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SBC Fighters #2

Simon Says

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With his perfectly chiseled, lava-hot body, Simon Evans, an ex-fighter, also has a perfect life—great job, great girl, and more than enough dough. All that changes, though, when he catches his girlfriend cheating. To shake things up, Simon goes full force back into the ring, ready to take his rage out on his opponents.

To make matters worse, the father who walked out on Simon and his mom eons ago wants to be back in the picture. He's hired his stepdaughter, Dakota, to find Simon. Hot on Simon's heels, the gutsy Dakota puts love on the back burner. But when attempts are made on her life, Simon steps in to protect her, putting both of their hearts on the line.

330 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published July 3, 2007

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About the author

Lori Foster

468 books11.2k followers
Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN.

Lori hosts a very special annual “Reader & Author” event in West Chester, Ohio. Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children’s Home.

Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity. You can see the benefit romance books here: http://lorifoster.com/benefit-books/

Career Highlights
•In 2001, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Series Romantic Fantasy.

•In 2002, Lori’s book Too Much Temptation was the top-selling romance title for Amazon books.

•In 2003, Say No To Joe was the second “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for Waldenbooks.

•In 2004, Lori Foster was a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle.

•In 2004, The Secret Life of Bryan was the “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for the BGI group.

•In 2005, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Contemporary Romance.

•In 2006, Jude’s Law was the “Bestselling Romantic Comedy” romance title for the BGI group.

•In 2007, Lori launched a new “urban fantasy” series under the name L.L. Foster. See more on her “dark side” at www.llfoster.com.

•In 2007, Causing Havoc was among Amazon’s Top Ten Editor’s picks in Romance.

•In 2008, Hard to Handle made #2 on The New York Times.

•In 2009, Servant: The Acceptance was Amazon’s #1 Editors’ Pick in Romance.

•In 2010, Lori was a clue in the USA Today Quick Cross puzzle.

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507 reviews73 followers
August 18, 2017
I enjoyed this book. It gave me the origin of Simon&Dakota. I already knew them from reading other books by LF. I'm a fan of Barber so it gave me a chance to see how he started in all this.
Profile Image for Jessi.
4,946 reviews18 followers
February 7, 2011
I really liked the first book in this series but am faintly disappointed in this one. I never did read it from front to back because it just didn't hold my interest that long. I think part of it is that the heroine is only twenty-three but the author had her already being a battered wife, a semi-expert fighter and a volunteer to help find runaways. I know she also had a real job but I don't remember that it was ever mentioned. She doesn't seem like a real person to me and there is something off-putting about her character. After finding out that the mother who threw her out of the house may have written her some letters, Dakota agrees to be blackmailed into finding her stepfather's biological son. That son is the famous SBC fighter Simon Evans who is the only man who happens to ring Dakota's bell after the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband.
Their relationship seems to develop pretty swiftly, especially since the book opens with Simon discovering that the woman he's spent the past five years with is cheating on him. He's not a supremely nice guy but seems almost too grounded in places.
This won't stop me from reading the rest of the series but mainly because other reviews say that this is the weakest book and hopefully the next one really is better.
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1,363 reviews342 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
February 18, 2013
This heroine got on my nerves. First she got violent with a man because he was disrespectful to her. Note to women: you should NEVER hit a man with the expectation that he won't hit you back or that another man will come to defend you. If you are stupid enough to resort to violent with somebody stronger than you, be ready to suffer the consequences.

Also, the heroine is pushing the hero to take a very personal decision and not respecting his feelings about the matter, because she want to stop feeling guilty about the mistakes of her past. You know what? GROW UP. NOTHING YOU DO WILL ERASE THE FUCKUPS OF THE PAST so you just have to learn to live with them. Beating your chest like a martyr, feeling guilty and then pushing people do do things they don't want is not a way to learn.

Profile Image for Teagan.
104 reviews6 followers
July 25, 2016
2.5 stars.

This book wasn't that great.

Creepy blackmailing stepfather, abusive obsessive ex-husband, 'she's-so-hot-but-doesn't-know-it' clique.

I mostly like the way Lori Foster writes, her chapters aren't too long, things move quickly and there's always a bit of humour, but this time the hero really pissed me off.

