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A Van Helsing Organization #1

A Prescription for Delirium

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Madness is spreading like a virus.

Ninety years ago, Gabriella di Luca failed to protect the family of her dead lover.

Now the devil that murdered the eldest Van Helsing son has resurfaced, and she’s determined to stop him before he can lay a bloody hand on the remaining three brothers.

However, Gabby suspects the devil is testing a drug that induces demonic possession, and the only way to stop the devil’s plot is to fall victim to the madness herself.

If she wants to save the brothers and their city, she’ll have to risk most precious possession: her mind.

If you enjoy Kim Harrison and Laurell K. Hamilton, you will devour this fast-paced paranormal adventure by USA Today Bestselling author Noree Cosper. Buy A Prescription for Possession to dive into this Dark Fantasy Series now!

**This book was originally called A Prescription for Delirium**

271 pages, Paperback

First published December 12, 2012

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About the author

Noree Cosper

18 books130 followers
Noree Cosper loves writing about magic in the modern world. While growing up in Texas she constantly searched for mystical elements in the mundane. She buried her nose in both fiction and books about Wicca, Religion, and Mythology. Everyday became an adventure as she joined a group of role-players, acting out her fantasies of vampires, demons, and monsters living in the world. She embraced her nerdom wholeheartedly. Noree grew, but never left her love for fantasy and horror. Her dreams pushed her and her hand itched to write the visions she saw. So, with her fingers on the keys, she did what her heart had been telling her to do since childhood. She wrote.

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1,385 reviews94 followers
November 22, 2017

This novel was extremely well done, with great characters and excellent atmosphere. Gabby is a well crafted personality with depth, surrounded by a colorfully tragic past which sets the pace for her tenuous future. Her friendships are a mixture of both need and a strange kind of empathy which links them together, with secrets and a somewhat dubious commonality. A more disparate group of people would be hard to find.

There is a couple of things I particularly liked in this book. One is that the author manages to give the fight scenes a good dose of credibility by crafting a beat down where the characters don't miraculously carry on business as usual, but goes down with a debilitating injury which continues to hamper performance. So, when Gabby tries to keep going with a shattered arm, her fighting style adjusts to reflect that. Secondly, I like how she isn't Miss Personality and she's not drawn as a Vogue beauty with a bunch of pining lovers.

The Epilogue leaves the reader guessing, with a nice twist, but don't worry it's not a cliffhanger. I do, however, have a valid question: where does her income miraculously arrive from? I definitely would have liked that answered, because lets face it, we have to eat somehow.
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5,217 reviews462 followers
January 20, 2021
*Source* Kindle Unlimited
*Genre* Fantasy / Paranormal
*Rating* 3.5-4


A Prescription for Possession is the first installment in author Noree Cosper's A Van Helsing Organization series. This book was originally called A Prescription for Delirium. Told from Gabriella Di Luca point-of-view, we're pulled into a dark world of demons, secrets, and ancient dangers. The story beings in 1536 Rome. Gabby is witnessing a banishment of a devil named Ose. When things go wrong, Gabby ends up finishing the job which will end up costing her. After failing to stop Allegra from killing her husband and child, she was cursed. For 400 years, she's been banishing demons. Even when she’s killed, she’s returned to life basically unscratched.

*Full Review @ Gizmos Reviews*

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Author 6 books48 followers
October 22, 2012
When it comes to the Paranormal/Supernatural genres that I tend to read, there aren’t a lot of surprises. Sometimes it feels too much like the author is following a preordained outline, the characters can be good but the plot itself is lacking.

When I first heard about Prescription for Delirium by Noree Cosper, I had the gut feeling that this one was going to be different. Here is the synopsis
from the author’s site.

“Ninety years ago, Gabriella di Luca promised to protect the family of her dying lover. She failed to keep that promise. She was too far away to stop the devil that murdered the eldest Van Helsing son. Years later, Gabby learns the devil has resurfaced. She arrives in Hampton, TX, determined to stop the devil before it can lay a bloody hand on the remaining three brothers.

However, madness is spreading through Hampton. She suspects the devil is using this madness to test a drug, which has a side effect of demonic possession. Gabby rushes to end the source of the madness only to fall victim to it. For a woman cursed with eternal life, dying is no threat. However, Gabby must stop the devil's plot or risk losing her most precious possession: her mind.”

Although every character in this novel is likeable and well written, I fell in love with Gabby. Cursed with eternal life she balances the depressing nature of a vengeful endeavor and a faithful kind heart wonderfully. As I read the
story, it would have been easy to understand Gabby going off the rails and
losing herself in her revenge. However, not only does she handle every adversary with level headedness, she also remains dedicated to the family she promised to protect.

Prescription is a Van Helsing Organization novel, the first in the series. Although vampires do not take center stage, there are other creatures of the night to worry about. Demons, devils, werewolves, and that is not including the extensive hierarchy of the underworld. Gabby is multitasking her butt off trying to keep everyone safe and attain her goals.

The Love and Bother:

Cosper does an amazing job of making me feel for every one of her characters.
The three Van Helsing men, Esais, Adrian, and Tres could easily have been
robotic and one-dimensional. Yet with Cosper’s writing, I was instantly drawn to each of them. One aspect I found most compelling is how each brother is dealing with the burden of their own secrets. They may be a family of Supernatural hunting bad-assess, but they don’t always trust one another. I liked that dynamic and found it added a layer of understanding to every action.
They would happily die for one another, but telling the truth plagues them all.

There were a few places in the story where I would have liked some further information. The aspect of ghosts immediately comes to mind. However it didn’t detract from the story and there are many more books to come in which to expand.

