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What a Boy Wants #1

What a Boy Wants

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Courtesy of watching his mom’s relationships, Sebastian Hawkins knows what girls need to do to get a guy. He has what he considers a PHD in hooking up. When he needs extra cash for a car, Sebastian starts up an online venture as The Hook-up Doctor, to anonymously help girls land the guy of their dreams. Of course, his services don’t offer a happily-ever-after guarantee. He’s seen firsthand getting together never means staying together.

And then he falls in love…

With the last girl he would expect…

Totally not in his game plan.

Suddenly, Sebastian finds himself muddled in the game he’s always prided himself on. He can’t even pick up girls at parties anymore! Why would anyone want to be in love when it turns you into a stuttering, screwed-up, mess with really lame stalker tendencies? Stalking? Totally not his gig.

But the Hook-up Doctor won’t let himself go down easily. He’s always known how to give a girl what she wants and now it’s time to figure out what a boy wants… and he definitely plans on getting it.

248 pages, Nook

First published April 6, 2012

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About the author

Nyrae Dawn

24 books3,946 followers
I am a compulsive reader and writer who loves YA fiction.

I love nothing more than writing about young adults. There is something so fresh and fun about it. You can pretty much always find me with a book in my hand or open document in front of me.

I live in Southern California with my husband and two children.

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118 reviews383 followers
June 2, 2012
(This is an Adult-who-enjoys-reliving-the-stirrings-of-first-love-and-self-discovery-during-the-teen-years-through-YA books review)

5 Stars - Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading Den

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! (As Bastian would say ^_^) WHAT A BOY WANTS was just what I wanted right now!

Thanks again to Karla for recommending this to me! Karla, sweetie, you can recommend YA reads to me ANY TIME, from now on! ^_^

WHAT A BOY WANTS is such a fun, cute, sweet, heart-warming, charming and highly enjoyable Young Adult Romance, by self-published author Nyrae Dawn, about a boy who may be an expert at hook-ups but is brought to his knees when he actually falls in love. I really enjoyed being in Sebastian’s head through his realisations about love and whether it was worth it, and his growth throughout the story.

I’ve read YA Romances with alternating Boy-Girl point-of-views (POVs), like Simone Elkeles’ Perfect Chemistry series which I just love, but this is the first I’ve read which is fully from the Boy’s POV. I really enjoyed Sebastian’s voice - his inner monologues and reasoning processes were funny, thoughtful and insightful.

Sebastian Hawkins is a cocky, funny, sweet, protective, noble and loyal 17-year old boy.
'“Feel free to tell me how sexy I am any time though. A guy can never hear it enough – ouch! You pinched me."'
Sebastian is the only child in a single parent family (mother). He considers himself an expert on “hooking-up” and has made a small business of providing advice services as a “Hook-Up Doctor”, giving advice on how to win someone over.

While Sebastian may know a lot about hook-ups, he is completely uneducated in romantic love. Having seen his mother fall in love many times and having gone through several failed relationships, he doesn’t really believe in love and long-term relationships. Plus, he doesn’t want to hurt, or be hurt, the way his mother has, not liking having seen her shed so many tears over the years. For this reason, Sebastian is up-front with girls he hooks up with and is careful not to lead girls on.

Sebastian’s beliefs are shaken to the core when he finds himself reacting “abnormally” to a girl he never expected to feel that way over.
'“I’m cool,” I said, trying to play it off when really I was anything but cool right now. She shouldn’t look so hot at this moment, but she did. Is this what love was? Thinking a girl looked beautiful in her pajamas and glasses?'

'And, holy shit, did I want to touch her. I wanted to trace the strap of her shirt over her shoulder and down her back. Her skin looked so smooth, so creamy that I almost needed to touch it to make sure it was real. I wanted my tongue in that hollow spot at the base of her throat, and for the first time, I wondered what she tasted like.'
I loved seeing cocky Sebastian squirm and work through what love is, whether he was in fact in love, and once he decided he was, how he was going to handle it, because he felt completely out of his depth.
‘I’d never been in love before. How did I know for sure? It could have been lack of female attention, rebellion, or, I don’t know, delirium or something. Stranger things had happened. Jumping to the conclusion it was love, was just a…what’s it called? Hypothesis? My science teacher would be so proud.’

Sebastian’s beliefs that he knew all about girls were certainly tested. I felt for him through all the mistakes he made as he attempted to navigate his way in the uncharted territory of love, and my heart ached for him and the girl he loved when they inadvertently hurt each other. I was delighted when he made it all right.
'“You have such a big heart, Sebastian Dale Hawkins.”
“Shh, don’t tell anyone that either.”
“Your secrets are safe with me.”
I buried my face in her hair, to hide from the seriously mushy words that were about to come out of my mouth. “And your heart is safe with me.”'
I admit it: I have a “book crush/love” on Bastian. I think he is “book boyfriend” worthy. ^_^

I loved Sebastian’s relationship with his mother, and how protective he was over her, and how he turned to her when he was so confused.

Sebastian's group of friends – Jaden, Pris and Aspen – were something awesome and the friendships they had are ones I believe will be life-long ones. I really loved the dynamics within their little group and they played a huge part in this story.

I also loved the character of Crystal and would love to see her get a Happily-Ever-After.

I’m SO excited to see that Jaden is getting a story – WHAT A BOY NEEDS! Because, as I read this, I thought there was a wonderful and potentially heart-aching story there to be told. Oh, Jaden...

