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The Others #8

Hungry Like a Wolf

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When her father died, Honor Tate inherited the alpha position for a pack of werewolves based in New England. But why her? Honor would have rather just lived a “normal” life, with the occasional run through the woods in her furry suit. Still, Honor was raised to put the welfare of the pack first…and now it’s time to make a formal request that the alpha of the Silverback clan—the pack to which all locals owe fealty—recognize her as alpha of the White Paw. But instead of sending his support, the Silverbacks send Logan Hunter.

Logan Hunter would do anything to protect the Silverbacks—but his devotion comes with a price. For years he has been fighting his alpha instincts and the need for his own pack. But all that changes when Logan is sent on a mission to find out whether the new White Paw alpha really has what it takes to carry on her father’s legacy. Powerful, spirited, and downright gorgeous Honor exceeds his expectations…and leaves him howling for more. Could it be that he’s finally found his alpha mate? Or will old enemies, dueling loyalties, and an appetite for destruction stop him dead in his tracks?

320 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2004

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About the author

Christine Warren

48 books1,813 followers
Born and raised in coastal New England, Christine Warren lived in the South and the Mid-Atlantic before hopping to the other side of the country to take up the life of a transplant in the Pacific Northwest. She completely bypassed those states in the middle due to her landlocking phobia. Hmm, need to research a scientific term for that...

When not scrambling frantically to complete her latest writing project, Christine spends most of her time as a crazy animal lady, hanging out with her dog Levi (he’s the one with the hair) and pretending to train him to have some manners. She also hangs out with her horse, Cal—a thoroughbred with a craving for strawberry licorice twists—her goddog, Merlin; and her best friend, fellow author Hannah Murray. In addition to playing with her pets, Christine’s hobbies include identifying dog breeds from photos of their underbellies, appreciating fine and not-so-fine wines, shopping for the perfect pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, and most of all reading things someone else had to agonize over.

She enjoys hearing from readers and can be reached via email sent to Christine@christinewarren.net or by postal mail to Christine Warren, PO Box 871900, Vancouver, WA 98687-1900.


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Profile Image for Dee.
1,477 reviews157 followers
September 3, 2015
This is a re-write of Fur Play from the original Fixed series which I read just over 2 years ago and I remembered it as it was one of my favourites from that series.

I did enjoy this but it was basically the same with a few changed bits here and there but with a bit more fleshing out and toning down to make it a mainstream novel. The question is was this any better and I think that my answer would have to be NO it wasn't and if I am really honest I think it did suffer from a few bits of the original story being taken out....but it is still worth a read especially if you haven't read the original.

I did therefore struggle with what rating I would give so I am gonna give it two!....If I was to compare it to the original then I do think it would get high 3 stars (I gave the original 4 stars back in 2011), but I do also have to be fair to this book as part of the new updated series so for that reason I gave it 4 stars.
Profile Image for Katie.
5 reviews3 followers
June 10, 2013
To be fair, I never got a chance to read the original shorts before they were taken down. I've found her other 'remodels' to be either pretty good or... not so much, so I didn't know what to expect going in to this one.

I really enjoyed most of the book. There was good tension, the obstacles were realistic and didn't have the sense of being fabricated for filler, and the characters' behavior was believable for the circumstances. The main plot point is that the lead couple each have responsibilities and people relying on them so they can't just leave everything and run off to be together. The author spends quite some time reinforcing this. I'm reading along thinking "This is pretty good I wonder how she's going to fix this" right until the very end when... BAM! huh?

The 'solution' was extremely contrived and disappointing. Graham's appearance is plausible but very deus ex machina. Logan and Honor each suddenly decide that they actually can give up EVERYTHING THEY'VE BEEN WORKING FOR to be with the other. Ms. Warren totally ignores all the problems her ending doesn't fix (that she brought up to start with). Extremely disappointing when, to me at least, there's a much better solution staring you in the face. Oh, and the 'betrayal' at the end is almost laughable - it has absolutely no impact on the main plot and no support for a subplot.

