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I am shamelessly addicted to staying up far too late (it feels like stealing time), diet coke (it burns so good), Scotland (stupid country stole my heart and won't give it back. Interpol has been ineffective for prosecution) and thieves (so I guess I'm not that mad at Scotland).

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November 21, 2015

Oh My God!!! A trilogy!!!!!

Maybe that last picture was too much...maybe.

But 2014?!?!?!?!

Oh My Lord Jesus!!!! It has a tittle!!!!
Lady Thief...I LIKE IT!! Better yet...

But then I look back at the date...



What a heartbreaking ending! Just when you think that these characters will catch a break and have a moment of happiness the world comes and takes it all from them.

So Scarlet and Robin back. Only problem, so is Gisbourne and this time he's got Prince Robert with him. Now with the seat for sheriff of Nottingham on the line, along with the future of every one in the county, our heroes are going to have to see just how much they are willing to sacrifice.

There was action, drama, deceit, passion, love and hate and a whole bunch of other stuff and I loved it! Not to mention the huge plot twist in the middle of the book. I can surely say I did not see that coming. I would have liked that to have made a larger impact on things as I didn't see the characters react much to the shocking news but it was all still good. There was that same great writing that got me hooked with Scarlet and I can not wait to read the end of this series. I'm hoping for a happily ever after.
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Want to read
December 4, 2013
Can't wait til it comes out!


*~*Edited July 20th, 2013*~*


AND a synopsis?

AND a release date for February 11th, 2014!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Somebody needs to get me a chair right now because I'm about to faint from this overwhelming excitement...

*~* Edited August 13th, 2013*~*


It looks gorgeous! I absolutely can't wait for it to come out! (:
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January 5, 2014
It’s no secret that I loved the first book, Scarlet. I’d also like to point out that I was a naïve git with no literary taste whatsoever at the time, so please ignore my previous thoughts.

When I first requested this on NG, I was ecstatic. Like, pee-my-pants excitement. And what do I end up getting? Pages and pages of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I even stopped midway while reading this and subsequently forgot about its existence. It took quite a bit of cajoling and self-bribing to force myself to finish this waste of paper book I had no interest in completing.

To display my disappointment:

Well, technically, they didn't actually drink tea, but you know what I mean.
I actually never realized how annoying Scarlet is.
Ugh. The angst, the complaining, was killing me.

**Intentionally left blank to show the lack of worldbuilding
So there you have it. I really don’t have anything else to say, seeing as there really isn’t much to say. Just another angst-ridden, stereotypical YA book.
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August 22, 2018
This wasn't as good as the first one but still not disappointing. Also, there's a lot of beating going on here so i gotta warn you.
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April 3, 2019
"I'm not making you do anything, Gisbourne. Hurt me if you want, but I've felt pain. I know what pain is. And it's less than love, than loyalty, than hope. You can make me cry, or scream, or whatever else. All that will mean is that I feel the pain, that I'm still alive. And as long as I'm living I can promise I'm not afraid of you, Gisbourne. I'm afraid of sitting quiet while people like you and Prince John going by unchecked. That's what I'm afraid of. I'm stronger than your damn pain, and I do not give up.”

That ending was unacceptable!!! MY BABIES!!! :( Unacceptable and yet, SO GOOD.

Somehow this instalment was even more brutal than the first and the stakes are even higher, as everyone has something to gain and even more to lose. This book hurtles along at breakneck speed with shocking revelations and awful betrayals galore! The twists and turns were just too much!!!

This book picks up right where Scarlet left off, where Scarlet's secret identity has been revealed to be Marian. Forced to marry Gisbourne and act the part of a proper lady at court, she does whatever she needs to in order to receive an annulment, so that she can finally be with the man she loves, Robin. All she wants is to help his cause to protect the poor and have a future with him...and their lovable band of outlaws. John Little and Much are also reliable and supportive friends to Marian as she is put through so much pain and torment, while at the castle. Honestly, my heart breaks for the poor girl.

“Your power, your great gift, is that you never give up. When something fails you make a new plan, and another, and another. You never accept defeat. You never give up.”

Robin and Scarlet are sooo perfect and swoon-worthy! I love them so so much!!! All they want is to be happy and together. Is that really so hard?! How unfair!!! They're true soulmates and no amount of corrupt royals (cough *Prince John* cough) will keep them apart indefinitely...I HOPE! EEK!

Right, so I don't know what else to say without excessively fangirling, so I'm just going to jump into the finale, Lion Heart, now. BYE!
May 19, 2015
Also re-reading for tomorrow!!! AGH! Excited! :D

He let me down and his mouth left mine. His forehead touched mine, and I couldn't bring my eyes to open just yet.
"These schemes may benefit the people, Scarlet, but I fight for you." His hands squeezed my waist a little bit, and it made my blood run fast. "I will always fight for you."

Aaaaggghhh SO. GOOD.

Is it weird I'm speechless? Because I am well and truly at a loss for words. It's like...I loved it. I loved it almost as much as the first, but not quite as much. There's something to be said for that first book in a series-It's almost always my favorite. That tension between the two main leads and the willingness to do anything to save one another...it is something to behold, not only in these books, but each and every series.

I wanted to feel nothing but the blanket of pain and hate swallow me up. I wanted to run backward and lay on the snow with and stay there, still and frozen and never moving forward again. That would be easy, and lovely, and dark, like the cold woods of Sherwood at night.

That's not to say this second book didn't have it's fair share of tragedies-it did. If it's possible, I think it was twice as brutal and there was even more to lose. As I mentioned in my prior review, no one was safe. But that fact was cemented as even someone who was promised immunity lost some of their hand. Yeah, I'm not kidding. One of our main characters will forever be scarred, and I can't believe it happened. But, in a way, this vicious act only helped to further increase my love for this newly found series. I mean....it's so evil!!! And this author didn't shy away from what was always threatened. I love a ballsy author, and my respect skyrocketed when no one, not Scarlet, not John, not Robin Hood, not even Much came to save the day. Because guess what? That's the cold bitch of reality.

He tucked his face into my shoulder and drew long, shuddering breaths. "We're not going to make it through this, Scar. Not another sheriff. Not another nightmare." His voice dropped, and if it weren't for the way the words slipped along my skin, I would have doubted he spoke them. "I'm not going to make it through this again."

One of my favorite things about this series as a whole is the group and how much they love and support one another. There's no bellyaching or whining or 'oh, pity me' with these guys. They can be as miserable as they damn well please but then one of them will tell 'em to shape up. It's as simple as that. None of them want anything bad to happen to one another so they have to be harsh-If one of them is weak, they are all weak. No one is left behind so that means there is more room for error, no second chances, and not even the townspeople are safe from Gisbourne's clutches.

