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From bestselling author Lori Wick comes the moving second book in the Big Sky Dreams series. Sabrina Matthews, a young prostitute in the rough frontier city of Denver, is befriended by a police officer and his wife. Because of their kindness, she listens to what they have to say about Jesus and believes in Him.

Sabrina stays with Danny and Callie until she's ready to make a fresh start in a new town. She boards the train for the long trip to Token Creek in Montana Territory, where she meets Jeanette Fulbright and is befriended by the church family and many of the townsfolk there.

All is well until she finds herself falling for Pastor Rylan Jarvik, who has begun to care for her as well. Will she be able to tell him about her past? How will Rylan respond? A moving novel about past mistakes and forgiveness—both from God and people.

302 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2007

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Lori Wick

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Lori Wick is known as one of the most versatile Christian fiction writers on the market today. From pioneer fiction to a series set in Victorian England to a contemporary novel, Lori's books (over 5 million in print) continue to delight readers and top the Christian bestselling fiction list. Lori and her husband, Bob, live in Wisconsin with "the three coolest kids in the world."

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1,355 reviews139 followers
December 10, 2010
All right, so if you read the book summary and you're anything like me, you chuckled and went "REALLY? That's a bit cheesy, don't you think?" (But I wanted to read the other two in the series, so I had to read this one...) And it could have been the cheesiest book ever, but it was VERY well written, with very intriguing and believable characters. I mean, the book wasn't perfect by any means. There were a couple of things that sorta bugged me, but overall, it was downright moving.

After Sabrina's parents died, she followed her sister into the prostitution business in Denver, but she was "rescued" by a very kind police officer (they were both at a crime scene—he wasn't arresting her or anything) and his wife (who used to be a prostitute as well!) They share their home and food and beliefs with her, and she comes to believe in Jesus Christ and repents of her sins. She was attempting to start over again, working in a factory, but men who knew her from before kept approaching her... AWKWARD! So the cop and his wife send her to Token Creek, where they know a "good church family"... but Sabrina declines a letter of introduction. So she's just flying blind. The first day there, she lands a part-time job at Cassidy's old store (which Jeanette now owns and runs) AND a part-time job at Jessie's general store! AND Jeanette gives her a place to stay until she can find a place to rent.

Okay, so she's most concerned about getting established, getting to know the church family, and learning more about the Bible, but she keeps running into Pastor Rylan (their first(?) encounter at the livery was HILARIOUS!). And pretty soon, she can tell he's got a "crush" on her, and she's thinking, "WHOA... I'm the LAST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE you should be looking at! If you had ANY IDEA, you would run far far away and never look back!" BUT they end up falling in love with each other... and she's still seriously concerned about things!

I don't want to give everything away, but I just really loved the underlying message that no matter how badly you have sinned, you can always be forgiven. You can truly become a totally different person—a "new creature" (2 Corinthians 5:17, Mosiah 27:26)—through Christ's Atonement, and that is beautiful! And while Sabrina is a fictional character, that message is anything BUT! And I'm really happy that Bri found a man whose belief in Christ was strong enough to overcome any "concerns" he may have had concerning her past. Not everyone has that kind of faith. :)
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Author 2 books68 followers
April 3, 2019
I was really hopeful for this story, in light of the first book in the series. The first few chapters were interesting and kept my attention, as well. But, it kind of stopped there.

It stopped because there was no development. Sabrina was an intriguing character--unfortunately, she remained intriguing all throughout the book. Her personality, general reactions to situations, growth, etc., was never fully established. I really liked the way she left the prostitution cycle, and became a Christian, but once she arrived in Token Creek, we never really knew her thought process--and how that thought process evolved. Sabrina wasn't the only character not developed enough. All the minor characters--Heather, Jeanette, Brad and Meg, Cassidy and Trace, even Jessie--most of these were so unnecessary to the plot. They had their own daily struggles (which, half the time, weren't even that bad), and I didn't care at all. So many little sections could have been entirely deleted, and it wouldn't have lost anything.