Conclusion: Almost good. It has a lot of promise but really needed a good editor to say 'this is not acceptable' and send it back for a rewrite.
Profile Image for Lolo.
276 reviews25 followers
August 8, 2015
you don't read a book with a title like that and expect to be wawoed, however that doesn't while read books for pure entertainment I can't have at least a list of semi requirements. For instance, a simple talk between the alpha male and the damsel in distress excluding sex would've been nice, or when describing obstacles try to at least stick to solving them when giving the HEA. Finally dubious consent is not a way to make me swoon over the hot guy.. This just wasn't good enough for me to enjoy and reading it after a visit to the dentist didn't help either :S
Profile Image for Tori.
2,814 reviews477 followers
July 17, 2013
3.5 stars

Logan Hunter is struggling to not challenge his alpha when word arrives that another clan's alpha has died and the beta, Honor Tate, wants Graham's official approval to take over. Graham sends Logan to the clan to feel things out and Logan is stunned to find out the clan's new alpha is his mate. Tempers flair and passions rage as Honor and Logan try to find away to survive the mating call and a few clan members who don't want Honor as their alpha.

An enjoyable fast paced PNR. This series is hit and miss with this one being in the middle. I enjoyed the storyline and the obvious conflict and tension. Two strong protagonists are always a treat though I did feel that Logan sometimes didn't really listen to what Honor kept trying to tell him. Especially once the mating instinct took over. The problems they encountered were realistic and handled in a plausible manner. My only problem was the obvious contrived ending. An outside influence is brought in to solve everything and it negates from the convoluted build up that hints at a climactic finale.
Profile Image for Mara.
2,476 reviews234 followers
July 5, 2013
I have a hit and miss relationship with this series. There are a few books I liked enough and some other that were meh.

Hungry like a Wolf started as the first kind of book and ended as the second one. There was quite an impressive set-up with the main couple being in a real Mexican stand-off that could rip them apart. I was really eager to see how this conflict was going to end. And unfortunately it did in the most boring and predictable way. Yes this is romance, still. I don't appreciate the easier way out, above all when there are themes like chauvinism and "feminism" on the menu.

Profile Image for Ari.
56 reviews
July 15, 2013
It was an ok read but the ending sucked, it was very anti-climatic. All the problems were easily solved towards the end & if the way it ended was all it took, it could have been solved much sooner. Also the book never confirms who the shooter was. Very disappointed.
Profile Image for Lizy.
795 reviews21 followers
May 22, 2018
Disclaimers: 1. this is going to be a graphic review. 2. there will be spoilers, but i think they're more like a pertinent warning in regards to this book than real spoilers 3. i didn't finish this book, i stopped on page 170 after reading some really disturbing scenes 4. I actually thought Christine Warren was my hands-down favorite romance novelist but this book has me questioning my entire opinion of her.

Without further ado, I'm just going to get into it.

I started questioning whether I was going to like this book at the beginning when it went on this really long narrative about female alphas being virtually non-existent because the only thing lupines care about is brawn. I get the argument that brawn has its merits and yes, physiologically, men are generally stronger than women. However, the people spewing this argument are sitting in NYC in a night club. In the modern world, whether you're a wolf or not, brawn ain't really shit. That argument is bull, I'm sorry. It just is.

By the time Logan is at Honor's pack and they know they're mates, I wasn't shipping it at all. They make great enemies. They make great friends. They don't work as a couple. He doesn't listen to her. She isn't ready for a mate.

What really had me horrified, however was the mating scene. Let me describe it for you: Logan rapes her. Graphically. The book tries to excuse it by saying she was wet. The book also says in no uncertain terms that she kneed him in the groin, told him "no" at least 5 times, fought him so hard she drew blood, was openly trying to crawl away from him after he tackled her to the ground multiple times, that she said no even as he was holding her down and undressing her and that she absolutely did not give consent to him, that he even claimed her for everyone to see without her saying he could. But this is fine, because she secretly wanted it, even though she never admitted it and never told him a single yes. Even when she's supposedly aroused, she's screaming.

And reality check from the 21st century: it doesn't matter if her pussy could be in a gushers commercial--no is no.

