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Bencher Family #2

The Boss’s Fake Fiancee

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Is she his worst nightmare…

No relationships, that’s billionaire Garth Solen’s rule—especially not with a woman like his new employee Melissa Bencher, who thinks with her heart and not her head. But all bets are off when Melissa tries to make her jerk ex-boyfriend jealous by suggesting that she’s dating her gorgeous boss. How could she have imagined all the trouble one impulsive act could cause?

…or a dream come true?

To protect his ailing grandmother, Garth is forced to play the part of Melissa’s adoring fiancé. Now they’re trying on rings and posing for the paparazzi. The game is clear: for one month, they play the part of an engaged couple, and then they part ways. No emotions. No entanglements. But when it comes to matters of the heart, Melissa’s never been good at following the rules…

obs: It’s a sequel from RULES OF NEGOTIATION

165 pages, ebook

First published October 14, 2012

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About the author

Inara Scott

22 books683 followers
I wrote my first book when I was in high school--a romance called "A Wild and Stormy Passion," which featured swordplay, kidnapping, a pirate heroine, and lots of naughty bits (that came entirely from my adolescent imagination!). Since then, I've written young adult novels and adult romances of the category, contemporary, and fantasy varieties. My books are romantic and sensual. I like strong women and strong men and the sparks that fly when they get together.

I am a dabbler and an emotional sponge. I can't read scary books or anything with an unhappy ending. I reserve the right to enjoy country music, puppies, true love, and happily ever after.

If you're perusing my Goodreads shelves, you should know I only review books I want to share the word about. If you ask me, life's too short to read something you don't enjoy.

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November 21, 2012
Melissa has been working for Garth for several months after a horrible break up. The break up was with her former boss leaving her horribly despondent. Now working for Garth she has recreated herself. Armed with a better fitted wardrobe and new hairstyle she takes on her new job with gusto and absolutely enjoys it.

At a work related event she runs into her former douche-bag boyfriend/boss. When the X starts making remarks about Garth she sticks up for him and trying to get a dig in at her former DB, leads him to believe that she and Garth are lovers. The next morning she wakes up to a mess of her own making. Local newspaper's headlining story is that she and Garth are engaged!

Garth's Grandmother sees the article and believes it. She's recovering from Pneumonia and not wanting to take a chance of it getting worse, Garth decides he's going to play along with it until his Grandmother is feeling better. He approaches Melissa and she admits her guilt and agrees to the farce since she is the one that inadvertently started it. Comfortable in eachother's company, they both start to develop feelings for one another.

However Garth has his own baggage. He feels different from "normal" people and is even known as "The Human Computer" for his lack of feeling. What anybody that isn't close to him however is that he does feel. He just has a hard time of showing it. Being hurt in the past he hides away his feelings, believes the rumors that he is unfeeling and socially awkward. While keeping up the farce neither one of them expects to fall for one another. Melissa comes to understand Garth and that leads to her loving him. Melissa makes Garth comfortable and he doesn't feel awkward with her, leading him into an uncomfortable area of feelings for her.

Both characters were well written and you come to feel for both of them. The story flows along seamlessly and makes it very easy to get caught up in it. I also like the fact that autism plays a part in the story line. I think it's something that we should all have a better understanding of, that there are different levels of it and it doesn't mean that the individual with it is a complete moron or totally lacking of feeling. Anyway, those are my thoughts on this book. Now, I think I'm going to go and look more into autism. I myself, don't know a whole lot about it and feel it would be a benefit to myself to know more about it. That way if/when the topic comes up I'm not just talking out of my ass...

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3 reviews
December 22, 2012
WOW! This is the first book I've read of Inara Scott's and it definitely wont be my last. I find authors start off with a female character that is generally just an awesome chick when the book first starts off, but I find the also have this problem of turning them into something awful. They become just stupid and maybe even beyond selfish. This did not happen with Melissa at all. I LOVED her from the beginning and I loved her even more at the end.

Melissa always apologized when she felt she did something wrong and usually called herself out on it. I also found it completely refreshing that she was always honest for the most part! I mean she always told Garth the truth, even when it came to the 'I love you'. I also adore that she tried so hard to fight for him, but knew when to protect herself as well. I just can't even get over how much I love Melissa and everything about her. She was absolutely hilarious and adorable.

AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON GARTH. That man is adorable on so many levels. I just wanted to jump through and give him a giant hug, even if he hated it and wanted me to let go. THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, GARTH. I WILL HUG FOREVER <3

Their relationship was just perfect. There really is no words for all the squeeing I did. Melissa was always bringing him out of his shell or even protecting him. I just loved that Melissa KNEW that he cared with the only way he knew how. She is absolutely and 100% perfect for him and Garth is perfect for her. Melissa can just be social for the both of them and that's okay with her.

UGH, thank you for creating such a wonderful story with great characters! This is one book that I will most definitely find myself reading again and again.
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November 29, 2012
Rating: 4.5 stars

Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.com

The Boss's Fake Fiancée by Inara Scott was an emotional and uplifting story as readers will follow the journey of how complete opposites, Garth Solen and Melissa Bencher fall in love.

The story started off a little slow for me, but then the pace did pick and I saw the chemistry between them and wanted to see more.

Garth seemed rather detached at first and rarely showed any emotions whatsoever except when he thought or interacted with his grandmother, Nan and even with his housekeeper, Jess. It was a joy to see the love he had for Nan and the special bond between them. She raised him when he was a little boy and he would absolutely do anything for her, which includes a fake engagement while she is recuperating from pneumonia. He is so afraid of losing the only person who has loved him unconditionally and sees how happy she is with this "engagement" and feels this will help her recover from her serious illness.

Melissa has had bad luck with men and after a tense conversation with her ex, she inadvertently has her and Garth being engaged in the media. Now, Garth wants her to keep up this charade for his grandmother's sake and they even get an engagement ring or two. She and Garth start to connect while away at the family summer house and sexual tension between them cannot be denied and they make love. Reality soon sets in when they go back and Garth's inability to express himself during a brunch with her family ends in disaster.

Pieces started coming together and Melissa discovered that autism caused Garth to have difficulty engaging in social conversation and expressing himself while fear of rejection closed Garth off from lasting relationships. Will they be able to save what was "once" a fake engagement that turned into something so much more? I could not wait to find out and the ending was so sweet and lovely that it melted my heart. I would recommend this story because it truly shows the power of love.

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Author 74 books7,461 followers
December 14, 2012
I really enjoyed Garth and Melissa's story. I thought the premise behind the fake engagement worked well and the chemistry between Garth and Melissa was sizzling the whole way through. I really liked Garth's character--he was complicated and different and had an exceedingly good reason for his actions and feelings that made him truly compelling. I also liked that there was more at stake for Melissa than just her heart - her career and her professional reputation were on the line too, which gave the story more conflict. Devoured it in one sitting. Recommend and am planning to go back and read book 1 now!
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363 reviews658 followers
April 4, 2022
Please note this review comes from my point of view as an autistic.

Sometimes you just want to read a fun romance with an autistic character, and instead you encounter ableism at every turn.

For starters, this book uses 'Aspergers' as a diagnosis, which is only forgivable because of the time it came out. However, it uses functioning labels such as severe and mild autism (autism isn't a spectrum of mild-severe, no autistic is more autistic than another autistic, and functioning labels are used to deny agency & accommodations) , cures/treatment (it's a neurotype, not a disease, we don't need a cure), and the autistic character constantly talks about how he's broken and unfixable, half a man.

To put it simply, this book was inaccurate, harmful and upsetting.
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72 reviews4 followers
February 9, 2013
Wow.I am out of word . due to the tear and laugh I have spend in this book.

When I started reading this novel. I never imagine this will make me chuckle in the first half
and then bring me to tear at the very end.

