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Perfect Kisses #1

Playing at Love

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Show choir teacher Tess Johansson loves three things: music, her job, and sharing that passion with her students. But when a school budget crisis forces funding to be pulled from either the sports or music programs, she finds herself going head to head with Jack, the gorgeous new football coach who broke her heart fifteen years ago.

Jack Marshall wants two things: to be closer to his young daughter and to make his mark as a football coach. Taking the new job, with the promise that he’d have time to build a solid team, gave him both. But now he must win the season with a group of boys who aren't anywhere near ready or he’ll lose everything he’s worked so hard for. Being pitted against Tess, the summer love he never forgot, is like being fourth and long with only seconds on the clock.

On opposing sides of a fierce battle and with everything at stake, Tess and Jack find themselves torn between doing what it takes to win and doing what it takes to be together.

293 pages, ebook

First published September 24, 2012

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About the author

Ophelia London

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USA Today bestselling author Ophelia London was born and raised among the redwood trees in beautiful northern California. Once she was fully educated, she decided to settle in Florida, but her car broke down in Texas, and she’s lived in Dallas ever since. She enjoys cupcakes, treadmills, reruns of Dawson’s Creek and obsessing over her Italian Greyhound, Peanut. Ophelia is the author of THE AMISH COWBOY'S HOMECOMING, book #2 in her Honey Brook series of Amish romances! As well as the Sugar City series, the Perfect Kisses series, the Abby Road series, and other adult, NA and YA sweet romances. Visit her at ophelialondon.com, but don’t call when she’s streaming The Walking Dead.

Backstage Pass Series: https://www.facebook.com/Backstagepas...
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/opheliawrites/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsInN...
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ophelia_london
Tumblr: http://ophelia-london.tumblr.com/

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316 reviews
June 22, 2015
I started this book last night...and I finished this book last night! It was addicting and I simply could not put it down. The characters are engaging and I fell in love with them immediately. The author kept giving you a piece of chocolate and not the whole candy bar and so the pages flew by.

I could completely identify with Tess and the feelings she voiced of "I want to but I shouldn't". This book brought back memories of when I was falling in love with my husband and the feelings you feel when you cannot wait to see each other again, the uncertainty if he'll call again tomorrow, and the worry of getting your heart broken again.

What I praise this book for (thus the 5 star rating) is that this book is classified as romance yet I don't have to read all the raunchy stuff that is sometimes characteristic of this category. Don't get me wrong, there is PLENTY of steam (and oh it's hot!!), but without the gross and unnecessary details. My own imagination works just fine...thank you Ophelia!! I cannot wait to read Speaking of Love...aka Perfect Kisses #2!!!!

And a big shout out to Entangled Publishing for coming up with the Bliss line. I'm so happy there is finally something that I'm not ashamed of reading in front of my mother!! Kudos!
Profile Image for Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe).
1,613 reviews475 followers
November 2, 2012
When I saw this new Bliss title, I jumped at the chance to read it. It has my favorite trope – you guessed it – second chances at love. I just can’t resist that one, so as I settled into my seat for the flight back from OKC, I started gobbling up this book. It is a sweet romance, with rapid pacing and fun characters.

Tess loves her job as the show choir teacher at Franklin High. She loves mentoring her students and pushing them to be the best they can be. When her job is threatened due to budget cuts, she is on the defensive. The only way to save her show choir is to take first place at Regionals, and even then, she has to hope that the new football coach, Jack, meets with failure. If Jack can’t win 4 out of 6 games with the beleaguered football team, his new position will be going down the toilet. Their rivalry is fueled by Jack’s betrayal when they were teenagers. As the entire town starts to choose sides, Jack and Tess must decide what’s most important – winning or falling in love.

I liked Tess, and felt that I got to know her and what made her tick. She’s appalled to face a ghost from her past, and infuriated when Jack’s football team threatens the survival of her show choir program. She loves her job, and she needs a paycheck to help keep her parents’ home out of foreclosure. When Jack comes waltzing back into her life after breaking her heart all those years ago, Tess doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. She still hasn’t gotten over his betrayal. She can’t trust men, and something always drives her away from a serious, steady relationship.

