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Mexican Everyday

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From the foremost authority on Mexican cooking, a collection of tradition-packed Mexican dishes, easy enough for every day. As much as Rick Bayless loves the bold flavors of Mexican food, he understands that preparing many Mexican specialties requires more time than most of us have for weeknight dinners. Mexican Everyday is written with an understanding of how busy we all are. It is a collection of 90 full-flavored recipes―like Green Chile Chicken Tacos, Shrimp Ceviche Salad, Chipotle Steak with Black Beans―that meet three criteria for “everyday” food: 1) most need less than 30 minutes’ involvement; 2) they have the fresh, delicious taste of simple, authentic preparations; and 3) they are nutritionally balanced, fully rounded meals―no elaborate side dishes required. Filled with recipes featured on Rick’s Public Television series, Mexico―One Plate at a Time , this book provides dishes you can enjoy with family and friends, day in and day out.

336 pages, Hardcover

First published November 7, 2005

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About the author

Rick Bayless

26 books77 followers
Rick Bayless has written six cookbooks, including Mexican Everyday and Fiesta at Rick's. His product line of prepared foods is sold coast to coast. With his wife Deann he owns and operates Chicago’s casual Frontera Grill, named “Outstanding Restaurant” by the James Beard Foundation, and the four-star fine-dining Topolobampo. XOCO, a Leed-certified quick-serve restaurant, opened in 2009. He is the host of the public television series Mexico—One Plate at a Time.

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Profile Image for Joyce.
425 reviews60 followers
August 2, 2015
Very impressed. Rick continues to shine with recipes that always work and are so delicious, you just can't go wrong. His consistency is stellar. And I'm just loving this book with dishes that don't take forever to prepare and with the bonus of being healthier than what we Americans think of as typical Mexican fare.

Winners to date include:

- Slow Cooked Achiote Pork (Cochinita Pibill) made in a crock pot!
- Salad with Garlic Mojo Dressing
- Salmon in Luxurious Green Sesame Pipian
- Reheating Corn Tortillas

When I first started cooking Mexican dishes, I was most definitely intimidated by all the unknown ingredients, not to mention the world of chiles which was overwhelming. Well, Rick walks you through all this uncharted territory with a lightness and clarity that you just know you're in good hands.

It's simply down to earth good Mexican food in a well thought out book of easy to prepare recipes. The recipes are so easy, they can be prepared after a day's work. Now that's impressive.

The Home-Cooked Beans made in a slow cooker are the best I ever made.
Profile Image for Tyler Knowlton.
121 reviews7 followers
March 9, 2011
Usually you get a recipe book and you feel lucky if 1 out of 5 recipes are keepers. Well, I have tried two recipes so far and they have both been perfect. This guy knows how to produce delicious authentic flavors from simple store bought ingredients.

The book itself is really geared for weeknight cooking. You know, 30 minutes to get dinner on the table type of cooking.
Profile Image for Rachel.
2,821 reviews55 followers
June 23, 2011
Another great cookbook by Rick Bayless. I was trying to explain to my mom, who had never heard of him, why I like his cooking. I think his intro pretty much sums it up: "my full-flavored everyday recipes will convince you that simple, fresh, nutritionally balanced food can be compellingly delicious." Also he uses a lot of common sense stuff to make cooking more enjoyable and fun, such as "maximizing the use of kitchen equipment and buying smaller amounts of ingredients." I liked this cookbook because it was more simplified than his newer "Fiesta at Rick's" cookbook, which I loved but was definitely for special occasions only. I also liked all his variations for each dish, i.e. to make it vegetarian or using other meat/fish. He makes ingredients that I've heard of, but never used, such as jicama, poblano chilies, guajillo/ancho powder, sound amazing and I can't wait to try some of the recipes.
50 reviews1 follower
November 23, 2008
I love this cookbook! Everything I've made from it so far has been delicious, and each recipe has options for variations and substitutions. These really are supposed to be everyday meals-- they're pretty simple.
Profile Image for Marian.
312 reviews9 followers
July 27, 2009
excellent especially the adaptations for those who don't live near a good Latin supermarket, poor you!
Profile Image for Amanda B.
767 reviews81 followers
March 4, 2014
I frequently find cooking frustrating because if I mess something up, I get really upset at myself. I have tried four recipes from this cookbook so far and they have all been fantastic--easy and clear directions that produce excellent food. It is obvious the recipes were tested with lots of love and care. I am definitely inspired to try more recipes from this book, as well as venture a little out of my comfort zone in the future based on good results so far. Bonus: the recipes tend to be on the healthier side, and there are lots of good slow-cooker recipes in here.
Profile Image for Cissa.
608 reviews12 followers
June 5, 2017
My husband and I decided to focus on Mexican cooking this month, instead of trying to cook ALL the cuisines. And thanks to this cookbook, we started off with a bang!

