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Tales of the Kingdom #3

Tales of the Restoration

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The residents of Bright City continue the struggle to subdue evil and to restore the King and his bride as their rulers.


First published August 1, 1996

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About the author

David R. Mains

54 books21 followers
David R. Mains has been dedicating himself for spiritual growth development programs that disturb ordinary presumptions. During the year 1967 he built an experimental church in a Teamster’s Union Hall in West Chicago. Some church-planting specialists proclaimed that it can't be done but then with a few supporters, the church has grown from only 27 until 500 for ten years.

Mains' system is advanced that he joined together worship with arts and media. He implement a system to service planning focusing one concept making the entire worship communication into just a single but valuable idea. Lay people were invited and brainstorm sermons and he firmly incorporated that each sermon should include practical ideas so it will be integrated with everyday living as Christians.

During the year 1977, Mains replaced his uncle John D. Jess as Director of a national radio broadcast, The Chapel of the Air. He then started to use religious media that would boost spirituality on every listener.

Mains transformed broadcasting as a service to the local church rather than competing them. He then began to train a team to do on-air voices which includes his wife, Karen Mains.

Several experts again warned him that such a service can’t be done but then he was thrilled when the first Spiritual Adventure he implemented had reach 7,000 participants.

Mains has been a Christian communicator and his passion was always for the local church to experience the living presence of Jesus Christ. A pastor once gave him a gratitude for putting his own personal agenda to serve for the good of the local church.

Now, Mains resigned from the broadcast and created Mainstay Ministries which dedicated to help church leaders and its people by several growth tools and training seminars. He established Team Sundays where every church goer would experience a life changing Sunday. His goal in Mainstay Ministries was to help pastors be effective in preaching.

Visit David Mains Mainstay Ministries the - Sunday Solutions. He also put up several resources for pastors called Sermon Series and Sermon Coach. He also established a mentoring ministry for men and women called Hungry Souls.

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Profile Image for Cheyenne Langevelde.
Author 3 books87 followers
May 30, 2022
Beautiful conclusion to the first two books, showcasing what it means to live after the New Day and see the kingdom slowly being brought to final restoration. The first few stories were slow and disappointing in comparison with the first two books, but the remaining ones were as good as I remember. And one particular plot twist always catches me off guard. Nonetheless, I love these books and the allegories they present. I understand why the world-building is so vastly different from the first two books, but I do miss the same type of story and action, even while I understand it not being there. That is the only reason I've docked a star.
Profile Image for Lydia Thomas.
Author 1 book9 followers
October 24, 2015
This collection is like a reunion of the characters from the other Kingdom books, many whom have lost their purpose and need reminded of it.
Profile Image for Jana.
98 reviews3 followers
December 12, 2016
I read this aloud to my four children (11, 9, 4, and 2) and will definitely be reading it again and again in years to come! A lot of these stories really got me choked up, challenged me, and helped us see some things in a new beautiful way. The authors have a deep understanding of the Christian life and incredible imaginations. The lessons learned have come up repeatedly in conversation with my older two since reading this together, and I look forward to exposing these stories to my younger kids as they get older.
Profile Image for Elaine.
610 reviews
February 24, 2014
Loved this one too, as the King and his people work at the restoration of the city, which was once Enchanted City, but is now freed from the Enchanter and now called Bright City. Hero and the others are grown now, and are joyfully working in the Restoration. In the midst of it, love blooms, and I always love the angst of love stories, so this was a nice ending to this trilogy.
5 reviews1 follower
September 22, 2007
I actually liked this one better than the first... again a childhood favorite.
Profile Image for Missie Kay.
690 reviews1 follower
July 21, 2011
Good, but without the magic and danger of the two prequels, not nearly as exciting.
January 12, 2013
Not quite as good as the first - tales of the Kingdom & the 2nd - Tales of the Resistance.
Still an excellent book. They are all better in the hardback editions or on audio!
Profile Image for LMS.
439 reviews33 followers
August 16, 2014
Not as good as first two but still quite good.
Profile Image for Clara.
13 reviews2 followers
February 8, 2015
This is not my favorite book in the series, Tales of the Kingdom is, but I really Tales of the Restoration. It is a good ending book for the series.
Profile Image for Susan Skavdahl.
14 reviews1 follower
October 20, 2019
Journey to a Kingdom not so far away to discover the true King

The 3rd book in the Tales of the Kingdom series follows Hero, once known as Scar Boy and Hunter, once known as Little Child in the adventures in Bright City. Reclaiming the city from the enchanter takes faith in the true King and perseverance.
Profile Image for Carrie Johnson.
30 reviews1 follower
March 12, 2021
This series is amazing, have to be some of my favorite allegorical stories to read with my kids and one we will have to revisit as they grow. My kids seemed to love them as well and I felt like bt the 3 books there was a story in there that anyone could relate to and realize that the King loves you no matter who you are. The story about “A girl named dirty” was one that turned on the waterworks for me and one of my favorite lines from the series and is esp appropriate for today is “How goes the world? The world goes not well BUT the Kingdom comes!” ❤️
Profile Image for Erin.
913 reviews20 followers
September 15, 2021
Despite having read the first two books in this series too many times to count, this was the first time I finished Book 3. I thought it lacking compared to the first two, but still found the stories thought-provoking in their own way. It was nice to see more of how the authors intended to restore Enchanted City (now Bright City) and bring about the Restoration.
Profile Image for Stephanie Waterhouse.
249 reviews2 followers
December 21, 2016
Twelve more stories in the last book of the trilogy. This one did not end each tale with a written moral to contemplate. The hidden truth was implied in the reading.

Time has passed since we met the major characters. Much growth and wisdom. A new found purpose - destiny or place in the Kingdom.

Restoration, to me, in biblical terms means to go back to the original plan/purpose, especially after getting off course or adversity interference. Did all end like this in these tales? To me NO! The tales end with a celebration and I'm left confused and wanting more answers. Why so many loose ends? Where's Sovereign? What happened to the Enchanter and his crew? Where are the punishments? Where's the Rewards?

I don't see a logical conclusion. Why name Restoration? To me this restoration wasn't complete. There's so much that still needs to be done. I'm happy for Hero, but isn't Restoration suppose to be for all in the Kingdom?

Of the three parts in this trilogy, this is my least favorite. I'm left wanting more...no resolve...only unanswered questions. Why start the trilogy without a definite conclusion?

Maybe it's the adult in me. I guess I need to look from a child's perspective. See this as fairy tales and maybe the ending for the main character is fine. As an allegory pushing a personal relationship with the King and Restoration of His people, I'm so disappointed!!! Ugh! I need more! I need this to be done better! I don't want an afterthought, but a full blown positive conclusion as representative of Restoration!!

I shouldn't fret...at least I was able to read thirty-six reasonably done tales with a moral to boot.

I do recommend this book to read, for the stories were compelling, but it's mis-titled, to me. I could give this book a 3.5 star rating.
Displaying 1 - 21 of 21 reviews

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