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Bad Rep #1

Bad Rep

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"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes".

Maysie Ardin is soaking up the summer before her junior year of college, shopping, hanging by the pool and shopping some more. But when her black belt in spending lands her in trouble with her parents, she is forced to take a second job at a local bar to dig herself out of a deep financial pit.

She thought she’d be miserable. But then Maysie didn’t count on Jordan Levitt, the hot, pierced and tattooed, drum playing bartender who also happens to be very interested in her. And the feelings are totally mutual.

It had the makings of the perfect romantic set up. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy has girlfriend? Okay, maybe not.

But attraction is a hard thing to ignore and soon Jordan and Maysie find themselves in the middle of a gossip induced firestorm. Maysie has to learn whether she can set aside her fear of public disapproval in order to be with the one she wants. Or will she let the opinions of others dictate her life and her heart?

444 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 21, 2012

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About the author

A. Meredith Walters

34 books4,289 followers
The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary and New Adult romances including the Bad Rep, Find You in the Dark, Reclaiming the Sand, and Twisted Love series.

Follow her on-

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1CkvffQ

Twitter: @AuthorAMWalters

Instagram: a.meredith.walters

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757 reviews3,660 followers
December 20, 2012
4 STARS out of 5
Genre: New Adult/College

Photobucket  photo tumblr_mdn1frJZ3r1rygxh4_zps1418771f.gif
 photo tumblr_mdn19nClh11rygxh4_zpscfef0c02.jpg

"His voice was like liquid caramel. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do with him. I wanted no holds barred, throw-me-against-a-wall-and-pound-me-within-an-inch-of-my-life-SEX.
~internal monologue of Maysie

And she gets it too. That and then some. **Fans self**

Honestly I don't know where to begin... Here we go!

Maysie Ardin has just been slapped in the face by life when a bill for $3,500.00 comes sending her parents in to a tail spin. Now instead of enjoying her summer vacation before her junior year in college spending more money. She must get a second job to pay off her debt.

When her roommate Riley tells her about a waitress job at a local bar Maysie jumps at the opportunity. They both go and fill out the paper work. And when Maysie looks up and spots Jordan Levitt the bartender she is at a loss for words. Literally.
The guy is that gorgeous.

The attraction is instant and comes from both sides. They're like magnets drawing to each others raw energy. Jordan makes it abundantly clear he wants Maysie. But things go terribly wrong when she finds out who he is.
AND who his girlfriend is.

Maysie continues to fight the undeniable attraction she has for Jordan. Unfortunately no matter how much she puts out the flames.. He keeps lighting the match.

"But tell me, Mays, why is it all I can think about is you> Why am I so eager to take another guy's head off for touching you? Why is it when I lay in bed at night I dream that it's you there beside me?" ~Jordan

So while she is willing to deny deny deny her feelings. He comes at her with the gloves off.

'He was flipping Amazing. And I was in so deep that I wasn't sure I could swim to the surface.' ~Maysie

She can no longer fight it. So she gives in, not knowing just how bad the consequences will be.

"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes". ~Maysie

Rumors spread fast across campus

 photo rumb1_e_1667_ct11rumorsjpg43_zps594bb2c7.jpg

 photo gossip2_zps5db211f7.jpg

 photo 27982463_zps9835a83e.jpg

Hearts break and all the rumors lead to a lot of tears...

 photo tumblr_lg9e9iv02L1qbmi9v.gif

Unable to deny their need for one another Maysie and Jordan decide to move forward. However jealousy and trust issues plague them brought on from the rocky foundation of their relationship. How can these two survive if everything and everyone seems to be against them. All the drama leads Maysie to ask...
Is it worth it?

Vicious lies.

Catty females.

And horny college boys turn Maysie's world upside down. Just because of a kiss. Albeit the kiss was a take your shirt off-let me lick you-pull my dress and give it to me baby in nature.
Yeah the kiss was that G O O D!!

I loved this book and I totally recommend it. This book puts mean girls in the grave. It will make you mad, real mad but trust me it's worth it.
One thing that I really enjoyed was the writing style. Meredith Walters will suck you and never let go. As a matter of fact she still has me, I am a fan for life!LOL!!! The writing is fast paced and solid with plenty of witty banter and steam that will leave you sweaty.
The lead characters tug at your heart strings. As they try to do the right thing and fail miserably. And then even as they attempt a relationship you'll want to fight for it yourself. That is how passionate they are. That is how passionate Walters wrote these characters.

Dear readers,
I recommend this book to anyone who loves an alpha male with an overprotective streak, steamy panty melting love scenes, intense angst and drama that will last for days and days.

My Ratings
Characters- Love some hate some
Writing style- So good it sucks you in to the pages
Plot/Storyline- Will have your emotions on chaos levels of high-low
Steam Factor- High/Very Steamy ->Panty melting steamy
Overall- I loved it!! READ IT! I am officially in PIMP MODE!

Now go forth and read. Then tells us about it on Goodreads!

For more reviews go to http://realitybites-letsgetlost.blogs...

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*
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99 reviews745 followers
December 26, 2012


OMG. It took me some time to write a review because Idk where to start because while it annoyed me so much, I actually do love it as well...

Now, am I making any sense? No?
Okay then, I'll just start with my review...
[May contain spoilers]

Bad Rep is about sorority girl Maysie who hasn't been doing the best choices lately (Read: 3,500$ credit card bill!!!) Not wanting her parents to save her ass AGAIN and be disappointed at her AGAIN , she decided to look for another job (as she has a job in the morning) that she can work for at nights so she can pay her debts. Together with her super awesome friend, Riley, they found a job at a bar called Barton's wherein she meets the guy who's the cause of all the nasty rumors that's going to be spread about her throughout the story, Jordan Levitt.

Tattooed, pierced, rock god Jordan (*cough* NEW BOOK BOYFRIEND *cough*) is instantly attracted to Maysie at their first meeting. There's no denying it on Maysie's part as well. They flirt around and there's a lot of sexual chemistry going on. And soon, they'll find themselves caught up with each other.

But wait...
There's one problem...
Our guy Jordan here has a GIRLFRIEND!!!

YUP, you read that right.

Oh wait, there's more...
Maysie freakin' KNOWS his girlfriend.


Their world came crashing down.

That's how it all went wrong...

And, that's when it started to annoy me...

My reaction while reading:

Notice the lack of status updates? I was sooo infuriated with this book that I didn't put it down because I just want to know what will happen next...okay, that's not true. I am actually afraid because I know there's going to be a lot of struggle and pain, but I'm looking forward for the time they'll get their HEA.

Oh God. I can't imagine how many times I cursed and bitch slapped everyone from this book in my mind. (Except Riley and Vivian because they're both awesome). Okay, first issue, Jordan:

Oh dear Lord. If he's into Maysie so much, why can't he just break up with Olivia?! He said they're not really going strong, but why the hell can't he move on with Maysie. I internally kept screaming on him to: Ditch the bitch!!!

And then, there's Maysie. This girl is a handful. Rumors are spread about her by her sorority sisters, which she doesn't do anything about and can't even stand up for herself, and I hate it that she's so afraid of being removed from their sisterhood. Ugh. Your world doesn't revolve around them sweetie and they're just a bunch of mean plastic bitches so move on, girl. Screw the sisterhood. Gahd.

-Rant done-

This review doesn't even cover half the plot of the book. You will meet different types of people here. Relentless bitches who would do everything to get Maysie down. Frat guys who are equally as bitchy as sorority girls. And many more. There are also good people though.

The thing I really love about this book is Maysie and Jordan's scenes together. Their chemistry is way up high!!! Especially their sexual chemistry, like:

And despite of my frustration and hair pulling attempts while reading, I'm really glad that I didn't take a break from it and read it all the way because the ending was WORTH THE WAIT.

“This is for the girl who always runs away,”

What do I have to do to make you stay?
What should I say to make you mine?
When will you stop running, girl?
I'm watching for the sign.

You build me up and break me down
Over and over again
I crave your seductive destruction
Even as I long for your pain.

But it wasn't all bad was it?
Things weren't always this way.
You filled the space in my empty heart,
Your eyes told me things your lips would never say.

So here I am, watching you run.
I wish you'd stop trying to leave.
How easy you forget
that you're my reason to breathe.

Stop running, girl
It won't always feel like this,
Stop running, girl
Stop running...


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733 reviews805 followers
September 17, 2014
My Maysie and Jordan:

"I wanted to tell you that I couldn't stop thinking about your face. That you had burrowed your way so deep into my veins that I would fucking bleed you. That if I died tomorrow, I could go a happy man for having felt your lips on my skin."

I hate when this happens to me. Interesting story, good writing but NO connection with characters. They were annoying, immature, cheating, mean... Some parts of this book were boring, some were really frustrating, I was really angry with character's behaviour and it never captured me. But some parts were enjoyable so I do not regret reading it. Bad Rep was a solid 2.5 stars read for me.

Jordan was contradictory in his behaviour and there were times when I really did not like him as character. He was so much interested in Maysie from very beginning but he was not able to break up with his longterm girlfriend. He wanted to be together with Maysie, but never really stand up for her when there was a need to do so. In my eyes, he was definitely NOT a kind of hero that readers should look up to. Yes, he was not a bad person and they were times that he made me swoon but overall I just could not love him. And Maysie's temper tautrums? Gross. Annoying. Irritating. Definitely no connection with main characters in this book from my side.