And I'm genuinely baffled as all hell about why I needed to read, in detail, about just how hard Logan fought to get her to submit. I do not understand who thought that graphically detailing the main hunk violating the main heroine's body would be a good idea. It was disturbing. It was wrong. That's not "love." That's not "mating." That's rape.

As far as I'm concerned, this book is shameful. It's offensive. I was actually willing to forgive the whole "brawn over brains" argument because it looked like Honor could hold her own, but I cannot forgive this. It's sexist. It adds to rape culture. I'm incredibly disappointed not only in this book but in the author, editor, everyone who worked on this. If I hadn't already purchased the rest of this series, I doubt I would continue on with it. I feel betrayed that I've gotten this far into the series, that I've already recommended it multiple times to friends, and there's this sort of bullshit being thrown in. I really hope the rest of the books aren't like this.
Profile Image for Buffybot.
9 reviews1 follower
November 17, 2013
In general I really like Christine Warren's writing and because of her style I'm giving this book 3 stars. I think she writes great fight/sex scenes. And in this book she does that too. There's a scene where Honor has to fight four werewolves at once that I really enjoyed.

Unfortunately the story itself left me cold. I thought the beginning was quite awful: have the guy lust after the wife of his alpha? And what’s up with the breast milk smell of his alpha's wife? "... and smelled the scent of fresh milk on a woman's skin." He finds that a turn on? I don’t even want to think about it! Fortunately, it doesn’t come up much after that but it does occasionally.
There were several moments in the story where I thought; 'Duh, this is so obvious'. I know that this genre isn't a detective, but I would like it when elements of surprise are being added, that they are really surprising to me and not just the people in the story. I'll give you some examples in the spoiler section:

Profile Image for Zeek.
855 reviews149 followers
April 20, 2010
This is Logan's story- the beta to Graham's Alpha from Fur Factor. Again with the bitchy heroine? I love a strong heroine, but being strong does not mean you have to be a bitch, already! UGH! ... it srsly doesn't work for me when Warren does this. And again, it's too short to really tell the full story that Logan deserved,.
Profile Image for Shawnie Nicole.
1,141 reviews11 followers
May 22, 2015
3 1/2 stars.
im not sure what i expected from this book, which is why it took me so long to read it. Smh
I dont know... I expected so much more for Logan.
Profile Image for Becky Schwartz.
153 reviews1 follower
June 20, 2021
It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that this was the second book in a series that I READ THE FIRST BOOK IN. Not that reading them in order is ever necessary, but like I really didn’t figure it out until I was like 200 ish pages in. Embarrassing. I like Warren’s writing and characters, and the plot was as absurd as expected in werewolf romance. I don’t get why so much of werewolf romance is sexist like? They are made up. Why do they have to be like that. Ugh. But good overall.
Profile Image for Honest Mabel.
647 reviews35 followers
July 26, 2013
If you aren't familiar with Christine Warren or even if you are then you know a lot of her books are printed out of order for a reason. She originally had these books with Ellora's Cave and when she was picked up by a larger house they had her flesh out the books and also seemed to remove more of the sex. Granted it does have a lot of sex, but these large publishers seem to forget that her fan base reads the nasty, dirty, hot, steamy sex scenes!

In translation ... I guess I should call it that, between Ellora and St. Martin's Press it seems that something was lost in several of these books. Especially this book! I really forced myself to read this one. I was so looking forward to it and it was rather a disappointment. The characters were those I couldn't build a connection with. I kinda was disgusted with Logan and besides the fact that Honor may have covered herself up with the scents but the whole "you're in heat" thing...and Logan discovering this just didn't seem to mesh up as the mate connection. They randomly love each other and there was no real building of their relationship. Honestly, at the end of the book I thought to myself, "WTF? I was jipped!" Is he her mate because she was in heat? Or is he her mate because he is actually her mate? They glossed over it with the whole she covers herself up with the perfumed bath salts and they would both know it. But, honestly this book even for the page length felt rushed. The ending just flat out was a disappointment. A horrible disappointment. I really expected more from Warren. I KNOW she is capable of it. I've read her Ellora's Cave and St. Martin Press collection. So, I don't know if this was an editing demand or what...but the ending just flat out bombed. It was awkwardly wrapped up and not at all believable to the characters. Graham kinda just didn't feel like Graham at all.