Jack has always regretted what he did that summer, all those years ago. Now he has a chance to make up for it, but Tess won’t give him the time of day. He’s beyond dismayed to learn that his new dream job may go up in smoke, and he can’t believe that his team has to compete with the show choir for survival. The added conflict to their relationship kept me engaged in the story. Since one of the programs has to go, I kept wondering how either protagonist would accept defeat. As the competition began to divide the school, and eventually, the community, both Jack and Tess began to see the damage that was being done as pranks between supporters began to get out of hand. I enjoyed reading along as they tried to come up with a mutually agreeable solution to the mess they found themselves in. As their October deadline approached, they each began to question what was really important in their lives. As they worked through this dilemma, it seemed that their relationship would take one step forward and two back, but I never felt that the pacing suffered, regardless of all of the new road bumps they encountered.

Playing at Love keeps a flirty tone throughout. I didn’t feel that Tess and Jack’s past was explored enough, but the story kept me entertained through a mechanical delay, a late flight crew, and a layover at DFW. My one nitpick – I felt that it lacked depth, and the ending was wrapped up too quickly, and too conveniently. Still, there is a good time to be had by all, and I believe that Jack and Tess won’t squander their second chance at a happy ever after.

Grade: B
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696 reviews142 followers
September 17, 2013

Second Chances are rare and are gained. Second chances happen for a reason and that second chance might be a better start and a better way than the first...

Tess and Jackson met each other one summer of their teens, but on a very important night Jack stood up and left Tess and she still hold that memory up to this very moment. After years, Jack came back to her life -not to be with Tess- but to be the new football coach to the school where' she’s the choir teacher. Sparks fly instantly then they realize they do know each other and cross paths before. Now, they’re against each other to save their jobs and also the likes of their students. They shouldn’t get involved but there’s this thing about them. As their deadline date comes they should both choose what’s more important –winning the school thing or falling in love.


The synopsis easily sold me. It really got me curious and besides it’s about second chances and I’m a sucker for that. Good thing, I requested this for review and wow I really liked it! The concept was great and though it may seem basic to some, reading this seems like a breathe of fresh air for me.

Tess' character is genuine and she's pretty much easy to read - what you see is what you get. It's easy to know when she's happy or when something is bothering her. She loves her job and the thrill of teaching and waiting her students perform and in this story that characteristic was potently shown. I can't blame her for being skittish when she saw Jack once again because I really do feel the pain and betrayal she felt even after all those years.

Jack is one honest and good man. I really like how he man-up and shown to Tess that what he did during the past was wrong. He’s a very responsible man now and a great coach to his team.

Jack and Tess are meant for each other. That's what I though the first moment they stumble once again with each other. I love their past story but also the present one where they get to know each other as adults and just hang-out. I can’t help but feel nostalgic about them. The story of their past was pretty sweet for me. But I think that’s also the part that was missing for me on this story. Though they relate what happened during then, I just want to see more. I want to know how they fall in love and stuffs like that. A little detailed flashback story wouldn’t hurt. ;)

The plot line of the story was fast but still much engaging. The conflict to the story has a very tight grip on me. It really keeps me hanging’ on it. I can't help but think of possible things that would happen. Since it’s sort of like a competition between Jack and Tess' groups I can’t help but think how they could handle that and since I hate complications my mind also starts working on how these two would solve their problem. Things popped into my mind and man! None of them was right.

In all, it was one enjoyable story. The characters are very engaging and interesting. The romance was very sweet and the plot line was all too hooking and entertaining to read and even the dialogues and banter between the characters are very funny. Things packed up nicely and the second chance did work for both Tess and Jack. Well done! :)

PS. I hosted a Guest Post with the author which tackles behind the scenes of the story. Please do check it out here

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
*Blog Tour deets posted at Reads and Thoughts.
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6,949 reviews827 followers
October 14, 2012
Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4.5 Stars

I always worry when I read a new to me author if I’ll enjoy her (or his) work, and I’ll admit I’m kind of choosy about who I read. However, the synopsis of this book sold me on it and I am so glad I asked to review it. Ophelia London has written a fantastic romance story filled with lots of steam between two people with a history who are both trying to save their jobs.