I also wish Gabby had been slightly more tech savvy. Just because you’ve lived for hundreds of years doesn’t mean you can’t be up to date on the world you live in now.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Marguerite Devereux. I adored her character. A street smart, total badass, she wants her revenge, and she wants it now. The interactions between her and Gabby were my favorite part of this
novel. She is a reflection of the way the dark world can turn an otherwise
innocent person hard.

In saying that, Marguerite is clearly the type of person that Gabby could have
become. They are two sides of the same revenge laden coin. Their different outlooks and choices create an interesting portrait of how handling life's tragedies can change you.

Final thought? Read this book. The plot is constantly moving and so refreshing! The characters are charming, different, and sexy.
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Author 6 books165 followers
October 25, 2012
*This is a review of an ARC received from the author.

Months ago I had the chance to read Cosper’s short story “The Flower of Hell” from the Paramourtal collection of short stories that she was included in. It was a great story that introduced me to the character Gabriella di Luca and the world of Noree’s book A Prescription For Delirium. While it’s not a necessary step to take before reading this novel, reading “The Flower of Hell” increased my already large curiosity for Prescription.

In this novel, Cosper has set up a detailed world of demon hunting, family legacies, and a great cast of characters.

To be completely honest I know almost nothing about the world of demons, or much of the supernatural in general that this novel deals with. It’s because of that, that I say Cosper was able to in a way teach me the ways of this world effectively through Gabriella’s character. Gabriella is a centuries old human with a curse. She’s been around for a long time hunting various demons. She knows things. The Van Helsing brothers of this current generation, they know next to nothing compared to her. This teacher student relationship made it easy to learn with the characters.

What I enjoyed about the characters was that they weren’t all buddy-buddy as a team. Just because one of them tells the other something it didn’t mean that it would be believed. Despite the main conflict of hunting down the devil, Ose, the inner struggles of the group often come into play. This lead to many sections of non-stop reading. There was also a good balance between the back story given for some characters and back story that was withheld. While I’d like to have known a bit more about a few of them, I also understand that details will unfold as the series comes along. An author can’t tell everything in the first book.

I feel that Cosper has a vast understanding of the supernatural world, its history, and an imagination to alter it to her needs. That is a key strength of this novel. There are also a variety of horror elements in here from delusions to “real” horrific scenes battling demons. Cosper has established a series that will be on my to be read list for years to come. I’m intrigued to know where it will go from here. All I know is that there’s danger in store. It’s hiding around every corner for Gabriella and her companions.
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305 reviews58 followers
February 22, 2017
My Review
4 Roses

We all love a good Van Helsing story, full of adventure, action, and a good bad-guy butt-kicking. Well, this book has all that, and a whole lot more.

The plot is simply fantastic. Giving a new side to an old myth, this book turns a classic legend into a modern-day thriller. We meet the infamous Gabriella Di Luca and the current Van Helsing brothers, and watch them fight in a world most people choose to ignore. Told from Gabby's point-of-view, we're pulled into a dark world of demons, secrets, and ancient dangers. Every twist and turn in the story flips the world upside down, making each challenge even more incredible. Awesome plot all the way through, with an ending that is absolutely delicious.

The characters are all completely awesome! Good guys who are tough and brave, kicking butt and taking names, none of them disappoint. Bad guys who are a force to be feared, creating a reality more terrifying than a nightmare. Each easily relatable and understandable, bringing depth and reality to the story. Not many books have a truly fantastic strong female character, but this one has two! Not to mention, the three completely amazing Van Helsing brothers. This book has a character for everyone, and a secret big enough to bring them all down.

Following this story, learning of Gabby's long life, and the demons she's fought, is one of the best adventures I've been on in a while. With wonderful writing creating a world full of twists, turns and mystery, this book kept me on my toes, and left me eager for more. While I did take off a star for some editing mistakes, and a few parts I didn't personally care for, this is a book I'd recommend to anyone.

*I was given a complimentary ebook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.
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1,717 reviews312 followers
February 12, 2013
Way to take Van Helsing and run with it!!! Cosper takes this pre-existing mythology and runs with it to make something entirely new and exciting with this novel. I could barely put it down, always needing to know what was coming next.

Cosper has a very well developed plot that she works from to tell this story. The demonology behind this story is also very clear and concise. She builds the world in which the characters interact with each other with exquisite detail. You can picture where they are at each turn of events. Cosper also does not sacrifice a well written, intense story for her descriptions. She works everything together to create a well written novel that flows naturally. Nothing is forced, nothing is missing, and nothing is out of place.

I love the fact that these characters are ones that you can relate to. You get quite wrapped up in these characters and their lives but you still want to know more about them. Cosper gives you enough details and insight into the characters that you get to know them, but doesn’t tell you absolutely everything. The mystery behind the characters keeps you coming back for more just as much as the storyline does. It’s a very unique change from the norm where authors either give you all or nothing in the character department.

This novel definitely caught me by surprise. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. It was a brilliant twist on an old concept that kept me coming back for more. I can’t wait to read the sequel!
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Author 9 books90 followers
November 22, 2012
Let me begin by saying that I I loved Noree's short story, "The Flower of Hell," which also featured Gabriella di Luca, so I anxiously awaited the opportunity to read the ARC of "A Prescription For Delirium."

In short, "Prescription" doesn't disappoint. Where “The Flower of Hell” offered a quick peek into Gabriella's life, this full-length treatment really allows the reader to get to know Gabriella. Not quite as well as someone else does ... but that's later in the story (and it was about damn time, too).

