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Gallagher Girls #6

United We Spy

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Cammie Morgan has lost her father and her memory, but in the heart-pounding conclusion to the best-selling Gallagher Girls series, she finds her greatest mission yet. Cammie and her friends finally know why the terrorist organization called the Circle of Cavan has been hunting her. Now the spy girls and Zach must track down the Circle’s elite members to stop them before they implement a master plan that will change Cammie—and her country—forever.

296 pages, Hardcover

First published September 5, 2013

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About the author

Ally Carter

73 books15.3k followers
Ally Carter writes books about sneaky people and movies about Christmas. She is the New York Times Best-selling author of the Gallagher Girls, Heist Society, and Embassy Row series for teens as well as WINTERBORNE HOME FOR VENGEANCE AND VALOR for younger readers. Her books have been published all over the world, in over twenty languages.

She encourages you to visit her online at allycarter.com and embassyrowbooks.com.

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50 reviews3 followers
Want to read
December 13, 2012
I. Can. Not. Wait.


I AM CRAVING beyond my wildest hopes for:

* Zach & Cammie extraordinarily romantic original and crazy moments in obscene scary and potentially dangerous situations. Because, well, that's just awesome.
* An epilogue of promise of Zach & Cammie's happily-ever-after, a proposal would be very nice, even if just for the sake of assuring my mental stability
*(I know there's .000000000000000001% chance, but: Cammie's dad's 'remains' to show up in the lab as 'not his' and that Cammie would really find him in this book, like, really, truly. It's not that impossible, since seeing even Zach said that his mom lies, the bad guys lie, so why not lie to Cammie while she was being tortured, saying her dad really did die to make her desperate enough to get the information from her? Mathew & Rachel would get back together, Abby & Solomon, (because personally I don't care for Townsend)
*a semi-protective Zach for a scene or two, this could be done by a re-appearance of our beloved Josh, or even a slightly older college age Spy Guy in the field randomly hitting on Cammie.
*Preston & Macey to get together.get together.
*Cammie to maybe remember a little bit of the summer before hand, just a few flashbacks or something neat like that
*The book to come out NOW- so that I have more story
*The book to be an infinity of pages long- so that the story never ends
*the book to come out NOW- so that the story, finally, ends. As after all these years, I worry with the last book/s that I'm simply outgrowing the series, and I'd like to fully appreciate this upcoming book to the potentially full extent that I would if reading the books was instantaneous when I entered the teen spy stage.

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546 reviews
September 5, 2013

United We Spy was a brilliant conclusion to the Gallagher Girls series, and though I really enjoyed reading it, it kind of made me a little bit sad, because I had to say goodbye to one of my favourite series. I'm really going to miss Gallagher Academy and Cammie and Zach and Macey and Bex and Liz and I really don't know what I'm going to do now it's over. I guess on to waiting for Heist Society #4 and Embassy Row #1!

Like Out of Sight, Out of Time, United We Spy was darker than the other books in the series, and a lot of things happened that made me really scared for the characters at times. Cammie was changed by her experiences in the last book, and really wanted to stop the Circle and Catherine once and for all. She had lost a lot, but not her determination, and I so wanted her to finally be able to live in peace. But before that could happen, she had to figure out what was going on and where the Circle would strike next. Zach was there for her to rely on, and I really loved their relationship in this book. The humour was a bit softer, and there was a more serious tone to things, but still they understood each other and had each other's backs, and really, I couldn't ask for much more.

Preston was back in United We Spy, and poor guy! He was forced to suffer a lot of things, some of which were funny, some of which were just horrible, and I felt bad for him. He didn't know what was going on - he had helped Cammie a lot when she needed it, and now she was trying to return the favour, even if Preston didn't understand why he needed help. I liked reading about him and Macey too - Macey really cared about Preston and was the first one to suggest helping him. And though she couldn't have managed it without everyone, she probably would have gone off by herself to go after Preston if she had to.

