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Knight Rider #1

Knight Rider

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With the aid of a powerful computerized automobile, Michael Knight fights to defeat the evil plans of Tanya Walker and her corporate espionage ring.

245 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published January 1, 1983

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Glen A. Larson

39 books22 followers
Glen Albert Larson was an American television producer and writer best known as the creator of the television series Battlestar Galactica, Quincy, M.E., The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, B. J. and the Bear, The Fall Guy, Magnum, P.I. and Knight Rider.

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Profile Image for Andrew.
2,189 reviews
March 16, 2023
I was given the first 3 books of the series by a friend and I thought it was about time I got round to reading them. I was a little apprehensive in reading them since I grew up on this series during the 80s and books and TV never seem to quite hit it off.

And I have to say that on the whole I did enjoy this book although I do not remember (those rose tinted glasses of my childhood no doubt obscuring the reality a bit) how abrasive the relationship was in this origin story - they again it has been a few years.

But the star of the show - yes the car was there it all its glory and I have to say the tone and dialogue where there - although did the show go in to such detail explaining why or did they take a few liberties. After all this book came out in 84 (the US edition was 83) while the TV series was 82
Profile Image for Kevin.
74 reviews4 followers
June 20, 2016
This is a difficult one to review. It should seem obvious to many a novel like this isn't going to carry a great deal of substance. Recognizing that fact, I have to say this was a very fun read while making me feel nostalgic for the television show. As an author, Roger Hill makes this read very entertaining while offering some deeper characterizations to the story. For a fun, quick read I would highly recommend this. For an example of deep thought and examined philosophy, I might suggest people look elsewhere. As a fan of the Knight Rider show, it became very pleasurable for me to read.
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154 reviews16 followers
March 6, 2016
3,5 stars

This was an interesting book about one of my favorite serie character from my 'youth'... i like the whole idea of how it all started :-)
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397 reviews6 followers
June 13, 2014
The following paperback novel is based upon the episodes Knight of the Phoenix part 1 and 2 of the classic 1980s television series Knight Rider. The episode was written by Glen A. Larson who is also its creator. The above novel is a further elaboration of that pilot episode.

The story of Micheal Knight and how he got his amazing car is the story that unfolds in this novel. At certain places it is painfully obvious that writing has been done in a hurried manner without paying much attention to detail.

However this a must read if you are a fan of Knight Rider.

Profile Image for Paxton Holley.
1,434 reviews8 followers
April 9, 2019
This was a pretty good novelization of the first two episodes of Knight Rider; Knight of the Phoenix Parts 1 and 2. It had a little bit of extra information. My only issue I would say is that I don't like how Glen A Larson writes. The plot is good. And most of the dialogue, but some of the phrasing and exposition is just hard to read.
Profile Image for Marie.
486 reviews17 followers
April 9, 2019
As with most “hit” TV shows/movie of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, (and even the 90’s/00’s) – books such as Knight Rider (#1) are TV/movie “tie-ins”. Usually they’re the novelization of an episode or movie seen on TV or in the theater, sometimes from the script or a rough draft of a script (which apparently this is).

Books such as these have been done since the days of StarTrek: The Original Series; even shows such as Starsky & Hutch. Sometimes the books feature a few facts that missed production or the writer/producer decided to add. They act as a supplement to the particular episode/movie.

Some stick close to the actual episode/movie that aired, some not so much (ie: Starsky & Hutch).

Knight Rider (#1) is no different.

This is the novelization from the pilot – “Knight of the Phoenix”. But, there are quite a few differences between the novel and the finished episode /pilot that aired.

“Knight of the Phoenix” introduces us to and shows us how LAPD Detective Lt. Michael Arthur Long comes to be Michael Knight.

As many viewers/fans of the TV show know, LAPD Detective Lt. Michael Arthur Long was in Las Vegas on an undercover assignment when Tanya Walker fired the shot that was supposed to have killed Michael Long; however it only disfigured his face due to a metal plate in his head. Billionaire and philanthropist, having had his eye on Long for the Foundation’s program, arrived in time to save Long’s life.