I swear this story could have been ripped from the headlines all across the United States; mismanagement by the school superintendent has left a budget crisis with huge cuts to be made. The choices, football or show choir (glee club). I’ll admit even living in Texas I’ve never been a huge football fan but I wholeheartedly support the arts, so I found this set up extremely intriguing.

Tess and Jackson shared a summer together as teens, but on an important night Jack stood Tess up and she’s never forgotten it. When Jack shows up as the new football coach at the school where she’s the choir teacher, there’s an immediate attraction and then they realize they’d crossed paths before. They are pitted against each other in a race to save their jobs; things get tense, heated, and they agree they shouldn’t be involved. I love how these two rediscovered each other as aduts and took the time to really get to know one another. Their attraction simmers and they both have their reasons (besides their jobs) not to get involved, but following an incident they share a kiss that turns in to so much more. I liked the “new love” feel to this story; wondering when you’ll see the person again, will they call, are they thinking of you like you are thinking of them, the I can’t wait to get my hands on you again feeling.

I really enjoyed this love story; the characters were complex and interesting, the romance was sweet yet steamy, and the plot line engaging and entertaining. I found myself laughing at the amusing dialog and crying at some of their “confessions”. This is an extremely well round and balanced story and I’m hoping that book two, Speaking Of Love, will feature Tess’ friend, MacKenzie (Mac) as she really needs a happily ever after. Well done Ms. London!!
Profile Image for Jennifer (random jendsmit).
398 reviews24 followers
October 28, 2012
So..... I really really liked this book! I am usually a little iffy about the Bliss books, but I always like them... I don't know why but I must get amnesia every time I pick a new one up. I am always iffy because I know they don't have the "steamy sexy stuff" in them. Don't get me wrong - they are AWESOME and always full of steaminess just not the normal stuff I'm used to really loving from Entangled. Ok... now that I've kind of confused everyone with my ramblings - but - I will say this - this book DOES NOT NEED the extra explicit stuff that I classify as Adult, if you know what I mean. **wink, wink**
I completely LOVED this book. The story was so good - characters are amazing - setting is perfect. I think I loved this because of the history between Tess and Jack. I loved the story there - I always love a second chance romance! Don't hate me... but it reminds me of an adult version of Glee, kind of... It isn't centered around the glee club (show choir) completely - it's about their teacher, but you meet a few kids. And they totally add tot he story. My favorite parts of the story were in the pool and at Tess's apartment LOVED IT!
I don't have a song for you for this book... I know - unusual right?! Since this had so much music in it anyway, I couldn't really hear anything specific the whole way through.
Anyway... final words - check out this book, I think you'll like it. It is a perfect classic contemporary romance story. <3
29 reviews
September 25, 2012
This is a really sweet story about a high school choir director and a football coach. I fell in love with the characters right away, and had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next. I'm already anxiously awaiting the next book in the series!
Profile Image for Jen.
115 reviews
October 3, 2012
A fun, sweet romance. The characters are likable and very relatable. The author's attention to visual detail made it easy to picture the story in my mind. And the chemistry between the main characters is undeniable. I'm looking forward to Ophelia London's next book!
Profile Image for Cindi.
Author 54 books2,177 followers
September 27, 2012
Loved this fun book! Great characters and the concept was so much fun. I could feel the heat between Tess & Jack, and was cheering for them all the way up to the end. And oh that ending! It had me reading with a big happy smile on my face.
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950 reviews55 followers
August 12, 2015

Imm.... eğlenceli... romantik... rekabet dolu... gülümseten... bazen güldüren... çoğunlukla kalbi pır pır ettiren bir kitapmış "Bıraktığın Yerde Bekler mi Aşk?". Böylesine romantik komedi tadında bir kitap beklemiyordum. Diyerek yorumuma başlıyorum :)

Ophelia London, akıcı ve eğlenceli bir kurguyu kaleme almış. Çeviri de güzel olunca kitap kısa sürece bitiyor. Yazarın ülkemizde yayınlanan ilk kitabı ve kitabın instagramdan paylaştığım resmini görünce oldukça heyecanlandığını söyleyebilirim. Nereden biliyorsun demeyin yazmasından ve her yazdığıma yanıt vermesinden bir okur olarak benimle iletişime geçmesinden anladığım kadarıyla oldukça mutlu olmuş kitabının başka dillere çevrilmesine. Hele gerçekten benim kitabım mı diye sorması beni de gülümsetti.

