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Frieda Klein #2

Tuesday's Gone

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Blue Monday leaves readers with the promise of intriguing tales to come”  —People (four-star review)

Internationally bestselling authors Nicci Gerard and Sean French, writing as Nicci French, have sold more than eight million copies of their books worldwide. But nothing they’ve written written before has grabbed the attention of reviewers and readers like Blue
and its iconic heroine, Frieda Klein. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly called it a “superb psychological thriller . . . with brooding atmosphere, sustained suspense, a last-minute plot twist, and memorable cast of characters.”

In Tuesday’s Gone, a London social worker makes a routine home visit only to discover her client, Michelle Doyce, serving afternoon tea to a naked, decomposing corpse. With no clues as to the dead man’s identity, Chief Inspector Karlsson again calls upon Frieda for help. She discovers that the body belongs to Robert Poole, con man extraordinaire. But Frieda can’t shake the feeling that the past isn’t done with her yet. Did someone kill Poole to embroil her in the investigation? And if so, is Frieda herself the next victim?

A masterpiece of paranoia, Tuesday’s Gone draws readers inexorably into a fractured and faithless world as it brilliantly confirms Frieda Klein as a quintessential heroine for our times.

384 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2012

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About the author

Nicci French

72 books2,906 followers
Note: (Nicci Gerrard and Sean French also write separately.)

Nicci Gerrard was born in June 1958 in Worcestershire. After graduating with a first class honours degree in English Literature from Oxford University, she began her first job, working with emotionally disturbed children in Sheffield. In that same year she married journalist Colin Hughes.

In the early eighties she taught English Literature in Sheffield, London and Los Angeles, but moved into publishing in 1985 with the launch of Women's Review, a magazine for women on art, literature and female issues.

In 1987 Nicci had a son, Edgar, followed by a daughter, Anna, in 1988, but a year later her marriage to Colin Hughes broke down.

In 1989 she became acting literary editor at the New Statesman, before moving to the Observer, where she was deputy literary editor for five years, and then a feature writer and executive editor.

It was while she was at the New Statesman that she met Sean French.

Sean French was born in May 1959 in Bristol, to a British father and Swedish mother. He too studied English Literature at Oxford University at the same time as Nicci, also graduating with a first class degree, but their paths didn't cross until 1990. In 1981 he won Vogue magazine's Writing Talent Contest, and from 1981 to 1986 he was their theatre critic. During that time he also worked at the Sunday Times as deputy literary editor and television critic, and was the film critic for Marie Claire and deputy editor of New Society.

Sean and Nicci were married in Hackney in October 1990. Their daughters, Hadley and Molly, were born in 1991 and 1993.

By the mid-nineties Sean had had two novels published, The Imaginary Monkey and The Dreamer of Dreams, as well as numerous non-fiction books, including biographies of Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot.

In 1995 Nicci and Sean began work on their first joint novel and adopted the pseudonym of Nicci French. The Memory Game was published to great acclaim in 1997 followed by The Safe House (1998), Killing Me Softly (1999), Beneath the Skin (2000), The Red Room (2001), Land of the Living (2002), Secret Smile (2003), Catch Me When I Fall (2005), Losing You (2006) and Until It's Over (2008). Their latest novel together is What To Do When Someone Dies (2009).

Nicci and Sean also continue to write separately. Nicci still works as a journalist for the Observer, covering high-profile trials including those of Fred and Rose West, and Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr. Novels include Things We Knew Were True (2003), Solace (2005) and The Moment You Were Gone (2007). Sean's last novel is Start From Here (2004).

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2,440 reviews830 followers
January 20, 2018
I totally devoured this! I happened upon this series last year when I was doing a reading challenge and needed a book with a day of the week in it! The main character is a psychotherapist, Frida, who inadvertently becomes embroiled in a missing persons and murder investigation. In this second outing, I was fascinated by Frida as a character. She is aloof, very private but also caring. We learn she is cut off from her family but now why. It is her astute observations that keep the case open and help to solve it. I am fascinated by the psychotherapeutic process but also feel the situation in this book, where Frida becomes a freelance consultant to the police, with permission to almost take on the role of a detective with initiative, was stretching reality a bit. Also, she supervises a young psychotherapist who admits to being flaky and letting his clients down. At one point she encourages him to take on a particularly vulnerable client - again - an unlikely practise. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book so much that I can’t give it any less than a full 5 stars.
If you like psychological stories, this series could be for you! Recommended.
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278 reviews169 followers
March 13, 2018

This novel by the husband-wife writing team Nicci French is the second in the seven-novel Frieda Klein mystery novel series. I had read the first, Blue Monday, a few months back and knew then I would eventually get back to reading the rest of the books. Klein is a psychiatrist, who works as a psychotherapist, in contemporary London. While she gets along well with all sorts of people, she is very much a loner, loving night walks and time alone in her tiny and cozy house. From time to time the police, especially in the person of Deputy Chief Inspector Mal Karlsson, call on her to enlighten them about the motivations and thought processes of their more unusual characters. Yet Klein is not an ordinary police advisor; she remains very much her own person, going further than is needed when she feels that is necessary to get at the truth and refusing to go along with scenarios that she feels do not represent the truth of what she sees. Her insistence on her own independence keeps her, in this novel at least, from becoming an official representative of the department. The more I get to know her, the better I like her, even though I sometimes disagree with what she does or says.

Because this is a mystery, I won’t go into any sort of plot details. The book opens with a social worker visiting Michelle Doyce, a client, and finding Doyce feeding tea and buns to a dead man, who is decomposing on her sofa. Clearly, Doyce is not in her right mind, and the body is not carrying any identification. So the book begins by sending Doyce to the hospital and trying to identify the body. And as you can imagine, the book is quite dark. We are not dealing with the human race at is best here for much of the time. Yet the story is quite a page-turner with new characters and ideas arriving one immediately after the other. Sometimes I can guess where things are going; many other times I am totally surprised. Once I got started on this book, I just had to keep reading.

