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Odd Thomas #4.1

Odd Interlude #1

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Leading up to the highly anticipated arrival of Odd Apocalypse this summer, catch up with Odd Thomas in Odd Interlude, a special three-part eBook series by #1 bestselling master of suspense Dean Koontz! Here is the spine-tingling 70-page first installment of this super-charged stand-alone Odd adventure.
Nestled on a lonely stretch along the Pacific coast, quaint roadside outpost Harmony Corner offers everything a weary traveler needs—a cozy diner, a handy service station, a cluster of cottages . . . and the Harmony family homestead presiding over it all. But when Odd Thomas and company stop to spend the night, they discover that there’s more to this secluded haven than meets the eye—and that between life and death, there is something more frightening than either.
Includes a preview of the next thrilling novel in Dean Koontz’s acclaimed Odd Thomas series: Odd Apocalypse!
“Koontz gives his character wit, good humor, a familiarity with the dark side of humanity—and moral outrage.”—USA Today
“The nice young fry cook with the occult powers is Koontz’s most likable creation . . . candid, upright, amusing and sometimes withering.”—The New York Times
“Suspense, tension, and surprising plot twists . . . Characters and the search for meaning, exquisitely crafted, are the soul of his work. . . . One of the master storytellers of this or any age.”—The Tampa Tribune

79 pages, ebook

First published January 1, 2012

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About the author

Dean Koontz

947 books35.1k followers
Acknowledged as "America's most popular suspense novelist" (Rolling Stone) and as one of today's most celebrated and successful writers, Dean Ray Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers around the world and the praise of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and adventure that strike to the core of what it means to be human.

Dean, the author of many #1 New York Times bestsellers, lives in Southern California with his wife, Gerda, their golden retriever, Elsa, and the enduring spirit of their goldens, Trixie and Anna.

Facebook: Facebook.com/DeanKoontzOfficial
Twitter: @DeanKoontz
Website: DeanKoontz.com

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45 reviews1 follower
June 17, 2012
After years of reading anything written by Dean Koontz I've gotten tired of his excessive writing style. I'm not sure if my reading tastes have matured or if I've just started to notice now, but I found myself skipping entire paragraphs in this story just so I could get back to the plot.
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41 reviews9 followers
May 26, 2013
I found myself delayed in the airport with all of my books exhausted and was forced to buy a book in the terminal. These are the options I had: Michael Crichton novels, somehow written since he died; teen vampire romances; teen werewolf romances; adult western romances; smut; and Dean Koontz. I should've gone with the teen werewolf romances. I'd never read Dean Koontz. He appears to have written this book in two hours with not much of a plan. Important characters introduced in the first chapter disappear, not to be heard from again. A ghost dog inexplicably materializes a few times and then disappears for good. The main character, Odd Thomas, has some sort of supernatural power. Lameness, I believe it is. To call him odd would be to make him sound more interesting than he is.

A large part of the backstory, involving aliens, is exposited by a precocious teen girl who, without warning, takes over the first-person narration for a couple of chapters. Instead of telling the story, Koontz has the her retell the story, which is a lazy way to advance the plot. A tiresome omniscient supercomputer, a literal deus ex machina, is inserted to reveal more plot and unlock a few doors (again, literally). The end is mostly fire and explosions.

In short, the book was so haphazardly bad that as soon as I stepped off the jetway I spiked it into the nearest garbage can. I felt much better.
Profile Image for Barry Simiana.
Author 6 books20 followers
August 13, 2012
Ahh, Mr Koontz. Have you been reading my mind (and many others in the mix) or finally recieving the messages i have been psychically sending you for years. Tho I will try to keep them brief, potential spoilers ahead.

Odd Thomas is back in a three part Ebook series before the release of the long awaited Odd Apocalypse. I have the three issues and have finished number 1, and as always I must say I AM HOOKED. And for more than just the reason of the wandering fry cook. Dean has returned to - what I consider one of his best sets ever - the area of Moonlight Bay, scene of the Chris Snow series (with third still yet unwritten. Coming soon, I ask?)

I have always been a fan of Dean Koontz, despite some of his works and the annoying habit (that he seems to have grown out of) of writing a great, captivating story then going maybe fifty pages from the end and just ending. Massive let down. But no more. Odd has returned for novel 5, with another in the wings, a series of graphic novels and the recent 3 ebook series. Plus a return to an older series. A fans ultimate want.

