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Hex Hall #4

School Spirits

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Fifteen-year-old Izzy Brannick was trained to fight monsters. For centuries, her family has hunted magical creatures. But when Izzy’s older sister vanishes without a trace while on a job, Izzy's mom decides they need to take a break.

Izzy and her mom move to a new town, but they soon discover it’s not as normal as it appears. A series of hauntings has been plaguing the local high school, and Izzy is determined to prove her worth and investigate. But assuming the guise of an average teenager is easier said than done. For a tough girl who's always been on her own, it’s strange to suddenly make friends and maybe even have a crush.

Can Izzy trust her new friends to help find the secret behind the hauntings before more people get hurt?

Rachel Hawkins' delightful spin-off brings the same wit and charm as the New York Times best-selling Hex Hall series. Get ready for more magic, mystery and romance!

297 pages, Hardcover

First published May 14, 2013

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Rachel Hawkins

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785 reviews1,343 followers
December 11, 2018
I'm actually very disappointed.

Years ago when I finished the Hex Hall series I was excited for this one but never read it. So, after the Hex Hall re-reading, I just had I decided to tackle down this one as well. Bad decision.

The thing is if there was a time between reading the Hex Hall and this one I think the disappointment would be smaller. The thing that is missing the most is Sophie's humour. Izzy is dull in comparison with Sophie, and I realised that Sophie's smart comments (and Archer's as well) are actually a very important part why I loved the Hex Hall series so much. With them missing, the book is just sad.

I also always thought that Izzy would go to the Hex Hall, not just some sort of random high school. I do not know how I feel about that. And where I liked Izzy in the Hex Hall she was getting on my nerves here.

Also, nothing was solved in this book. Only pointless plot/drama that was introduced but would have no value in the long run.

And I feel cheated because there was so much potential far fabulous plot. Just more of Torin (because we all waited for that anyway, right?) and if you're going to start the book with Finn missing, then I expect the book to actually be about Izzy trying to find her sister. Not her living the life as a normal teenager.

I don't care for Romy or Anderson. Adam was really stupidly written character. I like Dex, but that's it. I could go with this book without them.

And I'm gutted that Sophie and Archer did not appear. They were only mentioned like twice.

I was going to rate this one three stars (weak ones but still three). But then I did a bit of digging. This was published almost six years ago, and it's clearly unfinished. Then in some comments, I read that the author changed publisher and she won't be finishing this one. Really angry and I even feel generous for giving this book two stars. Because yeah, it was okay, easy to read but it was wasted book. I want to know what is the deal with Torin instead I got some fictional soap opera Ivy Springs Izzy talks about all the time!

This is just filled with an unnecessary plot, but the thing that kills me is that we won't get another book that would solve the unanswered questions. If the author did not waste this book on teen high school drama, it could have been amazing. Right now I'm disappointed, angry and where I was really excited that I loved the re-read of the Hex Hall I'm left sad.

Personally, I find unfinished series very unprofessional, and it reflects really bad on the author. I won't trust said author ever again. I will not start any of their series unless they finish it. Because "trust issues".

As always I wanted to include some quotes, but where I had trouble to choose some for Hex Hall because there were so many great ones, here, I found none.
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360 reviews816 followers
Want to read
December 1, 2012
After reading the blurb: <3

And OMG. The cover. O_O

Give me the book now. :(
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1,573 reviews33.9k followers
April 16, 2013
3.5 stars Confession time: as someone who is still suffering from Archer withdrawals a big fan of the first two Hex Hall books, I was a little nervous about the prospect of a spinoff series. I'm happy to report that School Spirits finds the author back in fine form, this time with a character that was introduced in Spell Bound.

Remember the girl who talked to the Torin, the guy stuck in the mirror? Izzy Brannick is now fifteen, and her family has a long history as hunters of supernatural creatures. After she and her mom move to a new town in Mississippi, she starts to investigate mysterious hauntings at her high school under the guise of membership in the PMS (hah!) or Paranormal Management Society. The problem is, this case is more complicated than it initially appears--and it doesn't help matters that Izzy has no idea how she's supposed to fit in and be a "normal" teenager.

Written with the author's signature bouncy prose and effervescent humor, School Spirits is presented with more of a traditional mystery framework than the Hex Hall series, which really helps with driving the story forward and keeping the plotting clean. Izzy's Nancy Drew shenanigans are well-balanced with her family life, her relationships with her new friend Romy, and her relationship with her mom. I also liked Dex, a highly amusing fellow who charms Izzy with his witty quips and flamboyant personality. He makes for a rather unconventional love interest, and it's going to be interesting to see where that story arc goes next with the various complications thrown in their way.

You will have to suspend a certain amount of disbelief with how things end with the two of them, by the way; and after setting up such a good pace for the story, the ending also felt a bit rushed to me. But this series is definitely off to a fun start, and Izzy is a heroine who's easy to root for. Will she find out what happened to her sister Finley? What's really going on with Torin? I MUST KNOW. It's vexing to have to wait a year or more to find out these answers, but with such a cheerfully brisk narrative and colorful array of characters, you can be sure I'll be among the first in line for the next installment in this series.

This review also appears in The Midnight Garden.
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1,030 reviews1,045 followers
October 9, 2015

3.5 stars

The story about Prodigium and Brannicks from the enjoyable Hex Hall series continues in this book but this time, Isolde or “Izzy”, Sophie’s (the famous Sophie of Hex Hall series) cousin becomes the heroine.

Izzy is a trained assassin of dangerous otherworldly creatures and was born to do nothing but rid the world of evil. Nothing seems to scare her except uhm, high school. Can’t blame the poor girl. Lol. Unluckily, Izzy has to immerse herself in Mary Evans High School or MEH (lol!) for a secret mission to investigate and eventually terminate the spirit haunting the said school. The premise kind of reminds me of the movie Barely Lethal which I really enjoyed. Hailee Steinfeld is also becoming a favorite. Every time I read about a fun, kick-ass, young heroine with long hair, she’s the girl that pops up in mind.

There really isn’t much action in the plot because the story focused more on the development of the main character, her experience of a regular high school, meeting friends (and potential boyfriend) and her unique relationship with her mom.

Unlike in the Hex Hall series, I wasn’t blown away by the characters in this story especially by the heroine. Izzy is a wonderful character but I think Sophie’s strong and hilarious personality is quite hard to equal and of course, she’s my yardstick for a Rachel Hawkins heroine. Still, this is a fast-paced, fun and entertaining read. The author has special talent in making her writing really charismatic to read.