Plot-wise, there was a lot I didn't expect but I did kind of guess the ending, though I think it was really well done and especially loved the way a certain childhood song played its part. There was also one revelation that I really didn't see coming, which I thought was quite an excellent twist. I'm not sure how I felt about Cammie's mum and Joe, considering Joe used to be Cammie's dad's best friend, but it was something that had been hinted at a lot and that I knew was going to happen eventually. I also would have liked to have seen Josh again for one last time, because even though I really liked the epilogue, I felt like it would have been nice to sort of end things where they started, to compare how the characters changed over the course of the series. But one of my favourite parts of this book was definitely Liz's speech at graduation. You could tell how emotional she was while reading it, and it was just really heartfelt and lovely. I felt like it was a perfect speech to end their time at Gallagher Academy, and I don't think anyone but Liz could have pulled it off.

Overall, I really enjoyed United We Spy, and I can't recommend this series enough. I'm sad to see it go, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one!

(Comments before reading)Words cannot begin to describe how much I need this book.
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1,768 reviews168 followers
February 1, 2016
"The sixth—and final—Gallagher Girls novel. Look for it in September later this year." - Ally Carter


Can we please, please, please get some protective Zach scenes? Dammit.

Cover!!! A COVER!!! And a TITLE!!!! AND a description!! *faints*
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551 reviews406 followers
February 19, 2018
* girls who are spies
* let me repeat that: this is a series about girls who are literal spies, they go to spy school
* the main focus is FRIENDSHIP. BETWEEN GIRLS. No stupid rivalries, no girls being evil with each other, no popular/mean girls vs the outcast. None of this.
* the first book is fluffy and funny and more lighthearted but if you think that the rest of the series is the same you are very much mistaken because holy crap my heart
* you have heists, breaking in and out of things, covert operations, a conspiracy - non stop action
* there is romance but it’s never the focus point of the narrative
* the majority of the cast is female
* these girls literally kick ass, but they’re written as actual human beings, with flaws and varied interests
* they’re super short (all of them are under 300 pages long) and they’re so easy to read
* please read this series for the love of all that is holy and pure
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714 reviews48 followers
Want to read
May 22, 2013
I only want to know one thing: When is Zach and Cammie going to get married?!


Omg. That cover and blurb. I assure you guys, tears will be shed when I finish this.
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806 reviews3,794 followers
May 30, 2017

This series was tiring as hell. Was it good? Kinda? Was it fun? I guess. Was it over the top? Most definitely.

I don’t regret reading this series, it’s just after the first 3 books, the novelty of ‘spy academy girls school’ kinda wore off and I was just slugging my way through the rest of the books.

It includes some of your favourite tropes like ‘petite teenage girl takes down armed men’ and ‘bunch of teenagers save the world’ and ‘terribly irrational decisions’ and ‘drama !!!’ and they weren’t necessarily badly done, it was just as I mentioned before, I was really growing bored of it.

Also Cammie is annoying like shes 18 year old kid and shes causing unrest and panic amongst all the bad guys ??? plz that’s not how it works

Idk, I felt like this book was a lot of filler and a lot of trying too hard and a lot of lets try and wrap EVERYTHING up in a few chapters. I blanked out on a lot of what took place.

This book DEFINITELY had more action than the other ones and I appreciated that but I just wasn’t invested enough to really care. I’m really sorry, im terrible, I know. ;-; forgive meh

Its over that’s the main point!! IM FREEEEEEE.

Good bye and have a nice day

“What is a Gallagher Girl?
She's a genius, a scientist, a heroine, a spy... a Gallagher Girl is whatever she wants to be.

2 stars!!
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484 reviews74 followers
October 12, 2014

This is me finding out it won't come out until later 2013! I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!!! Need...Gallagher...girls!


Honestly, the series had just gotten even more AWESOME!!!! And Zach, (WHO IS SOO MUCH BETTER THAN JOSH) had just successfully stolen my heart! And...Ugh! I just need it soo badly!!! Why must you do this to us, Ally Carter?! Double Crossed is my only consolation!

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759 reviews67 followers
September 18, 2013
A beautiful end to a terrific series that has accompanied me throughout the years. It makes me sad to to see it go, but happy to see how it ended. A series I will forever love and cherish.



I cannot wait- part of me is sad to know this series is ending, the other part, (The Gallagher Girl in me) IS THRILLED to the final showdown.