Gabriella is still hunter and hunted, the Van Helsing clan is still involved, and there's more than enough action and intrigue to satisfy the most voracious reader. The supporting cast is quite strong, although di Luca is the true star of the show by a wide margin. She's intelligent, brave, and beautiful ... but bears the scars of a life that no one in his/her right mind would aspire to. Still, if a hellhound was breathing down my neck or if my back was against a wall while a demon-infested baby slithered in for the kill, I'd be looking for Gabriella to save the day!

The story is compelling and Cosper displays quite a talent for pacing and flow. She readily draws from a deep knowledge of demonology and other dark and twisted subjects to infuse her villains with legitimate evil. It's pure fiction, but it reads like fact. And damn good fact, at that.

"A Prescription For Delirium" is a kick-ass page turner that I highly recommend.
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3,491 reviews125 followers
March 6, 2015
Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Cosper displayed a wealth of knowledge about the underworld and supernatural beings. She was believably able to develop a vast world of different hierarchies and complex creatures. Although, with her vast amount of knowledge some parts seemed to be lacking the explanation needed for someone that was not so well versed in the subject.

My favorite character throughout the entire work was Gabby. Even though her life is cursed she has a positive outlook on life and a goal that is getting her through. She remained dedicated to protecting her family. Marguerite Devereux was an amazing foil and contrast to Gabby’s character. Marguerite was a symbol of what Gabby could have become letting revenge consume her.

On a different level the Van Helsing men, Esais, Adrian, and Tres were complicated and each individual personality was able to show through. They each had their own burden to bear and while all the characters had the same goal they were not really a team. The lack of trust between them added new dimensions to their characters and the inner struggles they had to face.

Also on http://lrjohnson13.blogspot.com/2012/...
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526 reviews42 followers
May 26, 2013
A Prescription for Delirium by Noree Cosper

Gabriella de Luca waits at a bar to meet with the three remaining Van Helsing brothers: Adrian, Esais, and Tres. Unfortunately, a hellhound is also at the bar. Gabriella is able to confound his sense of smell to allow them to escape.
Gabriella has been chasing the devil, Ose, for many centuries. She has now caught up with him and his demon daughter, Melantha, in a small Texas town. She has also met a Cajun woman, Mageurite Devereux, who is chasing a demon in hopes of securing a contract sold by her mother many years ago.
The town of Hampton is in for a wild and unsavory ride as the demons and devil play in both the local carnival and the local insane asylum. The latest generation of Van Helsings has no practical training; Margeurite is filled with a demon killing frenzy, and Gabby just wants to make sure the Van Helsings make it through this whole adventure safe and sound.
Noree Cosper starts the novel with a scene designed to pull the reader in, and each scene thereafter follows suit. This is a new and novel look at the Van Helsings. Lovers of the paranormal should definitely read this one.
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Author 17 books63 followers
February 26, 2013
It's about a 3.5 star for me. The ratings are different on here and on amazon. I liked the book which is what three stars means here and four stars means on amazon.

The story is fast paced and interesting. Some points it moved a little too fast and I had to go back and read the last paragraph because I felt I had missed something. There was plenty of action.

The characters are unique and original, and although the main character's back story can be confusing at times, certain scenes will help you through it.

I'd have to say that my favorite character was Adrian. He was intriguing, especially towards the end.

When you read horror books you have to be prepared for anything. Be prepared to endure some very horrific scenes when you read this. There are few things that really freak me out when reading books and watching movies/tv, but a few of those things are in this book.

All-in-all, I reccommend this book to horror readers who love the occult and paranormal.
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985 reviews469 followers
January 7, 2013
What a fantastic fantastic book. Very dark and visual. I was completely engrossed in the story, the author has did a great job. Very well written.

Gabriella is a demon hunter, and she can read the auras around not only people but places as well. She can see demons and apprehensions where others can't. She is cursed, she can't not die. She's been around for long long time, long enough to have promised to protect the family of the man she loved, the Van Helsings. The three remaining brothers are have their own special abilities. Together with help from others can she finally keep her promise and defeat the devil, and keep her mind at the same time.

Is the second book wrote yet? Because I can't wait to get my hands on it.
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Author 35 books340 followers
December 18, 2012
The Premise:

Small-town Hampton, Texas is attracting demons. Fortunately for Hampton, it’s also attracting demon-hunters and Van Helsings, who are determined to prevent the town from being overrun by violent madmen and horrible, demonic creatures that may or may not once have been human. The three Van Helsing brothers are more accustomed to fighting vampires, though, and Gabriella di Luca, resident demon expert, has a few traits that trigger suspicion. There is much bickering, mouthing off, and mistrust in all directions, which makes working together to end the threat all the more difficult.

The Good:

The Good is pretty much everything. I loved the characters most, though. Prescription for Delirium is definitely a character-driven story, and everyone we come across is meaty and awesome. Gabby is a strong female protagonist with plenty of problems and a bucket and a half of insecurity, but her foibles are human and real, and they do not at all detract from the fact that she is a powerful, experienced woman. The Van Helsing siblings made me nervous, because it can be difficult to create fictional relatives who aren’t clones of each other, but these perfectly balanced family resemblance with distinct personalities. Honestly, I spend most of the book desperately wanting to give Tres and Esais a great big hug. Adrian is seriously asking for a cattle prod in the arse, but I’m scared of him, so I’ll pass. The villains are chilling.

Despite being character-driven, the plot does not at all fall by the wayside. I found it really original, and I love it when authors bring back Van Helsings in fun ways.

