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4.09  ·  Rating details ·  29,525 Ratings  ·  2,073 Reviews
Written after Hamsun's return from an ill-fated tour of America, Hunger is loosely based on the author's own impoverished life before his breakthru in 1890 & set in fin-de-siècle Kristiania (now Oslo). The novel recounts the adventures of a starving young man, whose sense of reality is giving way to a delusionary existence on the darker side of a modern metropolis. Whi ...more
Paperback, 158 pages
Published 1998 by Gyldendal (first published 1890)
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Nino Khukhunaishvili He thought, she was not heartfelt. He did not know, why she told that, maybe because, she was afraid of him, or she was heartfelt. If she was…moreHe thought, she was not heartfelt. He did not know, why she told that, maybe because, she was afraid of him, or she was heartfelt. If she was pretending, he had to go. But if she told the truth, then he deserved that, she was so poor person, that for her this love was mercy. At the end, when she sent him 10 cron, he decided, if she was loved him, she should done things like that.
In general, he was arguing to himself, that everyone should have done everything for him, they had to do this.(less)

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Dec 31, 2011 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who can read
Recommended to s.p by: The poetry of Charles Bukowski
I often catch myself staring, rather lovingly in fact, at my bookshelves. Each shelf is swelling nearly to the point of overflowing with books, each authors collection seemingly positioned at random - yet, somehow, the location of each work holds some secret form of order that is beyond even me. I'll caress each spine with my eyes, occasionally running a finger down it to feel a spark of retrospection and for a moment recall the times when I held a particular book during the course of absorbing ...more
Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος   Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο   Αμούν Arnum
Ένα αφόρητο αριστούργημα. Ένα βιβλίο που σε πονάει και σε θλίβει βαθιά και απεγνωσμένα. Σπαρακτικά ανθρώπινο και συγκινητικά τρομακτικό. Αυτή η ιστορια με πλήγωσε ψυχικά και σωματικά-ένιωσα να πονάω έντονα στο στομάχι απο αναπόφευκτη πείνα και απελπισία.
Τρομακτική αλληλεπίδραση σωματική και πνευματική.
Ολα τα μυστήρια του μυαλού και της ψυχής σε ένα εξαθλιωμένο αντρικό κορμί που πεινάει αλλά ποτε δεν παύει να ειναι πονόψυχος, ευγενικός,τίμιος και υπερήφανος ξεπερνώντας τα όρια της υπερβολής.

Ο ή

Discombobulated…frenzied…distracted…rambling…and oh so BRILLIANT.

Knut Hamsun's fevered, stream of consciousness classic is something special. Unwaveringly "in the now," this novel's every word felt as if it had fallen from the narrator's mind, unfiltered, unrestrained, and unreflected upon. Wow, was this something. The unnamed narrator, with his exaggerated and unjustified notions of his own superiority reminded me a lot of Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment, while the disjointed style and u
Aug 05, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Dolors by: The contestant in my head
Shelves: read-in-2017
What is it that differentiates dignity from stubbornness?
Moral rectitude from pride?
Attitude. Intention. Motivation.
Knut Hamsun’s autobiographical novella explores the tenuous line that separates the iron will from the almost obsession of an aspiring writer who refuses to give way to the silent pressure of a dehumanized society that insists on nullifying his efforts to earn his living through his writing.

The protagonist is a nameless narrator who seldom raises sympathy from an estranged reader

I did not feel anything while reading this novel.

Well, this is not strictly true. What I mean is that I felt no pity, no compassion, no sorrow, no empathy, while following the struggles, the penuries, the poverty, the deprivation, the hunger, of the nameless protagonist.

My feelings were not of the humanitarian type, but of the literary.

I was astonished at the literary proposal Hamsun had written in what was still the nineteenth century. The ‘flâneur’ existence of the narrator made me think of B
Oct 05, 2015 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Bravehearts treading the less-stocked path
A review of this book from my pen is akin to injustice. After all, what do I know of hunger? Something that loses its meaning with a hop to the kitchen? A need that vanishes with the stair-climbing to the canteen? A routine that knocks every four hours, only to be dispatched back to its den with a pouring of necessary and unnecessary stuff? A fuel that is available at an arm’s length? A six-lettered word that assumes greater importance in symbolic garb than its bare attire?

