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Charley Davidson #6

Sixth Grave on the Edge

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Few things in life can come between a grim reaper and her coffee, but the sexy, sultry son of Satan is one of them. Now that Reyes Farrow has asked for her hand, Charley Davidson feels it's time to learn more about his past, but Reyes is reluctant to open up. When the official FBI file of his childhood abduction lands in her lap, Charley decides to go behind her mysterious beau’s back and conduct her own investigation. Because what could go wrong?

Unfortunately, another case has fallen into her lap—one with dangerous implications. Some very insistent men want Charley to hunt down a witness who is scheduled to testify against their boss, a major player in the local crime syndicate. If Charley doesn't come up with an address in 48 hours, the people closest to her will start to disappear.

Add to that a desperate man in search of the soul he lost in a card game, a dogged mother determined to find the ghost of her son, and a beautiful, young Deaf boy haunted by his new ability to see the departed as clearly as he sees the living, and Charley has her hands full. The fact that Reyes has caught on to her latest venture only adds fuel to the inferno that he is. Good thing for Charley she's used to multi-tasking and always up for a challenge…especially when that challenge comes in the form of Reyes Farrow.

326 pages, Hardcover

First published May 20, 2014

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About the author

Darynda Jones

50 books15.6k followers
NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones has won numerous awards for her work, including a prestigious RITA, a Golden Heart, and a Daphne du Maurier, and her books have been translated into 17 languages. As a born storyteller, Darynda grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, certain they went away the better for it. She penned the international bestselling Charley Davidson series and is currently working on several beloved projects, most notably the Sunshine Vicram Mystery Series with St. Martin's Press and the Betwixt and Between Series of paranormal women's fiction. She lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys.

Click here to read one of the more popular short stories by Darynda called The Monster:

She can be found at http://www.daryndajones.com

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May 29, 2014
“Sweet,” I said, astounded at my acting skills. I should’ve gone to Hollywood when I had the chance, but when that old man offered to take me that one time at an abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere, I wasn’t sure I could trust him. Mostly because he had rope, duct tape, and lots of condoms in his backseat. Still, I’ll never know what could have come of it. How far I could have risen.
There are two types of people in the world. Those who hate Charley Davidson, and those who will love her no matter what.

I'm in the latter camp. So take my 4 star with a grain of salt. If you didn't love Charley, you're going to hate this book. If you loved Charley, come on over. There's a lovely little circle of us around a Satanic bonfire, and we have marshmallows, pointy sticks, and Hershey's, because the only time Hershey's chocolate is worth eating is when it's in a S'more. You're free to use the sticks however you so choose. But I digress.

It's like a parent with their fantastically stupid child who they think is the most smartest wittle Einstein in the whole fucking world. Said parents will coo at that idiotic child and say "Ooh, isn't my darwing wittle pooh bear so adowable?! Isn't she?! Isn't she?!" as the idiotic brat is cramming a small Lego up her fucking nose while you're standing by looking on nodding and thinking "One day, my child, you will be blessedly removed from our fucking gene pool. Wait for it."

With Charley Davidson, I'm kind of like that parent. No matter what kind of idiocy comes out of her mouth, no matter how stupid she is, no matter how inappropriately snarky she is, I will still think Charley Davidson is the shit. If she bit off a wee little bunny's head in front of me and then bared her teeth in a bloody grin, I'd stare in shock for a moment, and then stammer out "Well...maybe that bunny was asking for it," and I'm neither a fan of victim blaming nor a bunny hater. Quite the opposite.

I loved this book because I love Charley, but I have to admit that it's one of the weaker ones in the series.

The Plot: It goes all over the damn place. If you want a straight, linear plot, you're not going to find it here. If you haven't read Charley before, don't even think about touching this book because you're not gonna understand a single fucking thing. It'll be like an insider's joke where everyone is laughing at you (not with you).

Charley is a private investigator, albeit a paranormal one. In this book, she's...

- Got an anonymous naked ghost in her car. It's a little hard not to look at his penis because hello, the dude's naked (and old. Not cool.)
The poor guy needed to be done with whatever it was he’d left unfinished. I couldn’t have him running around naked forever. It just seemed wrong.
“I’m having a hard time not looking at your penis.”
- Got a dead Chinese man in her bedroom, and although that wouldn't ordinarily be a problem (I dated a few Chinese guys myself), this one is dead, he's been in her room for as long as she's been there, and now...there's just something off about him.

- Got a client who's sold his soul to the Devil. Literally.

- Probably going to have said Devil as a father-in-law one day, considering her lover and "night-fiancé" Reyes is the son of the devil. Or the spawn of his flesh. More the latter, really. Who knew the Devil didn't like traditional procreation?!

- Had some random ass guys show up in her bedroom in the middle of the night and they're not surprise strippers

- Found out that her man may or may not have a sibling. Oh, hell!

- Trying to deal with an evil stepmother and a dad who's dealing with cancer slash midlife crisis. What else would you call running away to sail off into the Atlantic. With cancer (ok, fine, in remission). Clearly crazy runs in the family.

- Lost roughly $17 million in a card game. Fine, more like $1.7K. It's just a few zeroes off.

- She's trying to hook up her best friend and her uncle, both of whom are making googly eyes at each other, and both are too shy to make a move.

- Trying to prevent a couple of teenagers from doing the Romeo and Juliet thing.

So you can see why this book isn't for everyone. I have to admit, I have the attention span of a peanut. Sometimes a book delivers a million storylines, and I absolutely hate it. Sometimes a book like this happens, and I love it, because I love the character, because I find the situations interesting. Your mileage may vary.

