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In episode two of The Flesh Cartel, the dark purpose behind Mat and Dougie Carmichael’s abduction is revealed. Though Dougie is protected from the worst of the guards’ brutality, he’s disgusted to find himself halfway to broken—despairing of escape and terrified of pain. Mat holds onto hope despite repeated rapes and beatings, but threats toward his brother teach him well to lay aside his pride and pick his battles carefully.

Worn down by days of unrelenting fear and abuse, Mat and Dougie are packaged and marketed with the same ruthless efficiency as any consumer product: Dougie the prettyboy twink, Mat the rabid pit bull. They are led to the auction block as the showpiece of the house’s collection.

Mat would rather be beaten to death than play the role of obedient slave for sale, but Dougie, desperate not to be separated from his brother, strikes a deal with the pitiless Madame who runs the auction house and controls both their fates. It might just be enough to keep them together—slaves, but together—assuming Mat even wants to be after Dougie fulfills his end of his deal with the devil.

(Publisher's note: This title contains material some may find objectionable or trigger-inducing, including explicit violence, non-consent, and forced incest.)

75 pages, ebook

First published November 5, 2012

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Rachel Haimowitz

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M/M erotic romance author, freelance writer and editor, sadist with a pesky conscience, shamelessly silly, proudly pervish. I'm a twitter addict (@rachelhaimowitz), and I blog every M/W/F at Fantasy Unbound. To learn all about my current and upcoming projects, please stop by my website. I love to hear from folks, so feel free to drop me a line anytime at metarachel (at) gmail (dot) com.

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December 12, 2012
This book is Excellent... And. So. Fucked. Up! Yet it is compelling, edge of the seat stuff that you are unable to put down. It will have you in tears, angry and frustrated at the injustice of it all and will leave you in turmoil, without any coherent brain activity for some time after...


It hits you hard and fast - there is no reprieve, no time for quiet contemplation, the intensity of the story so overwhelming it hurts... It is both terrifying and disturbing to see Matt and Dougie suffer the atrocities they endure at the hands of sadistic fuckers who take pleasure in their pain and humiliation. I want to close my eyes, I don't want to see their torture, I don't want to feel their pain... But the visions are in my head so I am compelled to keep reading!

Why... would I put myself through this? Why would I even want to read a book that upsets me to the point of tears? Why?... I love Dougie and Matt, I am so invested in them as characters they have become a part of the madness that is an excuse for my mind! They have found a place in my heart and have stayed with me to the point where I was anxious as to where the authors would take them! Their lives and future scenarios in my own mind were nightmare material... but what hit me whilst reading was far worse!

I WANT someone, anyone, with an ounce of humanity to help them and above all I want good to prevail before it's too late to save them - before they have destroyed what remains of their damaged Psych and their broken souls - Before their weeping hearts and the profound love they have for each other is nothing more than a memory... How long can they hold onto their sanity before it is lost forever?

This book starts off where the previous one finished. More torture, pain, humiliation and more rape being inflicted on Matt and Dougie with only their love holding them together, the hope that as long as the have each other they can make it, is so emotionally intense, it is heartbreaking.

Being placed in cells next to each other only gives them some peace, but also compounds the abuse for Matt and Dougie... there is no reprieve for them, they are in a constant state of fear, tormented and alert to every sound, dreading the key in the lock or any indication that it will begin all over again - having to not only endure it - but knowing that the other brother is all too aware of what is going on and is powerless to help!

The Guards and The Madame are totally desensitized, as though it were normal behaviour to treat human beings with so much contempt and cruelty! Dehumanising them treating them worse than animals... they are just numbers!... just holes!... and they are more than happy to fill these holes at every opportunity!

We did get another glimpse of Nikolai Petrovic... it seems that he is desperate to purchase the brothers at auction, I am now wondering if the man I thought might be their saviour is just more of the same shit!

I truly believe these two authors are not given enough credit for their exceptional writing skills. To evoke so much emotion from a reader is remarkable. They have drawn me in and shown me a world that is disturbing to say the least... but I am hooked... Like the proverbial train wreck I cannot look away!