This is best when you’re looking for something you might want to read in between intense books you’re reading.

Thanks to my big sis, Ate Rachel, for recommending the book to me. Check out her review.
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345 reviews61 followers
January 27, 2014
Despite my disappointment with the last Hex Hall book, Spell Bound, that series still belongs to one of my absolute favorites. Why? Well, I can only name a handful of books that have made me feel fluffy and warm inside, and at the same time make me guffaw in laughter while being on the edge of my seat.

Rachel Hawkins' writing and characters has never failed to bring a smile in my face and I absolutely love it. And thus, despite previous disappointments, I was really looking forward for this spin-off.

And I must say it delivered!

We were introduced to Isolde "Izzy" Brannick first in Spell Bound. You know, the girl talking to the mirror? Yep, that's our girl in this book. As a Brannick, Izzy's job is hunting Prodigium. And this time, she's tasked to hunt a ghost haunting (Hee, did you see what I did there? ;) ) Mary Evans High School in Ideal, Mississippi. She and her mom moves to town for that particular job, and she finds herself attending a normal high school (or school, in general) for the very first time.

Well, isn't that a fun read already? Hunting haunting angry ghosts (Ooopppss, sorry guys, I can't help myself! LOL) and having a shot at a normal teenage life in high school? But, you know Rachel Hawkins, she just have to add these totally diverse characters(with their own different stories) too that are just a delight to read about!

Although I kinda miss Sophie's hilarious voice, Izzy is a nice change. She's this girl that can totally beat you up and kick your butt, yet at the same time, still knows so little about the real world. With this combination, it's kinda hard not to root for her. She's strong, smart, funny, and so adorable at her innocence I just wanna pinch her cheeks like when a little toddler says something so absurd yet so cute. Hahahaha!

Dex. If Izzy is adorable, this boy is in another level of adorableness. Lol! He is Izzy's main love interest here and I must say he makes a totally unconventional one. Heck, he is an asthmatic flamboyant boy who wears 'cravats'! So far from the confident, arrogant, bad boys that we were so used to. But never get me wrong, I love that he is this breathe of fresh air. He seriously charmed his way into Izzy's (and mines's) heart with his uniqueness and quirkiness!

My heart is melting in a heap of goo on the floor in the cuteness of this two! Their amusing banter and flirting is one of my fave parts in the whole book!

Another favorite of mine is Torin, the guy stuck in the mirror. He reminds me of Vic from the Mythos Academy, only less violent. And more of an actual person. With a full face. And body. LOL. He brings another amusing voice in the story that I can't help but look forward to. Izzy's other friends, Romy and Anderson, from PMS(Paranormal Management Society) were also likeable characters.

And for some weird reason, I actually liked the ending. I don't know why, but I kinda feel that it's just right. I think it would be a great foundation for future complications. LOL I know something is wrong with me. XD

To wrap it up, this was a nice spin-off to a series that was well loved. Some of elements that we liked about Hex Hall is present, yet they were still some original to its own. Looking forward to how all the loose ends would be resolved in the next books in the series! :)


Updated 12-02-12

And it's Izzy's! And that cover! I mean, how is it possible to look so bad ass with a piece of wood?


Wait...what? A spin-off? Whose story will this be? *thinks of ALL THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!!*

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369 reviews977 followers
February 28, 2019
So, Izzy and Dex are pretty meh. They're nowhere near the epicness that is Sophie and Archer! <3

UPDATE from Rachel Hawkins:

"So lately I have gotten a LOT of questions about School Spirits, and on the one hand, YAY!! Y’all like Izzy and Dex and their compatriots! But on the other, OOOOUUUUCCCCH, because I’m never going to have a happy answer on that front. With that in mind, I’ve FINALLY attended to my FAQ with…one question.

Sadly, no. I’m not necessarily done with Izzy, Dex, and Co., but if I DO do more, it will be either on something like Wattpad or as an e-book. There may be more STORIES, but no more books. The reasons for this are boring and business-y, and trust me, I hate it, too.

And now that it’s been answered permanently on Tumblr, I won’t be answering any more asks on those books in the future. I hope you all understand! Onwards and upwards and such! :)"
February 26, 2018
Hiii remember this series?? I'm pretty sure here are other Hex Hall fans... There is the Hex Hall trilogy and this is the first book of the spin-off series but what the fuck happened!!!!??? This book was fabulous so why hasn't it been continued? And the author is nowhere active on social media but she has other series she's writing. Won't she ever come back to this please does anybody know!???? After 5 years it's still driving me fucking crazy !!!!! UGH WHY ON EARTH WOULDN'T YOU THESE BOOKS ARE MEGA POPULAR AND FABULOUS
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253 reviews107 followers
May 23, 2013
Actual rating: 2.5 stars

Because of my love for Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall series, I dived into this book fully expecting to be blown away. But it didn't happen. School Spirits is extremely different from Hex Hall. While HH was a book that made me crack up constantly, SS was a book a lot more serious. Even though it does contain some jokes in the book, they all failed on me. The jokes felt forced, and it felt like the author was trying too hard to make you laugh, but failed.

I'm going to divide this review into 3 parts.

Things I liked:

- Torin. He's pretty much the only character I liked in this book. I'm rooting for him.

- A particular scene where Izzy finally showed me her tough side.

Things I'm okay with:

- Izzy. She's so freaking serious all the time. I really didn't like how she's so not fun like Sophie was. Maybe I wouldn't have thought she was boring if it weren't because I read Hex Hall before this, but , hey, it's hard to find someone who makes me laugh like Sophie does.

- Dex. He's just basically your average nice boy with a sense of humor. (even though his jokes were never funny) No depth.

- Anderson. I thought this dude was okay. He's not an important character in any way, just a character created to be Romy's love interest.

Things I didn't like:

- Romy. She's so freaking ANNOYING! I really really disliked her. She's so not fun. Ugh.

- The opening chapters were really really dull. It just follows Izzy's new life and explains how she's in agony her sister is gone...etc.

- The ending. Okay...what the hell was that fucking ending? It's just so...lame. I was expecting something terrifying, and in the end, . I knew was the one who did all this, I saw that coming a mile away. I also didn't like the book ending. WHAT?! I expected better. Way. too. convenient.