What wonderful timing for me to have just finished reading this and then to see on Nyrae Dawn’s Blog that the cover for Jaden’s book is about to be released along with a teaser this Sunday, 6 May 2012!

Check it out here:


My Sebastian (Tyler Blackburn) and the girl he loves (Ashley Benson)

Yes, I have been influenced by Pretty Little Liars. LOL The Sebastian on the cover reminded me of Tyler, especially his eyes, and well, I think he and Ashley are so cute together. ^_^ But picture her with slightly darker hair, as I remember she was described as having "honey" hair, and for some reason, I thought it was more honey-blonde rather than honey-brown. Oopsies! ^_^

Sources of images:
Fanpop, Teen Vogue and Pretty Little Liars stills

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review. They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun. If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them, please let me know, and I will do so as soon as possible. If I can identify the copyright, I will do so.

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April 18, 2012
This is a cute, fun and sweet read about a self-described love 'em & leave 'em type, who passes out online advice as the "Hook-up Doctor," and his female (totally platonic) best friend. You'll never guess what happens! Ok, so maybe you might, Ms. "Smarty-pants I've read lots of YA know-it-all." But that doesn't prevent this from being a charming and endearing story of crazy first love, a fatuous boy and his self defeating antics. Narrator Bastian is full of bluff, bravado and bro-ness, and possessed of a surface self-assurance that is often mildly irritating. But like a hard candy with a surprise center, there's more to him than meets the eye, and certainly more than he's willing to admit. His girl friend Aspen is a little more tolerant of his shenanigans that I might be, but he does have his pluses, a major one of which is his tender and protective relationship with his single mom, whose repeated episodes of heartbreak are one of the reasons he's so skittish and commitment-phobic. This is a fun summer read, and just the antidote for some of the more intense and heart-wrenching reads that are, rightly, so popular lately. But just because it's a palate cleanser doesn't mean it's without its own subtle flavor and substance. That's what makes it such a good one!
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142 reviews32 followers
May 13, 2012
I am aware of the throng of fans that exist for this book, and I am awfully sorry that this book was not for me at all. Something in the book didn't connect with me. My opinions are strictly impersonal. Feel free to point out that we have different brain structures and therefore have different preferences.
Firstly, shouldn't alarm bells be ringing about the fact that a woman is writing about what men want? It has struck me, though, that men technically NEVER write chick-lit, so if there is an author who wishes to strike gold by venturing into the untrodden realm of uncovering the mysteries within the minds of bearers of the Y chromosome, I suppose it has to take a woman to do the job.
This suspicion and doubt on the credibility of the book's "advice" about what men really want could have lead me to start off the book with slight prejudice, I'm afraid. Though I must say, with strict reference to the movies and movie-series, I must say that the advice given could perhaps be actually rather spot-on. I'm not sure, but one thing's for certain: our lives are not like those screened on TV.
I had a problem with the characters. I completely abhor Sebastian and Jaden. Sebastian, the narrator, is arrogant, conceited, and completely disrespectful towards women! Oh, and for a guy, he thinks a lot. WAY too much. The same thoughts are repeated again and again much too often. I wonder if guys actually think so much. It would be an interesting revelation, and I will never let my male friends it down, since everyone thinks that it has always been women who think in volumes in the first place. But then, allow me to contradict myself by saying that Sebastian sometimes doesn't bloody think at all. He wallows on the past to much when his limited brain capacity could have been used to consider the future, ie the consequences of some/most of his stupid actions. DO I make sense?
Sebastian's mind is so full of lust that when he starts developing feelings for Aspen, all he can think of is touching her. And making out. And when they get together, well, all his shallow, disrespectful dreams are achieved. What was going on through his mind during those X-rated sessions were pretty much disgusting. Now I wonder, out of curiosity, if men DO think like that (with all due respect to half the global population out there). I really hope not. Because if Sebastian's the stereotypical cool, suave, charming girl-getter, honestly, I'll be content with a loser.
And for Jaden? He's Sebastian's best friend and they do everything together. Enough said.
It's hard to like a book when you despise the narrator so much already. For me, I also didn't really like the writing style. The author/the characters' too frequent use of "you know", "and all", "and stuff", "and shit" in their conversations is really pissing off. It makes me feel like they aren't sure of themselves when communicating with each other. Here's an example:

Sebastian to Aspen: Need me to mess someone up for you? You know, with my ninja skills and all.

What's with all that self-doubt? I don't think people actually say them, or at the very least, THAT often. It makes me want to scream "What do you mean, 'you know'? Why wouldn't I know? Are you actually doubting MY INTELLIGENCE?!" I think that without these weird phrases, the sentence could have delivered the point across pretty much as effectively. Plus, it could have saved me a LOT of time on this book.
That's just a very minor point that I wanted to put forth. Mainly, I didn't really like the delivery of the plot itself. I have to give it to the author that the plot was pretty fresh, but the story-telling was too fast. Something was always happening, but I was never convinced of the sincerity or the reasons of the doer for committing them. I could never really connect with any of the characters, and throughout this book, it was as if I was hearing a retelling of some third-hand gossip from someone else rather than being a first-hand observer in empathising with the characters and experiencing what they went through. The details of the plot were meagre and insufficient, but the descriptions on the making-out sessions were chokingly too much in comparison. I was hoping that the protagonist felt more emotions other than lust and jealousy, but if he does, he really isn't very articulate in his head.
The witty banter wasn't the least intriguing, the plot was too, too predictable (or maybe I made at least 10 very good guesses), the characters barely cast a shadow in the story and in my impression,
and some parts were to cheesy for my liking. I am the minority, but I don't think I'd pick up the second instalment to this series.

