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End of the Trail #2

The Devil in Dead Horse

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Will and John have a new life together, but unfortunately it seems as if their former lives are not completely behind them even now. What was supposed to be a leisurely journey west turns into a fight for survival when they discover that an old enemy has taken over an innocent town, and that it’s going to need a hero to stop him – or perhaps even a whole group of heroes, willing to stand up and be counted. It’s time for the real John Anderson, outlaw, to come out of retirement – but there’s still a price on his head, and now there’s a great deal more that he stands to lose…

260 pages, ebook

First published November 1, 2012

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Jane Elliot

17 books33 followers
I am no longer on Goodreads. You can contact me at my gmail account, under the name janethunder.

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Profile Image for Heather C.
1,468 reviews213 followers
December 6, 2013
Its 4 years after End of the Trail, and Will and John are living happily in Boston. This one was less romance than the first book and more adventure. Still had a lot of fun reading it.

I hope Will and John have more adventures in the future; I will be first in line to read them.
Profile Image for Erica.
1,504 reviews29 followers
May 11, 2017
This is a good story, but I didn't like it as much as the first book. I'm not actually a fan of Westerns, which was fine with End of the Trail, since it was more about the relationship than the setting. This sequel, though, was more Western-y, all action-packed gun battles, good outlaws vs. bad outlaws, and lots and lots of horse riding.

But the times when John and Will were alone together were still awesome. I love these two together. I just wish they'd stay in Boston.
Profile Image for Misty.
1,369 reviews
February 10, 2015
** 4.5 Stars **

It was just like watching a great Western! I really appreciate the fact that it's completely different from the first novel, full of danger, suspense but also love and tenderness, in fact, a whole range of emotions. And let's not forget a wonderful and colorful bunch of characters, males and females (unexpected and unusual females!) .... what a fabulous book and what an adventure !!!

Profile Image for Blue Bayou . .
503 reviews17 followers
November 15, 2012
4.5 stars
I loved it! What a great follow-up story. I didn't see hints for a third installment however that doesn't mean I wouldn't be joyous to read it. Only thing I can think of is the ending was just slightly abrupt and a little too easily wrapped up. But hey, I didn't live back then and maybe someone's word did mean more than what it means today.

Profile Image for k reads.
859 reviews20 followers
July 13, 2015
Another solid western with some nice relationship bits.
Reminds me of the kind of westerns I read as a kid - except with gay sex.
So, I'm happy.
Profile Image for TJ.
80 reviews3 followers
April 21, 2020
This was a fantastic conclusion to the first book End of the Trail. I truly enjoyed it as an old time shoot-em-up western adventure told story first with romance believable and compelling if not as steamy as the first book. No girls dressed up as guys for the purpose of making this mm. There is great cast of characters, and strong likeable females too! The writing was remarkably solid for a story i initially read in a fan story site, better than some big name authors I’ve purchased.
I’d love to read more about John and Will, they’ve joined my shelf of favorite couples and I actually felt sad that this series ended with two books however satisfying that end is.
Profile Image for UnusualChild{beppy}.
2,178 reviews50 followers
March 30, 2015
will and john have been together for several years in boston. when will's son heads for a tour after finishing school, they decide to go west for a vacation together, planning to stop by the unwanted boys' home that they established. once they get on horseback, they come across a wagon that has been burned out by outlaws. they left a little girl behind who, while badly burned, is still alive. will and john take care of her with plans to get her to the nearest town and leave her there. when they go to the town, they stop the "gentlemen robbers" who left the wagon burned. when talking to the sherrif, will discovers that the news coming out of his former town is that there is severe illness there and the town has closed itself down for quarantine. john, however, recognizes the ploy, and the two, along with the girl who is still surviving her burns, head off into the unknown. when they get there, they find that there is no illness, just someone from john's past trying to take over a town...and maybe entice john into coming out into the open.

what i liked: i still liked will and john and the way that they worked through adversity. i liked that they were still learning things about each other. i liked the fact that they took care of the little girl, and that they were the only ones she would trust. i liked that, for john, there was no other option other than to participate in the gunfight in order to save the town from itself. i liked the surrounding characters.

what i didn't like: everything seemed a little far-fetched and coincidental in this story; it didn't really feel as though it happened organically.
Profile Image for Robin L.
1,115 reviews5 followers
September 7, 2015
I don't know why I bought this. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but it turned out to be worse than I thought. It truly feels like the author just gave up after the characters finally got together at about two thirds of the way through the previous book. And every time there's a hint of a problem with the characters it's resolved within two sentences. Doesn't the author know that problems fuel the plot? It gives your characters motivation and purpose and it gives the book narrative direction.
Profile Image for Marge.
918 reviews4 followers
November 21, 2014
It was good to read about Will and John four years down the road. They did grow closer in this book, since the danger made both of them realize just how much they would not want to live without the other. However, this was more of a later adventure in their lives than a romace per se, with more violence and killing than I was interested in.

The prologue and epilogue were very fun, seeing some of their life in Boston.
Profile Image for Julie Bozza.
Author 33 books286 followers
June 29, 2013
I very much enjoyed this tale, particularly for exploring Will and John's ongoing relationship.
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