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F Scott Fitzgerald on Writing

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136 Pages

136 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 1985

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Larry W. Phillips

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Author 3 books2,904 followers
December 2, 2022
هذه الإنجازات القليلة التي حقّقتها ما كان لها أن توجد لولا العمل الذي يتطلّبُ الجهد البالغ، وأتمنّى اليوم لو أنّني لم أسترح يوماً واحداً أو أتطلّع إلى الماضي؛ أتمنّى لو أنّني كنت قد كتبت في نهاية غاتسبي العظيم: "هذا هو مجال عملي. من الآن فصاعداً هذه هي أولويّتي. هذه هي مهمّتي الدائمة — بدونها أنا لا أساوي شيئاً.
17 reviews
November 3, 2016
An easy, quick read that provides more inspiration than any concrete tips on writing. Very interesting to get some perspective from one of the great writers.
Profile Image for Linda.
913 reviews140 followers
May 3, 2021
This was a darling little book of snippets from Fitzgerald's writings. Going in I actually had expected a book written by him, FOR writers. But that was not to be, more's the pity.
However, he did enough tutoring and had enough characters that *were* writers (shamelessly writing autobiography into a lot of his works!), that we can glean a lot from all that. And that's what this editor did.
One thing was missing, which might have helped me, as I'm not altogether familiar with ALL of F. Scott's work - a chronological listing of his works. The year was always given in the quote, except when it was lifted from a published work. And there I was stymied trying to place the quote within his life. For instance, I've never read The Crack-Up, and I'm not even sure what type of work it is. So now I'll have to go looking for it.
However, that is a small quibble. I suppose the editor (like most biographers) assumed everyone had an encyclopedic knowledge of F. Scott. But nope.
What I did love were the letters talking about Hemingway, and the ones to his daughter, especially where he recommended books to her. I don't think that F. Scott is a better writer than Hemingway, but I do think he was a better man. Anyway, I find their binary star existence very interesting.
I tabbed several quotes and I am sure that if I read this at another time, I'd tab still several more. He was no slouch. He had a rare gift, and seemed to know it. So many interesting insights.
I especially found his letters to his editor Max Perkins to be really interesting. And I've got an edition of his complete Letters here, and I might just dip into that next.
For instance:
"I have lived so long within the circle of this book and with these characters that often it seems to me that the real world does not exist but that only these characters exist, and however pretentious that remarks sounds... it is an absolute fact - so much so that their glees and woes are just exactly as important to me as what happens in life."

He had a lot to say which was very prescient, both about his own life and about the world. I just wish he hadn't died so young.
Profile Image for Moustafa Mounir - مصطفى منير .
Author 6 books401 followers
May 7, 2023
زي ما شكرت قبل كده في مباهج الكتابة وأوجاعها، لازم أشكر منشورات حياة على صنعة الكتابة.
المشروع ده عاجبني جدا جدا، مفيش رغي كتير، في فلسفات الكاتب تجاه الكتابة بصورة مباشرة، وكافية، يادوبك إللي قاله فقط، دون بقى أي تفسير أو تأويل ورغي كتير عشان نحشي الكتاب وخلاص.
وإللي عاجبني أكتر كمان؛ إن رغم إن الكتابين بيتكلموا عن نفس الموضوع، لكن حرفيا هيمنغواي في الشّرق، وفيتزجيرالد في الغرب! كل واحد عنده كم تعقيدات ونظريات، تخليك محتار تتفق مع إيه هنا وتنكر إيه هنا، لكن أرجع وأقول؛ مشروع مهم، يلزم كل كاتب (محترف أو في البدايات) إنه يقرأ ويعرف إزاي كاتب زي فيتزجيرالد كان شايف الكتابة.
حاجة فرّحتني جدا؛ اكتشفت إن في آراء كتيرة تخصني في الكتابة، متشابهة إلى حد كبير معاه، فالواحد حس إنه كان ممكن يبقى أعز أصدقائي، لو كنا في حقبة زمنية واحدة وبلد واحد.
Profile Image for Craig Lawrence.
Author 6 books2 followers
August 21, 2017
Picked this book up in a second hand bookshop over the summer holidays. Essentially, it's just a collection of short quotes taken from letters, articles and books by F Scott Fitzgerald. It merits 5 stars because Phillips has done a really good job of selecting quotes that make you think, smile or that are genuinely inspirational (at least to a writer!). I strongly recommend it - it's classic 'loo reading'!
277 reviews2 followers
January 28, 2022
Fascinating to get Fitzgerald's perspective on writing in his own words from his correspondence
He came across as humble at times, but equally as arrogant and feeling superior in his ability to write
I didn't realize his close relationship with Hemingway
A good book for an aspiring writer
There was much to consider and process
I will definitely hold on to this book and read it again in the future
Plus it was nice and short and manageable
Profile Image for Whitebeard Books.
235 reviews62 followers
June 20, 2017
I am a Scott Fitzgerald fan so this appeals to me. It is little more than a hodge-podge of thoughts and ideas related mostly by the fact that they came from Fitzgerald and are associated with his profession. Still, it's always good to see how other writers think about what we do.
Profile Image for Hannah.
57 reviews5 followers
March 19, 2019
While I would have much rather read a collection of full works, rather than snippets and quotes, I found a lot of motivation in the contents of this book. Given to me by an old teacher and friend, I did a lot of reminiscing between these covers.
Profile Image for Jeanne 🦢.
73 reviews3 followers
June 19, 2020
12,5/20 ⭐️
Petit recueil de citations, de lettres et de conseils de l’auteur Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Comme j’aime énormément l’auteur, j’apprécie forcément ce petit livre ! J’ai toujours un coup de cœur pour de plume, et j’aime bcp les lettres qu’il écrit à sa fille.
J’ai vu plusieurs extraits de son dernier livre: le dernier nabab. Et ça m’a vraiment donner envie de le lire !
Profile Image for Brian.
118 reviews
July 30, 2011
Read it in a day, really in an evening.

It was decent, reads quickly enough, although there is some repetition since it's more a remix of things--a compilation of other sources if you would. Read it fast enough and things will start to echo.

Got a couple decent quotes from it.
76 reviews2 followers
August 11, 2011
Although it is only a collection of different fragments of his thoughts on writing an character, it is really hard to put down. It is amazing how he is able to come through time and again with solid information that any writer, of any genre, could find valuable.
Profile Image for Omar Qureshi.
20 reviews4 followers
December 31, 2013
Fitzgerald was a genius. This was a pleasure to read. It is short, wise, and nearly perfect.
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