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Models and Lovers

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Have you ever had love slip between your fingers? When was the last time you had a hero and heroine that you could really pull for?

This is a love story blossoming inside the world of modeling. In spite of the glamor and intrigue of this high fashion world, love is really about one guy and one girl finding each other. But wait, there is one more condition--they have to admit it to each other.

Thomas (Tommy) Conseco, the frightfully delicious owner of one of the top modeling agencies in New York City, demands respect which he has so rightfully earned. Aspiring models from around the world would sacrifice anything to become one of Tommy’s “girls” fully knowing he can make them a legend, or send them home crying. Tommy has one rule he has followed without exception. He never gets personally involved with anyone in the modeling industry, and as far as sex with his models and employees is concerned, it’s strictly off limits. As a result, his heart is immune to even the most beautiful women in the world. This rule has served him well in business, but has left his personal life and bed cold and empty.

Enter Balarie Danson, the woman who is about to turn his carefully constructed world upside down. Balarie may not have the glamorous looks of a super model, but she’s bright, attractive and terrific at her job booking talent for the agency, especially the male models. Yielding to her charms, Tommy invites her to go on a business trip to Milan with more than business on his mind. When she turns him down, saying she’d prefer to concentrate all her energies in the New York market, Tommy assumes she’s refusing him and the possible chance at romance. The truth—Balarie is secretly terrified of flying and a long cross-Atlantic flight is more than she can face, despite her ambition in business and her secret attraction to her enigmatic boss. She’s heard the rumors, but the sparks flying between them are telling her Tommy’s looking for more than her talent as a booking agent. But Balarie is also looking for more than a one-night stand. So if Tommy intends to break his long-standing rule and seduce this woman into his bed, he’ll also have to let her into his heart because Balarie won’t settle for anything less than a love that lasts forever, and a hero who can help her conquer her fear of flying.

This book is sold exclusively on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/MODELS-LOVERS-M...

193 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 21, 2012

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About the author

Johnny Ray

23 books775 followers
Johnny has a passion, a thirst, for life and adventure that he loves to share with his readers.

Please consider joining SIR JOHN'S ARMY, his fan club, by signing up for his newsletter http://eepurl.com/Ltkfv

Johnny Ray's blog http://www.sirjohn.us
and amazon site http://www.amazon.com/Johnny-Ray/e/B0...

He has owned and operated several real estate companies, several insurance companies and a stock brokerage company.

He is a graduate of Auburn University with post graduate work at the Birmingham School of Law, The University of Alabama, The University of Tennessee, UCLA, New York University, Wil-Var Institute and The American College. He has received the following certifications: Certified International Property Specialist, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Managerial Accountant, Certified Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant.
He lives in St Petersburg, Florida where he works full time as a writer. He belongs to the Florida Writer Association, the Romantic Writers of America, the Mystery Writers Association, and can be found attending various national conventions as well as supporting several local writing groups. His novel THE SALSA CONNECTION won the Royal Palm Literary award for best thriller.

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Author 7 books135 followers
January 12, 2014
Models and Lovers by Johnny Ray is a contemporary romance about Balarie Danson, a modeling agency booker, and the growing relationship with her new boss, Tommy Conseco.

Balarie lands a dream job with a premier New York agency, placing male models in photo shoots with clients. In the first week, she lands a new account with a fashion shoe designer and saves the day with an existing client.

The agency’s gorgeous, unmarried owner shows up at the same functions as Balarie. While she is attracted to the charming businessman, his firm rule on her first day was clear: do not sleep with the agency’s models. Reluctant to mess up this terrific job, Balarie keeps her heart in the right place when it comes to Tommy. But a sizzling evening of Argentine Tango with the enthusiast Tommy tips the scales into a romantic tryst. It blossoms into a looming business scandal, and that is not the biggest consequence of what is to come.

Models and Lovers had some intriguing passages. The intricacies of Argentine Tango were fascinating. The supporting characters, especially Balarie’s assistant, had memorable and distinctive voices.

This good story could be improved by rewording some of the narrative so events happened in order. Presenting actions one at a time would also smooth the flow. A few places needed grammar tightening by removing adverbs. Replacing some of the “telling” with “showing” would bring more of the characters’ feelings to life. Despite these matters, Johnny Ray has the knack for creating memorable characters and placing them in an interesting setting. I enjoyed visiting the world of modeling agency tango.
Profile Image for Cheer Papworth.
336 reviews37 followers
February 24, 2014
4 stars! So I need to start off this review by saying I was totally prepared to dislike this book. I thought the cover was a little cheesy and sometimes, I admit, I'm superficial and it influences my literary selection, primarily because the cover speaks to the author's style and taste. I know, I know...never judge a book by its cover, but we all do it, right? It wasn't just the cover though, I was a little leery of the title and topic as well; I wasn't sure a romance novel about modeling would interest me. I'm happy to admit that I was wrong!