This series is NOT for everyone, you need to be made of strong stuff to read it, never mind having to go through the emotional trauma of seeing it... Yes, I did say seeing! As the images conveyed with words are disturbingly vivid and harrowing.

For more reviews please visit... Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
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July 12, 2014
No, Dougie, no!

There are no spoilers from Auction, but there will inevitably be some from Captured. (Contains cussing and explicit scenes.)
4 "I’m sorry, Mat. I’m so sorry." stars.
(Me while reading this. Did that really just fucking happen?!)
Jesse- Covering eyes
He thrust a hand through the bars of his cage, wanting to touch her, needing it, to confirm they were still human somehow, still held the power to love, to connect, to make choices.

Me: I'm going crazy.
Book: Well at least you aren't being sold.
Me: Well, yeah but-
Book: But nothing child.

Dougie and Mat have been taken, for what they do not know. But Dougie hears Mat's screams through their shared cell wall. Poked, prodded and forced into sexual acts, it seems like an eternity until he has to perform. But that just opens up a new hell.

Mat can hear Dougie's whimpers. He tries to ward them away from Dougie every time, but it only makes it worse. Mat's beaten and brutally raped constantly, but that won't deter him. He'd do anything for Dougie; anything.

A backstage area, bustling with people in black. Moving props, going over cues. He recognized it for what it was: some kind of elaborate play or performance, dozens of people with dozens of interconnected responsibilities.
And I’m the performer.

This is fucked up, but I just can't get enough.

I was supposed to start this on the 30th of June (2014), a week after the first one. But, I just couldn't stop myself. They're just sooo goood!

Gah! There was still the blurb/spoiler in the beginning of the ebook, but because I knew it was there, I skipped it! No spoilers for me, thank you!! Although the title does give a bit away. Auction, and just what are they going to auction, hmmm?

Poor Mat and Dougie, their minds are being changed!
She had three holes to fuck. He wondered if that made it worse. Just the fact that he was in a mental place to think something like that made him want to gag.

Mat and Dougie < /3 *cries* You're both so cute
He’d thought he’d lost Mat once, all those years ago when they’d sent him into foster care, when Mat had been “unfit,” and it had been like all the light in the world had gone out, all happiness and meaning drained away like blood down a sink.

And a hug—it’d gotten them that precious, stolen moment together. Maybe, to Mat, that was worth it.

Why only a four when Capture got a five? It was really hard to tell who was who, and I'm still not quite sure.

To see my previous and next reviews for The Flesh Cartel please click the links below.

Capture (The Flesh Cartel #1) - HERE
Choices (The Flesh Cartel #3) - HERE
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534 reviews133 followers
December 24, 2016
another 5 DARK and full of PAIN stars

Image result for gif crying in pain

The writing style still amazes me! Such shocking and traumatizing scenes!

Mat and Dougie are terrified finding out they will be sold at an auction and will become sex slaves. Only the thought they'll be separated makes them accept anything, do anything just to make sure they stick together!

Heartbreaking to say the least!

This review has been posted at Dirty Books Obsession
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559 reviews834 followers
September 20, 2014
Brothers Mat & Dougie survived a week in the brutal hands of their captors. Can they possibly endure what comes next? What lengths will they go to in order to survive?

The purpose behind the kidnapping and incarceration of the brothers finally becomes clear - they are to auctioned off as pets to the highest bidder.
Worn down by days of unrelenting fear and abuse, Mat and Dougie are packaged with the same ruthless efficiency as any consumer product: Dougie the pretty boy twink, Mat the rabid pit bull. They are led to the auction block as the showpiece of the house's collection.
Trapped in adjacent cells awaiting their fate, the brothers are achingly close - close enough to hear the other's tortured moans - yet unable to see or comfort one another.

While Mat clings to the strength and endurance earned in this MMA training, Dougie is despairing only a few feet away.

Will the brothers ever be able to escape this hell?
And will the ever be the same if they do?

Mat would rather be beaten to death than play the role of obedient slave for sale, but Dougie, desperate not to be separated from his brother, strikes a deal with the pitiless Madame who runs the auction house and controls both their fates.
I'd like to strongly warn readers of the following:
This book goes beyond graphic...
relentless abuse...
gang rape...
forced incest...
emotional torture...
sexual slavery...