- The plot. The "real plot" doesn't happen halfway into the book, and it ended lamely. Most of the book was about Izzy bonding with her "mates" and her love interest and her boring school life. This book was just so...dull.

Overall, this was a HUGE disappointment. Sorry if this review is a bit short, I read it 2 months ago and I already forgot almost everything.
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978 reviews119 followers
May 12, 2016

Why this book?

I liked Rachel Hawkins Hex Hall Trilogy

What I thought

This book leaves you wanting more, there’s so much left unresolved. That being said I really enjoyed this book, the characters were great, I loved Dex. The plot was fun and entertaining. It was interesting seeing Izzy living in the real world. The funniest part was when she figured out that girls go the bathroom together. My ex used to make fun of me for that alot lol. It needed more romance but what we got was sweet. Too bad it looks like there isn’t going to be a sequel because Izzy is a kick ass heroine who journey I would’ve loved to follow. Overall an enjoyable read.
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284 reviews31 followers
May 14, 2014
A 3.5 star rating for sure! It missed that snazz of Sophie's sarcastic humor, but it still had that action and intrigue that I love in Rachel Hawkin's writing style. School Spirits had that touch of silly humor as readers will see right in the beginning in the first chapter.

The story starts after a chapter or so with Izzy taking a turn for new, when she attends high school in order to solve a mystery and take care of it the Brannick way! To intrigue you, the mystery is that a ghost is slowly trying to kill off members of the high school one by one!

Oh noes! Meanwhile, we get to follow her in her awkward journey as she copes with missing out on a normal life. Despite her uniqueness, Izzy doesn't seem to suffer too much with coping as she meets some new and exciting characters like Dex and Romy, and get a little more insight on the mystery that is Torin, our lad in the mirror.

The story was interesting, and well paced. I absolutely loved Dex with his unusual dressing style and form of speech and humor, as well as Torin and his old-fashioned ways and wit. This book did not feel as fast paced as the Hex Hall series, but all in all still an excellent book to pick up. I'm just not sure how to cope with Dex and Izzy's relationship, not to mention that I feel a rising tension with Torin that will soon be unfolded.

Rachel Hawkins has said that she will be working on her new series, Rebel Belle and so the second book to our beloved series will probably not be released till the year after next.

*clears throat* BUT, be sure to show your support and love for the series by picking up a book at your nearest bookstore!
Izzy?! Yes! This is going to be so awesome. I hope the secret shared between her and the magician in the mirror is revealed in this book.
The excitement! THE EXCITEMENT!!

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153 reviews79 followers
July 20, 2015
This book is fabulous! The funny thing is..I thought this was the first book of the Hex Hall series,haha! But when I started flipping through the pages, I suddenly couldn't stop.That's when I thought I'm glad I've mistaken this book to Hex Hall.^^

This is a story of a young monster fighter who has a ghost haunting mission in a high school.And learning to manage high school for the first time, Isolde(Izzy)the main character of the story met a few friends who all happened to be a PMS(Paranormal Management Society)to solve a mystery/horror that's happening in their school(Mary Evans High School).

I loved the characters that were introduced here, including Romy and Anderson whose got a cute romance,while I was a bit disappointed with Dex and Izzy's.But then,there's always a second or third book in a series so I would just wait for the development of their story.The plot was unpredictable but the ending was wrapped up nicely.

I think,the School Spirits series should have been the first books that the author had published as it has a connection to the first book of Hex Hall. Aislinn,Finley and Isolde Brannick were even mentioned in Hex Hall#1. Only,the next books of School Spirits hadn't been released yet,I guess.

So to those of you who have read the Hex Hall series, I must say in my own opinion that is the sequel to the School Spirits series,where all the supernaturals such as vampires,ghosts,witches and warlocks were first introduced. You should read this one too so you may also share what you think of this book.^^

This book is the first novel of Rachel Hawkins that I've read and I have to admit that she is not a doubt a fantastic author of this genre and I'm already a fan of hers(as I'm also a fan of supernaturals/fantasy stories).

Just please Rachel,be quick with the 2nd book of this!^^
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1,045 reviews3,954 followers
May 27, 2013
3.5 stars - I was happy with School Spirits but had to round down because I think book 1 of Hex Hall was just a little bit better.

If you took the offbeat humor from Hex Hall and incorporated elements from Snow White (talking mirror), Vampire Academy (dreamwalking), and Anna Dressed in Blood (ghost hunting), you'll end up with the peculiar formula for School Spirits.
The rest of the day passed uneventfully. I guess after you've beaten someone up with a dodgeball and flirted with a monster, most anything else will seem pretty tame.

How did Rachel Hawkins make me picture a young man wearing a cravat and toting an inhaler as a viable love interest? I love that! Quirky is good. Dex is a great character.

But let's forget about Dex for a moment. Because my heart truly belongs to Torin, the man in the mirror (cue sappy Michael Jackson song). I don't care that he's 400 years old. I get Torin. It will make me sad if he screws people in the end after he gets out (because I predict he will be getting out of his prison at sometime). Much like Vic, the talking sword in Mythos Academy, Torin brings an extra dash of personality to the story. Except I somehow picture Torin as hot, whereas Vic is just a sword with a creepy eye. HEY, at least people in a mirror can actually look like people. That has to make me seem less crazy, right? Right?

What I appreciated the most about School Spirits was that it brought back some of the fun factor that I'd missed since book 1 of Hex Hall. While the former trilogy was solid overall, I felt like the quality had gone slightly downhill toward the end. But the magic is back now, in all its snarky, different glory.
Everyone at the Waffle Hut is shady. That's why they go to the Waffle Hut. To...be shady. And eat waffles. Shadily.

While I think this series could probably be read without having read Hex Hall first, there will be a few family references and terms which aren't fully explained because I think it's assumed you will know what's going on from having read HH beforehand. So it's really your call where you want to go first. I'd say to start with HH if you haven't already, but if you can't, you'll probably be okay.

The writing style of Hawkins is fun, adventurous, snarky, and a little bit fluffy. I'm okay with the steam factor being downplayed because I'll sacrifice some edginess in order to remind myself that I'm actually here for the story. In that department, nothing is lacking. I loved the characters, the new dimension of magic, and the crazy adventures.

So here's my thumbs up. I'm looking forward to book 2!

This book provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All quotes mentioned are from the pre-release copy and may not be present in the final copy.
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984 reviews288 followers
March 28, 2013
I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I rate this book 4.5 stars.

