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Run to Me

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Sometimes love blurs the line between right and wrong...

For Abby Fox and Paul Beckett, life in the lakeside Australian town of Jungilla is far from idyllic. Running is the only thing that brings them peace.

Abby is a teacher tortured by her unfulfilled dreams. When she takes on the role of running coach at Whateley School, she never imagines it will unravel her whole life.

Paul is sick of watching his back. His father seems to hate him and he’s got a bully after him as well. All he needs is something worth fighting for.

Told in the alternating voices of Abby and Paul, this story explores what can happen when life takes us somewhere unexpected. And how desire has the power to change everything.

243 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 2, 2012

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About the author

Erin Golding

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I'm a writer, spiritual seeker and film fanatic. Born and raised in Australia, I am now based in London.

My favourite book is The Time Traveler's Wife. For some strange reason I adore tragic love stories! :)

I blog about writing and creativity at www.healingscribe.com
I blog about movies at www.backtothefilm.com

My contemporary romantic novel 'Run to Me' is set in the fictional lakeside town of Jungilla. The story follows Abby Fox and Paul Beckett - two people who are about to discover that desire can blur the line between right and wrong.

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2,425 reviews505 followers
November 6, 2012

Set in a small Australian town, Run To Me is an unconventional love story which explores the development of a relationship between thirty something English teacher Abby Fox and seventeen year old high school student Paul Beckett.

It's a challenging subject to write about given that the teacher-student dynamic and age difference are well entrenched social taboo's but I think Golding does a good job of exploring the genuine connection between Abby and Paul, without ignoring the very real issues that stand between them.

I was surprised to find I did sympathise with Abby at times. Golding achieves this by using the first person point of view which reveals Abby's faulty reasoning process, giving it some legitimacy in context. Abby is not a predator, she is conflicted about her attraction to Paul and does make an effort to resist it. Her marriage crisis also highlights her vulnerability and her genuine desire for love. Though none of this entirely excuses her poor choices it does create the necessary space within which the author can explore the complexities of the relationship.

I was impressed by the authenticity of Paul's voice, a mixture of hormone soaked crudity, adolescent confusion and blossoming maturity. His physical attraction to Abby is not unsurprising for a seventeen year old but it's sweet in a way to see that attraction morph into something deeper. I really appreciated the growth of Paul's character not only in terms of his relationship with Abby but also with his father, and his consideration of his future.

There are a few minor errors in the text but on the whole Run To Me is well written, the first person points of view are authentic and the dialogue is natural. The story develops at a good pace and maintains the tension well. The ending is a satisfying fit for both the plot and the characters.

Run to Me is an interesting novel which explores a potentially sensational storyline with compassion and sensitivity. While not everyone will be able comfortable with some elements of the novel, it is an impressive debut from a self published author.

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1,987 reviews86 followers
March 12, 2016
Actual Rating: 3.5

This was a great book. I enjoy student-teacher relationship books. It was a nice story that followed the story of Wuthering Heights. It had the intensity and passion of that story. Also, I feel like the characters and plot were well developed.

The only thing I did not like was that the teacher, Abby, had an affair behind her husband's back with her student. It brought my rating down. The story just made me confused and it made me put the book down a couple of times. Overall, an enjoyable book.
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4,027 reviews2,628 followers
October 28, 2014
Abigail Fox was starting at the local Whateley High School as English teacher, in the town of Jungilla where she’d been born and raised. She loved the town, and returned to teach after studying and gaining her teaching qualifications. Mrs Fox (as the students called her) introduced herself to the administration office first thing…

Paul Beckett was seventeen, a rebel, called his father ‘The Chief’ as they didn’t get on, and knew, even though this was his final year at school, that he didn’t want to be there. His nemesis and local bully, ‘McFatty’, wanted to fight him, waited for him at the old skate park, and Paul tried to avoid him by hanging out with his best friend, Matt. But on that first morning he received a pleasant surprise when he and Matt joined the other students in the English classroom….

Abby took over the role of running coach not long into the term; running had long been a love of hers, a way of forgetting her troubles, a way of calming her unhappy thoughts about her husband Luke. Paul was on the running team, and he also loved running..he was very good at it, and with an event coming up in May, he was training hard. Running was one thing that seemed to make his life worthwhile.

This story is told in the alternating voices of Abby and Paul, and tells of the perceived differences between right and wrong, the lines that blur and the unexpected nature of life. I really enjoyed this very different novel, and with the nature of the topic being controversial, it was written beautifully, with much sensitivity. Recommended to all.
1 review
December 11, 2018

I would have given five stars with an ending that is more definitive. This ending is too abrupt! And open-ended.
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11 reviews
January 9, 2021
It felt like definitely someone in a position of power taking advantage and it didn't feel right.
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35 reviews41 followers
July 20, 2012
See More Reviews: www.ravenous-reader-book-reviews.blogspot.com

There is a part of all of us that beckons to watch the car accident, the train wreck, or our co-workers marriage going down the tubes. We are quiet observers of major life events going on around us, and we sit in judgement of everyone around us, never stopping for a minute to look at the reflection in the mirror. "That could never happen to me", we exclaim to ourselves as we look down our proverbial noses, never judging aloud, but always judging.