The Mexican red rice is SO easy and straightforward, and makes lots- enough for several tasty meals. We used brown rice instead of white, and corrected for cooking times and increased liquids, and it turned out perfectly.

The roasted fresh chili salsa is delicious, but very, very hot, using the peppers we had! (a mix of jalapenos and Fresno red chilis) next time I'll make it with all jalapenos.

And these went with Grilled Chicken Legs with Tangy Yucatan Spices and Seasonal Veg. We did take some liberties here- we made the marinade and tossed the drumsticks and thighs in it (3 of each), then sealed them and sous-vided them at 165F for 3 hours before grilling. We made the sauce as specified, an added the juices from the sous vide to it. Since it's spring and we could get really great asparagus, we served it with that. Delicious!

Our anniversary is in a couple of days and we'll be making Chipotle Shrimp for that- hopefully, with some scallops thrown into the mix!

Very recommended! I look forward to trying yet more recipes from this cookbook!
Profile Image for Heather.
583 reviews8 followers
December 27, 2020

This isn't a new cookbook but my library electronic book catalog suggested it to me so I decided to give it a try.

If I had to pick one cuisine to eat exclusively for the rest of time, I probably pick Mexican. Beans, rice, corn, tomatoes, cheeses, tortillas - I love it.

This book isn't very vegetarian friendly though. There is some discussion in the beginning of the book about how to make beans that could be useful but overall this is a meat lovers' book.

I did find one recipe that I wanted to make. It is the Mushroom and Potato Crema Soup with Roasted Poblanos.

This soup uses blended potatoes, garlic, and broth to make a creamy base. Then you simmer a chopped roasted poblano, corn, and chopped mushrooms in it. You finish it off with a little (non-dairy) yogurt mixed in before serving.

I'm a wimp about chilies. I can't even handle jalapenoes. But I decided to go for it and roast a poblano to use in this recipe.

This soup is a keeper. I love the technique of blending the potatoes first to make it creamy. The poblano adds just a little spice. This is going to be my go to mushroom soup from now on. I’m committing this recipe to memory so I can whip it up whenever a mushroom soup craving hits.

Other than this recipe, I'm not super impressed with the rest of the book. There may be some excellent meat recipes but not much for vegetarians. I'd recommend getting this one from the library before buying.
This review was originally posted on Based On A True Story

Profile Image for Rita Ciresi.
Author 15 books57 followers
March 12, 2018
This cookbook is a winner. Chef Bayless and his wife Deann Groen Bayless present easy to follow and deliciously spicy recipes. At the end of each recipe, there are riffs on the tradition or suggestions on what to use if you don't have a particular ingredient on hand. Many of the dishes can be prepared in the slow cooker.
Profile Image for Ellen.
33 reviews
April 19, 2020
Rick Bayless PBS show drew me to this cookbook and my interest in Mexican food after living in Arizona and traveling frequently to Mexico. The recipes are easy to follow and I like how he provides shortcuts and riffs for each recipe, allowing you to convert to a vegetarian version if desired.
Profile Image for Autumn.
307 reviews8 followers
September 18, 2020
I was looking for a basic cookbook. Bayless's book features a lot of products that are NOT available in my area (Canada).

Great photos and I would attempt the recipe(s) if I could locate the ingredients.
Profile Image for Brian.
66 reviews1 follower
April 15, 2023
I love how well he explains the recipes, including different additions or variations for each one.
Profile Image for Mardel Fehrenbach.
332 reviews7 followers
June 29, 2010
Before I can review this book I have to admit that I am a big fan of Diana Kennedy. I have all her books. I have cooked extensively from all of them, and although I am not a purist and do not always cook everything the classic traditional way she describes, I can do so when I am in the mood to put in the time. I also have several of Rick Bayless's other books, which I have also used, and I am a fan of his restaurants, where I have eaten several times. And being a bit of a Diana Kennedy and mexican food snob, I'll admit that when I received this book, I was not particularly impressed. Mexican Everyday takes quite a few liberties with traditional Mexican techniques and flavors. But I didn't really give the book a chance.

To my mind this is not Bayless's best book, but it may be his most accessible, at least of the books I have read. And I do find the book inspiring. Reading this book filled with me with all kinds of ideas for making things I would not have made had I not read the book, and although I don't find all his techniques for simplifying things agree with me, or there are some things I do differently, I have to admit that I will use this book again. So far there are many recipes that I have been inspired to make, and many that I will make again and again, using my own techniques and changing them, often a good bit. So far there is only one recipe that I have liked pretty much as it is written, a recipe for slow-braised lamb Jalisco-style. I am not saying the recipes are bad; they aren't. I am not saying they don't work; they work beautifully. I am merely saying that that the actual execution does not really resonate with me although many of the ideas do.