Her neyse yorumuma geri dönelim =) Size kısaca kitabın konusundan bahsetmek istiyorum. :)

Kitap, okullarındaki maddi sıkıntı dolayısıyla ya müzik dersi seçmeli derslerden kaldırılacak okulun korosu yok olacak ya da futbol okulda artık olmayacaktı. Hangisinin olmayacağına ise yapılan yarışma sonucunda belli olacak. Futbol takımının altı maçından en az dördünü kazanması gerek, koronun ise yarışmada birinci olması gerek... İşte burada hocalara ve öğrencilere düşerken rekabet heyecanla devam ediyor. Her iki hocada kendisinin kazanmasını isterken... işte asıl nokta orada başlıyor. Hocaların kimlikleri... Müzik öğretmeni Tess Johnson ve okulun futbol takımının yeni koçu Jack Marshall... İkisinin geçmişi... yarım kalmış yaşanmışlıkları... hala içlerinde kalan duygular işlerini kaybetmemek için girdikleri rekabette nasıl sonuçlanacak.

"Sana aşığım Tess." Jack'in sesi yumuşadı. "İnan bana."
"Sana inanmak mı? On beş sene önce yaptığım gibi mi?"

Tess'in ağabeyi ve anne babasıyla olan ilişkisini çoook keyif olarak okudum. Aile ilişkilerine değinen kitapları seviyorum. Ah bir de arkadaşlık ilişkisine... Tess'in Mac ile olan arkadaşlığı çok güzeldi. Mac süper bir kadınsın sen :)

Akıcı, sürükleyici, gülümseyerek okuyacağınız ve elinizden bırakamayacağınız bir kitap!Nasıl başladığınız nasıl bitti anlamayacaksınız bir bakmışsınız ki son sayfayı okuyup kitabı kapatmışsınız! Keşke biraz daha okuyabilseydim diyeceksiniz :) ben dedim emin olun ki ;)

Ahh bu arada demezsem içimde kalır :) ve biliyorsunuz ki ben hiçbir zaman içimde tutamam diyeceklerimi :)yani spoiler olmadığı sürece ;)

Kitabın kapağını çok sevdim, cıvıl cıvıl bir kapak olmuş olmasına ama keşke orijinal kapak olsaydı dedim. Orijinali çoook hoşuma gitmişti :)
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247 reviews272 followers
October 25, 2012
Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.com

First I have to say that I love the title. It’s a wonderful play of words considering the professions of the main characters.

Tess and Jack met when they were 16 years old. He was her first love and the first one to break her heart. Now 15 years later, they meet again during the first day of class during the faculty meeting. She is the show choir teacher and he is the new football coach.

Unfortunately this will not be a good start to their reunion. She cannot forgive him for what he did 15 years before and now they also have to compete against each other to keep their jobs.

They each have something that’s holding them back from a relationship. But can they get past the current competition to keep their jobs and the past mistakes in order to build something new and get their HEA or will their love for their job and their responsibilities to others keep them away from each other?

I liked that Jack and Tess had everyday problems and things to deal with. As well as the fact that they have lessons to learn in order to be able to have a relationship and their HEA. The story line was fun and interesting. Recommended Read.