I do not know what this series holds for Dougie & Mat, but let me be clear:
This is not BDSM Romance,
This is not MM Romance,
This is not Stockholm Syndrome disguised as Romance.
It might just be enough to keep them together - slaves, but together - assuming Mat even wants to be after Dougie fulfills his end of his with the devil.
Each time I finish one of the Flesh Cartel episodes I find myself at a precipice...
Do I continue down this dark and twisted path to satisfy my curiosity? Can I possibly handle the increasing brutality which Mat and Dougie have been forced to endure?

Because one thing is for sure - there is no light at the end of the tunnel for these brothers.

***I read this book as part of The Flesh Cartel, Season 1: Damnation which was provided to me by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review***
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1,409 reviews414 followers
August 3, 2016
Between 2,5 and 3 stars.

The book is well written and I understand everybody who can't put it down. It could be an addictive read if you like an extremely dark disturbing mind-fucked erotica. Normally that is one of my favorite genres too.
But I decided for myself after reading the second sequel to stop.

I need my light at the end of the tunnel.
I don't see it here.

And as I have already explained to one of my GR friends Lisa, I need another level of love relationship, an intense love between brothers is not enough for me.

Having a little brother myself-you have to see this almost 1.90 m muscled bulk now-I react very sensitively to this topic, because I played this art of protector's role in our childhood too, and I do not just read about Mat's feelings, I LIVE them and it is hard, every single line breaks my heart, that is unbearable for me.
More- I don't see the sense of the story. It looks like an endless description of their sufferings, sexual humiliation, physical and mental abuse, brutal tortures that lead NOWHERE.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

It is your own choice to decide if this book is one for you or not.

I made my decision.

Though enjoy the reading!

848 reviews231 followers
November 3, 2012


Ok, I thought that maybe, by episode 2, I’d be used to the writing style and maybe numbed to be able to handle the brutal content. I was wrong. It was even worse than episode 1. And though I have to thank Rachel & Heidi for talking me through some of the story, including spoilers, to make me feel “ok” with reading on, a part of me feels ANGRY at them for doing this to Dougie and Mat…for taking it this far! (<-not angry at you ladies…just ANGRY! …I know, that makes no sense…)

If you haven't read book 1 yet, I'll say it again, this is harsh material. (...unless you're a member of the Depraved Minds Club (DMC) on Goodreads...then this book reads like a tea time kids tale! :) ) It doesn't get any easier. Constant rape and abuse, over and over again, coupled with non-stop fear of more rape, torture, and brutality always underlying, makes for an exhausting read. I need a Xanax and a massage after this.

With that said, getting to know Dougie and Mat better is the treat of ep2. Their fierce loyalty to each other as brothers is like a vice on my heart. I don't want them hurt. I'm begging for their safety. Some of me SCREAMED at Dougie for his weakness. And a part of me WANTED them to want to die to save themselves. But, their love for each other was what broke my heart the most.

Frighteningly, the greatest emotion riled up in me was HATRED. I want to castrate every single guard and stick a burning stick of steel up their arseholes! And the madame…I would put leeches all over her body, rip out every finger and toe nail, make her drink gallons of cum…and…and… It’s disturbing the torture methods one can come up with when driven to such hatred. I’m wondering why Rachel & Heidi want to stir this up in me. WHY?

I can only hope that maybe...maybe...it won't be so bad under this mysterious Nikolai character.

Nothing about this book is happy. Nothing about it feels good. That's the best warning I can give anyone. This series is NOT for everyone...I'm not even sure if it's for ME! I’m left feeling sad...broken…helpless…and yet, I need to keep reading to make sure it all turns out OK in the end…if that’s even possible…whatever OK is…

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January 12, 2013
The second instalment of The Flesh Cartel series was in my opinion even better than the first!

This was another traumatic read for my already frayed nerves from reading the first instalment.

Dougie and Mat's relationship and love as brothers is further revealed in this volume. When one of them feels pain the other cries out to stop it from happening. Each wanting to take the punishments themselves rather than the other half of their flesh and blood having to suffer the unspeakable wrongs being carried out.