Rylan didn't have much development, either. I appreciated that he wasn't a pastor who didn't deserve to be one. I was glad he didn't do stupid things, or give in to temptation, or anything like that. But there are other sorts of conflict that could arise between a pastor and a former prostitute. (Who's living in that part of town, to boot) How about just the fact that it doesn't look so good? But no, Rylan didn't care about any of that, or any possible problems. He wasn't even fazed by any undesirable parts of Sabrina's life. (Also, why is there a single 26-year-old guy in Montana territory in 1880? That's not a situation that doesn't need to be explained)

My other major issue with this book was the historical aspect--or, rather, the lack thereof. If the date wasn't put on the back cover, this could pretty much be a contemporary novel. (I was less than surprised when I saw that Lori Wick writes contemporary novels) No, there aren't any cars or electricity. But Token Creek really isn't described at all--in fact, it's almost like a sort of rural, but generally bustling and large town. Um ... Montana? In 1880? I'm not buying it. The setting is described so vaguely (i.e. not at all) that there weren't many historical inaccuracies that I could pinpoint. One thing my sister pointed out, however, was the apartment issue. Sabrina looked for different apartments (it was never actually mentioned, but the fact that there were options was implied, which doesn't seem likely), but apartments in 1880? I believe boarding houses were the prominent, if not the only, housing option for travelers. Also, prostitutes lived at the disreputable inn. They didn't have their own 'apartments.'

I have many other complaints about the historical inaccuracies, such as the term Rylan used instead of courting--he wanted to tell others about him and Sabrina being in a 'relationship'. (What a 21st century word) Also, the unstated reason why Theta and her husband had settled in Montana 'decades ago'. So, before the Civil War? Hello, did anyone actually being their wife/family out west like that? And there were life inconsistencies, too. No gossip anywhere in the town, no one disgusted that a former prostitute might be 'flirting' with the (perfect) pastor. No conflict at all. Just those 'small groups' (another blatant 21st century term) that touch all of these spiritual points to ponder, to make the characters sound really strong in their faith. (But these spiritual conversations don't really have anything to do with the story, even though each one could be expanded with an entire new book. And the conversations are highly unrealistic)

I did like the way that Sabrina's past was not avoided, but it was not described graphically in the least. This is where Lori Wick's vague writing came in handy. There were words that referred to such bad sinful behavior, but nothing sensual or more than necessary.

Thankfully, this book wasn't all bad. It just ended badly. Will I read Jessie sometime? Probably. I guess I'm a sucker for punishment.
Author 1 book59 followers
August 6, 2018
Sabrina Matthews, a young prostitute in frontier Denver, is befriended by a police officer and his wife. Sabrina stays with Danny and Callie until she's ready to start a fresh start in Token Creek in the Montana Territory. There she meets Jeanette Fulbright. Then she falls for Pastor Rylan Jarvik. Could she tell him about her past?

A refreshing story - the best description that comes to my mind as I listened to this book. So nice to see nice people, living in the Christian way. It gives the Old West a different point of view.
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440 reviews34 followers
October 19, 2015
Rating: 6/10

Very enjoyable listening experience. I think I preferred Sabrina to Cassidy. It was lovely to see Sabrina's transformation from prostitute to a respectable woman. Rylan makes for a good romantic interest and I loved the way he pursued Sabrina. I loved watching their relationship blossom. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

The Questions:

Entertaining/Addictive?: Sabrina's backstory gave the second book in this series a little more depth which made me feel more engaged. I felt more invested than I did with Cassidy. It was also a very easy and enjoyable audio book to listen to.

Writing Style?: Because the characters constantly go to church, there are lots of scenes dedicated to the sermon which I really enjoy. Nothing like reading some fun fiction with the added bonus of reflecting on your christian walk. The author also flicks around constantly to check in on other characters so the focus is not just on Sabrina. At times the writing can be a little cheesy but I didn't think it was a cheesy as Cassidy.

Impacting/Thought Provoking?: It made me wonder if I could put aside a guy's past if they had confessed it and changed their life. Would it bother me? The points raised made me more open to it.

Clean?: It mildly touches on violence against women

Read it again?: Yes

Would I Recommend it: To those who like Christian historical fiction
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19 reviews1 follower
August 18, 2014
A pastor and a former prostitute. Quite a complex combination, but it was a wonderful example of God's grace at work in our lives.