Are teenagers (at least those in Nyrae Dawn-Land) that lustful? They're just kids! All they aim for in life is to lose their single status, or to get laid. There is no mention of classes, school nothing (at least in Sebastian's head). It was almost as if he lived in a brothel.
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986 reviews1,089 followers
May 4, 2012
Bravo Nyrae Dawn…well done!! What delightful, charming, captivating story!!! Simple premise, wonderful execution. I haven’t been 17 for a very long time, but you made feel so young.

I ADORED Sebastian and his cocky arrogance, yet at the same time he was protective, caring, and devoted to his friends and mother. This sweet teenage romance had the typical elements for this kind of story, but it was also about mending broken friendships, and the love between a mother and her son. I cracked up when I read this scene, one quite familiar to me.

“I ran to my house and let myself in. I took another speed shower, got dressed and then knocked lightly on my mom’s bedroom door. The light shined from under her door so I knew she was awake. Probably reading one of those puke-worthy romance books she liked.
“Come in,” she called out. I pushed the door open enough just to stick my head inside. Sure enough she was curled up in her bed with a book that had a guy on the cover with longer hair than her.”

Sebastian’s all about the “hook-up” but not commitment. Love is not for him, he’s seen his mom crumple too many times from failed relationships, so he figures why even bother when he’s destined to fail. His father left them, what makes him any different?! Maybe the right girl, one that’s been there all along.

“Sebastian, I’ve loved you since we were five years old and you downed the whole glass of soy milk, pretending to like it just so you didn’t hurt my feelings.”

When he has no faith in himself, it’s his mother who is there to pick him up…*sigh…go mom!

"“More importantly, you are not your dad. You’re just Sebastian. My funny, smart, talented, loyal, big-hearted son."

This was a warm comfortable read with wonderful characters. Sebastian’s friend’s Aspen, Pris and Jaden, were as enjoyable as he was and played a major part in the plot. I had a hard time letting go of all of them. Great dialogue, humor and a host of heartwarming moments. This is a clean YA romance with a sweet HEA and it left the door open for another book. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Jaden and according to the author’s website; I might just get my wish. His story needs to be told, there’s a whole world that we haven’t seen when it comes to Jaden, and it has the potential to be a real heartbreaker.

Just one more note. Yes, there were a few typos, but I can and will continue to overlook these slight slipups from self-published authors, because for .99, this was one heckuva bargain!! I have my favorite “big names” that I continue to turn to, but more and more I’m finding that these self-published authors with their cheap and free books… write some pretty damn good stories!!

The "Hook-Up-Doctor" Sebastian Dale Hawkins aka Zac Efron! Photobucket

The Cougar roars again!!
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10 reviews
April 30, 2012
OK this book cracks me up so much. i am now half way through it love it. i am a young adult myself and can totally relate to the heroine in this book. emotions running high and secretly being in love with your best friend. its all so familiar. Sebastian has a great sense of humor that that has made it hard to put down this book. while reading i would find myself going 'yeah' and 'i know how you feel' and smiling to myself and the people around me must be wondering what in grinning about. I cant wait to finish this book to give you a full account of the whole thing. ttyl:)

ok i'm done now and its just wow! love it even more. the little drama and teen insecurities are so real and they soooo exist even though some people think it doesn't. kit really touched on the pressures we have when we are young and our attempts to make our family life better. sooo true and real life, totally relate to that. this book was so fantastic. would i recommend it? hell yes! will i read it again? a million times yes!!!!
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1,340 reviews961 followers
July 29, 2013
Sebastian is a 17 year old boy who wants to buy a car. To earn money he becomes a modern day Dear Abby by running a blog/e-mail service helping girls land the guys of their dreams. His alias is The Hook-up Doctor.

What will happen when The Hook-up Doctor falls in love?? Is he capable of loving someone?
This monkey is for Renee

What a Boy Wants (What a Boy Wants, #1) by Nyrae Dawn What a Boy Needs (What a Boy Wants, #2) by Nyrae Dawn
No cliffhanger. Spinoff
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743 reviews519 followers
May 16, 2012
OMG Pictures, Images and Photos

I am 27 yrs old and I am reduced to the above right now... Yep OMG, omg, OH MY GOD! I have fallen hard for this 17 year old!

Sebastian, Pris, Aspen and Jaden are just awesome... they remind me of being 17 and being desperately in love and trying to get over that friend to lover thing. When school was important but not really it was more about cars, girls (well boys for me!), the weekend and hook ups were top of the list!

This book was just great. It made me smile, laugh, cringe, smirk, want to punch Bastian, want to make out with him, want to shake him, and then hug him all better, then make out again

Def read it it peeps!
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214 reviews
April 30, 2012
3.5 - 4 Stars

What A Boy Wants was a refreshing change from all the female pov's I've read lately in this genre. I adored Sebastian, the main character, and enjoyed reading what felt like a pretty authentic male perspective. This was a fun, mostly fluffy, light and easy read. I recommend it if you're looking for something sweet.