I hope your next installment in the series is better or you are ending the series, Warren. Just please don't pull a Charlaine Harris and ruin the entire series with a crap ending.

Rating: C
Profile Image for Dianne.
1,557 reviews116 followers
July 6, 2013
Yes, this is a re-print of a very old Ellora’s Cave edition; it has been somewhat updated and edited for the mainstream audience. These early books in the series are no longer to be found on Ellora’s Cave web site. It is a shame since some of the edited out part are some of the steamiest and most delectable to the mainstream reader. Editors would be surprised as to how modern we women readers are nowadays!

The Patriarch and Alpha of Clan White Paw in Connecticut, has died of cancer. His beta has been taking care of things, but Graham Winters wants to send Logan Hunter to Connecticut to see how things are going and if they (the Silverbacks) need to step in while a new Alpha is declared.

You see, the person substituting for the old alpha is his daughter and having a female Alpha, while not totally unheard of is not something anyone has seen in a couple of hundred years.

It’s a good thing that Graham is getting rid of Logan, because Logan is getting ready to do something very stupid and he really needs this time to cool off. What he doesn’t expect is to find is that the female Alpha, Honor is her name, is his mate and she is just hours away from going into heat. Oh Dear!

Most of the book deals with Honor and Logan fighting – she wants him off her land and he is just too stubborn to go. Naturally, he does not want to lose his newly found mate.

There are a few bloody scenes and fights, but nothing you won’t have read in most books of this genre –nothing to upset anyone. You will find no unusual fetishes or sexual practices in this edition.

Told with Ms Warrens usual acerbic sense of humor and a delicious sexiness and just this side of edgy sex scenes, this book was a pleasure to read. It is a somewhat fast read and I know that some readers are saying that you really need to read the first few books in the series, but I disagree. Ms Warren gives plenty of back-story so that you should not be frustrated while reading.

Definitely one you should have if you are starting to collect the whole series.
Profile Image for Marsha.
2,970 reviews52 followers
July 4, 2013
I am a fan of Christine Warren's "The Others" series; but, sadly it is time for the series to end. Why? The series has been slowly losing its edge and "Hungry Like A Wolf" is chocked filled with bits and pieces of recycled story lines from the other books.

Logan Hunter, Beta of the Silverback Clan has been sent to Connecticut to assess the qualifications of a female claiming to be alpha of her clan after her father's death from cancer (recycled from another book). Honor Tate is struggling to maintain her claim as alpha after one clan member after another challenges her claim. It is not as if she really wants the job. The problem is there is no one else fit to lead.

When Logan arrives Hunter attempts to send him packing. However, he is having none of it and to make matters worse she is about to go into and cannot deny the lust she feels around him. Logan is shocked to find he has finally found his mate, if she will accept him.

Before their feelings can be dealt with Honor will have to deal with the alpha challenge and the alpha mating rite (also recycled). In truth I never really bought the connection between Hunter and Logan. The story was just okay because the characters were equally just okay.

If Ms. Warren is going to continue with the series I wish she would just use the characters we truly love, unite them to fight one big bad threat and let the excitement fly. If not, I cannot see me reading any more books in the series. I am getting bored. Read it for yourself and decide.
Profile Image for Melanie.
1,181 reviews133 followers
July 14, 2013
This is a typical book from this series. It is a good story of two very alpha type werewolves each pushing to do what is best for the small pack of wolves in Connecticut. Graham, the alpha for the region sends his beta to see if the female beta will be able to make an alpha, which is extremely rare. There is a bit of a stand off between the White Paw female alpha and the Silverback beta. She is determined to stay alpha and he isn't sure that is the best thing for her or the pack.

