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When rebellion destroys the underground world in which Thimble and Stone have grown up, they take Stone's son and try to escape the chaos. Along the way, they must evade the Freaks, beings who feed on human flesh. Leaving behind the roles of Builder and Breeder which they were assigned at birth, they wander the underground tunnels, looking for safety yet afraid to go "topside" where legend has it that the light and water will burn their skin from their bones.

Their journey takes them upward to an unimagined world of tinned food, comfortable furniture, and books. Away from their regimented society for the first time, and still facing imminent danger, Thimble and Stone acknowledge the forbidden attraction which both have denied for years.

73 pages, ebook

First published February 29, 2012

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About the author

Ann Aguirre

79 books6,590 followers
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ann Aguirre has been a clown, a clerk, a savior of stray kittens, and a voice actress, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in Mexico with her family. She writes all kinds of genre fiction, but she has an eternal soft spot for a happily ever after.

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3,976 reviews170k followers
June 2, 2021
now that i have my very own book-reading machine, i get to read stuff like this SO CHECK ME OUT, SUCKAS!!

this is another one of those interstitial "who wants to write/read another whole book when we can just bust out a novella and it'll answer a couple of questions and everyone will be happy??" little numbers.

and i'm happy.

this is just a little shorty that gives the lowdown on what happened in the enclave after deuce and fade left. it is mostly the tale of thimble and stone and boy23, but it also gives closure on what happened to twist and silk and some other characters.

but, it's 62 pages long, so it's not going to be more than just an outline, basically.

like any book, to my mind, the action parts are good, the romance parts are dull. add to that the reader-reminders regarding the rules and traditions of the enclave, and you get why this is only a three-star read for me. action, booby-traps, discoveries/possibilities are all awesome, but the rest of the stuff just takes up precious space in the tiny book.

in a full-lengther, you can gloss over the romance-y bits without there being much lost, but in this one, ratio is more precarious.

so - thumbs up to the freaks and the action and the stacking of bodies. thumb-to-the-side for the "oooh, our love is forbidden" blah blah.

but i'm glad i can read these things now. i like having questions answered.


come to my blog!
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1,112 reviews301 followers
July 5, 2017
I'm one of those people who normally skips the novellas and short stories that come with a series, but I read this because it was at the end of the copy of Enclave that I read. It was actually worth reading and filled in some gaps that I had wondered about.
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1,306 reviews59 followers
March 5, 2023
Esta es una historia corta que nos muestra que paso con los amigos de Deuce, Thimble y Stone, despues de que ella se fue del Refugio y como ellos dos lograron sobrevivir no solo a una rebelion, sino tambien a los Freaks que los perseguian.
Es corta, sencilla, que nos lleva al mismo sitio de donde partieron los jovenes originales que formaron el Refugio, pero con un final de Felices por Ahora. Habra que esperar lo que nos traiga los proximos libros y ver si esta pareja vuelve a aparecer y se reune en algun momento con Deuce, Fade, Tegan y Stalker.
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3,326 reviews1,017 followers
July 9, 2017
I really liked the relationship between Deuce and her childhood friends Thimble and Stone so I was a bit disappointed that we didn't find out what happened to them in Enclave. Luckily Ann Aguirre didn't leave us hanging and Endurance is a novella told from their points of view. I don't want to go into too much detail but this shows Thimble and Stone's reaction to Deuce being banished and lets us see what happens in the College enclave after Deuce and Fade left.

These characters are very different to Deuce and Fade, their strengths aren't in fighting and they've never left their home before so they aren't at all prepared for what awaits them in the tunnels. They have to play to their own skills if they want to survive. Thimble is physically weak but incredibly intelligent and has spent her life creating tools and weapons for the hunters, Stone was a breeder so he has a very caring and protective nature and hates the thought of killing but if it comes down to it he'll do whatever it takes to look after Thimble and his son Boy 23.

Thimble and Stone are both great characters and I enjoyed the romance developing between the two. I really hope that Ann Aguirre wrote this novella because we're going to see these characters meet up with Deuce and Fade again in the future because I don't think we're done with their story yet!
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611 reviews333 followers
August 21, 2012
2.5 stars - I have mixed feelings about this novella.