'Debasement. Humiliation. Pain. Wearing him down day after day'

Nikolai's character seems on the surface to be calm and collected, when seeking to buy the brothers for himself. My depraved mind cannot wait for the 3rd instalment to find out if this calm façade will break to show the demon I feel Nikolai is suppressing so far from the readers.

Bring on the angst and powerful emotions Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau for the 3rd instalment. I loved this 2nd volume very much

Favourite quotes-

'The wetness in his eyes overflowed, dripped down his cheeks. It was like a fucking dam breaking; suddenly he couldn't stop it'

'His love for his brother. His fear of ever facing the world without Matt. His fear of what might happen to Mat if he was gone'

'I'd die without Matt. Shrivel up and die and if I didn't then I'd kill myself because I can't do this..'

'How many times could you rape a boy, beat and humiliate and taunt him, before you just...broke him?'

I have a feeling Mat and Dougie will be so broken this will be true of them

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738 reviews390 followers
May 5, 2017
This is my second time starting the series. The first time, two years ago, I was in a romance kind of mood and was shocked at the cruelty of this story.

Two brothers being kidnapped by a human trafficking ring, abusing and breaking them violently to become obedient sex slaves for sale to the highest bidder, isn't exactly sweet romance material, though.

However, when you're in a dark mood, this story is actually really good and Mat and Dougie are amazing characters.

So yeah, 5 stars for the second round ;-)
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1,758 reviews3,830 followers
November 8, 2014
I opened Pandora's Box with this series. Wait a minute. No, I didn't. Noah opened it for me and now… I gotta know. I'll not be reading these back to back since they're too much for my delicate constitution, but I'm fully vested in what happens to Mat and Dougie at this point. I'm fairly certain their troubles have just started. Their suffering is far from over with Nicolai's training looming just around the corner.

These authors have done an excellent job of making these brothers two ends of the spectrum. I'm anxious to see how long that will hold. I'm certain their devotion to one another will be tested, that they'll be pitted against each other at some point and forced to make a choice. It may make me sound like a freak but I can't wait for that!

I wonder if they got the idea for this series from Tumblr…
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Author 80 books2,023 followers
November 5, 2012
Okay, so this isn't really going to be a proper review, because this story is not finished. This instalment of The Flesh Cartel takes us up to the auction, where Mat and Dougie are purchased by Nikolai.

And holy crap -- I need to read the rest! I need to know what happens when Dougie and Mat are trained by Nikolai.

Because at the beginning, you see, Nikolai sees Dougie and thinks he has "...a mouth for reciting poetry with his head in his master's lap. And a mind for it, too" which made me cautiously optimistic for Dougie. Because okay, he would still be a slave, but at least he would be a cherished slave. This is the compromise I am making with my conscience (and probably one Dougie will make as well), but just when I was picking my way through the ethical minefield where there is such a thing as "okay" slavery, Nikolai changed the game again.

I think I have Stockholm Syndrome. I really want to believe that Nikolai is the safest and best option for Dougie. And I want Dougie to feel safe!

And Mat? Shit, at this point I can't even imagine that Mat's going to get anything like a happy ending.
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721 reviews55 followers
June 29, 2017
5 tortured stars!
What horrible, horrible choices would you be able to make to stay together with your beloved brother??? Even in a place that resembles a torture chamber more than anything else?
Who's more sorry now? Mat? Or Dougie...? :(
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Author 87 books861 followers
March 25, 2013
Flesh Cartel #2 Review - 4.9 stars.

I liked this installment better than the first, although it was equally harsh, just not as nauseating, again with that cleaning scene from #1! Here we have Dougie and Mat again being put through the ringer, their stay in the slave holding-cells wearing both of them down as they are constantly abused by the guards as well as fretting over what is happening to each other. Then one day they are taken to be prepared for the auction - primped and prettied up for Dougie, while roughed up for Mat, both of them being marketed in a different manner, one the prize of the auction, the other the thug thrown in to be sold with his brother, an after thought that wasn't meant to be brought along. But little does the auctioneer, the nasty Madame, know that Nikolai, one of her high-paying clients, is actually after the less marketable Mat, because he wants someone who isn't easy to break, someone who has fire and is willing to fight to the end.