As this is a second book in a series, I will say that while it could stand alone, I think the reader who has already read the first novel will find him or herself to be an even more involved reader. Quite a few characters in the first book are back, especially the police and Frieda’s colleagues, friends, and family. Even some of the ideas from the plot of the first novel recur. I am so glad I am reading these books in order. I liked this one even more than the first, in part because I already know so many of the characters. As I am heading to the library today, I will be taking out more Frieda Klein mysteries by Nicci French, assuming I can get them in order.
Profile Image for Erin (from Long Island, NY).
449 reviews153 followers
November 5, 2019
Solid 4.5. This is 1 of my favorite series! I really recommend it- but please start with the 1st one! (That’s only because there are continuing characters and references though..) The best part is that each book is in itself a complete story. Some series feel stretched out, like maybe the story is being forced. Not here! I really like Dr Frieda, and quite a few of her “friends” are also really interesting. So it’s the perfect combo- characters you know & love (or not,) & a genuine good mystery. Just a great series.. I’m immediately ready to jump in to the next 1 (which usually does not happen with me, even if I like the series!) Especially love the fact that each book is great in itself, while there are also some “thriller” aspects in the background, building to be resolved in a later book.. I’m hooked!
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9,989 reviews14 followers
September 9, 2015
The London Stone behind its Victorian grill. Cannon Street.

Description: In Tuesday’s Gone, a London social worker makes a routine home visit only to discover her client serving afternoon tea to a naked, decomposing corpse. With no clues as to the dead man’s identity, Chief Inspector Karlsson again calls upon Frieda for help. She discovers that the body belongs to Robert Poole, con man extraordinaire. But Frieda can’t shake the feeling that the past isn’t done with her yet. Did someone kill Poole to embroil her in the investigation? And if so, is Frieda herself the next victim?

A masterpiece of paranoia, Tuesday’s Gone draws readers inexorably into a fractured and faithless world as it brilliantly confirms Frieda Klein as a quintessential heroine for our times.

Strapline: The mind is a dangerous place to hide...

Opening: Maggie Brennan half walked, half ran along Deptford Church Street.She was talking on the phone and reading a file and looking for the address in the A-Z.

In some ways this series mildly reminds me of the Bryant and May series by Christopher Fowler, what with the odd snippets of forgotten London and all.

This book takes off a year and a month after the end of 'Blue Monday' and the storyline is a continuance so it would be preferable to read them in order to gain the nuances.

Love this series and wish #3 was on my TBR shelves right now.

The Capgras delusion is a disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member (or pet) has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor.
wiki sourced

From east to west these are the Black Ditch and the Walbrook, 3 rivers rising on Hampstead Heath – the Fleet, Tyburn and Westbourne

4* Blue Monday (Frieda Klein, #1)
4* Tuesday's Gone (Frieda Klein, #2)

3* Killing Me Softly
4* Beneath the Skin
OH Land of the Living
TR The Memory Game
3* Catch Me When I Fall
TR Safe House
3* Complicit
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4,031 reviews58.9k followers
February 6, 2016
Tuesday’s Gone by Nicci French is a 2012 Penguin Group publication.

“Monday’s like jumping into ice-cold water, but you get a shock of excitement. On Tuesday you’re still in the water but the shock has worn off and you’re just cold.”

This second book in the Frieda Klein series finds the psychologist involved in a disturbing case centered around a mentally ill woman who had been keeping a dead man in her residence. When it becomes clear the man was murdered, Frieda officially becomes a consultant with the police and soon finds herself involved with clever con game, while at the same time, she slowly begins to realize that the last case she worked is far from resolved and now that she’s discovered the truth, she is most likely in danger.

I had a little trouble getting into the first book of this series, but since I already had the second book checked out from my library, I decided to keep going with it. I’m glad I did, because I enjoyed this one better, and found the writing to be a lot more fluid.

The story is slow moving at times and often it feels as though nothing is really happening, but Frieda’s personality really begins to take shape, and her relationships with her friends and family were fleshed out more, giving the reader better idea of what makes Frieda tick.

The murder case is a little complex, very puzzling, and I have to admit, I was I pretty surprised by the outcome. I was also relieved when Frieda finally got clued in about a troubling thread the first book left hanging and can see how that story will continue to weave itself into further installments. That being said, I highly recommend reading this series in order.

I am hoping Frieda will find a way to continue on with her consulting position, and will finally find the proof she needs to put a murderer away before she becomes his next victim.

So, overall, I feel like this series could grow on me more as we go along, so, “Waiting on Wednesday” is queued up and ready to go. Should be interesting.
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6,408 reviews463 followers
July 18, 2014
Events in this volume follow pretty much immediately after those of Blue Monday. There's a brief recap to refresh your memory if you're reading them a year apart as they were published, and again in the next one, but I'd strongly recommend gobbling them all up back-to-back.

Freida Klein is a complicated character. She's amazingly private, but not cold, and other people appreciate her kindness, sensitivity, and good advice. In her orbit there's a sister-in-law and teenaged niece, her mentor, the clinic's manager, a former patient, the friends with the cafe she relies on so heavily for all her meals, the therapist she is mentoring, the Ukrainian builder, the lover who left her for a job in the US, and now various people from Scotland Yard.

She has a strong network, but she's not in the habit of asking others for help. And now, after the successes and failures of the case she helped on, she's having a bad time coping. And then there's another case centered on a woman with profound mental issues.

As mysteries I quite like these books. They're not exploitative of their victims and the bad guys are never one-dimensional. Through Klein the reader is given a deeply empathetic look at the lives of people who've been overlooked, neglected, forgotten. The format of the series means that the reader keeps abreast of events after the police are finished detecting: there's both emotional and legal ramifications to follow up on.

There is also a very sad tone to the books. Klein is an insomniac, prone to walking the streets of London when her mind is restless, but it's not a hopelessness in the face of the horrible things humanity does to itself. Even where it isn't possible to save everyone, or prevent violence, it is possible to help people, and Klein doesn't stop trying. Despite the book's long cold winter, there will be better, warmer, times ahead.