“I tend to forget how beautifully your plans work when each and every one goes awry, including the one that left you stranded on a deserted bridge with a man who had every intention of burning you alive.”
Ok, so Charley kind of has a bit of a hero complex. And I mean "a bit" in the sense that running headfirst into a metal pole is "a bit" painful. She's snarky, she's irreverant, sure. She's also got this overwhelming sense of stupidity that makes her want to rescue every stray soul out there in need of help. Whether it's matchmaking her best friend/receptionist to her uncle, or saving an errant soul from eternal nudity, to playing card games with a demon...she'll do anything necessary.
My heart broke all too often. Even when people passed through me who’d gotten past their hardships, their heart-wrenching pain, and had lived long, full lives, seeing that part of them still cut me to pieces. So, maybe all this time I’d been hanging with Mr. Wong, I was really putting off the inevitable, the truth, not for his benefit, but for my own.
Charley is often too sympathetic (and often empathetic) for her own good.

And she's often got a sense of humor that's hilarious to those who love her...but can seem overly forced to those who don't.
I dialed her number. Got her voice mail. Waited for the beep. Then I did my best creepy kidnapper voice. “This is a ransom demand,” I said, my voice raspy. Kidnapper-y. “Deliver one hundred boxes of Cheez-Its to the unmarked—ignore the license plate—cherry red Jeep Wrangler sitting in your parking lot by noon today, or you will suffer the consequences.” I paused to cough. Raspy was hard on the esophagus. “They will be dire.”
The Romance:
“I’m not stupid,” I said, growing tired of his questioning everything I did. “I do use common sense.”
“You have to have common sense to use it.”
I stiffened. He did not just say that. “You did not just say that.”
“When it comes to humans, Dutch, you are blind. You do things for them that no other person alive would do.
I don't like asshole alpha males, and one could argue that the Son of the Devil, Reyes Farrow, is an asshole alpha male, but in this book, he is entirely tamed. He wears an apron, he works as a waiter, he adores Charley despite her obvious idiocy. This wolf is now a puppy. A really hot puppy, but a puppy, nevertheless, and it's often frustrating to me that Charley leaves him hanging...
“When are you going to answer him?” Cookie asked, drawing my attention.
“When he deserves an answer,” I volleyed.
I can't even blame little 12-year old Amber for her crush.
A hopeless sigh slid through Cookie’s lips as she finally looked at him. “You’ve set the bar too high now. No one will live up to—” She gestured to all of him. “—all of that. You’ve ruined my daughter.”
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1,295 reviews146 followers
June 5, 2014

As usual Charley is busy as a PI with at least one client; and a soulless one at that, she is also solving a mystery, playing matchmaker with Ubie and Cookie, trying to figure out all of her Grim powers, and on top of all that, attempting to find out what the Dealer, with his unsavory eating habits, is really up to AND why Rocket’s so behind in his work…

Then of course, there is that simple yes/no question that needs to be answered. Poor Reyes - he might possess that kind of deep, dark kind of beauty that women everywhere would sell their souls to have, but what does that help when his chosen one has commitment phobia and won’t even let him sever spines to save her, goes behind his back to dig up long buried family secrets and makes deals with champions from Hell. *Sigh* It’s enough to destroy a man’s self esteem. And I’m sorry to say, I felt for him. The son of the Morningstar has a surprisingly low self esteem on occasions. But wouldn’t you know, even his vulnerability is adorable. Oh, Reyes, I don’t care what the angels think!

Luckily, he’s also got that whole general from Hell/taking charge/alpha male side that I admire (*Swoon*) The way he went about tearing down Charley’s, shall we say, “defences”, (mwahaha) was truly romantic and funny. That's right, Reyes: The way to a woman's heart isn't through her stomach, it's through her walls! You have proven, yet again, that your redecorating skills are superb.

Speaking of walls: That dual POV was interesting. That crucial little detail that differed from Charley’s POV proves just how unaware Charley is of her own strength;-)

The Dealer: interesting fella. Charley isn’t the only one with a soft-spot for bad-boys. He’s a curious mix of empathic, cunning, callous and vengeful. Plus, he sits on a whole lot of interesting knowledge. Too bad both he and Reyes both keep secrets from Charley.

Ah, yes; there are mysteries, and plenty of them in this installment. I’m dying to know what Charley’s dad is up to. Who mr. Wong really is, and then of course, there is the case of the 12 hellbeasts When are we gonna meet them?

The ending? Well, I guess it’s a mix between “aaaaaw, finally!” – and “OMFG, what a cliffhanger!”
Don’t you agree, girls?

If I could change one thing about this book, it’s the #hashtags. It dates the book. Reading about CD players sounds old fashioned already, and hashtags will no doubt suffer the same fate. Still, there is no doubt in my mind this book deserves 5 stars. Charley may be Reyes’s shining beacon, but sultry, sexy mr. Farrow is the twinkle in my eyes. How can I possibly give the reigning champion of the 2014 Alpha Showdown less than five brilliant stars. Congratulation, Reyes!
Currently reading
March 16, 2015


yes, YES, YES!!!





More Charley!

aaaaaand.... more Reyes! Yum!!!!


wait, who said that!!??!!??!!??

And it's coming out 2014!!!



*looks at screen again*


[image error]



... because I ended up....




update ^.^


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3,219 reviews2,049 followers
November 7, 2020
Here we are at book six and this still remains a series where I love the secondary characters and feel very little for the two main characters. It does not matter how many times the author tells me how wonderful Reyes is I just never feel it. And Charley needs to grow up.

There. I have had my little whinge and now I can review the book comfortably.