Like I said in the review of the first installment, these stories are not for everyone, and you shouldn't go into them thinking you'll get a romanticised version of Captive in the Dark. But if you can handle it, and gloss over areas that you may find too difficult to read, it is much better writing, with a fast-paced story-line that is pretty dramatic and all encompassing.

I am now wanting to read the third installment, curious as to what Nikolai will do in his training process, as well as seeing how Mat deals with the situation, because he is such an explosive character.

WARNING: Not for anyone under 18.

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420 reviews205 followers
November 17, 2012
This book moves the main characters into their cells, the cleaning and prep process, and then finally the auction. Can't say I loved it or even liked it. I didn't feel ripped apart or saddened by the injustices done to these characters, and I definitely should have been. Again I don't think the character development helped me grow attached to Dougie and Mat.

Like my problem with these books is it's all cliches. It's foreign bad guys with maniacal laughing madames who of course are beautiful. The doctors are all prim, proper, and clinical. The body guards are all big massive rapists brutes. The younger brother is demure and beautiful. The older one is brash and harsh.

Maybe I watch too much of the ID channel, have been watching horror films since I was little, and have always read a ton of horror and suspense novels. That being said, because of this, none of what happened felt like a fresh take on what this could have been.
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1,681 reviews596 followers
Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
October 17, 2013

I can't rate this book because I know I would enjoy it but I got to one point in the book and I just couldn't go farther with it.

So what did I do? I read the reviews of all the other books so I would know what happened.

I'm so ashamed at myself *hanging head low*

I don't know if it was the abuse of M/M or what? I can deal with abuse in a book and I can deal with M/M - but the two combined?? I don't know - it's not like my stomach was queasy or I would flinch while reading....

I'm stumped - cause I know this is great series - just not for me.
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208 reviews2 followers
Want to read
March 12, 2016

I tried. I honestly did. But real pain is not my thing. Torture is not my thing. Cruelty is not my thing. And while I am intrigued by the mystery of it, or at least the mystery of how they will get out, it's just too much.

I could see Nikolai tempting me back in if I was drunk enough, but for now I'm too sober.
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1,005 reviews801 followers
May 4, 2014
All I can say is...

I think I hate you Dougie...
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1,402 reviews254 followers
November 5, 2012
This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Auction, episode two of The Flesh Cartel and the end of season one, picks up right where episode one, Capture, leaves off. Where Mat and Dougie just finished being processed into the slave facility, they are now being held there. Beaten, raped and tortured, both Mat and Dougie are struggling with their new lives with nothing to wear and nothing to sleep on and the constant threat of more abuse. While Mat is still a fighter, he’s losing the strength and energy to fight but every time something happens to Dougie, he gains back that heated anguish and rage he possesses at what’s happening to them. In turn, Dougie is complacent and obedient being a “hole” because he knows it’s less painful to accept things. While Dougie is ashamed of not being brave enough to stick up for his brother, Mat is ashamed and humiliated into giving in to his abusers. After undergoing days of beatings and rapes, things change when they are outfitted for the Auction. With the threat of being separated, the Madame gives Dougie the option of being sold together or losing his brother forever. Dougie knows this is his time to save Mat, in the only way he can, even if it means torturing Mat himself to keep them together.

As with the first one, this book is intense, powerful and well-written. Where there were left over questions before, we get some answers this time. We know why the brothers are there and we get a hint into how they were selected to become prime stock for the Madame’s collection. We also get a more inside look into Nikolai, the mysterious man from the first story. This time, we know he’s looking into the brothers and why he wants them, and ultimately buys them. It’s interesting to see the dynamics of the process, how the brothers were brought in, how they’re treated and how they’re eventually manipulated into what the Madame wants them to do so their price becomes higher. Dougie is the pretty twink while Mat is the dangerous thug. They are polar opposites but together they are beautiful and the Madame realizes that and utilizes that to her satisfaction.