I also love fantasy set in Texas. The Lone Star State really doesn’t get enough love from fantasy authors, and I love Cosper’s depiction of small-town Texas. I could practically feel the grit blowing up from the dirt roads and smell the funnel cake from the county carnival. It’s also refreshing to see small-town Texans NOT depicted as toothless hicks in overalls, which seems to be the stereotype we get when we’re represented at all. Cosper’s Texans are realistic, welcoming, and a bit reactionary, and they cope pretty well with being attacked by Hell’s minions. Of course, I understand that Cosper herself is a resident of our noble State, so it makes sense that she would understand just how awesome we are.

The Bad:

There’s not much I would really call bad, only a few things I felt could be improved. The plot felt a little bit rushed, in places. I would have liked to see more of Gabriella’s preparations and interactions with the Van Helsing boys. There was a lot of running and driving and fighting, which is all very exciting, but it left very little time to figure out what just happened before diving headlong into the next piece of action.

One thing that did bother me (but is purely a matter of author prerogative, and as such cannot really be criticized, except as my own little peeve) was the apparent genealogy of the Van Helsings. Cosper’s Van Helsings seem to be an old Romanian family, and she has them speak to one another in Romanian several times through the course of the book. She never explains how they went from the Netherlands to Romania, if that was the case, or how they intermarried with Romanians or emigrated, or whatever happened, there. Considering how well everything else in the book was considered and researched, I seriously doubt that it was just an oversight, and I understand there are several more books in which this might be explained, but it puzzled my inner Stoker fan.

In Conclusion:

I’m really looking forward to the next volume. Cosper’s mythology is fascinating, and I can’t wait to explore it further.
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2,409 reviews105 followers
March 29, 2013
The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Gabriella di Luca, aka Gabby is a demon hunter who can also perform exorcisms plus she can hold her own in a fight against a demon or human. Gabby made a promise years ago to take care of her lover Dimitri's family. And years later she has found herself in Hampton, Tx. where her lovers three great-grandsons the Van Helsing brothers, Esais, Adrian and Tres live. The demon Ose has found them and will kill them if Gabby can't stop him. Gabby has her own demons to fight as well the demons that haunt her heart, she failed years ago to save Dimiti's son. Gabby failed once and has no intentions of doing it again. She will protect these three brothers with her life. Although Gabby is human and has lived for hundreds of years.

The Van Helsing brothers are all very different from each other with their own secrets and paranormal abilities. They hunt demons as well and when Gabby shows up they are not sure that she can be trusted. Well I think Adrian is the only one who doesn't actually trust her but again I don't think he trusts or likes anyone very much. Adrian is more dark, harsh and unyielding type of person who believes he doesn't owe anyone any favors and definitely does not except any in return. He had rather be off in his lab all by himself. But I think Gabby starts to grow on him and hopefully gets him to open up some. She knows he is not as bad as he seems and underneath that entire stern exterior he probably has a soft heat.

And now let's meet Marguerite Devereux aka Marge who is a demon ass kicking chic who leaves no one alive. All she wants to do is kick some demon ass no matter what the demon did. She will probably get herself killed or demon processed with her attitude one day. Unless she learns to listen to Gabby and what she is trying to teach her. Marge is hunting the demon that has a contract on her head. She has had a very hard life with everything that has been done to her by her own mother no less. Sometimes when someone is hurt or done wrong by their mother it can make a person very hard on life and their self. So I think hunting down demons and killing them helps her deal with the hurt her mother caused her. While at the same time helps her to hide behind the hurt and pretend that it doesn't exist. I think she is a good person and Gabby sees and knows this. Gabby knows she just needs someone to tell her what to do sometimes to show that they care about her. I guess maybe this is what is known as hard love. Maybe in the next books Gabby can break through her hard exterior and let her know that someone can love and care about her. Maybe Marge can learn that it is ok to love and care about people and not everyone in the world is cruel and evil.

A Prescription for Delirium was a real page turner one that I did not want to put down. I love all the characters especially Gabby, Marge and Adrian. I think they were the toughest ones in the whole book. The others were also in their own way. But you know everyone has their own thing that they are good at. Everybody can't be good at the same thing. I mean if they were they would be a lot of things that we would have to live without. Each one has strength in what they can do. Gabby and Marge is a real couple of kick ass heroines. So if you like a good story with a couple of kick as heroines that also has demons, werewolves and a whole lot of fighting going on then I think you would love A Prescription for Delirium.
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9 reviews
November 20, 2012
(This is the review of an ARC copy but this however does not affect my review in any way)

When I initially learned about the novel, I knew this is gonna be one kick-ass one ‘cause of all the months of following stalking her on twitter I can tell she is like this storehouse of all things supernatural. And that this somewhat different from all the ones I read so far from the Paranormal/Supernatural/Occult genre. So when I received an ARC copy, I was really excited to read it!

This is the first in the series and vampires do not center around as expected when it comes to anything ‘Van Helsing’. Here you get to meet Gabriella di Luca, a kick-ass demon hunter who vowed to protect the family of her dying lover. Cursed with immortality, she would do anything to keep the Van Helsings safe. When the devil responsible for the death of the eldest Van Helsing son resurfaced, she teams up with the three Van Helsing boys,Esias, Adrian and Tres, to get rid of the devil for good. But it ain’t an easy task, some of the people of Hampton have fallen victim to the madness drug responsible for demonic possession. But the devil himself isn’t easy to trick, he himself being the biggest of tricksters with an exceptional tendency to play with your head and drive you mad. With the devil at large, there are some other creatures needed to be taken care of – demons and werewolves not to mention the kingdoms of the underworld.