Library copy
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Author 5 books146 followers
August 7, 2016
Η δεύτερη περιπέτεια της Φρίντα Κλάιν έρχεται απλά να επιβεβαιώσει πως το σούπερ δίδυμο των Nicci French έχει πολλά ακόμα να δώσει στα βιβλία του με τη συγκεκριμένη ηρωίδα!

Άλλη μια υπόθεση δολοφονίας,με την αστυνομία να αναζητεί τον ένοχο και να ζητάει ξανά την επαγγελματική συνδρομή της Φρίντα,ως ψυχαναλύτριας. Άλλη μια σωρεία στοιχείων,μπερδεμένων και αποπροσανατολιστικών,που απαιτούν ένα έξυπνο μυαλό για να ξεδιαλέξει. Το γνωστό μοτίβο της αναζήτησης,των πολλών ανατροπών και των προσωπικών προβλημάτων που ταλανίζουν τους ήρωες. Η Φρίντα και οι φίλοι της εξελίσσονται σ' αυτό το βιβλίο,'ξεδιπλώνονται' καλύτερα,μας γίνονται περισσότερο οικείοι,περιπλέκονται στη ζωή της ηρωίδας. Το έγκλημα που καλούνται να λύσουν είναι έξυπνα στημένο,τίποτα δεν είναι όπως φαίνεται αρχικά και σιγά σιγά η λίστα των υπόπτων μεγαλώνει. Ο αναγνώστης θα περιπλανηθεί σε μονοπάτια γραμμένα με μεράκι και μεγάλη έμπνευση,προτού αποκαλυφθεί το πρόσωπο του δράστη. Και οπωσδήποτε,το ταξίδι του αυτό θα αξίζει τον κόπο!

Το βιβλίο αυτό μου άρεσε επίσης γιατί,παρόλο που ως μοτίβο είναι γραμμένο όπως το πρώτο,η υπόθεσή του είναι φρέσκια,γεμάτη ζωντάνια και νέες μυρωδιές,και δεν νιώθεις πως το συγγραφικό δίδυμο και η ιστορία του πρώτου επαναλαμβάνονται. Απλά χρησιμοποιείται η ίδια επιτυχημένη "μαγιά" ως σκελετός της αφήγησης και με βάση αυτό δημιουργείται μια ολοκαίνουρια συνταγή,που μας καλεί να τη δοκιμάσουμε!

Αυτά και τρέχω για το τρίτο! :)
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Author 63 books267 followers
March 13, 2015
I actually enjoyed this book a great deal more than Blue Monday, the first in the series. I think that was because the storyline in this one appealed to me more and also the main characters were established and you knew what to expect and how they'd act. There was also more development of Frieda's character in this book and I liked that additional information on her background as it made her actions and feeling make more sense.

I thought the pacing of this book was excellent and there was never a dull moment. As stated previously, the story was gripping and I was keen to see how it would all play out.

One word of caution: this book heavily references Blue Monday, so you do need to read that one first in order to know what is going on in parts of this story.

Giving my feelings about the second book in the series, I will certainly be eager to read on and learn what will happen to Frieda in book three.

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.
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569 reviews102 followers
January 24, 2016
Η δεύτερη περιπέτεια της Φρίντα Κλάιν, η οποία είναι ψυχοθεραπεύτρια και συνεργάζεται με την αστυνομία για τη διερεύνηση εγκλημάτων. Η συνεργασία βέβαια προκέκυψε περισσότερο κατά λάθος, παρά την επεδίωξε κάποια πλευρά.

Το βιβλίο, λοιπόν, αφορά στο έγκλημα που διερευνά η αστυνομία, όταν το πτώμα ενός άντρα βρίσκεται στο σπίτι μιας γυναίκας με ψυχικές διαταραχές, μετά από έλεγχο της κοινωνικής υπηρεσίας. Οι αποκαλύψεις για την ταυτότητα του νεκρού και τη δράση του είναι σοκαριστικές, μάλιστα κάποια στιγμή ένας ήρωας (δεν θυμάμαι ποιος) αναφωνεί "Ποιος να εισαι άραγε!", εντυπωσιασμένος από τις πληροφορίες που έρχονταν στο φως. Επίσης, μας απασχολούν θέματα της προσωπικής ζωής της Φρίντα και του κύκλου της, ενώ για πρώτη φορά μαθαίνουμε κάτι από το παρελθόν της.

Το βιβλίο είναι τόσο καλογραμμένο και ευκολοδιάβαστο, που ομολογώ ότι και μεγαλύτερο να ήταν δεν θα με είχε κουράσει. Οι εξελίξεις διαδέχονται η μία την άλλη και οι αποκαλύψεις ειναι εκπληκτικές. Δεν έχει ιδιαίτερα περιστατικά ψυχοθεραπείας, όπως γινόταν στο πρώτο βιβλίο και οι ασθενείς της Φρίντα περνάνε σε δεύτερη μοίρα. Κυρίως το βιβλίο εστιάζεται στην ίδια τη Φρίντα και όχι στη δρ. Κλάιν όπως το πρώτο. Μπαίνομε λίγο περισσότερο στο μυαλό της, συμμεριζόμαστε τις σκέψεις και τις αγωνίες της. Σιγά σιγά αρχίζουμε να την καταλαβαίνουμε περισσότερο.

Αυτό που αγαπώ πολύ στο χαρακτήρα της Φρίντα και ελπίζω να με επηρεάσει κι εμένα στη δική μου ζωή, είναι το πόσο καλή ακροάτρια είναι και πόσο παρατηρεί τις λεπτομέρειες. Και στα δυο βιβλία αυτό είναι εκείνο που οδηγεί στην επίλυση των εγκλημάτων.