My heart broke, and water spilled out of my eyes. "What if it's not annulled?" I breathed.
"Then I'll wait. Every sunset, every day. I'll count them all until you're mine. My perfect wife. My only wife," he said. "The only heart that's meant for mine." His nose dragged on my face. "I only feel like a hero when you're with me, Scarlet. I feel like I have a destiny greater than pain and hurt when you're in my arms."

But, by far my favorite supportive duo is Rob and Scarlet. So heartwarming and absolutely adorable, she never once gives up on Rob as he is plagued by night terrors after what happened in book one (UGH so good). All seems hopeless, but Scarlet never once lets him feel as if he is alone to drown and suffer in his vivid dreams. But, more than that, it goes both ways. That support is tangible and every kiss, every stolen moment, every sacrifice is to better their lives and to save one another. They would burn the world to save each other, but when the odds are stacked against them, it's like fighting against a rising tide: inevitable and hopeless.

"Scarlet," he murmured. His hands squeezed my waist. "I've told you all along, I knew who you were from the first. I know your heart. Names, titles, hair, odd clothing choices, none of that changes who you are. And I am madly in love with who you are."

In this one instance, I believe leaving you in the dark even more than usual is the most tantalizing option. There's no doubt that I have fallen in love and was captured by this alluring series and could no doubt babble on for paragraphs. For only two books being out, I have lost more sleep than I have in a while because of a book. There's something special, magical, mesmerizing about this series and it makes me sick to think I have to wait until May for a conclusion to such an epic love story about Robin and Scarlet. My heart starts beating so fast and the butterflies erupt in my stomach when I think of one look....one touch...one secret kiss between Rob and Scar. I am so sad I have to wait, but, you know, that's just an excuse to re-read them, of course. So...yeah. I'll see ya soon Rob-keep my heart in safe keeping-It's yours.

I nudged his face with my nose until he brought his mouth down to mine for another kiss like magic potion. I needed some unholy kind of strength and courage to walk away from him.
He broke it off with a heavy sighing. "I love you, Scarlet. Go on, now, before you steal my sanity, too," he said.
"Too?" I questioned.
His grin by the moon were wicked and handsome. "Thief of my heart."

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May 18, 2015
☠ I would have loved to know what happens next, really. Too bad the writing is giving me a headache.

Oh! And Scarlet! I'm pretty sure that nobody would mind if you kissed Rob. I mean, you were forced to marry a fucking psycho for pete's sake. But hey, what do I know?
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560 reviews77 followers
Want to read
August 13, 2013
We have a cover! And a blurb! :D God, the cover is every bit as gorgeous as I hoped it would be, and that knife Scarlet is holding is inspiring happy fantasies of Gisbourne being stabbed in the gut. Repeatedly. That bastard.

Please please please have the same artist do the cover art. :))))
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1,154 reviews437 followers
August 16, 2017

After the ending of Scarlet, anyone would need to pick Lady Thief up immediately. Now that everyone knows just who Scarlet is, and why Gisbourne was so interested in finding her, they are trying to come to terms with the revelations. However, Prince John is due to arrive, to appoint a new Sheriff for the county. Obviously, everyone wants Robin to be Sheriff, and back in his rightful home, but John has another idea. He wants Gisbourne, and for this, Gisbourne needs his wife by his side. Even knowing that John and Gisbourne will make her life hell, she goes along with playing the dutiful wife, hoping that it will help Rob become Sheriff, and protect the people of Nottingham.

Once again, I find myself in love with Scarlet. She's so selfless when it comes to protecting the people she cares about, and even though she knows it's going to be dangerous to move into the castle and play at being Gisbourne's wife, she'll do it anyway, to help Rob and the others. She suffers loads in this book, and never once does she complain - I think it's kind of a self deprecating thing, where she feels that her past actions means that she deserves the pain she is suffering at the moment. However, that doesn't mean she'll just take it lying down, she plans on making Gisbourne, and John, suffer for what they are doing to Nottingham.

The romance between Scarlet and Rob was so bittersweet. After Scarlet, they thought that they could be happy together, but, of course, the whole matter of Scarlet having to play at being Gisbourne's wife, she and he are separated for a lot of the book. They want to protect each other, but by doing so, they hurt themselves more and more. No matter what, protecting the county and the people of Nottingham, is more important that anything else could be.

Having some actual historical figures in the book - not that I don't think Robin Hood was real, but, you know - was amazing. Eleanor of Aquitaine is my favourite Queen Consort of English/British history, and I adore anything to do with her. Having her power and strength shown in this book, and the fact she won't listen to John, who's just a jumped up prince, goes hand in hand with everything that is historically known about herself. I had a feeling why she was taking so much of an interest in Scarlet, but having them two together, was wonderful.

Yet again, there's a awful cliffhanger, and you'll need to have Lion Heart in your hands, or it'll cause you pain. I really can't help but to recommend these books over and over again, everyone needs to read them in their life.
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February 12, 2016
I have a confession. *deep breath* Lady Thief has become my favorite retelling of Robin Hood.  Ever.  I'm so sorry movies I've watched countless times, but this book was absolutely perfect.  But the funny thing is, I started out oh so cautious.  I was beyond nervous that the love triangle would make a reappearance, but thankfully it's long gone.  In its place are far more sinister things to try to keep Rob and Scar apart, like torturous nightmares and a deranged husband.  Those only added to the list of reasons why I fell so hard for this book.  And here are the rest -

✮ A brave, almost fearless heroine!

"Hurt me if you want, but I’ve felt pain. I know what pain is. And it’s less than love, than loyalty, than hope. You can make me cry, or scream, or whatever else. All that will mean is that I feel the pain, that I’m still alive. And as long as I’m living I can promise I’m not afraid of you, Gisbourne. I’m afraid of sitting quiet while the people that are meant to protect others do their best to hurt them. I’m afraid of people like you and Prince John going by unchecked. That’s what I’m afraid of. I’m stronger than your damn pain, and I do not give up.”

As I said in the first book's review, it's a breath of fresh air that Rob, aka Robin Hood, is with a woman that's his equal!  Scarlet was resourceful, clever, and put herself out there not only to give the townspeople a better life but also to try and give her and Rob a happily ever after.  Her heart and mind always led her on the path to protect others.  Even knowing that she could be the one who had to suffer the consequences.

✮ A book boyfriend that is a true hero.

“These schemes may benefit the people, Scarlet, but I fight for you.” His hands squeezed my waist a little bit, and it made my blood run fast. “I will always fight for you.”

No matter the horrors that Rob had to face, he always fell back into that hero position.  Whether he was the shadow that appeared to help Scar in a situation to protect a child or by trying to win a title against men in power, he was a true hero.  But the way he tried to protect and love Scar shined the brightest to me.  It quickened my heartbeat and made me want to curl into a happy little ball.  I desperately wanted more of those moments.

✮ Side characters who warm your heart with their friendship and loyalty.
 John, Mulch and a few new characters that were introduced added the support and commodore that Rob and Scar deserved.  It helped knowing that they had others, besides one another, to help them along the way.  And at times they offered lightheartedness and smiles that were much needed.