For real, I absolutely love everything about this book.
I love all the character , all sweet atmosphere , all the detail.
and all the sentence that combine to be this book, love it all

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95 reviews32 followers
November 19, 2012
3.5 Stars

This was a fun and easy read for me. The book was well written and I love the chemistry between the main characters. Garth is a very interesting hero. He was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome which made social interaction difficult for him. He is known as a "human computer" because he's very smart and got no emotions. Melissa is working for the "human computer" and she's been crushing on him for a while. After her break-up with his cheating boyfriend, she's still not ready to meet her ex. However, she had an unfortunate encounter with her ex which made her pretend that she is dating Garth. Long story short, the lie appeared in the newspaper the following day, which of course was seen by Garth's grandmother and the rest of the world. LOL! Garth's sick grandmother demands to meet his "fiancee", thus, the start of their fake engagement.

This is definitely an entertaining read. Though, I think the last part was a bit OTT, I still find it a good romance novel. I think this a part of a series... I might read the other books soon. =)
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37 reviews1 follower
October 30, 2012
This book touched my heart as I have a son with Aspergers. Thank you for the beautiful love story of Garth and Melissa.
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619 reviews75 followers
December 22, 2012

Review posted at Books to Brighten your Mood

The Boss's Fake Fiancee is soooo much better than the first book in this series Rules of Negotiation. So much better that you can't even imagine it! It sucked me from the first page and until the very last one I just couldn't put it down. It's cute and sexy and fun and a romance title that I absolutely loved.

If you read my review of Rules of Negotiation, you know that I had some problems with the characters, but the writing style was so good that I managed to like it despite the fact that I couldn't connect with the characters. Well, in The Boss's Fake Fiancee, imagine the same exceptional writing style, but with characters I couldn't help but fall in love with. Both Melissa and Garth are characters I loved reading about, that I could connect with and care for them, something that I couldn't feel with Brit and Tori. And now that I think about it, Brit, my main problem in the first book, remains a character that I can't really like. I mean, as Melissa's older brother he was a secondary character in this one, and everytime he made his appearance I kind of remembered why I couldn't like him before.

Anyway, The Boss's Fake Fiancee is the story of Melissa, Brit's little sister and Garth a super smart billionaire and her boss, who are trapped in a fake marriage scenario that sooner rather than later becomes true. Well, I'm a sucker for the forced marriage of fake marriage trope and no matter how many stories like that I read, if they are well written, I can't resist but fall in love with them. And this one, is an exceptionally written one. It's not a long story but the character development is amazing, and even if the plot follows all the cliches of such stories, it still manages to stand out and be memorable. Mainly, because of the main couple. Melissa is the kind of female heroine I like reading about, caring and compassionate and I loved seeing her taking her life into her hands and putting both her mother and Brit in their place and demanding that they both stop judging her and her decisions. The scene with the wedding gowns was just precious!

Brit on the other hand was the challenge in this novel. Writing his character was the most difficult part of this novel in my opinion and the part where I appreciated Inara Scott all the most. The way she handled him and presented him was just perfect. Granted, I understood really soon what was the deal with him, but even so, his character was well researched and believable. I won't say anything more, I hate spoilers, but thumbs up to the author for writing him. He was my favorite part of the story.

All in all, The Boss's Fake Fiancee is a rather typical romantic story, that manages to stand out due to its characters and the author's incredible writing style. There's not a single moment you'll feel bored while reading it and I can't help but recommend it to all fans of romance. It's quick and cute and sexy. What are you waiting for?
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114 reviews5 followers
January 12, 2013
"I wasn't sure if he'd ever find someone to unlock that heart of his, but now that I've met you, Melissa, I'm not the least bit surprised he finally did. You know what a hard time he has opening up to people. Finding a woman he could trust is a blessing I wasn't sure I'd ever see in my lifetime." - Grandma Nan

"Nonesense. You wake up every mornong and imagine her with you, don't you? And at the end of the day, you want to tellcher everything that happens. You know it won't mean anything until you share it with her. The thought of loving her is terrifying you because you know how badly it will hurt if you lose her." -Grandma Nan

"You learned about pain too early, It wasn't right for a child to stare in the face of death and try to make sense of it. Shutting things out worked for a while - I understand that. You have challenges some people don't - and gifts they don't either. Now you've got a chance for something more. Love changes your life, Garth. It brings terror and joy all in the same breath. And if you think loving Melissa is frightening, just wait until you have a child. But that doesn't mean you run away. Your capacity to love is going to grow and grow until you think you can't love any more - and then you'll love a little bit more." - Grandma Nan