I'd been meaning to read a book by Rachel Hawkins as people have loved her Hex Hall series (still need to read that), and boy, am I glad I did! School Spirits centers on Isolde Brannick, who is one of the few remaining evil hunters in the world. Little does she know that fate will have her going to... high school for the very first time. The job is this-- to rid the school of a menacing ghost that has been terrorizing students and faculty. However, what she doesn't expect is to find friends and a crush... and normal things like basketball games and after school clubs. Can she find a balance between her new life and her old one and take down the ghost without revealing her past?

I really enjoyed this book from cover to cover. Isolde is a terrific and likeable protagonist and we cheer her on as she maneuvers through the tricky world that is high school. At the same time, we get very distinctive other characters like Dexter, the cute but touched by magic boy that she has a crush on, Torin, an evil warlock that lives in their family mirror, and Romy, the quirky best friend. The prose rolls along in a quick and seamless fashion, and I blazed through it in a day.

The only issue I had was the very end-- I still am not sure how I feel about it but it feels a little abrupt and too convenient.

That said, I highly enjoyed this novel and will not only pick up the next installment of this series, but will also start Hex Hall!
May 4, 2013
2.5 stars


I just don't really have a whole lot of feelings about this book, good or bad. It's one of those inoffensive, decently written book with a heroine and antagonists lackluster enough so that I've little about which to complain. Everything is average. The writing is decent. I don't love it. I don't hate it. I can read it all the way through without getting so bored that I switch to another book on my ereader.

School Spirits is a spin-off of Rachel Hawkins' other YA series, Hex Hall. We meet Isolde Brannick and her demon-killing family (calling them Amazons wouldn't be too far off) because for the most part, the males in that family are largely optional and expendable, desired not so much for love, but rather for their superior warrior capabilities contributing to a better gene pool in which to breed kick-ass Brannick female warriors. Rawr!

In the previous series, we first meet the Brannick family when they're trying to kill their cousin, Sophie. There's a little dysfunctional family thing going on there. Isolde, Finn, and their mother live an isolated life in which they're the last of their line, and dedicated to killing demons, witches, and other Prodigium. As such, at the start of this book and throughout much of it, Isolde (izzy) has zero social skills and has never led anything close to a regular life. She does not get along well with her mother, whom she suspects of seeing Izzy as a failure compared to her sister, Finn, and her only friend is Tobin, a wizard who somehow got stuck in a mirror her family has owned for 500 years.

Izzy is on a mission to infiltrate a school and destroy the ghost that killed the science teacher. She meets and befriends the school weirdoes, who are amateurs that have formed a paranormal society. Izzy encounters typical high schooler problems, such as boys, and is completely unprepared to deal with high school life.

This book is like a contemporary awkward teenager surviving high school novel with hints of paranormal. The characters are annoying but nothing overly so, but nobody is so memorable either.

The ending: o____ô. Really? It's not believable in the least, just considering the characters...I can't really see the inimitable and intimidating surviving matriarch of the Brannick family agreeing to that.

I can't really recommend this book because of how forgettable it is for me, personally.
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Author 1 book81 followers
January 2, 2013
YAHOOOOO! thank u,racheal hawkins!!

i felt unsatisfied by just 3 books.

The ideal comparison 4 this series shall b "bloodlines"

the vampire academy spinoff was out just 8 months after original and was almost as good.

it would be very interesting to see what happens in this series!

so again, THANK YOU!

if some fans feel it doesnt live up to original, it is mistake 2 make a spin off BLAH BLAH BLAH

then i just want to tell you-


update..thank u all 4 liking this simple view point of mine. i m sorry this is now irrelevant and d another awesome hex hall style cover is out along with description!!

(if i knew/had time and mood to search an image..i wud use an image of an anry cartoon here..)

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Author 9 books135 followers
January 21, 2023
I went into this one not knowing it was not directly related to Sophie's story (probably the risk I took with getting an audiobook version and not reading through the blurb thoroughly in advance). So it took me a bit to figure out how it all fit together, but even early on I was liking this one better than the third book.

This was an enjoyable YA heavy "sidequest" if you will. It had enough nuance and some twists in there that I was pleasantly surprised. Pretty decent stuff and it entertained me and for this type of book I can ask no more.
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355 reviews622 followers
June 28, 2013
We all must have either heard of or read Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall series. That being said, the main characters Miss Hawkins had created in that series, Sophie, ended up becoming one of my most admired and favorite "bookish" role models/heroines for life. Now, let's go down one, two, or five levels from that awesomeness and we arrive at School Spirits. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy this book but I recommend not going into this book with your 'spirits' set high (haha, you see what I did there?). I was expecting a plot-line that could come close to rivaling the Hex Hall series, and a main character to rival Sophie, but alas, that was not to be. Unfortunately, this will just be categorized as 'good' and will be stuffed with the middle-grade genre because I don't think it can be considered YA.

As I was saying, the plot-line definitely did not rival Hex Hall's. There were some characters tie-in's but that was where it ended. Isolde Brannick, of the monster-slaying kind, and her mother, move to the boring old town of Ideal, Mississippi where there was reported to be sightings of a murderous ghost. Isolde is put on the case to prove herself to her mother. She goes into high school on her covert mission, make friends she never expected to grow close to, meets a boy, and fights off a ghost-lady all the while angsting over her lost sister and bantering with an obnoxious spirit who lives in a mirror. The entire book in three sentences people, need I say more?

Now, the characters, there weren't many I must add. The main character, Isolde, was fairly likable. She was funny in her own way and strong at some points in the book, but she was also very whiny which is a big no-no. She lost her sister and doesn't have the most normal familial life but lighten up, jeez. However, the mother is a B with an itch I have to admit. She lost one of her daughters and she should be making it up to the one she has left with cookies and cream not cold resentment. Torin, the ghost in the mirror who is basically Izzy's Dr.Phil, was my second most favorite character in the book. Two reasons being that he was funny/added comic relief and had more sense than the mother will ever have. We now get to my most favorite character in the book, Dex. This kid and his purple pea-coats, I swear. He's funny, smart, witty, speaks in OLGISH (old-english), strong (when required), fashionable and Izzy totally does not deserve him. Back off Izzy, he's MINE!