So in the end, I think I rate this book pretty highly, even if I change most of the recipes. It seems pretty evident that I am more interested in ideas and inspiration than I am in a formula that I must follow exactly.
Profile Image for Miranda Lynn.
789 reviews96 followers
June 20, 2014
I have a weird reaction to Bayless’ cookbooks. They’re so cool, but I still have yet to make a single recipe from either of the two that I’ve read. I think it’s because I find the recipes more interesting and kind of educational rather than something I’d actually make — whether it be because of weird ingredients I wouldn’t know where to buy or because the difficulty level is rather high.

I love Mexican food, especially authentic Mexican food, but I’m not sure that I’m all that enticed to actually make some for myself. Isn’t it just so much better from an authentic Mexican restaurant? Where I don’t have to do any of the work? Thank God I’m lucky enough to have quite a few here in Rhode Island.

So I’m not really sure what to make of this cookbook. I really liked it…but I don’t think I’ll ever make any of the recipes. I guess I just don’t feel all that passionate about learning how to cook Mexican food — I’m more of an Asian & Italian girl. But I’d still highly recommend it to people who are interested in Mexican cuisine, learning more about the food, and who actually want to legitimately make authentic Mexican cuisine in their homes.
Profile Image for Heather Gibbons.
Author 2 books16 followers
February 10, 2009
This is my current favorite. So far, every recipe has been good, and relatively uncomplicated. Loved the smoky Quick Cowboy Beans, the Jalapeno-Baked Fish with Roasted Tomatoes and Potatoes, and the Chipotle Shrimp, though I will have to tone down the heat next time-- I like spicy, but these are _really_ spicy dishes.

Though the yoga tangent in the introduction is kinda wacky (and I say this as a "yoga person," even), I like his ideas on time-saving, streamlining tips for roasting and braising, among other things, and I like the section on "Pantry Basics for Mexican Cooking," especially its photographs and descriptions of various chilies (in both their fresh and their dried states). Fun!
Profile Image for Kirs.
8 reviews21 followers
May 20, 2011
A perfect introduction to beginning Mexican cooking. Very few recipes require technique that your basic home cook doesn't already have which allows you to 1) cook the recipes successfully; and 2) learn about the flavors of real Mexican food.

Bayless provides clear, concise instructions and gives you "riffs" to play with- encouraging you to experiment and not be so rigid and stuck to the recipe. I love that even though the recipes and techniques are simple Bayless doesn't just assume you're an idiot. He gives thoughtful advice and tasty recipes to play with. A fun cookbook to make your way through.
Profile Image for Tina.
261 reviews48 followers
August 9, 2015
I was looking for a mole recipe when I initially purchased this cookbook. Shame on me for not realizing what a gem I had & letting the book collect dust for five years. I had a renewed interest when I heard Rick Bayless on a podcast. He was describing easy marinades coming from this very cookbook. I focused on one recipe & assumed the rest were guilty pleasures. Rick Bayless' goal was to find balance. While the recipes do not include nutritional values, they are modified from heavy traditional Mexican dishes. The salad dressings & salad guides were my reason for calling the book a gem. Planning & judgment are required if you want to eat the entrees and desserts everyday.
Profile Image for John Lauber.
12 reviews15 followers
September 13, 2011
I can't remember the last time a cookbook, by a renowned, restaurant chef, has actually recommended using the microwave. It just endears Rick Bayless more, as one of my cooking heroes. These aren't long, drawn out mole recipes, but easy, every day recipes that you can tweak easily. Some are great in the crock pot but there are great, quick meals besides the same old tacos or fajita meals. He's very thorough about adapting and understands the every day family's need to get something on the table, with a Mexican twist. I will certainly use this a reference, often.
Profile Image for Deb.
1,226 reviews55 followers
July 23, 2012
Slowly working my way through Rick Bayless' my cookbook through I Heart Cooking Clubs and reviewing them. So far I have to confess that this book is my favorite based on the easy-to-make and really delicious recipes in it. I have loved everything I have made so far--the Seared Rare Ahi Salad w/ Chayote Slaw, the Roasted Garlic and Green Chile Dressing, Lime-Cilantro Dressing, Mexican Beans w/ (SoyRizo) Chorizo & Greens, Zucchini-Mushroom Tacos with (SoyRizo) Chorizo, and the Creamy Corn Soup with Vegetables and Poblano Chile.
180 reviews1 follower
June 3, 2012
This book is fantastic. There are probably a dozen recipes I've made multiple times, including several that are central to my repertoire (salmon in green pipian; slow-cooked chicken & tomatillo stew; tortilla soup, and others--I love them all!)

For the most part, the recipes don't call for particularly obscure ingredients, although some of the peppers can be hard to find (but a. worth finding, and b. usually amenable to substitution). But perhaps even better, most of these recipes are very straightforward, with a fantastic ratio of effort to payoff.
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