Fraternity and sorority system was never my thing. In Bad Rep whole Greek system was presented in very bad way and made most of the members look really stupid. So if you are fan of this college system, I would recommend you not to read this book. Fortunatelly, writing style was good and storyline was interesting enough to make me keep reading until the end.

More reviews on my blog
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2,378 reviews4,627 followers
January 16, 2013

What if the timing and circumstances were off when you meet your soul mate?

What if he was everything you ever wanted and the attraction was overwhelming?

What if he had a girlfriend for three years and they were considered your college’s ‘it’ couple?

What if his girlfriend was your sorority’s president and your social standing would suffer?

What if he was crazy about you and you acted on it before he closed the door on his prior relationship?

What if your reputation got destroyed?

Would he be worth it or would you walk away?

What if ‘he’ was...Jordan Levitt?

Could you stay away?


Jordan Levitt is a pierced, tatted, bartender, fraternity president and drummer of Generation Rejects. Nickname: Piper – as in Pied Piper of P****- because every girl swoons at his feet. Please note: Jordan sings as well…I know he is AMAZING! He is total alpha and completely head over heels for Maysie.

This book takes the main character Maysie Ardin (a pleaser type of personality) through some amazing highs and some really crappy lows. She is destroyed socially much like the movie Sorority Wars.

Maysie endures social hell and lets it get the best of her and at times lets it define her. I have to admit some of her actions were frustrating and maybe I would have handled things differently but I totally understood how she felt.

Bad Rep is a very entertaining angsty read, which left my stomach in knots for most of the book. I loved A. Meredith Walters’ writing and Jordan Levitt has landed a spot on my book boyfriend list for sure!!!
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79 reviews45 followers
March 15, 2013

I'm honestly at a bit of a loss as to where to start with this screaming hot mess. Maysie is one of the more unlikable characters I've come across in awhile. She's vain. We are repeatedly told how she knows she is hot. She's also an insecure whiney baby and a bit of a jerk. Jordan is whatever the scene calls for him to be with zero consistency. One minute he is a "poet" the next a cheating bad boy then a possessive alpha-male then a charming stand-up guy. All over the place. Honestly, there was zero reason that he wouldn't have just split with Olivia before he hooked up with Maysie if he was half the good guy the author spends the rest of the book trying to convince us he is. There wasn't some big obstacle keeping him with her. I understand sometimes things happen but this was just contrived plotting. The rest of the characters seem to only exists in order to prop up the lives of these two idiots.

This book feels like it has multiple personality syndrome. Is this a story about the consequences of hooking up with someone who isn't free? Or about how girls tear each other down? Or about unsupportive parents? Or about not letting your insecurities rule your life? Take your pick because the author takes a swing at all of them but doesn't manage to deliver really on any of them. Instead it just ends up being a mush of blah that goes on and on.

Beyond the unlikable characters and uneven storytelling it also needs an editor just to fix things like the author referring to Lemmy from Motörhead as "Lenny" or that the title of the show MythBusters isn't two words. Maysie actually bags on MythBusters at one point...heaven forbid someone around her like something intelligent that doesn't revolve around beer bongs and sorority parties.

I'm just grateful that this was a cheap read but, wow, buyer beware...
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430 reviews170 followers
September 8, 2013
New Adult at its best!

Maisey is an insecure college girl away from her controlling parents with a Father that makes her think she is not good enough. She joins a sorority to help her fit it and feel part of something. She and her roommate Riley, get a job at a local bar, Barton’s for the summer. This is where Maysie meets and falls for bad boy drummer, songwriter, Ducati riding, bartending hottie fully equipped with tats and piercings. His name is Jordan and he happens to be fraternity president dating the sorioty president. But… Jordan has not loved Olivia for a while now, but has not told her this and she is away for the summer...Uh Oh!

There is instant attraction between Mays and Jordan and Jordan wants to get to know Mays a little bit better. Once Maysie finds out Jordan has a girlfriend of three years and this girlfriend is the president of Maysie’s sorority …. Well that kinda puts a screeching halt to pursuing anything with Jordan… or does it?


So begins the roller coaster of events that will test everything Maysie and Jordan feel for one another: Olivia’s return, the parties, the betrayal and lies (Greek sisters can be nasty), the misunderstandings and “the song”… As in most new adult genre angst filled books; there is the drama, drama, drama and this book certainly had it’s share, but it also had a really sweet story of coming into your own and deciding what you want out of life and letting go of what others (including parents) think of you.

The author did a very nice job of letting the reader experience what Maysie and Jordan felt and why. I liked how they both dealt with what was happening to them and around them. Yes, there were some bumps in the road and some damn-don’t-do-that moments, but they all played a part in the journey of discovery for this couple.

I totally loved Riley, Mays’ roommate and even Eli, Mays’ casual “townie” stoner ex-boyfriend had some wise words of advice for Mays; however, my favorite character is Jordan, he just had the whole package from looks, attitude, talent and protectiveness and his sweet loving sexy moves were *Rawr*

Jordan Levitt makes it to my book boyfriend list. [image error]

I borrowed this image from the authors facebook page:

“Stop over thinking it, Mays. Don’t think about Olivia, or your sisters, or anybody else. I want you to only think about me. And us. And what my fingers are doing right now. The rest we can figure out later…together"

“I’ve never gone raw before, baby. I’m afraid it’ll be over before we even start if I go much quicker.”

“Jordan, it’s okay. You may be called the pied piper of pussy. But the only pussy you’ll be touching is mine.”

“I thought you were worth everything. That we were worth all the drama and bullshit. I am willing to fight to the death for what we have. But I can only do that if you’re willing to fight with me.”

And… you will have to read this book to find out if Maisey could handle the “Bad Rep” and allow herself the love and devotion of Jordan Levitt.

"But it was the drummer who maintained the heartbeat of the music. It was impossible to look anywhere but at him"

Here is a verse from the song Jordan wrote for Maisey

"This is for the girl who always runs away"

What do I have to do to make you stay?

What should I say to make you mine?

When will you stop running girl?

I'm watching for the sign description

It's Out Now! Get it here

*Thank-you so much to the author for providing an ARC for review. Release date is scheduled for 12-21-12 So... mark your calendar!
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529 reviews179 followers
December 8, 2012
First I must thank A. Meredith Walters for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Bad Rep! Anyone, that knows me knows I have serious obssession with Rock Stars so as always when I got the book I just.....

This is seriously a wonderful read. The book is told from Maysie's POV and I think it had to be in order to understand that how much at one time other's opinions mattered more to her than what she thought of herself. Maysie is a Junior in College and part of a sorority. Well, due to her hog wild spending spree on the credit card her parent's gave her for emergency's she receives a lovely letter from the rents telling her she will be paying them back. Okay, so what's girl who is taking summer courses, has one job already, and a full social calendar to do? That's right go with your BFF and roommate, Riley, and get a second job.

So off to Barton's Bar & Grille the girl's go and what's waiting for her when she is handed her application is the the MOST gorgeous boy she's ever seen. Freaking hot as hell, tattooed, piereced, frat boy that is a drummer in a hot local band,Generation Sin, stands Jordan and for the first time ever Maysie, the girl who always has a boyfriend but was able to remain detached, is speechless. Maysies eyes meet Jordan's and she ...........

Well maybe not that bad but damn I would be! Jordan just happens to be a 21 year-old bartender at Barton's. And boy oh boy can does he flirt with Maysie..............

I have to take a moment and talk about Riley. She is freaking hysterical with her witty and dry humor and awesome come backs. She takes no sh*t and she tells you like it is. Aren't those the best friends to have? Well the girls both get waitressing jobs at Barton's that same day and come back later that night to "shadow" the more experienced wait staff. I laughed my head off when Riley met Cal and Tito the two line cooks. I was seriously.........

Okay so back to my fav's Jordan & Maysie. They have instant connection you can feel the sparks flying when they are in the same room or as Riley so aptly put it "Good God, the sexual tension is giving me hives." But hey wouldn't you be thinking sexual thoughs, positions, naked thoughts if this was staring at you..........

I sure the hell would be. So Jordan asks Maysie to hang out with him after work so they can get to know one other better and Maysie is all for that until three of her sorority sisters come into Barton's and she learns that Jordan is TAKEN very TAKEN by Olivia the President of Maysie's sorority. Jordan forgot to share that tidbit yep he's been dating Olivia for three years and he just happens to be the President of his fraternity. So yeah this is the part where I went.........

Why the hell did he ask her out if he was taken? Well, he tries to explain that the relationship is "strained" but Maysie puts it to him in black & white - NO WAY - she's not going to do that to her sweet sorority sister who according to Maysie just hapens to be beyond beautiful, perfect, popular- get the picture? Maysie with all her self-doubt starts to quesion what would a guy like Jordan see in her anyway.

So all summer long the two of them dance around each other. Constant eye contact......

Maysie continues her pseudo relationship with "townie" Eli whe she describes as the stoner who plays guitar and with one kiss could make her forget everything BUT that was before Jordan..after Jordan enter's the picture it's bye bye Eli....The book starts to pick up speed pretty quickly you feel the tension between Maysie & Jordan and something just has to give. Maysie comes in to Barton's on one of her nights off to get her drink on and Eli also comes in. He is ALL over her and Jordan is seeing red. He is seriously............

Jordan finally initiates the first......

When Olivia returns the real agnst starts to set in and I swear Olivia's so called BFF, Milla, is the biggest b**tch! I hated her in this book! Things went from .............

to well this.....

and then everything goes to hell in a handbasket as you might suspect. There were parts of this book where I was.....

and I was definitely...........