So, as you can tell, the books had its strengths and weaknesses. The plot and details need fixing and with a little character growth, I'd say the next book would be a knock-out! So will I be picking up the next one (if there is one)? Yes. Why? Because I still admire and know Miss Hawkins' writing is far better then this. Sophie and Dex did it for you Rachel, Sophie and Dex.
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Author 15 books485 followers
June 12, 2015
Ya gotta be kidding me??? This isn't a series??? Wha??? I need to know more! More story! More Dex! More Torin!!!!
Seriously, this is my fav book of the whole Hex Hall tales XD Always loved the Brannick family, and finally got a story of theirs! Aaaand more of the mysterious Torin!!! XD
Yeah, def need another book, because have to figure out why Torin says that Izzy is the one to release him, what happens to Dex as he lives with a monster-hunting family...
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298 reviews314 followers
September 7, 2013
Also find this review on Don't Stop Readin'

I’d give this 3 stars, because it wasn’t that bad, (but yeah, it was pretty bad) – BUT I had given Spellbound and Demonglass 3 stars and when compared School Spirits to them, it deserves nothing more than 2.

Like I said, this was pretty bad. First of all, Izzy wasn’t even slightly cool. She was a badass, but a boring badass, and what use it that? We all loved Sophie in Hex Hall because she was soooo funny but its like Izzy doesn’t even know what humor means! Her narration was very life-less whereas Sophie’s made us laugh like CRAZY! (I still laugh when I remember some of her dialogues.) Then the other side characters are okay, Dex is crushworthy but Romy and Anderson are those same old characters which now authors know we are bound to like.

Then comes the story.
It was very clear from just a few pages in that this series is a money-making attempt. Without a solid foundation and a really weak plot this book was just slapped together to present Hex Hall fans with something to feast upon.
To be very honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this book as I considered this would be a pass-time book, the same breezy read its predecessor was with awesome characters, fairly interesting plot and of course someone with a sense of humor like Sophie. But School Spirits was extremely disappointing even with such low expectations. The plot was so premature. Like the matter hadn’t been thought for very long and just written out in a haste. The ending took me by surprise, that I’ll admit. I couldn’t figure out that ghostly-business and was very surprised to see who it was and the story behind The Mysterious (yet charming) Dex.

Sometimes it seemed like Rachel Hawkins was trying to pull-off a miniature Bloodlines. Izzy being a pole opposite of Sophie like Sydney – Rose, and then she tuned down the snarky narration like Rose Hathaway was the sarcasm-queen but Sydeny , not so much. Then Dex wears expensive clothes and has green eyes and has awesome one-liners. Remind you of someone, people? Then Iz was also socially incompetent and had romantic doubts just like Sydney. In the end she settled for 'I like you, may even love but lets stay friends for now' crap. (without any reason)

Final thoughts – I may read its sequel IF I get a review from a reliable source that it gets better and funnier ( I miss Jenna, Archer, Sophie etc :\ ) but to people who have very high expectations with this one. Please tone it down a notch or else you’ll be disappointed a LOT. This isn’t even highly recommended. Read it to fill your curiosity.
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May 10, 2013
Fun fun fun! I simply adored Rachel Hawkins series, Hex Hall, and was rather sad when it finally came to an end, but I was happy to learn that we were getting a spin-off. I wasn't ready to let go of this world just yet and I'm happy to say that Hawkins hasn't lost her touch. School Spirits is just as fun and marvelous as I'd hope it would be.

Like all the Brannick women, with their fierce green eyes and blazing red hair, sixteen year old Isolde has all the wonderful traits that comes with hunting down pesky prodigium. Fast reflex, quick healing and in Izzy's cast, she can always sense where a prodigium is and even what kind it is. That little talent usually comes in handy, but not on the night when she let a sniveling Vamp get in her head and get the best of her. A year ago, her sister Finely disappeared during a easy routine job in New Orleans that involved a coven of dark witches selling spells to humans. It should have been a fast job. In and out, no big deal, but Finley never came back. Which brings us to Ideal Mississippi. Aislinn felt like her daughter, Izzy could use a little distraction, get her confidence back on track and what better then a no-brainier ghost hunting job over at Mary Even High. Only Izzy would have to actually attend a real life high school, with real life teenagers. Sure, she's trained to fight powerful dark creatures and monsters, but normalcy? What's that?

School Spirits turned out to be such a pleasant surprise. True, I was a little worried that I wasn't gonna enjoy it as much as I did with Hex Hall. I have this nasty habit with judging and comparing series with spin-offs, but I wasn't even done the first chapter before I found myself sinking with ease. The world, the writing, the humor and wit, it all felt so familiar. I've always been such a fan of Hawkins imagination and love that she gave us another exciting story that's set in the same world, but with new sparkly characters for us to get to know and fall in love with. I also found it very clever that Hawkins decided that her protag would go to a normal high school with normal non-magical students compared to Sophie's experience. But still makes sure to include all the magically fun and lovely paranormal goodness we've come to expect in these books.

Izzy Brannick is such a remarkable protag, I love her just as much as I loved her cousin, Sophie Mercer. She has such an easy personality, doesn't take her talents to seriously but still knows what she's capable of. She has one of those big giant genuine hearts where even though she's not exactly in her comfort zone in a-first-time-school, she still knows what's right and wrong (just don't play dodge-ball with her. Trust me). Soon she meets a new group of enthusiastic characters. Romy is a sweet Asian girl who set up a club called the Paranormal Management Society or PMS (hehe). She's all about supernatural weirdness.
Anderson is one of the members, he's a sweet guy and is all about Romy and then we have Dex which I adored! Dexter is your average charmingly adorkable, fashionably eccentric guy who has asthma and lives with his Nana, whom he adores, which in turn, makes me adore him more. He's instantly liked as soon as we meet him. Great personality, sharp zingers and has that fun chemistry that I like in my leading men.
Together this group of friends hit it off beautifully, sharing wonderful banter, sarcasm and wit while trying to solve a ghostly encounter at Mary Evans High. People are already getting hurt and it's up to Izzy and her friends to put this ghost to rest, but ends up having a very unexpected twist.
I liked Izzy's mom, but I thought she was a little to distracted throughout the story, but one very unusual character I really enjoyed was Torin. I liked his wisdom and his advice, but he's also good-humored and even though he's a 400 year old dark wizard trapped in a mirror, he makes me feel like I can trust him. He has an old fashion charm and as this air of mystery surrounding him. I'm dying to know more about his back-story and what Izzy has to do with him come the end.