Kudos to Nyrae Dawn on a wonderful debut novel. I look forward to more from her in the future. (Especially if the next book is about Jaden.) ;)
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1,021 reviews509 followers
April 29, 2012
If you follow my blog you know I usually do my own summary of the book for my reviews, but I couldn't quite capture Bastian's personality, so I left it as the expert wrote it. This book is an amazing little read that I was TOLD to read immediately. I'm so glad I did. This book totally exceeding my expectations.

On the first page of this book, I was cracking up! The book is told from Bastian's perspective and I love reading books from a male POV (point of view). Sebastian is simply adorable! The reasons I love him: he's loyal to his friends, adores his mom and isn't afraid to show it (I hope my boys feel that way about me someday), funny, witty, and is willing to admit when he's wrong. I mean seriously, do you even need to hear more?

Not only did I fall HARD CORE for Bastian, but I loved his friends. Aspen is the girl next door, who he's grown up with and considers to be his best friend. BTW, Aspen is a girl. :) Then there are Jaden and Pris (Priscilla). I loved them all! They are a tight knit group that stick together. It was so sweet to see how they cared for each other.

Sometimes you just need a happy, sweet, love story. I got exactly that with What A Boy Wants. It is now my go to read when I need a laugh and a reminder of why I love to read. If you need a fast, happy read, whether you are an Adult or a YA, you'll love this book. I'm SO looking forward to reading What A Boy Needs, which will be Jaden's story. I've gotten a few teasers and they made me want the book YESTERDAY!
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63 reviews
April 17, 2012
Five stars!!

First of all, I'll be honest. I decided to read this based on two things:

1) It was popping up on Kelley York's update feed a bunch of times and I freaking loved her book, Hushed (read it for the love of sweet baby Jesus, read it!)

and 2) The cover. Yeah yeah, sue me, whatever, but hello, cute boy! LOL (who is the perfect Sebastian)

That being said, I'm glad I did because this is such a sweet story! I love Sebastian. He is the sweetest, most kind-hearted guy. I love how he loves his mom and looks out for his friends. There seriously needs to be more guys like him. Very cute story. It's refreshing to read stories from a guy's POV and this one is written wonderfully. Sebastian is funny and just such a typical boy. Loved it.

I'd also love to see this story continue and see Jaden's side of everything. Seems like it would be a dark, angst-ridden one. My heart goes out to him. Fantastic job to Nyrae Dawn for writing this lovely story. Hope to see more from her!
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849 reviews917 followers
January 14, 2013
Rating: 4.1

“We're guys. Half the time, we don't know who we are. It helps things become a lot easier if we know who you are.”

Sebastian by day, the Hook-up Doctor by night - and never, ever Seb. Sebastian's got the answers, if you've got the money. Need a guy? Need him to notice you? Need to find the one true love of your life, or even someone to just date for the hell of it? He's got the moves, the lines and the best ways to get that guy you want. And he's never, ever, had a failure. It's 100% girlproof.

But Seb's attitude on falling in love is clear: love, true love, is for girls and idiots who want to get burned sooner or later. Seb should know. After all, his mother is the proof of more than enough failed relationships. He doesn't see the good in himself and is all:

And Seb's plan for simple hook-ups goes to plan...until the sight of his just-best-friend Aspen makes him feel weird inside.

Really weird. And he can't stand to be away from her, or have other guys talk to her (or about her). What is happening to him? This isn't him - the Hook-up Doctor does not do love.

Or does he?
My thoughts:

A funny, enjoyable read, 'What a Boy Wants' should really be titled 'What a Guy Settles For'. Because that's what this story is about - don't 'settle'. We all tend to settle - oh, there's no 'perfect guy' or 'perfect girl' out there, so I'll just settle for what I can manage to find. You get what you settle for. But if you really want what you 'want' then you'll stand up for it and search for it, and keep searching for it because it's that important to you. Seb's realisation of what true love is, is a good try at getting readers to understand that it takes two sides to make a relationship work.

And guys don't understand girls, Seb? Well...the feeling sure is mutual! :D

Whilst listening to 'I Think I Love You' by David Cassidy, yours truly read this heartwarming and sweet-as-sugar novel in one sitting. And let me just say, it was not only enjoyable to read, but I looked like a totally lunatic, grinning at the computer screen, sniffling and bursting into laughter at intervals.

Note to readers: Sometimes you will want to groan in disgust at the cheesiness of it all.

Sure, some of it was cute, but where it lost points with me was where it became cliche and often predictable. I, for e.g., guessed who 'mystery e-mailer' was by page 11. Also, Seb is your typical 'I've got a barbell in my eyebrow and all the girls trip over themselves to see me' kind of guy. Too cliche that he falls for the 'good' girl, who's grown to be hot and whose parents are hippies.

No, you did not read incorrectly. Aspen's parents are honest-to-God hippies.

I wanted depth. But I got the kiddie pool.

And that was okay, though - it was a nice, light read and of course what earned it points with me was its humour and Nyrae's signature writing style, which I love. Her other novel 'Dizzy' was a lot better than this book, though, and I was disappointed that 'What A Boy Wants' didn't follow the same unique and fresh approach.
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757 reviews3,649 followers
July 3, 2012
Spoiler Free Review
Genre: Young Adult Romance/Chick Lit
Series: Book#1 in What A Boy Wants Series

"Did you kiss her?" she wispered
"Hell no. These lips belong to you."
-Sabastian inWhat A Boy Wants

In order to earn extra cash to buy a car Sabastian Hawkins has an online Blog where he anonymously goes by the name Hook-up Doctor. His credentials?! Watching his mother go through heartbreak after heartbreak with a string of failed relationships. He firmly believes that he knows what a girl needs to do to get the guy she wants. He has a 100% success rate. Well that is up until he gets his newest client.