I really enjoyed every bit of it and could not put it down. I loved Gabby, her strength, her dedication to the family she vowed to protect. She is one strong character, I loved how after all she had been through, she is still level-headed and not just on a murderous rampage full of hatred…thus keeping her humanity intact. I also loved the tension between the brothers in trusting one another….each holding their own secrets. Whether it is the book-nerd Esias, the jolly Tres or the quiet with loads on his head Adrian. I guess the reason of Adrian’s quietness and the failure of getting along much with his brothers must be cuz of the guilt feeling for being absent in their lives. Each of the characters felt real,each being unique with different approaches to life . And then there is Margarete Devereux, a bad-ass chick with a sharp tongue, hell bent on getting her hands on any demons she comes through, she wants to put an end to the very demon she is bound to. She quickly became my favorite and I totally adored her. Together they make one great team of bad-ass hunters....and did I mention the tech savvy Adrian can make crazy weapons!

There are lots of action scenes and I thoroughly enjoyed each of them, the conversations between Marge and Gabby were my most favorite part of the books. They are like two sides of the same coin each representing what the other could have become. They could learn a lot from each other.

I also loved the different demons in the book, learning about these types of demons was something new for me…and anything supernatural has its natural pull on me. I would recommend this book to the adult audience with the taste of some kick-ass past faced action scenes and a love for the paranormal.

Overall, this was one fantastic book and is already on my list of favorites. Can I say am already thinking of book #2 !
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1,303 reviews57 followers
March 13, 2013
Loved it!

I always love to find new authors in the paranormal genre that are able to put their own unique spin into it and Noree Casper has certainly done that! Exorcisms, werewolves possessed by demons, crazy-assed demon hunters and the Van Helsing brothers…… A Prescription for Delirium has non-stop action and was a definite page turner for me!

Gabby was at an exorcism with a priest years ago where he tried to exorcise one of the devil’s named Ose. Things went bad and Gabby had to take over and muddled up the exorcism, but Ose still left the body. Today, Ose has resurfaced in Hampton with his daughter Malantha and the people in the town are being manipulated and some are even being committed the Hampton Mental Institute.

Gabby is a human, but she is 400 years old because of a curse which was placed on her after an incident which went wrong. Gabby’s dreams are often in the past and I was able to see the circumstances as to why she was cursed. She is not able to let many into her heart, except for Dimitri Van Helsing to whom she vowed to protect his family. There are three great-grandsons in Hampton that she is not going to let Ose have and she is going to do anything in her power to protect them.

I thought the whole supernatural hunting business in this book fun!! The TV show Supernatural has always been one of my favourites, so throw in a 400 year old single woman, the Van Helsings and another crazy demon hunter girl and we have chaos!! Gabby has not met any of the others before so she has to work out what assets or skills that they have to help her defeat Ose and Malantha. Gabby is a fun character and she is pretty down to earth, she says what she means and is to the point. She has weaknesses that she tries to hide from the others, but she doesn’t want to let anyone close to her as they always seem to die. When things get too much for Gabby, she even calls her old friend so she can share her burden and to relax with a drink. She may be cursed but she still is human and needs others for comfort.

The Van Helsing brothers are inexperienced when it comes to the supernatural but Gabby intends to train them once she gets them out of Hampton alive. They all have their own powers, but are reluctant to share them with each other. They are all different, but I like them all even if Adrian still doesn’t trust Gabby. Marge is just a crazy lady who loves to fight; she often dives straight into the fighting first and asks questions later. She is fun and a bit annoying, but adds spice!!

A Prescription for Delirium was a captivating read!! I crave action and this story definitely had it all. The plot was original and I couldn’t pick which way the author would go. It is obviously the start of a journey for all the characters that are involved as there are plenty of other supernatural creatures out there. All the characters have great chemistry and I can’t wait to see what this mismatched bunch will get up to next!!

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 35 books243 followers
January 11, 2013
The book opens on to the scene of an exorcism in 1536 Rome, and is written from the devil Ose's point of view which immediately grabs the reader. There is plenty of action and a twist at the end – a great opening to the book, which left me eager to read the rest.

Now to the present, and Ose is still causing trouble. The rest of the book is narrated by Gabriella (the same Gabriella who 'smote' Ose in ancient Rome? Maybe, all will become clear) as she hunts the devil. a fascinating character already, she sees auras, spots hellhounds and is obviously much, much older than most humans. We join her as she meets the van Helsing brothers, Tres, Adrian and Esais, but one of Ose's hellhounds has found them and they must fight their way out of the crowded bar.

They get away and we are introduced to the characters in more detail. Gabriella is human after all, but one who has been cursed and she has hunted demons for 500 years. She has a long association with the van Helsing family, but the new generation have little experience of devils, demons, hellhounds, werewolves or even vampires, and she must train them if they are to kill the devil Ose and head up the network of hunters that is their legacy.

Things are further complicated by the arrival of Marguerite, a new demon-hunter with a one-track mind (finding the one demon who holds her life in his hands), a hell of an attitude and a demon to find. As if that weren't enough, Gabriella also has problems of her own. The curse that has kept her alive for half a millennium also has her spirit bound and chained. She is held by a demon, Allegra, who also killed her husband and son, and Gabriella is determined to kill her and free herself, but can she keep focused on the job at hand - finding and killing Ose before he infects a whole town with a demonic madness?