I was once again sucked into this world. While in Capture the violence was often experienced second-hand by Mat, this one we get the full details of a lot of what happens first-hand. We experience, in those moments, what the brothers are thinking and how they’re coping and when they break. Granted, there are some scenes that are experienced second-hand still but it’s no less powerful because, while one brother is being tortured or raped, the other brother has to physically see it so it’s just as intense. The first half of the book takes place over a few days and focuses being held in their cells. The second half went by very quickly because there’s anticipation and anxiety of what will come next. I knew something far beyond just the cruelty would occur and I was right but waiting for that to happen was torture in itself. It left me hanging on the edge of my seat, wondering if there would be a little happiness at some point and for one sweet moment there is… and then it becomes extreme and brutal and almost made me want to cry because of who does it and how it’s played out.

It’s a gripping tale that doesn’t let up, you’re thrust right back in to the cruel and harsh world Mat and Dougie were forced into. They’re still treated like dogs, humiliated and inserted with different types of objects but now they’re also treated like real slaves, at the mercy of anyone that wants them. Mat gets more abuse than Dougie but only because Dougie has been granted some protection to keep his price up. Everything these boys go through is heartbreaking but my sympathy will always go to Mat first because he’s so strong but reduced to such a lowly thing whereas Dougie can easily adapt to being a slave, it’s harder for Mat because of who is.

This was a captivating and fascinating story, one I couldn’t put down once I started. It leaves off right after Dougie had to make his sacrifice, so to speak, but that’s to be expected. Everything felt charged and heated. My heart clenched all over again for these boys but as with the first episode, I’m still left with a lot of questions about why they were selected and what will happen next. I’ll be eagerly looking forward to the next one but the wait might possibly kill me! For those that liked episode one, you’ll definitely like episode two. It’s just as dark, gritty and harsh as the first.
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6,619 reviews1,258 followers
November 6, 2012
Torture, beatings, double penetration, humiliation and sexual exhibitions, what more can we have in this book? Ah yes, rape and more double penetration. WOOT! The second in this serial is a tasty fast read. Want a quick fix in non con slavery? This is the book for you.

In the dynamic duo's second installment, the auction preparation is taking place. The continued beat downs and breaking of the brothers were highlighted before the auction. Nothing too graphic, but enough to get the idea. It's not pretty. The prep on the day of the auction was pretty standard slavery clean up. A little hint was dropped in a scene with cages. I'm eager to see if it is what I think it will be further down the line. As in, how these people were picked for slavery.

It's nice to see Mat and Dougie still keeping their personalities. I'm a bit surprised how Dougie can still reason between the freezing cold, lack of food and dehydration. For me, Dougie is an albatross around Mat's neck. Mat can do more if he wasn't trying to protect his brother.

The scene where Dougie has to perform for the buyers was pretty hot. Yes I'm a sick puppy and I thank Heidi and Rachel for satiating my depraved desires in written word. It was perfect. I loved the scene.

I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment. It should be the training with a mysterious buyer. This book is recommended for m/m BDSM lovers who enjoy non con slavery in a BDSM fantasy delivery.

Reviewed on www.netgalley.com
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450 reviews65 followers
November 2, 2012
Being in the system was never easy. Now that Mat and Dougie are older that should be behind them, right?

Even tho they are grown men the system is still fucking with them. The fact that they have no one has attracted the wrong ppl. Ppl they are trying now to escape but can't.

These brothers are called holes. Holes to be fucked and prodded for never their pleasure. Their hourly torture is hard to stomach but they are strong, or are they?

They both want to protect the other but in the game of slaves no one is safe. And as much as the need for survival surfaces, your will to live wins out and you just open your mouth and take it.

The boys are being trained and will be sold to the highest bidder. They come as a packaged deal but in order to stay together they both have to understand everything they do to each other is for love, the only thing they have control over.