Firstly, Simon was a complete d****bag. From the moment he 'spots' Dakota, he takes possession of her. How dare she associate with other males? How dare she wear ugly boots? How dare she not tell him about the personal, private details of her traumatising past after they've only known each other for a week? Isn't it cute the way she looks surprised when he says he's going to sleep with her after their second meeting? But it's okay, because he's super gorgeous. The sarcasm is strong, I know.


" 'Alright fine, if you want to know my private business, though I have no idea why you would, do me a damn favour and go see Barnaby'.

'What if I want to sleep with you?'

That took her by surprise and her face went blank. Simon wondered at it, surely Dakota knew her own appeal, and he sure as hell hadn't been subtle about his interest.

'I do you know.'

Recovering, Dakota said, 'Forget it. Ain't happening.'

'Wanna bet?'

Her eyes widened. 'You can't be serious!'

'Why? You want me too. We already established that.' Curious at just how desperate she might be, Simon pushed her a little more. 'If I go see Barnaby, will that guarantee you in my bed?' "

(Whoa there buddy).


S: " 'You're very sexy, and I definitely want you. I know it'll happen eventually, so I can be patient. But trust, that's something else entirely.'

D: 'You want me to trust you?'

S: 'Yes'

D: 'Do you trust me?'

S: 'I'm starting to.' "

(Because yes, poor Simon has trust issues because his girlfriend of five years cheated on him. Turns out he didn't really care about her much, but still TRUST ISSUES NOW.)


Yes I felt like Simon was pressuring her into a relationship.
Yes, he did get better after they hooked up. He was caring and protective, and they had chemistry. Blah blah blah.
Yes, she revealed all her dirty secrets to him. No, he didn't feel the need to do the same.

Maybe I wasn't in the mood for this kind of guy. Most of the time I wanted to punch Simon in the face.

Oh but he's super gorgeous and good to look at it. Thanks for the reminder Dakota, EVERY SINGLE DAMN CHAPTER. I got it girl.
Profile Image for Just - The romance reader.
549 reviews31 followers
October 10, 2009
Yum! After reading Causing Havoc, which is the first book in the SBC Fighters series by Lori Foster, I knew I had to read the rest of the series. The first book focused on Dean "Havoc" Conor and his return to his hometown of Harmony and his reunion with his long lost sisters. Simon Evans, who is the male lead in Simon Says, hence the title, plays a small role in Causing Havoc. And Dean, along with several other characters return in small part in Simon Says.

Simon Says is about Simon "Sublime" Evans, a former SBC fighter turned SBC trainer. Simon, who is touted as the best in the business, returns to the ring after discovering his girlfriend of five years has cheated on him. He realizes he needs to shake things up and move on with his life so he prepares to get back in the right. Havoc, who has retired from fighting has opened a gym and becomes Sublime's trainer.

While training hard for the ring, Simon gets wholloped by a few events in his personal life, the main event being the entrance of Dakota Dream. From the moment Dakota walks into the gym with plans to proposition Simon in spite of the warnings from Dean to steer clear of the trouble and distractions he expects from the beautiful Dakota, Sublime isn't so convinced he should leave her alone. Although Dakota brings a proposition Simon isn't interested in, and sparks feelings he doesn't want to feel he seems to have met his match in her.

Trouble follows Dakota to Harmony, and even though she's tough all on her own, Simon still wants to come to her rescue, it just takes him some time to realize it. That's not all Sublime wants though....

This book was smoking hot! Foster filled Simon Says with lots of romance, sexual tension and steamy love scenes. I love the reappearance of some of the characters from Causing Havoc and the introduction of characters that will be seen later on in the SBC Fighters series. I'm convinced Lori Foster's books are all on fire.
Profile Image for Alba M. .
1,594 reviews115 followers
December 29, 2018
Dakota no quiere tener nada que ver con su padrastro, es un idiota pero ahora, él la está chantajeando con algo que ella quiere más que nada. Lo único que tiene que hacer es encontrar a su hijo "perdido" y hacer que vaya a verlo.
Simon no sabe quién es esa chica ni por qué está en su gimnasio, pero algo en ella lo atrae, pero tiene que concentrarse en su próxima pelea. Las mujeres son lo último en su mente sobre todo después de lo de Bonnie... O eso creía él. Pero no todos los secretos han salido a la luz y tampoco todas las amenazas a las que tendrán que hacerle frente.