Bad Rep ultimately has a message,HUGE ONE, and when you read it you will see. This is an amazing book! I freaking adored it! I'm utterly in love with it. Jordan and his tongue ring well I'm sure you can imagine. I was so.....

I feel in love with everything about Jordan & Maysie. They are MEANT to be together! When I was done with this book I was...

Yes my family is used to me and my insanely happy moments.

Well when all was said and done I got myself the angst, the sexy as sin Rock God tattooed & pierced drummer Jordan, off the charts hot between the sheets, biggest damn smile on my face right now and fantastic lesson learned about being yourself and not caring what others think/say!!!

Another 5++++++ read! Hot damn there are some awesome books coming out in December!!!! If this isn't on your TBR well damn add it! This is one seriously rocking book! I can't wait for it's release so EVERYONE can experience what I did while reading Bad Rep. FREAKING ADORE THIS BOOK!! I absolutely adore A.Meredith Walters :)

Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters
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58 reviews45 followers
January 22, 2013
"One day, I’ll get you a ring on your finger. You just wait and see."

Aww. Seriously. One of the best New Adult novels I’ve read recently!

With all the sorority drama going on in this book, Bad Rep clearly has more issues than the movie Mean Girls.

Everything started with the $3500 credit card statement from a weekend trip to Virginia Beach:

My Visa was supposed to be used “in emergencies only.” My parents had given me a 5,000 dollar limit, stressing that I was NEVER to even think about using it. Unless I was broken down on the other side of a deserted highway with a serial killer hot on my tail.

In case you’re wondering, that would be Maysie Ardin, our female MC. She’s a people pleaser. Loves the sorority so much and can’t drop it like a bad habit even when things went downhill. Because of her immense credit, she needed another part-time job… fast.

Ended up waitressing at Barton's.

Meet Jordan Levitt – Does bartending job at Barton’s. He’s a drummer from the Generation Rejects band. A pussy magnet according to bandmates. President of the Pi Sig house. Said to be the most popular guy at Rinard College.

And before I forgot, because Jordan himself forgot to tell our female MC here while he’s chasing her… he’s the boyfriend of Maysie’s sorority president, Olivia.

Now, things just got a little more interesting.

Honestly, I know nothing about the Greek system aside from the stuff I watched on TV. But the sorority/fraternity events going on here seemed pretty realistic and enjoyable.

This book was really well-written. And the best thing about this book is the consistent character development.

Other people might get really annoyed at how insecure Maysie could be… but then who wouldn’t be insecure when your boyfriend’s ex-gf is as gorgeous and as popular as Olivia Peer and the relationship you have was built on lies?

Anyway, I just loved how Maysie matured throughout the book! Thank God for her bestfriend and recently roomie, Riley. She supported Maysie through the good and the bad times!

My favorite part of the bad times? Why, she just slapped and yanked her hair. I know that was totally uncalled for but I’m pretty wistful here. Indeed, tough love coming from bestfriends can put someone out of one’s funk.

The other secondary characters in this book were amazing too!

Vivian and Gracie. Wow! They’re the ultimate sidekicks. They’re the best sorority sisters out there!

I even liked Eli, Maysie’s townie ex-hookup. I thought he was this great douchebag but then he redeemed himself by giving Maysie the most helpful advice throughout the book:

"Well, shit, Mays. Then you need to fight for him. Don’t give up on something like that. It doesn’t come along very often. And when you find it, you hold on tight. You lock that shit down with an iron fist and you never, ever let go. Even when life tries to take it from you, you smack life upside its head like a little bitch and you keep on fighting for it. You hear me?”

Oh btw, be sure to be on the lookout for the lunchroom scene. It’s my favorite part of the book. I actually re-read it a couple of times. Maysie finally put on her big girl panties! Way to go girl!!

I would like to end this review with the song Jordan wrote for Maysie, just so I would always remember why I fell in love with this book in the first place. I have this thing for songs written for the female lead. I feel giddy everytime. It’s like they’re written for me. HAHA

What do I have to do to make you stay?
What should I say to make you mine?
When will you stop running, girl?
I’m watching for the sign.

You build me up and break me down
Over and over again
I crave your seductive destruction
Even as I long for your pain

But it wasn’t all bad was it?
Things weren’t always this way.
You filled the space in my empty heart,
Your eyes told me things your lips would never say.

So here I am, watching you run.
I wish you’d stop trying to leave.
How easy you forget
That you’re my reason to breathe.

Stop running, girl.
I’ve got nowhere to go.
I’ll wait until forever
I promise to take this slow.

Stop running, girl.
It won’t always feel like this.
Stop running, girl.
Stop running, girl!
Profile Image for Syndi.
2,902 reviews635 followers
February 13, 2021

Yup ok.. no! I have to shelved this under DNF. I do not understand how Bad Rep have a good rating. The story is bad. I thought it would be like Gossip Girl, but it is not. It feels like I am reading cut and paste from other YA/NA romance in a very bad way.

The heroine (forgot her name, thank God) is just horny and throw herself to Jordan even though he has girlfriend. Not to mention the heroine is just very immature.

Well I guess I had another bad pick of NA romance.

2 stars
Profile Image for Smitten's Book Blog.
337 reviews319 followers
November 23, 2013

So let's start with the most important part. I, Smitten, am totally in love with Jordan Levitt!

5 stars for Jordan and Maysie!

Awwww, this book is so good. Firstly, you have to know, I have a hell of a lot going on in my life at the moment, so finding a book that can hold my attention is difficult. I'm only getting short periods of time to read and I'm finding things just aren't holding my interest so well... and then I picked up Bad Rep.

Well, the first day I started it, I was terribly late for work. A. Meredith Walters, I hold you solely responsible for that. It still took me a week to get through, due to 'real life' crap, but it was so nice to know that I had a book that would whisk me off into a dream world and allow me to forget every day life, at the end of a long day.

That, for me, is what reading is about. Escapism, losing yourself in a story and immersing yourself in the words on the page and the lives of these fictional characters. Bad Rep offered exactly that.

This is the story of Maysie Ardin and Jordan Levitt. They meet when Maysie takes on a job at a local bar, where Jordan works, to pay off her debts. The insta-lust is unavoidable and the connection between these two characters is palpable.

"Every love song I write now is because of you. Every song I will ever write for the rest of my life will be because of you."

However, despite the instant undeniable attraction between tattooed, bad boy, drummer/barman, Jordan and sassy sorority girl, Maysie, it isn't all plain sailing. Jordan has a girlfriend. And not just any girlfriend... his girlfriend is president of Maysie's sorority and he has been with her for three long years.
So both Jordan and Maysie do everything they can to ignore the pull that they feel between them every time they are in the same room. But how long can they pretend they feel nothing for one another? And when things get heated, how will they fair under the scrutiny and judgement of others?

“I thought you were worth everything. That we were worth all the drama and bullshit. I am willing to fight to the death for what we have. But I can only do that if you're willing to fight with me.”

Now, some people are going to want to black list this book immediately. It does include cheating. However... I have learnt a lot about what I find acceptable and unacceptable when reading. I have to just stress, my views regarding fictional characters do not match my views regarding real life, but hey, that's the beauty of reading, right? It's not real and we can be a lot more liberal and naughty than we would get away with in the real world. ;)

"I don't like seeing some other guy touching you. Not when it should be me touching you."

So, it turns out, I can accept pretty much anything as long as it is in the name of love. If the motive of the character is that they have done something, perhaps something terrible, because they love the other character... I can deal. However, if they betray trust or break my heart for no good reason or simply because they made an error in judgement, I'm a lot less forgiving.

I've also learnt that I can accept cheating if it is between the two main characters. If one of my main characters cheats on the other, I'm done. I cant cope with that and I can't forgive it. However, if the two characters I love cheat with one another, I can totally get over it. I know, I know. I have disgusting double standards and I should be completely ashamed... but meh, suck it up, that's the way it is. :p

His voice was like liquid caramel. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do with him. I wanted no holds barred, throw-me-against-a-wall-and-pound-me-within-an-inch-of-my-life-SEX.

So, now we've delved into the inner workings of Smitten's conscience, lets talk about Bad Rep some more.

Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me.

I really liked Maysie. She's real. Yes she spends too much money on designer clothing, yes she's insecure, yes she really can be a bit of a bitch and yes she over reacts to some things. But if you tell me you aren't guilty one or all of those things, I'll tell you to get your head out of your ass! Hey, we're women, it's our prerogative to go from an insecure mess to uber-bitch-from-hell in 0.2 seconds flat, right?!

"Hey, Mays," Jordan yelled from behind me. I grudgingly turned back around, my back straight and my face blank.
Jordan cocked his head to the side, his eyes burning into mine. "Jaz may be pretty, but you're fucking gorgeous," he called out loud enough for me to hear over the thumping base of the band. He grinned at me and the freaking winked. I hated and loved it when he did that.

And then there's Jordan. Ohhhh my goodness! He could not be more perfect. I know it's wrong but I just lapped up the fact that he just had to have Maysie. He was head over heels from the very beginning and it was super hot! He's got piercings, tattoos and he plays the freakin' drums!!! Two words... Drummers. Arms. ❤

I was sold already, and then he went and did all these naughty, forbidden things to Maysie with his fingers and his tongue, when he really shouldn't be doing them... Ohhh my... Stick a fork in me, I was D.O.N.E!

He was gorgeous, he played in a band, he was a freaking frat boy and he had the whole tattoo, piercing thing going on. I was very aware of what he was, without knowing any more than that.

