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Perfect Fit #1

Dangerous Curves Ahead

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Sugar Jamison

Ellis Garrett is dumping her critical boyfriend, opening a plus-size clothing store, and starting a blog—all to spread the word that fashion shouldn’t require a size-two body, and happiness should allow for the occasional cupcake. Or two. But is indulging fantasies about her sister’s long-ago ex, the still-hunky Michael Edwards, biting off more than she can chew?

Mike must be losing his detective’s touch. He doesn’t recognize Ellis when he bumps into her at Size Me Up, and he certainly doesn’t remember his ex-girlfriend’s outspoken sister being so irresistible. Her curves are indeed dangerous—and so is her wit. Could it be that Ellis is his Perfect Fit? One thing’s for sure: Mike will make it his sworn duty to find out…


368 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published August 27, 2013

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Sugar Jamison

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Sugar Jamison is a southern belle trapped in a New Yorker's body. With a love of big hair and high heeled shoes, she spends her day at her very normal day job and night dreaming up sweet but sassy romances.

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592 reviews62 followers
September 3, 2013
I'm always in two minds when I pick up a romance with a "curvy" or "larger" woman as heroine. Is it going to spend the whole time trying to prove that non-stick-thin women really can have romance too? (Answer: do we really need to write a whole Fat Girl Romance sub-genre to confirm the bleedin' obvious?) Is it going to go on and on and on about the heroine's self-image issues related to her size? (Answer: show me any woman of any size or body shape who doesn't have issues related to appearance..) In other words, is this going to be a romance or a self-help book?

I'm still in those two minds about this one, provided by netgalley, but here's what I liked..

- The dialogue is an absolute scream. I have pretty high standards if a book is listed as witty or the heroine as sassy, because too often they are just really not that funny after all. This one was just perfect. The witty dialogue was great, but it didn't dominate so much as to make the plot silly or the characters shallow.

- One or two of the supporting characters were just fabulous. In particular, the heroine's Dad, who is an academic, somewhere on the Autism spectrum and reminds me rather of an older version of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, and the hero's best mate, who is Irish (real-Irish not 3rd generation American-Irish), a furniture restorer and comes across as rather naughty and sad. I was going to make a note of particular quotes from these two and include them in the review, but to be honest, there were so many great lines I kinda gave up.

- The heroine and hero are very likable and not completely screwed up. Yes, they both have issues, but they're not hopeless nutcases, and are just really rather normal, which is always nice in a contemporary romance.

What I didn't like so much

- It went on too long. About a fifth of this book probably could have been edited out without hurting the story or the style, and it really just meant that I struggled to get through the middle bit - not good for any reader

- It probably did make too much of the heroine's weight as a central issue of the story, and I just have problems with that. People come in many different shapes and sizes, we get that, but when a book relies too much on the physical characteristics of either the hero or heroine, there is a risk that they come across as one-dimensional or the story becomes depressingly one-sided. The heroine is openly criticized for her weight by what feels like a whole cast of characters, including in the street by acquaintances. Do people really do that? Trust me, I'm not built like Kate Moss, but I've never experienced such open criticism except from close family (and only once then..). Likewise, do men really want to help women solve their self-image issues, at least going into a relationship (after 20 years of marriage I guess it might be a bit different)? Listening to anyone fault themselves and put themselves down in a persistent way must be the biggest romance turn-off on the planet, so why would the hero stick around in this case?

Hmm. So, some issues made me mark this down a tad, although the dialogue sparkled. 3 stars, I liked it.
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20 reviews1 follower
September 2, 2013
I liked this book but did not love it. I thought it had a great premise with a good main gal and a swoony guy. There were just somethings that bugged me.

Things I Loved:
1. Ellis loved herself at the size she is. There was no losing weight to have to get her HEA
2. Michael loved her just the way she was from the beginning, and made sure when she would make jokes about her size she knew that he did not like her talking about herself that way.
3. Walter, Ellis's dad, he loves her period, he may not say it but his actions always showed no matter how "different" he may be.
4. Belinda, Cherri and Colin are the best friends that they should be. Supportive and pushy when necessary

Things I Hated but was Supposed To:
1. Dina, the sister, the biggest bitch ever ugh
2. Jack, the ex boyfriend, an asshole, and coward
3. Mrs. Toomey, so utterly judgmental and crazy!

Things I Just Didn't Care For:
1. Ellis was wishy-washy. I get it, she was pretty traumatized by her previous relationship but break-up/together/break-up routine made me nuts
2. The stuff with Michael's father just seemed rushed at the end. Plus the stuff with his mom seem contrived
3. Releasing the breath he did not know he was holding and mound totally takes me out of the moment.