All in all, I had a lot of fun with this book. It's a delightfully fun and entertaining read fit for fans who are looking for a more lighter paranormal/supernatural escape but still crave some pondering mystery, a bubbling romance, sensational writing and a new cast of colorful and witty characters that will capture your heart from minute one. I'm so excited to have a new series to love from this amazingly talented author and I can't wait to see where Hawkins takes us next!
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Want to read
July 10, 2013
Why OH Why does it have to be MAY Hawkins? I mean REALLY?

Are you trying to give us a Heart Attack!!!!!!!


I absolutely LOVED hex hall and when i saw the spin off, i was like

Photobucket This is going to be AWESOME!!

And than i see MAY 2013....



Publish it NOW!!!!


... Okay, i'm over reacting a little bit...

Photobucket Hawkins....
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1,244 reviews
June 19, 2016
2 stelle e mezzo
Per carità, carino. È un libro adattissimo per staccare dal tran tran quotidiano. Un libro che ti fa compagnia, insomma, che alleggerisce che trasmette allegria, ma dopo 4 libri del genere dall’autrice so già cosa aspettarmi. Anticipo le sue mosse e le azzecco pure, questo non va bene.
Non mi hanno convinto i personaggi, per niente.
Isolde avrà pure avi antichi e super potenti… ma non sono riuscita a farmela piacere.
Dex è il solito bel ragazzo pieno di cose e frasi già viste (un copione imparato a memoria, insomma).
Il caso Finley è portato avanti con troppa semplicità. Io mi aspettavo segreti e magia, mi sono ritrovata a leggere di studenti semi-normali delle superiori, nient’altro…
Unico personaggio azzeccato: TORIN. Adorabile e misterioso. Faccio il tifo solo per lui!
589 reviews1,031 followers
June 2, 2013
See more reviews at YA Midnight Reads

3.5 stars

Thank you Hyperion for sending me this review copy. No compensation was given or taken to change this review.

'"This is being a Brannick, Izzy. No one said it would be easy." And with that, he was gone.'

The long awaited spin-off series to Rachel Hawkin's best selling, Hex Hall trilogy. We are once again swept into the world of paranormal- vampires, warlocks, witches and faeries alike, and this time, instead of the kick-ass and sarcastic Sophie, we get Izzy Brannick, Sophie's cousin. School Spirits was filled with fun suspense, lingering romance and another original premise.

When Izzy's sister, Finn disappears without a trace during a mission, Izzy and her mother decide it's time for a change of scenery. Moving into a now town, and new school, Izzy is foreign to place as she had never been so exposed to the human world. But her motive is clear, keep a low profile and stow away the menacing ghost that haunts the school. But soon, Izzy realises that keeping her head down is becoming more and more complicated when she accidentally dislocates someone's shoulder with a ball on the first day of school. Can she trust her new friends to unravel this ghost mystery along side her?

It is always a delight to read Hawkin's books, they are filled with definable characters, humorous fillings and interesting plot lines. To be reputably candid, I was, in a certain degree disgruntled about the comparison from Hex Hall to School Spirits. From what I can recall, Hex Hall was a much more stronger book in terms of characters- well everything. Nonetheless, School Spirits was enjoyable and a fun read.

Izzy is nothing like Sophie, get that clear in your heads people or you will be likely aghast how more ladylike Izzy is. Well not ladylike maybe more reserved is a more appropriate term. She didn't have a sarcastic tone so her personality was fairly washed and faded like she was over washed in the washing machine. Not that she was monotonous, but Izzy wasn't as entertaining or definable as a character, her definition was relied on her constant regret for her sister, Finn, that she deems that it was her fault that Finn had vanished and Izzy holding the pursuit of adjusting in school conditions. Both were engaging and compelling in their own ways.

Dex and Torin were the shining points about School Spirits, both wielded jocular tones yet both were different types or humour. Dex jumped about with a humour that was cute and less sarcastic. It leaned towards nerdish and adorable at the same time, which was much favourable in my opinion. Torin is the worse version of our beloved Lucas from Hex Hall. Sarcastic and blunt. But still makes the giggles bubble up inside me!

'" This is why I told Aislinn she should have more blokes around. A boy touches you, and you mistake hormones for magic."'

The romance in this book was rather unrealistic. I can't go into much detail as spoilers would then have to occur but I thought the ending of the book summarised the chemistry between Izzy and Dex as insignificant. In fact, the ending was poor, rushed and just plain not genuine compared to the rest of the book. Anyway, I still liked the romance of Dex and Izzy, I never imagined them as a couple but Hawkin's made it work seamlessly! A little dusting up here and there for the romance would still be much prefered in terms of pace.

School Spirits was a light paranormal book that had just enough world building for me and a intriguing premise. Despite the gaps, I enjoyed the new addition to Hawkin's work and will be yearning for the sequel of this! Hopefully, the characters will improve drastically, too. But of course, we can never be sure what Rachel will throw us with. I've got my hands ready to catch whatever it is.
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March 21, 2016
Eigentlich würde dieses Buch vier Sterne bekommen, wäre da nicht das Ende und die Tatsache, dass es, wie es aktuell aussieht, keine Fortsetzungen geben wird. Unter diesem Aspekt kann ich dann einfach nicht mehr als 3 Sterne geben, denn das Ende war einfach... MEH. Es ist auch nicht eines dieser offenen Enden, die man so stehen lassen könnte, denn die Liebesgeschichte endet MEH und das mit der Adoption... Ehm also... ich fand nicht, dass das so gut zu den Charakteren gepasst hat.

Trotzdem habe ich School Spirits unheimlich gern gelesen. Es war knuffig, es war humorvoll und Rachel Hawkins ist eine meiner liebsten Autorinnen, wenn es um die Erzählstimme geht. Izzy mochte ich auch wieder unheimlich gern, vielleicht sogar noch mehr als Sophie und Dex hat Archer sowas von ausgestochen... Aber das lässt das Ende eben auch nicht verschwinden. Ich bin mir relativ sicher, dass School Spirits eigentlich als Spinoff Reihe geplant war, die Verkaufszahlen aber vielleicht nicht so hoch waren wie erwartet oder die Autorin genug von der Welt hatte. Das Buch dann aber so enden zu lassen? Die Ansätze für die Folgebände sind ja alle da:

- Die Suche nach Finn, die hier kein Ende findet
- Die Liebesgeschichte, die hier ebenfalls kein Ende findet
- Die ständigen Andeutungen von Torin, dass Izzy diejenige sein wird, die ihn aus dem Spiegel befreit

Wie soll man so etwas also bewerten? Ich gebe dem Buch jetzt erst einmal 3 Sterne. Falls es jemals doch noch eine Fortsetzung geben sollte, werde ich das vielleicht dann hochsetzen.
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September 29, 2014
When I saw this book listed in netgalley I immediately prayed to all the book gods that I would be approved for it. A few days later... I looked like this.