"Everyday, you'll look at the love you've been given and know you've been blessed. And you'll hold it even tighter because you know you could lose it." - Grandma Nan

"I don't know what you did to Melissa, but it's plain you messed up and you're going to make it right. It's going to be hard and scary but you're going to do it. Because the risk of losing her isn't worth the pain of knowing you didn't even try to hold on to her." - Grandma Nan

Ahh I really love Grandma Nan! :) she's so adorable, I love her heartfelt advices and warm love toward Garth. In the entire book, Garth had been cold and only took things physically but of course we know better that taking things "physically" definitely strings emotions. And with his fake fiancee Melissa, these unknown feelings all of a sudden stirs inside him that drives him mad and confused. Now I really feel bad for Melissa because she was hurt so much before (which I totally felt on the first book and even on this book) and she experiences the same pain with Garth. But in the end they kiss and make up and Garth realized his mistakes in being blind with dear Melissa who has been sweet, caring and funny altogether. I always love a good alpha male book and I definitely enjoyed the book even if I have read several titles with similar plots. :) nothing gives me pure joy that making my mind anticipate for the next chapters and this book has it :)
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335 reviews60 followers
December 26, 2012
This review & others also found on Red Hot Books

Melissa Bencher is at a fundraiser for her boss and his company when she sees her cheating bastard of an ex slide his way toward her across the dance floor. Since she can't get away, she grits her teeth and tries to stay cool. Unfortunately, the unapologetic twit gets under her skin (who could blame her - he slept with her [ex]best friend?!) and she ends up "confessing" her secret relationship with her boss, Garth Solen. Little does she know that when she wakes up the next morning the jealous idiot has told the paparazzi and now she and Garth are front page gossip news!

Although she is convinced she will lose her job, she's shocked when Garth asks her to keep up the charade. We learn that although her sexy boss is very private, he's also very family oriented and when his grandmother (the woman who raised him after his parents passed away) got so excited that he had finally found someone, he couldn't bring himself to break her heart. Especially since she's recovering from pneumonia and is having a hard time bouncing back.

And so a deal is struck. They pretend the engagement is real until his grandmother gets better and then they're done. Of course, that's not how the cookie crumbles...

Not another fake fiance story, you say? I'll admit, I was wary going into it but to be honest even though the name is corny as hell and way too obvious, the story and characters truly made up for it.

I really liked Melissa and how even though she had been hurt, she was open to the possibility of something else changing her life --and that even though she knew she shouldn't fall for Garth, she let herself do it anyway. That's my kind of girl! Even if it hurts, every one should have that great big REAL love once in their lives. Garth, on the other hand, did everything he could to avoid it. It was really interesting and a little heartbreaking to see what he had been through as a child and how that shaped him as an adult. I couldn't help but feel empathy for him when he revealed his condition at the end and how truly beat down the world made him about himself.

It was sexy and incredibly sweet, definitely a worthy read! I will make sure to go back and read about Melissa's brother, Brit, in Rules of Negotiation.

Grade: B+

*ARC Provided by Entangled Publishing
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1,485 reviews22 followers
October 21, 2012
Also on http://sillymelody.blogspot.com

Last night I started and finished a stunning story by Inara Scott, which is The Boss's Fake Fiancée. Let me share this remarkable read and what I thought about it.

If you remember last month I read Rules of Negotiation and absolutely love the book. Well, Inara's next book is just as good as the last one.

If you got a chance to read Rules of Negotiation or my review you would remember that Brit Bencher tried to help his sister Melissa get a job at Solen Labs. Fortunately, she was able to get hired at Solen Labs with the help of Tori.

Anyways, while at a conference Melissa runs into her scumbag ex-boyfriend Mark Venshiner and accidently insinuates that she was with her boss Garth Solen. Nothing like petty revenge, but that kind of stuff tends to backfire. Her opportunistic ex decides to tip off the press that there might be something going on between Garth and Melissa, which creates a massive news storm.