Sixth Grave on the Edge is a very busy book. There are new characters, several separate cases for Charley to engage in, and quite a lot of new information to absorb. There is fun along the way with some of the souls waiting to cross and Charley discovers some more of her skills.

The author keeps us waiting but we finally get the answer to the cliff hanger of book 5. And then another huge surprise is dropped - I cannot guess where the author is taking us with this one! I suppose I will just have to keep reading to find out! Onwards to book seven.
Profile Image for Robin (Bridge Four).
1,606 reviews1,480 followers
June 2, 2018
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4.5 Stars

I know that Charley Davidson’s ‘always on’ sense of humor is not for everyone….but I love it. I always enjoy the intro quote to every chapter and her banter with the people around her friends, enemies and nigh fiancés and that is my big draw to this series. That and of coarse the incredibly sexy son of Satan Mr. Reyes Farrow.

“He looks like, I don’t know.” She dared a quick look over my shoulder. “Have you ever seen the sky at night when the stars weren’t out but it was crystal clear, the sky such a deep dark black that you were sure you could drown in it, it was so beautiful.”
I nodded knowingly. “Yes I have.”
“He’s that.” She slammed her eyes shut as thought picturing him in her mind, afraid to look again. “He’s the deep, dark kind of beauty that you’d sell your soul to have.”

As usually Charley is busy as a PI with at least one client, she is also solving a mystery, playing matchmaker with Ubie and Cookie and trying to figure out all of her Grim powers on top of all that. She always has a full plate, so no wonder she is as obsessed with coffee as I am, we’d totally get coffee together in real life. I really do enjoy all the time she spends with the side characters and how they all interact with her crazy a little differently.

“Now, now,” Garrett said, wrestling the gun from him. “Charley brings out the worst in all of us. It’s not her fault.”
“He’s right,” I said. “I have a condition.”

This installment is just as hilarious as the prior books. Charley does and says so many irreverent things that I bust out laughing more than once there is the introduction of a brand new player in the game. An escaped demon aptly named ‘The Dealer’ who bargains for peoples souls. He seems to know a lot about Charley and being a grim so if Reyes isn’t going to tell her maybe she can get some answers from him. She will just have to be careful not to loose her own soul in the process.

“What if I only bargained for the souls of bad people? You know, murderers and child molesters and people who cut in line at the theater snack counter.”
There was a thought I could live with. Well, not the snack-counter thing, but…. “You could be like the demonic version of Dexter.”

But for all the hilarity there are some down right emotional moments that brought a tears to my eyes. Charley really does have a big heart and what wouldn’t she do for the people she cares about. Angel’s story was a complete surprise that left me a little emotional.

The major arc going across the series gets some more dimension to it as this story progresses and even though Reyes doesn’t like ‘The Dealer’ at all he is helping understand the prophecy so maybe he can live for now.

“He would rip out his spine if I let him.”
She patted my knee. “I would expect nothing less from the son of evil incarnate. He’s a good guy.”

With everything else going on you might think that we don’t get much Reyes/Charley time but they make it work and they have some real relationship moments and some hot sexy time together too. Plus we must find out the answer to the infamous question on the ‘Post It’ note.

Darynda Jones ends this installment with a big surprise that could change everything. She does have a flare for the dramatic in her endings. But I loved how it ended and as always I’m excited to carry on in this series.
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385 reviews606 followers
July 2, 2019
*sigh* And here's the point in a series when I start to wonder whether my rating ends up skewed. Am I rating this better than I would for a book without Charley? Am I rating it worse than I would if I hadn't read better in the series? No clue.

So down the middle I go with 3 stars for this one. The story was too scattered, the cases too vague, and too many threads were left unresolved in the end. But, it's Charley, and I love that chick.

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156 reviews28 followers
June 21, 2014
Beware, there may be a few spoilers.

I can't even express how much I love this series! ❤️ why is there only one Reyes Farrow that is, unfortunately, fictional?! I WANT ONE!!!! ::stamps foot like a spoiled child:: I adore his & Charley's relationship & refuse to believe that it can end any other way than happily & them spending eternity together. Can't happen any other way. No way. Uh uh. I really enjoyed the fact that we got some more info on this impending war & I'm hoping that as the story progresses with each book we get a little more of that & maybe a few less cases for Charley. I felt that there was a little TOO much going on in this book. I could follow & keep track just fine, I was just hoping we'd get MORE on the whole supernatural war, grim reaper thing. Also, maybe a bit (or a lot) more interaction with Reyes & Charley. We did get plenty, I'm just obsessed & want more LoL! The one thing that did kind of rankle a bit was Charley's either unwillingness or temporary forgetfulness of being supernatural & tapping in to that power. At this point I would like to see her a little more willing to flex her powers and play around with them of her own accord rather than because she was forced to by someone else's insistence. She did do that with Reyes, but let's be real...it was for sex LoL. I was INCREDIBLY irritated with her when she was in the silo. You can LITERALLY make the Earth quake, you can manipulate time....you didn't even think of MAYBE using some of that power to get out of that situation?! Didn't think to prevent those 2 deaths before they happened?? I just don't understand. It's like the fact that she has supernatural powers didn't even occur to her. It this point, I'm finding this a little irritating. I'm going to need you to get with the program, Girlfriend!!!