I wonder, just quietly, has Mr Koontz decided to become the next Asimov. Way back in the good ol days, Issac Asimov created three - at the time unrelated - series, Foundation, The Robots and The Galactic Empire series, near;y 30 books over as many years, all neatly stitched up into one continuum with one book. Did he plan that? I like to think so. Is Dean moving in a similar fashion. I HOPE SO! he could call in the characters from Twilight Eyes and watchers and create his own new universe, all tied yet seperate, all planned along time ago.

Tell me that's not cool.

As always, The Odd books are breezy, with Odd's reflections being serious with his own humour woven within. People argue, and they are wrong, that Odd is not interesting. I, who is always right in these matters, say go away. If a man who cooks fast food, has hung out with the ghosts of Elvis and Frank Sinatra, has a magnetic attraction to the ultimate evil and just oozes charm is not just the epitome of interesting, then i shall stop reading tomorrow. And that shall not happen. I assure you.

As the title of one of the graphic novels attests, In Odd We Trust. And in Dean Koontz as well.
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656 reviews8 followers
June 18, 2012
I have to give up reading this Odd series. Very little dialogue and it keeps on dragging with back ground detail. Not a fan.
Profile Image for Chris.
373 reviews68 followers
June 14, 2012
Fans of Odd Thomas MUST read this three-part Odd Thomas novella series, leading up to the late July release of Odd Apocalypse. #2 and #3 will be released a week apart, which #1 having been released last week. These are only available as ebooks, folks! But what makes this #1 novella exciting as hell for Koontz fans is that our would-be and sometimes reluctant hero finds himself in the midst of another horrendous mystery, drawn to the tiny community of Harmony Corners, right outside of Moonlight Bay and the sinister military base, Fort Wyvern. Yep, that's right...setting of the infamous and unfinished Chris Snow novels. And if #1 is any indication, may we get some closure to that story? Read 'em and find out! All I will say is that the first installment makes me very excited to find out...
Profile Image for Amanda.
30 reviews11 followers
August 20, 2012
**This review covers Odd Interlude #1, #2, and #3**

I love Odd Thomas. Seriously, if Stormy Llewellyn were still alive, she'd probably shoot me point blank for how much I love her man. The only thing that might keep her from blowing my face apart is learning how much I adore HER, as well. Over the past few books, Odd (or Koontz, if you want to get technical) has kept her memory vivid and sweetly painful. It's strange, we all love Odd, but not many of us would be horrified to see him die in action, only because it'll mean he gets to be with his girl again.

So it should come as no surprise that I didn't even make it past the first page of Odd Interlude before I couldn't read through the tears. One opening paragraph in particular is worth the price of all the books combined:

"The stars and everything else in the universe began with the big bang, which was when time also began. Some place existed before the universe, exists outside it now, and will exist when the universe collapses back upon itself. In that mysterious place, outside of time, Stormy waits for me. Only through time can time be conquered, and the way forward is the only way back to my girl."

And for fans of the series (and Koontz) it only gets sweeter from there. This is your typical Odd Thomas adventure, lightning-paced, witty, charming, hilarious, frightening. Odd (and his new companion, Annamaria) find themselves in a town controlled by dark forces. A town that just so happens to be located next door to Moonlight Bay and Fort Wyvern. That's right Fear Nothing fans, you read me right...WYVERN!!! I don't want to spoil it for you, but guess where those aforementioned dark forces herald from!

So yeah, this story is a double treat. My absolute favorite in the series thus far. I have only one complaint, one that is becoming all too prevalent, I'm afraid:

This story is offered exclusively as an e-book, therefore the audience is limited, and therefore this vein of the story, though it occurs a mere one day after the events in Odd Hours and two days before those in Odd Apocalypse, does not officially exist in the Odd universe. At the end of the story, Odd himself even tells us that he will not speak of these interlude adventures in the other volumes of the story. And indeed, in Apocalypse, Odd dismisses the possibility that the type of monster fought in this interlude even exists, going so far as to think that a character who does believe is crazy and misguided, even though he just battled such a creature a couple days earlier. Not cool, marketing guys...

That said, I can forgive the stutter in consistency because, after all, this story is the best of a supremely awesome series.