There are some good fight scenes and some hot sex scenes. I'm just not sure how I feel about the ending. 1) I saw it coming a mile away. 2) I think that it could have ended in a different manner
Profile Image for gremlin.
524 reviews
January 9, 2014
On one hand, I mostly liked this while I was reading it. On the other hand, the whole time I'm thinking that if these two would just have an honest conversation with the other about their real problems and desires for the future instead of making assumptions, the fix solution is simple and obvious - it's just logistics from there.
Profile Image for Dorel.
3,838 reviews32 followers
January 22, 2014
In this 8th book the storyline was really good. I really liked the hot & steamy scenes. I really liked how this story was about a female Alpha's point of view. I really liked Honor's toughness & how she stood her ground with the men. I really enjoyed the ending as well. I really hope book 9 is just as good as this one.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Mhollie.
482 reviews39 followers
February 12, 2014
The comedy of the absurd & hot sex all rolled into one. Loved it. Honor was just an insane alpha of the White Paw Clan. Logan was a walking frustrated wreck of a wolf, caught between Honor and the deep blue sea. Poor sod. Great read.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
154 reviews
September 2, 2013
The love story is great! It got to descript at times. I did like the way Christine had the strong female lead in Honner. Not many females get that much recognition. I did like the slient prayer Honner said before she went into battle.
3 reviews
July 7, 2018
The end is a let down, The protagonist says “I won’t quit, I won’t quit”, and then bingo, she is ready to give up everything she spent several chapters working herself into a lather. Nor do we ever find out who shot her mate...
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
61 reviews1 follower
July 27, 2013
Better than some of the other Others. I enjoyed the alpha-female point of view and thought she did a good job of the problems inherent in being a female alpha.
11 reviews
October 31, 2013
I'm a sucker for any book about werewolves. That being said I liked the story line. The only complaint I have is the dialogue in the last chapter. I kind of cringed while reading.
Profile Image for Jessica (a GREAT read).
1,669 reviews101 followers
April 11, 2020
It's been awhile since I visited the world of The Others, but I was excited to read Christine Warren's Hungry Like a Wolf because WEREWOLVES! Yes, I love vampires fiercely, they were my first love and will always be my favorites, but I have to admit, I love werewolves too!

In this one, we get to see Graham and Missy again, though it's been sooo long since I saw them, I vaguely remembered Logan Hunter being a possible "problem" for the Graham-Missy connection, but now it's his turn for a happy ending. Graham sends him to Connecticut to visit the White Paw Clan who recently lost their alpha to natural death and Graham wants him to see who should be the next alpha, as there's a sort of process or rule set to who turns into the next alpha.

At the moment, Honor is taking on the job after her father died. The last thing she wants is some beta from another pack coming to decide if she should be the alpha of her own pack. She had been training to be the alpha after her father's passing ever since she was a teenager and earned her right to be his beta.

But when Logan meets Honor, he feels an immediate attraction to her and soon realizes she's his mate. The woman he's destined to be with...but convincing her of the same will be a lot harder than he thought.

And here my friends is where I began to have many, many problems with this book. It wasn't that it was bad, I just had strong personal feelings about what was going on in the story and I did not like it at all. I recognize that this is a paranormal romance novel, it's not urban fantasy, and a LOT of emphasis is put on the romance. But what I was not expecting was for this romance to come in a very domineering borderline rape like stance. Logan lets his animal side do all the thinking when it comes to Honor it seems and he just tackles her and tries to have his way with her. She fights him, this right here...if this is happening, the man that is Logan needs to recognize this and back off. He needs to come at this idea of being with his mate in another way...but he doesn't. He keeps trying to have his way with her and eventually, Honor does give in to him having been fighting her own desires. But the fact of the matter was, she didn't want to be with him at first and Logan decided not to care.

To add further to my distaste of Logan, he decides to call Honor, "honey" during their intimate moments, because shouting Honor during intercourse, just doesn't sound right to him, or some such BS. Honor is even offended by this and vocalizes why he would not be doing that. Yet again, the next time this actually happens, she rolls with being called "honey."

I don't want this to sound like Honor was a weak-minded woman, because she wasn't. She knew what she wanted, yet she seems to debate with herself about what she really wants and what she thinks she deserves. She's not conceded or anything, she has a lot on her plate as her pack isn't really willing to accept her as alpha because she's a woman.