I have been fortunate.
Amira Mahmoud

حسنًا، هي رواية أخرى من تلك الروايات الجنونية المرعبة
الرواية بأكملها أشبه بحالة من الهذيان!
تشعر وكأنك تقفز بين السطور بسرعة جنونية
كلّ فصل هو رحلة معاناة تلهث فيها مع البطل ولا تستطيع التوقف للحظة واحدة حتى نهاية الرحلة/الفصل
حينها ما تلبث أن تتوقف لتسترد أنفاسك حتى تبدأ رحلة جديدة وفصل جديد لا تستطيع منع نفسك من الخوض فيهما

هنا لا يتحدث عن الجوع بل عن تأثيره
يعكس من خلال بطل روايته صورة مرعبة عن تأثير الجوع والفقر
كيف وضعه في حالة من الوهن الدائم والضعف والهزال، بوجه وجسد مرعب لا يمت للبشر بصلة
Apr 12, 2016 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
با چه نظمی، با چه حرکت های یکسانی، مدام سراشیب را طی کرده بودم! سرانجام به چنان نحو غریبی از همه چیز عاری شده بودم که دیگر حتی شانه ای نداشتم، حتی کتابی برایم نمانده بود که وقتی زندگی خیلی اندوهگین می شد بخوانم

وقتی کتاب را تمام کردم تنها به فقر و گرسنگی نمی اندیشیدم
بیشتر از آن چیز دیگری فکرم را مشغول کرد؛
ناسپاسی مردمی که ککشان هم نمی گزد چه بر سر نویسنده ها و روشنفکرها می آید

خیلی به خودم فشار آورده بودم، مثل یابوی مردنی که مجبور باشد کشیشی را حمل کند، روز و شب پدر کمر خودم را در آورده بودم، به ح
Lynne King
Last night the “fog” finally left me as effortlessly as it had arrived seven months ago. My mourning period was now officially over, although the good memories would be firmly entrenched forever in my mind, as well as the sad ones. I shed my widow’s weeds. Also the tears surprisingly enough poured for the first time in ages. I certainly do not have a weak character. I had been in the doldrums and was not progressing, nor “turning the page”. Knut showed me via “Hunger” (Norwegian: “Sult”) that on ...more
Ahmed Ibrahim
" أنت أفقر من أن يكون لك ضمير، أنت جائع "

آهٍ من هذه الرواية!
بؤس، فقر، جوع، اضطراب، هذيان، تمرد، عِند، كبرياء، حب، كره، أمل، جنون... حينما تجتمع كل هذه المشاعر وأكثر في شخصية روائية واحدة فمن المستحيل أن تجد ما تتحدث عنه بصدد هذه الشخصية. عند هذا الحد تتجاوز كونها شخصية روائية وتتحول إلى شخصية واقعية تدب الحياة فيها.

أراد الكاتب أن يكشف كيف أصبح العالم منغمس في الماديات، وكيف لكاتب أن ينال كل هذا الشقاء والبؤس في هذا العالم، حيث لم يكن التقدير إلا للمال.. يظل البطل مع الجوع والفقر المدقع متمسك بك
Ahmed Oraby
Dec 14, 2013 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
راسكولنيكوف آخر؟

لا أعلم لماذا تذكرت راسكولنيكوف هذا، بطل رواية الجريمة والعقاب للمُعلم العظيم؛ فيودور دوستويفسكي، حين شرعت في قراءة هذي الرواية.!
فبمجرد أن قرأت فقط ما يقارب العشر صفحات منها حتى أدركت ذلك، وفعلًا قرأت فيما بعد أن كنوت، نفسه، قد أقر بأنه استلهم قصة بطله هذا من رواية الجريمة والعقاب للحبيب "دوستويفسكي".

