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The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Wrath of Mulgarath
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The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Wrath of Mulgarath (The Spiderwick Chronicles #5)

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  22,274 ratings  ·  610 reviews
Bruised and battered, Jared, Simon, and Mallory return home to find the mansion ransacked and learn that Mulgarath has made off with both the Guide and their mother! With only the help of Thimbletack, Hogsqueal, and Byron, the Grace kids have to defeat Mulgarath and his goblin army. But before they can face Mulgarath, they’ll have to rescue Arthur Spiderwick from Lorengorm ...more
Paperback, Anniversary Edition, 158 pages
Published May 2013 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (first published 2004)
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Tori I
About 30 minutes ago I finished the last book of The Spiderwick Chronicles. This book is called The Wrath Of Mulgrath. This book was probably the best one out of all five. The best part of this book is at the end because you finally get to figure out some good and some bad things. The ending is super sad because Aunt Lucinda is out of the hospital and go to her aunt Lucinda's dad - Jared, Simon, and, Mallory's great great uncle. He has been gone a long time and gets wished back. He sees Lucinda ...more
So, I finished all the books and watched the movie yesterday. The movie used books 1-3 and 5. As always the books are always better than the movie. With that said... I have to admit I enjoyed the movie as well. It rarely happens that I can like both, but this was one of those occasions. The movie... without giving away too much, allows you to see more of the faeries than the book touched upon. It also changes a few things here and there as well. In the end you have a good book series as well as ...more
Crazy Uncle Ryan
I’ve mentioned this before but this is a really short series. Each of the books took me about 45 minutes to an hour to read. I thought this was a really good and creative story but with that being the case I would have liked to have seen the authors do more with it. In other words, make it longer. Granted, these books are aimed at people about my age so I guess I can’t expect it to be too long. Overall, I really liked these books. ...more
Llegamos al final del camino, al final de las historias, al final de las intrigas, al final de este reinado del malvado Mulgarath y, a la vez, al comienzo de una hermosa etapa para los personajes que componen esta aventura.

No puedo dejar de hacer notar, que este quinto volumen me sorprendió muchísimo. Tenia el pre concepto en la cabeza de estar leyendo un cuento para niños pero al llegar a ciertos pasajes me vi obligado a reformularme mis ideas. Hay acontecimientos realmente oscuros, hechos de u
Kris at Book Wishes
This is the final book in the Spiderwick Chronicles however there are some books that are companion books. I will be purchasing all those book because of how much my children loved this series. I am crossing my fingers that they are as good. If you have read any of the companion books.

Book 5 was awesome and not how we expected the series to end with a fun surprise in store for the readers. I highly recommend this series. I thought the fantasy was wonderful, I was eager to begin each book. Althou
Nachdem die drei Kinder von den Zwergen zurückgekehrt sind, ist ihre Mutter verschwunden. Sie wurde von den Kobolden entführt, denn auch diese möchten das Handbuch in ihren Besitz bringen.

Sie machen sich auf die Suche nach dem Handbuch, das der Koboldanführer Mulgarath, ein Oger, gestohlen hat. So kommen sie in die Festung der Kobolde, doch dort befinden sich nicht nur Kobolde, sondern auch Drachen ...

Somit wäre ich dann am krönenden Ende angekommen, was die Grace-Kinder betrifft. Den 5. Band de
Chris Webber
This story is about Mallory and her twin little brothers Jared and Simon who move to their aunt's country estate with their mother when their parents divorce. They discover a field guide in the house which unlocks a magical world around them and send them through a series of enchanted events.