Profile Image for Christine.
941 reviews34 followers
July 9, 2013
After quite a hiatus with the Odd Thomas books Mr. Koontz seems to be cranking them out fast and furious over the past year. (I believe another is being released in the not too distant future) As the title suggests this book is an “interlude”, time-wise falling somewhere between the last two books. I understand that these books are supposed to be Odd’s memoirs but it can be a little confusing when he refers to a future event, that the reader has already read about.

This “interlude" takes place in Harmony Corner which is anything but harmonious. When a nearby government facility closed down “someone” escaped and took residence in Harmony Corner. It was unfortunate because strange happenings started shortly after that. However Odd, with the help of a supercomputer reminiscent of HAL, manages to save the day once again.

I know that sounds a little tongue and cheek, but if you are at all familiar with the novels you already know that they are quite entertaining yet not to be taken too seriously.
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Author 2 books33 followers
July 23, 2017
I haven't read Odd Thomas in such a long time, and man, coming back to him is as nice as ever.

I've read so many books, a lot of Young Adult or books starring teenagers or new adults, but Odd Thomas is by far the nicest character I've read.

He's so damn polite, so self-righteous without being annoying, and so inspiring. He's been through hell (not literally, at least yet), but he's still focused on doing the right thing, on being selfless, and helping everyone.

Being a short novella made it easier to go through, but coming back after a while makes you wonder so much about previous events, which I barely remember, except from the stuff in the first book, when Stormy died.

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I loved the moments when Odd introduced himself as Harry Potter (and then Lex Luthor). He's downright adorable. I want to hug him so much and make all the bad in his life go away.

I'm so curious about this Presence, it seems so complicated and evil, and I hope Odd won't go through too much pain trying to defeat it. He could use some help along the line, he's way too lonely.
Profile Image for Jeremy.
17 reviews
September 11, 2012
The fourth book in the series, Odd Hours, referenced "Mystery Train" and Fort Wyvern from the Moonlight Bay series which made me hope that Koontz might write another book with Christopher Snow as a main character. He hasn't yet, and I don't think this is much of a spoiler since it was hinted at in the last book, but Odd Interlude references Moonlight Bay in a much bigger way. I've only finished part 1 and now I have the second part on hold through the library, but because of the cliffhanger ending of part 1 I'm in for an excruciating wait. No sign of the characters from Fear Nothing or Seize the Night yet, but if none of them appear in a book with Odd Thomas that's fine with me. The fact that Koontz has mixed the two series suggests that hopefully soon a long awaited third Moonlight Bay book may possibly be released.

Oh and Odd Interlude part 1 was pretty good too. I especially like the dialogue between Odd and Annamaria, which is pretty funny a lot of the time.
Profile Image for Jim C.
1,547 reviews25 followers
July 12, 2012
The 1st part of a 3 short story trilogy. It takes place between the 4th and 5th book of the Odd Thomas series. This is a very quick read and you will need the next part as this just ends with no conclusion. I liked this. Odd is once again in the midst of evil and he feels it is his job to eradicate it. Koontz does a very good job of setting up the evil and you are engrossed right away into this short story. This is a welcome addition to the series.
Profile Image for Angela.
13 reviews
July 12, 2012
I've tried reading Koontz before and didn't really care for it, but I thought I would give this a try since it was a short read. Maybe I'm too impatient but I was just ready for the story to get to the point.
Profile Image for Angela.
1,032 reviews36 followers
June 20, 2018
I love when there is a serialized version of a novel. Reminds me of the historical serials from the 1800's Odd Thomas is fleeing from one adventure and gets slap dashed into another one
Profile Image for J.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
1,241 reviews45 followers
August 30, 2023
Some more "out there" ideas in this one, but I very much enjoyed it. Story picks up immediately after Odd Hours.

"shitface!" caught me off guard and I laughed sooo hard

Same great narration.
Profile Image for wally.
2,531 reviews4 followers
June 14, 2012
this title is a bit...ummmm, deceptive, as there are, what? 3-4 odd thomas stories that precede this one? and...i'd hazard that reading this one before the other'n-s could lead to spoilers...the dreaded spoiler. be cautious...be very cautious.

odd interlude #1 an odd thomas story
i've read so many of koontz's stories, have enjoyed all of them, some more so than others, and his odd thomas stories are really good. odd is an easy character to like, so unpretentious, except when he's pretending, and even then he is okay. i like the smell of rubber tires, too.

part one south of moonlight bay

begins with a quote from Nicholas Nickleby from Charles Dickens:

oh! they're too beautiful to live, much too beautiful.