This second installment is gritty and at times painful to read but you have hope in the back of your mind that they will both come through with minimal damage.
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57 reviews
February 22, 2013
Firstly, I have liked these authors others works, but this was a waste of money. After reading the 1st "episode" and being disappointed I thought perhaps I'm judging too quickly so 2.99 later for what is literally 2 chapters maybe 3 in a normal Ebook and I am disappointed again. I have no problem with beyond the pale but this series is flat. There is no personality, no back story, no character development. You are now on book 2 and still don't get the relationship between the brothers, you don't know who they are or how they would normally react. This book isn't sexy, isn't fun, isn't titalating, it's really not much more than 2 1/2 chapters of text, not even decent smut. You know the exact same amount about the brothers as you did in book one which is nothing. I thought with the warning from others and the titles being pulled from retailers I was getting something more. It unfortunately all I got is being $6 lighter and disappointed. I won't be returning for the rest of the series.
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2,038 reviews457 followers
November 5, 2012
A stunning next chapter in the continuing saga of Mat and Dougie. This one is all about the auction of the men. As each is prepared differently for the auction you get a tantalizing taste of one of the bidders. I am still very much invested in Mat because of his strength. It is much more interesting to me to see how far someone can be pushed - although Dougie is coming up fast and I think there is more steel in him than we realize. Everything I said in my original review of Chapter 1 holds - cannot wait to see what happens next!
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1,776 reviews109 followers
November 11, 2012
A heartbreaking, intriguing read that left me stunned and curious.

As the blurb stated, in this episode we get to discover the reason behind Mat and Dougie's capture. And I have to tell you this one was as brutal as the first one. At least I already knew what to expect and prepared myself mentally for the onslaught. I'm glad I did, because this book goes places that I never could have imagined.

We start right when we left off in Episode 1. Dougie and Mat are brought to their 'rooms' and it begins. The torture, the humiliation, the emotional abuse. It's horrible and degrading and exciting and completely engrossing. From the start, you are placed in a state of utter expectancy. What more can they do to them? How much can they take before they finally crumble? Are they better of dead?

These were some of the questions I asked myself as I progressed in my reading. With every strike and every sexual assault I fell deeper into the story. I was there. I was suffering right along with them. I wanted to hit the guards. I wanted to kick the ever loving shit of the Madame. Poison her with chocolate. Anything at all, to save these two from her grasp. I was beside myself with anger, grief and every other emotion in between. Why do I read this? Why put myself through this emotional overhaul? The answer is simple enough. I NEED to be there, I NEED to know how my guys are doing. I have to see if there is anything worth looking forward to. It is distressing, to say the least, but the payback is in seeing that their will to survive is still intact. That they have not given up. That although they may have chipped in places, they have not been broken.

The abuse these two endured was excruciating. Mat really took the brunt of the abuse in this book, but he did it beautifully. I admired his strength and his devotion. He would do anything for his brother, even if it breaks him. I felt Mat's protectiveness, his loyalty to his brother and his reluctance to give up the fight. In the same manner, I felt Dougie's heartache at being the source of Mat's pain, his hope that he could keep them together and his sorrow at knowing that Mat's fate depended on his decisions. That no matter what he did his brother was going to be hurt and their fate was going to be all kinds of fucked up. While Mat received most of the physical and sexual abuse it was Dougie who my heart went out to most. His abuse was mainly mental and I wanted to shelter him and keep him from having to make those decisions. And Mat, well, I just wanted to get him out of there, feed and pamper him into recovery and then unleash him on EVERY SINGLE one of the guards.

As the title states, there is an auction where Mat and Dougie are the main attraction. Actually, Dougie is the star and Mat's the extra. This is the scene that broke me. Yes, I cried, yelled and went on a murderous rant throughout the book, but this scene right here was where I sobbed. Wretched, out of control sobbing. That's what it came down to at this point. And then I turned the page and all I thought was "Oh shit!"

I said it before and I will say it again. These authors are awesome! They grabbed me, took me into that dreadful compound where Dougie and Mat were being held and brought out every type of emotion known to me while making me a bawling mess. And like the last time, they left me wanting more.

January 7th can't come soon enough.
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October 18, 2014
***If you haven't read the first episode, see my review for The Flesh Cartel #1: Capture. These mini-episodes should be read in order.***

The Flesh Cartel: an international, multi-billion-dollar black market that trades in lost souls. Or more specifically, their bodies.

This story is darker than dark. It’s disturbing, terrifying, and the things that happen to Dougie and Mat are completely inhumane. This story hurt me on a very deep and painful level. I didn’t think it could get any worse than the first episode. I was completely wrong. These short stories have pushed me beyond my boundaries. And I have pretty big boundaries these days.

Mat and Dougie have been raped, mentally and physically abused, poked and prodded, and now they’ve been put in a cell. The abuse does not end there. They are continuously violated over and over without any knowledge as to why this is happening to them. But as the story continues they finally find out why they’ve been put through hell.