Again I liked and wanted to love but could not quite get there. But I will be reading the next ones in the series because I loved the supporting characters
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953 reviews85 followers
September 13, 2019
Se anche voi siete burrose e prorompenti, leggete questa commedia romantica in cui, la non filiforme Ellis, riesce ad accalappiare nientemeno che un poliziotto super sexy.
Molto carino e divertente soprattutto nella prima parte. Si perde un pochino a metà strada per le eccessive paranoie della protagonista che diventano troppo ripetitive, ma rimane una lettura davvero carina e soprattutto aumenta l'autostima di chi, come me, ha qualche chilo di troppo, donandoci una meritata rivincita.
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2,442 reviews415 followers
October 2, 2013
Dangerous Curves Ahead: A Perfect Fit Novel Review Ellis Garrett is dumping her critical boyfriend, opening a plus-size clothing store, and starting a blog—all to spread the word that fashion shouldn’t require a size-two body, and happiness should allow for the occasional cupcake. Or two. But is indulging fantasies about her sister’s long-ago ex, the still-hunky Michael Edwards, biting off more than she can chew?Mike must be losing his detective’s touch. He doesn’t recognize Ellis when he bumps into her at Size Me Up, and he certainly doesn’t remember his ex-girlfriend’s outspoken sister being so irresistible. Her curves are indeed dangerous—and so is her wit. Could it be that Ellis is his Perfect Fit? One thing’s for sure: Mike will make it his sworn duty to find out…
I give this book 3.5 stars rounded up because it is a really great debut and I am so looking forward to the rest of the series and more from this writer! We have a super curvy smart girl meets (or remeets) super hot guy story. They are both in flux as they have just moved to a small college town from the big city and are adjusting to new careers. Our hero has never been in an long term relationship and our heroine is just out of an cruel one.
This is a good book that I stayed up late to finish. Its smart, sexy, with a rewarding happily ever after.
The Great!
The book is very witty with a wonderful opening scene. The hero is likable and feels real at the same time. He is imperfect and in the middle of flux but compelling. He is way into Ellis and I adore that.Great banter.Ellis is funny and wonderful friend and daughter. Her parents are awesome. There are good internal and external conflicts. The sexy times are sexy. There is excellent chemistry. We root for this couple through the good and the bad. The writing is crisp, engaging, and full of humanity and love.
The Not So Great!
I never get a real good bead on what Ellison looks like in terms of hair, eyes, and face. Skin color, yes. Body, yes. Head, no. This bugs me. Our hero is a former man ho. I am so tired of man hos. He is hot. Cool. He has sisters and a mother and is a caring and supportive guy. Does he have to treat women as things in his earlier life? He says it was always clear his intentions. But it is jerky to kiss and tell like he use to do with his best friend. I get that he dated a certain kind of woman and that his change is part of his character but I am just weary of this kind of dude and the idea that there are certain kinds of women. It is not attractive. I just needed it changed up a little.
The sister is over the top. I get that there could be these kinds of issues with your sister. It is possible and for the reasons given but at the same time she is too villainous in some ways. She redeems herself which is good but there is something cartoonish about her in this otherwise real feeling book that is out of sync with the narrative.
Being fat is an issue in this book. The heroine isn't okay with her body really. She is working on in and that is good but she is not there. This makes sense given her former relationship but there was false promise in the blurb of this book that I had finally found a book about big beautiful woman that was content with her shape.
Public reaction and fat cruelty is a bit over the top in the story, I think. Our heroine is a larger sized woman but she is is somewhere in the high teens for her size. 18, I am thinking. Large breasts, smaller waist, lots of booty. I am about this size and I don't get this kind of public reaction. I know a lot of women bigger than me who don't get this.
My man is good looking but he is not drop deadly like her guy but I still do not think what happens in the book is that plausible. There is a lot of fat hatred in this book from unexpected quarters. There is a lot of fat hatred in our society but I am not sure that the amount in the book is merited and it takes away from the romance in some places. She isn't the kind of big that begins to make people uncomfortable or feel freed from social norms to this degree.
The ex, I get as he is abusive and while I think his aunt is overdone, she knows Ellis and people that know you and dislike you for other reasons are much more likely to be this way. It isn't really the individual scenes that are so bad but rather the general tone that gets created for the book which leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth even after the HEA.
Fat hatred is a valid and important issue but the way it is handled here is a bit off the narrative truth of this book. I am not sure how well the blog entries at the start of each chapter work. I enjoy them but some are a bit trite and they change tone over the course of a book so they just aren't as compelling as they could be.
Requests! I am glad to see that the sister gets her own novella. I hope that this time through she is a much more real character. I am interested in seeing how the writer does that.
I really, really, really, want a novella that tells the falling in love story of Ellison's parents. I adore her dad and mom and think the love story between them would be grand. I love such promising debuts by new writers.
Rock on, Sugar!
I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it!
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84 reviews
March 1, 2020
Welcome to the second installation of Emily Reads Books With Fat Protagonists Because They Are In Short Supply and Representation Rocks Baby.

I shan’t lie... this one troubled me, so I’m going to start there.

**Here’s the bad**
1. My first gripe was that I had no idea what Ellis actually looked like. She called herself fat (in an inflammatory way, and then in a “it’s just facts” way that still felt a little loaded) but the words used to describe her confused me. It was always “soft” and “plush” and nothing that actually Meant anything. In Mike’s POV we’d be told how gorgeous her figure was, with descriptors making it seems like she was a perfect hourglass. I’m not saying hourglass-shaped people need to be escorted off the premises... but the “good fat” ladies are always first to be “accepted.” The ones that are curvy in the “right” places and never in the “wrong” ones (i.e. every place besides her boobs & Butt my Guy). So like.... ugh?

2. Not to be the pretentious dude in your Writing 101 class but... the dialogue is sometimes so predictable and trite.

3. Ellis’s love interest, Mike, is INSISTENT that she is not fat. Over and over we are bombarded with, “Don’t talk about yourself that way! You’re beautiful, you’re sexy!” And when Ellis retorts, “And fat, you must see I’m fat, too?” (Which in itself presents an interesting framework worth talking about. Where is the line between “you’re not fat you’re beautiful” and “wow a BBW 😍” and can we please find it rly soon thx) He responds with something along the lines of, “I wish you could see how much I love your body...” which.... nice! But still doesn’t rly sound like you See her or are willing to Actually Engage with her views on herself. Tough love in the form of “you’re perfect shut up” does little to actually foster confidence. No offense. (Mike’s a cop tho so... what’d you expect?)

4. There’s a push-and-pull romance, and then there’s maybe-we-shouldn’t-have-to-try-so-hard.

**Counterpoints to some of the bad**
1. Someone had to be the first ones “accepted,” so I guess “good fats” were naturally gonna lead the way.

