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Lotus Lane #1

Kiki: My Stylish Life

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Meet the Lotus Lane Girls!

This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!

Kiki, Coco, and Lulu are the BEST of friends. They even have their very own club! But Mika, the new girl, is shaking things up on Lotus Lane. This first book is written as Kiki's diary--with illustrations and doodles throughout. Kiki LOVES creating cool outfits, hanging out with friends, and collecting fun facts like

I am a member of the Lotus Lane Girls Club.

I will one day be a VERY famous fashion designer.

My new neighbor Mika is trouble--triple trouble!

Even chickens must look their best.

Read Kiki's diary to find out all about life on Lotus Lane!

96 pages, Library Binding

Published April 28, 2013

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Kyla May

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2,245 reviews3,563 followers
January 20, 2019
This is the sort of book I probably would've loved when I was a kid... while my mom would've hated it. As an adult, I totally understand why she might've felt that way; I wouldn't want to give this to my daughter, either. It's unbelievably vapid, with stupid characters and an emphasis on clothes that's almost nauseating.

Kiki (our narrator of unknown origin) is one of three girls in the Lotus Lane Girls Club. This is a made-up club where the girls do things like bake cupcakes and give their pets spa days. Her friends are Coco (of Italian descent) and Lulu (of French descent). You might be wondering why I'm talking about their backgrounds. Well, it comes up later as a plot point when a new girl from Japan, Mika, comes on the scene and tries to steal Kiki's fashion thunder by "copying" her and doing kimono designs. Kiki acts all self-righteous, complaining about how Mika should've done something else, and continually calling her a "meanie". Now, I don't know about you, but I would think that the girl who's actually from Japan should have first dibs on doing a cultural Japanese design.

While Kiki's engaging in cultural appropriation, Mika's engaging in dog appropriation by basically stealing Kiki's dog to use as a model. This part of the plot is absolutely ridiculous; you cannot for a moment tell me that a kid Mika's age would take Kiki's words as permission to take her dog! It makes me wonder if there's something wrong with Mika's social skills. The ease with which Kiki forgives her also doesn't ring very true. (If someone stole my dog, making me believe that it had escaped and run away for half a day, I would be livid. But Kiki's so easily distractable with fashion and accolades that she kind of just lets it slide.)

I can see that the author was trying to write about a diverse group of girls here, but they're really all just carbon copies of each other with only the tiniest hints of diversity. Coco and Lulu are both of European descent, of which we're continually reminded (like Lulu's father making the girls French toast, even though it's not actually a French dish... or Coco's Italian family being obsessed with pasta). They're all into the same hobbies (i.e., they're basically all artists) who like the same things. It would've been nice to see one of them into STEM topics. But, no, we just have girls with stereotypical (bordering on offensive) interests: Kiki is obsessed with clothes, Coco is a good cook, and Lulu just wants to save lots of money.

The pictures didn't do anything for me. I guess they're supposed to look like doodles in a kid's journal, but for someone who's supposedly so into fashion, Kiki's drawings of stick figures are really underwhelming. She'd better brush up on her drawing skills if she really wants to follow that career path.

I got this from the library as part of a 4-book set. I have zero desire to read any of the other books. 96 pages of vapid materialism and tween angst is more than enough for me.
Profile Image for Cathy.
323 reviews2 followers
April 1, 2013
Hate reviewing new series for girls b/c I feel I go into them all judgmental.

On chapter 3 of book, Kiki is texting (no specific age given as yet but says she goes to elementary school), holding sleepovers where participants stay up til midnight in absence I parental units (mom is away for travel, dad is?)

Written in diary format, txt message screen caps interspersed throughout. Lots of extra side notes (BFF =, Ciao means) to keep one busy reading.

I like it better than rainbow magic...see the judgement?

Aimed at k-2, would bump up to grades 4.

Profile Image for Jessica Ussery.
28 reviews
January 20, 2014
I don't even care that this is for 2nd graders. I got this for ME. It's really cute and made me laugh. Took me back to the days of when I was becoming a book nerd and reading all the time. Only, we didn't have cute books like they do now.
Profile Image for Lisa.
2,289 reviews68 followers
April 30, 2013
Lotus Lane Book 1 - Kiki is about a young girl named Kiki and her BFFL's (BFFL=Best Friends For Life) Coco and Lulu. They all live on Lotus Lane and are members of the LLGC (LLGC=Lotus Lane Girl Club).
In this book we are reading Kiki's diary which is a very cute, sassy diary, full of pretty little pictures and doodles.
The tale is of three best friends, a new girl, a misinterpretation of events and the eventual understanding and friendship that results.
My four year old lost interest somewhere in the middle of the story (14 small chapters), but we did read it in one sitting and she came back to it towards the end. We had fun identifying the days of the week and some of the smaller sight words she knows.
Overall a cute book for kids. Would be better read to your child a few chapters at a time.
Profile Image for A. Nixon.
Author 1 book9 followers
February 12, 2013
Another that's the start of a new series from Scholastic. The characters are basic but relate-able. It felt a little stereotypical that the girl's so into fashion but there is potential for the other characters to go beyond that. The use of misunderstanding to drive the plot is fairly basic (and a little annoying) but I'm sure it will entertain younger readers.
Profile Image for Hannah Earle.
15 reviews1 follower
February 11, 2018
I wanted to like this book. I think that the storyline itself was decent and it kept my 6 year old daughter engaged but I really didn’t like Kiki. Unrealistic for a second grader to have a cell phone. She was bratty, her parents didn’t guide her through the tough stuff at all, and her friends were flat and uninteresting.
Profile Image for Logan So.
61 reviews1 follower
September 12, 2015
3rd time reading this, still interesting and amazing! Love the formatting of this booK!
Profile Image for Chrissy.
819 reviews
June 22, 2013
KIKI: MY STYLISH LIFE is a totally adorable chapter book for early readers -- one that will especially appeal to creative young girls, I think. Kiki is one of a trio of best friends who all live on the same street and who meet together to enjoy activities like pet spas or cupcake bakings. When the girls start an art project at school, Kiki is thrilled to show her artistic skills to the world by creating her own clothing designs that she will reveal at a fashion show. She just can't WAIT for the fun to begin!