These boys are being trained to be sold to the highest bidder at a sex slave auction, where Dougie and Mat come as a package deal. Dougie is the pretty boy submissive. Mat is the roughed up fighter.

Anger is an understatement of how I feel. It’s unbelievable that anyone could take two people's lives and turn them into sex slaves with no remorse. It was even harder to read this time because we really get to know Mat and Dougie on a deeper level. Their fierce love and loyalty is heartbreaking. The only control they have left is their determination to stay together.

I admit to wanting to yell at Dougie for submitting so easily. But that’s his personality. He’s the perfect submissive and will do anything to survive. While Mat, on the other hand, is not a natural submissive. He’s a fighter. And most likely dominate with his partners. Therefore, submitting for him was hard. But if it wasn’t for Dougie, I truly believe he would be dead by now. His intense love and his need to protect his brother keeps him from fighting back, and making bad decisions that could get them both killed.

There is nothing happy about this story. But I’m emotionally involved with the characters. My desire to see Dougie and Mat get their revenge, and to come out of this situation on top, is what keeps me going. I have so much HOPE things will get better for these two. And the one thing I keep thinking: at least they will be together while experiencing this nightmare.

It takes guts to write such an explicit, daring, painful story. I absolutely admire the authors for not pulling their punches. The writing is compelling and gripping. And no matter how excruciating it is to read, I still want more when it’s over.

Rating: B

-- A Romantic Book Affairs Review
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November 13, 2012
Rating: B+ ... Heat: N/A. To read my review of part one, click here.


This story contains explicit violence, forced incest, and non-consent.


The Flesh Cartel #2: The Auction begins where Capture left off. And, oh, my god, I knew it would get worse, I knew the worst was still to come, but the reality was even harsher than I tried to prepare for. This installment will tear you up inside. Consider yourself forewarned.

As the title implies, in The Auction we witness more of the brutal and unforgiving conditioning and training of Mat and Dougie, as well as the preparation for their sale at auction. And what we witness, it left me speechless. And breathless. And horrified. What Mat and Dougie are put through in this installment is atrocious. Those poor boys. Every turn of the page had me thinking, “Well, it can’t get worse than that.” And then it did. It really did.

Because Mat and Dougie are living a nightmare most couldn’t even imagine. Raped—repeatedly. Beaten—regularly. Tortured and debased—day after day. And yet, somehow, they are still surviving. Their determination, their will, their love for each other, is the true core of this story. I don’t know how the authors continue to emphasize that aspect with everything else that is going on, but they do.

To say that I want to keep reading this series is not quite true. I’m afraid to keep going. I’m apprehensive about where it will take me. What I’ll have to endure. I know it’s going to mess with my head and my heart and my stomach. It’s going to twist my insides. But the author’s have me invested. And, as I said previously, Miz Haimowitz and Miz Belleau have their literary fingers around my neck, forcing me to keep going. I… have to.

I have to see Mat and Dougie get their revenge (particularly with The Madame). I have to know more about Nikolai. Who he is, why he’s doing the things he’s doing, what he’s going to do to the boys next… And I desperately have to know how this is going to end.

The Flesh Cartel is not for the faint of heart. It is depressingly dark and horrifyingly realistic. There is nothing glamorous or romantic about it. You won’t find any starry-eyed heroes or mushy sentiments of love. The Flesh Cartel gives you heroes full of grit and surprisingly unbroken spirits… and the only sentiments you’ll find are humility and fear. And hope.

-- A Romantic Book Affairs Review.

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November 6, 2012
I don't really know what to say that hasn't already been said by the others who, along with me, were eager to read this as soon as possible to see how and where things were going with this story. We now have a bit more of an idea, but the road to get there is not pretty. This segment pulled me in even more so than the first. The writing is fabulous. You feel as though you are right there witnessing everything from the side of the room. It is heartbreaking and mind boggling to think there are people that could possibly treat other people in such fashions. Aside from that, while this segment ended, the story is just beginning, and waiting for the next installment is its own kind of torture.

Also have to say that the issues I had with the POV changes in book one are not present here.
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