On one hand, it was different than most novellas because they are usually side stories because some people just read the novels and not the extra stuff. In the beginning of this one, Aguirre did write in some important details to the revolution and the fates of some major key players, so I'm interested to see how she plans on explaining that in Book 2 for those who plan to skip "Endurance."

On the other hand, I felt this novella was kind of pointless because other than the revolutions scenes, the book spent a good deal of time reiterating all the setting building and summary of what happened in the first book. It was about halfway through before we really got to the meat of the side story - which was the developing romance between Stone and Thimble.

I thought the romance was really rushed and surface deep, even though they've known each other from brat-hood. I mean, I know Thimble has been interested for quite some time, but Stone just all of a sudden thought, "He couldn’t remember noticing she was female before.strong body?" I guess I just thought it was a bit too cheesy in my opinion.

And I felt the novella ended so abruptly. They're in the middle of nowhere, in this supposedly intense but unknown situation. It's like the book is telling us they will have hope for a better future, but at the same time, it leaves no resolution but no cliffhanger either. It's just a weird way to end a book, novella or otherwise.
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676 reviews30 followers
June 5, 2021
This was cute.

While I usually don't read novellas, I was intrigued about how the enclave fell, and I wanted to know what happened with Stone and Thimble.

I really do hope that they meet up with Deuce and Fade eventually so that they know that they are okay.

Pretty good read.
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185 reviews58 followers
September 22, 2012
June 18: I'm so comfused! Goodreads lists Endurance's publishing date as Feb 29, but the URL listed doesn't show the story and it's not on B&N or Amazon or anywhere! There must be some way to read this short story, it had my interest piqued!

Sept 15: Never mind above. They took it off HeroesandHeartbreakers.com to make a buyable ebook, which I just bought! I'll get to this after re-reading Enclave :)

September 21: My Review -


This is amazing in a different way. It's touching. It lets you feel the more emotional side of battle:
"Stone only knew his strong arms let him slam people away. He didn't want to hurt them. The idea of using this blade on someone--his stomach turned. But he couldn't help it. Stone tried, but they kept coming[...] Why won't they stop? What's the point? Stone wept as he fought until his arms were heavy and he smelled nothing but burnt meat and despair. His lungs burned raw; his eyes stung from the sweat trickling into them. His blade grew sticky, until it disgusted him to hold it."

And every once in a while, you can Aguirre's signature writing style shine through, like this:
"He glimpsed their mutated, monstrous features: pale skin cut with sores, yellow fangs, milky eyes, and bulging brows with sparse hair[...] Terror and revulsion wedged in his throat, but as long as feelings didn't freeze him, it would be all right. He waited until the first one ran for him, and then he wheeled, vaulting the snare, dodging right to avoid the spring-trap. The light in his hand blinded the Freaks, leaving them unable to mimic his path. Behind him, he heard the rope snap and the metallic clang, and then an animal growling in both pain and anger. He ran on, holding in his mind the deadly path they'd laid. Deviation meant death."

And this (only during action scenes did it sound like something Aguirre would write):
"She couldn't see how many there were, but he killed one cleanly, as if he had been practicing the movements in his head. Just as he'd said the night before: pierce, pull, pierce. His motions were economical, and he went for eyes and throats.[...] Then he killed them out of mercy, not fear, no rage in his motions, but with an awful tenderness, as if these were creatures worthy of his pity."


But there are other instances I wonder if this novella has been edited at all. I think I've read the below line before in some indie novel:
"That's why? Because I notice you have a mind as well as a fine, strong body?"

Other than a few cool fight scenes, this is a romance story - about Stone and Thimble finally giving in to their urges once they escape the constraints of Enclave society. Unlike with Fade and Deuce, with whom it progressed normally (and very cutely)as something that was bound to happen, it felt completely rushed and forced with Stone and Thimble.

"'There were rules'. 'There aren't any now, except the ones we choose.'
He nodded. 'That's the best part, even if the rest is terrifying.'"