Me ha gustado mucho la historia. Me gusta Simon y me gustó que pudiese llevarse bien con Harley al final, es un buen chico. Me da mucha pena Barbero, espero que haya una historia sobre él o que al menos alguien le de un final feliz al pobre chico.
En cuando a Dakota, mmmmm , no es mi estilo de protagonista. Es decir me gustan más bien dulces pero con amor propio tampoco las quiero sin personalidad ninguna, pero esta chica es demasiado para mi. Demasiado bruta para mi gusto, aún así me gustó su personaje no tiene nada que ver.
Solo le di 4 estrellas porque sentí el final apresurado y no realmente un final... Cómo que me hacía falta un pelín más, por lo demás perfecto!
Profile Image for Karen Machamer.
602 reviews11 followers
May 10, 2015
I really loved this book. Lori is one of my favorite authors. I really enjoyed this series and can't wait to read the rest of them.
October 14, 2011
This 5 star read really deserves a well thought out review, but honestly, I just don't have the time :-( I will tell you that I love the characters in this series so far...this is only book 2, but they are hot and real and I want to just devour these fighting men and this book even has a fighting, smokin' hot babe!

I LOVE that Dakota is such a strong woman and it is obvious that these men admire that about her too! She is stubborn and proud and sexy... I am green with envy, because she landed the wet dream fighter, Sublime. Sublime might be a champion trainer and fighter in the ring, but with Dakota, he is a pussy cat. I am really looking forward to the stories of the other fighters... Hard to Handle is up next - can't wait!

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Author 6 books56 followers
February 13, 2010
In the second book of Foster's SBC Fighters series, Simon, ex-fighter and trainer decides to get back into the ring for a comeback after discovering that his girlfriend of five years has cheated on him. While in training, a young woman enters the gym and knocks him for a loop. His instant attraction for her runs up against the fact that she is there to convince him to meet his birth father, a man he has no interest in whatsoever. As the story evolves, the lies and misconceptions between Simon and Dakota may keep them apart, but the danger Dakota finds herself in keeps pushing them back together.

Loaded with Foster's trademark funny moments and fun characters, I enjoyed the brief glimpses of the other fighters as well and felt the suspense as Simon tried to protect Dakota, even against her wishes.
Profile Image for Alex.
318 reviews67 followers
December 23, 2010
Meh. I'm a sucker for a series and seeing characters growing and changing even after their book, and the camaraderie between the fighters in Harmony, KY is the best part of this series for me. I like seeing a central place, Roger's bar, and all the fighters interacting and the group of wives expanding.

That being said, this one was just meh for me. Barber was the best part for me. Dakota was interesting, sure, really threw herself into the sport. Wasn't a girl's girl and I'm sure that was part of her charm. Simon was kind of...one note for me. They had great chemistry, but it was more about getting to know the characters around them and seeing the town of Harmony and Dean's gym all develop into a central spot for the SBC fighters.
Profile Image for Maura.
3,874 reviews89 followers
May 8, 2018

After finding out his girlfriend of 5 years has been cheating on him, Simon Evans, aka Sublime, returns to the ring. At the same time, his biological father blackmails his stepdaughter, Dakota Dream (yes, the porn name is intentional and part of the character arc) to find Simon and bring him to him. When Dakota meets Simon, the sparks fly, but Simon refuses to have anything to do with his father. They grapple with this for a while and flirt and banter, and all the while Simon refuses and Dakota eventually comes to accept his decision, giving up on the thing she wants so she will no longer interfere with Simon's dreams. But now someone is stalking Dakota and trying to hurt Simon's closest friends, and he's determined to protect them.