I could see Rylan and Sabrina, the main characters, were perfect for each other (just like all the other characters in the book did). A Pastor's heart is to reach out to the lost and care for the unlovely, and as a former prostitute, seeing herself as the lowest of the low, Sabrina would not consider anyone above her compassion. They would serve together well.

I loved how Rylan wooed Sabrina. It was so honest and caring. The characters had real chemistry and were not too sickly sweet.

The only thing I think the story could do without is the interruptions of the continuing stories of characters from previous books. I found myself scanning the pages to look which names were coming up in a section before I read it. If it didn't have Sabrina's name on it then I didn't feel it was relevant to the story. As much as I loved the other characters in their own books, they come across as boring and one-dimensional in the sequels.

I also think that the author explained too much, even though at times it was disguised in dialogue. I think there should be room for the reader to make their own conclusions--they shouldn't be treated like a child who can't understand.
Profile Image for Jerry.
4,641 reviews56 followers
March 19, 2016
Another good one from Christian writer Lori Wick.
Profile Image for Loretta Marchize.
Author 7 books35 followers
February 18, 2019
The plot was great, as were the characters, and the one star I did reduce was for the writing itself. This is not one of Mrs. Wick's best works, but I did love the storyline.
b>Four stars

Prose: 4/5
Romance: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Plot: 4/5

The prose was not the best. I've seen better from Lori Wick, and while it didn't hinder the reading it wasn't a strong point.
This was the BEST! I loved how tender Ryan was even after he learned of Sabrina's past and how accepting he was. Also, I loved how their struggle to work out their relationship was real and I liked how protective he was.
This is by far one of Lori Wick's strong points. All of her characters were very well-developed and rounded without seeming stereotypical.
This is by no means an action novel, but there was quite a bit of tenseness at times
A good novel. I really enjoyed the romance and characters and found that the simple writing style did not draw my attention away from the story itself. I also loved Sabrina's simple faith in the Lord and her efforts to help the other prostitutes.
Sabrina was a prostitute, and at the beginning of the novel is only just being brought to faith in Christ. So, of course, there are some points where they speak of prostitution, and there are mentions of low-cut dresses. Several kisses between an engaged couple, and hand holding/hugs. Lori Wick handles the prostitution topic, well, and her simple writing style helps. There are also two or three scenes in which a man beats a woman or attacks her.
Overall, Lori Wick handles the conflict well and although it seems like a content heavy-book it isn't that prominent in the story and would be perfectly acceptable for an eighth grader on up to read.
871 reviews
January 16, 2013
The second entry in the Big Sky Dreams trilogy by author Lori Wick is everything the first one ("Cassidy") wasn't: itt's respectful and honest. It shows character growth. The story is there for you to read and enjoy--and learn from.

In the bustling town of Denver, Colorado, a policeman and his wife, Danny and Callie, befriend a young prostitute named Sabrina (Bri) Matthews. She begins to learn about God and salvation from them and becomes a believer. Worried that she will slide back into her former way of life, they put her on a train bound for Montana territory and the town of Token Creek. There, she gets a job at the mercantile as a seamstress and lives in a seedy apartment near the "night district" where the saloons and other prostitutes live. Sabrina attempts to befriend one of them, her downstairs neighbor Crystal, but is rebuffed.

Sabrina attends the local church and attracts the attention of Jeannette Fulbright, who offers her a safe haven away from the night district. She also attracts the attention of the local pastor, Rylan Jarvik, one of the kindest men in romance fiction that I've ever come across. When their feelings become more pronounced, Sabrina warns him: "Don't fall in love with me, Rylan."

Sabrina is worried about her past and how it will affect her present life as a churchgoing woman. God's compassion towards those in less fortunate situations is shown clearly through events in Sabrina's life, and we are reminded of one of Christ's followers, Mary Magdalene, who came from the world's oldest profession to Christianity. Rylan and Sabrina's romance is one of the sweetest I've ever read and his proposal is both unusual and funny.