story begins:

they say that every road leads home if you care to go there. i long for home, for the town of pico mundo and the desert in which it blooms, but the roads that i take seem to lead me to one hell after another.

onward and upward.

update, finished, 3:31 p.m. e.s.t. thursday 14 jun 12

awesome story...to be continued...

fans of koontz will enjoy (i do) that this story takes place in moonlight bay, so close to fort wyvern...constant readers know that this place figures big-big in Fear Nothing & Seize the Night & unless i'm mistaken, another story...although memory does not recall specifically which one...or more than one.

in countless koontz stories, there is a sense of david and goliath...and though those who attended sunday school are privy to the results of that story (and no less well off because of it)...the matter or outcome in koontz's stories is not known...unless some clown spoiled it for you.

i look forward to reading the remainder of this story...

good read.

a quote from the story: i find it dismaying that we never quite outgrow the schoolyard and the puerile behavior thereof.

i agree...we never outgrow the playground.
Profile Image for Josh.
1,649 reviews155 followers
October 12, 2012
"Harmony Corner (is) not precisely a prison and not in scope (of) an empire, but a pocket universe akin to a primitive island on which a god carved of stone demands absolute obedience, with the difference that this false deity is capable of brutally enforcing its demands."

'Odd Interlude #1' serves as little more than a partial rest-stop on the way to 'Odd Apocalypse'. The story itself centres around a mysterious entity that has hold of the inhabitants of a roadside outpost, making them do its bidding and violence. I really like the concept which plays true to a typical b-grade horror.

Koontz expands on the highlight of 'Odd Hours' in Annamaria, a mysterious young woman who teamed up with him at the end of 'Odd Apocalypse'. The connection is not dissimilar to Odd's with Stormy (without the love interest, yet) - there is scope to build on these two, though for readers and fans of Odd, Stormy can't be replaced.

I'm not sure what Koontz is wanting the Odd Thomas series to be. In the later books and in 'Odd Interlude #1' he tends to cater for the YA crowd yet still manages to instil elements of an adult horror. That, coupled with Odd's excessive introspective dialogue dampened what could've been a really enjoyable side step in the Odd books.

Make sure you have all three of the 'Odd Interludes' as this one ends in a cliff-hanger - I will read the three in quick succession. If the ending of 'Odd Interlude #1' is anything to go by then #2 promises to be a very good read.
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1,852 reviews225 followers
August 11, 2015
3.5-4 stars

This is a good start to what seems to be a pretty good addition to the Odd Thomas series. This is only part 1 of 3 of the story but I'm liking it so far. In this story, Odd and Annmarie stop at a place for the night that rents cottages. This takes place mere hours after the end of book #4 and the only reason they stop is because Odd has a pull to do his thing. As this part ends, Odd is just beginning to get some idea of what he's dealing with. There's actually a bit of a cross-over from the Moonlight Bay books (although no signs of Christopher Snow showing up yet). :D
Profile Image for Meredith Kaupp.
473 reviews7 followers
June 28, 2012
Poor Odd, not even a day off from saving the world and he is in the middle of another mystery. I love this series. I'm really glad I waited until all three parts were out before I started, making this pre-release more of a mini-novel than a short story.

Oh, and I think I need to reread the Christopher Snow books after the shout out to his town. I wonder if Odd and Christopher are going to end up having an adventure together?!?! They would be a great team. :)
Profile Image for Ellen Thielen.
860 reviews2 followers
July 12, 2012
Just finished all 3 of this series. I am a fan of Dean Koontz, and of the Odd Thomas character. In this case.. don't bother. The story is broken up into 3 parts even though it isn't necessary. It starts with good character development and a an interesting storyline. Then it veers so wildly into the supernatural that it's ridiculous...
Profile Image for Adriana Noir.
Author 7 books414 followers
September 18, 2012
Loved the first part of this novella. The writing here was much more quick, fluid, and quirky than Odd Apocalypse. Much more reminiscent of the Dean Koontz and Odd Thomas that I've grown to love. (Thank goodness for that!) My only complaint is it left off with a killer cliffhanger, ensuring you want to read the next one ASAP!
Profile Image for T.E. George.
Author 5 books11 followers
June 24, 2012
I can't help it; I'm a sucker for Odd Thomas. After what I considered a confusing 77 Shadow Street it's good to see Koontz back in stride with this novella. Excellent movement between POV and build toward a certain showdown at the end.
Profile Image for Amy (DemonKittie).
706 reviews51 followers
July 29, 2014
I don't know where this story is going, but I love it. Odd Thomas is a great character, and written very well. Here he ends up meeting the Harmony family and they are being possessed by something and held prisoner by it. This is the first of three and off to a good start.
Profile Image for Matt.
515 reviews26 followers
June 12, 2012
A great start and a few connections to the Moonlight Bay books (Fear Nothing & Seize the Night). good stuff. I can't wait till parts 2 & 3.
Profile Image for Karen .
22 reviews
July 6, 2012