Urgh, the angst in this book. It's scrummy! Maysie really battles with what she knows is right and wrong, what she wants and what she feels she should do, how she feels and what everybody else thinks... it's a constant internal war for Maysie and I really wanted to simultaneously hold her hand through it and kick her up the ass!

"You have taken my heart, every inch of me Maysie. I don't know that I have anything else to give you that you don't already have."

I hate bullying with a vengeance and have been known for being a little feisty, so I really wanted to maim Olivia and Milla at so many points in the book. Honestly, I hated them so much. Ok, I get that Olivia was hurting and that she was wronged, but seriously, there is a limit and she crossed it... over and over! Bitch needed taking down a peg or two. Her and her little ho of a sidekick.

And I hated how Maysie took the majority of the rap for her and Jordan's actions and he got away pretty lightly. I mean, I know his frat brothers were assholes too, but Maysie went through absolute hell and Jordan kinda seemed to get off easy.

However, I loved the surrounding characters that had Maysie's back. Riley, Gracie and Vivian are all great and really provide that feeling of camaraderie and sisterhood, ironically, despite the lack of sisterhood shown with Maysie's sorority.

“Stop it!" she hissed. I frowned and rubbed my arm. "What are you talking about?" I whispered back. Riley pointed at me, waggling her finger. "I know that look on your face! You're picturing him naked with you naked.”

Ok, I think I've mumbled on enough now. And you can probably get that I really loved this book. I've enjoyed A. Meredith Walter's writing before, so I did expect to enjoy Bad Rep and it didn't disappoint! Get involved.

Bad Rep Statistics
• Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥
• Ending: HEA
• Length: 374 pages
• Narrative: Maisey's POV. First person. Past tense.
• Series:
• Reading Order:
- Book #1 - Bad Rep (Bad Rep, #1)
- Book #2 - Perfect Regret (Bad Rep, #2)
• Can this be read as a standalone? Yes
• Themes:
Love triangle
Rock star romance
College romance
• WARNING. This book includes...
Sexual content. Cheating
• Writing: Great

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January 7, 2013

Sweet little baby Jesus

**I do need to say that although this book is essentially about cheating. I kinda condoned it. In real life cheating is not cool! Fiction sometimes it is.. like with this.. and Kellan Kyle**


Maysie Arden has always wanted to be popular.
Wants everyone to like her.
As she has always striven for her parents approval but has never got it.

When she moves away to College that happens.
She gets a hippie/vegan straight shooter best friend Riley.
Joins the Chi Delta Sorority
And scores her self a “townie” boyfriend.

Unfortunately after hanging with her “sisters” she has blown her credit card up!
Her parents refuse to pay for it so she goes and gets another job.

While applying for the position at Barton’s she meets the very edible bartender. .
He is the very HAAWWTT, tattooed and pierced, drumming/singing extraordinaire Jordan Levitt.
He was this weird mixture of tatted up bad boy and gorgeous boy next door. – Maysie inner monologue.

Just imagine an eyebrow piercing ok?

The chemistry between them is INSTANT!

Dear lord, the flash of his gleaming white teeth was like a hot button to my nether regions. Down vagina! Down, girl. Maysie inner monologue

She couldn’t be happier when he asks her out.
Until her “sisters” come into the bar and she finds out who he is…

And who his girlfriend is…


And that she knows her…
No wonder he looked familiar

And one half of the golden couple of the school .
His girlfriend is Olivia, her Sorority’s President. He’s the president of the Fraternity,

He tried to explain that he would of told her about Olivia but he feels drawn to Maysie, he can’t explain but he wants to get to know her.

Maysie denies him.

As much as she wants him she can’t do that to Olivia.

It just gets so hard. He is so perfect for her… and he won’t stop pursuing her…

They are like moth’s to the flame..

Drawn to each other…


But he is still with Olivia…

”Why would it matter to you what he was doing? You and I have nothing, are nothing. More to the point there is no such thing as you and I!” I hissed. “You have a girlfriend, Jordan.”
“It matters to me Mays. It matters a lot. I don’t like seeing some other guy touching you. Not when it should be me touching you. I hated him calling you “his girl”. Because I want you all to myself,” he dropped his voice into a seductive growl.

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone. Ever,” he told me.
“Not even with Olivia?” I cringed internally, hating myself for bringing her name into this. But I needed to. It had to be dealt with. Jordan needed to be reminded her had a girlfriend.
“Yes. Even with Olivia. Maysie I have a girlfriend. A girlfriend I’ve been with for three goddamn years. But tell me, Mays, why is it that all I can fucking think about is you? Why am I so eager to take another guys head off for touching you? Why is it when I lay in bed at night I wish it was you there beside me?”

Eventually they give into each other…

It just happens to be a Frat Party at Jordan’s house. With his GF there.

They are BUSTED by his GF’s BFF and VP of the Chi Delta’s.


And the shit hits the fan!

A cat fight is had between Olivia and Maysie and end with Jordan taking Olivia inside..


Maysie is boycotted by her sisters, evil rumors are spread throughout the school…
Not just from the one night they gave in..
About Maysie… horrible things are said


She thinks Jordan chose Olivia as he left with her… …

Turns out that Jordan hasn’t left her alone! He wants her. Be damned what others say!


”I wanted to tell you that I couldn’t stop thinking about your face. That you have burrowed your way so deep into my veins that I would fucking bleed you. That if I died tomorrow, I could go a happy man for having felt your lips on my skin.” – Jordan

But Maysie just can’t help but care about her reputation.
Jordan doesn’t care.
But she can’t help but let them get to her.


I just wish I could stop feeling like Kelly Taylor splitting up Dylan and Brenda. Oh crap. I was totally Kelly! I hated Kelly! My own feelings of shame and guilt were burning a hole through my heart. --Inner thought Maysie

Throw in an Alpha Male, a lot of insecurities, BITCHES, assholes and the rumor mill

Can they survive it?

Can something beautiful come from something that started so ugly?


I really like this book. I was hooked from the first page.

Jordan has officially become one of my book boyfriends.. Seriously up there with Travis, Kellan, Hunter, Andrew, Chase and Jace. (In case you haven’t heard of these names. 1 WHERE HAVE U BEEN?!?! And 2 they are from Beautiful Disaster, Thoughtless, Liberating Lacey, The Edge of Never, Chasing Eight and The Mortal Instruments.)

He is a drummer.. but he sings and WRITES SONGS! Ugh the song! Just beautiful


Maysie however… at time’s I just wanted too.. too…


Some of the shit she said and did… AGGHH
Who gives a shit about your rep if you have JORDAN LEVITT?!?!



Ok but it needed to be said or we wouldn’t have the awesome book we did would we?

The secondary characters were good.. There weren’t THAT many but enough to get to know who was the good guy who was the bad guy.

Jordan’s band members were a good laugh…. And serious when they needed to be adding a nice touch.

The sorority girls?! UGH BITCHES!

Being Aussie we don’t have sororities here.. so all I know of them are what I read or see in Movies… and in the movies the President is always a snotty UP HER SELF BEAUTIFUL BITCH… is that always the way?! Just out of curiosity OK back to the book!
Olivia didn’t start out that way

Riley was good fun- knowing how to handle Maysie when she went off into her depression and also make her laugh

Maysie’s parents?! What HORRIBLE PEOPLE! UGH



Let’s just say that Jordan def knew what he was doing! GAH the man is a GOD in my eyes!

There was a showdown when Maysie couldn’t take any more of the shit…(thank god I got tired of screaming! Photobucket
and damn it made me smile!

So all in all…

Is you like rocky romance, cocky-HAWT-melt your panties with one stare or smirk- tattooed-pierced-bad boy/good guys, angst, an annoying heroine that you learn to like and lots and lots of sex.. Then this is for you!
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3,817 reviews32.4k followers
December 24, 2012
“No more running.”
“I’m all run out, baby. You caught me fair and square.”

Maysie is a college student who has to get a second summer job to pay her parents back some money she owes them for overspending on her ‘emergency only’ credit card- I mean new shoes are sort of an emergency, right? She and her best friend, Riley decide to apply at a restaurant/bar called Barton’s. They both get hired on right away and meet the bartender Jordan. Holy bad boy Batman! I fell in love with this story (and Jordan...) How much did I love Jordan? Perfect book boyfriend...

He was gorgeous, he played in a band, he was a freaking frat boy and he had the whole tattoo, piercing thing going on.

He and Maysie have this whole instant attraction thing going on and they really hit it off. Sounds perfect, right? Maysie thinks so too, until she finds out.... Jordan has a girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend, but president of Maysie’s sorority, all around perfect Olivia.

Maysie was a relatable character, she aggravated me at times, but I really liked her. I was proud of her. She had an instant connection with Jordan and tons of chemistry, and she stayed away for the longest time because he had a girlfriend. But she can’t stay away forever... Not with Jordan chasing her the way he did.

“I wanted to tell you that I couldn’t stop thinking about your face. That you had burrowed your way so deep into my veins that I would fucking bleed you. That if I died tomorrow, I could go a happy man for having felt your lips on my skin.”

They both made some poor decisions, and unfortunately, Maysie got caught in all the drama, backstabbing, cat-fights, and jealousy of her sorority sisters. Some of them were pretty terrible to her. I felt for Maysie, especially because she is the type of person who cares what other people think. I’m glad she had some good friends (Riley, Grace and Vivian) on her side.

Jordan was just ridiculously hot. He was a bad boy/good guy, musician, had tattoo’s and piercings, was a protective alpha male and he stood up for Maysie- especially with her father and some of the sorority/fraternity douche bags. Oh and he was totally swoon worthy!