See, I loved Hex Hall, I enjoyed the story and the characters and when I heard that Rachel Hawkins was going to do a spin-off series I jumped for joy, but was admittedly a tiny bit worried what it would be about.

In School Spirits, we're better introduced to the Brannicks. If you've read the Hex Hall series, you might remember them as the family of red-headed women who fight and hunt magical creatures.

As you can imagine, Izzy's life doesn't lend itself to a traditional type of upbringing. After the mysterious disappearance of Izzy's sister, her mom decides that they need to take a break from everything and hone Izzy's skills by looking into a haunting at a high school. It will be Izzy's first time attending school and spending great amounts of time with people her own age, other than her sister. Only this isn't your typical haunting and Izzy gets to meet some wonderful characters.

I really enjoyed all the characters that Hawkins has created here again. Torin is back and still trapped in his mirror of course. But Izzy has definitely become a favorite. Pushed into this world where she has absolutely no clue and is watching an over dramatic high school television series in order to get an idea about what high school might entail had me chuckling. She of course seems to meet up with the class misfits right off the bat, and I truly like both Romy and Dex.

"What's your name?" Romy asked. A tiny dimple flashed in one cheek. "I mean, in my head, you'll always be The Girl Who Took My Desk, but that's kind of an awkward thing to call you all the time."

I instantly loved Romy - She was the perfect match to Izzy introducing her to friendship and girl talk and painting toes and gossip. Romy is the head of one of the school clubs... PMS or Paranormal Management Society, so what starts out as a means to get to the bottom of the ghost issues, turns into more. It also turns out that the simple haunting happening at the high school and to students really isn't as simple as initially thought.

And Dex...


I adore him. He's charismatic, witty, and sweet and oh so adorable.

Maybe it was his grin, which was a nice change from the glares/looks of horror I'd gotten in the gym, but I found myself giving a little smile in return. "Izzy. And there, uh, was a dodgeball incident."

"Perhaps the most intriguing phrase I've heard uttered in some time," Dex said, rocking back on his heels. "I'm obviously going to need you to elaborate."


Sorry. We probably haven't reached the inappropriate touching stage of our friendship yet."


"The clothes, I mean," he said, gesturing to his coat. "I know that I'm fashionable and well-groomed, and yes, I have been known to rock the occasional manbracelet."

He lifted his wrist, jangling the bracelet I'd noticed earlier. I could see now that it was plain silver, just a series of links.

"But," Dex continued, dragging another one of my fries through ketchup, "I also like ladies. And not as shopping buddies, but in the carnal sense."

But, Dex is special and Izzy still hasn't quite figured out what his deal is... she thinks he's prodigium but isn't sure and that's odd for her because she can always tell.

The good news for those of you new to Rachel Hawkins is that you don't really need to read the Hex Hall series in order to jump into this one. While you will have a better understanding of what the Brannick's do and who they are, you get a pretty good understanding right off the bat in School Spirits. And there is only brief mentions of Sophie and Archer in this book. The other good news is that you definitely have time to read the Hex Hall series before this one comes out in May 2013, so really you could read the three books in that series and be ready for this one come release day.

If you're looking for a YA Paranormal series with a bit of romance and a lot of fun this is definitely a perfect series.

Thank you to Netgalley and Disney Hyperion for the early copy in return for an honest review.

Please note that this is of course an early copy so the quotes are subject to change.

This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare:

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April 27, 2013
I absolutely loved the Hex Hall series, so I was naturally looking forward to this one. I can't even explain how excited I am to report that SCHOOL SPIRITS exceeded all of my expectations and delivered a story that I miraculously loved even more then the original series. Full of unique characters, a perfectly cute romance, an intriguing ghost story, and the laugh-out-loud humor that Hawkins is known for, this book will not disappoint.

It was refreshing to have a new voice in this one while remnants of the old still remained. And what I mean by that is that we get to learn through a more grown-up Izzy and we still have connections to the original Hex Hall series via Izzy's family, the amazingly annoying warlock that is stuck in a mirror named Torin, and distant mentions of Sophie one day leading the Council. But the new aspects of the story fascinated me and easily kept the story from following the same path as Hex Hall did--something many spin-off series do to their predecessors--so I'm a happy girl. Though, admittedly, I think that part of the reason I loved this one so much more than the aforementioned series is due to the fact that there's no love triangle in this one.

We start off the story with Izzy who is mourning the sudden disappearance of her elder sister, Finley. They were together on a mission to get rid of a dark witch coven, but Finn insisted she could handle it alone since she knew that Izzy desperately wanted to finish her current novel. Sounds like something us bookies would do, eh? Anyway, Finn disappeared that evening and after six months of searching for her, Izzy's mother decided that it was time to let go. They went back to continuing the missions that the Brannick's are known for, but when Izzy encountered some problems on her first solo-mission against a young and cliche' vampire, her mother decided it was time for a change. They moved to a small town called Ideal, Mississippi under the guise of investigating a haunting in the high school that resulted in the ghostly murder of a biology teacher. And while Izzy begins to investigate everything going on, she makes new friends in the PMS (Paranormal Management Society haha) and even captures some romantic attention from the wonderfully dorky and sweet Dex. She realizes that maybe a normal life isn't so bad at all.

Clearly, this plot leads to nothing but amazing shenanigans and a chillingly insane ghost story that make it impossible to put this book down. I read it in one sweep and was forced to skip lunch due to the amazing story hidden in this gem.

But what made it so perfect was not only the plot, but the brilliant characterization that made way for some surprising and unexpected plot twists. Izzy basically makes three really great friends while at Mary Evans High. They all happen to be the resident outcasts and members of the Paranormal Management Society. First, there's Romy. An adopted and insanely colorful Asian student, she's a good friend with a passion for the supernatural. Then there's Anderson...an ex-athlete who has the cutest crush on Romy and often stands to be some sort of voice of reason. But most importantly, there's Dex. Also insanely colorful but in a very artistic and fashionable way, he speaks unusually as if he was from several decades ago and desperately needs an inhaler when he exerts himself too much in any way. He has startlingly blue eyes that contrast beautifully with his dark curls and, oh, let's not forget that as perfect as he is for Izzy, he may just be Prodigium. Their romance is both adorable and deliciously complicated--perfect for younger readers and enticing for us older ones.