Profile Image for Julianne.
266 reviews
September 30, 2012
This story is a sweet and sexy romance that is clean but not prude. I like a little heat but not the trash and Tess and Jack were steamy enough! The story kept a good pace and you really want to figure out how they overcome their adversity.
It's a great weekend read that is relatable and believable - no over-the-top characters that are too much imagination and not enough substance. I do wish, though, that we saw a little more of Mac's sassy personality.
Will definitely read Ophelia London's next book.
Profile Image for Amy.
197 reviews2 followers
November 11, 2012
Cute story about a high school choir director and a coach who had a fling in highschool and run back into each other when they end up teaching a the same school. Cute read with great characters. She tied some things up but left us hanging on others so I can't wait to read the next one and find out what happens.
1 review
October 9, 2012
This book was such a fun read! I really loved the characters and story line. Being a teacher myself and being married to a teacher brought back so many fun memories of falling in love while teaching school! Who doesn't love football and music? What a combination! Can't wait to book two!
Profile Image for Brendon.
20 reviews6 followers
December 4, 2012
I loved this book! Such a sweet love story with interesting, likable characters and just enough steaminess. I can't wait to read the next one!
1 review
October 5, 2012
Loved this book. It kept my interest throughout the entire book and brought me through several emotions, crying, laughing, guessing.....Great book!
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1,705 reviews13 followers
October 21, 2012
PLAYING AT LOVE felt pretty basic. It really took me a while to get into the mood of wanting to read and it became one of those books that you just want to finish and move on. I didn’t feel any great passion between the characters and the skipped/ fade out scenes didn’t help.

When the new football coach Jack Marshal and head music teacher Tess Johansson get the news that one of their programs will be cut by November and given on the dot instructions on what will save their program (no more than 2 losses for football and place 1st for choir) the race is on.

On top of that is the history between these two when they recognize each other. 15 years ago they spent a summer together that became real to both of them, but Jack’s sudden disappearance was the first in a line of disappointments with men for Tess.

Through the book, they both work at making their teams the best they can be. It’s clear straight off that they are bath excellent teachers who love their work, which makes the fact that the school would get rid of excellent teachers so terrible.

Each has a ‘star’ student that they lock onto, who actually affects the outcome of the winner.

In between the stress at school, is their ever constant attraction. Both have things that hold them back. Jack has a custody date coming up for his eight year old daughter (whom I think should have been more of a focus between Jack and Tess. Did she not care he had a daughter?) and Tess’ trust issues keep her back and both realize it’s not a good idea to get involved when their programs are going against each other.

The school and the town pick sides and throughout the semester, pranks are handed out. They go to a reporter, who supposedly writes unbiased articles for each game and choir halftime performance, but a few hiccups along the way, puts Tess at a disadvantage and Jack as her prime suspect.

With their weekend together behind them, Tess calls it all off, despite Jack dropping the ‘L’ bomb.

At their final game and competition it’s all put on the line. Although their performance is flawless, they take home a second place. At her best friend, Mac’s push, Tess takes off to see the end of the football games and tell Jack she loves him back.

Lost in the crowd and pouring rain, Tess misses who won while trying to find Jack. Running, and twisting her ankle, she slams into him, taking them both to the ground. There she tells him she loves him.

As Jack takes in the surreal moment of having her in his arms he has a moment of panic when Tess thinks his team loss, which tied their requirements, and fears she only came to him because of that fact.

Then her face breaks out in joy at his victory and he knows they are going to be okay.

Two days later, Tess gets the news at his place that her personal music teacher wants her to take over, giving her another job and keeping her in town with him. With the happy end put together, neither is leaving.
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2,051 reviews589 followers
July 30, 2016
I thought this was a cute read. I liked the lost-love angel as well as the competition between their two programs. Although, I'm not sure a HS would really consider cutting either of its most popular programs. They're popular for a reason and it wouldn't make sense to cut them. Anyway, I thought the characters were likable and enjoyed their story. I did get a tad bored with the football/chorus parts, but that's probably just me.

I do have two things I needed to vent about. First, it bugs me in these type books when they are so critical about football. Just cause she doesn't like football doesn't mean its not worthwhile (and vice versa). I'm not a huge football fan, but I can appreciate the appeal it has and how important it is to the players. Second, Tess likes to jog alone in the park by her house. DONT JOG BY YOURSELF! It's such a pet-peeve of mine. I don't care if you jog there everyday for the past seven years and its supposedly a "safe park,", it only takes one time for something bad to happen (or twice in this book). Ladies, be smart when you jog and don't go alone.

Overall, a fun story and a great deal at only $1 (as of today). I would have given it a higher rating if it weren't for the content.

Romance: Pretty clean.
Language: Moderate (A, B, D)
Violence: Mild
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1,698 reviews4 followers
August 22, 2016
This is a cute, quick, and entertaining read featuring the age-old dilemma of what program to cut when a school runs into financial trouble, football or music? It also pits two teachers against one another who have a history.

