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Line and Orbit (Root Code, #1)
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Line and Orbit (Root Code #1)

3.86  ·  Rating details ·  762 Ratings  ·  127 Reviews
What he’s been taught to fear could be his destiny…and his only hope.

Adam Yuga, a rising young star in the imperialist Terran Protectorate, is on the verge of a massive promotion…until a routine physical exam reveals something less than perfection. Genetic flaws are taboo, and Adam soon discovers there’s a thin line between rising star and starving outcast.

Stripped of weal
ebook, 325 pages
Published February 5th 2013 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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Julio Genao
Feb 13, 2013 rated it really liked it
Recommended to Julio by: Con Riley


Sci-fi so diverting as to give one a sense of what it may be like to be raptured: snatched-up, out of your life (and out of your clothes, too—according to the baptists under whose rhapsodies I grew up), up into the heavens, into a new life very, very far removed from the one you left behind.

It was like that.

Reading this book.

For a day and a half I was not in my own life, except when I put the tablet down to sleep—and even then, not all my dreams were my own.

I saw the shape of this book
4.85 stars
I was completely won over by this epic adventure, a magnificent, hugely satisfying, beauty. The Bideshi and their floating ships are a fascinating bunch, nomads roaming the universe with magical qualities, a serene and progressive community. Adam I loved immediately, Lochlan I needed more time to get to know, he was frustrating to work out plus he was a dick towards Adam, who somehow manage to keep his cool, I wanted to kick his arse. Sci-fi isn't always easy for me, its usually too wo
Feb 05, 2013 rated it liked it
Shelves: various-romance
Solid scifi/fantasy novel with a minor m/m romance sub-plot. This is the story of Adam, an engineer and a rising star in the ranks of the Terran Protectorate, a central authority whose citizens are bred and enhanced to perfection. On the cusp of his greatest achievement a defect is found during a medical checkup and he is stripped of his goods and cast out of his society to die alone. Desperate and near death he steals money from the Protectorate and just as they catch up to him he is rescued by ...more
Feb 20, 2013 rated it really liked it
Recommended to Bev by: Vio

Well, a big and 4.5 stars from me for this richly descriptive, futuristic sci-fi tale, but I'll give you a heads up....if you think this is a gay Star Trek or whatever, I'll stop you right now, it's not, there's hardly any sex and what little there is, well, use your imagination!!

As far as I'm concerned, this is a tale based on the most recent series of Battlestar Galactica. The Bideshi homeships, particularly Ashwina, remind me of the Pegasus, but are bigger and definitely more beautiful!!  photo pegasus_zps9359292d.jpg

Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
Mar 31, 2013 rated it it was ok
Recommended to Heather K (dentist in my spare time) by: Aimee Kim
DNF @ 73%

Guys, guys, I think I need a tune up. I'm the only one of my friends to give this a mediocre rating. Me?! A hard ass with the ratings?!?! Huh... I must be broken, that must be the explanation...

I think part of my problem was managing expectations. This book had such amazing ratings with all of my friends that I was smugly assuming that I would love it too. In reality, I had a lot of issues with it.

To start, I found the language difficult at times. It reminded me more of Native American
Vanessa North
Jan 03, 2014 rated it it was amazing
well, fuck me running, that was good.

Look, I'm hip deep in edits and have a deadline in less than four weeks for a book that's only half done, and I am going to suffer mightily for the several hours I spent reading this instead of working.

check under the spoiler tag for fucks I give and regrets I have.

(view spoiler)
Feb 02, 2013 rated it it was amazing
In the dystopian future of the Terran Protectorate, perfection is the norm. Humanity has found a way to fashion anything as desired: skin and eye color, build, looks, mental faculties. And health; above and beyond anything else, health is mandatory, whether you’re destined to be a mid-level, middle-class grunt or an elite high-achiever. But what if a condition, a “flaw”, remains undetectable until manifestation later in life? As anything less than perfect is just plain unthinkable in this world, ...more
I can't fault this spectacular m/m epic Sci-Fi story. It has everything you could possibly want from a book of its type. Fantastic world building, space opera style story lines with evil corporations and nomadic space tribes, epic space battles, mysticism, quirky characters, massive space ships big enough to be carrying mini worlds, complete with forests and wildlife and of course in this case a m/m element in which you get the pairing of Lochlan, a cocky space fighter/gypsy and Adam, a genetica ...more
The dystopian world of Line and Orbit made me think of Sheri Tepper and Ian M. Banks, two authors I adored way back in my sci-fi phase. World building so amazingly rich and complex and real I still have very vivid images in my mind 20-odd years later.