I was surprised by the depth of knowledge the author has regarding the modeling industry. This story presented the modeling industry in an intelligent, and I found, really interesting way with a well-developed, sweet romance woven in. I liked Balerie and her ambitious, but fun loving nature and of course, the complicated, powerful Tommy as her ideal counterpart. I thought the workout scene and the tango session were smoldering and steamy and built a lot of tension between the two of them. It's refreshing to see a romance where there is true relationship building, as well as the fiery passion. Yet I must say, this book wasn't over the top, in fact it was quite tame compared to the pornographic onslaught that is popular today, which is just one of the reasons I really enjoyed it. Models and Lovers really has it all in the category of contemporary romance; it has that believable feel, while still being a fairy tale like, sigh worthy story.
Profile Image for Arlena.
3,126 reviews1 follower
August 13, 2012
Author: Johnny Ray
Published by: Sir John Publishing
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 4
Blog Review For: Librarything

"Models and Lovers" by Johnny Ray was a very loveable romance. The author did a wonderful job in bringing this intriguing romance of these two people.... Thomas(Tommy)Conseco and the lovely Balarie Danson together.

Tommy was a big time owner of a top modeling agency from
New York.. however, his one rule was that sex with any of his
models or employees were not to be for him Never! Balarie is now working for Tommy as a booking agent for especially the male models and is very good at her job.

A business trip comes up for Balarie to go to Milan and she refuses to go... and Tommy is left thinking that this decision has to do with him but what was Balarie real reason? Was Balarie refusing to want to get involved with her boss? Was there a secret attraction going on with Tommy and Balarie? What about that Tango Dance and all the rumors that were flying about that Tommy was wanting her more than just a booking agent? Well, all of these questions will be answered in your reading of "Models and Lovers." Be ready for a good read on how these two people survive this wonderful ride.

I found "Models and Lovers" a enjoyable, lovable and I would
recommend to all of those romantic readers.... this novel for
a good read.

Profile Image for Trully Sunee.
148 reviews3 followers
August 24, 2012
Ever wanted to have surprises in suttle ways... then some in bigger ways? This is a book that allows us to see inside the character's heads. Balarie has a modeling background and wants to use it to her advantage to make her mark in the modeling agency world booking models. She was hired by Mr. Conseco's, the owner of one of the best modeling agencies internationally. He knows how to stay ahead and above the rest. But what can Balarie teach him? What can he learn from her? Sometimes what can make business even better is when you have some dedicated & talented workers who are passionate about their work.

Can one live with themselves if they have many fears that they learned over the years to protect them but can get in the way of their future success? Balarie has some fears that could keep her quitting jobs many times over. Mr. Conseco's has a strict and firm grip on his employees with no nonsense guidelines that everyone must follow.

So... if you work all day and night... when is there time for a lover? Sometimes life throws some hidden punches... and maybe you must strut like you are on the catwalk... even when you would rather duck or hide. Being the spotlight has it's moments. This book gives us an inside on what is really like... and what one can get... if they overcome themselves.
7 reviews
June 12, 2012
To me, as a teenager, the modeling world was almost a dream world. If all you look at is the action on the catwalk, you see only a very small part of what really happens. Even as an adult, I didn't realize what really goes into it. This book shows a little more of what goes on behind the scenes; however, I think there's still a lot more to it.

The way Balarie squealed when surprised reminds me of myself. I found her willingness to bring up different ideas to the team courageous considering she was new to the position. Not many newbies want to 'rock the boat'. I liked the way Tommy found a way for Balarie to go to Europe with him without flying, as it showed his sensitivity to her fear of flying. I found his proposal on his yacht very romantic and her wanting to get married on it with his mother attending very sweet!

Disclaimer: I received this e-book, from the author Johnny Ray, in exchange for my review. My review is my opinion and is in no way affected by this.
Profile Image for Brian Brown.
Author 2 books2 followers
December 19, 2012
Models and Lovers by Johnny Ray, is a casual and entertaining look into the life of a new modeling booker named Balarie Danson, and her attempts to reach the top of her profession amidst the competitive environment of New York City. Once you begin reading Models and Lovers, you're drawn into the story of a talented woman's hustle in the modeling business, the friendships she easily acquires because of her own beauty and personality, and how effortlessly the story unfolds to show an inevitable love connection come into fruition. The author's writing style was straight to the point, but also descriptive and visual. It paints the picture of a real life situation being played out in a romantic and lustful story. Although it was easy to predict what would happen between Balarie and the people in her work environment, it was still an enjoyable read that's sure to please readers who love stories of budding romance in the workplace.
Profile Image for Angie ~aka Reading Machine~.
3,145 reviews130 followers
April 24, 2012
Balarie Danson is a former model turned booker started working at Consenco Modeling Agency. Tommy Consenco is pleased with his new hire and has a strict policy between interoffice affairs. Balarie is busy with learning her responsibilities and her best friend Joseph aka Joe as her assistant. They work together to build her client list and contacts she'll need. It's Balarie's surprising connection to her boss that stuns her so completely. Balarie learns that Tommy is an avid tango dancer and has a special passion for dance shoes. Balarie invites Tommy to a shoe show for a little known designer. Balarie has a secret she's afraid of flying and is stunned when Tommy asks her to fly to Milan which she say that she can't go. Will Balarie's fear of flying prevent? Can Tommy figure out what Balarie is hiding? Can Balarie accept Tommy as a lover? Your answers await you in Models and Lovers.
Profile Image for Demelza Carlton.
Author 165 books3,713 followers
October 3, 2013
An office romance with free shoes.