Their romance is, quite frankly, absolutely boring. I'd expected fireworks, not predictability.

"With him, she wasn't just an imperfect Builder. She could be anything with him."
Okay, if we'd come to this beautiful conclusion through hard work and going through crazy stuff together and 200 pages later, then that would sound cute. Coming to this conclusion after less than 50 pages sounds rushed and just thrown in haphazardly. I feel like Stone & Thimble should have "given in to their passions" but not learned everything there is to know about a relationship so early. Maybe save that for Outpost?

More lameness proceeds to fill the virtual pages of Endurance...
"Don't," he begged. "You're perfect. You're you. You're my whole life."

Basically, Endurance consists of Stone and Thimble having to escape the Enclave after it is attacked and destroyed by Freaks (the fun part) and while on the run, each coming to terms with the attraction he or she feels. It gets really repetitive after the first 30 pages, and even if you are a fan of the Razorland series, I see no reason to waste your time on this book.

Outpost on the other hand........
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1,988 reviews86 followers
May 20, 2017
This was an intriguing read. I really enjoyed this one more than Secret Heart. I thought that Ann Aguirre wrote a great novella about two of Deuce's friends, Stone and Thimble. There was a bit of romance as they develop feelings for each other as the story progressed. I hope they make it to Topside as well. It would be nice to see how they will react in the same environment as Deuce and Fade. I hope there is more to their story as I think it was interesting to see the changes in themselves from who they were in the Enclave to who they are now after leaving the Enclave. The ending was interesting. I can't wait to read Outpost and the rest of the series. Overall, a great read.
Profile Image for Perla The IB Teen Book Blogger.
499 reviews34 followers
June 10, 2012
Fantastic! Fans of Enclave need to read this short story about what fate befell the College Enclave after they banished Deuce and Fade. And more importantly what became of Thimble, Stone, and Boy 23. If you have yet to pick up Enclave, may be this free short story will turn you onto one of the best post-apocalyptic series around.
Profile Image for Aly.
2,530 reviews
April 7, 2019
Short but good information

I'm glad we got to see what happened to the enclave after Deuce and Fade left, especially Thimble and Stone. This was pretty short, but I appreciate the extra information so I'm not wondering about them. Hopefully they'll reconnect with Deuce in the series.
Profile Image for Amanda Croley.
797 reviews45 followers
September 9, 2012
Endurance takes place between the first and second Razorland books. After Deuce and Fade left the Enclave there was an uprising, they few people who survived were attacked by the freaks. Stone & Thimble (Deuce's bratmates) were able to get away with boy23.

Even though it isn't permitted for breeders to know which of the brat's are their own offspring, Stone always knew boy 23 was his. Once they make it safely into the tunnels, Stone has to fight off some of the freaks. Breeders are not permitted to think, only to breed. Thimble is handicapped, one of her feet turns inward, and because of this she has always had to work twice as hard to save herself. Each of them now must use their skills, and learn new skills to make it to safety. They find a hidden bunker with food, and many other treasures. The book ends with them deciding to stay there awhile, since it provides them safety from the freaks. Thimble wants to read the books to see if she can discover how to move forward. I really hope they somehow connect with Deuce and Fade in book 3!
Profile Image for Kristin (Blood,Sweat and Books).
370 reviews164 followers
January 18, 2014
Reviewed originally @Blood,Sweat and Books

Despite being a Novella, Endurance read like a full length book. When I finished Enclave I was surprised to find that my edition had Endurance included. Naturally, I didn't want to wait so I started it immediately after finishing Enclave and boy, am I glad that I did. Endurance filled in so many burning questions that I had after finishing Enclave. Primarily what happened to those left underground after Deuce and Fade were exiled.
What I liked best about Endurance was that it followed my two favorite characters Thimble and Stone. I loved getting to see how each of them dealt with Deuce leaving considering they both essentially betrayed her as judgement was handed down by the Elders. I also enjoyed seeing the duo struggle with the fact the two of them have undeniable chemistry despite Enclave rules dictating that a pairing between them could simply never happen. It's forbidden romance and isn't that really the best kind?

