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In the third Countermeasure: Byte of Life, Trevor and Cassandra Bauer have settled into married life after facing the bumpy road to the altar. While Cassandra looks for ways to spice up their love life, Trevor questions his efficacy as a husband. His insecurities are compounded by the constant threat of Nathan Nelson, her old friend and past lover, who can't accept their marriage as final.

A brand new marriage, personal uncertainties, and a good dose of alpha geek jealousy make for a volatile mix. When a phone call spurs him to lay claim to what is his and give Cassandra the fantasies she craves, Trevor reacts like any hot blooded man would. The result is a steamy room, slippery bodies, and Passion at Dawn.

58 pages, ebook

First published October 2, 2012

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About the author

Chris Almeida

29 books132 followers
Chris Almeida (also known as C. Almeida) began writing children’s stories at a very young age. Born in Brazil but currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Chris’ life took a totally different course when technology came into play, and the following 17 years were spent delving deep into the world of programming and web design.
It was in 2010, when Chris began role playing online as a hobby, that writing wormed its way back into the picture. This time, writing storylines for the role playing group.
The ideas and plots created for the game awoke the inner writer and a few months later, together with partner in crime C. Aubrey, began writing erotic romance.
Now, still together, they have written a number of short stories and novel. They are currently working on book three of their series as well as several short stories. Through it all they have continued to enjoy role playing through their favorite characters.

Chris welcomes feedback, input and comments from readers. You can get in touch via FB, email, Linked in and Goodreads. Links below:


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105 reviews
December 6, 2012
Passion at Dawn is a "Byte of Life" from the Countermeasure series. Bytes of Life are little novels that allow us to sneak a peak in our favourite characters' life. As of today, we have 2 books from the Countermeasure series : Countermeasure and To Russia With Love. The Bytes of Life (Uncharted, Cuffed at Midnight, Ecstasy by the Sea and Passion at Dawn) come before and after each one. You don't need to read them to understand the story, however I would highly recommend it.


Simply because once you've started reading one of these books, whether it's Countermeasure, To Russia With Love, or one of the Bytes of Life, you just can't stop.

I've read of the Bytes of Life which have been published and I find myself entranced by each and every one of them.

In Passion at Dawn we discover a Trevor who has insecurities, who, sometimes, is vulnerable and in need of reassurance. We find ourselves face to face with a very VERY jealous Alpha Geek. And we love every second of it.
Without surprise, this book is HOT, like fire-that-will-consume-every-inch-of-you-hot. We see them discussing their sex lives, how they could spice it up (as if they really needed it... ;) ) and we have a first row seat for one of them.

The best part in this book?
Trevor's need to claim his wife. To mark her in every way so everyone will know she's his, particularly HER. His need to remind her that only he can make her feel this way... DAMN!!

I couldn't recommend this book(s) enough!!

If you still haven't started this serie... well then why are you still reading my review? Go get them! ;)

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4,079 reviews80 followers
October 26, 2012
AudioBook Review
Stars: Overall 5 Narration 5 Story 5

One of the fun things with reviewing is the occasional opportunity to revisit a title that I have read previously, and get a whole new perspective on the work. This is one of the short additional content novellas that provide further character insight to readers of the Countermeasure series: a series that is part action, part mystery and part romance and follows the former NSA computer geek Trevor and his new wife and ex CIA operative Cassandra.

In this short, a snapshot of their lives when they are not working a case is the focus, and we see just how fragile an ego can be. What is reinforced for the reader is their relatively short acquaintance, and the fact that they have much to learn about one another, like any other couple. Throughout this series, we don’t often see the insecurities and fears: and Trevor’s are on full display in jealous reactions, somber moments and an unusual snappiness with his father in law.

Narration in this short is provided by Tim Gerard Reynolds, and his smooth delivery with subtle changes in pitch and tone, a slight deepening of the Irish in his accent and his vivid and accurate inflections that depict emotional turmoil, tension and gasping need are nothing short of perfect for this story.