We get hints of a mini mystery going on in the background. Mostly it's trying to figure out who's trying to start an uprising to dethrone Honor from her alpha position. While the obvious whodunit was a bit...obvious, there was another reveal that seemed to be thrown in more for shock effect. I kind of saw it coming from a brief flash of something seen, though the reasoning behind that was the real shocker.

I had a great theory building up as to how this one would end. It seemed truly perfect for the story and especially the characters and yet, the author decided to end it in the left field in a decidedly uninspiring sort of way. One that just sucked out every shred of admiration I had left for our hero and heroine.

In the end, I guess you could say I was kind of disappointed with this one. I had expected better of these characters, Honor started out as such a strong-willed heroine that I was loving, but then she just kind of let go of the morals she held for herself and decided to do the exact opposite of everything she stood for in the beginning. I mean, I get some of what she was doing was out of obligation versus what she actually wanted to do, that's why I thought it HAD to end the way I was thinking...but when it ended the way it did...I was left a little crushed.

I have to say I was pretty disappointed with Hungry Like a Wolf in the end. It did have its strong points, don't get me wrong. And the characters were still well-written, even if they were actual people I would never ever like because of their actions, animal instincts or no. When you're a werewolf, you're half-human, half-animal, you should be able to know which part of you, you need to act like in the given situation. These animal instinct actions while in a human body were a little too disgusting. Again, maybe this is just the way some paranormal romance books go, but this isn't what I enjoy when I read these novels on occasion.

Despite my dislike of this one, I will not be turning away from the author. But I truly hope this is not the way any of her future shifter characters will act.

Overall Rating 2/5 stars

Profile Image for Elaine Kirby.
972 reviews2 followers
October 11, 2017
Pretty Good!

I'm rating this book as pretty good because some parts of this book were boring & made me want to skip over them.

Logan Hunter is the Beta of the Silverback Pack but, he has been feeling out of sorts lately so his Alpha Graham Winters sends him on a mission. To find out if the current Female Alpha of the White Paw pack is fit to stay as the pack's alpha or does she need replacing.

Honor Tate used to be the Beta of her pack until her father the Alpha died & she became Alpha in his steed because there isn't any one else in the pack fit enough to lead it besides her.

There are lots of sex scenes, fight scenes, nudity scenes & a good vs bad vibe in this book but overall it was just a pretty good book.
Profile Image for Shan ~A~.
2,298 reviews55 followers
February 27, 2019
I liked Honor a lot because she didn't take any sh*t from anyone, including Logan. She had some impossible choices to make and she dealt with them as best she could.

We've met Logan in previous books since he is Graham's beta, but I didn't realize he could be such as ass. If he would have just listened instead of being a pig-headed male then some of this would have been resolved faster.

Sadly, the mystery of who was in cahoots with the men challenging her was no surprise at all, and I also got tired of certain things being repeated constantly.

Overall the book was good and I'm glad I read it, but the outcome was not a surprise either.
Profile Image for Autumn.
54 reviews
July 26, 2020
God I hate this book. It's quite possibly the first book I will ever burn with my own 2 hands. The lack of consent in the "Love scenes" is genuinely appalling and actually upset me enough to make me walk away from the book for at least a week. It feels like a dudes poorly masked rape fantasy when I just wanted a hot werewolf book. It's still hot if they both verbally agree to have sex Christine. Sort yourself out.
Profile Image for Brandy France.
743 reviews1 follower
November 18, 2022
This is an amazing read I loved the plot and how the author had my attention from start to finish....with the ebook. Im not a fan of how manly the alpha female is im all for i am woman hear me roar but i picture her with a penis Now the audiobook is a different story. They picked the wrong voice for the female alpha ; she's supposed to be 24 but for some reason sounds 60 + I couldn't finish listening to it. But the author does a great with the sex action and problems then fixing said problem
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Jan.
4,686 reviews50 followers
June 10, 2017
This one is all Lupine all the time. Beta of the Silverback clan goes up into the North Country to check on the status of another clan and gets entangled with the woman who would be Alpha. The story line is a little leaky at times, and the ending is a little off, but it is generally a pretty good read. I don't regret spending the money.
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