✮ Villains who earned their name and then some.

I twisted the gold band on my finger, hating it anew. My time had run out, and my husband were returning to Nottinghamshire.

I thought I only had to be concerned about Gisbourne, but I was dead wrong.  We met an even more sinister man than him.  And between the two of them, I was constantly fearful for Scar and everyone else's safety!  They didn't hold back when their wrath was palpable.  Just look to the next point to learn more......

✮ Peril that will gut you like Scarlet's knife.

“Don’t die, Scar. He doesn’t come back from this if you die.” - Much to Scar

I wasn't prepared.  Not at all.  Even after learning about the board that was used on Rob, I still didn't believe things could escalate to the level that they did.  After the scenes had passed, I stared at my kindle in horror.  Yes, nauseating horror rolled around inside of me.  I'm still in shock that some things happened!  But I’m also in awe that Lady Thief was that intense. 

✮ Mystery that appears as tiny little drops of clues that I wanted to crush together to discover the truth.

There were quite a few mysteries in Lady Thief, and I loved every moment of trying to figure them out.  Whether it was the motives of the new characters we met or even the old ones we knew so well, there was always something to analyze.  And I have to say I knew it in regards to Scar!!  And that is all, muahaha.
His arms began to loosen, but I fast whispered, “Kiss me, Rob.”

For Scar and Rob, it seems as though no amount of good can ever come into their lives without the bad.  And after that ending, I'm desperate to see what will happen next.  But till then, just know that Lady Thief was cry worthy, sigh inducing, thrilling, horrifying and epic.  Now I'm off to the final book, and I'm beyond nervous!

This review was originally posted on Star-Crossed Book Blog

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4,230 reviews1,651 followers
January 21, 2014
Normally, I don’t bother borrowing ARCs from people. I mean, I could have waited a month and saved the three bucks each spent shipping this book back and forth. For Lady Thief, I made an exception and accepted Shae’s offer. Dudes, it was one hundred percent worth it. Before I read Lady Thief, I reread Scarlet, which, I have to tell you, is even better the second time. As good as Scarlet is, I do think Lady Thief might be even better, though both are so astounding it’s hard to quantify such things because I am far too busy marveling at Gaughen’s talent and daring.

Read the full review at A Reader of Fictions.
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201 reviews49 followers
January 19, 2016
Here are a series of gif that fully express my emotions (from the first page to the last one):

Happy !!! Give me more! <3

I'm falling more in love with this book

Passion, love, awwww


Kisses, so many kisses! Don't stop. And I wonder you were holding back, why???

Anger... give me a sword I need to stab someone to death
AND still anger...

Sadness, my heart is melting... make it stop

Okay, relax, breath and let's go get Lion Heart NOW!!!

"I love you, Scarlet. Go on, now, before you steal my sanity too" he said.
"Too?" I questioned
His grin by the moon were wicked and handsome. "Thief of my heart".

If you want to read my previous review of Scarlet just click here

I think many readers have had difficulties getting past Scarlet's POV, since Gaughen uses a really complex style, at times really vulgar and archaic, but I can ensure you that once you get past the language you'll find yourself falling in love with every single page. You'll have your heart pouncing bad at every kiss scene, every word whispered, every love declaration. Every Page.

This is a fast-paced and action packed book. Once you start reading you just can't stop, and if you do you'll be devoured by curiosity. The book is too short and I would have wanted it to never end. I wanted to continue reading about Rob and Scarlet's adventure and love.

Lady Thief is even better then Scarlet. So much better. Why? Because I had to many feels, and I haven't had a lot of those lately.

In this book we have a lot of drama, passion, and a huge plot twist. At the beginning of the book I was not expecting any of that, but once I started knowing Eleanor of Aquitaine I kind of figured out things out. And I think that goes for all readers.

But still, what a shocking revelation! My jaw literary dropped and I love it when it happens ^^

In this book we get to suffer with Rob and Scarlet, for their painful reality. We get to cheer when something good finally happens for one of our fav characters, Johnny Little. And I'm going to stop right here. Otherwise I'm going to spoiler the whole book and ending.

I'll just say that the ending of this book will leave your eyes wet and your heart aching. I couldn't believe what I was reading and I needed to find a minute to put down the book and gather the strength to finish it.

There are so many things that make your anger rise, firstly: prince John and Gisbourne (even tough once we get to know him a little more we can't help not pitying him). But there also new strong characters that I hope to get to know more: Eleanor and Winchester. We'll have a lot of surprises in book three, and we will FINALLY meet Richard Lionheart!!!

A beautiful well written (even though hard at first - you kind of have to get used to it's style) ya book. With love melting your heart, action cheering your mind and sadness filling your whole.
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182 reviews17 followers
January 5, 2014

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! why would you do that! Gosh this book was so much better then the first!! And that ending.. REALLY.!?!! full review to come soon.. Gotta gush over this series =)


I freaking LOVED the first one.. I have a thing for robin hood lol :) Cannot wait to get my hands on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See my full review at Shaytasticbooks <>Like my Facebook Page

"Your power, your great gift, is that you never give up. When something fails you make a new plan, and another, and another. You never accept defeat. You never give up"

Lady Thief was a fast paced, emotion filled adventure that left me completely breathless. I don't think I have ever read a sequel that was just so much more amazing then the first. And Scarlet was so amazing that it was hard to top, but this one does it.

Scarlet (Scar) has married Guy but is still deeply in love with Robin Hood. I just love that their love is so deep and meaningful but in those times, one didn't disgrace in front of Gods eyes. Nothing could ever happen between them, until their marriage is annulled. Here is where the twists, turns and mystery comes in. Gisborne creates a way out for Lady Marian(Scar) that gives her only one choice. Do anything that Gisborne says and show everyone that she is his wife. When a tournament offers Robin a chance to become Sheriff everything soon gets thrown out and war is brewing.

I completely adored absolutely everything about this book. When novels are set in a time where things were just simpler but the times are harder, I fall right in love. When I finished Scarlet (#1) I didn't even realize there was going to be another in the series. Low and behold, this beautiful gem came along. Its filled with lots of action, twists and turns and cunningness. There is never a dull moment with twist that left my head spinning. The ending came up on me with a slap in the face!! Seriously how could it end like that!!! URGGG... I need the next one ASAP just to keep my mind from spinning away.

"'I'll make it right, Rob. I'll get the annulment and then I can kiss you in public. All day long. Till the village wives wring their hands at us.'
He smiled, leaning into my hand. "We've always been good at creating a bit of chaos""

My favorite part in this sequel is the quick little scenes with Scar and Robin. The two are so deeply in love with each other that to see them apart is painful. They are understanding of each other and they truly desire what is best for their people. The love they share burns so bright off the page that it will leave you wanting to have their kind of love. One that is deep, unconditional and will last through anything. Literally, they have to go through everything!! While this book contains no sex, there are hints and meanings behind words that really is so much better then the act itself. There is also a couple darker scenes that may not fair well with some. Just keep in mind that when there is unnecessary evil there is always undoubtedly good there to combat.