Truth be told, there are probably parts of each of our lives that we don't want the world, or at the very least, our friends and co-workers finding out. We want to paint that picture of perfection, while we sit in silent shame of our wrong doings and bad habits. We don't want our friends to see us cry over something so meaningful and meaningless at the same time, like breakfast. We want the world observing us through rose-colored glasses, right? We never want to show shame, because shame is ugly, right?

Run to Me by Erin Golding is an interesting story, and not one that is uncommon. I mean, as I was reading local headlines this morning, something eerily similar is going on right now, in my state, again... I like to think that when I was in high school that shenanigans like this didn't happen, but thumbing through my yearbook years later, it makes one wonder and sends your mind into twisted tales and fits of giggles when you picture things like that. You just never know.

Run to Me is a love story, although it's not one that you are cheering on the heroine or really keeping your fingers crossed that the guy wins his prize. It's a heartbreaking story, and one that made me feel sadness and pity throughout. It's not beautiful, but it is poetic. And you will keep asking yourself, does anyone win, does everyone lose, or is there a silver lining there, somewhere?

Run to Me is a book that makes you think. It makes you shake your head and it makes you wonder and ask the questions of how and why, over and over. You will keep reading because it's human nature and it's okay to watch. You aren't Abby and your child will never be Paul.

Run to Me is told from two perspectives, and that was really what clinched it for me. I loved how both sides were similar, but the different. I loved how Paul was always right there, in my face, but I had to dig deeper to find out what made Abby tick. My whys were answered, though I kept up with the head shaking, because I seriously would have had to question my morals if I was cheering by the end of the book.

Ms. Golding wrote a really great book, and it was one that I wasn't sure, due to subject matter, if I would enjoy, but I really liked it. She approached a subject that is sadly common in the headlines these days, and no longer shocking when we see them. She gave a very interesting perspective and touched on answering those whys and hows we often ask ourselves when we see this over and over in the news.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to friends and family, and to you all here, reading this blog. Seriously, check it out!!
Profile Image for Deana.
18 reviews
August 7, 2012
Abby Fox is a teacher who is unhappy in her life and ignored by her husband. Paul Beckett is her 17 year old student who is living a miserable existence, made worse by his father’s tormenting. Run to Me is the story of how their relationship evolves beyond teacher-student and how Abby’s life falls apart because of it.

When I started I didn’t think “Run to Me” was going to take the direction it did. I assumed it was maybe an inspiring story of a dedicated teacher helping an underdog student change his life. Similar to an after school special but that is not what I got. As the story progressed and I started to see little cracks in Abby’s teacher façade I found myself struggling to “like” her. Little missteps and indiscretions that broke the teacher/student boundaries became more frequent and as I read it I kept thinking "No! No!". I actually said that once or twice out loud! And then they slept together. When I read that part I wanted to hate her but she was still the same unhappy woman from the beginning of the story. She didn’t instantly become a villain. I felt for her and could still empathize with her.

As Abby's friends and family find out what has happened she deals with the fall out; Fractured relationships, anger and estrangement.

The author, like Paul in the book, read Wuthering Heights in her final year of high school. “When I came to write my own novel I was inspired by the idea of passion and desire can have such a strong power over us.” I loved Wuthering Heights and thought Erin Golding did a beautiful job writing subtle parallels between the two books

This is a tough one for me. Seriously tough! The writing was really good and the story was too. It was the subject matter that really made this book difficult for me. Which is, I believe, the whole point. What I really liked it that it was a departure from the light reads I have been into lately. Run to Me will make you feel a lot of things which is always a wonderful quality in a book, even if the those thing aren't "nice" feelings. And a lot of them aren't nice feelings. I actually spent a lot of time thinking about how if I would be so understanding if the roles were reversed and it was a male teacher and a female student? Does "almost" 18 make it any better?

I hope you will read this book. It's a great read and I think you will really enjoy it. It will definitely push some boundaries, it certainly did for me. And if you are anything like me you will be thinking about it long after you've finished it. I think this would be a great book club selection too because there is so much discuss.

This is Erin Golding's first novel and I am very much looking forward to reading more from her.
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67 reviews14 followers
September 15, 2014
Wow, what a book. I think I never finished a book so fast like I did with this book. It was so addictive and I couldn't put it down, wanting to know what was going to happen and how it will end.
The writing was very good and managed to deliver the emotions and the whole story very well. Even though I loved this book I couldn't connect with the main character, Abby. Sure I can somehow understand why she did the thing she did but yet I couldn't sympathize with her. Also another thing that bug me is the end. It is an open ending and while I regularly I don't have any problem with open endings, this ending was too open. While some of the endings I have read were open they still had some kind of conclusion in them, some kind of finality which wasn't the case in this book. The ending was without some kind of conclusion and the story abruptly ended like it was cut in the middle and I felt there was a place to some kind of conclusion.
This was a great read and I recommend it to anyone who loves a forbidden romance or to anyone who loves a romance in general.
July 7, 2016
I liked the story. Though usually cheating is a big no, no for me in this story I didn't quite mind. I would have given 4 stars if wasn't for the ending. I hated the end. My goodness! Please do not end a story like that. That's just wrong. If you got tired of writing then please just include an epilogue to really finish things up.
I would understand if the author was planning on writing a sequel, but I don't believe this was the case. I felt the whole book ran towards the end and then just stopped. Dang it! I hated the end.
2 reviews
March 28, 2013
A wonderful read with a sensitively handled plot based around a passionate love story, with truly engaging characters and a meaningful portrayal of relationships breaking down and new ones developing.
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