In this story I was totally captivated by the immense, floating Bideshi ships and their gypsy-like inhabitants. Lyrical and lush writing, the awesome world building with powerful themes, the slow burn romance between Adam and Lochlan as well as a l
Emma Sea
Feb 12, 2013 marked it as dnf
A big *hug* for Vio for giving me the courage to DNF this book.

It's just not me.
Mandy*reads obsessively*
Feb 12, 2013 rated it really liked it
Recommended to Mandy*reads obsessively* by: Vio
This is my choice for the Zodiac Challenge (Pisces) since it's set in another world.


This story came highly recommended and almost all of my friends love it.
I can see why, although I didn't love it quite as much. It has very creative world building, an interesting mix of old history and folklore and sci-fi/futuristic and a very powerful message and moral.

Adam lives in the very modern and technology advanced world. The people have been 'enhanced' and bred for perfection and implanted with t
Feb 09, 2013 rated it it was amazing
4.75 stars

Excellent novel: exceptional world-building, likable and interesting characters, beautiful writing, great themes and understated but effective romance made this book a true joy to read. The story needed some streamlining to make the plot flow easier on occasion and some story elements needed maybe a bit more elaboration, however these are minor complaints compared to the overall result. This could easily be one of the best books this year. It is certainly the best so far. When we talk
4.5 stars rounded down to 4.0

The imperialist Terran Protectorate is committed to protecting their perfect world filled with their perfect, genetically enhanced populace. The Bideshi are nomadic warriors long shunned by the Protectorate. When the Terran Protectorate discovers a genetic abnormality in one of its rising young stars, Adam Yuga, they immediately label him an outcast and toss him aside. Stripped of wealth and position and stricken with a mysterious, worsening illness, Adam resorts to
Feb 15, 2013 rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2013, dystopia, s-f, m-m
Ummm... Is there going to be a sequel????
Feb 09, 2013 rated it it was amazing
This was breathtaking. An incredible, beautiful, heart-clenching, exciting, unique, fantastical, insane ride. There was not a single moment while reading when I wanted to put it down. The world building, the plot, and the characters were incredible. And I'm not just talking about the protagonists, I mean ALL of them. I mean Lock and Adam, but also Kae and Leila, Ixchel (holy hell was she awesome), Adisa, and Ying, Melissa Cosaire (view spoiler) and Aarons. ...more
Feb 26, 2013 rated it really liked it
Shelves: dystopia, sci-fi, tattoos, pc, m-m
4.5 stars. Quality sci-fi novel, m/m is a secondary thread. Reminded me of 'Avatar' in the excellent world-building and mystic language.

Genetically engineered Adam Yuga was rapidly climbing the ladder of 'The Protectorate' until he is found to have an incurable illness. Lochlan D'Bedeshi rescues him and takes him back to his people who wander the stars in enormous organic spacecraft.

'The entire circle turned as Lochlan broke through their ranks and shoved himself into the center. His eyes were w
Dec 07, 2014 rated it it was amazing

I could easily read another 300 pages with these characters and this setting. So fascinating.

Apr 19, 2013 rated it really liked it
3,5 stars.
This is imo a space opera. It reminded me of the Sirantha Jax series and the works of Linnea Sinclair (although missing the humor I always found in Sinclair's books). Which I both liked very much.
It was a carefully crafted story with a very intersting world building though the pieces of this world were not really original, but the interplay was quite unique.
A very enthralling and well written novel with a very engaging main character.
What it is not: a gay romance.
Why only 3,5 stars? T
May 01, 2013 rated it really liked it
This is an engrossing sci fi about Adam Yugo who's part of the Protectorate, a group of people engineered for perfection, who's exiled once it's discovered he has a genetic flaw. But because he doesn't just go away quietly and ends up linking up with fighter Lochlan of the shunned Bideshi people, he & everyone he's associated with become targets.

Great story, although I kept waiting for a better explanation on why everyone decides to help Adam Yugo as it causes nothing but trouble. But despi
Feb 09, 2013 rated it really liked it
Gosh that took ages to read. Very detailed, very dense. Lots of interesting ethical issues explored. Not so much with the sexy ( darn it) but at least I knew that up front.

Great characterisation. Adam & Lock trying to do their best in a hopeless situation. But falling in love - that was lovely to watch.