When Sabastian the KING of hooking up yet never settling down finds himself falling hard for a girl he starts to fluster. Baffled by his own feelings things take a turn for the worse. All the things that he does to woo her to him send her flying in the other direction. Not only is he not getting the girl he wants but he offends his friends by his actions as well.
How will he fix all the damage he has created? You have to read it to find out!

I loved it! Yes the story was a little predictable, but the author used
the secondary characters to add a little mystery. I think this is an awesome YA read and i recommend it to all YA Lovers! This book also showcased a good mother son relationship which i loved!
Sabastian- Was extremely confidant he had a great since of humor and was a really good friend. He was also a good son and i enjoyed the relationship he shared with his mother.
Aspen- One word "adorable" i loved her hippie tree huggin parents too. Aspen was very much "the girl next door" she never tried to be someone she was not. We could all use a friend like her.
Pris- Did not play when it came to her bestfriend she had Aspen's back and was not afraid to hit a boy if need be. There was also
alot more to her story then was told. I cannot wait to find out what's going on with her and the feelings she has for Jaden.
Jaden- Sweet sweet Jaden apparently his home life is not that good but the author does not delve deep into it. However we do get the feeling that he likes Pris alot more then he is willing to admit. And since book2 is his book i cannot wait to get to know him better.

My Ratings
Characters- Likeable
Writing Style- Good
Plot/Storyline- Good
Steam Factor- Low (very pg-13)
Overall- I enjoyed it! Read it!!!!
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1,395 reviews109 followers
April 27, 2012
I picked this book hoping for a light, quick read based on Jen's (What's on the Bookshelf) Must Read Monday meme reccomendation. Plus it was a boy POV – my favorite!

I started it around 9:30 pm to get a few chapters in before i drifted off to sleep and ended up reading until 2 am! What a Boy Wants was definitely the fun book I was looking for.

Sebastian Hawkins, the Hook-up Doctor, is giving internet advice to girls on how to reel in the boy of their dreams so he can earn cash to buy a new car. For his part Sebastian is pretty jaded when it comes to relationships after watching his mom choose the wrong guy over & over again.

In fact he doesn't guarantee you can keep the guy - just that he can help you get him. Bastian doesn't believe in love. He just hooks up with all the pretty girls and moves on. Again - no promises made so he really doesn't think he's hurting anyone.

What is most important to him are his best friends. Jaden, Pris and Aspen. The group of two guys and two girls have been together forever. Friends always come first to Sebastian. No girl drama ever gets between them ….until it does.

Sebastian's world is rocked when he starts seeing Aspen in a new light. As he starts to fall in love with her his whole hook-up only rules are shattered. The relationship expert is suddenly reduced to spying and petty jealousies.

Sebastian could come off as a total arrogant ass and off putting but he doesn't. He believes he's God's gift to women with all the answers but we also get to see his underlying sweetness, loyalty & vulnerabilities.

Aspen is the perfect counter point to him. She's an honest friend who sees the good and potential in Sebastian but she in no way let's him get away with his BS.

Despite Sebastian’s cocky swagger he's definitely the guy you want in your corner if you're in trouble. When he falls - he falls hard. It's pretty funny to watch this guy who thought he had all the answers scramble so he doesn't lose the one girl who means everything to him. It got a tad wacky near the end when Sebastian was trying to win Aspen over but the story is so funny & cute it's a very minor complaint. Jaden and Pris rounded out the foursome perfectly and I bet we haven’t seen the last of them.

~ If you're looking for a fun, fast, romantic read but one that still has character growth and a whole lot of heart then give What a Boy Wants a try. Bonus - Sebastian looks exactly like that cover model as written in the book! Swoon!
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522 reviews422 followers
October 20, 2012
Typically, I'm not really into indie authors. I've tried a few, and I didn't find any of their books that satisfying (even ones that other bloggers have loved, like Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire). So even though I'd heard really good things about this book, I wasn't sure. But OMG I'm so glad I read it! Because this is the first indie that I've actually liked.

Mostly, I liked this book because of Sebastian. He's hilarious. Nyrae Dawn really nailed the voice with this one, I think, and that was what made the book stand out. I'd just come off of reading Holly Black's Black Heart, which features my favorite boy narrator ever, Cassel, so I couldn't help but compare the two protags. And honestly, I think Sebastian was written just as well! (Although I don't think any character will ever replace Cassel for me, but really, no one can compete with Holly Black, right?) He's snarky and prideful and everything that could be really annoying if not written right. But he WAS written right, so he's great.

The romance itself is pretty standard issue and predictable, but we don't read contemporary romances for mystery, now do we? I enjoyed watching Sebastian get humbled and realize that maybe love is worth it after all.

I'd also like to say that I loved his mom and the relationship he has with her. How cute are they?! I loved his little moping session with her and the ice cream - it cracked me up. And then the scene near the end where he gets all emotional. OMG. Precious. I think that scene endeared him to me more than the rest of the book combined.

I also really liked the supporting characters, especially Jay and Pris. I can't wait to read What A Boy Needs and "see" their story. I feel like Jay will be a really emotional narrator, and there's nothing I love more than a jacked up boy MC, so I'm expecting to love it just as much as this book.