Another thing that I liked was the Action. From beginning to end I was glued to the story. It wasn't necessarily pulse pounding but I was certainly biting my lip with each turn of the page knowing it might be either characters last. Something bad takes place in the Enclave and I was terrified that one or both of them might not make it through the night. Most shocking of all is it's not just the Ferals who cause it.Speaking of the Ferals, I felt they were much more menacing in this tale. I could finally see why the inhabitants of College were afraid of them. I am still left wondering how exactly they made it out of the underground but I guess that will come in the next book. I have my suspicions though.

Lastly, I really liked that we were able to see more from what happened in the past. Those poor survivors thought they were smart hiding underground but the joke was on them. Had they known it would end up their tomb I'd wonder if they'd have still taken the risk in the first place? In that respect I did see similarities to a video game called Fallout but did I really care? No. Also I did sort of wonder how the pressurized doors still worked. Wouldn't they need electricity?

The only real downside to Endurance was the fact that it was over too soon. I could've followed Thimble and Stone to the ends of the world and been content doing so. It's not really the stories fault, it is a Novella after all and despite its length I was satisfied from first to last page. It's mainly that I know in the next book these two beautifully amazing characters will be relegated back to the background so Deuce and Fade can once again take center stage.

Final Thoughts
In the end I highly enjoyed Endurance. In fact, I have no problem saying that I enjoyed it even more than Enclave. Thimble in my eyes would of been a more interesting protagonist to follow than Deuce. She has vitality and charisma despite her disability that's infectious and it doesn't hurt that I find her an adorable companion for Stone. With that being said, I'll be rating Endurance by Ann Aguirre ★★★★.

*Copy purchased. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in an which way for providing them.
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Author 7 books696 followers
June 15, 2016
I’ve got two words to describe this story: Too. Short. It’s really good, packed with action and heart, and it was over in less than half an hour. (*sob*)

Here is where we find out what happened to the enclave after Deuce left –and it’s not a pretty picture. In short order, there is an uprising. And just when their forces are weakened by their own infighting, the zombies attack. Thimble and Stone turn to each other to survive and escape.

I love these two together. Both think themselves unworthy of the other, but they are both so wrong. Thimble struggles with her bad leg and Stone thinks he’s too stupid to be useful. Really, though, their bonds of childhood friendship have been something much more for a while –only, they could never act on it until now. Watching them finally come together tops off some great tension and makes for some good emotional payoff too.

Not to mention, there is plenty of action. Remember all those zombies. It was hard enough for Deuce and Fade to make it Topside and they were Hunters. Neither Thimble or Stone is trained and they are lugging his baby around.

This story is engaging, it moves fast, and made me feel. No small feat for 70 pages. I hope we see these characters again before the series is over.

Rating: B+
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Author 24 books402 followers
October 2, 2012
I really wish it had been a full novel instead of a novella. I liked that Thimble and Stone had different internal struggles than Deuce, Fade and Stalker. It was interesting to read a completely different take on this same world. I would have enjoyed reading about these two for longer and learning more about here their travels took them. But at least I know what happened after Deuce and Fade left the Enclave!
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3,259 reviews488 followers
June 26, 2016
Loved reading about Stone and Thimble and their resourcefulness. Hope to see them again in the series.
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8,062 reviews144 followers
June 27, 2021
A novella in the Razlorland series. YA dystopian novel. Fast-paced and fun.
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521 reviews
April 8, 2017
I think this was an important novella to read as it shows what happened in the enclave when they did finally rebel. Stone and Thimble along with Boy23 appear to be the only ones to escape. No longer held down with the stigma and rules it does not take them long to over come the obstacles ahead of them in order to find safety.
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1,418 reviews68 followers
February 29, 2020
Firstly, I hate that tiny novellas cost as much as book sometimes. Secondly, I was disappointed in this. Yes I liked hearing how Thimble and Stone got out of Enclave and how Robin got his name, but I wanted more. I wanted to know how they had to fight their way out of the ruins and how they ended up in the island. So this one got lower ratings from me but I still enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Eva Luna.
126 reviews15 followers
April 8, 2019
Rating: 4
I really liked learning more about what happened to Thimble and Stone.
The only thing I did not like was the beginning of this novella, it was a bit too rushed for me.
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702 reviews89 followers
September 17, 2012
If you’ve read Enclave, surely at some point you got stuck wondering, what ever happened to Thimble, Stone and the rest of the College people? Did they get slaughtered just like those from the Nassau enclave? How exactly did Deuce’s best friends feel about her getting exiled? Let’s get the other side of the story shall we?