This one got a lot of good reviews, however I had a hard time getting into it until almost at the end. Perhaps if i had read some of the prior novels this book would have made more sense.
Profile Image for Mary.
507 reviews61 followers
February 4, 2021
Another absurd (in a good way!) Odd Thomas book in this series. Full of suspense, gross monsters, great characters, Koontz humor and spiritual pearls of wisdom. I enjoyed it a lot.
Profile Image for Lunarbabee.
73 reviews3 followers
July 9, 2012
I loved all three of these novellas! Odd is one of my favorite series and I was super excited about the mention of Moon Light Bay. I hope there is a cross over in the future.
Profile Image for Jackie Gill.
125 reviews12 followers
January 17, 2020
Odd Interlude is listed as Book 4.1 or 4.5. It is a special branch off of the series. Really, the way it is now packaged, it is another book in the series and is much better than Books 2 and 3. The most disappointing part of this book is the introduction of Annamaria. While her introduction in this book is mysterious and seems to have promise, the reader is just let down later. Her purpose and significance doesn't really develop much throughout the rest of the series. She is pretty much a pointless character who speaks in trite riddles. If Odd hadn't declared his forever love to the dead Stormy, Annamaria might have become a love interest. However, she really just ended up serving as a babysitter to the 90 year old boy who also attaches to Odd.

This review is for all seven in the series. I read them back to back over a short period of time and, really, they should have all been collapsed into ONE book or they should have been a series of short novellas.

THAT BEING SAID, the name of the game for the Odd Thomas series is: FILLER!

The good: Odd Thomas is an interesting character with a good personality who is somewhat humorous and enjoyable. His "gift" is interesting enough and provides a lot of possibilities. The supporting characters are also enjoyable, especially those presented in the first book of the series, and the way Odd weaves in and out of their lives works well. So, this book has an interesting protagonist, with good supporting characters, a "gift" that allows the entrance of supernatural elements, and some basic scenarios that can be built upon. SO how did Koontz screw this up!?

I am not (was not) a Koontz fan or follower, so I entered this series with no expectations. I knew Koontz was popular, but that didn't cause me to expect great things, because the general population reads at a 6th grade level, so, being popular does not speak as to whether or not and author is any good. After reading this, I have decided that he must be popular based on sheer volume. He produces books like a he's a living vending machine, and really, his work reflects this.

The best book in the series is the first. Not because it is the best story, but because it is the first time you read the things that will be repeated throughout the series ad nauseam. The first time around, Odd's little quirks and comments about his quirks are cute and somewhat funny, but, by the time you've read these little gems for the 10th, 20th, or 30th, times, they aren't cute, they are annoying.


Enter Odd Thomas, he's going to tell you about his name, how he got it, and a bit about his parents. He's going to tell you about his town - oh how he loves it! Then he will tell you about his job. Golly jeez, he's just a simple and humble fry cook, that's all. And then he will tell you about the most beautiful, fabulous, brilliant, perfect woman who every walked the Earth. She loves him, he loves her, one time they went on a date and and put a quarter into a gypsy machine and got a fortune. It said they would be together FOREVER! AND don't doubt the validity of that fortune because another couple went before them and fed the gypsy multiple quarters and they never got that fortune. Odd likes the sheriff, the sheriff likes him. Odd has a super fat friend who is an author and like a father and, did he mention he was FAT? Odd has a mother, she's crazy. She pulled a gun on Odd and made him look in the barrel when he was young and it forever haunts him. Odd hates guns. OH YEAH, and Odd sees dead people these things he calls bodachs, but they aren't really bodachs, but he calls them that. One time a kid with Odd's same gift saw them, but then the kid was killed right after. Anyway, according to Odd, the supernatural stuff isn't the important stuff, his town, friends, and lady love are. And last but not least, there seem to be A LOT of Satan worshipers in Odd's neck of the woods.