“Every song I write now is because of you. Every song I will ever write for the rest of my life will be because of you.”

“Your right, baby. We began out of something ugly. But what we became was something beautiful. I just wish I could make you see that.”

“You have taken my heart, every inch of me, Maysie. I don’t know that I have anything else to give you that you don’t already have.”

The book was angsty, steamy and funny! The ending made me so happy Maysie’s rant was one of the best parts of the book... ”And I don’t give a fuck if you like me. Or if the Chi Delt’s think I’m the biggest whore this side of the Appalachian Mountatins. I am done worrying about what everyone thnks about me. Because all that counts is that I like me. So the rest of you can go to hell. That is an awesome message! Loved the book, loved the characters!
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Author 34 books4,289 followers
November 27, 2012
BAD REP WILL BE RELEASED DECEMBER 21, 2012!!! Mark your calendars! :-)
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1,518 reviews3,775 followers
July 15, 2022
DNF @ 37% (Re-Read 7/15/2022)

4 Stars (Originally Read 10/26/2013)

Welp…that was a disaster! I had to kinda force myself to get past the 30% mark! IDK what the heck I was thinking when I read this so long ago 🙈.

- The h was so hot and cold I had whiplash, she was a B a lot of the time (and not in a good way), and she was so immature I was rolling my eyes constantly!

- The H was a mess too. Why he didn't just BREAK UP with his girlfriend the minute he started thinking of someone else was just stupid. He was reckless in how he led the h on and did things with her while with someone else. Then add on his alpha-hole tendencies to fight everyone?! Yeah, no.

- This just made me feel old tbh. So immature all around and I didn’t even get to the bullying part again that I remember causing some angst…which now I’m not sure I would make it through it.

Obviously I felt a lot differently about this the first time I read it, and I was looking forward to some NA angsty drama — but this, sadly, really didn’t work for me as a re-read.
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January 4, 2013
I somehow made it to chapter 5 of this thing, which is kind of miraculous since I spent most of it rolling my eyes, complaining, and laughing (at you, not with you).

Most of the problem was that it's just not my cuppa tea, but there's no denying that the characters are just... not good.

The main character is a blatant Mary Sue. The love interest, Jordan, is 'perfect', and a bad boy (because he's got like piercings and tattoos and stuff! Sooo bad!) even though he's actually a frat boy, and every girl totally creams their panties over him. He's described by a coworker as 'unattainable'.

Main character describes herself (while looking at herself in the mirror, and no protagonist has ever done that, am I right?) as pretty attractive.

The main character is also wildly shallow, it's almost impossible to relate to her. There's tons of internal dialog (did I mention this is in first person?) about how badly she wants to bone these two guys, and almost as if ~against her will~, her body will respond to their voices and actions, which will inevitably lead to such deep introspective narrative as:

"What was wrong with me?   I had just got hopelessly turned on by the guy I was sort of seeing and now I'm getting even more turned on thinking about my new co-worker!   My hormones were seriously out of whack!"


"Dear lord, the flash of his gleaming white teeth was like a hot button to my nether regions.   Down vagina!   Down, girl."

She describes herself as a 'bitch in heat'. She blushes constantly. First time meeting Jordan the Not-Really Bad Boy, she's at a loss for words, so stunned is she by his Bad Boy Beauty (we're just told this is a fact, and never really shown exactly why he's so hot, unless waxing about those piercings and tattoos count [spoiler alert: it doesn't]).

When another girl tries to mack on her 'man' (which isn't even Jordan the Not-Really Bad Boy), the main character refers to her as 'bimbo Barbie' and 'crabbed out ho'. She's kind of ridiculously possessive of her boyfriend given that she describes him as sloppy and unmotivated, just some grungy stoner dude with no desire to attend college, which is something that makes her physical attraction to him 'disgust' her.

Jordan's eyes smolder, what a panty-dropper~!

Plus, he's in college!


Despite him being so unattainable and, like omg the hottest guy ever! He's instantly all over the main character, winking and rubbing against her and asking her out, flirting up a storm. Right off the bat. They know nothing about each other. By chapter 4, she's 100% self-aware that what she feels for Jordan is more than simple lust and attraction, but instead a ~TRUE CONNECTION~, even though they've only had a whopping 2 interactions at that point.

Her first night waitressing at the restaurant that Jordan also bartends for (the first day they meet, mind), and at what the character describes as a moment in the night so busy that "They had a crowd three people deep all the way around the bar", her and Jordan take a pause in working to dance and grind against each other right in the middle of the crowd of patrons.

Like, what? What employee does that on their first day? Or ever? Without getting fired? I know, it's fiction. But damn. They're just so unlikable.

Oh yeah, and she got this job without even having to give an interview. And she shirks work to bump-and-grind in front of the customers. Where do I apply?

The only saving grace here is the main character's friend and roommate Riley. She's obviously meant to be the voice of reason, but often comes off as annoyingly judgmental. I mean, I can't blame her, this girl needs guidance, but at times she just got on my nerves.

I made it right up until Jordan the Not-Really Bad Boy got up on stage to play with his band. He plays drums, writes lyrics, and also sings, even though he's not the lead singer. I'm pretty sure he'd be playing lead guitar if the author could swing it. Maybe being in a band is what makes him a Bad Boy? The piercings and tattoos are mentioned again. HE IS BAD OKAY.

But then he sings to the Main Character (IT'S ONLY CHAPTER FIVE), complete with ~lyrics~ and crooning screams of, "Fuck Me!" into the microphone, and it's just so cheesy and squicky and ridiculous that I had to erase this thing from my kindle because even the thought of the memory of it embarrasses me.

The formatting was good and I only spotted one error. For what it's worth...?
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2,871 reviews932 followers
November 8, 2014

Maysie is a junior at College. She is 20 years old, lives with her best friend, Riley, is in a sorority which she loves, and is sort-of dating a slacker stoner who doesn’t really do a lot for her, but she is happy to go along with it for now. Most importantly, she is doing what she wants, and enjoying life away from the constant disapproval of her parents. She does seem a bit selfish and immature at times, but I kept reminding myself that she is only 20. I was completely clueless when I was 20 so I’m not about to judge!

Maysie’s carefree lifestyle comes to a grinding halt when she receives a massive bill in the mail, and she discovers she’s been a little bit too carefree with her parent’s credit card. With her parents demanding she pay them back, Maysie applies for a job at a local bar, and it is there that she meets gorgeous, hot bartender, Jordan Levitt.

OMGOMGOMG! Excuse me while I go all fangirl for a moment, because Jordan is absolutely AMAZING!!! “He was gorgeous, he played in a band, he was a freaking frat boy and he had the whole tattoo, piercing thing going on.” Oh, and he rides a motorbike and has a heart of gold! Squeeeeeeeeee!!!

Jordan makes it very clear that he’s attracted to her from the very beginning, with lots of smiles, winks, passing touches and meaningful glances. The chemistry between them is glaringly obvious, and then comes the news that Jordan has a girlfriend. Whaaat? Yep! And not just any girlfriend, she is the President of Maysie’s sorority, and the two of them are the campus golden couple.

Broken hearted and still hopelessly attracted to him, Maysie does her best to keep her distance from Jordan, who doesn’t give up his pursuit of her. Which leads me to my one big question – why did he not just break up with his girlfriend? Seriously? I don’t know. Especially when he’s spouting off lines like this…

“Maysie, I have a girlfriend. A girlfriend I’ve been with for three goddamn years.”
… Jordan opened his eyes and looked at me as he grabbed my face between his hands and held me perfectly still, not letting me move. “But tell me, Mays, why is it that all I can fucking think about is you? Why am I so eager to take another guy’s head off for touching you? Why is it when I lay in bed at night I wish it was you there beside me?”

Whoa *fans self*. Intense, huh! The whole thing had a very Thoughtless feel to it. The nasty love triangle, the heartbreaking angst, and the whole vibe just felt very similar. But this book takes a drastic turn in direction when Maysie and Jordan hook up one night, and are discovered. Rumours start to fly around campus, and Maysie is turned into a pariah overnight. Trying her best to move on, Jordan ditches his girlfriend, and the two of them finally come together in an intense, passionate, all-encompassing romance. And It. Is. Awesome!!!

This is more than just physical attraction and you know it. I have NEVER wanted someone the way I want you. This thing I feel for you isn't rational. It doesn't really make sense, but it's there. And I'll be damned if I let you run away from it just because you feel insecure. Because there is no other girl for me, Mays. You are it.”

I absolutely adore these two together! Every little moment was gorgeous – the banter, the laughs, the tender moments, and the scorching hotness. Phew! And even when Maysie is struggling with her bad reputation that continues to spread around campus, Jordan is there to pull her out of it. He’s so freaking functional, and is so in love with Maysie that he’s prepared to do anything to make it work, and I love him for it. Seriously, the man is made of awesome.

But with the rocky foundation to their relationship, jealousies, and Maysie’s continually spiralling reputation thanks to horrendous bullying by bitchy girls out to make her life miserable, these two have a lot against them, and it makes for one very tough, emotional, and angst-filled ride. And the emotion! OMG, the emotion! I was devastated at all that they go through, and watching Jordan pour his heart out was heartbreaking!

“I thought you were worth everything. That we were worth all the drama and bullshit. I am willing to fight to the death for what we have. But I can only do that if you're willing to fight with me.”

But I loved it, I utterly, utterly loved it! Yes, some of Maysie’s actions are questionable (and downright stupid), and she falls apart a lot, but she’s young, she’s still discovering who she is, and I found that I could really empathise with her.