But.. as long as Zach is there, and he and Cammie ends up together, it's all good.

Hmm, if Josh returns, that might be a little interesting cute twist.

As long as the world doesn't end first, it's all cool. Or as I say, my soul will wander the remains of the earth for all of eternity wondering what happened to them. :(
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19 reviews32 followers
May 17, 2015
Things that will could happen in the Sixth and last :( Gallagher Girls book :
(A list by Ginni Ann Morgan, probability equations done by Elizabeth Sutton)

1. Someone very important is going to die. Ex. Mr. Solomon... Probability: 9/10

2. There is going to be a huge Gallagher Girls vs. Circle of Cavan War. Probability: 8/10

3. There will be a final Josh-Zach battle. Probability: 9/10 (Go team ZACH!!!)

4. More memories of 'Summer-Cammie' time will be remembered (forced to remember). Probability: 6/10

5. Zach's mom and Dr. Steve are going to be IMPORTANT...Probability: 8/10

6. Macey and Preston....<3<3<3 ??? You get what I mean. Probability 6/10

7. Cammie will get a Pet dog named Josh. Probability: 2/10

8. We will finally get why Cammie took her CovOps Report with her (Summer-Cammie)...Probability 7/10

9. Everyone is going to be more Grown uP and Cammie will stop doing the silly mistakes she always does. Probability: 5/10

10. This book is going to be utterly awesome. Probability: 10/10

Leave a Comment on what you think is going to happen!
PS. Does anyone know what the book is going to be called?
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781 reviews1,594 followers
July 29, 2015
REREAD: July, 29 2015


Initial Read: June, 16, 2015

“What is a Gallagher Girl?
She's a genius, a scientist, a heroine, a spy... a Gallagher Girl is whatever she wants to be.”

It took me forever to finally get the allure of Gallagher Girls, but I'm finally right here. United We Spy wrapped up neatly. Though I am a little bit sad, my favorites didn't even get an ample amount of screen time.

My only critique about this series is it could be slow, hence why it took me forever to get used to the narrative writing. And the lack of marginalized characters and representation is disappointing.
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616 reviews500 followers
January 27, 2016
I have now completed the entire Gallagher Girls series and there is a hole where my heart should be because there is no more ?? That's it ?? That's not okay. I need more. I need more friendship, I need more family. I need more spies and mysteries. I need more Cammie, Bex, Liz and Macey. I need more Rachel, Joe, Abby and Townsend. I just need MORE.
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277 reviews141 followers
Want to read
May 18, 2013

I literally cried when I saw this cover. I HAVE NEVER CRIED AT A COVER.


Cammie--just, oh just look her! She's graduating! I can't believe it. And the pink/mauve!

Backstory: This series is what propelled me into the book world. After I fell in love with the first book years back, I saw that Ally would be at the RT Convention that was near me, so I went to meet her. And there was so many authors, and I got so many free books, and afterwards I devoured everything, got involved with book blogging, and now here I am.

Also, when my friend and I met Ally at RT, we had suggested to her a pink/purplish cover.

I can't do this anymore.

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3 reviews14 followers
October 15, 2013
Before Reading (After Below)
I'm sry, I need a moment to fangirl.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG when is the release date???? I have been in live with this series ever since it first came out and I've read all the current books like five times each. That cliffhanger at the end of book 5 is killing me slowly, no one had to tell me they love me, I'm already dying.
Pros and Cons of waiting for book 6:
1.Ive had a lot of time to read the other books in the series and really appreciate and understand the plot.
2.Ive been able to think about all the possibilities for book 6.
3.I think when book 6 comes out it'll be way better cause of all the time we have had to wait and we'll finally have the book.
4. I can't think of any more.... :-/
1.I read somewhere that there isn't going to be a HAPPY ending, just a satisfying ending. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?
2. The time I've had to think (and the rest of it) about possible scenarios has produced some, interesting thoughts. Ok, let me just say that If Zach dies, I will too. Simple as that. Don't ask me where I got that from, my kind is a dark and scary place. If Cammie dies, I will have no purpose in the reading world, and I'll probably never be able to read a book again happily. And I'll die. If ANYONE dies I will too (depending). I want Cammie and Zach to say I love you to each other, is that too much for a girl to ask? I think not.
3.Since this is the last book, I'll be all sad (and possibly dead) but ill be really happy and ill be able to read all the books straight and ill be able to put it all together (that one was more of a pro/con)