But then a new girl named Maxi moves in next door to Kiki, and Maxi seems to want to flaunt her own fashion abilities as well. The teacher thinks Kiki and Maxi should work together on their stylish creations, but Kiki thinks that Maxi is just a mean girl out to take over her life! What's a girl to do?!

KIKI: MY STYLISH LIFE is the first of a fun series that explores the lives and passions of best friends in a format that is entirely appealing to young minds with shorter attention spans. Told in a diary format, the story alternates between short text and engaging illustrations that are sure to captivate girls of all ages. I'm absolutely POSITIVE that I would have been head over heels in LOVE with this series when I was about 8 years old or so -- I was enthralled with any book that was bold enough to experiment with its own style -- and a diary/scrapbook is definitely a fun way to tell the story.

I enjoyed this read and I thank the publisher for providing me an advanced copy for the purposes of providing an honest review!
Profile Image for Amanda.
3,653 reviews30 followers
August 5, 2019
NO stars. Gag me with a spoon! I had to keep forcing myself to read this disgustingly sickening book. In fact I despised it so very much that I stopped reading it for the loooongest time and so it was overdue to my library because I just could not force myself to read this dreck. Gaaaahhhhh.

Finally just made myself. Did it by reading through eyes barely open and skimming. Horrible!

The main character is a very privileged girl with 2 best friends and a pampered pooch. Unfortunately her mother travels extensively. Fortunately she brings back expensive presents. Fortunately her parents love each other and her. Fortunately she lives right down the street from her bffs. Fortunately she gets to devote HUGE chunks of time to doing whatever she wants. Fortunately her parents support her in this. Fortunately for her, her homework at school is mostly nonexistent.

And yet, she spends the whole book WHINING.... And her bffs totally support her. Get over yourself spoiled brat. Puh-leez. The saddest things that happen are that you and your mom can't be together and that you are far too entitled so that you never grow and mature from this.


Will NOT recommend this to anyone. EVER.
Profile Image for Erin.
294 reviews16 followers
November 19, 2015
If awkward, nerdy 8-year-old me were reviewing this, I'd probably give it 3 stars, because I would have thought the main character was cute and popular, like I wished I were.

But I am not 8 years old. I am the mother of an 8-year-old. And as I read it with her, all I could think about was, "Please, my daughter, DO NOT PICK UP ANY LIFE TIPS HERE.

The main character is a spoiled drama queen who does nothing but sit around with her BFFs and gossip, talk about clothes, gossip some more, bake cupcakes, and gossip even more. Excuse me...sometimes instead of sitting around with her BFFs, she texts them her gossip and clothing choices. In annoying text short hand that even my daughter was like, "why doesn't she just say what she's trying to say?!" (And let's not even get into the deep philosophical question of why the young main character and all her friends even HAVE cell phones...)

I could go on, but I'll just sum up my opinion of the book in my best 8-year-old voice: Gag me with a wooden spoon.