NOW, can I just say how happy I am that I re-read the 5th book yesterday before I read this one & am an absolutely fabolous foreteller! LoL I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! The Daughter of Light=Charley, the daughter=baby Reyley (hahaha I came up with that one all by my lonesome LoL!) I CANNOT WAIT to witness Reyes trying to protect & keep in line a pregtastic Charley! I have a feeling it may cause him to turn prematurely grey LoL! THEN I'm excited to have these two as actual parents. I can see it in my mind's eye. Reyes will probably be the best father imaginable & spoil his little girl in the best possible way while Charley will be the coolest, albeit most embarrassing mother. She will be the side show attraction doing something completely ridiculous in public, little Reyley looking on in embarrassment, while Reyes looks on in amused & indulgent silence. LMAO! They need to have more than Reyley #1 though. I can see them with 2.( kids & a ghost Rottweiler as a pet. These two seriously need to have eternity together because I just can't imagine it any other way.

I'm super excited for October 21 so that we can be sucked in to their story again! I must say, I'm not looking forward to the whole "local celebrity" taking a shining to Reyes thing & I would much prefer if we can just focus on his & Charley's relationship without someone always trying to steal the other one or break them apart (e.x. Donovan, the droves of women in Calamity's, Charley's father that seems to be up to something & doesn't like Reyes). They get enough of that crap from the supernatural world, the humans need to back off my OTP. LoL

"Please do not ask that of me. It is a darkness I cannot share. I would lose you forever, and I've only ever wanted you. You are literally the light in my darkness, the redemption of my past. I waited centuries for you to be born on earth, for me to be able to bask in your glow. You are like a gravitational force that lures me closer with each breath you take...Imagine a canvas bathed completely in black. Only black. There is no shape. No purpose other than to bring darkness. Then splash on a brilliant white. Add some reds and blues, some yellows and greens. Suddenly it has meaning. It has a reason to exist. That is what you have done to my world. You brought me purpose. Light and color to fill the void of oblivion. Without you, there is only darkness." ❤️❤️❤️❤️

AHHHHHH!!!! SIXTH BOOK?!?! I excite I excite!!! ::claps & jumps around like a maniac:: too bad it isn't expected until 2014 :( ....I say she forgets about that other series in the YA section & sticks to Charley & sexy Reyes (& the other sexies in the series) so that maybe we can get two in a year instead of having to wait!!! Reyes & Charley need to find a way to make their togetherness permanent so I can be a happy little camper. She needs to give an affirmative answer to his post-it! EEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!!!!!
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3 reviews4 followers
Want to read
December 4, 2013
Dammit I need to know what Charley's answer will be! 2014 Is too far awayy and i need my dose of Reyes like right now.

I hope there's a ton more of this series. It's that good.



I can't wait for this book! I just know its gonna be awesome & the title is exciting! I neeed this!
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1,838 reviews6,162 followers
February 11, 2016
I made a promise to myself. No more getting tortured for - I counted on my fingers - two, no THREE months.

I'm happy to report that Charley does NOT get tortured in this book, for a change. Of course she gets hurt and attempts are made on her life. I mean, come on. She lives to drive people to the edge. Even her friends have to refrain from trying to kill her every day. Like when she calls Special Agent Carson from the FBI. They have been working together for a while now, but Charley still irritates the crap out of her (in an amusing way, of course!).

"Have you ever thought about changing your name to AC? Or SAC since you're a SPECIAL agent."

"Charley - "

"We could call you Sack."


"Hey Sack. Can I call you Sack?"


She just has this magical touch that incites people around her to violence. As for me, she incites me to giggling very often when I'm reading.

This book is a little bit odd because there isn't exactly a case or two that start and conclude within the book. It kind of jumps around and a lot of things are left unresolved. There are many things going on, but when the book ends, they are still going on... along with about a hundred other things. I prefer it when she has a specific case that she is solving while reading the antics of her life.

But, things with Reyes have totally come around. He is nice now. Not so much a total douche. I mean, he's still way too bossy for me, but he is finally starting to show her more kindness and consideration than he did in the early books. I officially like him now.

We also got a new character, called The Dealer. We don't know his real name, but he is shaping up to be very intriguing and I look forward to a lot more of him.

Actually, he deals in souls, so I guess that's pretty exotic..

And, of course the book ended with a bombshell. Again... next book now!

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August 30, 2022
Book Blog | Bookstagram

This is not your typical Charley Davidson novel. If you’re expecting to find a PI case that Charley takes from beginning to end? Sorry, but no. There is a lot going on, a lot of defining moments, a lot of new plot threads that are introduced for the future of the series and one hell of a cliffhanger.

This book is definitively about Charley, Reyes and how their futures are going to shape humanity. It’s about unravelling the true meaning of Charley’s life, getting to the heart of her destiny and seeing where she goes with it. But of course, there is still endless trademark Charley humour, too.

I was totally into the progress with Angel’s story. And the little tidbits meant to make you curious about silent, creepy Mr. Wong. I think Cookie with Uncle Bob is adorable. I still hate Reyes.

There’s a new smarmy character, The Dealer, who is dropped into the series and it seems he’s pretty important. I quite like him. Charley definitely has a way of attracting the bad boys, but this one knows his style and he makes no apologies for it. His type of bad boy-ism is equal opportunity. Which is way better than an asshole "alpha" male that expects you to ask permission to do things, or orders you around.

I supposed, if there is any criticism I have of Charley at all, is that she’s emotionally stupid and doesn’t seem to be maturing. You’d think after all the torture and near-death experiences, all the souls she’d spoken to and things she’s witnessed, she’d have had an epiphany or two about her own life.

This novel is definitely a turning point in the series. Shit is getting serious.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ | 4 stars
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1,556 reviews117 followers
May 21, 2014
Don't get me wrong, I did plow though this book like there was no tomorrow, but why an author would leave so many threads and plots unfinished or just brought up at the beginning of the book never to go back to them again is a mystery to me.