"Hurt me if you want, but I've felt pain. I know what pain is. And it's less than love, than loyalty, than hope."

Overall, I give Lady Thief my "MUST READ" stamp of approval. There is something so unique about this series that I think everyone will enjoy. Filled with caring friends, mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and love that surpasses the ages, Lady Thief has everything that a book could ever need to be AMAZING!
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459 reviews112 followers
January 29, 2018
Full Review on my blog!

I loved it almost as much as the first, but not as much.

Lady Thief was a fast paced, emotion filled adventure that left me completely breathless. I don’t think I have ever read a sequel that was just so much more amazing than the first. And Scarlet was so amazing that it was hard to top, but this one does it.

So Scarlet and Robin are back. Only problem, is Gisbourne and this time he’s got the Prince with him. Now with the seat for sheriff of Nottingham on the line, along with the future of every one in the county, our heroes are going to have to see just how much they are willing to sacrifice.

Discovering more about Scarlet and the tension over the tournament was interesting, but when we were nearing the end something heart-shattering happened. I still can’t believe it. What a heartbreaking ending! Just when you think that these characters will catch a break and have a moment of happiness the world comes and takes it all from them.

There was action, drama, deceit, passion, love and hate and a whole bunch of other stuff and I loved it! Not to mention the huge plot twist. There was that same great writing that got me hooked with Scarlet and I can not wait to read the end of this series. I’m hoping for a happily ever after. I highly recommend it!

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252 reviews44 followers
February 25, 2014
FUUUUCK that was good.

And now I have to wait...again...

But I'm glad I waited for some time before starting on LT so my wait for Untitled (Scarlet #3) is shorter.

LADY THIEF was so much darker than SCARLET, mainly cause Gaughen isn't afraid to cause our characters irrevocable pain and harm, no matter how central they are to the story. She is one cruel woman, but irrefutably a talented author. There were SO MANY secrets revealed and layers added to the story - the politics, the new cast of characters - that made LT such an addictive, thrilling, heartbreaking and ultimately unforgettable read.

A superb sequel to a stunning debut novel!

Full review to come.


Pre-Reading Thoughts: HOLY MOLEY, SCARLET HAS A SEQUEL!!!! I thought I saw somewhere that the author will not be continuing this series and is instead working on another significant historical female figure but AM I GLAD THAT SCARLET #2 IS ON IT'S MAGNIFICENT WAY!! Yayayayay, this just made my rather dreary day a happy happy bookish day. Hehe. I will fight hand and teeth for an ARC of this beauty when it's out. Count on it.

P.S. Very coincidentally, I was actually searching up books that were similar to Scarlet a few days ago cause apparently I am currently in my YA-Fantasy/Historical-Kickbutt-Heroine phase, and someone up there must've heard my plea. :D
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759 reviews67 followers
Want to read
December 1, 2012
WHHHHHAT. There's a sequel! And a third book! Yay! Maybe the ending I wished for will finally come... :D
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256 reviews505 followers
March 17, 2015



This book was all kinds of...


It's torn my heart to shreds, and left a wound so big that I think it might never heal!!


But it was soooo good, and if I didn't already have book 3 in my hands, I think I might just drop dead right here, right now....;)


This is how I feel about the next book...


Because the Loin Heart's rage and vengeance is about to be let loose...



4 Stars

LADY THIEF was a thrilling follow-up to the Robin Hood retelling that swept us into a world of danger, mystery, political intrigue, an evil prince threatening to bring their kingdom and people to ruins, and heroic acts determined to bring Nottingham to it's rightful place of peace, security and prosperity!!

LADY THIEF was filled with such shocking surprises for me. I mean, I was literally SHOCKED at the direction that it took. But nevertheless I LOVED the way it turned out. But honestly, I don't know why I didn't see it all coming, because once it was all laid out on the table, it all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle with all the right pieces.

But one thing I was a little taken aback by was the drastic change in Scarlet's personality. Though at the same time, I knew she had to do and act the way she did in order to survive the situation that she found herself in. But what I didn't care for was Rob's situation with the disturbing dreams he was having. It was a little too much and it went a little overboard, and really felt meaningless. I would of liked to see Rob go through the motions of his pain and working through his demons, but just in a little less dramatic way. It just didn't fit well with his character and not the way you would think to see Rob acting, even if he was enduring something like that. It just felt out of the boundaries of his character traits, and by the end of the book it got to be a little annoying...


Scarlet's world rages fire when her buried secrets are finally discovered and revealed to all of Nottingham. She's desperately tried for years to keep her true identify a secret from everyone, even the band of boys that have become her new-found family. For surly if they knew the real truth about who she really was, they would be as repulsed with her as she is with herself. Or would they...?

Scarlet craves the freedom that comes with being just "Scar", and loathes the obligations that her birth given name holds. And she is determined to stay Scar and continue just being one of the boys in the band―wrecking havoc on the guards and all who bring trouble to people of Nottingham. But when Lord Gisbourne, her long-lost fiancé now turned husband, tracks her down again after their last confrontation left their town sheriff dead, and their town in an uproar, she's positive she'll turn down his insane offer and stay with Rob, continuing the fight from the shadows. But when Gisbourne's offer becomes to good to be true, with hopes of a marriage annulment in exchange for the charade of her becoming his dutiful wife while prince John is in Nottingham selecting a new Sheff, she starts second guessing her decision to stay with Rob, and tempted to once again become the noble that she thought died the day she left her life behind...

With hope dwindling by the day, and limited options of becoming free of her lunatic husband, and zero hope of electing Rob as the towns new sheriff, Scarlet see's no other choice but to concede and give into Gisbourne's sick desires to play his game of wifey. All while secretly trying to breakdown the nobles defenses from the inside to help their cause and find away to place Rob, her beloved as the towns new sheriff, and ultimately save their people from having to endure the wicked wrath of yet another evil sheriff out for his own viscous gain. So reluctantly, with a heavy heart and weary mind, she accepts his offer and is finally locked back into the world of nobility...

But everything they've worked for starts to slowly unravel when prince John returns and brings his wicked wrath and vengeful heart to the town of Nottingham, and unleashes his hate and fury on the innocent people. And for the first time in a long time, Scarlet doubts herself and her capabilities in saving the people, including herself and her beloved Robin Hood. The full extent of their situation is looking more and more like their ultimate downfall if she doesn't find a way to stop Prince John before he finds a way to silents them all once and for all....