WARNING: Contains spoilers.

There is unease amongst the enclave. Some feel that their leaders are being unjust, while some side with them and feel that their leaders are only doing what’s best for the enclave. When chaos finally breaks within, Stone is thrown into the combat, fighting for his life. But could a breeder fight like a hunter? Meanwhile Thimble, a simple builder, tries to be brave and takes care of the brats, trying to feed and comfort them amidst all the havoc. After the brutal battle, few are left to defend the enclave from the Freaks. College has fallen. Freaks feast on the dead. Thimble, Stone and Stone’s son miraculously escape. But without a hunter’s skills, how far can they go and how long will they survive?

Endurance is a short story where readers get to see what happened to the enclave after Deuce and Fade were exiled. In Enclave, readers see the story in Deuce’s eyes while here in Endurance, readers are shifted between Thimble and Stone in third person view.

It was sad to see College fall. It was heart-breaking to find the characters I’ve know from Enclave die for a cause that could’ve been solved in a more peaceful way if only both sides allowed it. And yet I felt a sense of pride over how Silk and the rest of what’s left of the hunters fought nobly until their last breath.

I was really pleased to find another point of view over this series. Deuce is a great character, but it’s always nice to find something new. I was glad to get to know Thimble and Stone myself than from Deuce’s eyes, surprised to find that they feel deeply for each other more than the enclave allowed them to. It’s sweet and all but there are times that I feel the narration over their feelings seem a bit redundant. I mean, I get it, I just wish they wouldn’t keep saying it over and over again, just express it already!

Endurance was a really enjoyable book for me because it showed me an even deeper side of Ann Aguirre’s Razorland world. Top Side isn’t the only vast place to discover. Down Below, there are still secrets yet to be exposed.

For more of my reviews, please visit my blog:
The Blair Book Project @ www.theblairbookproject.blogspot.com
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2,939 reviews52 followers
August 29, 2012
Normally I am not a huge fan of zombie stories of dystopian societies; however, Ann Aguirre writes such a unique and fascinating tale with her Razorland series, I immediately became hooked. After reading "Enclave," the first book in the series, I have been anxiously awaiting the second book; so imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was a novella that takes place in between book one and book two.

"Endurance" takes place shortly after Deuce and Fade have left the underground enclave. Thimble, the builder has been sensing unrest in the enclave. She has attempted to warn, Stone, the breeder but he just believes she is overreacting. Then, it happens the other denizens have become unhappy with the unfair treatment they are receiving and set about to make a change. Unfortunately, many die in the civil battle leaving the enclave decimated. Then, the survivors are attacked by the Freaks (zombies).

Thimble, Stone and his son, Boy 23, are forced to go topside in an attempt to survive. The journey is especially made difficult due to Thimbles disability with her ankle. They are repeatedly attacked by Freaks and manage to survive. They will discover more than just freedom from oppressive situations. They will discover the ability to love each other without reproach and make the rules as they go along.

I enjoyed this novella and continued to be fascinated by the incredile world building Aguirre creates. I felt as though I could see everything as it occured and as thought I was on the road with the characters. The suspense was addictive and the intrigue was delicious. My only criticism was I was hoping Stone, Thimble and Boy 23 would be rejoined with Deuce and Fade. Aguirre does provide an excerpt of "Outpost" at the end of this novella. Hopefully, book two will rejoin the friends.