I understand that this series is going to be a long one, or at least that is what I assume it is going to be and maybe the author doesn't want to clear up too much at one time - but there are too many side stories that are not getting any closure. Perhaps everything will be cleared up in one major book - but it had better be a heck of a book.

For example Charleys step-mother and her Father...what was up with that???

The character growth is minimal to non-existent -In my opinion, Charley needs to grow and mature. To have this major plot twist come in the last chapter is great but may not ultimately work for the rest of the series - especially if Charley is going to keep disregarding what Reyes has to say.

However, I am not the author and I am sure she has some sort of plan to bring all these loose elements together. I just hope it really works out in the end.

So far the ride has been worth it, but with no character growth I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stay on this particular ride.
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2,666 reviews624 followers
February 10, 2023
Book 6 was a bit different from previous books. Earlier books felt like they had one main case and few smaller cases that Charley worked on. In book 6, it never felt like there was one big case. It seemed more like a bunch of smaller cases.

-There was the naked elderly man who has been riding in the back seat of her jeep since book 5.
-A child abduction cold case who she strongly thinks may be Reyes abduction that FBI agent Carlson handed her at the end of book 5.
-A young, severely traumatized girl's murder that was found by Quinton now that he sees what Charley sees.
-A missing woman case forced on her by masked men who broke into Charley's apartment and threatened to kill a friend of hers if she didn't find this woman.
-And last-but-not-least, a man who lost his soul to try to save his daughter hired Charley to get it back.

A new side character was introduced during the case with the man who lost his soul. I'm super intrigued by this man and how much he will be in the series.

We got to see more of Quinton. I love that kid. He should be in all the books.

We learned more about Angel. It's funny how he as been in all the books and we are just now learning some important information about him.

The only new character we didn't see was the nurse from book 5. I hope we will get to see her again soon.

With each book we get more and more pieces to the puzzle that is Charley. New abilities, new knowledge from the prophecies, and more of her and Reyes story. This ended in exciting news for the couple.

I was thrilled that Reyes was in this book a lot. I absolutely love his character. The heat is definitely on!

OVERALL SERIES DESCRIPTION: Heroine, Charley Davidson, Private Investigator and Grim Reaper. She's a portal for the dead to pass through to heaven. Hero, Reyes Alexander Farrow, Son of Satan and portal to Hell. Since Charley can see and talk to the dead, she has helped her former cop father and current cop uncle solve cases. The main focus in each book are the cases Charley solves with the help of her best friend Cookie, her uncle and the dead victims. The side focus is the romance between Charley and Reyes and the impending war with the demons that is predicted.
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548 reviews1,108 followers
September 12, 2018
I didn't like this one much. I think it's one of the weakest, if not the weakest, books in the series. The story was pretty boring and it just spiked up a bit in the end, because duh its the climax so what would it be if not intense. I didn't care much about anything that was going on. The whole gig between Reyes and Charley was boring. The tension between these two is getting less as well. Meh. But the thing that got me angry was the cliffhanger. Spoilers and rant ahead.

Anyways, I'll give #7 a try and see how things go. I still think the series is dead though.

RIP Charley Davidson ;_;
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1,491 reviews596 followers
May 11, 2019
I liked the extra time we get with Angel & Cookie in this one, but Rocket and his girls were barely a thought in this book.
We get some new characters and the cases are interesting enough, I was just disappointed with the amount of time spent with some of my favourite side characters.
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944 reviews1,107 followers
August 2, 2014

I kind of hated the last couple of Charley Davidson books, everything about them bothered me… What made things even worse was how much I initially loved the series, so for it to go downhill really pissed me off. I wanted to love the series like I used to — sadly, I doubt that'll ever happen. However, I am at least starting to like the series again, I still hate a lot of things (mainly Reyes) but there's also things I'm actually enjoying.

Random thoughts:

-I did quite enjoy the story, it was nothing special but it was entertaining. I liked getting to know a little bit more about Charley and her purpose for being on Earth, there still wasn't enough answers but it was a start. I didn't really like either main character (Charley/Reyes) but most of the side characters were pretty good (Ubie, Cookie, Rocket and co)… If it wasn't for them I would have given this 2 stars.

-The mystery with Reyes's human parents was intriguing but also rather convoluted, it all got kind of ridiculous towards the end. I am interested in his 'real' parents but at the same time I'm not. I mean, what does it really matter? He's technically not their son anyway since Satan is his dad and has been for millennia… So yea, not quite sure how I feel about all the new information about his kidnapping and 'real' family.

-It was ridiculous how Charley and everyone else had forgotten that Reyes used her as bait and got her tortured. I really don't know why the author wrote the hero doing something so unforgivable when she couldn't be bothered to address it in a realistic way. Charley brushing it off, and pretty much excusing it and forgetting how much damage Reyes caused her just wasn't good enough. I'm sick of all these fantasy/paranormal type books having their heroines being betrayed in the worst way possible by the so called hero only for them to shrug, drop their knickers, and bang on about how sexy and amazing the hero is. Er no, that's lazy and disgusting writing.

-It was annoying how Reyes was never honest with Charley, he kept so much from her and hardly ever answered her questions… And if he ever did tell her something it was because he either had no choice or because she begged him over and over… It was clear he didn't trust her and had no faith in her… So why did he want to marry her when he couldn't even tell her the truth or the simplest things?
Reyes withholding things from Charley just made me think that the only reason he liked keeping things from her was so he had the upper hand and power over her, that was why he carefully chose to dole out bits of information instead of just telling her outright. The manipulative creep.