Each book starts out with a recap of everything from previous books. Odd will tell us all about his life, history, etc., again and again and pretty much in the exact same way (I think Koontz got a lot out of copy and paste in this series). After this, Odd will see the dead. THEY DON'T TALK (if this fact escapes you, he will mention it about 1500 more times). Well, there was the one time where the dead spoke, but it was forgotten rather quickly. The dead hang around for several possible reasons that Odd will go over and over and over. Early in each story, Odd will get a feeling and the "not really bodachs" will begin to gather. Odd will have to figure out what sinister plan is about to come to fruition (usually courtesy of devil worshipers). Finally, Odd figures out the plan and saves the day at the last possible second. *The one big difference in this formula is in book one when Odd only saves PART of the day and SOME people. Unfortunately, because Odd didn't save everyone, the most perfect woman and his one true love, died. The reader suffers greatly from this because Odd will go over her perfection and their beautiful love and then he will go over it again and then go over it again...

While some portions of each novel are interesting, there are massive amounts of filler. The reader is subjected to page after page of Odd's thoughts and ponderings which do nothing to add to the story, have little to nothing to do with the story, and really slow down the books. In reality, if Koontz had removed the repetition and filler, he probably would have been left with ONE good novel, however, 7 novels make more money, and it seems that mass quantity is definitely more important than quality.

It's a shame that certain authors have been chosen by publishers based on their ability to mass produce. It would seem that editing wouldn't even be necessary since each book is a formula with filler. Even though I actually liked the character, Odd Thomas, based on this series, I would never pick up another Koontz book again. Unfortunately, I already purchased his Frankenstein series, so I will review those at some point and see if that series is any better.
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575 reviews5 followers
June 29, 2019
I picked this up as a side book because my BOTM read is so quick, I do the weeks reading in one day, and I had finished NNCC this month already. I had recently bought the latest book in the series for my husband, and I want to get caught up so I could read it.
I guess this book was originally presented as a 3-part series of eBook mini installments. It picks up the same night as the end of Odd Hours, Odd and Annamarie are driving to Santa Barbara after fleeing Magic Beach when they stop at a small gas station/diner/motel just off the highway called Harmony Corner. And as with anywhere Odd goes, there is more to the place than meets the eye.

This book seems rushed, Odd is in the middle of a problem before the end of the first chapter, and unlike other books the story proceeds really really fast, no set up, no mystery really, just BAM Odd has to save someone and himself. Another odd thing about this book is the only ghost is that of Boo the dog. There is a murdered boy in the story, it seemed to me that he would be a ghost that Odd encountered. In fact it would have made more sense for Odd to have discovered there was a problem from the boy's ghost than from snooping around Harmony Corner. The storyline feels off to me. It was still an easy read, but it didn't feel like the other books. Maybe it is because it was an e-book serial and not a stand alone book. The story moves at a very rapid pace, and there is a lot packed into its 250 or so pages. I liked it, but it felt out of character to me.
For additional reviews please see my blog at www.adventuresofabibliophile.blogspot...
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Author 31 books20 followers
September 18, 2017
Thus far, Koontz has established a pattern of strong odd-numbered stories and less-phenomenal even-numbered stories. By the count (and chronological story order), I treat this as Book 5 instead of 4.1 - sorry about the confusing book math.

Par for the course, this is another fast-paced Odd story that ramps up pretty quickly in the beginning and fires all the way through at that pace. Amazingly, we not only get a decent amount of character development, but the characters we do meet, we know intimately enough to sympathize with and feel their struggle through the story.
As always, it is hard to spend an entire book with peak anxiety throughout the story without losing some of the tension. Koontz manages to balance this with enough of Odd's patented charisma to provide levity, if not even adding tension - it's hard to see such a good person in such kill-or-be-killed scenarios. (Even if I know that he will survive for another few books yet.)
This installment has its own unevenness as Koontz slips away from the supernatural and into science fiction. It seems like a hard shift, but in a moment of meta awareness, Odd actually monologues about this transition himself and believe it or not, it actually assists in a palatable shift in the narrative genre change.

Overall, Koontz has a runaway success of a series on his hands. I will be sad to see it end, but I assume Odd will rush headlong toward the end of the series at the same pace he handles everything and I, his dedicated reader, will rush headlong beside him.
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