This was pretty good. I liked Simon way more than I liked Dean in the last book, and Dakota was refreshingly straightforward, even if she did keep her "stepdaughter" status a secret. And honestly, I cannot fathom the reason behind that. There was honestly no reason not to mention that he was her stepfather and she was repaying a favor by talking to Simon, she would lose nothing by explaining this. The later blackmail would have been more difficult to explain, sure, but that's not what Simon was eventually angry about. Anyway, Dakota was an enjoyable heroine and easy to relate to. And Simon was quite patient with her and just the right amount of possessive as to not be too creepy. And as in the way of the previous story (and many other Lori Foster stories) it's Simon who realizes he's in it for the long haul and thinking up ways to keep Dakota with him. The biggest disappointment for me was how the final conflict resolved itself. About the 90% mark, Simon learns about the "stepdaughter" thing and confronts Dakota, throwing out some nasty comments and making her feel pretty awful and then getting ready to walk out. Then he's called to face down "the stalker" and Dakota ends up in it and fighting for her life. Afterwards, Simon acts like he was never angry with her and never ready to walk away from her. She explains everything and then they're all HEA. There wasn't really a good resolution to their argument...not an emotionally satisfying one anyway. Would have liked to see that drawn out a bit more. But I am looking forward to Harley's story.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
1,254 reviews1 follower
August 14, 2017
I was really looking forward to this book because I loved Dakota's cameos in the ultimate series and enjoyed Simon's too. Unfortunately the ultimate series failed to convey how loathsome Simon was. This book got off to a rough start with him accusing Dakota of some pretty ugly things and saying some even uglier things to her because she didn't tell him the reason for approaching him...which he'dnever let her do. I had moved past that and was even enjoying the book and the romance but the next to last few scenes ruined it. First, if you go in a room pissed off and intending to break things off with a woman you don't get to have sex with her first and still claim the moral high ground. You don't get to get pissed that she didn't explain things when you literally jumped her to the point of exhaustion every time she attempted to explain things. And you damn sure don't get to dump someone while you're still inside then AND force them to stay that way while you spew venom at them and they try to get up. Making it worse was the fact that she was a rape victim. Long story short he disgusted, appalled, and repulsed me and I can't fathom how foster thought he was a romantic hero or that he deserved a happy ending. There were other assorted issues with the book-how a singer is in any way equipped to track down runaways, why she took this ass hat back after what he did, why the author who I knowis capable of writing an excellent sex scene used words like "jutting erection" and "turgid nipple"-but all of that pales in comparison to how morally repugnant I found Simon. It basically ruined the entire book and almost made me hesitant to read the next one.
Profile Image for Katie(babs).
1,810 reviews539 followers
May 15, 2009
Lori Foster's latest, Simon Says was a pretty ho-hum read which would have been soon forgotten if not for the hero. What made me ultimately decide to it give a better grade than I normally would is all due to the character of Simon Evans. It's been a long time since I read such a wonderfully written hero; I fell in love with him from the start.

Simon was first introduced in Causing Havoc as his best friend's trainer for an extreme fighting contest known as the Supreme Battle Championship (SBC). Once a figher, Simon retired, preferring to train others. This changes when he discovers incriminating photos of his girlfriend having sex with an anonymous man. His cheating girlfriend must be insane because Simon is everything a woman would want in a man: he is loyal, honest and of course, drop-dead gorgeous. His professional fighting name is Sublime mainly due to his looks, which embarrasses him. When was the last time you read about a hero being self-conscious about his looks? Simon loses himself in work, deciding to come out of retirement with a vengeance.

On the other hand there is Dakota Dream. Dakota is yet another one of those stereotypical grating Foster heroines. Dakota was a bit of a rebel as a teen and when her mother remarried, she ran away from home. She ended up marrying an abusive creep but eventually wised up and left him after her mother's death. Our seemingly perfect heroine has an incredible singing voice and plays a multitude of instruments. People are also drawn to her despite the fact she doesn't care to attract their attention. Dakota is not one to wear make-up or dress up, but her easy-going manner draws them to her.

But things aren't going too well for Dakota since her stepfather, who happens to be Simon's biological father, is blackmailing her. She has never forgiven herself for her shaky relationship with her mother and step-dad is holding some important letters her Mom wrote to her. All Dakota must do is convince Simon to see his estranged father, who walked out on Simon's mother before he was born.

When Dakota enters Simon's life, he is in for a whirlwind of emotion he has never felt before. At first he is annoyed by Dakota but she eventually charms him. He still doesn't trust her, but for reasons he can't explain, he starts to feel very protective and jealous of any man she comes in contact with, including his friends and fellow SBC fighters. For the first time in years, Dakota feels safe and loved. She does have some hang ups about sex due to her nasty ex-husband, but Simon is more than willing to show her how to embrace the loving and carefree woman he knows is hiding inside.