Αυτό είναι το δεύτερο βιβλίο της ιστορίας της Φρίντα. Αν κάποιος δεν έχει διαβάσει το πρώτο βιβλίο μπορεί μεν να καταλάβει την υπόθεση και να παρακολουθήσει τις εξελίξεις, να μην το κάνει όμως αν έχει σκοπό να διαβάσει το πρώτο, καθώς η υπόθεση συζητείται διεξοδικά και αποκαλύπτονται όλες οι πτυχές του εγκλήματος που μελετάται σε εκείνο (εκτός βέβαια και αν δεν έχει πρόβλημα να ξέρει τα πάντα για ένα έγκλημα που διαβάζει)
April 10, 2020
4.5 mystery stars ⭐️


“It didn’t feel like a criminal investigation at all: it was about people who were hopeless, who had slipped through the cracks.”
- Chris Munster

* * *
“As a therapist, I believe in self-knowledge, in autonomy. What people discover about themselves during therapy may not lead to peace or to happiness. Indeed, it often doesn’t. But it can lead to the possibility of turning what is unbearable into what is bearable, of taking responsibility for yourself and having a degree of control over your own life. That is what I do, as far as I can. Happiness …”
- Frieda Klein

* * *
“I often think that’s what makes a marriage work, not the big obvious things, like sex and children, but all those habits and routines and funny tics, the little things that drive you mad but bring you close.”
- Caroline Dekker

* * *
“The first few years of hearing what husbands say about wives and wives say about husbands and what people do to their own families, I lost every illusion I had. Sometimes I feel like I’m faced with huge, dangerous engines that are falling apart, and all I can do is put little pieces of sticky tape on them and hope they hold for a while.”
- Tessa Welles

* * *
“You’re losing sight of whether you’re a therapist or a detective. You don’t know whether to catch people or cure them.”
- Reuben McGill
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Author 1 book157 followers
September 4, 2019
Като цяло е на нивото на първата книга от поредицата.

+ По-малко клиширани и предъвкана случаи за разплитане. По-тънко чувство за съспенса и за техниките при воденето на разследването. По-добре изграден антагонист и то при положение, че той е мъртъв от началото на историята. Това, че историята му се разплита на етапи и че той се явява нещо като противоположност (по цели), но прилича в уменията си на Фрида - това ми хареса най-много. Засегнати социални аспекти и дори градоустройствени такива. Много ми допаднаха нощните разходки из Лондон, на др. Клайн.

- Е, да ... "Темза тече по някакъв друг начин, не както нормалните реки текат" (цитат по памет). Типажите на героите е все така лесно да си ги представим, защото са типични. От друга страна се прокрадва лек аромат на една стерилност. Сякаш авторите не могат докрай да погледнат през техните очи, а наблюдават сценографията "отгоре". Чувствах се дистанциран от случките, колкото и заплетени да се оказваха, или да се променяше гледната точка. Как да кажа - само техниката не ми беше достатъчна, за да се насладя докрай на играта на персонажите.

Добро четиво за потапяне в нощен (и дневен) Лондон с емигрантите му, престъпленията му, полицията и интуитивния подход на докторката към разрешаване на мистерии. Без да сме екзалтирано впечатлени.
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1,145 reviews147 followers
June 2, 2015
Το δεύτερο βιβλίο της σειράς είναι το ίδιο αν όχι καλύτερο από το πρώτο!!!
Το συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα....
73 reviews22 followers
May 28, 2013
This book exemplifies both everything I love and everything I hate about the writing of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French. They're brilliant at suspense - lots of surprising twisty twists that grip you from the start and keep you turning the pages. What they're less good at is construction and methodical cluing - the villains in this case were both blatantly obvious from the weirdness of their behaviour from the moment they appeared onpage and unsatisfyingly underwritten and undermotivated. It's almost as if the writers were having great fun scattering red herrings galore and keeping us (and each other) guessing until they got to a certain point in the novel and then thought they had to decide who the killer was and did a rush job of inserting them in. Although the journey is breathtaking and exhilarating, I always feel disappointed and a bit cheated when I get to the destination.

I also don't like the ongoing plotlines linking the various novels in the series, with characters from the previous novel popping up with unfinished business. All just a bit too melodramatic and detracts from the central storyline which, once you've stripped away the red herrings, was very thin.

I know that most mystery novels play fast and loose with the realities of the law and police procedure, but, even so, the behaviour of the investigators here would so blatantly lead to the case being thrown out of court in RL that I found it hard to keep suspending my disbelief.

But it was really, really gripping for at least the first two-thirds of the book - I'll give it that.
Profile Image for Noella.
907 reviews55 followers
September 16, 2020
Alhoewel ik het eerste deel (nog) niet gelezen heb, vond ik dit een zeer spannend boek, en er was genoeg uitleg over wat er tevoren gebeurd was, om goed te kunnen volgen.

In het huis van een verwarde vrouw wordt een lijk ontdekt. De vrouw doet alsof haar 'vriend' nog leeft, ze maakt thee voor hem, etc. De politie wordt natuurlijk ingeschakeld, maar ze kunnen de identiteit van de man niet achterhalen, ze ontdekken wel dat hij gewurgd is.

Frieda Klein gaat met de vrouw praten, en de politie-inspecteur vraagt haar om haar medewerking. Frieda ontdekt dat er veel meer achter deze zaak is, en nadat ze de (valse) identiteit van het slachtoffer te weten komen, blijken er steeds meer personen bij de zaak betrokken te zijn. In plaats van antwoorden te bekomen, rijzen er steeds meer vragen op bij de politie en Frieda.

Dit is het derde boek van Nikki French dat ik lees, en veruit het beste.
Profile Image for Katerina.
121 reviews16 followers
August 7, 2015
Ένα ακόμα υπέροχο βιβλίο από το συγγραφικό ζευγάρι που παρουσιάζεται σε εμάς με το ψευδώνυμο Nicci French. Υπέροχο όσο του Blue Monday το Tuesday's Gone. Αν αγαπάς το αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα θα το λατρέψεις σίγουρα. Το καλύτερο κατά τη γνώμη μου σε αυτή τη σειρά βιβλίων, είναι ότι η πρωταγωνίστρια δεν είναι αστυνομικός, όπως σε πολλά βιβλία του είδους, αλλά ψυχοθεραπεύτρια. Έτσι στα βιβλία παρουσιάζονται πολλές ψυχικές διαταραχές ή ψυχικές ασθένειες που μπορεί να έχουν κάποιο που συναντάνε κατά την έρευνα. Επίσης, βλέπεις και λίγο τη ζωή ενός ανθρώπου που κάνει αυτό το επάγγελμα. Πόσο δύσκολο μπορεί να είναι και πόσο ψυχοφθόρο πολλές φορές. Για να πω την αλήθεια εγώ πολλές φορές τρόμαξα και ταυτίστηκα με τη μοναχική ζωή της πρωταγωνίστριας μιας και κάνουμε το ίδιο επάγγελμα.

