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New Moms, New Families #1

New Moms, New Families: Priceless Gifts of Wisdom and Practical Advice from Mama Experts for the Fourth Trimester and First Year Postpartum

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First-time moms strive to carry babies to term and experience easy labor. Few are prepared for the immediate challenges after delivery, the "fourth trimester." Thus, this unique and holistic collection of alternative tips and practical advice for Moms by Moms was born.

Deepen your breath with essential oils and clean air. Warm your tummy with nourishing foods. Feel your center and strengthen your core with intuition. Share and rediscover with your baby the joy of nature and language. Learn to ask questions, settle anxieties, and employ strategies when you suspect developmental delays. Equip yourself with a postpartum depression-busting wellness plan as well as a process to become sensational in the face of being a single mom. Plan ahead with finances and luck cycles. Most importantly, awaken refreshed from great “mountain” feng shui.

Let these amazing mama entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse fields of expertise hold your hand, save you time, change your life and give you more sleep!


For the first time, new mothers can expect to find a book that is entirely devoted to smoothing out the rapid transition after delivery when creating a new family. This book, unlike many others, is focused on helping the new mom navigate all areas of care that a new arrival necessitates.

The chapters in this book emerge as five sections:
~ Mama Care, especially for the first six weeks after delivery (with yummy postpartum recipes from Traditional Chinese Medicine traditions)
~ Self Care, to give new moms permission to care for themselves (including essential oils and cultivating one's Mother Intuition)
~ Baby Care, to make motherhood easier for mama (e.g., cloth diapering made easy)
~ Home Care, for peaceful havens (indoors and out)
~ Family Care, for easing into parenthood with a significant other (including financial planning and adventures in multilingualism)

You asked for it. You have it. The sequel to the New Moms, New Families book is now out!

BIRTH FORMATIONS: What Multiple Home Births Teach About Living, Laboring, and Mothering in the Now

When asked by mamas of one and mamas of two how she does it, Ng delivers her nuts-and-bolts approach on how to actualize the New Age concept of living in the present moment before conception, during pregnancy, throughout delivery and in the midst of postpartum motherhood for the busy woman who desires to do and have it all.

132 pages, Paperback

First published April 11, 2012

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About the author

Gloria Ng

19 books12 followers
Gloria Ng is an Oakland-based mother of three who writes on Owl Time. Her work has appeared in anthologies, including YELL-Oh Girls! (HarperCollins, 2001) Seeing the lack of bilingual books to read to her children, she created the Mama Gloria Chinese-English Bilingual Books series.

You can support her art on http://www.patreon.com/GloriaNg

Free download of Cloth Diapering Made Easy when you sign up for her email newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/fSDdD

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Profile Image for Stevan Nikolic.
Author 83 books66 followers
October 25, 2013
In its essence, the book “New Moms,New Families” is a collection of articles and essays written by moms, who were at the same time experts in particular fields, sharing their expertise and/or their experience in the specific area of early maternal care. Mostly written in the “hands on” manner, all of the articles have references attached, and together they certainly present a valuable source of advice and inspiration for new mothers. I particularly like chapters “Family Adventures in Multilingualism” by Anna Melman, “Saju –Empowering Children’s Future” by Sasha Yungju Lee and “Smart Financial Moves” by Louise Wen.

The catch phrase published in the editorial for the book (and written in capital letters) was “For Moms by Moms about Moms”. Although, the editor Gloria Ng writes in the introduction “while the emphasis of the fourth trimester is often placed on baby’s needs, it is also a time when parents learn to become parents”, the biggest part of this book is about the MOTHERS’ experience in the so called “fourth trimester” i.e. from birth to three months.

As a father of three beautiful daughters, I cannot but be a little bit disappointed by the underline notion in some of the chapters, where “parenthood” is almost viewed as a “single person” affair. In the 112 pages the word “father” is almost not mentioned, or is substituted by the politically correct word “partner”. There is a whole chapter dedicated to the experiences of a single mom. And while I understand that the purpose of this book is to be a guide to new moms in all social settings, where self-sufficiency of motherhood is the reality of the times, and self-empowerment a necessity, it almost appears like there is no place for fatherhood and for the father’s contribution to the mother and child in the “fourth trimester”.