There is a fantastic supporting cast – Maysie’s girlfriends, and Jordan’s bandmates are all spectators to the unfolding drama, and I can’t wait for future books in the series as we get to see their stories.

I am declaring myself a mad fan of A. Meredith Walters, I love the way she writes! I wasn’t originally sure that I’d like this book, but she sucked me right in from the very start, and I couldn’t put it down. Even with all of the heartache, I was completely swept away by Maysie and Jordan’s story, I did think the ending was a little bit abrupt but I was left grinning like an idiot and flying high from all of the swoon.

4.5 stars.
January 3, 2013

Up until 80% this book was a 3stars read but the last 20% the book got better and I really enjoyed it!!!

Jordon, is one holy badboy batman with tatoos, piercings and his in a band!!! Oh and freaking good in bed :)

Maysie was irretating me 80% of the book but she got a lot better the last 20%, there were times when I just wanted to bash her head with a basball bat!! Why does she care what other people think of her or the sorority girls, yes she is 20 and still young but geeeze was I this stupid when I was 20??? but I guess it's all part of growing up and learning from you mistakes hey?? And boy did she learn from her mistakes!

The sexual tension was 5 out of 5 ~ wow!!!
And the sex - 10 out of 5!!! It was goooood :)

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1,881 reviews2 followers
August 12, 2021
Spoilers. (Lots)
Safety, not safe.
Cheating. The H is with his gf while messing with the h. He kisses his gf (even in front of the h), he said he tried to have sex with the gf to forget her, and sleeps with gf on his bed, but the gf said they didn’t have sex after meeting the h. There are loads of OW drama throughout, but I liked the angst.

Didn’t like, the book was juvenile. For a cheating book to work for me, it has to sound like it’s a fated, soulmate love story, but here it’s just lust, he’s horny is what’s going on here….🙄

He’s in a long term relationship(3yrs) you see, and he’s bored, so he starts messing with a new hot waitress(h-22) who started working with him while his gf is away….she/h of course can’t control her body even though she knows his gorgeous girlfriend. He takes forever to break up, which didn’t make sense, since he’s telling the side piece that “he’s never felt this way before” “not even towards his gf.” 🙄

The heroine sounds like an immature, catty, poor white trash teenager who smokes and is on her way to becoming an alcoholic by 25. She’s the type who breaks up via text, and in her inner dialog, she snarks and is sarcastic about other females in the book, even towards the poor girlfriend of the H who is sweet and never says a bad word about anyone…. Dunno if this was the authors intention, but if her goal was to create an unlikeable heroine, she succeeded exceedingly!

The Hero is a tattooed, bad boy drummer in a band. The ow is his first serious GF and he used to love her so much that he wrote songs about her that he still sings with his band. And yes, this stirs up insecurity in the h. He then says he didn’t really love the gf he went out with for 3 yrs🙄, it was just infatuation, which just made him seem like a fickle ass. Who would trust this douche?

In any case, we come to find out at the end that the Gf secretly cheated on the H too years ago, but I hated that the author used this cheap card to give the cheaters their HEA.

- love scenes are short and descriptive.
The h is a selfish lover, meaning she just lays there with her legs open🙄, and the H does all the pleasuring.

Pros: emotional, angst read, and I am an angst junkie.
- I liked that she thinks she’s pretty in the beginning, I love a confident woman and this is how every girl should think of herself.

- the epic Cat fight scene: oh lord Jerry Springer..😂
loved the scene where they’re caught cheating (at a party no less, with everyone, including his gf downstairs, and in the bathroom. The H fingers her and they end up making out heavily), and everyone at the party finds out about it and starts slut shaming her (well what do you expect, you hooked up with your sorority sisters serious boyfriend at a damn party, that’s beyond disrespectful, heartbreaking, and humiliating to the poor GF!), and the sweet GF turns into a feisty cat and bitch slaps and yanks out her hair…it’s bad of me, but I found this scene hugely, incredibly satisfying since by this point, the h no longer cared that H had a gf. I seriously had no respect for this idiot and her stupid roommate who encouraged her to hook up with the H and ignore the GF, then tells her she’s better off without him after getting caught…I can’t believe this stupid roommate gets her story in book 2…..😂
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1,064 reviews105 followers
November 11, 2022
Well that was a surprise.
I must say I enjoyed more other parts of the story than the love story itself- which wasn’t very original or unusual. And even if it’s clearly a YA its narrative is quite good and interesting.
The plot is quite simple.
The heroine is a 20 yo college student, the hero is maybe one or two years older and also a college student, they meet at the bar where they both work and it’s love at first sight.
The hero starts pursuing her and she’s willing, he just convinced her to go on a date when one of the sisters of her sorority tells her he’s been in a serious relationship for three years with the president of said sorority.
She’s hurt and disappointed and tells him to get lost.
The guy is relentless and keeps on trying- oh, while his gf is abroad on holiday of course - but thank god the heroine resists.
The gf comes back and still he keeps pushing, even if he doesn’t break up with her.
Until at a party, after one or two drinks, they make out in the bathroom and are caught.
Lots of drama, push and pull but eventually they are together.
You can see that I’m not very interested in this kind of love story because its a typical almost teenage kind of love story, with a guy who’s not very sure about what girl he wants and a girl who can’t say a definite no to him, or at least can’t give him an ultimatum, that is what any sane girl with an ounce of self respect would do: choose, its me or your gf, and if you don’t break up with her I won’t talk with you anymore.
The man is awful even if the author would like to make him a romantic and sensitive kind of guy, I think he has all the characteristics that I hate in a man:
- he’s disloyal, because he cheats on his gf of three years for months- even if it’s only emotionally in the beginning
- he’s a coward, because he doesn’t have the guts to break up with her when he tells the heroine that he’s been crazy about her since he first met, and because when drama happens he leaves the heroine to fend for herself. Thanks the fuck.
- he’s selfish. He doesn’t care that the heroine is crucified and bullied for months because of him, he simply tells her she doesn’t have to care about what people say.
- he’s a liar. Because he tells the heroine he never felt anything like this not even with his gf of 3 years. Seriously? And why then he waits until he’s found in a compromising situation to leave his gf?
- he’s fickle. Wait until he finds another gf he will do the same to the heroine. Once a cheater always a cheater.
So I despised and loathed him from here to eternity.
- the heroine. Has a problem with alcohol and I was worried for her liver, seriously.
But she was quite strong for some time because the hero definitely pursued her more than a starved dog with a piece of meat. And she was the one to suffer more after she was caught with the hero. She’s got her issues with a uber critical father and with some running tendencies. But she definitely was better than him.
- my interest was caught mainly by the dynamics of groups described in a very detailed way, the sorority and fraternity groups with their activities and the bullying issues ranging from body shaming to slut shaming. Those frat groups are basically a way to socialize and to organize parties where a lot of sex and alcohol are involved.
The hypocrisy of those people, who are really promiscuous and prone to binge drinking and even recreational drugs use, turns out to be really disgusting when they treats with scorn and disdain the heroine because she was caught making out with the hero. While during the same party his gf was licking salt from another guy’s neck and there was a threesome going on in one of the bedrooms and most of them were drinking their ass out.
The body shaming, the slut shaming with the indifference of most of the members of those so called fraternities is also something very peculiar and reproachable.
Those people are eventually the most shallow and mean ones, and even if the heroine wants to be a part of their system in the beginning because well, everyone wants to feel a part of their peer group, in the end she realizes that very few of them were really her friends and she is better off and without them.
Her story with the hero is no big thing, they don’t make promises of forever and well, I think it’s better this way because the man is a lost cause and I’m sure in a couple of year he will find another greener pasture and will leave the heroine with a pitiful sooooorrrrryyyyyyy…
But the social analysis was really well done.
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December 25, 2012

"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes"

Sorority girl Maysie Ardin has made some bad choices lately. She's not doing so well in school, she's dating a loser and, instead of using the credit card her parents gave her for emergency use only, she bought expensive clothing. And now she has racked up a $3500 bill. Her parents are not happy. It's time for Maysie to get her priorities straight. First thing she needs to do, get a second job to pay off her credit card.

When Maysie goes to apply for a serving job with her best friend, Riley, they are both immediately hired on the spot. She also meets the sexy, tattooed, pierced, rock star Jordan Levitt, who she has instant chemistry with. But things aren't always as they seem. And when Maysie finds out Jordan has a girlfriend, and who his girlfriend is, she does her best to stay away from him no matter how much she is drawn to him. No matter how much she thinks about him. No matter what...he is off-limits.

“I wanted to tell you that I couldn't stop thinking about your face. That you had burrowed your way so deep into my veins that I would fucking bleed you. That if I died tomorrow, I could go a happy man for having felt your lips on my skin.”

Jordan Levitt is the popular, gorgeous, rocker who all the girls want a piece of. He is also the president of his fraternity. His relationship with his girlfriend has simmered down. So when he meets Maysie, she is someone that he has a lot in common with. She is more interested in him, and his music, than his own girlfriend. This kind of chemistry he has with Maysie is new to him, something he's never felt before. And because of that fierce chemistry they have together, he is willing to betray his trust with his girlfriend to be with Maysie, and relentlessly pursue her until she finally gives in to him.

Maysie does her best to stay away from Jordan. She knew the consequences would be bad if anything happen with Jordan. But unfortunately she could no longer deny her attraction to Jordan. And because of one kiss, her whole reputation was ruined.