Doesn't help that Garth's grandmother reads the story in the New York Star Herald and demands to meet the girl who caught his heart. Now Garth and Melissa have to make a fake engage work in order to make sure his grandmother doesn't get worst. Man that puts a lot pressure on them. Can this all work out or will it all backfire?

As I said in the beginning I read this last night. Seriously, I couldn't put it down. I loved the story from cover to cover. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You have hot and smart Garth Solen, who is refer to as the human computer. There's a really good reason why he is refer to as the human computer and you understand why he is emotionally unavailable. However, he is able to love fiercely once trust is earned. Yes, he has some trust issues, but you just can't help loving him. Melissa is so patient and understanding.

Overall, The Boss's Fake Fiancée had me laughing out loud at times and pretty much rolling at the things that were said. It also had me tearing up parts. At times I felt my heart in my throat, I never thought I would say something like that. I can't stress enough that this was absolutely amazing and really do hope you get a chance to read this marvelous story.

So, I leave you today and I hope you are liking what you are reading.
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4,420 reviews213 followers
February 23, 2014
Reviewed by JoAnne
Book provided by the publisher for review
Review originally posted at Romancing the Book

This book was a quick, fun and easy read. There was laughter, tears, heartache, romance, love, family and friends.

The main characters, Melissa and Garth, were so easy to love and get to know. They each had many layers to their persona but each was able to see through the other even when they just had an “arrangement” and fought their chemistry as much as possible. I rooted for their love to overcome their fears almost from page one.

I loved their interactions with each other since I couldn’t tell how it would go – nothing cookie cutter about their relationship. They both had a soft spot for his grandmother Nan who was a hoot by herself along with her/his three dogs. Watching their attraction become love, which neither could believe or initially wanted, was heartwarming. It was also nice to see Garth’s romantic side come out no matter how much he fought it. There was nice closure, due to the epilogue, and I hope the series continues since I found out this is book 2.

I have not read books by Scott before but look forward to reading others especially Rules of Negotiation where Melissa and her family were first introduced. This book was reminiscent to me of Weekend Agreement by Barbara Wallace. I’m finding that I’m definitely partial to romances with billionaires as one of the main characters. The Boss’s Fake Fiancée did not disappoint.

Give it a try – you’ll be glad you did!

Favorite Quote: He grabbed hold of the other end of the seesaw and swung one leg over. Melissa cautiously lowered her weight onto her side, keeping her feet on the ground. But of course as she did, Garth lowered his own weight, jerking her high into the air.
“Whoa!” Melissa slipped to one side and almost lost her balance. She righter herself a moment later. “Okay, fine. You’ve got some skills.” She bounced experimentally, but couldn’t move her side any lower.
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Author 34 books104 followers
November 3, 2012
The Boss's Fake Fiancee is Inara Scott's newest romance novel for ADULTS, yes it's in caps, because it's not for you actual young adults in the audience. We have rescinded our earlier decision to stick to YA only because I adore a good steamy romance and Inara Scott always delivers. So when she approached me about whether I'm still reviewing adult titles as well as YA, I had a little chat with Lana and we decided we will no longer be specializing in any genre. Ahem, ok, so explanation over.

The Boss's Fake Fiancee is a sequel to Rules of Negotiation, only it focuses on Brit's sister, Melissa and her boss (Tori's client) Garth. Scott has once again crafted a sweet yet steamy story with vibrant and interesting characters for us to fall in love with. I can honestly say I have never read a book by Inara Scott that I didn't absolutely love from start to finish, regardless of which genre she was writing in. She is easily one of my very favorite authors and that is VERY hard for me to say.

The story follows both Melissa and Garth, slipping back and forth between them giving us a glimpse into what makes them each tick. They are both fantastic characters; complex and enchanting, but I have to admit that Garth is my favorite. I cannot help but love him. He is my favorite of all Inara Scott's male leads. He's very private and he is widely known as 'the human computer'. People don't see his dry humor and fierce loyalty, though. Or the struggles he's had to overcome to get where he is in life. I adore him.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good love story. Inara Scott has written what I consider to be the perfect romance and I look forward to reading more from her.
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887 reviews83 followers
December 8, 2012
Such a great read, I was sucked in !
This book grabbed me probably because it reminded me of being the odd person out, and the feeling of wanting to fit in but being afraid to reachout and the fear of being hurt.