I loved this series! The pace was perfect, the tone appropriate, the characters absolutely believable and realistic (a trait which I feel is critical in enabling a younger reader to relate to the story), and
Steven R. McEvoy
I love these two authors! They are brilliant. This was an amazing series and I have already got the 3 addendum books and the second series Beyond Spiderwick to read. Part of me was sad to see this series come to an end. I like the characters and the world that Black and DiTerlizzi have created. It is a world I would like to live in, or at least have the opportunity to visit. At the end of this book it states it is the end of the story of the Grace Children, but because there are more books we kn ...more
María Lucía
Esta saga me la recomendó una compañera de colegio cuando tenía trece años y, pensandolo bien, tendría que haberle hecho caso en el momento. Los cinco libros se leen muy rápido y son entretenidos a más no poder. La historia y los personajes en sí, aunque no muy complejos, son lo suficientemente tridimensionales como para resultar atractivos al lector adulto. Sin embargo, una pequeña parte de mi adivina que Spiderwick me hubiera atrapado más seis en mi etapa de sólo Rowling y Lewis.
★ ßurçακ ★
Vee bir seri daha bitmiş bulunuyor.. Seri aslında tek bir kitapta toplansa çocuk kitabı olmaktan kurtulur. Çünkü hikaye çoğu bu tarz kitaplardan daha güzel.. Ne de olsa Holy Black yazmış.. Beyaz Kedi'yi de sevmiştim bu seriyi de beğendim :) Şimdi filmi izleyeceğim :D

Konu olarak Grace kardeşler dünyayı ve annelerinu Mulgarath'dan kurtarmaya çalışırlar. Tabi peri dünyasına ait bi kaç arkadaşlarının yardımıyla.. Yan, Bryon, Thimletack, Hogsqueal'in yardımıyla :))
Hele Hogsqueal'in sonunda Mulgarath'
I loved this series! I wish I had read it when I was younger! This obviously wasn't in my age group, but I still enjoyed it.
I like how the story was wrapped up, there were no loose ends that I remember.
I do still think it shouldn't be for kids under 10. Maybe for mature 9 year olds. There was mild language and quite a bit of gross violence that could be disturbing for younger kids. :)
I read these five as one book and viewed their having been sold separately as a marketing device - it wasn't as if they were separate books like those in the Narnia series. Having said that, I did enjoy them very much. I thought they were well plotted and the characters not too stereotypical. The story was fast paced throughout and thoroughly entertaining.
Mindy Conde
Now that I've finished the series I can't wait for my niece and nephew to be old enough for them! I think that they will really enjoy these fun little fantasy stories. The characters are relatable for the intended audience, the action is suspenseful and scary, but not overly so for the younger readers, and the plot with the kids saving the day really gives kids a perfect story to delve into. They are just the right length to have an adventure tied up in one book but still leave you guessing what ...more
These three are short, but they were so woven to be one story, that I'm giving them only one review. They are beyond adorable. I adore them and I want to have them for my kids.

And I love how all the races are done, the words in each of them, and how they connect. And the art! How can I not tell you about the art! Half of the fun of moving on through any of the stories is the art that's everywhere, brightening everything.

I love Mallory, Jared and Simon in their own ways, and I love how complete
Toute la série était top franchement ^^
The Grace children are preparing the latest round of excuses---or maybe even the truth---to tell their mother about the latest adventure with the dwarves. But the decision isn't theirs to make anymore, and home is not anywhere near the refuge it was. Mulgarath is on the move. His army is poised to attack. And the only ones who even know about him are Jared, Simon, and Mallory.

The war is on. I particularly enjoy how these books don't favor any one sibling over the others. All of them have talents
Julie Decker
In this last of The Spiderwick Chronicles, the Grace children (Mallory, Jared, and Simon) return from their harrowing experience in the forest to find their mother abducted and their house trashed. All along they thought the faeries just wanted that field guide, but they've taken it AND they apparently still want something! As the children are forced to go rescue their mother, they rely on Jared's remembered knowledge of the guide and a distant relative who comes back from beyond the veil. What ...more
Katy Jane
1. I just loved this series. I am reading the Field Guide now and it adds so much to the series. The books are magical and mysterious.
2. Mulgarath's hanging stair case was so awesome. Probably terrifying if you actually had to climb them, but really cool in description.
3. I did an inward cheer when Hogsqueal ate Mulgarath. Hogsqueal is such a funny character that you have a love/hate relationship with, but kind of know he'll pull through in the end.
4. I also loved the griffin eating all of the d

I'm one of those idiots that has to read a whole series and/or won't abandon a novel half way through. I commit while others would drop a book if it wasn't working for them 'cuz, let's face it, life is short.

My conclusion: eehhhhhhh, I want my five hours back.