When is the release date?? Does it have a name? Or a cover? P.S. I wouldn't mind if Josh made a guest appearance, you know, spark some of Zachs jealousy/protectiveness/gtfo skills. I wouldn't mind if Josh were evil too, I mean come on, he's like a ten year old girl compared to Zachary Goode. (And that's just his personality) Plz hurry and release it! I'm dying to know! I need closure!

After Reading.
I knew I had a good reason for Ally Carter being my favorite author.
I finished this book sometime last week, October 10 (I know I didn't read it exactly when it came out. Worst few weeks ever.). Ally surpassed my expectations to the point where I'm almost content that the series is over. That's kind of a lie though. The amount of Zammie moments killed me, I mean come on, did you have to kill me with the cheesy yet freaking adorable lines? You girls know what I'm talking about *insert sloth face* Too many moments I can't list them.
I have to say though. I'm the idiot who didn't realize joe was around the age of Rachel. Therefore I didn't realize anything would happen there. Everybody was all "I KNEW IT!! SO PREDICTABLE!!!" I'm the noob who was all like "WHAAAAAAAAA?" I felt so dumb. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED on Townsend and zach though. That was a total mind blow EXPLOSION LIKE WOAH LIKE GTFOMK (Get The Fudge Out My Kitchen) WHAT HELL IS GOING ON??? Smooth move ally, you're good. I definitely felt like just like in book five, this book had a darker aura to it, much more serious obviously. I loved Liz's speech. It was the epitome of Gallagher. I cried like a newborn child. I bawled. That moment hit me hard. No more Gallagher. Very bittersweet I must say. As I listen to my book songs playlist I sit here finishing off my thoughts. I would recommend this book to anyone.
Love, Farewell Gallagher. A fan. PS not the literal kind.

p.s.p I'm so glad I got the exclusive edition of the book without realizing it, I'd read the short story somewhere online, but I'm glad I have my own copy. I mean seriously ally, are you trying to kill me, cammie answering zach with an I do? At a wedding that's not even theirs? I think you enjoy imagining us squirm. Least I do.

So you guys want to hear my super awesome perfect best possible imagine outcome? I made this up the moment I finished the book (and the fantastical Gallagher Wedding short story XD) so this is how it goes.
Ok, so obviously I'm obsessed with happy endings so leave me to my ways. Zach and Cammie will get married and be like a super boss spy team that like dominates the bad guys and looks super sexy doing it. Every now And then the gang will get back together and be awesome Iike the old days. They will have two girls at some point and they will be Gallagher Girls (I mean DUH!) and zach will be the most adorable dad you'll ever imagine. Maybe they'll have a mini zach copy that'll be just as adorable. They'll retire at some point, and wait for it...... Cammie will become headmistress at Gallagher and.... Wait for it... Zach will be a mini joe and be cove ops teacher. I mean AAAAAAAAAGH how perf is that? Lastly, wait for it....... They will die in each other's arms peacefully like the notebook (of old age, no forgetful disease!!) cammie will be that legendary Gallagher girl who's almost like a myth To future gLlagher girls. Don't mess with it. It's perfect.

I'm going to go google image male models and see which one fits Zachary's profile the best. I'll probably do it to everyone else too though... Farewell.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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86 reviews13 followers
November 1, 2013
Was this a good book? Yeah... it was okay. Was it a good end to a series? No. I wish I liked it, but I really didn't. I'll write more for this review later, but right now I'm just wallowing in the sadness of one of my favorite book series ending unsatisfactorily.

Now for some things that happened way too many times in this book

1. Blood running into Cammie's eyes

2. Cammie and Zach kissing "hard and fast"

3. People saying, "Don't play coy with me"

4. Preston sucking, which made me very sad because I used to LOVE him

Reasons that this was not a good book let alone a good conclusion
1. Yes, authors there is such a thing as TOO fast paced. This was basically the book: guygettingshotprestonnowhereisprestonwhoisthisedwardsguyhiprestonsdadgunshotletssaveprestonnowaitworldwarthreethatkinghisdaughterzachsmomhappyendingafternnowaitworldwarthreethatkinghisdaughterzachsmomfirehappyending.