قد يرجع هذا لتشابه شخصيتيهما؟ نفس البؤس، نفس الوظيفة، بل، نفس العبقرية؟
كنوت هَمسون، هذا الروائي الذي، لجهلي، لم أسمع عنه من قبل أبدًا، إلا من فترة يسيرة للغاية، نذرت حينها لله و
ياوجع القلب
في البداية لأ آدري حقًا كيف
أكتب كلمةٍ واحدة عن هذة الرائعة
لم اقرأ من قبل سيرة ذاتية
ومن حسنِ الحظ أن بدايتي كانت مع هامسون
إنهم الجوع والفقر
هذا الثنائي الذي لا يفترق
والذان يدفعان أقوى الرجال وأشرفهم
إلى فعل المستحيل
كيف تحافظ على كبريائك وأنت جائع
ولا يوجد لك مؤى أو آي مكان تذهب إليه
أنت وحيد وجميع معارفك تهربت منك فقط أخذت مايكفي
الجميع يعلم أنك لم تستطيع رد كُل هذة الديون يومًا ما
يخبرنا هامسون أحواله خلاص ضائقة مدية يمر بها
كيف أن المدينة الكبيرة تصبح لا شئ حينما لايحتويك
مكانٍ بها
Issa Deerbany
Jun 26, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: nobel-winners
"فدع السخافات جانبا! أتقول: الضمير؟ دع هذا السخف، فأنت أفقر من أن يكون لك ضمير. أنت جائع. هذا هو انت."
بهذه الكلمات كان يخاطب نفسه من اجل ان يأكل فقط. وكم يكون صعبا ان يجتمع الجوع والفقر مع الكبرياء وعزة النفس والشرف.
وكلما تقدمت الرواية تنازل اكثر وأكثر.
رفض ان يستدين او يشحد. مع انه يتضور جوعا.
حتى حلت أزمته واكل ببعض النقود التي حصل عليها بجهده.
ولكن هذه النقود انتهت وعاد الى الجوع وهذه المرة اضطر ان يحاول الاستدانة ولكنه يفشل وان يبيع اَي شيء ولا يشحد.
وفِي المرة الثالثة من الجوع يضطر الى الشحاذة
Jan 24, 2009 rated it really liked it
Started reading the original Norwegian edition today. I'm fluent in Swedish but don't really know Norwegian, though I have read maybe half a dozen Norwegian books. Comparing with English, it's rather like reading something in broad Scots dialect that's been written down phonetically. Iain Banks fans will be able to relate.

So far, it's pretty good, but I'm only 15 pages into it.


I come down the main staircase of the hotel. At reception, Zenit,
Rakhi Dalal
Oct 11, 2012 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: favorites
This powerful work of writing by Knut Hamsun, clearly lets you think what the state of ‘hunger’ can do to a human being. Yes, by ‘hunger’, the author does really refer to the state of starvation in the absence of food. This idea of ‘hunger’, which looks like just another figure when it makes its appearance in one’s view in the form of some statistics, something which the well-to do people cannot even imagine about, is the essential sketch of this extremely thought provoking work by Hamsun.

ميقات الراجحي
Hunger - Knut Hamsun
أبدع كونت في تصوير حالة الأديب / الصحفي في هذه العمل ونقل احاسيسه وإن كانت مقلقة هذه المشاعر. يسيطر الجوع على الكاتب المغمور، ويكفي الجوع أن يكون هو المسيطر فيفقد بسببه الإنسان قيمة الأشياء الأخرى التي ليس لها قيمة تذكر. إلا أن الكرامة تجد لها منفد في الرواية بصورة مبالغة فيها. لكن أبدع في تصوير مستويات إنهيار هذه الكرامة تدريجيًا وهي تمثل الرغبة الحيوانية عند الكائن الحي.