Jack is the new football coach at Franklin High. The entire town has put their hopes in him to bring back their football program from the brink of disaster. He had several other jobs to choose from, but he chose FHS in order to be closer to his eight-year-old daughter. Turning a football program around is his specialty; he has no doubt that he can do it. He’s done it before he’ll do it again.

Tess is the hometown girl who came back to teach at her alma mater. She has an award-winning choir known throughout the state. She’s looking forward to another great year. She’s also looking forward to getting to know the new football coach. There’s something familiar about him, she just can’t place it.

After the faculty meeting the first day of school, Tess and Jack are called into the principal’s office. By this time, they’ve figured out they do, indeed, know one another. They spent one fantastic summer together. When they were fifteen years old. Neither has forgotten the other. Now, they are given the news that one of their programs will be cut at the end of the semester. They are placed in a competition to see which one is cut. It’s a no-win situation.

Pure entertainment and fun.
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1,115 reviews48 followers
January 5, 2014
OMG! I loved this sweet, sexy romance!

Tess, our heroine, is a high school music teacher. She has the worst luck with men as every one of them has run out on her. On the 1st day of school, Tess locks eyes with a sexy guy who looks real familiar but who is new to their teacher huddle. When she finds out that he is the football coach and that he was the 1st love of her life who broke her heart, she knew she needed to steer clear of him.

Jack, our hero, is the new football coach at Franklin. On the 1st day of school, he can't help but be attracted to another of the teachers. When he finds out that she was his summer love years ago... the one he ran away from... he wants to explain.

There's one complication for both of them; It seems that a crooked bureaucrat has pilfered away the school board's funds and now either the music or football program must be cut. It all depends on which program performs the best. The game is on...

This is the 1st book in Ophelia London's Perfect Kisses series and it's fabulous! I absolutely loved Tess' and Jack's story. I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance! There's not a slow moment in the book and it has one of the best SURPRISE endings ever!

5 HAPPY Stars!

Profile Image for Kassiah.
802 reviews85 followers
August 10, 2016
4-1/2 stars.

This book made me fall in love with Ophelia London. I love football, and I love second chance romance, so I couldn't wait to grab this book. I loved Jack *swoonyeyes* and really liked Tess. I loved their history and the sparks that were flying between them. Playing at Love was fast-paced, sweet and fun, and I can't wait to read all of Ophelia London's books.

For more reviews and bookish talk, visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool
Pretty Sassy Cool Book Reviews and More
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2,939 reviews38 followers
October 29, 2013
A light "fluff" read for me that just didn't quite make the grade. A nice story about a second chance at love between two teachers who's school has put them in a competition to keep their programs (he, football; she, Glee type choir) at the high school. One of the programs will be cut because of budget problems.

The teachers were originally teenage sweethearts for a summer but he left her and broke her heart. They meet again when he becomes the football coach at the school she has worked at for years.

The spark is still there years later but with their current situation at school and trust issues from years before it isn't an easy ride. But, it isn't a very interesting one either. So, just an okay from me.
Profile Image for Vfc.
1,445 reviews
November 23, 2019
Unimpressed. They knew each other when she was fifteen and he was sixteen. They made plans to see each other one last time, but he failed to show without an explanation. They see each other on the first day of school and recognise each other.

He is the new assigned football coach and she is the head of the music department at school. They are competing to maintain financial support for their respective departments.

Due to misappropriation of funds by the previous superintendent their respective programmes are at risk and contingent on their respective success.

They are accosted twice and it goes unreported. Irresponsible.
Profile Image for Kathy.
2,741 reviews5,975 followers
May 31, 2014

Content: Adult Romance but on the cleaner side of Entangled's Bliss line. Implied sex, a couple instances of mild language but nothing graphic or crude. Wish all Bliss titles were like this one.
Profile Image for Debbie Stuart.
12 reviews4 followers
January 25, 2013
Very pleasant read - flows well and keeps your interest. Characters were charming and story was well developed. Great first book by Ophelia London. Look forward to more!
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