That being said, I recommend this well written and well compiled collection of articles to all new fathers. In spite of the fact that it was written “for moms by moms about moms”, there is a lot in there that men can learn about the precious moments of parenting in the childhood phase that is more and more perceived by modern science as the most important for the future development of the child. In other words, if you cannot win them, join them. Hands-on experience for fathers is as rewarding as that of a mother, and the biggest winner is the child. So moms, the "fourth trimester" should not be about “tea for two”…if there is a three of you. And of course, new moms should read this book as well…
Author 7 books2 followers
November 10, 2013
I received this book free in return for a fair review.
New Moms New Families is a collection of articles written by Moms who are experts in fields relating to child development and family planning. While I do not have any experience of raising a child, it is clear to see that this book does offer a balanced discourse on the subject, often drawing from eastern and western practices and theories.
There are a lot of practical tips and easy to implement action plans to smooth out this emotional time in early motherhood. Some ideas are quite novel, like forming a treasure trove of mental exercises to work through stressful and depressing episodes For example, special recipes providing high levels of nutrients and a whole lot of self help instructions!
It is enjoyable reading and the intimate experiences these women share alongside their advice, is inspiring and touching.
Despite the ‘instruction manual’ type info dumps on certain pages, this book is also spiritual and reassuring, drawing as much on common sense as science and medicine. Like the explanation that every woman possesses ‘motherly intuition’ and how it is present in all the chakras and, in turn, this energy can be channelled positively. It all sounds so reasonable but I am at a loss to validate the usefulness of such information.
I would rate this book four, simply because it provided me with much insight into a topic I never had cause to study before.
C.H.Lowe, author of the coming of age romance Someplace North of Here
Author 3 books35 followers
October 19, 2013
A Book Full of Wisdom and Resources

So why is a man reading a book that explicitly states on Pg 7 “this book is for moms by moms”? I took part in a competition and had to keep my commitment. Did I learn anything? A lot.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to convince a man to read this book but for women who are about to give birth or have just given birth, this book is a must read. It’ll save you a lot of pain.

Each chapter is written by a different woman; it starts off with women from the east and then as the book winds along women from the west too chip in with their words of wisdom. Most of them are qualified professionals who have spent many years in this highly specialized domain which is referred to as the “fourth trimester” i.e. from birth to three months. Links to their websites are mentioned as well.

Thank God I was born a man, the pain that women have to go through is beyond me, it’s all encompassing from physic’al’ to emotion’al’ to all the “als” that you can think off. The cures and remedies in the book cover the physical as well as the metaphysical aspects, so it’s well rounded.

At 70 odd pages, it’s an insightful read. Men should read it too, once they do, they’ll be that much more supportive and understanding. Seriously, this is the least you can do for your girl.
Profile Image for Rebecca Hazell.
Author 10 books19 followers
November 13, 2013

This is a book in progress; the editor actually seeks further submissions for future editions. So far, she is off to an interesting start. Her book is a collection of essays by different contributors on how new mothers can take care of themselves so they can take better care of their newborns. The essays themselves vary in quality and usefulness, but all seek to be supportive of women going through the first few months of motherhood.

There are a couple of interesting approaches that this book takes. It's quite multicultural and includes, for instance, traditional Chinese and Korean perspectives on new motherhood. It also has a few entries dealing with very non-traditional approaches that were once outside the mainstream. But things like aromatherapy and herbal treatments are far more accepted today than they were when I was a new mother.

Some contributors do stray a bit from the stated purpose and take the reader all the way forward into actual childhood; for instance, there's a chapter on raising multilingual children. There are also chapters on preparing for baby: financially, for instance, or preparing a nontoxic environment. And there is serious advice on breast feeding and dealing with diapers.

All in all, an eclectic and often enjoyable read that new mothers or mothers-to-be may find helpful.
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