This is fabulous and well-plotted storytelling with a satisfying ending, and I couldn't put A Prescription for Delirium down. Well-written, tantalising, compelling and chilling with plenty of action and a strong, cursed heroine; Noree Cosper has created a great cast of characters with depth and plenty of attitude, and their interactions are witty, gritty and wholly plausible. I have no reservations in recommending A Prescription for Delirium to anyone who enjoys an action-packed, paranormal thriller and am very much looking forward to book two.
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Author 2 books15 followers
February 21, 2022
~ This review was originally published on http://theferrymanswife.blogspot.co.uk/ ~

What a thumping good read! Rarely do I find a book so difficult to put down. It’s action-packed from start to finish, with the most vivid imagery I’ve encountered in a long time. Gabby is a kick-ass heroine, cursed with immortality, but gifted with second sight. This enables her to see the invisible world of spirits and auras. This is skilfully conveyed by the authors knowledge of aura interpretation in full-spectrum colour, with grandiose imaginings of spirit beings. This alone makes it a compelling read. However, the characters in this story are so well-rounded and lovable, you need to know how things are going to work out. Gabby’s loss, her fate, and her unyielding personality, combined with her irrefutable humanness, make her likeable, if not lovable. I adored the Van Helsing brothers, their personalities so diverse and well-crafted; they were great fun to read. What more can I say? I highly recommend this book!

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Author 23 books276 followers
November 30, 2012
Now, first off, I should tell you that I'm usually not a fan of dark paranormal. I like my paranormal fluffy and light, with very little gore and lots of magic. But this book won me over instantly, and now that it's done, I can't wait for more of Gabby's adventures.

She's a demon hunter, but her own past is pretty shady. Because of an old promise, she's stuck looking out for the Van Helsing family, and that's not an easy job. The three brothers want to carry on the family tradition of hunting the evil undead, but they're woefully unprepared next to Gabby. (But, to be fair, she's had a lot longer to get used to the job).

This is a high-stakes thrill ride from start to finish with sparkling secondary characters, a powerful heroine, and, oh yeah, lots of truly nasty demons. I can't wait for the next installment in this series!
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Author 14 books115 followers
July 19, 2014
Prescription for Delirium starts with a fascinating portrayal of an exorcism - from the demon's point of view.
It then moves to a fast and furious bar brawl, and keeps on going at breathless pace.
If you love action, paranormal, kick-ass women and complicated plots full of twists and betrayals, then this is for you.
The character's back stories are woven into the book; perhaps they could have been in evidence a bit earlier, but by the end the blanks have all been filled in, and frankly, the action keeps you going anyway.
I have to admit, with Van Helsings in the picture I did expect vampires, but demon-fighting was the order of the day and highly satisfying.
I received a copy of this novel from the author for a review, and I'd highly recommend it for fans of this genre - dark paranormal with plenty of action.
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175 reviews78 followers
August 20, 2013
I loved this book.

My eReader however, managed to corrupt a number of the words which was super annoying.

I loved the character development and the overall story. It was well written and kept the reader interested in the story. I don't usually read this type of genre (personal reasons) but this one was quite fascinating.

For those who like the supernatural genre I feel they would really love this book. If you can get your hands on a copy I'd recommend you do so.
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Author 3 books29 followers
August 25, 2014
For me the word Van Helsing in the title is a bit of a misnomer. You would be forgiven for thinking this is just another novel about vampires, you'd be wrong, it's demonic possession. It may have been a coincidence, but for the two weeks I read this book I had a really bad time. Did the book make that much of an impact, or am I just paranoid? I don't know, but things have settled down now.

I've read Christian books on demonic possession, but this one is far more detailed in dark research and perhaps that's what makes it different and interesting. The story starts in Rome 1536, but this is merely to give us some background about Gabriella and the first time she meets the demon Ose. She has been cursed with immortality and even when she is killed she is reborn. This allows her to have had a past with Dimitri in 1920's Paris, great grandfather to Esais, Tres and Adrian Van Helsing. The difference and characteristics of these three brothers are really endearing. Esais is the older protector of the clan who has telepathic powers and for most women it is a shame he prefers men. Tres is the opposite, a ladies man and charmer with healing powers. Trained as a doctor he uses traditional medicine first in order not to draw attention to his gift. Adrian is the rebel, gifted in science he is both suspicious and doesn't believe in giftings. When he discovers his brothers have these gifts he is appalled. There is a real tension between Adrian and Gabriella which starts with hostility and matures into tolerance if not outright care.

Adding to these characters is another demon hunter Marge. She is very much characterised by her aggressive stance, her questioning of the demon possessed boy shows her brutality and love of pain. Later when faced with a house full of demons Gabrielle insists on rescuing the hostages rather than simply burning the place down. In this sense Marge becomes a foil for Gabrielle, she is the brutal contrast, the line Gabrielle will not cross. Yet we never seem to get to the bottom of her motivation. She is looking for a particular demon, but why?

John is Gabriella's lover interest. Despite having killed his demon possessed wife, he is still desperate to be her lover. He performs the scientific role, making alchemical compounds to kill the hell hound. Confident in his own allure, he is able to call her a liar when she rebuffs his advances, finally giving in to her desire before the end of the novel.

Ose and Malantha, his daughter are the two main satanic protagonists in the novel. Relatively speaking we don't see that much of them, but we see their influence and in this sense this is the crux of demonic possession. While Malantha runs the fortune telling at the carnival, Ose is the head physician at the mental hospital. It would be easy to fall into a cliché here and incorrectly label all mental patients as demoniacally possessed, but the few patients that are shown in the novel, are overcome by their hosts in horrible ways. The sickening yellow mist of madness covers the whole town and manifests itself in more aggressive and paranoid tendencies. Indeed Nancy, the police officer who investigates the disturbance at the bar, in the beginning of the novel, becomes more paranoid and aggressive throughout the book. When confronted with the hellhound she becomes almost hysterical, firing bullets at it which seem to have no effect.