Η πλοκή της ιστορίας είναι τόσο καλοδουλεμένη που πραγματικά δύσκολα θα λύσεις το μυστήριο και θα βρεις τον δολοφόνο. Αυτό συνέβη και στο προηγούμενο βιβλίο της σειράς. Αν αποφασίσεις να αρχίσεις τη σειράς καλό θα ήταν να ξεκινήσεις πρώτα από το Blue Monday, μιας και στο Tuesday's Gone αναφέρονται πολλές πληροφορίες για το πρώτο βιβλίο όπως και πολλά συμπληρωματικά στοιχεία για την πρώτη υπόθεση. Από τα καλύτερα αστυνομικά θρίλερ που έχω διαβάσει.Δε θα μπορείς να το αφήσεις από τα χέρια σου.

Θα το βρεις από τις εκδόσεις Διόπτρα, όπως και όλα τα βιβλία της σειράς.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 22, 2018
The second book in the series and again we're treated to a slower paced psychological thriller featuring Freida Klein. I'm still not sure how I feel about main protagonist, Klein. She's a difficult character to like with her somewhat cold and offhand ways.

A male body is discovered in the flat of a woman with mental health issues and raises many, many questions as to how the man came to be there. DCI Karlsson together with his team are tasked with piecing together just who the victim was and the more the ball of wool unravels, the more the victim's life appears tangled. Klein again works with Karlsson on a consultancy basis but again I find a methodology has serious shortcomings at times. Klein's eccentric ways and her steadfastness to remain aloof is difficult to warm too but I hope with each book a little more of her background is revealed.

It's a steady paced mystery that slowly brings the pieces of the jigsaw together. Sometimes a series can be read in any order or as standalones but in this instance I would recommending reading these books in order.

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February 27, 2018
I really enjoyed the story, and had a hard time putting it down each time I picked it up to read more. It was a somewhat convoluted tale, but that did not deter me. I am caught up. I want to know more about Frieda.

On to book three!
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March 29, 2015
Our heroine Frieda is a psychiatrist who helps out the police with crime investigations. She’s a complex individual, a loner with an interesting assortment of friends. She meets my criteria for respected female detective because she’s smart and human. When she gets into the obligatory dangerous situation at the climax of the book it’s not due to stupidity on her part.

I enjoyed her long walks around London despite the mostly bad weather. She showed a lot of compassion and insight with the mentally ill woman who was found with a naked dead man in her living room.

Lately, I keep post-it flags strategically placed around the house so I can flag phrases that I like. My favorite in this book was;

“He looked thinner . . .but she couldn’t tell because he was too far away from her, and the room lay like a year between them.”

I picked up this book because the librarian recommended a mystery writer named French but it turns out she was talking about Tana French whose books were all check out. We will see if the Tana is as good as Nicci.

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September 27, 2019
En ik heb ‘m alweer uit. Net als bij het eerste deel had ik regelmatig moeite om het boek weg te leggen. Het is zo verslavend. Vooral woensdag had ik: ach, nog een hoofdstuk lezen. En voor ik het wist zat ik al op meer dan tweederde van het boek.

Het mysterie is interessant en ondanks dat ik dit boek eerder heb gelezen, wist ik niet meer hoe het in elkaar stak. Wel viel me nu op dat het einde een beetje vergelijkbaar is met dat van deel 1. Dat is mij de vorige keer dat ik het boek las niet opgevallen, maar toen zat er veel tijd tussen dat ik ze las. Ik hoop dat dat geen patroon gaat worden dat in de rest van de serie. Bij de serie van M.J. Arlidge is dat bijvoorbeeld wel het geval en bij die serie begin ik me daar aan te ergeren.

Verder heb ik erg genoten van het boek. Doordat ik de hoofdpersoon en schrijfstijl al ken, voelde het verhaal meteen vertrouwd. Ook begon het verhaal meteen goed. Op naar deel 3.
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August 6, 2018

Προσωπικά πέρασα πάρα πολύ ωραία με αυτό το βιβλίο και μου άρεσε ένα κλικ περισσότερο από το πρώτο (4 στα 5 εκείνο).

Η αστυνομική του ιστορία είναι έτσι κι αλλιώς καλή, αλλά αυτό που το κάνει πραγματικά ενδιαφέρον -για μένα πάντα- είναι ότι τα περισσότερα τα ανακαλύπτουμε μέσα τα μάτια μιας ψυχοθεραπεύτριας. Ναι μεν η Φρίντα συνεργάζεται άμεσα με την αστυνομία, αλλά συχνά-πυκνά είναι οι συνομιλίες της με κατηγορούμενους και μη αυτές που προωθούν την πλοκή.