الروايات الواقعية ذات الطابع الإنسانية أجدها منتشرة في الأدب الأوربي ودون تكلف في تقنيات الحبكة وأنا لا أ
mai ahmd
Oct 04, 2012 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: روايات

لم أكن أقرأ بل كنتُ ألهث هذا ما يفعله الكاتب كنوت هامبسون في رواية الجوع يجعلك تلهث كأنك تجري في سباق تسابق بطل الرواية فقط لتمسك به تود لو إنك تهزه وأنت تصرخ توقف ! هل كان هو الجوع فقط أمم إنه الذريعة لكل هذا المس الجنوني والتصرفات الخارجة عن السيطرة كل هذا الهذيان هذا التطرف في الأفكار هذا الغضب هذه السخرية وهذاالكبرياء!

اللعبة في الرواية إن جاز لي تسميتها بذلك كانت تكمن في الحالة النفسية التي خلفها الجوع أو لعله العكس تماما كما بدا لي أحيانا .. هذاالرجل جائع لحد الموت ومغررو أيضا بصفاقة ولا أد
Mar 16, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: you dropped your books
Recommended to Mariel by: s.pen and manny
I have a confession to make. Well, it's not really a confession if I've alluded to it in the past. I'm cheap. I spend freely, I mean, and it doesn't take much convincing for me to go ahead and make some purchase (especially if it's a book) when I really shouldn't. Don't ever take me shopping in hopes that I'll convince you not to make that purchase, either. So I downloaded the free kindle version of this. I have too many books and I do that shit anyway. I think there's something wrong with the k ...more
Ahmad Sharabiani
813. Sult = Hunger, Knut Hamsun
Hunger (Norwegian: Sult) is a novel by the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun published in 1890. Parts of it had been published anonymously in the Danish magazine Ny Jord in 1888. The novel has been hailed as the literary opening of the 20th century and an outstanding example of modern, psychology-driven literature. Hunger portrays the irrationality of the human mind in an intriguing and sometimes humorous manner.
تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و هشتم دسامبر سال 2010 میلادی
Dec 24, 2012 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: to-re-read, classics
Very reminiscent of a couple of books I have already read, including Orwell's "Down and Out in Paris and London." Very dire account of a starving writer trying to find work and food at the same time.

Especially interesting to me was the fact that the protagonist still valued maintaining his dignity over everything else.

His interior dialogue was definitely reminiscent of Job speaking to God in the Old Testament.

I liked the archaic style the book was written in. Case in point was the word "zound
Oct 25, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Norveç Edebiyatı, dünya klasikleri, genel okur
"Açlık iflahımı kesiyordu; ölmeyi, yok olmayı özledim, duygulandım, ağladım." (s.52)

Açlığı derinden hissettiren, açken okunmamasını tavsiye ettiğim gerçekten etkileyici bir kitap. Karakterimizin yalnızca fizyolojik olarak açlık hissini değil, aynı zamanda yaşadığı ruhsal gelgitleri de son derece başarılı tasvir etmiş Hamsun. Zaten Hamsun'un en etkileyici ve başarılı eseri olarak kabul edilen kitabın karanlıkla boğuşma sahnesi kesinlikle efsane nitelikte:

"Fakat uyuyamadım. Bir zaman yattığım ye
Nikos Tsentemeidis
Συγκλονιστικό !!!!
Jul 11, 2013 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Mary by: charles bukowski
Shelves: fiction, 2013, norway
He sure would like a meal, yes, but more so, why won’t anybody listen? What the hell is wrong with everyone? None of them are truly getting it. They don’t understand the urgency! Look at them in their warm clothes and their comfortable houses. Why do their eyes laugh at him? Is there nothing left but mockery? I wonder how he came to be in such circumstances. What led to this downward spiral? Even if I could ask him, could he even explain it? None of us can pinpoint the moment when it all started ...more
Miss Ravi
Dec 13, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: novel
بارها به این فکر کردهام که من کجای هرم مزلو هستم؟ دستکم این را پذیرفتهام که اگر آدم مدام دغدغهی نیازهای ابتداییاش را داشته باشد، کمتر میتواند به کیفیت زندگیاش فکر کند. آدم میتواند مثل راوی رمان گرسنه به مرتبهی سگی برسد که برای استخوانی بدون گوشت التماس میکند، با اینهمه چیزی در انسان هست که او را از این کار بازمیدارد. انسانیتی که باید حفظ شود. شاید به این دلیل که این تنها دارایی مشترک همهی انسانهای فقیر و ثروتمند است.
همین که کتاب را شروع کردم، فکر کردم که باز دارم رمانی شبیه «مالوی» را میخوانم و
Sep 04, 2012 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Rod by: Billy Childish
I'm pretty lucky, I guess; I've been middle-class all my life, never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from or if there would be a next meal. I've never known starvation, despite saying stuff like "I'm starving!" when it's a half-hour past lunchtime and I haven't eaten yet. So why do I identify with the undernourished protagonist of Hunger so strongly? Perhaps it's because I'm an introvert; like the protagonist, I sometimes have internal conversations with myself in the third pers ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Apr 03, 2013 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Teresa by: a todos e a ninguém...
Este livro é...

O carácter de cada ser humano é algo intrínseco e inviolável; mesmo no limite da miséria seremos sempre nós próprios: bons ou maus (bons e maus). Não sei se isto é uma verdade absoluta, mas esta leitura faz-me pensar que sim.
A Personagem, mesmo quando está a sofrer um inferno físico e mental pela falta de alimento, nunca esquece os seus princípios. Se, em desespero, age contra a sua consciência, imediatamente, além de se castigar, t
Suggestions for Further Reading
Translator's Note


Explanatory Notes
Textual Notes
Mohamed Al Marzooqi
Feb 01, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: روايات
هذه رواية لا تكلفك الكثير من العناء أثناء القراءة، لسهولة لغتها من جهة (رغم أن المترجم لم يقم بأداء مهمته على الوجه المطلوب) وصغر حجمها من جهة أخرى (بالنسبة إلى الروايات الكلاسيكية التي يعد الحجم الكبير قاعدة فيها، تعد هذه الرواية بصفحاتها ال ٢٤٠ استثناءً)، إنما تفرض عليك العناء فقط إذا فكرت أن تتركها قبل أن تنتهي من قراءتها لتكتشف مصير بطلها الجائع

الرواية تدور حول الجوع، كما يشي بذلك العنوان، ولكنها -في ظني- أيضًا تناقش موضوع الكبرياء والثقة الزائفة بالنفس لدى الإنسان.

هل فعلاً كان على البطل أن
Paul Bryant
Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight’s contest is a tag team wrestling match between, in the blue corner, reigning champions The Backstabbing Haystacks, and in the red corner the fearsome Intestines R Us – ladeeeeeeeez and gentlemen let me introduce you to the members of the teams, in the Backstabbing Haystacks we have from Norway the unnamed protagonist of Knut Hamsen’s much-praised novel of terminal anomie Hunger, so I give you Mr Anonymous Hunger (applause, hoots, burgers thrown into the ring); and ...more
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Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920 "for his monumental work, Growth of the Soil". He insisted that the intricacies of the human mind ought to be the main object of modern literature, to describe the "whisper of the blood, and the pleading of the bone marrow". Hamsun pursued his literary program, debuting in 1890 with the psychological novel Hunger.
More about Knut Hamsun...
“...I will exile my thoughts if they think of you again, and I will rip my lips out if they say your name once more. Now if you do exist, I will tell you my final word in life or in death, I tell you goodbye.” 288 likes
“I suffered no pain, my hunger had taken the edge off; instead I felt pleasantly empty, untouched by everything around me and happy to be unseen by all. I put my legs up on the bench and leaned back, the best way to feel the true well-being of seclusion. There wasn't a cloud in my mind, nor did I feel any discomfort, and I hadn't a single unfulfilled desire or craving as far as my thought could reach. I lay with open eyes in a state of utter absence from myself and felt deliciously out of it.” 140 likes
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