Gabrielle's hallucinations, in a chapter towards the end of the book, are written in italics in order to distinguish them from the rest of the action. I have heard it suggested that all thoughts should be put in italics, to help the reader distinguish between inner and outer voice, but I disagree with this and better writing should make the distinction apparent. After saying that, the chapter in italics works well as an aside. Here we learn more about her past and Allegra's influence. How the death of those she has loved, has become her motivation for the demon hunter she now is and why the Van Helsings are so important to her.

The end of the novel does give us a sense of good triumphing over evil. However it also leaves us with a suggestion that Ose is not the chief, but merely the puppet of some higher power. In that sense we gain a satisfying ending to the book, but also the promise of more to come. This novel lacks the poetry and depth of a classic novel, but it's an interesting story with thoughtful characterisation. Lovers of dark fiction will like this and don't be put off by the title, this is not just another vampire book.
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1,375 reviews1 follower
May 4, 2013
This is definitely a new series I love! There are just too many cool things going on. Gabby is cursed- she literally dies but comes back to life and it’s not a good thing. The demons are not the usual demons- they’re broken up into the seven deadly sins- which was very awesome the way the author did it! The demons you meet are just down right cruel and scary! The Van Helsing brothers are just plain cool! Are you hooked yet?

Gabby is a very differently made character. She’s been alive for a loooong time fighting demons. Hell, she’s got her own past and demons to fight. But she continues to try to notably protect the humans from demons and bad supernaturals, but to keep a promise to help save the Van Helsing brothers- the descendants of Van Helsing she is probably the most beat up character I’ve ever read. She is constantly getting her butt handed to her, but she never gives up. And you would think after everything she’s been through and had happen she’d give up- I would have! I definitely think she’s a cool heoine!

the secondary characters were hilarious! The ridiculously angry Cajun Marguerite, the very broody Adrian Van Helsing, the sweet and cute Tres Van Helsing, and the smart and way to perceptive Esais Van Helsing. Not to mention the other characters who had more time as well. And I believe John will be back soon too I love reading the secondary characters and this story had no shortages nor any shortfalls. They made the in between a and I really hope to see more of them very soon!

The writing is nicely done. It sucked me in at the prologue and I stayed at it I until the very end. I actually caught a few surprises as I really hadn’t thought the ending would go that way… The “BIG” bad guy usually gets away and the “smaller fish” normally ” get it”. I know I’m being vague but you’ll enjoy the suspense and surprise better if you read it yourself! In that note- well done! There’s only one thing I wish we’re more detailed- and I have a feeling that it will be explained in the coming book- but there’s a very particular demon who has her eye on Gabby and I’m very curious as to why… I know demons are demons an who the hell knows, but I hope that particular scheme is explained a little bit more as to why Gabby is special and wanted I badly! Over all, I really really enjoyed it, and I am definitely going to pick up book two! I very much look forward to more! 4 EXPLODING PAWS – wait til you see why I chose exploding- it’ll rock your socks
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200 reviews14 followers
May 25, 2013
I won this book through goodreads first-reads. I found this book very different to all the other paranormal books I've read it's like a whole new genre on it's own. Normally you find the stories are based very similar and have similar characters but not this one it is completely different and I found that great. Exorcisms,Demons, werewolves, possessed bikers, a crazy demon hunter and humans with special abilities. It all started Ninety years ago Gabriella di Luca promised to protect the family of her dying lover. She failed to keep that promise. Gabriella she has ben cursed never to die she is a 400 year old human Gabriella is a demon hunter with a special gift of seeing aura around people also able to see demoms.
Years later she arrives in Hampton TX to try and keep her promise by trying to stop the devil from harming the three remaining brothers Van Helsings and each one of these brothers have their own special abilities. With the help of the three brothers Gabriella just might have a chance against the devil after training them. Their is also Marge the crazy demon hunter which has her own reasons to hunt them, Marge joins them and together they plan a way to bring the devil to it's end. They find out that the devil is using his madness to test a drug which has a side effect of demonic possession. People are slowly getting effected in the small town can these five hunters end the hell in this town before its to late or does the devil possess them before. Gabriella does everything she can to keep these three brothers safe but is it enough.
This book is a fast action-packed read and so much going on you just don't want to miss. It was very well written and all the characters are very easy liked. I loved this book and I cant wait for the next book in the series. Great work Noree Cosper if your after something different and a book to keep you on your toes this is the one. Highly recommended.
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64 reviews
July 17, 2013
I recieved a free copy of this book from the Special Author Sponsored Reads from Our Novel Escape.

This was a great read! Once I started it, I couldn't put it down, and ended up reading it in one day! The action is pretty much non-stop, and at 280 pgs, it's a quick & engaging read.

Gabby is a bad-A character, a demon hunter cursed with immortality, who has promised her late lover she will protect the Van Helsing bloodline, which currently consists of Esais, Tres & Adrian. Well, it seems this might be harder than she originally thought, especially since Ose won't leave them or her alone, and the brothers are constantly bickering with each other and with Gabby. There's plenty of complications in the present, but Gabby's also lugging around quite a bit of baggage from her past. She is over 500 years old, so it's to be expected. Allegra, the demon who cursed Gabby, is a constant thorn in her side. Allegra likes her games. And Gabby is always her target. Gabby is determined to one day find Allegra & kill her, but now is not the time.

Gabby, the Van Helsing brothers, and Marge (another demon hunter with a terrible temper & a one-track mind) must find Ose and kill him, before he infects the whole town of Hampton with madness and moves on to bigger targets. Can they do it?

This was a great paranormal thriller, with wonderful writing and a storyline that kept you intrigued and interested the whole time. It was hard to put down. Action-packed & emotional, you felt for the characters and were always pulling for them, hoping they would succeed in their mission to rid Hampton of evil. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal, action-packed reading with well-developed characters and a great plot. I can't wait to see what will happen in the second book! Well done, Noree!
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Author 2 books22 followers
August 15, 2013
Overall, I thought this was a very good book, with only a few minor issues keeping me from giving it a five star rating.