Μου αρέσει πολύ επίσης που η προσωπική ζωή της Φρίντα καταλαμβάνει αρκετό χώρο στο βιβλίο. Έχω δεθεί με τους χαρακτήρες που την περιτριγυρίζουν και θέλω να μαθαίνω πράγματα και γι' αυτούς.
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May 15, 2021
Слабичко. Отново. Мислих, че нещата ще се подобрят... Но уви. Доста не ѝ достига на книгата, за да е в категория "добра"... Остава си с категория "прилична за губене на време" 😜
Не знам защо, но усещането, което остава след прочита е същото като след книгите на Камила Лекберг - за недотам добре прекарано време. 🤷🏻‍♀️
February 25, 2013
Περίμενα με μεγάλη ανυπομονησία το νέο βιβλίο της Nicci French, ένα καλλιτεχνικό ψευδώνυμο πίσω από το οποίο βρίσκεται το συγγραφικό, και όχι μόνο, ζεύγος, Nicci Gerrard και Sean French, και είμαι βεβαία πως όσοι έχετε διαβάσει το "Blue Monday", συμμερίζεστε το πάθος μου για την πένα τους/της. Και αυτό γιατί, τόσο το "Blue Monday", όσο και το νέο βιβλίο των περιπετειών της ψυχοθεραπεύτριας Φρίντα Κλάιν με τίτλο, "Tuesday's Gone", δεν είναι ένα ακόμα απλό, κοινότυπο αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα αλλά, κάτι περισσότερο. Μια αστυνομική περιπέτεια που σκοπό της δεν είναι απλά η επίλυση ενός γρίφου αλλά, η εξερεύνηση των βαθύτερων άδυτων της ανθρώπινης ψυχολογίας και ψυχοσύνθεσης που οδηγούν, με συνδυασμένες αποφάσεις, σε ένα αποτέλεσμα που πολλές φορές, δεν έχει επιστροφή και δεν μπορεί να οδηγήσει πουθενά αλλού παρά, στην απόλυτη καταστροφή, όπως κι αν αυτή εκφράζεται.

Μια κοινωνική λειτουργός, στα πλαίσια των καθημερινών της εργασιών, επισκέπτεται μια ψυχικά διαταραγμένη γυναίκα προκειμένου να διαπιστώσει το επίπεδο ζωής της. Μπαίνοντας στο σπίτι της, έρχεται αντιμέτωπη με ένα φρικιαστικό θέαμα που δεν περίμενε. Στο σαλόνι του σπιτιού βρίσκεται το πτώμα ενός άντρα, αγνώστων στοιχείων, σε προχωρημένη σήψη. Τα στοιχεία για την υπόθεση είναι πολύ λίγα και πολύ συγκεχυμένα και η ψυχική κατάσταση της γυναίκας στο σπίτι της οποίας βρέθηκε το πτώμα, δεν διευκολύνει καθόλου το έργο της αστυνομίας. Έτσι, για μια ακόμα φορά, ο επιθεωρητής Κάρλσον αναγκάζεται να ζητήσει τη βοήθεια της ψυχοθεραπεύτριας Φρίντα Κλάιν, σε μια προσπάθεια να ξεκλειδώσουν το μυαλό της διαταραγμένης γυναίκας και να ανακαλύψουν ποιος ήταν αυτός ο άντρας και τι πραγματικά συνέβη. Και ενώ η αστυνομία στέλνει τη γυναίκα σε ψυχιατρικό ίδρυμα και κλείνει τον φάκελο της υπόθεσης, θεωρώντας την ένοχη, η Φρίντα είναι πεπεισμένη πως ο δολοφόνος κυκλοφορεί ελεύθερος και αποφασίζει να ερευνήσει περαιτέρω την υπόθεση, συλλέγοντας στοιχεία που θα οδηγήσουν στον πραγματικό δράστη και τα πράγματα, περιπλέκονται περισσότερο απ' όσο είχαν αρχικά φανταστεί.

Αν κάτι λατρεύω στα βιβλία της Nicci French, είναι το γεγονός ότι είναι πολυεπίπεδα και πολυδιάστατα. Σε αντίθεση με τα περισσότερα αστυνομικά μυθιστορήματα, δεν επικεντρώνονται απλά και μόνο στην επίλυση ενός γρίφου που θα μας οδηγήσει σταδιακά στον ένοχο και την αποκάλυψη της αλήθειας αλλά, αποτελούνται από μια σειρά γρίφων και μυστηρίων που ζητάνε απαντήσεις, όχι μόνο για την εξέλιξη της δράσης της ίδιας της ιστορίας αλλά, που στοχεύουν στην εμβάθυνση της ανθρώπινης συμπεριφοράς. Με πιο απλά λόγια, μας καλούν να εισχωρήσουμε στο άδυτο της ανθρώπινης ψυχοσύνθεσης προσπαθώντας να κατανοήσουμε τους λόγους και τα κίνητρα, τις καλά κρυμμένες εμμονές, τις ψυχολογικές παθήσεις που μετουσιώνονται σε αρρωστημένες ιδέες, ή ακόμα και στα πάθη και τις θεωρητικές μας ανάγκες που πρέπει οπωσδήποτε και με κάθε μέσο ή κόστος να υλοποιηθούν, να αποκτήσουν υπόσταση και έπειτα από αυτό, να συγκαλυφθούν με επιδεξιότητα, αν αυτό καθίσταται δυνατόν.

Σε αντίθεση με το πρώτο βιβλίο της σειράς, τα πράγματα είναι ξεκάθαρα από την αρχή. Αυτό δεν έχει να κάνει με το ότι το "Blue Monday" είναι κατώτερο, γιατί δεν είναι, αλλά με το γεγονός ότι πλέον γνωρίζουμε, τόσο την Φρίντα Κλάιν και τον τρόπο που σκέφτεται, διενεργεί και πράττει, όσο και την φιλοσοφία της γύρω από την ανθρώπινη ύπαρξη και τον τρόπο δράσης της. Αυτή τη φορά, γνωρίζουμε τι να περιμένουμε και απλώς ακολουθούμε την Φρίντα και τους συνεργάτες της σε μια νέα περιπέτεια που σε κάθε στροφή της, μας περιμένει και μια καινούργια έκπληξη. Ένα ακόμα στοιχείο που έρχεται να προστεθεί στο παζλ και που αντί να οδηγεί στην λύση, μας κάνει να προβληματιζόμαστε όλο και περισσότερο, θέλοντας απεγνωσμένα να ανακαλύψουμε την αλήθεια, η οποία δεν φανερώνεται παρά μόλις ένα κεφάλαιο πριν την τελική αποκάλυψη την οποία, δεν συνοδεύει η νηνεμία αλλά, μια μεγάλη, πολύ μεγάλη ανατροπή. Επιπλέον, παρά το γεγονός ότι τα βιβλία της σειράς αποτελούν αυτόνομες ιστορίες, έχει βρεθεί ένας τρόπος άτυπης σύνδεσης μεταξύ τους που όχι μόνο είναι ευφυής αλλά μας κάνει να θέλουμε να διαβάσουμε την συνέχεια και μάλιστα, όσο το δυνατόν πιο άμεσα.