3. This book was published in the summer of 2013, which means it was written before that. The internet wasn’t quite as vocal about body positivity before then, and it was especially devoid of fat liberation for the average peruser. My guess is reclamation of the word fat hadn’t hit Jamison’s radar yet...

4. It’s annoying and unhealthy, but of course it’s delicious.

**Here’s the good**
1. The characters are definitely different. They’re nuanced. And their psychological wounds are explained and mixed in with a delicate hand — I might venture to say a good example of show don’t tell.

2. I liked the idea of Ellis’s business, and I found the parts where she was working with her friends at the store very fun. I also liked the friends. Sure, they weren’t super fleshed out, but they also weren’t just dropped in. It was a good middle ground.

3. Even though I’m not sure how much so, Ellis is fat, and she is desired deeply over and over. She wears want she wants, she designs beautiful clothes, and her mission for her store is one I wish existed in real life!!

Sorry this is so long, but it was complicated in my mistrust of it. I’m gonna add it to the shelf because at this point, we need some wins. If we start stackin em, I may remove it. We’ll see.
201 reviews33 followers
December 13, 2014
reading through the reviews on goodreads i feel like i'd read a different book than the rest.

picked up this book because it features a plus-sized heroine and who doesn't like one m i right? it started off okay then it gradually became cringe-worthy. yes i know it's a romance book and by reading the synopsis it's obvious it's going to be a boy-meets-girl kind of story line but i didn't expect it to be so cliche.

basically the book started off with the main character, Ellis buying cookies from a store when her ex's aunt saw her and treated her with disgust because she's "fat" and still stuffing her face with junk food. then Mike, appears and defended Ellis. just like that they had an instant connection.

there wasn't any plot/climax at all to this story. everything just fits right from the start. they literally just fell in love with each other from chapter 1. the rest of the book was just them denying themselves their "true feelings" while fucking each other senseless in bed. seriously?

the characters had no development AT ALL. everything was just too EASY.

ugh was actually 1/4 in the book and i was already bored but i persisted. about 3/4 through and i was like alright that's enough. i really couldn't get through it.
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954 reviews72 followers
October 1, 2015
5 BIG STARS! Keeper Shelf
I had a terrific time reading Mike and Ellis' story.
It was laugh out loud, funny, sweet and DIRTY!
Mike is now one of my all time favorite beta-heroes. He's the best.
I can't wait to read Colin's story!
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603 reviews22 followers
March 25, 2018
J'ai beaucoup beaucoup aimé ce livre!! la preuve, je l'ai lu en 24h en vo svp!!!
Pourtant, il n'est pas exempt de défauts mais il m'a plu parce qu'il m'a parlé, il a fait écho à mes propres réactions, appréhensions et expériences.
Ellis est une femme ronde, oversize comme ils disent là bas .. elle donne l'impression d'être bien dans sa peau, ses baskets, s'être acceptée pourtant, elle est pleine de doutes et deviens parfois/souvent méchante envers elle-même. Et ces doutes, elle les traîne presque jusqu'à la fin même quand Mike, le héros (ABSOLUMENT parfait) (en plus il ressemble à Clark Kent) lui a prouvé plusieurs fois à quel point il l'aimait TELLE QU'ELLE EST!
Mais je sais par expérience que ces complexes ne partent pas d'un claquement de doigts, que des années d'humiliations comme certaines nous sont présentées dans le livre, ne s'effacent pas comme ça d'un claquement de doigts. Et cela sonne juste.
Alors Ellis risque d'agacer certaines ...
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 19 books116 followers
January 26, 2020

Ho amato Ellis per la maggior parte del romanzo. Burrosa fuori e dolcissima dentro!
Mi sono fatta delle grasse risate quando ha incontrato Mike e lo stupore/sconcerto di lui sono memorabili!
A un certo punto non ne potevo più dei suoi tira e molla emotivi. Tutti motivati, ok... ma comunque troppi per i miei gusti.

Consigliato per chi ama l’angst o comunque lo legge senza voler fracassare il Kindle sulla parete.
Scritto bene.
Stile scorrevole e scoppiettante.
Personaggi secondari favolosi (i genitori di lei sono uno spasso!)
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64 reviews28 followers
May 17, 2016
*I received a ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I really liked this book it was a funny, sassy and had some tearjerker moments. This book has everything you expect in a romantic comedy: there is an ex-boyfriend who doesn't want to be an ex, a jealous older sister, dysfunctional families, a hunky leading man, a sassy leading woman, misunderstandings, and a happily ever after.


Ellis runs into an old crush Mike who used to date her beautiful older sister. Ellis wants nothing to do with him so for the first time Mike is doing the chasing. She knows he is a love them and leave them kind of guy; he doesn't do relationships. Mike won't take no for an answer and pursues Ellis until she finally gives in. Mike and Ellis have some serious chemistry and before long Mike is thinking about relationships and commitment in terms of him and Ellis.

Ellis is a plus size woman who says she loves her body but still struggles with getting over letting thoughts of what others think about her weight get to her. She owns a store that caters to women like her who feel like outcasts because they don't have the body-type that fashion deems acceptable.

Mike is a police detective who has moved away for the city because he was getting burnt out and looking for a change. Mike has problems of his own, his own father left his family when he was young and has never gotten over it, and now his father wants to reconnect.