Have fun figuring out what THAT says.

2. Everyone is going to hate me for this but... JOSH WHERE ARE YOU! I used to be fine with Zach. In fact I used to like him a lot, but there is only so much moody teenage secretive crap I can take. Like Zach, SHUT UP. Josh was so perfect and I miss him. Sorry.

3. After the first half of book four this series really took a turn for the worst. Fun Cammie was gone. Now it was boring serious Cammie who talks about depressing and serious things with no hint of the old awesome humor. BORING. I'm fine with serious books, but that is not what this series started out as and that it my problem.

Don't get me wrong, guys. I LOVE Ally Carter. She is so sweet and funny. I have met her in person and she is so, so nice. I just don't like the second half of this series. It lost it girly badass charm that I loved. I will forever morn its dark turn.
December 4, 2013
When i first saw the cover:
Its finally here

When i realized it was the last BOOK:

 Its the last book

When Camie calls Zack her boyfriend:


When a Zammie moment happens:



When some tell me to stop reading or "go to sleep"



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83 reviews19 followers
September 21, 2013
I hope it comes out soon, can't wait to see what happens with Cam. First going into the series I thought it was going to childish and just a bunch of teenage girls with spy equipment, but it's way better then that.

Now I really want to go to Gallegher Academy. Just let that sink into your head. It's a boarding school (i have a thing for boarding schools) that teaches you 100's of foreign languages how to use guns, scale buildings and a bunch of fighting techniques. Not AP calculus but a school that teaches you pretty much how to be a ninja! Sign me up now.

Update time! THAT COVER!!!!
This is my favorite of the series. And she's wearing a grad gown! Yay! It gets me all excited because there is only 15 more days left at my school then i get to wear my grad gown! fangirling

Okay I have some theories on what's going to happen that I just need to spill into the world. so tell me if you're thinking theses too.

1) Zach and Cam are going to be together. right, right?

2) since the whole dad thing has died down a little, i've been a little suspicious on one VERY IMPORTANT thing.Josh. Cam has a good point, why is the circle getting her now, right after the whole Josh craziness. My theory is Josh is coming back into play in this book and maybe JUST MAYBE he's going to be a spy or something.YAY!!The whole he's a spy thing is only 10% possible though. But i'm sure Cam going out on those dates with him triggered the circle.

Okay. I take that all back. I don't thing Josh is a spy. I mean he did need a rope to climb a 10 feet wall. I just really want to see him play a role in this book.

3) since Josh is back Zach is going to get jealous, right? Man i really want to see that. Jealous Zach, that's so cute!

Well that's it! Now all I can do is wait. Ally just finished writing this book as of March 15 and said something about a September release...that's so far away...but I'll wait.
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550 reviews37 followers
October 1, 2015
Covert Operations Report
By Anna Sk (hereafter referred to, for the last time, as "The Operative")

Phase 6 (final).

With the completion of this difficult mission, the Operative would like to state that she has been pleasantly surprised with how much she enjoyed fulfilling her assignment and if given the choice, she might do it again.

The final phase of the mission was met by the Operative with rather high expectations, given the previous completed phases. The Operative believes that those expectations were not met by the slightest but she is still happy with the outcome of the mission.

She would also like to point out that Assets Morgan and Goode should have more time acting lovey-dovey because the Operative ships them like crazy.

Final secrets were revealed, resolutions were met and there was a successful completion.

Additional input: right at the very end of the mission, there wasn't enough future Assets Morgan and Goode. NOT ENOUGH.

Mission accomplished.
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404 reviews80 followers
September 18, 2013

(a list not written by Cameron Morgan)

PRO: I read it mostly in one sitting, so avoided all spoilers.

CON: It's the last effing book.

PRO: I have no qualms about how Ms Carter finished the series, which is saying something.

CON: No, but srsly - it is the last book.

If I had my way, Ally Carter and I would get super chummy somehow and we'd drink lots of wine together while she regaled me with tales of what happened to each of the Gallagher Girls following graduation.