As with some of Wick's other books, the story suffers from having too many characters. The characters from the other books in the trilogy all make appearances and this proves distracting when we're meant to primarily care about Rylan and Sabrina.

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3,140 reviews212 followers
July 15, 2010
Forgiving oneself of their past sins is a difficult issue no matter what it is that you are guilty of. The story of a prostitute coming to Christ has been told. It was told in the Bible, it was told by Francine Rivers, it was told by Tamera Alexander, and now I've read it again from Lori Wick. But that is not saying oh, read it move on. Definitely not. The fact of hearing over and over again that no matter how bad you think your past actions have been, God loves you is incredible. The story of Sabrina is a wonderful one that did a great deal of good for my heart to read. I was less impressed with Cassidy (book #1), but Sabrina could very easily be read as a stand alone. Once upon a time, I had told a friend that I just could not forgive myself for something, even though I knew that Christ had forgiven me, his response was, so basically you're saying God's forgiveness is not enough? It was a shocking moment, and this book is equally as powerful to learning a little more about myself as well as enjoying a great story with romance, life lessons in scripture, with a little western action mixed in as well. I recommend it.
Profile Image for Paz Field.
9 reviews12 followers
September 11, 2009
Amazingggg. I thought it would be an airy fairy christian romance, but it delves heaps deeper and deals with the reasons woman became/become prostitutes, how hard it is for them to get out and the healing power of Jesus :)Even though its set in the 1880's its still relevant with its themes of men objectifying women, and women feeling that they have to conform to men's worldly expectations?? Instead of realizing theyre a cherished daughter of God :)
Also makes a point of the fact that if God can forgive someone for the most sinful of pasts, who are we to continue holding it against them? Points out that if we dont step outside our 'comfortable' Christian circle, how will we witness to those who need the word of God in a really real way? Awesome. Read it. Read it now. ;)
Profile Image for Amy.
52 reviews2 followers
March 5, 2020
MUCH better than the first one. The writing was easier to read and there weren't as many "that man" or "that lady" references to drive me crazy.
The story line was great.
The story of grace, forgiveness, and redemption was great.
Several Bible verses were scattered throughout and brought out good points that I'd never thought about.
I stayed up 2 nights in a row until 2 am to be able to read this book after everyone was in bed. It was worth the lack of sleep and I can't wait to read the 3rd book.
Profile Image for Sky.
68 reviews46 followers
January 4, 2009
I received this book for Christmas. It is a wonderful story of forgiveness, and how God can accept us no matter what our past. I'd recommend it for any fans of Janette Oke or prairie romance, but take note that it is a mature book.
Profile Image for Julie Graves.
897 reviews27 followers
August 28, 2017
Is it possible for a prostitutes sins to be forgiven and to be made clean? Sabrina finds that the answer is a resounding YES! Sabrina is brought into the home of a couple who help women like her to find a new life. Through the blood on the cross that Christ shed for her Sabrina finds forgiveness from her sins. But her old life is still close by and so the couple suggests that Sabrina move to Token Creek. There Sabrina finds a job working as a seamstress in Jeanette Fulbright's shop and also working part time for Jessie at the mercantile. Her next step is to find a place to live because Sabrina is used to being independent and refuses to take advantage of Jeanette's hospitality. Unfortunately the only apartment available is in a part of town that Sabrina is all too familiar with. Having a heart for the women in that profession Sabrina soon makes an impression on some of these women. She also has made a few enemies in the men. Sabrina never dreamed that with her background any man would ever want her as a wife. But with Christ's cleansing power and Pastor Rylan Jarvick's love, Sabrina's battered heart begins to heal and she learns that with Christ all things are made new.