In the end Ellis and Mike have to come to terms with their pasts and decide what they want their future to be like.
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530 reviews24 followers
February 22, 2019
"Il cioccolato è come del buon sesso con un uomo sexy. È fantastico per un po',ma finirà col farti star male"....
Autostima e pregiudizi argomenti fondamentali di questo romanzo. Molto ironica la protagonista con qualche chilo in piu' ma non per questo meno sexy;infatti conquista un ragazzo bello da togliere il fiato. Sembra una fiaba, e proprio come in una fiaba che si rispetti c'è la strega cattiva,anzi qui sono due..
Formidabili anche i genitori di lei,divertenti ed emancipati....
Peccato che non abbiano pubblicato altro in italiano
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849 reviews26 followers
March 1, 2014
I loved it! Dangerous Curves Ahead was a light, refreshing read about love, trust and acceptance. It was also laugh-out-loud funny and a tear-jerker. Any book that can elicit such a broad set of emotions and feelings deserves a five-star rating!

Ellison "Ellis" Garret is changing her life. For the better. After a damaging relationship with an emotionally and mentally abusive jack-ass, Ellis has kicked him to the curb and dived into making her dreams a reality head-on. Having been a successful, but unhappy lawyer, Ellis is ready to make herself happy and find the woman she was always meant to be in the process. To do this, she's acting on her passion for fashion and the fact that so many plus-sized, overly tall, or large-footed women have such a difficult time finding clothes that make them feel beautiful and comfortable. Being of the plus-sized set herself, Ellis is intimately acquainted with the helpless feeling shopping for fashionable clothes can cause. Using her life savings, she opens a store dedicated to dressing those women who are bigger than a size two or may have longer arms or who just need a good alteration (Ellis personally sews her customer's clothes, as well). This is her focus, and what she has determined she will commit to instead of a man who can drag her down and break her heart again. She wasn't expecting to bump into her first serious crush and first love. Mike Edwards is a detective on the small city of Durant's police force. He wasn't always. He grew up in Buffalo, but eager to get out, he landed in New York as a cop. Mike loved being a cop, but after so many years, he became hardened to the everyday tragedy he saw and decided he needed a change. His choice of relocation was his college town. It was quiet, more wholesome, and the perfect place to find himself. What he wasn't expecting to find was a sassy-mouthed, curvy woman who drove him nuts but that he couldn't get enough of. Defending the beautiful Ellis from a verbal attack from a freakishly skinny older woman isn't usual for Mike, but there was something about her he couldn't ignore. To his surprise he recognizes Ellis from somewhere and Ellis confirms this, but to his utter irritation the infuriating woman wont let him in on the knowledge. Soon enough, Mike seems to run into her several times around town, even while investigating on a case. Ellis isn't giving anything away, though. If Mike cant remember how humiliating their last encounter was, she isn't going to be the one to remind him. Instead of forgetting about her, Mike becomes more intrigued and more attracted to her. He wants her, but Ellis is a settling down type and Mike isn't sure he's ready for that. Their chemistry is astonishing in its pull, though, and a friend lets slip how Ellis knows him when in mixed company. Mike cant believe its been four years since he saw Ellis and he cant believe how he treated the one woman he cant seem to stop thinking about. When Ellis is the target of the robber case Mike is investigating, they become closer still. Its impossible to not to. And when their passions carry them away, both take a risk. Mike with Ellis possibly wanting more than he can give, and Ellis with falling to hard and making herself vulnerable to heartbreak and betrayal. Mike doesn't have a good history with a strong make influence and love. Ellis has been badly hurt and cautious to open herself up to someone she could love so much. This couple has a long bumpy ride ahead that is by no means filled with just hearts and flowers. They will have to ride out the craziness of two loving but overbearing families with the return of an absent dad, a jealous sister, a possessive ex, and most of all the battle within themselves for love, trust, and self-worth.

Mike was a dream. Granted, his past history with women made him a bit of a dawg, but its also understandable. A fit, gorgeous man in his twenties is gonna like women and lots of them because they like him. Now in his early thirties, he's grownup a bit and looking for something a little more substantial. Maybe not permanent, but not one-night stand either. I loved Mike. He was strong, protective, sweet, and not easily distracted (from his pursuit of Ellis, especially). I appreciated his defense of Ellis and the way he saw her from the start. Ellis was amazing. I've read books like this before where the heroine is obsessed with changing and becoming thinner to please someone, but this wasn't that book. Ellis had accepted her body and image, embraced it even and was dedicated in helping her customers accepting themselves, as well. She made jokes of her curvy figure, but not in a way where she felt sorry for herself or expected sympathy or even in a way she was putting herself down. It was just simple fact, stated with an acceptance and confidence that made her even more beautiful to read about. I felt for her after learning of the way she had been treated by others. Especially by those who are supposed to love her, but she rose up stronger than you would think. She was a pleasure to read about, and an i spiring heroine. I loved Walter. He was probably my third favorite character in the book. His social awkwardness was endearing and sweet because you could see so clearly how he felt about his family. I hope to see more of him in future from glimpses i to Mike and Ellis. A fantastic read with definite reread status. I cant wait for the small novella we get in October and will be impatiently waiting for boom two. <3
229 reviews2 followers
February 3, 2020
3.5.. inizio molto carino ma poi si è perso, ha ripetuto lo stesso schema di eventi tipo tre volte.
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311 reviews14 followers
August 22, 2013
Ellis Garrett is dumping her critical boyfriend, opening a plus-size clothing store, and starting a blog—all to spread the word that fashion shouldn’t require a size-two body, and happiness should allow for the occasional cupcake. Or two. But is indulging fantasies about her sister’s long-ago ex, the still-hunky Michael Edwards, biting off more than she can chew?