What? It could happen.
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371 reviews27 followers
September 7, 2021
The Operative was found sobbing in the corner of her bedroom, crying over something called “Zammie”, muttering names like Bex, Cammie, Liz, and Macey, and saying how much she’s going to miss a place called the “Gallagher Academy.”


This series popped up into my life when I least expected it and then took me on a huge, hilarious, and heart-racing ride. I want to start this review by thanking Rameela (GR: Rameela (Star), IG: @stars.brite) and Sanna (GR: Sanna, IG: @sixofwoes) for hosting the #SpiesAndThievesReadAlong on Bookstagram. I don’t know if/when I would’ve read The Gallagher Girls if it hadn’t been for your read-along. Because of you two, I’ve laughed and loved reading about the coolest school ever and met four epic girls who showed the world what they were capable of. Again, thank you! You are true Gallagher Girls!

Now, on to my thoughts...


(A list not by Cameron Morgan)

PRO: LIZ!!! I always felt like Liz was overshadowed by Bex, Cammie, and Macey in the previous books. So I was glad to see her use her brains to help her friends with their dangerous missions!

CON: I kind of wish we’d seen more of Cammie getting her memory back. At the end of Out of Sight, Out of Time, Cammie mentioned how she hoped to uncover more memories of the summer she ran away. But we didn’t really get that here.

PRO: This isn’t related to my thoughts on the story, but I just wanted to point out the mood of this sentence: “…[I’m] totally unsure whether or not this new year would be exactly like my last.” IF THAT’S NOT THE BIGGEST 2020 GOING INTO 2021 MOOD I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

CON: Alright, I’m going to say it: the ending with the school burning was random and I feel like it didn’t advance the plot or create set backs for the characters. I wish Catherine had been more developed as a villain. I get she hated the Gallagher Academy, but…I kind of wish we could’ve learned more on WHY. For a while I suspected that she had some beef with Cammie’s mom in school (if they did, it was never uncovered). Then I thought maybe she’d been betrayed by the Gallagher Academy. Like, maybe the academy failed her in some way (by lying to her, or telling her she’d succeed, but then she didn’t, so now she blames the school for her failure).

Also, while the reveal about Townsend was shocking, it didn’t add anything for the story. It had nothing to do with the Circle of Cavan plot. And we got very little of Zach and Townsend together after the reveal. I feel like this plot twist should’ve been placed in one of the earlier books. I would’ve loved getting to see Zach and Townsend going from strangers to accepting each other as father and son.

PRO: There were three tropes/things I’m glad Carter avoided throughout the entire series:

—Girl-on-girl hate. Yes, Macey wasn’t the nicest person when she first appeared in I’d Tell You I Love You. Yes, there was tension between Cammie and Bex in Out of Sight, Out of Time. But it wasn’t because they hated another girl for being pretty, or having a boyfriend, or just existing. They got mad, but their anger was valid and never over something petty. Macey was cold towards Cammie, Bex, and Liz, but it was only because she was angry at her parents for forcing her go to a school she didn’t want to go to. And she eventually warmed up by the end of the first book. As for Bex, she had a right to be angry at Cammie in Out of Sight, Out of Time: Cammie left without telling anyone and DISAPPEARED for months. TOTALLY understandable! I appreciate Carter for avoiding the girl-on-girl hate trope for ALL six books, and instead focused more on girls helping each other out!

—A love triangle. Folks, I don’t know what I would’ve done if Cammie got caught in a love triangle with Josh and Zach. I would’ve kept reading the series, but you wouldn’t have heard the end of my complaints about it. I’m SO RELIEVED that a love triangle subplot never took place. Once again, Ally Carter avoided this trope by making Cammie focus more on spies rather than boys.

—As soon as Zach entered the second book, I grew very worried that Cammie would change for him. I prayed she wouldn’t become an airhead and/or always try to impress Zach with her physical looks. She never did that, THANK FREAKING GOODNESS. Did Cammie grow shy at times? Yes! Did she have butterflies in her stomach when Zach would smile? Absolutely! But she never changed for Zach. Cammie continued to be just as independent and snarky as she was when Zach wasn’t around. Zach and Cammie were such a power couple throughout the series, and I wish them all the happiness!