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629 reviews
July 14, 2013
I really liked this Novella in the Razorland series. Each chapter switches between Thimble and Stone. They are Deuces friends who stay behind in the enclave when Deuce is banished. But all is not well, there is rebellion looming. When the dust settles there is not much left, over half of the people are dead and it's only a matter of time before the Freaks sniffed out the weakened community. With Thimble's smarts and Stone's strength they, along with Stone's boy, Boy23, set out to search for safety elsewhere.

It's been a little bit since I visited Ann Aguirre's world, but it didn't take me very long to get sucked back in. I could have easily seen a full length novel following these two around. I love how easy it is to tell just how much the characters care for each other. There thoughts and actions as they not only work to survive, but come to terms with how they feel about one another. It has been ingrained into them their whole life that only Breeders get to be with Breeders who are picked for them by the Elders and Builders don't get to be with anyone.

If you liked Enclave you will like this novella too.
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2,594 reviews172 followers
July 13, 2013
This novella answered many questions left from Enclave. I have long wondered about Twist's parting words to Deuce and what became of her brat mates. I also though how could they not believe in her and turn their backs on her.

The revolution and freak attack were rather enlightening about the true nature of several characters.

It was great to see the reactions of Stone, a big strong Breeder who is not too bright, and Thimble, a clever builder who has a physical handicap. They each face the situation differently but show great strength and perseverance.

I loved having their story told and the things they went through to survive. I would have loved more to the story. This would be great as a spin off to Duece's story. I loved the hope and courage both characters displayed.

This was more of a beginning and it would be amazing to compare how differently they go out into the world.
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173 reviews106 followers
January 30, 2018
This book was a really interesting read all about what happened to Deuce’s friends, Thimble and Stone, and the Enclave after she was banished.
This book filled in a lot of the plot holes from the first book of the Razorland series.
I loved the first book and had a lot of hopes for this short story, but sadly I just found this too ‘lovey dovey’ for me. I don't usually mind a bit of romance in books but this was just way too over the top and as I don't really know or care that much about these two characters compared to Deuce and Fade, I just wasn't that interested.

It was nice to learn what happened but I could have read the first chapters and be done with it. I didn't have to read 70 pages about how much these two secretly love each other.
So to anyone who's thinking about reading this then I’d recommend that you just read a synopsis online and read the next book of the series.
Profile Image for Mike.
5 reviews
August 16, 2012
I'm giving this 3.75 stars, but rounding down ;). Without giving anything away, the events that happened before the main characters left their situation felt contrived, pointless, and predictable. So much so I would have rather it just been summed up in a few paragraphs. Instead, I was bored 'till they moved on, which isn't good for a book this short ;). Personally, it would have been far better if the author spent more time with the development and interactions we saw in the tunnels and topside - that's where this book really shined. The love story, while abbreviated, made me smile, and the new locations and situations they encountered offered slight new insight into the Razorland saga.
Profile Image for Myndi .
1,364 reviews51 followers
November 18, 2015
Thank goodness some answers, in addition to Deuce's "Dream" to what happened to the Enclave after they left. Some answers to what became of her dearest friends. I'm so happy with this! I've not read the rest of the series as I like to go in chronological order, but I have a hope that somehow Thimble and Stone will end up crossing paths with Deuce again someday! And how freeing for them to not have to stay in their molds any longer, to be free (even in the horror that is their new world) to make their own choices. I loved it, and I loved that it was longer than the 0.5 novella.
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1,077 reviews47 followers
November 4, 2013
This short story follows Stone and Thimble as the College enclave falls to revolution and attack by the freaks and they are left on their own to survive, along with Stone's small child. I loved how they worked together to learn to fight and find a way to safety, using their strengths to make a great team, despite not having any training in those areas. I hope we find out what has happened with them in the next two books of the trilogy. I'm hoping they're reunited with their friend Deuce.
Profile Image for Jessica.
72 reviews3 followers
June 10, 2012
This was a really good short story and has me dying until the next book in the series comes out. It was good to get some perspective on what happened to Thimble and Stone, that was one of the things that stuck with me in Enclave was how they stayed behind and we didnt know what had happened with them.
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