But Scar cannot be beaten down that easy, no, she's a fighter, and stronger then all that. Stronger then her evil husband and wicked prince that are slowly trying to tear them down from the inside out. But when hidden secrets from Scarlet's past that even she didn't know about come to light, they threaten to bring prince John's world crashing down around him, as anger, turmoil and jealousy consume him. And now Scarlet is finally starting to understand just why prince John is so threatened by her. And that she herself holds the future of Nottingham and their people in her hands. But is she really able to rise up from her downfalls and defeat this the ones wrecking havoc in Nottingham, and restore back the peace and freedom to her people that they so desperately need...?

Phewww, that was such a blast reading this book, and I did really enjoy LADY THIEF a lot. And I can't wait to finish this trilogy and see how it all ties up in the end. And if Scar is finally able to overcome all her demons within and beat prince John and his evil villains once and for all.

Overall, if you've read the first book SCARLET, then you should definitely enjoy this follow-up. It's full of shocking reveals, thrilling anticipation, heart-pounding action, and unforgettable love, with ultimate betrayals. I really, REALLY enjoyed this book, and I am so excited for the finale. Book three here I come...;)
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December 31, 2019
Rating: A million stars and also I need a band-aid for my soul, please.

Originally posted at Writer of Wrongs

Oh, Lady Thief. Cruel but beautiful mistress. Inspirer of warm fuzzies and brutal, crushing despair. How do I adore thee? Let me count the ways.

First off, if you haven't read Scarlet, the first book in the series, turn around right now and get thee to a bookstore, because 1) you are missing out on joy and glory, and 2) there be spoilers for book one all up in this business.

Lady Thief begins not long after Scarlet ends, with our lovely knife-wielding heroine married to the wicked Gisbourne but pining for the swoony Robin Hood. Rob's got issues of his own... like, oh, I don't know, PTSD fueled night terrors in which he inadvertently punches whoever is nearby. Scarlet is nearby. And this is just in the first scene.

Seriously, this book is brutal. Wonderful, but brutal. My heart ached every single moment, because Gaughen just knows how to apply the pain to your feels. This book is brilliantly done and possibly even better than Scarlet, because the plot has more surprises, more nuanced characters, and more PAIN. I know that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but it is. Gaughen is so good at making you care so much about feisty, broken Scarlet, wounded Rob, and all the other characters, like John and Much, both of whom became infinitely more awesome in this installment.

Of course, it's our girl Scar who steals the show. She makes a deal with Gisbourne and finds herself living in the castle as his "wife" in the company of Prince John, who... well, is even more sucktastic than Gisbourne is, if that can be believed. He's a fabulous new nemesis, between his brother issues and his mommy issues (HELLO, Eleanor or Aquitaine! So utterly fabulous to see you!) John, however, is the worst in the best way.

I continue to ship this ship with the power of a thousand suns, but my god, does Gaughen make you suffer for it. I'm sorry if I'm scaring you, but this book is unflinching, and it's wonderfully realistic. There are moments of joy, but mostly Scarlet and Rob and company are face with nearly insurmountable obstacles. Their enemies are rich and powerful and corrupt. And it's the way our beloved heroes over come them and fight through them that makes us love them. Their optimism in the face of darkness, their humor, their KISSING SCEEEEENES HELLO SWOONDOM. This book is not relentlessly depressing.


The way she twists the familiar Robin Hood tale into something fresh, exciting, intense and romantic is just amazing. We get to see the famous tournament, meet Alan-a-Dale, and learn more about what both Robin and Richard did in the Crusades. Scarlet is a wonderful heroine, full of fight and full of flaws. She's brilliant and proactive and I love her completely. We learn secrets about her past and about her fears for the future. We see her in action being awesome. We see her suffer and overcome.

We also get to meet Eleanor or Aquitaine, a bad ass royal lady full of bad assery. We get to meet Prince John's wife, the heinous Isabella. We get to see another side of Gisbourne, just enough to confuse us mightily. John, Rob's right hand man, really gets developed in Lady Thief. Much continues to be the best. This book succeeds on basically every level, digging deeper into this medieval world and discovering so much  more darkness and richness.

I figured out the huge twist way ahead of time, but that didn't mean that the ending wasn't a huge punch to the gut, because THE ENDING. The ending. The ending. A.C., you cannot just end a book like that. The tears. The low, agonized moan I released. Oh, it's epic and wonderful, but terrible and awful and all the things. That's the thing about this book and this series. It is all the things. I'm satisfied on every level as a reader, but I'm also a bit emotionally traumatized. I love when books do that to me, and Lady Thief did it in spades.
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March 17, 2016



I'll start by saying that,I was a bit disappointed when I finished reading Lady Thief.As soon as I started reading it I was so anxious and overwhelmed with emotions I can't even put into words and then...I know I might sound a bit dramatic but keep in mind that Scarlet was my life back when I read it it 2012.I don't know what it was that made me love the first book in the trilogy so much but fortunately I did.And it's not really easy for me to get that passionate about a book and still remember every single moment of it and every single feeling it brought.

Moving on to Lady Thief.I will not lie and sugarcoat things because truth be told...some tragic things that almost made me cry happened during the end of the book which of course I will not mention even though I am literally dying to...not because I wanna spoil you guys but because I really want to share my grief with someone.Let's ignore my exaggeration...I'm just feeling a bit emotional at the moment.

Of course the scenes between Rob and Scarlet,scarce as they were breathtaking...pure magic.I don't know why,maybe it's because of the fantastic writing or because of the fact that I have a weakness for the characters of the trilogy in general...the moments they shares were just...perfection.Even though not a lot of things happened throughout the book I think the precious and special moments between those two made up for the lack of adventure and kick ass fighting scenes.

Moving on to the writing...it is fantastic.So expressive and different.It's simple but at the same time unique and realistic.I felt like I was there,alternating between reality and the world Lady Thief brought to life.In my opinion,when a book manages to do that for me,make me feel like I live in a different reality...it's a huge achievement.I don't know if this only works for me though so...what do you guys think?Has this happened to you before?And if yes what book were you reading at the time?

The character development was nothing major...there were a lot of twists in the emotions department.At the beginning a lot of things changed between Rob and Scar and then...their relationship developed and they actually had the chance to live happily ever after together and save the people from the hands of a new sheriff at the same time...And then everything just...vanished into thin air and disappeared.Just like that.It took so much time and so many sacrifices to finally reach happiness but in the end...in just one moment everything the characters managed to achieve crumbled and fell.It was like you could see and feel that emptiness the unfortunate ending left behind...It was heartbreaking.

And now...I obviously can't wait for the release of Lion Heart.I'm pretty sure I will not rest until I get my hands on the last book of the trilogy.I highly highly recommend this trilogy because...seriously?There's nothing wrong with it and I think a lot of people will find what they were looking for by reading these books.Especially Scarlet because that was by far my favorite.Lady Thief might not have been what I was expecting but the ending still broke my heart.One of the year's resolutions should be...being patient until the release of Lion Heart.Because to tell you the truth...I'm not patient when it comes to books I want to read but won't be released until months later.I don't even know if I'm making any sense right now so I'll just stop.
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November 21, 2014
I stared at him , drinking him in till I felt tipsy with the sight of him , and pulled him closer to me , wanting to touch him.His arms came around me and I pressed my face to the crook of his neck . "we`d never be happy without adventure " I murmured to him.