I enjoyed reading the antics of Simon and his crew, all of whom have their own distinct voices and personalities, even his ex-girlfriend who shows up to taunt Dakota and try to steal Simon back. I wish Foster had written a different heroine for Simon, one more realistic and dimensional, but even so, when she and Simon interact, they shine, bringing out the best in each other. Simon is such a joy to see when his protective nature comes out, as when he teaches Dakota some self defense moves in case her stalking ex shows up when he is not around.

Lori Foster has written a true gem with Simon, a character so much larger than life that he blew everyone else off the page. Every time he appeared I was smitten. He was such a presence for me that, regardless of a somewhat weak storyline and a heroine who has too much to live up to, I wound up enjoying Simon Says. There was no doubt about it - simply put, Simon was sublime.
Profile Image for WhiskeyintheJar.
1,288 reviews528 followers
October 2, 2013
Geez, I have to say Simon comes off really cold in the first chapter when he is ending it with his girlfriend. I guess it's kind of explained by stating he never really loved her but man show some regret or anger.
Wow, Simon is so arrogant! I haven't decided yet if I like it or am annoyed.The character of Barnaby (Simon's real father) was overworked as a villain. The whole storyline of Barnaby blackmailing Dakota was weird and creepy. I wish the author would have thought of a different way to get Simon and Dakota together because they were pretty decent characters.
Going to have to say ditto with the character of Bonnie (Simon's ex-girlfriend) on being overworked. She was a little too scary crazy.Through most of the book I couldn't help wondering if the author was a pimp for the UFC (what the SBC is modeled after in this series) because she kept touting how all the fighters are sooo smart, funny, chivalrous, and all around fantastic. I mean Simon is constantly trying to get Dakota to talk and when Dakota says "Good grief, you are the most talkative man.." Simon says "Most men enjoy a little conversation" (!?!) This is all being said while Dakota is sitting naked on Simon's lap in a hot tub. I can stand to have my imagination stretched as much as the next person , but come on!
Have to say I loved the ending and how Simon let Dakota take care of Marvin; overcoming her fear and all that jazz.
This was an average book and if you read the first in the series "Causing Havoc" you might like it even more because you'll recognize a lot of the characters. Nothing spectacular here though.
Profile Image for Lynsey.
391 reviews25 followers
November 23, 2010
I have just read this for the second time and I loved it even more than the first time around. I am upgrading it from 4 stars to 5 because I enjoyed it so much. Second time around I have pictured the characters really differently. I must have just whizzed through it the first time and missed lots of nuances about these characters.

Simon is just THE nicest guy in the world. He is so understanding and really goes the distance to be with Dakota and to make her comfortable with him. I love how he is possessive and quite jealous right from the start but doesn't behave like a fool because of it. This rings true with the rest of his character - fighting with his head and not with emotion.

I struggled with Dakota the first time around, but really 'got' her on the second reading. She was so sweet and genuine and I could really picture her wide eyed innocence despite her experiences. She's also full of fight, but isn't the least aggresive. I think this is a fine line to be drawn when you are writing about strong women.

The love scenes in this were really lovely and I totally fell in love with Simon because of how he handled Dakota in them.
Profile Image for Trang Nguyen.
456 reviews26 followers
September 20, 2009
Simon Evan is a sexy, good looking ex-trainer who has decided to go back to fighting after finding his girlfriend of 5 years has cheated on him. Dakota Dream is a unique, stubborn, singer who plays PI part time. She is sent on a mission by her down right dirty stepfather to find Simon and bring him to her stdpfatge. Not an easy task because Simon wants nothing to do with his biological father. Dakota must do everything she can to persuade Simon because her stepfather has somthing that she desperately needs to mend her broken heart. Dakota falls in love with Simon but is faced with her dark past trying to get in the way of her happiness.

Another great story from Foster. I can't waif go read about the other boys in the SBC.
Profile Image for Wendy.
1,067 reviews13 followers
May 23, 2009
I liked this better than the first in this series. They didn't jump each others bones first off (which puts me off some books) and both had a bit of baggage to overcome to get together. Liked how LF dealt with Dakota's sexual issues. These types of themes are a favourite of mine so am a bit picky in how they are portrayed. LF did well and there were no 'clanger' moments (these being when I stop reading with a WTF? moment).