Again, for readers of the Countermeasure series, these shorts are nice interludes to give us more of what we want: Cassie and Trevor. And, even more than we would expect, and no one will walk away from this short story without a small shiver of excitement and anticipation when seeing a can of whipped cream on a refrigerator shelf. Yes, there are several scenes that increase the eroticism of these stories, but these are not simply voyeuristic entertainment: the connection and obvious love between them shines through.

I received an AudioBook version of the book for purpose of honest review for the Heard Word. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

eBook (read) version
Another chapter in the lives of Trevor and Cassandra, this is another ‘fill in the time between’ the longer episodes in this series.
Trevor and Cassie are slowly filling out in those nuanced details that only appear when you have a long acquaintance with them. While the characters have been beautifully developed in the story, this is a ‘progressive development’ so much is left unsaid, and for the reader to discover as they travel on this journey. This story provides much more of the deeper ‘getting to know you’ pieces that both the reader and the characters need: so often we only see a piece of their individually held insecurities but never see them voiced. This story gives both Cassie and Trevor the chance to put those insecurities on the table, and lay them to rest. It’s as tightly and well written as their other stories, with a nice twist to focus these shorts to the emotional connection of the characters rather than just displaying it in their interaction and sexual activities. Not that I don’t like those scenes – always hot and urgent with a detail that creates pictures from words with little effort: but these characters are far more than just their jobs and their sex life – and this book is providing the depth that gives readers a reason to know more. Another winner in this 18+ series that is part adventure, part romance, part tech how-to and always entertaining.

I received a copy of this book from author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.
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442 reviews
October 15, 2012
Passion at Dawn
Authors: Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey
Published: Oct 1 2012
File size 245KB Pages 52
In the third Countermeasure: Byte of Life, Trevor and Cassandra Bauer have settled into married life after facing the bumpy road to the altar. While Cassandra looks for ways to spice up their love life, Trevor questions his efficacy as a husband. His insecurities are compounded by the constant threat of Nathan Nelson, her old friend and past lover, who can't accept their marriage as final.

A brand new marriage, personal uncertainties, and a good dose of alpha geek jealousy make for a volatile mix. When a phone call spurs him to lay claim to what is his and give Cassandra the fantasies she craves, Trevor reacts like any hot blooded man would. The result is a steamy room, slippery bodies, and Passion at Dawn.
They had me at the title of the first chapter: Let’s talk about Sex. Come on, that has to eye catching! Cassie and Trevor show us their Byte of Life in a different version of Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus, opposite in thought but united in action. “Trevor, Cosmo, isn’t always wrong!!!!” I kept shouting at my Kindle; as Cassie and Trevor found ways to ignite their passions around their daily lives. It always amazes me what a simple conversation can stir up in the minds of people, Trevor’s included. We get to see a whole new side to Trevor, which will spark conversation amongst their fans.
Their daily lives that involve their work, relationships with each other as well as other people, helping build a stronger foundation for the stories we crave, making them very three dimensional. We find clues and hints to the interpersonal relationships between the characters leading us into their next adventure in To Russia with Love. The love scenes are passionate and enjoyably messy, filled with something deeper as Trevor is reassured of his status and position in Cassie’s life. As always, I enjoy anytime I spend with Trevor & Cassie as they allow this voyeur to explore their Passion for life and each other. This is a very well written small taste that deserves 5 stars, take a Byte out life and join Cassie and Trevor in theirs. Caution::: Slippery when Wet.
The Oracle (Maria Mercedes)
All synopsis are published by the publishers via Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes & Noble.
The Oracle Reviews: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.ph...
The Oracle Reviews purchases some titles, while others are provided via Netgalley, or the authors themselves. All opinions and reviews are my own.
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1,473 reviews88 followers
September 5, 2014
Hotness Rating 3 out of 5

Passion at Dawn is yet another peek into the life of Cassandra and Trevor. I am loving the Bytes of Life companion books to the Countermeasure series. Countermeasure, Countermeasure #1 was so good and honestly I didn't see the point of the Bytes of Life companions, but I thought what the heck I'll give them a read. I am so glad I did! The idea of getting a peek into the daily life of this couple after the first book ended is brilliant. In Ecstasy at Dawn, Bytes of Life #2 we get the honeymoon. In Cuffed at Midnight, Bytes of Life #3 we get a peek into Trevor's first birthday being in a relationship with Cassandra and how they celebrate it. Now, in Passion at Dawn, Bytes of Life #4, is the real life stuff that happens in a new marriage. The insecurities, the doubts, the fears, the obsessive love that one has for their new spouse. These companion books bring you so much closer to the characters and make you feel like you really know them.