There are much better books for our young daughters out there than this drivel.
Profile Image for Carol.
1,748 reviews16 followers
May 23, 2013
Kiki begins writing in a diary. She tells it everything via pictures as well as words. She has two very best friends and together they have a club, The Lotus Lane Girls Club. They have a schedule of their daily and weekly events which they stick to faithfully. Kiki loves fashion almost more than anything so she is super excited when her art teacher assigns them a project they are "passionate" about. She knows immediately that she will do fashion design. A new neighbor on Lotus Lane might be a bit of a stumbling block in Kiki's path. Mika appears to be copying everything Kiki does and it's annoying. Will the teacher's idea of making them work together solve the problem? Will Mika become a member of the elite Lotus Lane Girls Club?
Lotus Lane is one of the fabulous new beginning chapter book series from the Scholastic Branches imprint. It is sure to appeal to girls 1st-4th grade and reluctant readers even above that.
Profile Image for Charlou.
1,014 reviews10 followers
June 11, 2013
I picked it up because it looked like a cute diary book for late 3rd to 4th graders. It says it's a reading level of grade 2 with a 1st-3rd interest level. Various reviews say they have read it to 4 and 6 year olds and they love it! What?
It's written it the ever so popular illustrated diary format with texting references and definitions of some terms. Kiki has 3 BFFs who eat cupcakes a lot. She loves fashion and decides her art project will be designing clothes to be modeled by her friends. A new girl moves in next store and while Kiki calls her the mean girl, all signs point to Kiki being the mean one and that is never quite addressed well.
So who is this for? The kindergarten suburban girl with some funds who loves clothes? Kids do like to read older, the kids they dream to be and maybe that's what this is about. It doesn't work for me. While some parents object to Junie B, I have more issues with this.
Profile Image for Elissa Schaeffer.
387 reviews10 followers
March 30, 2016
This is the start of another Scholastic series aimed at 1st-3rd graders, but I'm going to have to pass on this one for my library. It was very cute and written in diary form with lots of side notes and illustrations. But it verged on trying to hard...maybe a little TOO cute. Here are a highlight of the "misses" for me:
--Main character acts older than the described elementary school age. In that we have cell phones and texting and unsupervised baking and late night slumber parties and so on. If the reading level is for 2nd grade, the character doesn't really act like any 2nd graders I know.
--Gossipy with a mean-girl feel. "I made a lame attempt to meet the neighbor but she's mean!" and cue pouty face. Really, this could have been pulled off better.
--I little too heavy on the fashion/fashionista stereotype.

Granted, I'm a grown up reading this, but this isn't something I'd want my daughter to read as there are better choices out there. Thanks, but no thanks.
Profile Image for Barbara.
13.1k reviews271 followers
May 18, 2013
Part of the Lotus Lane series, this one focuses on Kiki who enjoys fashion, designing her own clothes, and pulling together outfits for herself and her friends. But when new girl Mika seems to have similar ideas to hers, she becomes annoyed, and when her dog disappears at the hands of Mika, she becomes even more upset. As her diary chronicles a troublesome week, Kiki relies on her BFF, Lulu and Coco, to help her cope. This is a good series for early readers.
Profile Image for Lynn.
361 reviews
June 13, 2013
My daughter really enjoyed this book, and it does contain some good messages about creativity, friendship, and not judging others too harshly. This series has potential with emerging readers. I just struggled with the references to texting for such young readers, and the girls are a bit stereotypical.
Profile Image for Lia.
97 reviews
June 16, 2013
Fun format for early readers. A good crossover book for girls not yet ready for chapter books.
Profile Image for Tiffany Smith.
141 reviews10 followers
October 16, 2013
Super cute book! This book reminds me of my daughter and her friends. Young girls will absolutely love this book.
Profile Image for Tasha .
1,025 reviews37 followers
November 28, 2013
"5 stars because it's funny" says Lia (my 7 year old). :)
Profile Image for Becky B.
7,492 reviews94 followers
August 24, 2018
Kiki writes about her life in her journal, sharing about her best friends on Lotus Lane, the new girl who has moved in next door and seems mean, and the art project due at school next week.

This has a lot of cutesy appeal for lower grade girls. The illustrations and style, as well as the topic of real life relationship problems are things that many readers crave. I found the resolution quite sudden in this and not super satisfactory, but I do realize this is not super sophisticated writing and the readers are just starting in their reading too. If you're trying to get reluctant readers in lower grades into reading and they love fashion and girly stuff, give this a try.
Profile Image for Elizabeth Moreau Nicolai.
478 reviews16 followers
August 10, 2018
Not my favorite, but okay. Will be popular for girls, especially girls not old enough for Dork Diaries. There's a teeny bit of cultural appropriation with the kimonos which is somewhat addressed. But the friendship themes are good. Two of the other characters that will have their own books later in the series seem to be non-white (at least shaded in stick figures and one Japanese grandmother) but lots of European flavor (Italy and France).

Overall not my favorite, but a solid recommendation for beginning chapter books. Would encourage to buy in library. Will recommend to kids.
Profile Image for Ashley Schmuhl.
39 reviews
May 25, 2019
Cute story. Cute characters, each character is from a different part of the world and the author gives little facts woven into the story about their heritage. I think I’ll order the whole series for the elementary library I run. Perfect for 2nd-3rd grade girls.
Profile Image for Katie.
88 reviews4 followers
March 15, 2020
Bookaday for 3-15. I brought home Kiki-My Stylish Life from the book room at school. I think this could be a popular series for third grade. Kids will like the graphic elements of the layout and the chapters are relatively short.
Profile Image for Becky.
138 reviews2 followers
June 5, 2017
This is a good beginning chapter book about friendship and not jumping to conclusions.
569 reviews3 followers
June 9, 2017
An easy to read beginner book about friendship
5 reviews
June 25, 2017
this book is so awesome its fun to read I was so sad that I finshed it ones I reach the middle I get back to the biging I just really like it
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