-Why hasn't Reyes paid Charley the millions he owes her? Did he use her money to buy the apartment building for her? If so, what a wanker. He had no right to spend/invest her own money without her say so. Did he think she was too dumb or that women couldn't handle their own money?! The wanker.

-It was tiresome and cringey how all the female characters fangirled over Reyes. Being told over and over that Reyes was swoony and wonderful by everyone and their mother didn't make believe he was, I needed more than silly fangirling. If I was expected to believe Reyes was oh so sexy and brilliant then he had to prove it by his own actions and behaviour, not by other female characters getting randy and giddy about him.

-Why did Charley's stepmum hate her but like Gemma? I've wondered about this since book 1 and there's still been little insight into her adoring one stepdaughter and loathing another. I hope there's a good reason for it and not something lame like she was jealous of Charley getting attention or was bitter about young Charley not needing or liking her. Also, the hideous/crappy stepmum has been done to death. It is beyond tropey.

-I used to love Charley, but she mostly grates on me now. She gets more and more pathetic with each book, her wanting to commit suicide when she thought her boyfriend of a few months was dead showed how selfish she was. What about her family and friends and the people she claimed to love oh so much? What about the souls she had to help? What about the rest of the world? She didn't give a fuck, all that mattered was her pwecious Reyes. What a selfish, shallow loser.

-Charley's dad still managed to be as annoying as ever even though he was barely in it. The prat was probably off investigating Reyes so he could make Charley's life even more miserable. He really is a rubbish dad.

-I bet Charley will give up her mortal life so that Reyes can live or some bullshit. I'm sick of heroines always changing and sacrificing because they love the hero more than anything else, whereas the heroes hardly ever have to do the same. Why not more balance between the hero/heroine?

Overall, I loathed some parts and enjoyed others (the main mystery, certain side characters, and the world were good whilst Reyes/Charley were bad). I'm hoping the next installment will be even more of an improvement… Charley's dad and Reyes dying would help with that immensely.
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April 26, 2018
Wait a second....there is a sixth book too?

and in 2013???

August 17, 2015
"My plate is overflowing but I can multitask like a Mofo"...

should be on Charley's t-shirt! She's back with her crazy private investigating and grim reapering ways but the most important part is what's going on with her and all-things-sexy Reyes!

Things are typical with Charley...too much going on and things coming from every which direction. The thing I love about DJ's writing is how effortless she has them all flow and come together. It's such a great journey!

We get to see some more progression in Charley's powers and that made me really happy. Sometimes it's nice for her to have that little extra something especially with her trying to keep up with Reyes who just doesn't fight fair! (but we all love it anyway!)

Reyes...Reyes...Reyes...can the man get any more yummier? I love how he only has eyes for Charley but at the same time, I hate not knowing why. I have a "mighty need" to know his reasons!


And yes, Charley is busy but never fear...there's always time for her man! Rain + car + alley = holy mother of hotness!

Hands down the best part is THE WALL. 'Nuff said.
(and yes you have to read it to find out more!)

And there's a new guy in town, Dealer. I'm on the fence about him but we'll see.

The big drama is what happens to Reyes (I almost cried!) but then Charley does something. I don't like what Rocket told her and I especially don't like what she's saying. My only hope is the new little twist will take care of that!
(and who didn't see that coming? It's sooo sweet!)

Can October get here fast enough?

Favorite quotes

♥ “Fine, but why a spork?”

“Because I’m versatile. I can multitask like nobody’s business. And I like the way it sounds. It’s so … sporky.”

♥ When he rose, I brushed my fingertips over his cheek and whispered, “That was somewhat amazing.”

His teeth flashed brilliant in the darkness. “You are somewhat amazing.”

♥ With one corner of his mouth tipping sensually, he asked, “Want some coffee?”

And I fell.
I fell hard.

♥ “We can play Twister on it!”


“And we can have massive pillow fights. I will, of course, kick your ass.”

♥ “Imagine a canvas bathed completely in black. Only black. There is no shape. No purpose other than to bring darkness. Then splash on a brilliant white. Add some reds and blues, some yellows and greens. Suddenly it has meaning. It has a reason to exist. That is what you have done to my world. You brought me purpose. Light and color to fill the void of oblivion. Without you, there is only the darkness.”
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1,988 reviews195 followers
July 14, 2014

Oh My Gravy ! What did you do Charley ?!?!?!?!?! Wooweee this is going to be fun to watch. I loved the book, loved the new characters, loved the new love story LOVED what Reyes did on his car, and wow Cookie's daughter is ruined for life ! I was a smidgen miffed that I didn't get the whole story on a certain kitchen accessory, but waiting has it's rewards.
Waiting oh Mother of all things desperate. Wow, am I supposed to be able to wait for this bomb to explode in the next book ? I am just not that a patient person. I will be hunting for snippets till next October when book 7 comes out.
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Author 6 books3,963 followers
May 15, 2020
Yep, I'm on the bandwagon with all the lovers of this series. I may have begun loving it because it's so geeky and Albuquerque everything and the bumper stickers and the t-shirts are just too spot-on memory-lane for me not to gush over them, but I stay because I've fallen in love with Charley.

She DEFINITELY has a death wish. Her snark alone makes her deserve anything that's coming to her, and that's including the end reveal(s) of this novel.

Fortunately, for a Grim Reaper to have a Death Wish is all kinds of funny. Not even Funny-Funny, but more Groan-Funny, and the way these women fawn over the son of Satan? Let's not go there. Or go there much.