Jordan Levitt is the popular, gorgeous, rocker who all the girls want a piece of. He is also the president of his fraternity. His relationship with his girlfriend has simmered down. So when he meets Maysie, she is someone that he has a lot in common with. She is more interested in him, and his music, than his own girlfriend. The kind of chemistry he has with Maysie is new to him, something he's never felt before. And because of that fierce chemistry they have together, he is willing to betray his trust with his girlfriend to be with Maysie, and relentlessly pursue her until she finally gives in to him.

Maysie does her best to stay away from Jordan. She knew the consequences would be bad if anything happened with him. But, unfortunately, she could no longer deny her attraction to Jordan. And because of one kiss, her whole reputation was ruined.

Because of this kiss, Maysie endures a lot of vicious rumors and cattiness. And, because of that one kiss, the life she has created for herself is completely shredded overnight. It's really hard to stomach the things that are said about her. Her sorority sisters are the epitome of mean girls. They are shallow and very immature. The guys weren't any better. To say they put her through hell is a massive understatement. Yet Maysie refused to quit the sorority. Instead, she hopes things get better and the girls will accept her again. Which was ridiculously stupid if you ask me. Those horrible girls were not her friends.

I did understand Maysie's insecurities about wanting to fit in. She was the wallflower in high school. And in college, she wanted to feel popular and important for the first time in her life. A lot of her insecurities stem from the way her father treats her, as if she was never good enough to be his daughter. But is it really worth being friends with girls who mistreat you so badly just to be popular, to be a part of a group? To feel accepted? No, it's not worth it and Maysie learns this lesson the hard way.

I had some serious anxiety and frustration while reading this story. This is a common story, where the woman is to blame and called a whore because she is the “other” woman. I've never understood why the woman always takes the blame. It takes two people to cheat! Also, it really aggravated me when Maysie always ran from her problems. She never stood up for herself. Maysie's logic drove me bat-shit crazy! She does have some character growth by the end of the story. It's definitely a great moment to see her FINALLY get the last word.

This story is about love, trust, and acceptance. Sometimes love isn't enough to build a relationship. There must be trust. Both Jordan and Maysie have some severe trust issues especially because of the way the relationship started. Can two people who have committed the ultimate betrayal learn to trust one another? And the true issue that lies within this story is acceptance. Maysie needs to learn to accept herself. To be herself. To find herself. And to stop caring about what other people think of her.

Overall, I liked this book. It held my interest and I read it in almost one sitting. Fair warning, though, Maysie will frustrate the hell out of you.

Rating: C+
Heat: HOT

-- A Romantic Book Affairs Review

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January 3, 2013
What do you get when you mix all the following?

A $3,500 credit card bill for a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals and a “Vitamin A” bikini screams the demand for a second job for college junior Maysie Aldin.

A roommate and best friend with some common sense, who offers up a solution to Maysie’s money problems and many many more as time goes by.

A waitressing job at the local college hangout, Barton’s Pub.

A flirty and sexy bartender named, Jordan Levitt, who is a mixture of tatted-up bad boy and gorgeous boy-next-door who at first sight sets your panties on fire.

A sorority house full of self-absorbed, hateful, and mean “sisters” that takes the word cruel to new heights, along with a fraternity house that overflows with horny guys who are just as self-absorbed and mean.

And, oh yeah, the big OH NO!!! That bartender Maysie has fallen head over heels for – well he’s been in a serious relationship for three years and it’s still ongoing. With the way he's pursuing Maysie, one wonders if he has forgotten all about his girlfriend. Her name is Olivia and she’s one of Maysie’s sorority sisters and is also the President of said sorority!

And you’ll have to read the book to get the rest of the story. One thing is for sure: All mixed together, you're certain to receive a captivating and riveting roller coaster ride which equals a grand old afternoon of reading! Highly recommend.

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December 26, 2012
****$ .99 on Amazon! 12/26****

Is self-worth really found in the opinions of others?

Twenty-year-old Maysie Ardin finally has independence from her very conservative parents. She’s about to start her junior year of college and is a proud member of Chi Delta sorority. A shopping spree with her sorority sisters lands her $3,500 in debt…with her parent’s credit card. In order to pay off her debt, Maysie is forced to take on a second job. She finds a waitressing job at a local bar. That’s where she meets Jordan Livett.

“You have taken my heart, every inch of me, Maysie. I don’t know that I have anything else to give you that you don’t already have.”

OH. MY. GOD. Jordan Levitt, is dreamy. He’s a hot frat boy tattooed bartender with multiple piercings who moonlights as a drummer. Oh, and he sings. He’s instantly attracted to Maysie. So what’s the problem? He has a girlfriend, Olivia. Olivia is the president of Maysie’s sorority. Jordan is a senior and attending the same college as Maysie. Avoiding Jordan is impossible. She finally gives into her desires and gets caught by one of her “sisters”. Oops! Now labeled the college whore, Maysie must learn to deal with her new role at school.

“I wish I could stop feeling like Kelly Taylor splitting up Dylan and Brenda.”

Gossip, catfights, backstabbing, cheating, sisterhood, friendship, jealousy, sex, and love all tested as Maysie learns how to look beyond what others think. We watch her grow up and face the music. She’s always based her life on what others think, but when it slaps her in the face (literally) she must learn love and respect herself first before she can expect it from others.

“Why does the opinion of every other jackass on campus matter more than how you and I feel?”

Bad Rep was a great story about love and acceptance. Maysie and Jordan’s journey was rocky and insanely HOT! This is one of those books you won’t be able to put down. You never know what is going to happen next. Reading this made me glad I wasn’t 20 anymore. I do not miss all the drama, but I love to read about it. The author wrote Maysie as a very real and believable person. You will connect with her and feel every emotion. You will laugh with her, cry with her, and yell at her. Do not miss out on this book! It is a must read for anyone who likes drama and dreamy boys. You won’t be able to put it down!!

“And I don’t give a fuck if you like me. Or if the Chi Delts think I’m the biggest whore this side of the Appalachian Mountains. I am done worrying about what everyone thinks about me. Because all that counts is that I like me. So the rest of you can go to hell.”

I thought I should mention this. I caught this in the Acknowledgments. The author was thanking some of her special people, “Particularly my wonderful husband, who is the true inspiration for Jordan and all his kick ass, rock god ways. We met in a bar. He was the sexy, guitar playing Brit and I couldn’t resist. <3 Thank you for just being you.” Ummmm….OMG! Just knowing that Jordan was based on a real person made the story that much better. You are a lucky lady! Please feel free to post a picture ;-)
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January 4, 2013
I'm afraid this is shaping up to be the year of "everyone liked it but me" and it sucks.

I wanted to love this book. I adored the other book I read by this author - Find you in the Dark so I was really looking forward to this one.

I liked the last 7%, but that wasn't enough to make up for all that came before for me.

I'm always a harsh judge of cheating in a plot line - so I know that was part of my problem. I had a hard time liking Jordan after the crap he pulled in the beginning. I just still can't understand why he didn't break up with Olivia when he decided to pursue Mays. Also, I could never get over his whole " I don't knew why the fact I have a girlfriend is a deal breaker" attitude. He comes off as this stand up guy in the end, but that never jived for me with who he was in the beginning. It just made all those swoon-worthy lines fall totally flat for me.

And Maysie drove me nuts - but not in a good way. I get that the thrust of the book was to show her growth from someone who cared to much about what everyone thought to someone who thought for herself - and that was nice to see (and was why I liked the last 7%) but her overwhelming insecurity and ability to self destruct make her a very unappealing character for me for most of the book. Even in light of the horrible bullying, I didn't like her enough to care too much.

The last issue I had was that I felt like the reaction of the other people on campus to the whole cheating thing was beyond unrealistic. I have seen similar situations play out in real life, both in a college setting, and beyond, but never has the public condemnation come close to that level. Hell, most people (outside of the actual parties involved) barely batted an eye. It certainly wouldn't have taken weeks to blow over.

Anyway -this has gotten great reviews from most of my good reads friends - so I hope I don't put anyone off reading this. I still love this author - and I'm waiting with baited breath for the follow up to Find You in the Dark. This one just wasn't for me.
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22 reviews
December 2, 2012
Must, Must, MUST read! My review is going to be short and sweet, just enough to whet your appetite, because you really have to read this book for yourself.
Bad Rep is a fantastic, funny, heart-wrenching, heart-warming story of love. Maysie & Jordan are so real and easy to relate to. Oh, and Jordan with his tattoo and piercings is quite delicious. ;)
The supporting characters are great and I keep coming back to the word real to describe them, we all either are or know a Riley or should.
The songs written in this book are so beautiful.
One of my favorite parts is after letting the book sink in and marinate, you realize that there is a terrific lesson laced throughout the book, one I believe we all can use. Mark your calendars, 12/21 is right around the corner, you have to read this one!
A. Meredith Walters is definitely one of my favorite authors, I love her style of storytelling!
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December 28, 2012
I love the feeling of content when you finish a book you loved and that is exactly how I feel right now.
<" [image error] ">
This book came highly recommended by a GR friend. I was really excited about it but afraid I'd hyped it up in my head too much. Sooo happy that wasn't the case. This book had angst, sweet romance, and hot sex! I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Jordan. A. Meredith Walters has made a fan out of me. If you haven't read this book- read it :)
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January 17, 2013
Ultimately 3.5 Stars...But definitely a 4 Star at times!

"At what point did parties go from 'hey lets hang out' to 'I'm gonna drink shots from between your boobs?'"