CON: I’m sorry, but I don’t like Cammie’s mom and Joe Solomon as a couple. For one, they didn’t have enough page time together for me to ship them (they had some in the first book, but that was it). For another, I MUCH rather prefer the cool and slick Abby with the uptight and serious Joe Solomon. It’s the perfect opposites attract situation! What happened there???

PRO: The whole graduation and Liz’s speech had me tearing up. The way parents happily snapped pictures of their kids? The way Liz subtly acknowledged certain students in her speech? The way Cammie looked around at her peers, knowing it was going to be the last time she’d see some of them? That brought me back to my own high school graduation, and you can bet that I got emotional thinking about it.

Also, the last chapter when Cammie mentioned Bex, Liz, and Macey not being with her, I wanted to CRY!!! I hope they had a ton of reunions after the events of United We Spy.


Things I’m going to miss about this series:

(A list not by Cameron Morgan)

•The humor.

•The female friendship between Cammie, Bex, Liz, and Macey.

•Minor characters such as Anna, Tina, Madam Dabney, and Mrs. Buckingham

•Aunt Abby.

•All the spy classes Cammie took.

•All the Zammie moments.

•And of course, the Chameleon herself, Cammie. Thanks for making me laugh and cheer you and your friends on. It’s been a wild ride!

So would I recommend this? Absolutely! If you’re looking for a book with a great mixture of romance, mystery, and tons of humor, definitely give this series a try! You won’t regret it!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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51 reviews
October 6, 2013
Finished this a while ago. Review to come.

OMG!!! 2013!??? SERIOUSLY!!! D':

EDIT: so i just read GG5 again. Sigh...2013 just can't come soon enough. And I wish Josh would appear in GG6!

Edit: came back to check on it again...and there's no official released date. *sobs quietly in corner*

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2,071 reviews300 followers
January 19, 2015
Reread: Jan 2015

"Tell me, Cameron Ann Morgan, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

So many things happening.
So many ships.

One of my fav scenes:

"Knight is dead," Bex said. "Crane is dead. Dubois is missing. Along with her two kids," Bex added pointedly. "So I think Cam has a good point: What do we do next?"
"We go back to school," my mom said, taking over. "We go back and leave it to—"
"To who?" Bex asked.
"Rebecca!" her mother snapped.
"Sorry." Bex shrugged. "To whom," she corrected herself, even though I highly doubted that had been her mother's point.

I love Rebecca.

/climbs onto the roof


First read: Jan 2014 (5 stars)


/collapse on the floor sobbing

United We Spy gave out that dark vibe from the start. Everything is pain but pain never feels so good... UGH. Bless Ally Carter and her wicked abilities to spin a story.
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July 27, 2022
Reread: July, 2022
I was holding back tears because I was reading the last couple of chapters in public.

A Gallagher Girl for life

Read: September, 2021
To say that I simply cried would be an understatement because I couldn't stop myself for three whole chapters. Maybe more.

I'm far from being a teenager, but I bloody love this series so much.

A Gallagher Girl
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May 14, 2016


I'm kind of sad because I read this without bothering to reread the series and I felt like I lost my connection with some of the characters (Zach, Preston, Townsend??) I remembered them but vaguely and it made me sad. Hence, a reread for the Gallagher Girls is definitely on the cards.

Even though I was like ? for a bit at the beginning I STILL LOVED THIS. The Gallagher Girls has always been one of my favourite series (spy girls who kick massive butt?? heck yes ) and I'm sad to see it go. I feel like this wrapped up the series so well, it answered the questions everyone needed answering, fixed all the messes

The plot for this is really fast paced, full of suspense and mystery and keeps you on your toes. You're not really sure of anything until it all ends which is great. The series answered alot of charactersation questions and gave reasons for the motives of many of the characters.