And on a more technical note, there aren't that many typos. Which I appreciated, since this is indie and indies seem to have so many more typos than traditionally-published books. (I guess because fewer people proof them before publication?) This book was really well-written, and I think it's just as good of quality as a lot of the books published traditionally.

I would LOVE to see this book get picked up like Easy and Beautiful Disaster. Mostly because I think it's way better. I mean, come on.

Sebastian > Travis

I'm just saying.
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1,070 reviews92 followers
April 22, 2012
**I HAD THE CHANCE TO INTERVIEW SEBASTIAN!!** CHECK IT OUT ON MY BLOG http://jenuinecupcakes.blogspot.com/2...

THIS.COVER. *fights urge to ruffle guys hair*

OK, So I have to be honest...the cover is what made me check this book out. *giggles* (I seriously wanted to run my fingers through his hair which is both funny and ironic. Read the book and you'll understand.)

This is a quick read that provides a funny, refreshing take on love and relationships from a guy's POV. Sebastian is the "Hook-Up Doctor", an anonymous match maker who helps girls get their dream guys. He, himself doesn't "do" love or long term relationships because he's watched his mom crash and burn so many times he's lost count. He figures keeping things strictly "fun" is the way to go. This theory works great until he falls in love with the last person he ever expected too.

His world is turned upside down and he becomes the sappy, lovesick, stalker guy he used to roll his eyes at. But the "Hook-Up Doctor" won't go down without a fight. He prides himself on knowing what girls want but now he'll have to figure out what a boy wants. (and hope he doesn't screw everything up in the process.)

I thoroughly enjoyed Sebastian! He reminded SO MUCH of the guys I hung out with in High School, with all their "posing" and "game" but who totally had by back (or held my hair) when I needed them. Sebastian comes off as a jerk in the beginning but as more of his story is revealed you understand why and can't help but love him just a little bit (or a lot). *brings him home and gives him hugs while listening to the Beastie Boys* ;)

I really liked Jaden too and would've liked to have known more about his story too. Maybe in another book? *hint hint* Nyrae? ;D

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1,399 reviews184 followers
July 29, 2012
One word. AMAZING! Holy crapola!! I bought this book off of Amazon because it was recommended to me by Amazon. I clicked, read and liked the synopsis, for .99 cents, I figured why not? This has got to be one the best book choices I have made. Not only did it set a record for me, but it is soo good. The record. I was 5 pages in. F I V E pages, before I put my iphone down to get back on Amazon to purchase the second book. 5 PAGES! That's all it took.

The reason I loved this book so much is that this book has a great plot line. The reader meets Sebastian, a young boy who has been through a lot. He runs a blog anonymously as the "Hook-Up Doctor." From there, you can only imagine how deep he is in. I loved that with each chapter Sebastian becomes more aware of himself and who he thinks he is. He knows who he doesn't want to be, but doesn't realize he is acting that way. He faces many challenges and I admire him courage to fess up.

The love interest is so amazing. I like that Sebastian is able to open his eyes and see what has been in front of him the whole time. I love their flirtatious moments as well as the sweet enduring moments of falling in love. Their love is not built over night, but slowly builds before the reader, letting the reader fall in love as well. Thank you Ms. Dawn for writing their love strong yet slowly. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!

And of course their love is not perfect. Meddled with fears and expectations, Sebastian must learn that not all mistakes as his. And this part really touched my heart. Despite what you grow up with, you always have a choice.

What A Boy Wants is a fantastic story! Ms. Dawn moves this story with wonderful pace and great admiration. It's like a beautifully written love letter that everyone needs to read. Delivering a wonderful yet beautiful love story, What A Boy Wants is off the charts!
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662 reviews2,256 followers
May 6, 2012
Really cute read! I read it all before bed last night and I had some good laugh. Bastian was hilarious.
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807 reviews109 followers
April 23, 2012
Sometimes I wish I was a writer/reviewer so I could really convey how I felt about a book. This is one of those times. All I can say is that I loved everything about this book, but my favorite thing about it was the main character Sebastian (AKA "Bastian" AKA "The Hook-up Doctor"). You can't help but fall in love with this character. This story is told from his POV (I love reading from the male POV). He made me LOL a lot in this book and you can also tell how much he cares for the people in his life (his mom & his best friends). This book is going on my list of favorite YA contemporary reads for sure. Such a great story! I first heard about this book from one of my favorite bloggers, Valerie @ Stuck in Books Blog. If you'd like to see a teaser/swoon worthy part from the book, you can find it here: http://www.stuckinbooks.com/2012/04/s...
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Author 3 books85 followers
April 9, 2012
So much FUN. Seriously. I love boys POV when they are done right and this is one of those times. Nyrae takes you on a ride with this silly, but Cocky teenage boy and shows you what it's like to be "that" guy. Sebastian starts out thinking he knows it all but ends up realizing he might not know anything about girls. His journey of realizing he loves his best friend and figuring out what that really means is great. He was funny, and entertaining and deep down a sweet guy. Well not too sweet, but just enough.

I loved this story. And if you are looking for fun, sweet romance from a guys perspective, this is perfect for you.
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Author 13 books758 followers
May 25, 2012
Totally in love with this book. Review to come!

I absolutely adored this book. From the time we meet Sebastian Hawkins to the time we say goodbye. He was amazing. I loved his POV in this. I've always said how much I love the male's perspective and I never get tired of it. It was fresh and a thrill ride all the way through.