Mike must be losing his detective’s touch. He doesn’t recognize Ellis when he bumps into her at Size Me Up, and he certainly doesn’t remember his ex-girlfriend’s outspoken sister being so irresistible. Her curves are indeed dangerous—and so is her wit. Could it be that Ellis is his Perfect Fit? One thing’s for sure: Mike will make it his sworn duty to find out…

Ellis Garrett, an intelligent woman who speaks her mind, is searching for the road to fulfillment. She's also a curvy woman who owns the shape of her body with aplomb. Mike Edwards is a handsome cop recently back from the mean streets of New York City, now policing the small town of Durant. Mike and Ellis have an incredibly entertaining meet-cute to start off the book. Despite a mutual attraction, Ellis considers Mike off limits and not good for her. Years ago, Mike dated her older sister Dina. Thing is, Mike doesn't remember Ellis's connection to Dina and can't quite place her in his past, but he does know he's interested in learning more about Ellis. When he finally has all the puzzle pieces of their past, it's a lovely moment that opens the door to their bumpy trip to love. I found the author's reveal and the manner in which the characters, especially Mike, handled the revelation pleasantly sweet in a way that felt authentic.

Sugar Jamison's Dangerous Curves Ahead is a fun, appealing book. There are a lot of comedic moments with engaging, memorable characters. That said, it's not always about laughs. Dramatic moments of revelations and realizations give the story layers. Ellis is a very charming character who I would totally want as a friend in real life, but she's not without her demons. When the book starts, Ellis is six months out of a relationship that has left her with heavy-duty emotional scars, primarily trust and esteem issues. I personally connected with the doubts and pain her prior relationship caused her to have about herself. I identified with some of how she dealt with her demons—I can be a smartmouth too—and could even overcome my occasional frustration when her trust issues caused her to handle a situation against her best interest. All that said, Ellis is a fabulous heroine because even in her worst emotional state, she's not a weak character. She's smart, witty, fun, and a lot stronger than she realizes.

I like Mike a lot and he is a charming complementary partner for Ellis, though he's far from Mr. Perfect. He's got a playboy past, but he's returned to town older and wiser. While he's reluctant to start a serious relationship for his own reasons, he can't resist his growing feelings for Ellis. He makes some missteps along the way because of his own demons, but he's never a bad guy. Occasionally blind to situations and emotionally wary of what commitment entails, he nonetheless is a hero you find yourself rooting for.

This first book in the Perfect Fit series, which includes characters introduced to star in the later novels, reads like a thoroughly entertaining romantic comedy. I easily visualized many of the interactions between the characters, and it never felt over the top. I am looking forward to the other books in this series, for their own merit, and hopefully to see how Mike and Ellis are doing in their happily ever after.
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2,947 reviews205 followers
September 21, 2013
Originally published at Reading Reality

Once upon a time, this would have been an “ugly duckling” type of story, and the way that Ellis would have achieved her HEA would have been to become a “beautiful swan” by losing weight.

I hate that message and I’m beyond ecstatic that the author didn’t go there. We’re not all size 2. We’re also not all 5’6”. Dangerous Curves Ahead is about a woman finding her bliss in the work sense and her HEA in the romantic sense by being true to herself.

After she’s kicked a dirty rotten demeaning arsehole to the curb.

Ellis Garrett’s clothing store has the best name in the universe, “Perfect Fit”, because that’s what she does. It’s not just that she sells plus-size clothes, it’s that she tailors the clothes to fit women who do not exactly fit into whatever size falls off the rack, big or small. (Women’s clothing sizing generally sucks.)

But starting a small business in today’s economy is a pretty iffy proposition, even on a good day. Ellis isn’t exactly making ends meet, sometimes they barely wave at each other. But she loves her store way more than she ever loved being a lawyer.

Suddenly, after the world’s longest dating dry spell, two men are vying for her attention; and neither of them look like good bets.

Well, they both look good, but neither of them probably is good. Her ex shows up and wants her back. Oh hells no.

And the hunk her sister dated in college is back in town. Ellis had a huge crush on Michael Edwards when they were all in school, and he’s hotter than he was back then. It’s too bad he doesn’t even remember her.

Especially since he wants to get to know this mystery woman a whole lot better. As intimately as possible.

Escape Rating B: Dangerous Curves Ahead is a fun romance starring an absolutely snarktastic heroine with a light dusting of suspense to liven things up.

The suspense involved someone breaking into Ellis’ store and, well, breaking things. It was pretty obvious who was behind the crime, but it does give Mike a chance to get overprotective and to play handyman.

Another major issue in the story were the opposing family dynamics. Mike’s family is pretty functional, but Mike has serious commitment issues. On that other hand, Ellis’ family is almost totally dysfunctional, but it mostly works, except for stuff between Ellis and her sister, Dina. That part is seriously messed up.

Mike and Ellis take a while to reach each other, and there is one big misunderstandammit, involving, of course, previously mentioned sister Dina, along the way.

The best thing about this story is that Ellis’ weight issues are only issues to her, not to Mike. He sees a beautiful, sexy woman who might need to get her baggage together about how she feels about herself, her family, her trust issues, and her arsehole ex.

I enjoyed the way they moved forward (after that misunderstandammit) in a direction that was slightly different from what either of them originally thought. They built a new future together. Lovely.