Both of these characters have dealt with that and both a little differently ,but the authors has the two fit together beautifully and you ind yourself rooting for everything to work out and the people who have hurt the and still lockdown at them t get there comupence!

Melissa, has endured and come through being used and cheated on by her X with no less than someone she considered her best freind, she is starting over with Solen Labs and working wih it's owner Garth Solen( Garth is not socially apt) . Over the 3 months working forSooen labs Melissa has developed a slight crush on Garth.

Attending a conference that Garth is speakiing at and she runs smack into her Ex who looks down his nose making her feel inadequate the he begins throwingbroun insults against Garth,long story short Melissa implies that she is involved with Garth. Mark her X leaks it to the press who run with an article that melissa and Garth are head over heels in love and Engaged!

The two become embroiled in a fake engagement and cover up that leads to an emotional entanglement that Garth tries to fight till the bitter end!
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1,028 reviews23 followers
March 8, 2013
I didnt know this book was about Melissa and Solen until I read the back cover. and thats the only reason why i read this book.
In my mind, with the first book, i wanted to know more about tha Fragile Melissa and that mysterious Solen even I didnt think about Solen but more about Melissa how will she heal.
I have to say I love this book even more than the first. the build up of the characters and the story everything were right in their place. it wasnt just about a fake engagement or a love story but more than that it was deep even it was not written in POV. i could feel the ache the disapointment the love. and surely understand Garth. Which I have to say that the writter took her time for that character. no rush in the story even with such a small book.
and also with this book, i was so happy that the writter introduce us to Brit and Tori so i understood why some reader could have read this book within the first. u learnt about them about their love about needing to read the first book. and you still have an upgrade story about them. how love change them.
and for the end and epilogue, just how i love. brit beginning a new dad life and Mel+ Garth upcoming addition.
i just love when nan and jess said that he could act like a jerk but he is not and he could as stupidly but worth it.
it is right nobody is perfect.
it was a fantastic romance.
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1,271 reviews677 followers
November 23, 2012
First off, I just need to say damn can Inara Scott write. I love her books. I enjoy her YA, but her romances just hit her fabulous YA out of the ball park. Seriously, The Boss's Fake Fiance was just sheer perfection. I will never tire of reading her books and already I am counting down to the next one!

This is one steamy romance. The chemistry and attraction between Melissa and Garth just leaps off the page. One page one, I was instantly sold on their story and completely locked in. There are some HOT scenes in this one.

Nan is one of the coolest characters ever. I loved her. Garth also is such a complex character and I loved watching the relationship between him and Melissa grow. They both were such great characters and so great for one another. Garth's little quirks and his dogs were too funny. I also loved seeing the characters from Rules of Negotiation make their return, as I just loved them. That one is still one of my favorite books!

This book seriously just made me so giddy. It was a perfect balance of scorching romance and completely adorable aw moments. I love the characters and I love the storyline. Now begins the wait until Inara Scott delivers yet another awesome read.
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1,387 reviews11 followers
January 26, 2013
Bu yorumu Kitap Esintisi sayfasında bulabilirsiniz.