Sebastian is known as the Hook-Up Doctor. He hooks girls up with the guy of their dreams, giving them plenty of advice to go for it and giving tips on what guys want. He knows the ropes of hooking up and always gets what he wants because he doesn't believe in love and never has but he's very charming. He makes his money and they get their guys and everyone's happy right? Well, at least that's what he thinks.

He's got a really good relationship with his mother, who's had bad luck with men since his dad left them. He's protective of her and a great son. He's also an amazing friend. His best friends Jaden, Pris and Aspen could always count on him. They are the four Musketeers and do everything together, even go to parties but they always watch each other's backs. There's something weird going on though....Aspen has been Bastian's best friend since they were little. He never looked at her any other way other than his Woodstock as he calls her. But lately, something's changed. The air has shifted and their 17 year friendship is at stake. He's freaked out because he doesn't believe in love and never has, afterall he's the Hook-Up Doctor...not the Love Doctor. But he can't help how he's feeling and it's scaring him, yet also exciting him. Once his mother is dating this guy for awhile, and things go sour there he's afraid he'll be the kind of guy to break Aspen's heart and hurt her the way his mother has been hurt time and time again. Is love worth the risk of pain? Can love conquor all, even if it's with your best friend?

When I first saw this cover I knew it would be amazing! Look at him, he's pretty hot! That alone got me to buy this book. Then reading review after review of raves about this book I wanted to get to it. I started it and was instantly hooked, though I wasn't able to read it as quickly as I could have. Too many darn books to read....I need more eyes! Anyway, this book totally lived up to my expectations. It was fast paced, cute, quirky, witty, romantic, funny etc. There was so many great moments with the friends. I love Jaden, he's so hilarious. Also Pris is a real sassy tough chick and I adored her. They were amazing friends and always looked out for each other. There was never a dull moment. My favorite moments though revolved around Aspen and Bastian. Their chemistry and connection was hot and sweet! They were the perfect couple and really complimented each other. I fell so hard for Bastian and the way he took care of his girls(Apsen, his mom and Pris). But especially the way he took care of Aspen. It was just beautiful and you loved them together. There were some tender but also heartbreaking moments as well. It just shows how sometimes things have to fall apart in order for things to really work out.

The author did a great job in giving Bastian a voice. His POV was perfect and you could feel every emotion he went through. I loved that this book was soley in his POV and not anyone else's. I'm really looking forward to Jaden's book which is the sequel to this. I wanted to get better acquainted with him, so now we will have his story as well. This book taught me things, kind of like an educational lesson. It was pretty awesome! I hope you all give this book a chance. I don't see it disappointing you! If anything, it will leave you wanting more!
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Author 17 books103 followers
July 2, 2012
Okay... the review. Also posted July 2, 2012 on Ramblings of an Amateur Writer: http://reenajacobs.com/blog/2012/07/n... Follow the link for a chance to win a copy of What A Boy Wants! Giveaway Ends July 4, 2012

By far the best read I've had all year. I'm totally buying "What a Boy Needs" RIGHT NOW! I'll add more to me review later. Right now I've got to get that book!

First of all, I love Nyrae Dawn’s voice. Her style was a bit different that I’m used to… she actually wrote as if she was talking to the reader. Often I’m put off by the random “you” in a story. Who is you? Are you talking to me? haha In this case, it worked. I say it’s because of the consistency throughout the story. It was always Sebastian talking to me… telling me what was going through his head, as if I was along for the ride.

Speaking of Sebastian… let’s talk about him. My boy was jaded. In his world, love didn’t exist, only heartbreak. He did his best to keep the “no-strings attached” attitude. He was so out of touch with romance and love that when it did hit, he was so flustered he didn’t know what to do with himself. Oh, my man thought he did… but he was wrong… so very wrong. In fact, I have one note that says “why you so stupid, man?”

The parent in me loved this book. First, I loved how responsible the kids were in this book. Like the PPP — pre-party plan. What a wonderful idea! I totally had a talk with my teenage daughter after reading about that. And since I have a girl, let’s talk about hanging with boys. Awesome idea, if you have friends like Sebastian and Jay. When I hit the partying age, I never felt safer than when I had my guy buddies around. I know a lot of parents are like “no way is my baby girl hanging with boys,” but I’m more on the lines “who’s the boy who’ll stand up for you when you’re in a tight bind?”

So I had in my head this was going to be a fabulous review, because the book was that great. Unfortunately, I looked through my notations and most say things like “this is going to be a fave,” “I’m going to start reading more contemporary books because of this,” and “I want to buy Nyrae Dawn’s other books so bad, but I’m afraid I might not like the ending… better wait.”

Needless to say, this book was good. So good, there came a point I just wanted it to end. What?!?! I know. Crazy right? I just couldn’t wait to get to the end so I could rave about how much I loved What a Boy Wants. This was definitely a favorite read. Best book I’d read all year.

I devoured this book in a few hours then immediate purchased the next in the series. Stop by on Wednesday for the review of What a Boy Needs. I haven’t written it yet, but I hope my notes are better than the ones I took for What a Boy Wants. I guess I just got too involved to take time to make notes. Anyways… get it. It really was that good.
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238 reviews71 followers
April 11, 2012
Whoa! Huzzah! I haven't liked a YA Contemporary this much since Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. You know how much we all loved that!! It was such a pleasant surprise. I actually read it in one sitting. I was making dinner and I was glued to my Kindle the whole time. I couldn't stop reading. I didn't want to either. Amen for the Kindle!