Reviewer’s note: I want a store like Ellis’ in my neighborhood, definitely including her marvelous crew.
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September 24, 2015
3.5 per essere sinceri... Non so che dire su questo libro, affronta benissimo secondo me il problema delle donne grasse e di quelle che si sentono grasse. Perché nonostante tutto io penso che ogni donna, o un buon 80% di ogni donna nella sua vita si sia sentita grassa, adocchiata, presa in giro. E poi arriva Mr SonoUnDioInTerra e davvero pensa che sia attraente. Certo. Come uno scafandro. Sul fondo del mare. Bucato. Pieno di alghe. Certo.
Nel senso, non stento a credere che Mike sia attratto da Ellis, ma capisco che Ellis sia scettica, sospettosa, poco fiduciosa. Dopo anni passati ad essere brutta e grassa (a essere considerata dal mondo brutta e grassa, perché grazie al cielo lei è abbastanza forte da amarsi per quella che è, quindi siamo già molto più avanti di chi invece viene considerata brutta e grassa dalla società e anche da se stessa), questo le dice che è bella e blablabla.
Però anche se questo aspetto è stato, secondo ne, descritto benissimo, ci sono mooolte pecche.
Primo, la sorella. Bello essere amati e accettati dalla propria famiglia, l'analista di Dina non è così bravo come credete, bambini! Ma ci rendiamo conto?
Secondo, il tira e molla di Mike e Ellis. Cioè la prima volta ci sta, la seconda volta può starci, dalla terza in poi sforiamo la follia mentale. No. Troppo forzato! Cioè, solo perché vuoi allungare il brodo non puoi decidere che lui vuol fare la prima donna, si stufa della non fiducia di Ellis e se ne va. Ma manco una femmina penserebbe così.
Terzo, Mike. Non so, sarà che io non ho avuto esperienze di uomini così... Emotivi. Tutto un 'tesoro', tutto un 'non ti fidi di me', tutto un 'non devi dire che sei grassa'. Non ce lo vedo un uomo comportarsi così, ma ripeto che forse sono io che conosco tutti uomini rudi e che non parlano di sentimenti (nel senso che non ci rimuginano).
Quarto, la fine. Tirata via da morire!!!! Tutto un libro lento, impostato bene, scorrevole. Poi dopo aver risolto il caso di rapine (un po' scontato eh), si susseguono avvenimenti molto molto molto più velocemente. La conoscenza della famiglia di Mike con Ellis, il litigio finale con Dina, l'epilogo. Nah.
Però non è possibile non innamorarsi di Colin, l'irlandese. Bello lui!! E anche il padre di Ellis non ho potuto che prenderlo subito in simpatia!

È un libro simpatico, pieno di cliché, ma divertente. Romantico al punto giusto e con dei cattivi fantastici (Jack, la zia, Dina. Favolosi cattivi quanto basta per volerli buttare dal terrazzo una ventina di volte solo per fargli male). Peccato per qualche pecca.
Ci sarà un secondo e minimo un terzo ma credo che mi terrò il tuttosommato bel ricordo del primo e ciao.
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September 5, 2013
Review featured on www.books-n-kisses.com

This book is adorable. I did have some problems with it (see below) but mostly I devoured it (no pun intended). Ellis is a plus size girl who has changed her whole life lately and the last thing she expects is Mike to come back into her life. They had only met a couple times before but a crush is a crush after all. I loved Ellis. She is so snarky and snippy and has a quick sense of humor. She is the kind that can laugh at herself and can make others laugh with her. The problem is she is tired of being laughed AT. Mike is a sweet guy and I really enjoyed him most of the time. Yes I said most.

So here comes the parts that I didn’t like. The couple yo-yos too much.. together, not together, together, etc. While I understand the reason for the not-togethers it went on too many times. I didn’t enjoy the fact that Ellis was always saying she is “fat”. She has a lot of confidence in herself (most of the time) so I would have thought she would use more confident words like plus size or rubenesque, etc. But I can get past that. And non-story related the story has tons (and I mean tons) of errors. I am not sure if the author did not have a editor (if not I will volunteer since I have done it for many books) but sometimes there were so many little errors I had to re-read the sentence to understand it. **NOTE: I went back and looked and I received a uncorrected copy from NetGalley so it was probably fixed by the time the book went live**

NOW… that being said I still adored this book. I think every plus-size girl in the world should pick it up. I think every skinny girl should too… Why? Because it shows how big girls really feel. It shows how what we hear affects our confident, it show show we don’t understand why a gorgeous guy likes a big girl and it shows that big girls deserve love too. I can’t wait for the next in the series. I know this series will be a BIG hit. (Get it?)


I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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2,203 reviews82 followers
September 25, 2013
A fun and sassy novel. I liked that Ms. Jamison showed Ellis's confidence as well as her extreme insecurities - Ellis rang true to me. Less realistic were Mike (whose voice sounded like a woman writing a man rather than a male character, if that makes sense) and the story's almost cartoon-like villains. The breakup-makeup scenes between Ellis and Mike got to be a bit too much, but I do want to stress that I liked the book overall.

Ellis's father completely stole the show for me. I loved that Ms. Jamison didn't make his Asperger's a gimmick. She gave a lot of depth to Ellis's family and did a great job of showing complex family dynamics.

I really wish Ellis's store were real. Ms. Jamison had me drooling over her creations.

As an aside (and completely unrelated to my rating of the book), I'm really bummed this had a cartoon cover. It seems like the big NY publishers go with cartoon covers instead of models when they put a plus size heroine on the cover...which they frequently don't, choosing instead to simply put the hero on the cover. There are plenty of gorgeous plus size models out there who could have been the image of Ellis, but oh well.
184 reviews
July 22, 2019
This book was such a disappointment. I wanted a beach read and this one had a great premise: a plus-sized, Harvard Law heroine with supposedly snappy dialogue and a message of accepting yourself as you are. Instead it was totally unbelievable on all levels. The heroine isn't accepting of her size; she's whiny and self-critical. She doesn't stand up for herself as much as she is mean. Every basic trope is there: the eco-feminist professor mother, the Asperger's father - well how else to explain his lack of affection but not his lack of love? She's adopted, of course. Her half-sister's father ran out on her and her boyfriend's father ran out on him, of course. And that Asperger's father - who is a PhD scientist - punches her new beau because - wait for it - HE MADE HER CRY.