The overall storyline was a fresh take on the vampire hunter plot by adding in demons and demon hunters, with the added bonus of extending the Van Helsing family into the present time! I admit I was a bit thrown off at first by the combination of the cursed demon huntress who was also oathbound to the Van Helsing clan, but once I was about halfway through, it started to gel nicely. Another pleasant plot twist was the demon-creating drug used to spawn a new generation of terrors in the asylum. Very creative and surprising!

The action and pacing was evenly spread throughout, with fantastic action sequences interspersed with emotional and fluid dialogues. A few slow spots popped up in the middle of the book, but they weren't enough to bring me out of the fiction.

The characters were a mixed bag for me, and the only real reason I dropped one star for the review. As an overall cast, they worked well together, and balanced each other out without being too over the top about it. Gabbi was well developed, although her back-story seemed a bit confusing to me, at least from the flashbacks used to tell it. But she made a great protagonist, and you felt for her throughout. The Van Helsing brothers were good characters, but I wished they could have been a bit more developed, although since this is the start of a series, that may have been intentional to leave room for subsequent novels.

Overall, a very good book, and I will definitely be reading the sequels as they come out!
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Author 24 books117 followers
June 26, 2014
I've always had a thing for paranormal stories that feature demons, demon-hunters, and other creatures of the supernatural. What I loved most especially about this book is how the author portrayed and explained these in a perfectly logical way, yet completely unique from other stories like this that I've read.

I also love the fact that Gabby is not an indestructible heroine. She has vulnerability, feelings, guilt, and she's completely able to be hurt. She's not so strong and untouchable that the story only shows how she makes it through. It's quite the opposite. I spent the entire story wondering if she was going to make it through and how. I spent moments clinging to each word desperate to make it through the scene.

Another fabulous thing about this book is how it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Sure there's a sex scene in it, and it's pretty hot. But there are quite a few of uncomfortable scenes. Things that you want to look away from, but can't. I was stuck there with Gabby, going through the same tortures she was. I felt her anxieties, desperation, and pain.

This book was so refreshing and emotionally impacting. It affected me and made me double check the locks and shine lights into the shadowy corners of my room and even check on my children to make sure they were still snuggled safely in their beds. The story made me think, and it made me FEEL. Miss Cosper did an excellent job on this novel. And I'm absolutely looking forward to the next installment of this series.

*Note: This review will also appear on my site and Amazon.
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200 reviews75 followers
August 8, 2013
I got a free copy of this book from Special Author Sponsored Reads from Our Novel Escape

The Book

We follow Gabriella a demon hunter who can see the aura surrounding people (and places). She can also see demons and apprehensions. She is cursed and cannot stay dead. She's been around for a very long time and has made a promise to protect the family of the man she loved (Dimitri's) lineage the Van Helsings. Although, her main mission is to find the demon who cursed her(and killed her family). On her sojourn, she meets Marge; whose mother sold her soul to the devil and her contract expires in 5 years.

The three remaining brothers have their own special abilities from instant healing to telepathy. Together with help from John, a human she saved from a demon, she defeats Ose; the demon who killed the parents of the three Van Helsing brothers.

My Thoughts
I liked this book. It's not your usual paranormal 'vampires and werewolves enmity storyline' A bit fuzzy in the beginning but you get a clearer/better understanding of the characters and their motives as the book progresses.
I like that it's written in first person. Most of the book is from Gabby's perspective/point of view.
language, style and plot were wonderful.
All in all, a great read.
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21 reviews16 followers
August 8, 2013
This is a great read. It is well-written and full of likeable characters. Really enjoyed reading Gabby's story and it would have been easy to understand if she had gone looking for revenge and "lose it" but it was great to see that she handled everything thrown at her with a level head.

Although it is a "Van Helsing organisation novel" there are more than vampires to worry about. Gabby has to deal with all manner of "unsavoury creatures" to protect her family and achieve her aims.

The 3 Van Helsing men might have come across as the "usual suspects in this kind of book" but the author makes the characters likeable and "real". It was great to see that they have the usual family issues, ie not trusting each other and each carrying their own secrets. Saying that they would die to protect each other.

I did feel at some parts of the story that I would have liked to learn more, especially where the ghosts were concerned but that's just a personal thing and didn't detract from the book at all.

There is evidence that the author has researched the supernatural world and it doesn't seem "made up". I did enjoy some of the horror bits in the book as well.

One author I will definitely read more of and the series (if this is anything to go by) is a definitely recommend to all friends and fans of the genre.
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Author 8 books83 followers
August 20, 2013
I really liked this book. The heroine, Gabby, was easy to root for. She's tough, but she's not obnoxious as some heroines can be in UF. That being said, I found Marguerite obnoxious but in a really good way, if that makes sense. I felt like she was a good contrast/comparison for Gabby - two women, both fighting demons but going about it a different way. I didn't dislike Marge, but I'm glad Gabby was my narrator!
I liked the difference between the Van Helsing men - they were siblings - similar but different, which is just how I expect siblings to be!
I really liked the world building of this book - very different from what I've normally read. The beginning had me immediately interested and I was intrigued to find out more about Gabby as we went along. I like how Gabby's backstory was interspersed throughout, so I didn't feel like I was reading a whole bunch of backstory at once.

Also, hands down, the title is one of the best I've come across. I really wanted to read this book based on the title alone! I also liked the cover. I thought it was sexy and a little dark without hitting me over the head with it.

Overall - I definitely recommend.
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