I rarely abandon a story or series of short novels. I should ahve with Spiderwick. I finished this series in between fatter, actual novels for adults. The breaks kinda worked for my weekly reading ebb-n-flow.

Had this been a full length n
Andrea Ika
This fifth book in the Spiderwick series has the three siblings fighting fairies and goblins for the release of their parents and possession of the field guide.
This was truly a delightful book, from beginning to end. The writing is top notch, and I can't say enough about the art. The book dips into darkness, rises into light, dips back into darkness and offers truly ghastly portraits that should keep kids on the edge of their seats and wishing their nightlights burned brighter.
The Spiderwick C
I would recommend book 5 of this series because it's adventurous. For example is because there a re different types of little dwarves that can disappear into mid air and change into people but they act like dwarves but people don't realize it. I think this book is best suited for kids between the age of 10-15 years. I think that because children when they are at a young age they don't know what to think and they are scared of whats going to happen next and adults don't care cause they are not re ...more
Angela Twidwell
In the last book of The Spiderwick Chronicles everything finally comes together. After their run in with the dwarfs, Jared, Simon, and Mallory come home to find their house completely destroyed from top to bottom. The goblins had ransacked the house in attempt to find the field guide. Not only this but they have taken the Grace children's mother. With the help of their house fairies and friends they will get their mother back, and defeat Mulgarath once and for all. The Grace children also seek t ...more
Is book is the longest one yet.
But with no doubt you will not forget.

With friends and family together once more.
Defeated the evils that craved blood and gore.

Now the series has ended with more to come.
Because the SpiderWick stories are not done.

With tears and happiness the time has come at last.
To say goodbye to the Grace children and thank you Thimbletack.

This was a fun quick series.
It was captivating and although I would've liked more, I realise that it's a series for children, and not when the authors wrote it they never took into account that adults will also read and love this.

This is a very good series to give to your child to read, or even to read to your child, because you will be enchanted!
I can honestly say that this series is one that was really let down by the film adaptation. Back when the film was released I found myself excited for what was to come, only to be extremely disappointed with what we were given. If you’re someone who enjoyed the film then I really do suggest that you read the books to find out just how great they actually are rather than taking the film standpoint on it.

The final book in the series is yet another fast mover, bringing the series to an end through
I really liked this book because the characters are likeable and care about eachother.I enjoyed reading this book because its full of mystery and adventure. The best part of the book is when Mulgarath fell off the leadge of his ten story building.HAHAHA. If you like reading stories about magic,adventure,and mystory this book and the series is for you!
Javier Galindez
Quinta y ultima aventura de los hermanos Grace.

Los hermanos al ver que Mulgarath manda asesinar a los enanos y ven que tienen a un humano secuestrado deciden irse y hablar con su madre. Cuando llegan a la casa ven que esta completamente destruida y su madre no esta. Se enteran por Dedalete que el Ogro Malvado la ha secuestrado y que también tiene el libro de campo de Arthur.

Jared decidí ir a visitar de nuevo a los Elfos para que le permitan hablar con el mismísimo Arthur Spiderwick. Le da nuev
McKenzie Richardson
As a book, this was well-written with a good plot. As the final book in the series, it left me unsatisfied. While there is a lot of things to pack in a small package, this book felt rushed. The ending was predictable, but somehow unsatisfying because everything was quickly wrapped up in the last two chapters. Nice, quick pace for young readers, but still left me wanting more out of it.

Having said that, I do plan on reading the companion books, because I think this is a very good series.

This fina
I liked the series but I did not like the fact that these books were written for children. I don't think this series should be read by children. The books can be very scary and disturbing in some parts. I won't allow my daughter to read this series until she is an adolescent.
Ryan Burt
The final book of the Spiderwick Chronicals. I also think this was my favorite book of the series (series is a reach. It is really just one book divided into 5). Good ending. So I really liked it and now want to go see the movie.
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Holly Black is a best-selling author of contemporary fantasy novels for kids, teens, and adults. She is the author of the Modern Faerie Tale series (Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside), The Spiderwick Chronicles (with Tony DiTerlizzi), and The Good Neighbors graphic novels (with Ted Naifeh) The Poison Eaters and Other Stories, a collection of short fiction, and The Curse Worker series (White Cat, Red Gl ...more
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