I read this in one complete sitting, other than loo breaks ;). Kept me hooked, though it is not what I would call an 'intense' read. I am looking forward to reading more of this author as she is new to me.
Profile Image for Snigdha Prakash.
823 reviews97 followers
May 8, 2016
I liked this book a lot more than what I liked Causing Havoc.
The characters were better.
The romance was way better.
The plot was a perfect fit for the characters.
I think I have another book boyfriend.
I liked how Lori Foster shaped the relationship between Simon and Dakota. Slow and yet fast.
Sweet, adorable and still so hot.
The secondary characters are always likable in her story so that is no big surprise.
I loved how kickass Dakota was.
Women like her inspire me.
Now I can't wait to read the next part.
Profile Image for Michelle the Romance Witch.
2,241 reviews67 followers
August 28, 2011
What can is say... another AWESOME story by Loris Foster... twists, turns, tears, heat, and love. She's never let me down yet. As i have already read later stories int he series it's nice getting to read about the couples that started it all. can't wait to read the rest of the series.
Profile Image for Amy.
1,736 reviews
April 8, 2015
I hate when little misunderstandings turn into big fights. And the whole I have to keep this secret because blah blah blah gets pretty old pretty fast.

I enjoyed seeing the other characters from the first book.
Profile Image for Amy.
3,501 reviews79 followers
May 12, 2014
Another story set with the SBC -- didn't like this book as much as her other titles and really cannot explain why.
Profile Image for Jean.
52 reviews
August 28, 2014
I LOVE this series from Lori Foster. Anyone who wants a hot, sexy, really, really, good series this is one of them!!!

Profile Image for Deb.
490 reviews16 followers
April 4, 2016
A bit different from the average falling for a girl with an abusive ex story lines. I loved the shopping scenes.
Profile Image for Alexandra.
366 reviews19 followers
June 28, 2020

This is definitely my favourite book in the series - I love Dakota and Simon's relationship and getting to watch it develop.

While the Barnaby storyline is a bit annoying (why doesn't Dakota just tell Simon everything early on??), overall, watching them fall in love is the best! Dakota is such a strong character and is so much fun to read because of all her interactions with the guys. Her attitude (and fighting ability) are excellent.

Simon has a lot of figure out this book, including how to trust Dakota after his previous girlfriend betrayed him. While he definitely makes some mistakes, I think his hesitation to immediately trust someone new can be understood - being cheated on is such a deep cut, I couldn't imagine being comfortable with someone else so quickly.

Lastly, I loved the introduction of Barber. His story comes later, but I enjoyed how Foster weaved more characters into this world in this book, setting us up for some great relationships and characters in the next books!
Profile Image for Ptiteaurel.
3,063 reviews48 followers
August 15, 2019
J'ai passé un super moment de lecture avec ce second tome qui nous permet de nous plonger intensément dans ce monde des SBC Fighters et qui nous prouve que l'amitié n'a pas de limites quand on touche aux personnes qui nous sont chères.

j'ai été conquise par ce second tome qui m'a donné encore plus envie de découvrir cette saga qui compte cinq tomes. Les histoires sont addictives et j'adore quand on a des liens aussi forts entre les différents personnages. L'amitié, la confiance et l'estime de soi sont des valeurs importantes pour ces héros qui sont prêt à tout pour mener le plus grand combat de leur vie.

Chronique complète : https://thelovelyteacheraddictions.bl...
Profile Image for Nancy Brady.
Author 5 books37 followers
August 20, 2019
A romantic suspense novel featuring a woman who is walking a fine line between her stepfather and his son, but not because she wants to. He's holding her mother's letters hostage in order to get her to do his dirty work.

Still Dakota Dream (not a porn star, but it sounds like it, doesn't it?) finds she is stronger than she thinks and discovers a love in the estranged son, Simon. Except she still has to try to get father and son together until it gets dangerous, and secrets derail a relationship.

Sexual tension builds even as the baddies get closer and closer. And maybe, just maybe Dakota will find that she is stronger than she thinks.

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