Με άρτια και μεστή γραφή, καλοστημένη πλοκή, άψογα σκιαγραφημένους χαρακτήρες και μια πρωταγωνίστρια που δεν μπορείς να μην λατρέψεις για το θάρρος και την ευστροφία της, το "Tuesday's Gone" είναι ένα βιβλίο που θα σας κατ��κτήσει και θα σας κάνει να ζητάτε από την Φρίντα να συνεχίσει να χώνει τη μύτη της, ακόμα κι εκεί που δεν πρέπει και να ταυτιζόμαστε μαζί της. Ένα ψυχογράφημα με αστυνομικές προεκτάσεις που καθηλώνει και προβληματίζει σε πολλά επίπεδα, ένα χρονικό ενός φόνου πίσω από τον οποίο κρύβονται περισσότερα απ' όσα νομίζεται. Χάρη στη γλαφυρή περιγραφικότητας της French, θα αισθανθείτε ότι βρίσκεστε και περιδιαβαίνετε τους δρόμους του Λονδίνου. Ενός Λονδίνου σκοτεινού και κρύο που σε κάθε γωνιά του, κρύβει μια νέα απειλή ή και μια νέα αποκάλυψη. Αν με το "Blue Monday" ο πήχης είχε τεθεί ψηλά, με αυτό το βιβλίο, αντί να κατέβει, ανεβαίνει ακόμα περισσότερο, με τη Διόπτρα να αποδεικνύει πως έχει πάρει κεφάλι στον χώρο του αστυνομικού μυθιστορήματος και δεν μπορούμε να κάνουμε τίποτα άλλο από το να περιμένουμε και η αναμονή, θα είναι σίγουρα αργή και βασανιστική.
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October 21, 2012
Dr. Frieda Klein is a London psychotherapist introduced in "Blue Monday: A Novel," a story that brought other characters to the canvas, like police detective Karlsson. The back story from the first novel reverberates periodically in "Tuesday's Gone," another thriller that opens with a murder. But not just any murder. The victim himself is an unknown entity, which makes finding the killer even more challenging. And when his body is discovered in the flat of a mentally ill woman, there is very little remaining evidence to go on. For poor Michelle Doyce has been sitting with the body for some time, in a state of confusion.

Who is the victim known to them initially as Robert Poole, a con man? He has stolen someone else's identity, and as the police zero in on who some of his victims were, they learn a lot more about him—except who he really is and who killed him. They learn how he listens to those he victimizes; he gives them his full attention, something each of them needs desperately.

As in the previous book, Dr. Klein is acting as a consultant to the police, but in these cost-cutting times, it looks like her days of assisting may be numbered. And the attitude of the other detectives (other than Karlsson) are resentful. Sometimes her job is made more difficult by these attitudes.

In the process of untangling the very elusive strands that might knit the case together into a useful shape, we meet some intriguing characters. Those who show us bits and pieces of how they fit into Robert Poole's world.

But who is the nameless woman huddled on a barge, waiting for someone's return? Why is she still there, when she could go? What is she waiting for? And how does she play a role in the mystery?

Like a giant jigsaw puzzle with intricate pieces that must go together in just the right way, we gradually come to understand what at first seemed unknowable. But the danger will mount, putting everyone in peril before we find the answers.

I like Frieda Klein. She is elusive, mysterious, and clever. She is also hiding her own past secrets. Will her history keep her from finding that true feeling of home, or will she continually walk the streets of London at night until she works out her own puzzle?

I could not put this book down. And just when I realized that not all the answers would be forthcoming, I knew that there will have to be another book in this series. And I can't wait! Five stars.
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December 27, 2017
Tuesday's Gone is a pretty good followup to Blue Monday, the first in the Frieda Klein series. It should be strongly noted, and I am strongly noting that you must read Blue Monday before this one. Book 1 is terrific.

This is a fine series so far by Nicci French, the pen name of a husband/wife writing team. One of the more remarkable things about these novels is how fluid the writing is. I can't imagine it would be easy to collaborate two writers and end up with a seamless narrative, maintaining a consistent feel throughout. ESPECIALLY a husband and wife. Now, I love my wife dearly, but we do enjoy our times apart to do our own thing. A relationship that can sustain living together and working together, particularly something as single minded as writing would be, well I can't imagine it. This couple is sick and needs help.

Kidding aside, there's a lot I like about this series. I love the idea of a psychoanalyst being called upon to help solve a case. The characters are all very well drawn. The dialogue is excellent. The story moves along at a brisk pace, and it's a good story with a compelling mystery.

The only reason I'm ranking this one 4 stars instead of 5 is that there was one aspect towards the end that became far too complex than was necessary. Frankly, they lost me with that. I'm sure if I stopped and thought it through for a few minutes I would have been clearer on it, but I didn't have the patience. It wasn't that big a deal, really. Just annoying.
And, there was something that will obviously carry forth further into the series, and I'm strongly suspecting this will get a little too long in the tooth. It already is: I was hoping for it to be tied up at the end of the novel, but it wasn't. That's sending up some red flags for me that this may never end.
Sorry, can't get into specifics here without spoiling things, and it's Boxing Day and I'm too lazy to type them out and tuck them into cozy spoiler tags.

So, a good 4 star novel, and despite the aforementioned red flags I'll be back for book 3!