Passion at Dawn was a combination of heartbreaking and sizzling. The sparks between this couple are off the charts. And like any newlyweds they explore these sparks as thoroughly and as often as possible. Can I tell you that it sends shivers down my spine every time Trevor says "Cassie girl" in his super sexy Irish brogue. Trevor broke my heart with his insecurities. Don't get me wrong, I get it! Nathan has made sure that Trevor isn't confident in his marriage, but to see this amazingly sexy, confident man drowning in his fear brought tears to my eyes. Cassie gave Trevor no reasons to worry, other than the fact that she refuses to stop talking to her old friend Nathan. I get that she has no feelings for him and she is doing nothing wrong, but Nathan is so mean and obvious about trying to tear them apart I really wanted to hear her tell him off.

Now, I'm off to read To Russia With Love, Countermeasure #2. I can't wait to read more from this amazing cast of characters.

You can find this review and others at www.riverinaromantics.com
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6,952 reviews827 followers
October 7, 2012
Rhayne's review posted on Guilty Pleasures

5 Stars

If you have been following the Countermeasure series, then you are familiar with the Bytes of Life installments that we have the pleasure of enjoying. Honestly I wish more authors would step up their game plan and do this as well. When you completely become addicted to a series, and then you get attached to the characters, especially a couple as electrifying as Trevor and Cassandra it’s so enjoyable to get to read more about them. With this short sexy tale we get to continue with their journey, as they experience a whole new set of issues.

To me this book showed Trevor in a completely different light. In the previous books he is witty, funny, sarcastic, and completely in love with his wife. In this book, he is still all those things, but he shows his insecurities. This is something new and out of form for him. It honestly adds an additional spark to his character and makes him seem more real. He is so confident about every aspect of his life, but his wife is definitely his weak spot. His emotions and his jealousy solidify the encompassing love that he has for Cassandra.

Nathan still has a large role in their lives. Much to Trevor’s annoyance, he isn’t going away. Trevor has to find a way to overcome and trust that what he and Cassandra have is genuine, stable and real.