I think this scene describes perfectly Scar and Robs relationship !
I dont know where to begin to express my love for this book ! I was blown away with the first book and couldnt write a review bc I simply needed to read the sequel right away ... but after the second book i feel obliged to tell the world how awesome this book was !

Well first of all if you didnt know the book is a Robin Hood retelling !!! Scarlet our protagonist has kept her identity a secret and is posing as one of Robin Hoods thieves but is also in love with him *_*

I loved the first one but I LOVED the second one !!! it was action-packed , full of drama and full of the most beautiful and quoteable scnes ever !

I gripped his neck not sure if I were on my feet or not, touching the ground or not . My name , my parents , my place - I werent sure of a damn thing except his mouth , his kiss, his tongue touching mine and making me feel separate from my whole being.


what I really liked was how realistic it was !!! the author really brought me back in this time ... in this cruel and evil world where kings and queens werent charming and good ! I was so scared for my lovly characters ... i mean nobody was safe ! i was expecting everything ! Prince John was an evil bitch !!! and i hated him sooo much !!!

I would get to the tourney grounds. I would sit there and stare at the prince . I wouldnt never be defeated by such a coward. I would cheer for Rob with my heart and soul.

moments like this gave me hope ! Scarlet was such a strong , independent character ! She never gave up but at the same time had her break downs like every normal human being would have ! Her loyality to Rob was remarkable ! She was so good to him ! She wasnt flawless but she was real and thats exactly why i loved her as a character !

Her relationship with Rob had such an dinamic! you could feel the chemistry between them ! the love ! the lust ! so well done !!! every moment with them felt real and was full of sexual tension ! i loved it ! their hopeless situation just broke my heart !

"then I`ll wait. Every sunset, every day. I´ll count them all until you´re mine . he said. " The only heart that´s meant for mine ." His nose dragged on my face . " I only feel like a hero when you´re with me , Scarlet. I feel like I have a destiny greater than pain and hurt when you´re in my arms."

awwwww!!!! aren´t they perfect ???? they have something magical !!! i cant stop thinking about these books !!! and i literally cant wait for the third and final book in the series !
they deserve a happy ending and prince John has to die !!!!
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August 11, 2016
First thoughts after finishing:



What am I supposed to do now?


This book destroyed me. She stomped on my heart and completely shattered me. It contains all the feelings and this is a book where the inside is just as pretty as the outside. I do need to warn you for spoilers if you haven’t read Scarlet or the blurb for Lady Thief. I know some of you guys don’t read blurbs. If you did, it’s okay to read this review :)

First off, we have the kick-ass Scarlet. This girl has a special place in my heart. Fierce, strong, brave, independent and snarky. Scarlet knows what she wants and she will do anything to achieve that, but in the mean time, she is desperate for love. Her romance with Robin is hard, with her being married to Guy. I liked seeing their struggle and how they both want to be together. And guys, I ship them so hard! I can’t get enough of their short moments of happiness. They are so adorable together and I was constantly swooning – a thing I don’t do often.

But there is of course more to this story than romance. Luckily for us, Gaughen knows how to write an engaging plot. Things are going to get complicated when Guy says he will ask for an annulment if Scarlet pretends to be the noblewoman she actually is. There is a tournament for the new sheriff and Guy wants to show her off, because Prince John promised him the job.

Guy seriously creeps me out in this story. He was scary in Scarlet, but he is even worse here. The only thing is, Gaughen gave him more depth and complexity. There were almost moments I felt sorry for him – and it was weird, because the next moment he would beat Scarlet for her ‘obedience’ and I would hate his guts. The same for Prince John and his arrogant, cocky look on the world.

Discovering more about Scarlet and the tension over the tournament was interesting, but when we were nearing the end something heart-shattering happened. I still can’t believe it. I must applaud for the way Gaughen handled this, because my oh my, I definitely didn’t see it coming. It makes me even more anxious for the next book and I already know it’s going to be painful. The best way to describe this book:

Ron Weasley
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June 1, 2015
4-4.5 stars

If, like me just a couple of weeks ago, you have not yet picked up this wonderful series by A.C. Gaughen, I have to say that it is one of the best you could ever binge read. Full of action, swoons, heartbreak, and fantastic storytelling, you will never want to put these books down. I fell in love with this re-imagining of Nottingham and its fearless band of thieves. I'm sure every single one of you knows the tale of Robin Hood, but did you know that hidden within his fold is a lady thief masquerading as a young boy, a girl with a fierce will and a lion's heart? This is a series that will sweep you away and capture your hearts, as surely as Rob and Scarlet captured their people's.

Read my full series review here.
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October 20, 2013
This is a powerhouse of a story. A.C. Gaughen absolutely crushes expectations with this follow up to Scarlet. If you loved Scarlet, just wait until you get your hands on Lady Thief, intense and gut wrenching only just scratch the surface of this astoundingly emotional read. Pre-order it now!
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December 23, 2014
This review can also be found at my blog, There were books involved... and is spoiler-free for Book 1, Scarlet.


I'm never getting over this series. Never ever. I love it so much. Scarlet impressed me so much, but Lady Thief just solidified my obsession ummm... I mean... my completely understandable and justified preoccupation... with this series.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...


If "Scarlet" isn't at the top of everyone's list of reasons to love this series, I would question their sanity. I flailed a lot over her in my earlier review, so I'll try to rein it in here, but she is just as awesome in Lady Thief, if not moreso. She goes through hell in this book, but she never wallows in self-pity -- even when it would be totally understandable if she did. She also isn't one to place blame anywhere but where it belongs -- on the bad guys. I've seen plenty of heroes blame themselves for the consequences of their fighting for good, for the things the bad guys do in retaliation -- but not Scarlet. She knows who's to blame and she is fiercely set against them. And through it all, she has her sights set on her goals -- being able to be with Robin, and saving the people she cares about, along with keeping all of Nottinghamshire safe, and I just... This girl is fierce and I love her.
"You learned to use your hands to fight for you. And you learned to trust the band to be at your back. You may have even learned to let Rob save you. But you don't need a damn one of those things. Your power, your great gift, is that you never give up. When something fails you make a new plan, and another, and another. You never accept defeat. You never give up."

page 61

Scarlet/Robin (aka ROBLET)

The only way I'd understand if Scarlet wasn't someone's favorite thing about this series, is if their favorite thing is ROBLET. Because let's be honest, this is one of those OTP's that makes other ships feel small and inconsequential. There are epic feels EVERYWHERE. Rob and Scar are perfect for each other, and they fight so hard to be together, but Lady Thief throws many more obstacles in their path -- there are some awful things going on with Rob, and of course the whole Gisbourne thing (shhh, spoilers)... Plus, no matter how much they love each other and would love to run off together and escape all the awful things going on in Nottinghamshire, they have to fight for the safety of their town and people -- it's in their natures, no matter how much their happiness might be put at risk because of it. And I JUST HAVE ALL THE FEELS OKAY?
"The shadows aren't the same without you, love."

page 147

Believable Bad Guys

Gisbourne was bad enough in Scarlet , but in Lady Thief, he's on a whole other level. He, and many of the upper-class men of the royal court, had me absolutely enraged throughout the book not only because of the way they treated Scarlet, but because of their views of women in general. It was disgusting -- but the reason it was so bad was that it was so believable. Women were basically owned by their husbands during this time, and Lady Thief shows you a side of this that you'd probably rather not think about. But that just served to make me root for Scarlet and Robin and the rest of the good guys even more. The believability of Nottinghamshire's predicament made the plot absolutely gripping.