Ellis somehow, managed to graduate from Harvard Law when her main concern that day was her sister's boyfriend. Seriously? She engages in petty name-calling with her ex-boyfriend's aunt (calling her a bitch repeatedly), because that is so typical of lawyers. Especially Ivy League female lawyers. Right.

Like the book, I could just go on and on (and on and on). Pass this one up, guys, unless you are desperate.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 31, 2013
This was so refreshing to pick up. To be honest, I did not expect much from it. It's a romance novel about a plus sized woman who is just out of a failed relationship. I've read stories like this before and, generally, I am so overwhelmed by the heroine having to change and make her life "better" by becoming thinner, that I lose interest in the character and the plot.

Not here.

Ellison (awesome name) is a confident woman who has ended her career in law to become the owner of a womans apparel shop that caters to women who have body shapes that just don't fit into standard sizing. She is struggling to keep afloat and is trying to work out how she can continue to operate her shop while keeping a roof over her head and food on the table when she runs into an old acquaintance who had a major effect on her, Mike. Mike however, has no idea who she is or where Ellison knows him from...at first.

More from this review here: http://ihatecatsbr.blogspot.com/2013/...
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September 11, 2015
I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this book, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was a very enjoyable and realistic BBW romance!

The characterization in this story was spot on, with flawed characters that were actually believable. I especially loved Ellis' dad! Ellis' nicknames for folks got a bit irritating at times. Michael was a bit overprotective at times as well, which became annoying.

The plot was overall a good one, but the situation with the ex got resolved much too quickly for my tastes. There was a lot of build up for it, but the resolution was a bit of a let down.

To me, this was an enjoyable piece of chick lit that was slightly humorous and very entertaining. I would definitely recommend it to others!
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December 30, 2016
I enjoyed this book so much, though not as good as the previous one I've read.

Ellis's constant nagging about her weight is definitely bothering me, but at the same time it's understandable since I think I'll be just like her when I got a hunk of man as a boyfriend. What I don't really enjoy is Mike's hot and cold, push and pull attitude toward Ellis. Gos, I hate those. It create an unnecessary problem and that's. well, unnecessary.

But overall I enjoyed this book so much! Sugar Jamison really capture the essence of being plus-sized, and that means a lot to me. :)

Look forward to read more!
59 reviews
December 14, 2017
This book was just full of cliches and DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA. The most frustrating part for me is how the female lead keeps saying that she loves how she looks and yet every other conversation is her saying that she's too fat and how the male lead shouldn't really want to be with her because of it. Talk about mixed signals. This kinda thing goes on and on through 350 pages of the entire book. Nope! DNF
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March 15, 2022
Okay, so I LOVED this book.

It was a page turner. It was emotional and real.

I appreciated the flawed characters who had tons of baggage. It was more realistic than most other romances.

The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 are because of the following:

1. The constant self-deprecation of the heroine based on her being "fat" when in reality, she's not. The author said she's in the "teens" which means the biggest she could be is a size 18 which is tiny. And she's described as having a tiny waist. So, basically, the heroine is a curvaceous hourglass who gets plenty of attention from the opposite sex. She's not really fat and doesn't deal with what fat women deal with.

2. Every time the characters had sex, they didn't use condoms. While this was addressed at one point, it wasn't resolved. Totally irresponsible. Not only that, but something happens at the end of the book that is a HUGE no-no and was really reprehensible on the part of the heroine.

3. When the characters have sex, there always seems to be a lack of foreplay. The majority of women (75%) can't relate to a woman only wanting penetrative sex and having an orgasm from PIV only.

4. There are constant fatphobic comments about other characters and just a lot of derogatory comments in general. When they describe a certain person, it's "fat, bald", etc. This isn't done with thin characters.

The author has some issues. Her writing is good and the story was a journey, but she really needs to deal with her fatphobia.
September 11, 2018
I can relate to Ellis. She may otherwise be the 'perfectly shaped' girl but she owns up to it and is happy with herself. You go girl! But after finding her ex boyfriend with someone else and then the nerve of him to blame her and then wants her back. Well she did the right thing when it came to him but when she runs into Mike, her high school crush, the banter between the two is so much fun. The only thing that gets between the two is that they both have trust issues.

I loved this book and found another fun author.
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October 3, 2013
dal blog di Ellis
Cicciona e altre parole per grassa
Taglia forte