As they explore their new marriage they also have an exploration of their intimacy, hidden fantasies, and desires. This is where we get to enjoy blazing, sweltering, sexy scenes that include a kitchen table, a can of whipped cream, and one unforgettable round of shower sex. Truly, Chris and Cecilia are two of the most talented authors I have had the pleasure of reading. If you haven’t had a chance to start this series yet, you are missing out on literary brilliance.
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2,377 reviews69 followers
November 17, 2012
PASSION AT DAWN is another of the little in-between stories that Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey insert between their major releases in the Countermeasure series are what keeps the series fresh and allows the reader to remember not only the plot line but the characters who make these stories so extraordinary.
Constructed like a day or so in the life of Mr. and Mrs. Bauer, we see them in their private moments (ahem, VERY private moments) as well as doing their work as digital intelligence agents. One of the not-so-minor characters, Nathan, is back, doing his best to get under Trevor’s skin. No, wait, he’s actually trying to get under Cassandra’s skin, but in a good way, unlike his weasely ways that he tries to knock Trevor off of his game. It’s not going to work, Nathan! But, I so enjoy watching him try. I used to hate this character but he is now one of my favorites. He makes me laugh out loud, or maybe it’s Trevor’s reaction to Nathan that makes me laugh. Either way, Nathan is an important component of these stories.
Lots of steaming hot sex, as we have come to expect in this series, makes this little short story one that you will read more than once. They take the whipped cream as a sex toy one step farther than I’ve seen it taken before. My, my. There will be a run on those yummy cans of fluffy sweetness after fans of this series get their hands on PASSION AT DAWN.
Another great entry in the Countermeasure series and it kept me on edge waiting for the next book. Get this one and enjoy!
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586 reviews
April 2, 2014
Holy cow. This book is well, passionate. I hate to use that word since it is in the title but it is hard to come up with another term. In this byte of life, Cassandra thinks she needs to spice up their sex life and because of that Trevor worries he isn't full filling his duty as her husband. Well, when you are finished with this book you there will be no doubt that Trevor and Cassandra are not lacking in the bedroom. You could almost call this book inspiring, if you know what I mean. There are other bits and pieces of Trevor and Cassie’s life we experience in the bytes of life stories that I am curious about and wondering how it will turn out in the next full length novel. Some of those things revolve around Trevor and Cassie’s relationship with her father Robert and former colleague Nathan. They definitely leave you wanting more of the series. I highly recommend all of the short stories to anyone that has read the Countermeasure series and would like to see what Trevor and Cassandra are up to when they are not running for their lives or fighting the bad guys.
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73 reviews6 followers
April 29, 2014
hmmm what do Cosmo, a table and a hot shower have in common??? Passion at Dawn!
Honestly, these Bytes need to come with warning labels! I think this one is my favorite Byte so far....and not just cause of the uber hot table sex and that shower??? whoa...just ....jaw dropping hotness. I like this one the best because this one shows just how vulnerable Trevor is in his and Cassie's marriage. Cassie reads an innocent article (okay..nothing in cosmo is ever innocent) and we see the slow meltdown of one of the hottest geeks to ever be in a book. This just hammered home how human Trev and Cassie are....and I love that it is so much like something that flesh and blood couples go through. These Bytes make waiting for the full sized novels easier to bear. I will never look at a shower the same way again...and I think I can talk my hubs into building a bigger shower in our bathroom remodel....yeah...I think I can!
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Author 7 books109 followers
July 23, 2015
It is an Erotic Romance Short Story.

Trevor, a self proclaimed alpha geek feels insecure when Cassandra browses through a woman's magazine looking for ways to spice up their love life. He wonders why after only being together for such a short time, she would be wanting to do that. Will they resolve this communication problem or will he take out his frustrations on Nathan, an annoyance from Cassandra's former life?

This story is aptly named because passion can be either love or hate. Trevor seems to be like a pendulum swinging between his love for Cassandra and the hatred that anyone else would harm her or worse yet take her away from him.

Warning: This book is for Mature Audiences due to explicit sexual situations and adult language.
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1,836 reviews53 followers
November 6, 2012
CONTEST: http://thetbrpile.weebly.com/1/post/2...

This is the best of the Bytes of Life shorts so far and seems more heavily influenced by the Countermeasures novels than any of the previous installments, which to me read more like separate stories in their own right. This latest offering reads much more like a forgotten chapter or deleted scene from one of their novels and works well to bridge the gap between the first two novels! With every successive story that is released, the two authors seem to be finding a better and better balance. With this in mind, I have high hopes for the next Countermeasures novel due out early next year.
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Author 17 books20 followers
March 16, 2013
This is the third story in the Bytes Of Life Countermeasures spin-off series from writer collaboration, Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey that I have reviewed for the TBR pile Blog here: http://thetbrpile.weebly.com/1/post/2...

Once again, this is a highly charged erotic ride that I can fully recommend to anyone who has enjoyed their previous work or is looking to jump onboard this tremendous series! This short is a great taster of exactly what the bigger novels are all about and is a lot of naughty fun!
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395 reviews20 followers
September 20, 2015
I'm loving the Series Countermeasure, the novels and short stories. In this Byte of life, Cassie and Trevor experience the insecurities, permeated with the incandescent passion in a starting of wedding. And together with friendship and frank conversation they surpass and become even stronger together.

Chris and Cecilia, I become your huge fan! Love your writing.
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62 reviews1 follower
October 24, 2012
Trevor's insecurities=taking what he wants! Fortunately, for him Cassie is in the shower so he can fulfill a fantasy of his....So hot and steamy I thought my Kindle was going to burst into flames!!!
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458 reviews23 followers
November 22, 2014
Love Trev and Cassi...developing marital relationship and getting to healing self doubts about where they stand with each other is totally worth the read.
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