Strangely enough, we finally got some interesting and DIFFERENT sex scenes. Because I know there's a huge percentage of the lovers of this UF that are ALL in it for the sex, I won't disparage them, but I did have to mention that it got... INTERESTING. Rather than just explosion this and explosion that. :)

But jeeze. That end. Not the END END spoiler, but the one in the mental institute. ; ; *sigh*
August 28, 2019
I love this series!

Re-read Aug.2,2019
It's funny how many things you forget when you forget to continue through the series but glad my friends have pushed me to re-start this series. Thanks ladies :)
Well Charley does need to learn a lot about her reaper position, I mean really needs to learn. Everyone keeps telling her that she can do anything but I feel like her what exactly is it that she can do?! LOL but this was definitely an up and down emotional book, funny and sad moments. I so need to get to the next book because there was so much going on and the new characters popping in and also some truths are coming out as well which made me sad but understand why the need to hide it. Guilt can be a hard thing but whoa wasn't expecting the lashing from him, definitely not. Too sweet and funny but secrets tend to come out no matter how much we try to hide it. So off to the next book. Yay! I'm finally current to where I left off. LOL
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1,851 reviews846 followers
January 3, 2016
As usual Charley had me laughing my ass off. Darynda Jones has an amazing sense of humor. One of my favorite T-shirt lead ins:

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Loved those walls coming down between Reyes and Charley, both figuratively and literally!

I'm completely addicted, so I'm onto the next one very soon!

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1,013 reviews1,891 followers
May 23, 2014
Holy cliffhanger, Batman! Darynda sure knows how to end a book with a jaw-dropping moment. It may take my poor heart a good long while to recover from this one, but seeing as the next book comes out in October, rest assured, recover I will.

At this point, picking up a new Charley Davidson book feels a lot like coming home after a long and rather painful absence. Darynda’s characters have such strong personalities that it’s almost too easy to imagine them having lives beyond these pages. Getting a glimpse of their hilarious existence is very much an honor and a privilege.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. Truth be told, Sixth Grave seems to be a bit of a rush job. I was disappointed by the lack of structure in this plot, some conversations that lead absolutely nowhere and more than a few loose ends. I realize that unfinished storylines can be expected this late in the series, but some of them seemed forgotten rather than left purposely for later installments. It’s not something Darynda normally does and while I enjoyed Sixth Grave overall, I felt just a little bit let down.

Be that as it may, the fact remains that this is a series one can count for fabulous entertainment, sizzling hot romance and too many sidesplitting one-liners to count. Charley herself takes few things seriously which makes her different from every other UF or PNR heroine out there.

I’ll keep this short because, at book six, there’s little to say I haven’t said before: the Charley Davidson has hordes of fans for a reason. I suspect Darynda Jones might have a hard time moving on from this series because there’s too much of her in Charley, but as long as she’s writing these, there’s not much to worry about. If making people laugh and swoon at the same time were a sport, Darynda would be a multiple Olympic gold medalist.

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2,402 reviews1,850 followers
November 18, 2018
Welp, that's two books back to back with very cliffhanger-like endings and I suppose if I wasn't already committed to reading these that alone would keep me coming back to this series. Because that brief reprieve I had with book five was not present here.

Look. Charley has ADD, a ridiculous coffee obsession, is full of inappropriate humour, and all sorts of whacky personality traits. We know this, we've learned to mostly accept (though not necessarily like) this. But it seemed turned wayyyy up to fifteen (it was already at eleven) for this instalment and I was not here for it.

Additionally everything we thought we learned in the previous book is like.. not necessarily accurate? Or a misunderstanding and now we're kinda starting from scratch? I appreciate the 'haha got you' element to plot twists because when you're at book six of thirteen you know there's lots still to come. But maybe I'm only into that when I'm actually, y'know, enjoying things. Hard to say.

SIXTH GRAVE ON THE EDGE was filled with so much extraneous nonsense that I was completely unimpressed by but at the same time this was the most emotional read of the series so far. Those elements had nothing to do with Charley & co, not really, but they were still rather gutwrenching. This author can definitely write. I just wish I liked more of it.

Anyway, I'm not entirely surprised by the big whoopsie at the end of this one because the thought had actually crossed my mind so I guess we'll see where this new twist takes us. Book seven here we go.

** I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review. **
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May 22, 2014

They just can't end a book like that. I..I NE..NEED..T..T.TO. KNOWWWWW!

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February 6, 2016
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: Charley is dealing with “Post Traumatic Death Disorder” in this even campier, quirkier installment.

Opening Sentence: “A girl, a mocha latte, and a naked dead man walk into a bar,” I said, turning to the naked dead man sitting in my passenger seat.

The Review:

Sixth Grave on the Edge is another fun but stress filled story in the Charley Davidson series. This series has been a very entertaining series to me so far. I enjoy the humor and wit. Although I will say that this one felt more over the top campy (like the better horror movies in my opinion) and weird than usual. Charley is really ramping up the humor to the annoyance of her friends. She has some really strange and crazy conversations. I think this one just really amps up the strange and kooky facets of this series.

Two weeks have passed since the events of Fifth Grave Past the Light and Charley is suffering from Post-Traumatic Death Disorder. A phrase that I found suits Charley and her problems perfectly. Once again Charley is stretched thin trying to solve too many cases. A client goes to Charley because he finds out she has a knack for solving the strange and unusual. He sold his soul and he wants it back. I really enjoyed this storyline as we meet the even more mysterious Osh, who has a lot in common with Reyes.

It is finally revealed why Captain Eckert has been after Charley. He is blackmailing her. He wants answers about Charleys’ abilities and his past. He won’t stop at anything until he gets his answers. This was a fascinating storyline that had Charley double thinking about how she solves her cases.