I really didn't know what to expect when I bought Bad Rep, but boy was I pleasantly surprised! The character's were awesome, the dialog was entertaining, and the romance was hot! I absolutely love books that take place in college. It's like reliving my keg stand glory days (not like I still do keg stands anymore or anything...), but since this college romance also gave me a peek into the not so glamorous lives of sororities and fraternities it made it even more delicious and impossible to put down!

"I love being in Chi Delta, but there's more to life than cupcakes and talking to random people about how much I love sparkles."

This book was FILLED with drama! Not the gut wrenching, life altering drama that has been filling my kindle up lately, but the kind of petty drama that makes you roll your eyes a bit. You know, the gossipy, back stabbing, girl fight drama that is entertaining to read, but gets old after a while. Fortunately, Jordan and Maysie's journey to love and trust far out shines all the annoying bickering. Their attraction was immediate (and understandable) and like I said before, their romance was insanely hot!

"Dear Lord, the flash of his white teeth was like a hot button to my nether regions. Down vagina! Down girl."

"Holy bad boy Batman!" Jordan Levitt was AMAZING and completely owned this book! If guys like Jordan are what is hanging out at those smelly Frat houses, then sign me the hell up! Luckily for me, Jordan is not the typical frat boy, he's just your run of the mill tattooed and pierced, rock star drummer who happens to be the President of his fraternity. Sounds like the guys I went to college with....riiighhhttt! You will absolutely LOVE Jordan, this guy is jaw dropping (as well as panty dropping...). There is a reason he was giving the nickname of the "Piper" ;) All joking aside, this guy totally stole my heart and is my new favorite Bad Boy Book Boyfriend!

But tell me, Mays, why is it that all I can fucking think about it you? Why am I so eager to take another guy's head off for touching you? Why is it when I lay in bed at night I wish it was you there beside me?"

Maysie, Oh Mays... How I want to shake that pretty little brunette head of yours. I get it, the girls got her issues, we here at Fiction and Fashion can probably relate better than anyone to a girl with an expensive shoe habit, but the whining and insecurities were just too much! She was so lucky to have a friend like Riley to balance out the crazy. Actually all of Maysie's friends (Vivian, Gracie and even Eli) helped me get over the fact that I sort of wanted her to choke on one of those nasty cigarettes she was always smoking. Even though she was not my favorite character, I did recognize the intense weight that Maysie had on her shoulders and get that guilt can make you do crazy things. I also did truly believe Maysie's love for Jordan and her "sisters" and felt bad for her... Then I remembered she had Jordan Levitt in her bed every night and my sympathy went right out the window!

"Why couldn't I get over my insecurities? Oh, That's right. Because I was a neurotic, self-sabotager extraordinaire. Hell, if ruining something great were an olympic sport, I would have the gold medal."

I honestly wasn't expecting this book to be so freaking funny. Riley was absolutely hilarious and I LOVED all the pop culture references. I cannot think of a better way to put your life into perspective than by comparing it to characters from 90210. For the record though, I was ALWAYS team Kelly..Brenda's a bitch!

"I've always thought you were better than those stupid Chi Smelltas or whatever the fuck they're called."

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun and sexy read. It's probably not a story you will take a ton away from and remember for the rest of your life, but I'm pretty sure you'll take away some sweet Jordan memories :)

Reviewed by Abby for www.FictionandFashion.com
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January 1, 2013
So here’s the gist. She splurged and needs the money to pay back so she decided to find a job. She found a job…and a guy. She and the guy has this undeniable attraction, she didn’t mind the flirting. She thought it was harmless or so she thought because luck runs out when she found out he has girlfriend and she’s the president of the sorority she belong to. Damn luck, right?

But the worst has yet to come, although they tried (they weren’t really trying hard to ignore their attraction) they eventually caved in they make out and was busted by his girlfriend’s friend and also member of her sorority. News went out and people has labeled he names, like slut, whore for making a move with the guy that supposed to be off limits. Is her reputation beyond salvation? Is he worth the trash talking she’s getting from everyone?

Those questions what kept me reading this book, and it did have that answers to that but it was hard connecting with the philosophy when the characters annoyed you to death. I didn’t like how self-centered she was…most of the time. The only time I commend her was when she stand up for herself (which was freaking about time because name calling has got to stop!). Even the guy needs to stand up for her girlfriend, he’s aware of the backlash she’ll get once they are out in public but he wasn’t there for her. Not really. He only did was to console privately and that’s not enough no matter how much he assured her that she’s it for him.

This is one problem when relationship started in cheating. The trust. No matter how much the ex had treated him, she still deserves to know that you’ll end the relationship. You need to cut the ties first before you hop to another prospect. No wonder she was jealous and paranoid, because they betrayed someone. But her jealousy is all too consuming that I have to prevent myself from pulling my hair because I spend a fortune on it. But to cut my whining short, they did make their relationship works. They find out the true villain. They’re now in talking terms with his ex. It looked happily ever after to me. I’m just here wondering why I’m not satisfied.

It wasn’t a bad read but I was having a hard time keeping up with the characters annoying decisions and actions. This book mostly centered on their relationship, a relationship under people’s radar. Some family issues as to why the girl was reluctant at first to try real relationship, and the guy pursing the career he had chosen for himself. But they, as I said, overcome it. Another all’s well that ends well tale, I guess.
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360 reviews
December 30, 2012
Here's the thing, this could have been an absolutely amazing book. It could have, had the main character been nothing like what was written.

Maysie was an absolute terrible character. She was whiny, insecure, stubborn, and just a really terrible character. Anytime anything went wrong, she ran and hid. Seriously, she freaking hid under her blankets.

Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes life sucks and you get some shitty stuff thrown your way. Especially if you make the decision to follow through on some hot lustful attraction with a very popular guy who is dating a very popular girl. SHIT IS GOING TO FLY YOUR WAY. I didn't know whether to laugh, shake my head, or throw my hands up when she acted surprised when the entire sorority house turned on her after she was caught. I mean really? What normal girl would think everything would smell like roses and that she would be excepted by the girls that were under the leadership of the scorned girl. OMG, this chick was mental.

Then you have the boy. I'll admit that I actually adored him. Even though he was a bit mixed up and made some bad decisions, you could tell he was kind of a level headed sweet guy. So, you won't be surprised when I found myself rooting for him to go find another girl and leave Maysie's ass behind. Ugh, she annoyed the snot out of me.

The best part (and by that, I mean worst part) of this whole book was that most of her trouble with Jordan was self manufactured in her head because she refused to communicate with him. Honestly, if I could get my money back for this book, I totally would.

So, your probably wondering why the 2 star review rather than the 1 star review. I will tell you, I actually enjoyed the story if I focused on the surrounding characters (Grace, Vivian, the band, Eli, Riley, Damien, etc). I actually enjoyed them and Riley made me laugh. I don't feel like the book was a horrible waste because some of the characters were great. It really was just Maysie that ruined this whole book.
363 reviews58 followers
December 6, 2012
"Bad Rep" by A. Meredith Walters 4.5/5 Stars

“Dear lord, the flash of his gleaming white teeth was like a hot button to my nether regions. Down vagina! Down, girl.”

There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in 'Bad Rep', but those are not the only reason to fall in love with the story (and Jordan).

The story is told from the point of view of Maysie, a twenty year old college junior who falls head-over-heels for her sexy, off-limits coworker Jordan. Jordan also falls for Maysie, and their relationship is hot but messy. Maysie and Jordan must navigate the consequences of their relationship and each others insecurities to attempt to make their relationship work.

Maysie is far from perfect—one of the reader's first glimpses of here is as she explains her reason for using her emergency credit card and thus needing a second job, “Not even I could explain how I justified my Manolo Blahnik heeled sandals as an emergency. But damn, they had looked amazing with my fitted red sundress.” As the story progresses, the reader discovers she also has poor self-esteem, major parental issues, and difficulty facing her problems.

Despite Maysie's flaws, I was quite proud of her for keeping her promise to herself of not being the 'other woman' for as long as she did. I'm not sure how she resisted a guy who she describes as having a deep voice that “you imagine hearing in a bedroom. After naughty sex. The kind of voice that was a combination of the most decadent chocolate and outright sin.” Her other initial response to Jordan was to think to herself, “Okay, Jordan was hot. Like ridiculously hot. He had a delicious edge about him that was hard to ignore. He was this weird mixture of tatted up bad boy and gorgeous guy next door.”

If you are not intrigued by Jordan by now, my friends, you must not be paying attention.

Ok, so we've established so far that Jordan is hot, and Maysie, like any normal human being, is not immune to him. That being said, the characters are well-developed and three dimensional. While reading, it's not difficult to become entrenched in their trials and triumphs. I went through many phases of both loving and hating Maysie and Jordan. I cheered for them, cried for them, and yelled at them. One does not yell things like “get over your daddy issues already!” at a fictional character unless she has become invested in the happiness of said character.

Not only did Ms. Walters do a fantastic job in creating emotion, she also did a great job in creating atmosphere. While Maysie was at Barton's, I felt I was right there alongside her working in a restaurant. From the way the employees interact with one another to the smells of grease and the tasks the employees perform, the experience of reading about working as a waitress is very real. (I can say that with authority, having worked as a waitress many times!)

This story is definitely a win for new adult fiction! I can't resist reading about tatted-up, bad boys, and this story definitely provided that for me in abundance. Let me reiterate: Jordan is one of the the sweetest and hottest bad boys to ever grace fiction with his presence. I can't wait to re-read 'Bad Rep' when it's released officially on December 21!
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