Really, there's nothing negative to say about this one. Izzy offered us a fresh voice. Though her Brannick blood causes her to be fearless, she is scared of normality. High school, boys, friendships and dating are all lost concepts to her that we watch her struggle to understand alongside Torin with the help of television series surrounding kids in high school. This proved to be a very entertaining aspect of the novel as well. Torin's presence was both wonderful due to his connection to Hex Hall and refreshing because he does play such a huge part in Izzy's life. To understand all of the cute references in this one, I highly recommend checking out the beloved Hex Hall series prior to jumping into its wonderful spin-off.

A book that simply cannot be ignored, Hawkins weaves us a literary masterpiece better than anything else she has delivered before. Izzy's story is just beginning and I am already hooked for life.
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611 reviews333 followers
December 23, 2012
This would have been a 3-star book for me if it hadn't been for the end. You have a pissed off ghost who is dangerously wreaking havoc, and to find out who was behind it all and the reason why it happened - what a major letdown.

As for the rest of the book, I enjoyed it but not nearly as much as the Hex Hall series, sans the last book of course. The series hadn't been mind-blowing, but I really liked it because it had an interesting concept with witches and demons, The Eye and the politics involved. Throw in a feisty heroine and a bickering couple, and you have a pretty entertaining story.

However, this book just wasn't nearly as interesting. I thought we were going to be thrown in the world of witches and demons again, but we weren't. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent ghost story, but that was pretty much all it was. And the Hex Hall series led you to believe that the Brannicks are really powerful women, and this book was just your typical mystery about a typical haunting.

So it made me wonder why Hawkins wrote a spin-off, when it would have been better if she had started a new series so I wasn't so attuned to associating this book with the Hex Hall mentality. I may have rated this book higher otherwise.
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August 16, 2016
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
A copy of School Spirits was provided to me by Disney-Hyperion/Netgalley for review purposes.

Izzy Brannick comes from a long line of monster hunters. Her family hunts them all for the Prodigium, the council that governs them all. The council that her cousin Sophie Mercer is in charge of. Izzy hasn't been the same since her sister went missing on a job both of them were supposed to be working on. She blames herself since she was supposed to be with her but ended up letting her go off by herself. Add to that, she just screwed up her last solo job and her mom has given her a lame assignment. It involves a ghost. And a high school. Which she has to personally attend.

I was a bit undecided when I heard about this spin-off series but when I got my hands on it my love of Hex Hall that had lay dormant sudden came alive again and I had to read this immediately. And in a single day. Hex Hall fans will love this spin-off, I have no doubt.

Izzy is such a charming yet completely clueless girl when it comes to the normal lives of teenagers. She considers black a satisfactory color for her entire wardrobe and she lacks any sort of social skills considering she's never been social and has never attended public school. So when she finds out she's going to have to actually attend a high school in order to get the necessary information to bring down the ghost that's currently haunting its halls, she's at a loss on how to acclimate. She buys all the teen magazines and the goofy teen TV shows in order to 'understand' more and... suffice it to say, it's hilarious.

Despite her lack of social skills, there still manages to be a completely adorable romance. Izzy and Dex are hilarious and awkward and it was completely endearing. It totally gave the warm fuzzies, I only wish it had gone on for more pages (this was an extremely quick read!) but fortunately this is the first in a new series so I look forward to seeing more Dex and Izzy time. Dex was definitely my favorite character with his peppy one-liners, but there were tons of characters to love in these pages. Torin, the 400-year old warlock currently trapped in Izzy's bedroom mirror, was a runner-up favorite.

Despite my gushing, I wasn't completely content with the ending. It wasn't so off-putting that I won't be continuing this series, but it'll be interesting to see where the story leads.

School Spirits is a delightful paranormal series with an unforgettable set of characters. Fun and full of witty banter, this is the perfect read for anyone looking for some quick mystical entertainment.

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May 15, 2013
3.5 stars - Spoilers

I really enjoyed the Hex Hall trilogy — the books weren't perfect, but all in all they were fun, light and rather charming reads. I was happy that there'd more of that to come in the spin-off about Sophie's cousin, Izzy Brannick.

-The most disappointing aspect of School Spirits was the storyline — it wasn't that it was bad, it was just that there wasn't a whole lot going on. Izzy's mum sent her to high school to investigate the suspicious-possibly-ghostly-supernatural death of a teacher. I thought that would involve murder, mystery, amateur sleuthing, action-packed fights and teen drama… Alas, that wasn't the case. Mostly, there was just Izzy getting used to school, and her making new friends (Dex and Romy). I mean, I enjoyed reading that, it just wasn't exactly exciting stuff. Nevertheless, I was still entertained. I especially liked Izzy trying to navigate high school life — she'd always been home schooled and never had any friends or a normal teenage upbringing… And it was fun seeing all her faux pas, and seeing her trying to figure out the various do's and don'ts of high school.

-Izzy was a good heroine. She didn't whine too much, which is always nice — she was just very likeable and relatable. Her voice was mostly light and witty — it did remind quite a lot of Sophie from Hex Hall though.

-Dex was a great character, he wasn't the most exciting of fellas but I still loved him. His relationship with Izzy was perfectly cute and rather sweet. I adored how quirky and uncliched he was. His fashion sense and old fashioned gentleman act gave him that extra something, he was a refreshing change from the usual YA love interest.

-I was expecting something romantic to happen between Torin and Izzy - there seemed to be hints of a potential Torin/Izzy romance in the original series… And I was surprised that nothing happened in this one.

-The Brannicks (Izzy and her mum) were largely underwhelming as warriors/fighters. In Hex Hall they were described as legendary, and the Prodigium/supernaturals were terrified of them… Yet I didn't see anything in School Spirits that would warrant that level of fear. Maybe, I would have been impressed if there'd been more than just Izzy and her mum lamely battling evul supernaturals.

-I am curious about what happened to Izzy's missing sister, Finn. I'm guessing the sequels will reveal more about her sudden disappearance - I'm sure a fit guy will be involved somehow.

-This was very similar to Hex Hall in tone and humour, which was a good thing… I'm sick of all the usual angsty, whiny, drama rubbish in YA books.

A very quick, easy, light hearted and fun read.
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