Ecco una bella commedia romantica scarsamente pubblicizzata, ma che meriterebbe senza ombra di dubbio una maggiore attenzione. Spero che questa recensione vi invogli all’acquisto perché in mezzo ad una serie infinita di miliardari giovani e dannati, protagoniste simil modelle vergini e bellissime, Ellis è come un’oasi nel deserto delle pubblicazioni fotocopia. Mike invece, non mi dilungo troppo a descriverlo, è un poliziotto “ultragnokko”.
Mi è piaciuto molto questo libro, divertente e impertinente, ma con momenti di vera emozione. Aggiungo inoltre, che essendo io non esattamente una fotomodella, sarei felice di trovare un negozio come quello della protagonista nella mia città.
Ellison Garrett, giovane avvocato di successo laureata ad Harvard, lascia New York e un fidanzato orribile, per tornare a vivere nella cittadina di provincia dove è cresciuta. Qui la ritroviamo blogger e proprietaria di un negozio dove si vendono abiti per donne dalle taglie non conformi al gusto imperante. Lei stessa guardandosi allo specchio, vede una bellissima donna con qualche chilo in più, dovuti al suo amore per dolci e biscotti, ma con tutte le curve al posto giusto. Purtroppo a causa del ex fidanzato e del suo tradimento, non riesce ad avere la piena consapevolezza di tutto il meraviglioso potenziale sia come donne che come stilista.
Michael Edwards è un poliziotto recentemente tornato dalle strade di New York City, ora operante nella polizia della cittadina di Durant, dove ha frequentato il college. Mike e Ellis hanno un divertentissimo incontro-scontro all’inizio della storia, mentre sono in coda in un caffè per l’acquisto di alcuni goduriosi dolci. Nonostante una reciproca e istantanea attrazione, Ellis considera Mike “off limits”, sente cioè che non va affatto bene per lei. Anni prima, Mike era uscito alcune volte con sua sorella maggiore e aveva fama di “collezionista” . Il nostro detective non si ricorda di Ellis, non la riconosce, ma si sente subito attratto dalle sue morbide labbra e dal suo corpo voluttuoso.
Dopo giorni i due si incontrano nuovamente in un pub. Mike tenta Ellis con del peccaminoso cibo spazzatura che però lei, seguendo una sua speciale dieta, ha giurato di non mangiare. I rispettivi amici assistono attoniti al battibecco tra i due. Facciamo conoscenza così delle amiche e colleghe di Ellis: Belinda e Cherry e di Colin, un simpatico restauratore di origine irlandese, intimo amico del nostro poliziotto e sua irresistibile spalla comica. Ho trovato Colin uno dei personaggi secondari migliori del libro in coppia con Walter, padre della protagonista un bizzarro professore, con sindrome di Asperger, sposato con una femminista ex figlia dei fiori.
La nostra protagonista però non riesce a fidarsi degli uomini, e la causa è da ricercare nel comportamento negativo e denigratorio del suo ex, che a lungo andare ha minato la sua autostima. La sua ironia e le sue battute taglienti tengono per parecchio tempo a distanza Mike che invece si sente più maturo che in passato; forse finalmente pronto per affrontare una relazione seria.
Ellis e Mike formano una grande coppia. Mi è piaciuto molto il fatto che Ellis, anche se a tratti qualche complesso tenda ad affiorare, sia orgogliosa del proprio corpo e che non cerchi di cambiarlo, ma che invece lo esalti con vestiti e completi mozzafiato. Mike del resto adora le sue curve, continua a rassicurarla su questo, e alla fine riuscirà a convincerla, oltre che del suo amore, del fatto che lui non la cambierebbe mai per nessuna taglia 40. I dialoghi arguti ironici e spiritosi sono irrinunciabili, ma non hanno dominato troppo la scena a discapito della trama o dei personaggi che sono incredibilmente ben delineati.
Un esordio scoppiettante e promettente, per questa giovane autrice che ha già in programma una novella natalizia sulla sorella maggiore Dina e un secondo capitolo della serie, con protagonisti Colin e Cherry, previsto per il prossimo anno.
Post dal Blog di Ellis:
Perché gli uomini preferiscono segretamente le ragazze grasse
Cucinano meglio.
Non sono schizzinose quando le porti a cena fuori.
C’è più ciccia al fuoco al momento giusto (decisamente la mia preferita, e chicka chicka bum! )
Sono calde anche nelle notti più gelide.
Da un punto di vista biologico, gli uomini sono attratti istintivamente dalle ragazze con i fianchi larghi, il sedere morbido e il punto vita sottile. Andate in un museo e osservate dei dipinti di un centinaio di anni fa. Le ragazze nei ritratti assomigliano più a Adele o a Jennifer Aniston?
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October 2, 2013

Many thanks to NetGalley for an ARC copy to read and review.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Have you ever started a book purely for its entertainment value, and came out learning a few life lessons by the end of the book? No? Well, if you read this book you might. I'll be honest and admit I never start a romance novel thinking I'll learn something new. Usually, it's because the cover has a hot guy on the cover or it sounds like it'll have some hot sex in it (I'm being honest here, guys!), but I've never picked up a book thinking, "Wow, this book will teach me how forgiveness is the key to happiness!" Yeah... Not what I'd consider a fun read. I stick to fiction for a reason. I want to be entertained, I want to be taken on an adventure. I want to be someone else for a little while. I want to learn new sex tips (just kidding guys, fiction is probably the wrong place to turn for those). DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD is a fun mixture of romance, humor, sizzling sex, and entertaining relationship mistakes shaped into life lessons.

DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD is not your average contemporary romance novel. There's so much conflict in this story. There's Elise's ex-boyfriend trying to re-enter the picture, his creepy aunt dogging her every step, the mysterious robberies popping up in shops around hers, and the yummy old crush that doesn't seem to remember her existence. Figures. With all that is going on in under 400 pages, you'd expect the book to be a cluttered mess, but it's not. It's a fabulous train wreck that makes a girl wish she had a bowl of movie theater popcorn.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Elise: This girl would be my best friend if she were a real person. She's sarcastic, funny, and borderline rude, but I wouldn't change a thing about her. Except maybe the way she continues to put herself down. She uses weight issues as a wall so she doesn't become emotionally involved. It makes her an interesting character, but pisses off the people who care about her. Well, we all have our problems. I personally hate a perfect character.

Mike: This guy is the classic player. He's never had a steady relationship, but he has had a steady of one night stands. One thing is for sure, thought, he's definitely looking for more than one night with Elise. But how to go about making her want the same?

This book was one of the best I've read in awhile. I love a humorous book that leaves me laughing, even after I've finished the book. The only complaint I have is the author's awkwardness with saying the word "penis" during sex. I believe she calls it his "manhood" and other substitutes for the word. If you've written a contemporary book and your characters can drop an "F" bomb or when a character can say the word "penis", you can write the word "dick" or at the very least, "penis" in a sex scene.

All-in-all I loved this book. I predict I'll be purchasing a copy and re-reading this book soon. If you're into contemporary romance, pick up a copy! You will not be disappointed.

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