Highly tense, highly enjoyable.
Aug 01, 2013 rated it really liked it
This might be the best science fiction I've read, by a new author, in many years.
The complex world-building, coupled to fascinating characters, and virtuoso story-telling reminded me of CJ Cherryh's early novels, a little edgy, a lot of wow!
The m/m relationship was a lovely bonus.
Feb 03, 2016 rated it it was ok
Okay, so, full disclosure: this book hits so many of my most-loathed plot elements and character aspects that it was a disaster for me. It would probably work better for -- well, almost anyone else. But I can only review based on my own experience, and wow did I have a lot of problems with it.

I should have known this book was Not For Me at the outset; it starts out with some verbiage that appears to exist solely to demonstrate the authors' mastery of adjectives (note: they have this DOWN) and th
Gabrielle Morgan
Feb 12, 2013 rated it it was amazing
What an absolutely breathtaking novel. I am in awe.

I don't generally read a lot of sci-fi. While I love some of it, I find most of the writing in the genre to be too fast-paced, with not enough focus on the characters to keep me happy, and too many technical details to keep me entertained.

This was nothing like that.

For one thing, I could write odes to the fantastic world-building in this book. The settings leapt right off the page and into my imagination, vivid and colorful and real in a way onl
I don't know if it just wasn't the right book at the right time or what. I mentioned before that I thought it sounded like it would be amazing, but I found it rather...benign. It's got asides with characters other than the main ones, and I didn't really care for those.

I found it very benign. I really wanted something that would be so effortlessly epic that it would take my breath away, and this one seemed like it maybe had the potential for that, but it just dragged on and on.

I didn't care for

It's a very imaginative story on the fence between fantasy and science fiction with some important underlying themes. You get space-faring nations with space ships so big that they have whole forests inside, seers that use nano-bots to read digital pads, perfected genetics vs. leaving it all to Mother Nature and a bunch of likeable heroes.
It didn't quite pull through with the tension and promised grand finale, though. Seeing that it is the author's first novel I'm looking forward to more fro
Sep 16, 2014 rated it really liked it
4.5 stars
Absolutely fabulous. I've been in a bit of a weird mood, because I used to swear that I was not into any sci-fi related books...but that is no longer true. This was such a well told and beautiful story. So many things that I loved about it. The characters were wonderful and unforgettable and full of honor and sacrifice and (as Nick has recently reminded me) decency. There were times when I almost felt that I couldn't quite grasp it, like it was just out of reach, I almost had it, but I
Mar 09, 2014 rated it really liked it
Shelves: mm, sci-fi
Loved this one. For starters this is a bona fide sci-fi (with a gay romance subplot). It's not one of those MM romances that just happen to take place in a sci-fi setting.
I've had a special fondness for science fiction since I was in my early teens, so I'm always happy to stumble upon a book like this that has an interesting plot + fascinating universe (those ships filled with trees and the huge flowers from the jungle planet really stuck with me) + culture clash.
Not giving it the full 5 starts
Oct 27, 2013 rated it liked it
Recommended to Trix by: Yummy
I liked the characters well enough but did not love them.

Took a long while for Adam Yuga to admit his feelings for Lochlan. And vice versa. Lochlan even had the divination from his people and still he played hard to get with poor Adam. I felt sorry for Adam's fast descent into despair, from a respected man, to stealing and living on the streets. He was due a break. Not sure he deserved getting Lochlan. The Bideshi fighter saves him but then hardly gives Adam the time of day and I spent half the
Jessie Potts
Feb 10, 2013 rated it really liked it
Shelves: m-m-sci-fi
This is the perfect read for the sci-fi lovers out there. Adam Yuga is part of the imperialist Terran Protectorate, but then a genetic flaw throws his life a curve ball. Genetic flaws are strictly taboo in this society. It's here he learns that everyone is on the razor's edge of wealth and starvation. Help comes in the form of Lochlan (yummy!), and the two discover love, passion and more secrets along the way. Coming in spring by Sunny Moraine: The Horse Latitudes (Ideomancer series).

To see more
Feb 08, 2013 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: sci-fi, m-m, 5stars
This? I have no words to say how amazing it was, I can't wait for the sequel

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Sunny Moraine is a humanoid creature of average height, luminosity and inertial mass. They're also a doctoral student in sociology and a writer-like object who focuses primarily on various flavors of speculative fiction, usually with a decidedly queer bent. They spend most of their days using writing to distract from academics, except for the occasions when the two collide. They live just outside ...more
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