Historical Figures in Historical Fiction...

I mean... okay, it's debatable whether the legend of Robin Hood is actually historical fiction or, you know, just a legend... But still, these books are set in what I'm pretty sure is a fairly accurate historical setting, and Lady Thief brings in real historical figures. Usually, I hate it when books do this. My brain has a problem reconciling fictional characters and their interactions with real historical figures. But in Lady Thief, it worked for me. I actually really loved the way Gaughen dealt with these "characters", and I applaud her for making them feel not like stuffy historically-accurate representations, but actual people.


Okay, this subject is rather all-encompassing, but seriously, it cannot be emphasized enough. Scarlet and Lady Thief are full of feels and they will wring out your heart and stomp on it and then attempt to put it back together only to have it wrung out again. But it's so worth it.

Part of the reason these books are so good is the fact that the characters face horrible situations, and those situations have real consequences. So many times, the good guys face near-insurmountable odds only to come out the other side unscathed. Which can be great, and uplifting, and whatever. In Lady Thief, these characters are facing terrible situations, and there is no way that they could ever come out unscathed. So they don't. Like I mentioned earlier, believability is a huge issue for me when it comes to bad guys - and it's a huge issue for me when it comes to high-stakes situations, as well. And in Lady Thief, as one should expect, actions have consequences. Even for the good guys.

In conclusion...

I feel like that last paragraph might have scared some of you away -- obviously that was not my intention. For me, the best books are the ones that make me feel ALL THE FEELS, and those usually turn out to be the intense ones with many soul-crushing feels along with the good.

If you haven't read these books, they need to be on the top of your TBR; not only are they so incredibly good, they're doing things that most YA I've been reading lately just doesn't do, and you need to experience them for yourself. They're unbearably gripping, and I just cannot recommend them enough.
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June 9, 2015
Despite really disliking this trilogy so far, I’m quite enjoying reviewing it. It is helping me get everything off my chest. And while I’m not exactly cool, calm, and collected, it is still a lot of fun to tell everyone exactly how awful this trilogy is. I reviewed Scarlet a few days ago and I wasn’t exactly positive with that review, but my review for Lady Thief is going to be incredibly more negative because this book is a piece of crap.

A. C. Gaughen seems to have a thing for romanticised abuse. I didn’t like it in Scarlet and I absolutely despised it in this book.

Firstly, Rob is still a bit of an arsehole and is completely overbearing when it comes to Scarlet. But that’s topped by the fact that Gaughen decided it would be a cool idea to use that well known trope of “boyfriend beats girlfriend after experiencing trauma”. After Rob’s torture in the first book – which we saw very little of, by the way – he starts to have intense nightmares which result in him beating Scarlet while still half asleep, and in two instances he almost kills her. She walks around with a bloodied and beaten face, and she still goes back to stay with Rob even though she knows what will happen. I am not about this message. Not about it at all. It would be one thing if Gaughen actually addressed this and discussed about Scarlet’s safety and how important that is, and also if she actually bothered to continue this plot point up to the end of the book. But she doesn’t. She uses this vile trope in the beginning, and then it’s all forgotten about. No one addresses it later on, save for the characters who point out that Scarlet has been beatnen up. Scarlet doesn’t talk about how it’s affecting her, and we don’t get any resolution when it comes to Rob’s PTSD. We’re just meant to assume that they’re gone.

Secondly, Scarlet goes off to stay with her new husband in the castle and throughout her time there she is beaten up and tied up and just generally abused and threatened. And yet we still get Scarlet being a lovely person and starting to sympathise with these characters who abuse her, because they sometimes show a “good” side. Note how I said “good”, because I don’t think anyone who abuses people or women in this way is actually good, I think it’s a façade and I am absolutely disgusted that Gaughen thought it would be a good idea to have Scarlet think that her abusers had layers.

Like I said, the author of this trilogy seems to have a thing for abuse. I hate how abuse is depicted in this series, and I swear to god if I have anyone telling me “well, it’s historical, those things happened” I will bite their head off because no. Yes, people were abused back then. People still are. But there is no genuine reason to romanticise the abuse, and if you try to do so because it’s from the victim’s point of view then you had damn well better have them come out of it stronger and fighting their abusers. We don’t see that in Lady Thief or Scarlet at all. Yes, Scarlet gets back up and fights with her husband, but there’s still the sympathy there and nothing is done about Rob at all.

In short, I hate the trope. I hate this book. I hate the characters. And yet, I still find myself wanting to read Lion Heart because I want to see how this shitfest ends. I imagine I already know, though. I fucking hate this trilogy and I wish Scarlet had been a character from someone else’s mind, because she and Much are truly the only saving graces of this mess.
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February 5, 2014

Four and a half stars: A thrilling sequel with plenty of new surprises!