In a series of strange things that Charley does, she is busy planning how to get Uncle Bob to finally ask out Cookie. Charley is also working on the kidnapping case for Agent Carson, which reveals that Reyes childhood is even more messed up than what we thought.

Reyes just can’t get any sexier. He literally breaks down Charley’s walls, trying to tell her that they really belong to each other. Even if she doesn’t quite grasp it with the notes. I thought the wall scene was the funniest conversation.

Oh my god, the ending… I thought I was going to cry. I thought Charley was a goner. And Reyes. The only good thing is that Charley learns more about the powers she wields.

Sixth Grave on the Edge does have a bit of a filler feel but it is still just as action packed as Fifth Grave. A lot more of Charley’s destined fight is revealed but there is still no ultimate showdown, just as more mysteries seem to reveal themselves. It seems as though there is still so much left undone. A major life changing event happens for Charley and Reyes.

Notable Scene:

My phone rang when I got to Misery.

“Are you okay?” Cookie asked.

“Yes. I’m fine.”

“You don’t sound fine.”

“I’m fine.”

“You don’t sound fine.”

“I’m so not fine!” I said, collapsing into a blob of sniffling nerves. “Something is up with Uncle Bob. I think he’s … he’s mad at me.”

Cookie gasped. “Robert is never mad at you.”

“I know. I just don’t know what to think.”

“Me neither. On the bright side, you can talk it over with your therapist. Your appointment is in half an hour.”

“I can’t go to therapy. That woman needs more therapy than I do.”

“Most therapists do, hon. You still have to go. If you miss again, your sister will kill you.”

“Cook, I have a thousand cases going on at once. My life has been threatened. My apartment has been ransacked. A half-human, half-demon stole a priceless dagger from me and won’t return it until he gets together with Swopes so they can talk prophecies. And I was just almost arrested for drug possession and kiddie porn.”

“Your sister won’t care.”

FTC Advisory: I purchased my own copy of Sixth Grave on the Edge. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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3,557 reviews259 followers
January 21, 2019
Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson #6) by Darynda Jones is such a fun and laugh-out-loud urban fantasy novel. I don't know how but this series just keeps getting better and better. I'm thoroughly invested now in all of the characters, from Charley herself to Reyes, Cookie, and even Mr. Wong. If you haven't read this series, I highly recommend it especially on audiobook. Lorelei King is easily one of my all time favorite narrators.
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1,314 reviews2,809 followers
May 11, 2017
Hmmm... Not sure how I feel about this book; on one hand - there was much Reyes in it = PERFECT, on the other hand - I don't like how Charley acts, thinks or does'. Yes, I like her comments here and there, but those moments where she is serious/takes things seriously, which is so damn rare, are when I like the book the most. But since they are so rare, I barely like the book.
“He would rip out his spine if I let him.”
She patted my knee. “I would expect nothing less from the son of evil incarnate. He’s a good guy.”

I love Reyes though. Reyes is the only reason I'm continuing to read this series. Also, since someone was so damn nice (really nice) to spoil what would happen Reyes and Charley's future; I wasn't all that surprised about the ending of this book. However, since they also spoiled something else too, I know what will happen in the next book. Yaaaay.
Rate: 2.5 stars.
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662 reviews6 followers
October 20, 2018
4.5 stars.

This was my favorite book so far - Charlie made me laugh out loud several times instead of just giggling. I enjoyed her relationship with Reyes and all of her friends.

There was a bit too much going on with her job and investigations, though. I mean she had like 5-6 different things going on?

I'm nervous for the next book as it looks like things are about to change dramatically.
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320 reviews2,132 followers
May 28, 2014
OMG!!! Another one???? I'm in book heaven!

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

I WANT. NEED. MORE Charley SARCASM and *squee* Reyes freaking Farrow!

Hope this series will have 15-20 books, because I can't seem to get enough of it! <3
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3,336 reviews1,016 followers
February 10, 2019
I know Charley's sense of humour isn't for everyone but I love her and lets face it if you don't like her then I'm pretty sure you'll have given up this series long before you reached book six. Charley may be more than a little insane but has a heart of gold and she's willing to put herself in danger to help even strangers so it's no wonder she has loyal friends. I love her friendship with Cookie and her daughter Amber, I love how protective her uncle Ubie is of her and of course, like pretty much the rest of the female population, I'm obsessed with her nigh-fiancé Reyes. If there was one thing I found slightly frustrating in this book it was her holding out so long before giving Reyes an answer but since they were having fun teasing each other about it I was willing to overlook that.

As always Charley has a lot on her plate, she's still trying to find out more about her Reaper abilities, she's got a client who accidentally sold his soul to the devil, there's the naked dead guy who won't get out of her car, Cookie and Ubie are being stubborn so she's trying to push them together, she's also worrying about Rocket's prediction for Reyes, looking into Reyes' human family and if that wasn't enough she's held at gunpoint by two men who want her to find a woman who is currently in the witness protection program. Yes, there's definitely a lot going on in this one and the way things are going it looks like the series is just going to get even more intense from her onwards.

It's not all action though, there are some great moments between Charley and Reyes as they try to figure out how their relationship is going to work, we get some revelations about her ghostly sidekick Angel that brought a tear to my eye, and there is definitely something strange going on with Charley's father. I'm still not very happy with him so I really want to see more of a redemption arc as we start to unravel his secrets. As long as that arc doesn't include a happy ending for Charley's step-mother I'll be okay with it, that woman is a monster and she does NOT deserve any kind of forgiveness from Charley. Especially after the way she acted in this instalment!

Anyway, I think that's enough to show that I'm still loving this series so I'm signing off here so I can get started on book seven.
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