Kitap aslında benzerini birçok defa okuduğunuz harlequin romanlarına benziyordu. Şöyle ki, adam sosyal yetenekleri güçsüz, çocukluğunda ailesini kaybetmiş, o travmanın etkisini hala atlatamamış, bilgisayar adam diye bahsedilen biri. Kesinlikle duygu göstermiyor, hepsini çok iyi bir şekilde maskesinin altına gizliyor. Kızımız ise aslında deli dolu, sevimli biri ama geçmişinde yaşadığı ilişkiden çok yara aldığı için temkinli davranıyor. Kızımız Melissa, işte bu acıdan kaynaklı eski sevgilisini görünce şirketin sahibi buz adam Garth ile aralarında bir şeyler olduğunu ima ediyor, eski sevgili de buna sinirlenip basına nişanlandıklarını duyuruyor ve ikili garip bir durumun içinde kalıyor. Çünkü Garth'ın büyük annesi torununun evleneceğini öğrendiği için mutlu, tabi sağlığı da yerinde olmadığı için ona doğruyu söyleyemiyorlar. İşte böylece kendilerini sahte bir nişanlılık içinde buluyorlar ve sonrası tahmin edebileceğiniz gibi drama ve romans ile geçiyor. Harlequin romanlarını seviyorsanız, bu kitap da size iyi vakit geçirecektir.
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359 reviews58 followers
November 29, 2012
Very intense read that tugs at my heartstrings with the perfect blend of tension, love, humor, sadness & pain. I caught myself laughing & tearing up. I had my heart in my throat all the time.
You cant help but feel for the main characters. Garth is a very complex character ** SPOILER ALERT ** (from the beginning I figured out that he has Autism or more precisely Asperger's syndrome) *** Known as the "human computer" , he is socially awkward, emotionally unavailable , or so he thought, but when he loves, he loves fiercely. Melissa had her share of pain & hurt after finding her ex- boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She is so loving, so patient with Garth. She is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Can he risk his heart or will he let her slip from his fingers ?
The end is wonderful.
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398 reviews5 followers
January 7, 2013
the plot is quite familiar but what i liked is that the issue on who made the rumor was out at the very start. rather than making it the major conflict it became the starting point that pushed the story forward.
i likr melissa she seems to be feisty and independent despite her past. i also like garth but his behavior near the middle and the end was a bit annoying (though which was explained later in the story).
my main issue with the story is why they have to marry at all. cant they just have a long engagement instead of automatically marrying? but i guess that was the logic that the author wanted us to follow. and it is quite unbelievable to fall in love in less than one month. maybe should have made it at least six months. i thought the urgency was because nan was dying but she seemed to be in perfect health in the end.
the finale was half sweet half mushy but very fitting.
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November 16, 2012
Nice, easy read that kept me turning the page. I enjoyed the conflict between the h/h and I felt very sympathetic to their individual insecurities and issues in getting together. Funny lines and some hot love scenes. Felt like this was part of a series in the characters that were introduced, but the story didn't suffer for it, and was easy enough to follow along. The only thing that detracted from my rating is my disbelief at the ending of the book - while it was very sweet, I didn't quite buy that Garth would make this grand gesture at the end and I would have like to see the story unfold over a longer period of time.

Made me curious to read more of this author's books.
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December 5, 2012
I really liked this book. I didn't read the first book but I love series, especially ones with close siblings. The story seems typical with the employee and the boss having to fake a romance and then truly falling for each other. The twist for me was that the hero truly had a disorder to make him feel unlovable. I was worried when I started the book that the issue between them was going to be the usual issue of how he just doesn't want to settle down. I think the fact that he has this disorder and is trying to cope with it and she loves him through it anyway, made for a more fulfilling story.
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October 17, 2012
As I have mentioned before on other romance books I have read and commented on, I don't usually review these nor are these my usual type of books, but my goodness Inara Scott did an amazing job with this one. Had me reading up till 1am to finish it in one sitting and I do not regret the lack of sleep at all. It even had me tearing up at the end. I'm not gonna go into details of any kind just know that it is definitely worth a try.
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February 1, 2016
Loved the H and h. This book would've been a 5 star but I think the author should've mentioned the H's level of autism somewhere in the beginning. High functioning? low functioning? I assumed it was high functioning. I think author could've done a better portrayal of someone with Asperger syndrome. Over all I really enjoyed the book. Well paced relationship/romance development. The ending was a little over the top.
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January 10, 2013
Ok, this was another pretty mindless read. I still liked it though, but I sometimes wanted to scream at Melissa for her (re)actions. We all know from the start that it'll end well, but honestly arriving at her doorstep with all her family and friends AND a journalist, was a little too much.
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December 26, 2012
I really liked this book...I loved Garth and Melissa from the very start...definitely one I would read again and again xx
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January 22, 2013
Loved it! Had a great storyline with a twist that makes perfect sense. Definitely need a tissue for the heart strings that get pulled.
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June 29, 2016

I really enjoyed reading this book and didnt want it to end.
And I loved both the male and female leading characters. Garth and Melissa were perfect for each other.
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