The closing "what is a Gallagher Girl" speech got me all nostalgic like .. no I wanna go to the Gallagher Academy ok. I love how this series is so female driven, just saying. I love the sisterhood of these girls (I love their crazy female teachers like Mrs Dabney and Mrs Buckingham) and the whole "What is a Gallagher Girl? Well most of all she is my sister" really hit home what this series was about and why is was so important to me when I was first reading. (I had really not read many books with girls who were in friendships ? Like, I just? That wasn't in books I was reading and I loved to see them)

Overall I loved the conclusion to this series and I love this series and I'm so nostalgic and sad it's over. Farewell Cammie and Bex and Liz and Macey and Preston and Zach and Joe and all those other crazy kids!!
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December 17, 2015
Okay, first off: Catherine is a wackadoodle.
This was, dare I say, bittersweet. I just read all six of these books in less than 72 hours. That's three years crammed into three days. I grew to like the girls, and understand why many like this series. This series was different. It had many parts I didn't like, but a few I did. The writing is definitely not the best in the world, and I'm still not a fan of Zach (or Townsend. Which is ironic if you have read this book.) I just really wish the romance wasn't in every book, especially since this one got kissy.
Content wise, there was a handful of 'bloody's, and a 'wimp'. Lots of blood, pain, killing, blood and murders. Four semi-detailed kisses, four barely-above-not-detailed kisses, a not detailed kiss and a head kiss. Touches and embraces. Stripping a guy to get all the trackers off of him. A shirtless man. A couple mentions of hotness and a hottie.
Would I recommend this series? No, not really. Why? The language, sexual hints/references, and because the plot is center around lying, killing and murderers. I can see why many like this series, it's a fun plot--a school for girl spies-- but I just wish it was cleaner.
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October 18, 2013
Everything I've ever wanted in a YA series finale. Kudos to Ally Carter for giving us Gallagher Girls what we want while adding all the twists and thrills we were looking for. You will not be disappointed--don't miss the short story in the B&N exclusive! Loved.
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October 15, 2013
I'm doing a different kind of review for United We Spy because this is the very last book in the six-book, wildly popular Gallagher Girls series, and to try to summarize the plot at this point is like the time I was out of town when the Lost finale came out, and I ended up watching it with four other people who had never seen the show, and they kept asking questions during the show, and basically it just ended with me saying, "NO, it is not possible to summarize in five sentences" and "NO, I can't tell you why there's a smoke monster, there just is!" (also, "I'm having all the feels here, please stop talking!")

Instead, I'm going to write this review with a lot more of my own reactions and feelings, and as if the audience has already read books 1-5, because, let's be honest, no one who is reads this review is looking to read the final book without at least some prior knowledge of the books. Also, I'm in total book mourning that this series is over, and it's taken me a week to get to this...and I think this is the only way I can do it.

United We Spy is a fitting end to the incredibly addictive Gallagher Girls series. I think a comparison of United We Spy to the last Harry Potter is apt, because, just like Harry, in this final installment of GG, we know who the enemy is, we know who and what they're after (or DO WE?), and we know that Cammie and her friends need to take them down. What's interesting is how we get there - and Ally Carter completely delivers.

I really thought that there would be very few surprises left - I knew there would be some reveals, but I didn't expect how deeply Cammie and her friends are entwined in the plot. To me, the entire story, from book 1 to book 6 completely tied together. Threads and characters from EVERY BOOK show up AND MATTER in this book (which is why I really, really can't summarize things). There were characters that I forgot about that came back, and the plotting is sheer genius. On top of that, we get Cammie's struggle to figure out whether she's a child or an adult, her fear of the future, and what she's going to do when she graduates, as - it's both an ending to the mythology, and an ending for the characters, and it just fits together beautifully.

It's a complete testament to Ally's writing that I never doubted for a second that that was the way things should go, or that certain characters behaved the way they did. If I had one complaint, it would be that the VERY ending is just a tad bit sappy, and the writing does feel a bit sentimental and obvious. But I'm absolutely willing to allow the author that much. After six books and years of work, she has won the right to be a little bit emotional at the end.

To me, the best part of the book is that it's not only as heart-pounding as the rest of the books (although, personally, I found Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover and Out of Sight, Out of Time more thrilling than the rest), but it circles back to so many moments that I'd forgotten about and reaffirms the Gallagher Academy belief in how much girls are underestimated, and how much better we are when we work together.

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