Michael Long was declared dead, and Michael Knight emerged. At first he only wanted revenge for what Tanya and her group did in the Nevada desert. Once he gets what justice he can, he decides to take up Wilton Knight’s mission.

This novel gives readers a more in-depth background of Michael Long’s past – family history, military history (especially his Vietnam exploits and time as a POW), along with his early police career. All of which I wish had been explored during the series run from 1982-1986. Having read the novel, I am disappointed that there was so little known about Michael Long’s past in the series – it would have helped to know more about him and I think it would’ve given the character more depth.

The novel deviates from the finished pilot, or the pilot deviates from the “script” which the novel was based on.

In the novel, Detective Lt. Michael Arthur Long was born in Reno (not Los Angeles) and returned there after a three (3) year stint in the Army and Vietnam (where he got the metal plate in his head) – it was the Reno Police Department (not Los Angeles) where Michael Long served. And, in the novel it is Reno in which the end of Michael Long’s life is – not Las Vegas. However, the “Las Vegas” plot is used in the final chapters of the story. Over all, I think Las Vegas worked as a better setting for the pilot and TV series.

In the book Tanya Walker didn’t die, however in the pilot she did. I think this was a good idea as she had figured out who he was, thus he’d have always been a target for her and thus defeat the purpose of what Wilton Knight did.

The book does not contain the sub-plot with the car thieves as it was not part of the original script. However, fans who may have watched “Knight of the Phoenix” with the commentary by Glen Larson and David Hasselhoff learned that the sub-plot was a last minute idea since the “spec”/pilot was about six (6) or so minutes under running time. Larson thought of the idea to give the pilot more running time as required.

Between production and airing, the sub-plot was filmed concurrently with another episode to fill the gap. That is why I LOVE watching episodes with the commentary, and appreciate the “behind the scenes” videos whenever they’re presented – it gives the viewers more information as do books like this by the creator or the person who write the script.

Most everyone enjoyed the car thief plot (again, according to the commentary) – and it made the pilot appear less dark. It also gave the series a bit of “humor” which seemed to work throughout its run.

All in all, this book does what it was intended – it is a supplement to the movie/pilot/TV series.

If you’re a fan Knight Rider, I highly recommend the book.
Profile Image for James Donnelly.
8 reviews3 followers
February 17, 2013
Basically the plot of the book is the plot of the TV pilot. Written by Roger Hill its "co-written" by Glen A. Larson as his script is featured, Roger just fills in certain gaps and added a bit more to Michael Long's backstory. Having seen the pilot several times... I did have all the characters in my head pictured as the actors, naturally. KITT wasn't featured as much as the TV pilot.. ie the whole subplot with the wannabe car thieves is completely omitted from the book.
Profile Image for Timo.
4,049 reviews8 followers
May 13, 2015
Nykyään kun törmää kanavilla surffaillessa Ritari Ässään, haluaa päästä tuosta nuoruuden sankarista, idolista ja esikuvasta äkkiä kirkuen karkueen. Nykyään katsottuna nuo tv-sarjan jaksot ovat kauheaa kakkapaskaa.
Siihen verrattuna tämä Ritari Ässän syntytarina kirjana luettuna oli huomattavasti viihdyttävämpi. Televisiosarjan kaksi ensimmäistä jaksoa niputettuna näppärään ja nopeasti etenevään nippuun paperia. Mainioutta.
Author 25 books29 followers
November 25, 2014
Fun mix of nostalgia and pulp adventure.

A dying millionaire believes one man can make a difference, so he gives a noble cop a talking, indestructible car.

A nice bit of macho fluff. Something to read after something dense and serious.
Makes me want to see if netflix has the TV show.
243 reviews
June 15, 2017
A good adaptation of the pilot. A nice read went through it quick and easy. Fluff reading for quite afternoon.
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