A new job and the chance of an office romance for Balarie - in between learning to work in a fast-paced industry. Of course, there is the bonus of free, custom-designed shoes...

I rarely read romance, though I don't mind it in a movie or as a smaller part of the plot. This one was quite good as it had more plot than deep evaluations of the heroine's sensations every time she looked at the hero...actually, I'd say the majority of her feelings were more about how worried she was about failing at her job.

The book ended well (no, that's not a spoiler about a happily-ever-after ending - it's a comment about how Ray constructed the conclusion to Models and Lovers) and I'd recommend it as light reading, though perhaps not for a flight.
Profile Image for Sonya Dodd.
Author 23 books46 followers
September 24, 2013
I loved this book from the very first page. It is an easy read with two very strong characters. Balarie has just started a new job working for the well-known Tommy who is worshipped by everyone, wherever he goes.
Balarie knows it is up to her to make an impact. She does more than that. The invincible Tommy becomes bewitched by her and the novel follows the way their paths interlink and cross as they each consider the pros and cons of a relationship together.
The 'will they, won't they', is very cleverly played out and the writer really brings these two characters to life.
A really enjoyable read!
Profile Image for Christoph Fischer.
Author 41 books474 followers
October 26, 2013
"Models and Lovers" by Johnny Ray is a romance novel set in the word of fashion. Balarie is trying to find her feet in this competitive and fast paced world while developing feelings towards her boss, Tommy. The book provides a very interesting look into the world of body image and image, like a glance behind the scenes.
The romance part is also very well written as it keeps us guessing until the end what will happen between them, since Tommy is such a recluse and has always emphasised that he will not date someone he is professionally linked with.
This is a pleasant and entertaining read.

Profile Image for Donna Spoore.
14 reviews
October 4, 2012
4.5 STARS!
Downloaded this to go on holiday but never got round to reading it, started last night and could not put it down, it was so not what I expected, it's start off about an ex-model who goes to work as a booker at a top modelling agency, a top modelling agency owned by one of New Yorks most if not the most eligible bachelor....the book is mostly from Balarie's view but some is from Tommy's. I loved the whole book except for the very last line, and I knew what she was going to say and hoped she wouldn't ...but she did...still worth 5 stars though
Profile Image for J. Ewbank.
Author 4 books35 followers
October 2, 2012
This book by Ray was a pretty good story. It follows some of the normal problems that a couple have in getting together. Some of the depictions of characters are a little strained and hardly believable, but the story line is a decent one and well worth reading. I did enjoy it and could not wait to see how they would finally get together.

J. Robert Ewbank author "Wesley's Wars" and "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms"
Profile Image for S.E. Nelson.
Author 3 books60 followers
March 5, 2013
This book was entertaining from start to finish. The working relationship between Balarie and mysterious Tommy was interesting to read. Their romance was very unexpected, just like real life. I also like the fact that the author did not have to make steamy scenes to develop a good romance. Most importantly, I have always found the modeling/fashion business to be superficial and dull, but this story makes it exciting, and that is quite an accomplishment in my book. Well done.
Profile Image for Ilene.
1,046 reviews16 followers
July 19, 2013
It was a somewhat cute story but pretty corny. A lot of the conversations between Tommy and Balerie were awkward and robotic. They came across like a parent talking to a child... A wee bit creepy. I get the idea of love at 1st sight but really from strangers to engaged in a week? The last line of the book...beyond corny.
Profile Image for Verna Humphrey.
Author 3 books25 followers
August 18, 2012
This is a modern day novel of big business, sex and fashion. The author seems to have did his research well. The reader is allowed to peek into the life of the modeling world. The book overall is an easy read.
Profile Image for Pyper Diangelo.
80 reviews7 followers
September 2, 2012
was pleasantly surprised by this book. wasn't sure what to expect with it and it was a great read. nice look into the business it's not all glamorous and a cut throat lifestyle loved seeing the behind the scenes
1,673 reviews16 followers
Want to read
February 15, 2016
193pgs, contemporary, This is a love story blossoming inside the world of modeling. In spite of the glamor and intrigue of this high fashion world, love is really about one guy and one girl finding each other. But wait, there is one more condition--they have to admit it to each other.
Profile Image for Valerie Perkins.
396 reviews
September 5, 2014
This was an ok read. I wish it had a little more to it. With that said I can't wait for the continuation to come out. I need to know what's going to happen.
Profile Image for Lindsay.
2,194 reviews504 followers
Shelved as 'kindle-i-own-to-read'
November 17, 2012
Amazon Freebie 11/16/2012
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