Merry Christmas everyone!
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May 27, 2012
I’ve long been a big fan of the Nicci French writing partnership – they were writing psychological thrillers long before their current popularity, good stories well told with strong female lead characters (my particular favourites are Killing Me Softly, Beneath the Skin and the wonderful Secret Smile). But I was disappointed in the last two or three before this series started. Psychotherapist Dr Frieda Klein has given them a new and original angle, and this series is shaping up really nicely – I enjoyed the first, Blue Monday, but found this one even more gripping.

The discovery of a naked man’s body, gripping a cream bun and with a cup of tea at his feet, in the flat of a mental patient is a striking start. The discovery that he is a con man with a large number of impacted people gives this book an amazing cast of characters, all well drawn and with their own secrets. Add to that the evolving story of the complex character of Frieda and her family and friends, and the policeman Karlsson with his equally human back story, and this is a very good read indeed. Blue Monday finished on a slightly ambiguous note, and the untied ends of that story flow through this book too.

I’d urge everyone to read this series in order – if you don’t, you’ll be missing a lot in terms of character development and those continuing themes – the small amount of recapping here doesn’t really give you it all. The story is well-paced and involving, and none the worse for the small amount of serendipity in its resolution. Highly recommended, I haven’t been so impressed by a series since Peter James’ Roy Grace books, and I can’t wait for the next one.
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November 23, 2016
This is not your usual police procedural with the usual villains and the usual good guys. Nicci French (a husband and wife writing team) approach their work from a wholly different angle. The main character, psychotherapist Frieda Klein, is a very complex individual and has problems of her own. She agrees to assist the police in their latest case in which a mentally disturbed woman is found in her flat with a dead man who she is "taking care of". It is obvious from the beginning that this woman did not kill the man but who is he and how did he get in her apartment? The woman's mental condition prohibits anyone from getting answers from her and the police hope that Dr. Klein can see behind her delusions to find a clue. But that is just the beginning.

The story twists and turns and we meet some very interesting people along the way to the crime resolution. Probably my only slight complaint about the characters is that everyone seems to have problems......is no one happy in this book? The ending of the story leaves an opening for a sequel as one of the scenarios within the main narrative is unsolved. I look forward to it.
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June 21, 2020
Frieda Klein book No. 2: A mentally unbalanced woman is 'looking after' a fat naked, corpse, when the police find her, the corpse is of a man who led a very varied and strange life, his name was Robert Poole. Frieda Klein is brought back in to consult again, and as well as working on the case, she keeps trying to let people know that she believes that the last case (chronicled in Blue Monday) wasn't really solved! The best detective series out there are the mo, just got even better! 8 out of 12.
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December 6, 2018
Segundo libro de la serie protagonizada por Frieda Klein, psiquiatra que colabora puntualmente con Scotland Yard, y ambientada en Londres. La protagonista es un poco especial: solitaria, le gusta vagabundear por la noche por la ciudad, muy segura de si misma.
A lo largo de la serie, vamos conociendo detalles de su vida y como desarrolla su trabajo; ya que, en mi opinión, la trama policial es un poco secundaria, al lado de la narración sobre la vida y los pacientes de Frieda.
Imprescindible leer en orden, ya que en el segundo hay muchos spoilers del primero.
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November 17, 2018
Zou dit boek graag 3,5 sterren geven... Ik vond de omschrijvingen mooi en ook het verhaal op zich kon mij wel bekoren... De ontknoping kwam voor mij echter zeer plots en onverwachts... Helemaal op het einde kwam er dan nog een spannend stuk dat ik wel intrigerend vond... Soms vond ik wel het feit dat Frieda in kleine toevalligheden plots 'iets' zag, soms moeilijk te geloven... Ook vond ik dat de hoofdstukken in het boek soms te kort waren, het verhaal sprong nogal heen en weer waardoor het soms niet meer duidelijk was over wie het nu juist ging... De vele personages versterkten dit gevoel nog... Ik denk dat ik nu even wat anders ga lezen vooraleer ik het derde deel uit de reeks lees...
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August 8, 2012
Tuesday's Gone picks up around a year after the events of Blue Monday, which introduced psychiatrist Dr Frieda Klein who reluctantly became involved in a police investigation involving one of her clients and an abducted boy. In the midst of a cold London winter, DCI Karlsson asks Frieda to speak with a disturbed woman found caring for a naked, rotting corpse in her flat, unable to provide a coherent statement. Deciphering Michelle Doyce's rambling leads Freida and Karlsson's team to identify the victim as Robert Poole, but further investigation reveals the man was a scheming conman using a stolen identity. Under pressure due to looming budget cuts, the police are ordered to charge the mentally ill woman with murder and close the case but Frieda believes Michelle innocent and continues to pull at the exposed threads of the investigation.

Nothing is simple in this case, as the investigation into 'Bob Poole' reveals a lonely elderly lady swindled of over a hundred thousand dollars, a young wife and mother who succumbed to his charms and a vulnerable neighbour who misses the kind man who visited her regularly. Karlsson is under pressure to ignore Frieda's suspicions but trusts her instincts that there is something more sinister happening.
As well as the storyline involving the murdered confidence man, somewhere a young woman waits for the return of her lover, Karlsson is frustrated by custody issues and Josef has returned from Kiev, a broken man.
February is turning out to be a bad month personally for Frieda too, she is still missing her former lover but reluctant to respond to his overtures, her niece, Chloe, is acting out, the wife of a former patient has made a formal complaint about her professionalism, the publication of a book related to a former case paints her in a bad light sparking unflattering media interest and if that wasn't enough, she feels she is being watched. Only an attentive accountant seems to offer Frieda some relief.
It is Frieda's very reserved character that sets the tone for the novel. Even with so much happening in Tuesday's Gone, the story doesn't feel crowded, neither does the pace feel rushed. I thought the suspense was somewhat muted but there is a constant undercurrent of tension and I couldn't help but be intrigued by both the characters and the twists and turns of the story.

Though I wish I had read Blue Monday, the first in the Frieda Klein series, before Tuesday's Gone, this novel can be read as a stand alone. With it's carefully crafted plot and interesting characters, Tuesday's Gone is an absorbing psychological thriller.
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