Scarlet, John Little, Much and Robin Hood are still waiting for Prince John to appoint a new sheriff. Nottingham is now occupied by soldiers who are there to oversee the building of the new wall since it was destroyed when Scarlet and the band of merry men destroyed it. The men are forced to repair the wall, making it hard for them to provide for their families. Thus, the merry men are busy trying to feed the village. Scarlet is in turmoil. She longs to be with Robin Hood, but she does not want to commit adultery. She is after all married to Lord Gisbourne. Rumors spread through Nottingham. Prince John is coming to appoint a new sheriff, and the word on the street is that it will be Lord Gisbourne. When Gisbourne asks to meet with Robin Hood, Scarlet accompanies him. Gisbourne has a proposition for Scarlet. If she will play the part of his wife while the Prince is in town, then Gisbourne will grant her an annulment. He is up to something but Scarlet it desperate to be free. Will Gisbourne grant Scarlet her freedom?
What I Liked:
*I was thrilled that this second book is even better than the first. It is packed full of action, danger, romance, and more shocking twists and surprises. Scarlet learns even more startling secrets about herself and she is forced to make some heart wrenching decisions. Everything culminates to a terrifying, gut wrenching ending that left me in agony, wanting the third book now! If you are a fan of Robin Hood, definitely do not miss this series! It is spectacular!
*I loved how much Scarlet has grown. She is more tenacious, courageous and stubborn than before. When she is forced to resume wearing skirts to play the part of a lady and wife, she doesn't bend to anyone, not even the Queen. She never forgets who is she is and where her heart lies. Even when she is facing danger and bodily harm, she does not back down. I absolutely love her character. She is a fierce, kick butt heroine who never misses a fight, and I love that she always tries to do the right thing.
*Robin Hood after a rough beginning, he is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, shines and becomes the swoon worthy hero we all love. I thought he really came through in this book, more so than the last. I enjoyed watching him compete in the tournament, and I loved how noble and brave he was.
*One of my small quibbles with the first book was that Prince John was nothing more than a mention. A Robin Hood tale isn't complete without the villainous Prince John, right? This time I was not disappointed. Prince John rides in to town and he is every bit the tyrant and villain I was expecting. He is cruel, manipulative and spoiled. I hated him! I always enjoy a book that features a vicious villain, and Prince John does not disappoint.
*I was stunned at the startling reveal regarding Scarlet's heritage. It certainly notches everything up and makes the stakes even higher. I completely love the exciting twists, turns and refashioning of the Robin Hood tale in this series. It is always unexpected. You never know what is coming from one page to the next!
*The romance spreads its wings and takes flight. It is everything you love in a good romance. Two long time friends developing romantic feelings and fighting the odds to be together. When the two are together, it is sweet and satisfying and everything you want. I am loving the romance in this one. No love triangles. It is beautiful and perfect!
*I was surprised that I had a bit of a change of heart as far as Lord Gisbourne goes. I hated him in the first book, but this time around I saw a different side of him. Believe it or not he does have some redeeming qualities and he isn't the bad guy I thought he was. I liked seeing the other side of him.
*The ending was thrilling and heart wrenching. A roller coaster of emotions! Even though it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, I was so stunned and amazed by the final developments that I couldn't help but shut the book and let my mind whirl. All I can say is guard your heart, the ending of this one is brutal! I need the final book now!
And The Not So Much:
*John Little takes a back seat in this one and he isn't as big of a part of the story. I missed his roguish ways and I was disappointed in the way he acted, I understand his motives but I didn't agree with his decisions.
*Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Prince John's mother, is introduced in this book and I found her to be fascinating. She plays a pivotal role in the book. She drops some hints about her life before, a marriage to a French King and the difficulties she had with her boys. I was left desperately wanting to know so much more about her. I have hopes that she will be more forthcoming with her secrets in the finale. She quickly became one of my favorite characters in the book.
*Once again, the author utilizes the misuse of were and was. She uses were when it should be was. I was hoping that once Scarlet resumed her place as a lady, she would leave this irritating speech behind, but even at the request of Much she still continues to utilize this annoying habit. I would better believe the whole speech thing if there were more contradictions and improper usage of other words instead of mostly being just were in place of was. I find myself mentally correcting it the whole time I am reading the book. For me, this ploy just doesn't work, it is not believable and distracting.

Lady Thief is a top notch sequel. No middle book syndrome or faltering with this book. It takes the story and moves it into exciting new directions. The villain is more vile, the stakes are higher and the danger is even more frightening. This is a thrill ride from beginning to end, and I loved it! Be warned, though, the ending is gut wrenching and brutal and it will leave you extremely anxious for the final book in this outstanding series. This is a not to be missed series!

Favorite Quotations:
"I think that's the nature of loving someone. I fear for him with every breath."
"A king must see not just the hills before him, but the length of the road at large."
"I've told you all along, I knew who you were from the first. I know your heart. Names, titles, hair, odd clothing choices, none of that changes who you are. And I am madly in love with who you are."

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.
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July 18, 2018
This book made me sobb at the end because of certain things that happened that were so fucking unfair.

I have mixed feelings about this book and this trilogy in general, and that's because there are parts that are soooo good, but to get to those parts, I had to read some borings ones. There are scenes that are super slow, and that kind of made me lose interest in the story. So that's why I can't give this book a higher rating.

But overall, I'm enjoying this series so far. In this book the city of Nottingham is in the search of a new Sheriff, and for that the Prince of England himself arrived because he's hosting a trial for that. Now, it made zero sense to me that part when the villain of the last book offered to make a deal with Scarlet while the trials are up, and she agreed because she thought he would keep his word. HE'S THE VILLAIN, SCARLET. It was obvious that things were not going to end well. I hate when characters trust the bad guy, because that NEVER is the solution of anything. There were a lot of violence and cruelty in this book, due to that "deal".

But on the other hand, it made me happy that Scarlet and Robb finally FINALLY start a relationship (sort of) and admit their feelings to each other. There were some cute scenes between those two.

I really like how the secrets are revealed at the right moment, because the revelations in this second book took me by surprise and I think that that is going to make the last book go in a direction that I'm going to enjoy. I think the third book is going to be a really good conclusion to this series.
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October 16, 2015
Initial Impressions 5/27/15: WELL. That was another very good read! Still not quite in love and feeling all the feels but these books are really great!
I think it's very, very hard because there was so much hype -- especially with this book -- so I knew it was going to be good but I essentially protecting myself from the hype. I'm okay throwing myself into feels but hype has gotten me too many times.
There were definitely some great romantic feelings and on the flip side, heart-wrenching moments. I was definitely kept on my toes!

Review as originally posted HERE on The Book Addict's Guide 6/2/15: It was kind of hard to start LADY THIEF… Everyone seems to love this series SO MUCH and they were so excited for me to finish SCARLET and start LADY THIEF that the book became quite hyped for me. It’s a bit frustrating, for lack of a better word. I know that everyone was just very excited but then the book and the series as a whole really had a LOT of praise to live up to. All said and done, I still enjoyed all three books but especially the hype for LADY THIEF was a killer.

That being said, I really did enjoy the book still. It definitely had a bit of darkness too it and the layers added to LADY THIEF really showed the reader more about the characters and I mean ALL of the characters. I actually found it really interesting how much I learned about Gisbourne and Prince John. Prince John became even more of a villain for me and I was really surprised that I started to feel like Gisbourne wasn’t ALL awful. I KNOW. But I got to know more things about him and that doesn’t mean I LIKED him, but it was interesting to see some human sides of a huge antagonist/villain.

Some really heavy things DO happen in LADY THIEF — that wasn’t an oversell — but with all of the hype, they weren’t a shock and they didn’t hit me as hard. I did have some great Scar/Rob feels and I definitely became more invested in everything as I read! I really, really enjoyed all of the characters and they really brought the book to life for me. I still didn’t QUITE get to a “love it” status with LADY THIEF but it was still a solid read for me!
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February 24, 2014
No. Just no. I might be the black sheep but I did not like this one. I will not be continuing the series. To see full review click on one of the following links:

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