Such a sweet story! Lori Wick's characters experience deep sin, yet they come out with a refreshing innocence and newness that only Christ can bring to someone's life. Yes, she does tend towards the preachy, but I like that about her books. They leave me knowing exactly what the Bible teaches on a subject, they don't leave me hanging and wondering, "How did this person get saved when there was no talk of the persons need for salvation?" Once again, a sweet romance blossoms between two unlikely characters. A pastor and a former prostitute! Wow! I like that the romance was slow and that it built rather than being thrust upon the reader out of the blue. I also enjoyed the setting of Token Creek, and am looking forward to reading Jessie's story next.
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28 reviews
January 21, 2019
I have read a few Lori Wick books and what I remember is that she weaves scripture throughout her books.
This is the second book in The Big Sky Dreams trilogy. This series is set in the 1880s in Token Creek, Montana. In both this book and the one before it (Cassidy) she has given you scripture through messages the Pastor (Rylan Jarvick) preaches to his congregation. In my opinion, the messages are not an 'in your face' kind of gospel, but a reminder of how a Christian should live.

God spoke to me through this book. One of the ways God spoke to me was in chapter 17 Pastor Rylan spoke on Colossians 3- "Know who you are in Christ. Live who you are in Christ, and be done with who you used to be. That's what's being said here in Colossians 3. We have been crucified with Christ, so we must put aside the practices of the past (pg 222 in my edition)." He goes on to list some of the things that Colossians 3:5-9 say. "Outside of Christ we are capable of any and all sins. Did you catch what I said? Outside of Christ, which is not who we are anymore. Know who you are, live who you are, and be done with who you used to be (pg 223 in my edition)." He goes on to read Colossians 3:12-15,saying those verses are the goal.

I need to remember to not dwell on the past, be thankful that God has forgiven me, and strive to live out Colossians 3:12-15 (be compassionate, kind, humble, gentle, patient, forgive, live in peace with people, be thankful, and love all people).
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39 reviews
September 27, 2018
In this book there is a large focus on Sabrina getting out of her life of prostitution and how Danny and Callie tell her about the compassionate love of Jesus Christ. They discuss with Sabrina how the woman at the well was intimately known by Jesus even though she slept with so many men. After Callie shares this story with her, this turns her life around. In turn, Sabrina becomes a born again Christian, who has to move to a different town . Her old friends are to much of an influence on her, so she moves to a new town. The work she does in this place is so amazing! You have to read this book to find out what she does.
Profile Image for Aggie Kopp.
31 reviews
January 11, 2019
If possible, I think Sabrina was better than Cassidy. Though I loved Cassidy so much, Sabrina's story felt more real and beautiful. From only reading the back cover of Sabrina and the book of Cassidy I did presume that Rylan and Sabrina would end up together, but it made it even more exciting for me to read.

It is an amazing read and my hear ached multiple times in the book. Definitely recommend the series.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Sabrina.
840 reviews2 followers
February 18, 2019
This is a very cute story. I picked it up because of the name...., I had to read it. I realized this was the second book in a series but I didn't feel like I was missing information when I read it. I enjoyed the light and lovely story of the people and community that accepted Sabrina in and the man she grew to love.
Profile Image for Amulya N Grace.
39 reviews4 followers
April 19, 2021
I love Christian historical fiction books.This is wonderful story and wholesome writing.4 stars because I felt,it gets a little too preachy at unnecessary points,but that shouldn't stop anyone from picking up this book.Authors like Lori wick.Janette oke are class apart and know exactly how to tug at reader's heartstrings ❤️
1,146 reviews2 followers
July 10, 2017
4.5 stars A wonderful christian book that highlights the power of God in using others to affect change in lost lives. I will be reading others in the Big Sky Dreams series.
193 reviews
July 16, 2017
Enjoyed this heartwarming, moving book. I loved the first one -Cassidy - in the series. But I think I liked this one even more.
Profile Image for Mary.
73 reviews
August 13, 2017
I enjoyed this book. Lori Wick is an excellent author. I highly recommend this book
Profile Image for Nancy.
90 reviews
June 15, 2018
Great book

This was a wonderful story of love and forgiveness through our Lord Jesus. The characters are believable and lovable. Great
Profile Image for Faith.
642 reviews3 followers
September 9, 2020
Sequel to Cassidy. I almost didn't pick it up, remembering how little I enjoyed the earlier one, but it's an improvement. Better plot, more conflict.
71 reviews2 followers
September 11, 2020
Absolutely Inspiring! Gods will for our lives laced through the whole book! Christian fiction at it’s best!
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