Sebastian is such a cool guy. He wears Van's. I had such a clear picture of him in my head, plus the cover of the book helps a lot. Looks like he was made for this book cover! I love his carefree attitude, but when he falls in love he gets all mushy gushy and it's hilarious! I loved being inside his head, knowing his thoughts and seeing things from his point of view. I wish this book was written when I was in high school, I could have used it. Sebastian is a great character and he's loveable in all the right ways. I missed him when the book was over.

You think you know, from the very beginning, what's going on in this story. But you don't. Not really. There are several surprises. I was sure I had it figured out, but then I had it wrong! WHAT?! I know...just trust me. It all works out. There are plenty of surprises. Which was a breath of fresh air. Everything really flowed you guys. All the transitions were perfect. The relationships felt natural. Friends, girlfriend, mother and son. Everything worked like it should. You felt those connections and nothing was out of place.

You know me by now and understand that I need a book with some romance. All kinds. I need swoon worthy moments and kisses that will take my breath away. I got my fill here with What a Boy Wants. My heart melted quite a few times. It was perfect. Some scenes really stuck with me. Sebastian & Aspen on the beach. Bastian outside Aspen's window. I can still picture them in my minds eye.

I'm not spoiler-y in any way, so I don't want to really go into the story details. But, I will say it was so totally awesome and original. It's been awhile since I've read something that I enjoyed so much. This should really be published by one of the Big 6. I'm so impressed. I actually want to re-read it immediately. I want to hang on to the magic for just a little bit longer.

You're also in luck! Because it is self published it is SO seriously cheap! So grab it! You won't be disappointed! Trust me!
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Author 9 books37 followers
June 11, 2014
This is probably one of the best indie books I’ve ever read. It was a special treat I didn’t expect.

The first thing that makes stand out for me is the narrator. I’ve read YA romance novels where parts of the book where narrated by male character, but never the entire story, particularly not a romance that’s so clearly meant to be fluffy and fun, not a gritty brutal side of life novel.

Bastian is a pretty typical 17 year old guy, he likes hooking up with hot girls, he wants a car, and he wants to have fun. He also has a pretty good understanding about what a girl needs to do to catch the guy she has her eye on. He’s willing to share this knowledge with the women of the world, for a price of course.

What Bastian never expects is to meet the one girl, a girl completely unlike anyone he’s ever been interested in, to turn his world upside down. It turns out that there’s more to the love thing than he ever intended.

Sure it’s predictable, but it’s a YA romance, most tend to be predictable.

Throughout the entire story, Dawn showed that in addition to having a pretty good understanding for the minds and hormones of teenage boys, she also knows how to write. She has the ability to string words together so that it was easy to forget that I was reading and lose myself in Bastian’s world. Not all authors can accomplish such a feat. Though the style felt a little different, the way I head Bastian’s voice telling the story to me reminded me of Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen and Jennifer Echols Going too Far.

While the book wasn’t hard to walk away from, I did stay awake to finish reading it, despite the fact that I’ve only had a few hours of sleep this week. Not many other books have been able to do that.

What really impressed me about What a Boy wants was the story structure. I love indie authors, but every once in a while they go on a tangent or something about some of the scenes just doesn’t feel quite right. This wasn’t the case with Dawn’s writing. The scenes she crafted fit together smoothly and the story moved forward at a very nice pace. I can’t wait to read more of her work.
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273 reviews100 followers
May 8, 2012
This is the first work I've read from the author, Nyrae Dawn, and based on this book I would definitely give more of her work a read when it's published.

The story follows 17 year-old Sebastian helping girls get guys in his role as the anonymous online Hook-Up Doctor. He charges them for his help so he can buy a car. Along the way realises he's in love for the first time and the girl is his best friend. The only problem is he's seen his mum have her heart broken countless times over the years and so he's scared and confused about his feelings and what he should do with them, he figures it's inevitable that he'll either break the girl's heart or she'll break his.

I really liked Sebastian. He was cute, funny, loyal and very protective towards his mum and friends. I liked Jaden, Sebastian's male best friend and I loved Pris and Aspen, two strong female characters and Sebastian's other best friends.

It was really lovely to see how Sebastian dealt with this completely new emotion. He didn't always get it right but he tried his best, the only way he thought there was, to put it right. Did it all work out in the end for him? You'll have to read it and see!

If you're looking for something that won't take you ages to read then this book could be it. It took me an evening to read, though that could be to do with the fact that I was hooked and didn't want to put it down!

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1,071 reviews
January 1, 2014
I LOVED this book.

I have read a few books written from the guy's POV.
Some are great, some not so much. This was great.

I loved how on top the story was just your normal happy go lucky romantic YA. Witty comments, high school carrying on, guys been jerks etc. But underneath there was a darker undercurrent, you sensed that everything wasn't as good as it appeared.

Sebastian is a great character, though he can be a jerk at times & though I am not a teenage boy I imagine his voice & inner musings were pretty much on the ball. I loved how he cared for his friends & his mom. And I could totally understand why he did the things he did due to what he has seen happen in his own life at home.
All the other characters were likeable & I downloaded What a Boy Needs the next day because I can't wait to read Jaden & Pris's story & get a little but more of Bastian & Aspen.

This a a smutt free YA, no violence & very little drinking etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed & look forward to reading more by this author :)
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625 reviews467 followers
April 16, 2012
Oh, how I adored this book!! I started reading What a Boy Wants at around midday and next thing I know I looked up and realized it was getting dark outside and I had finished the book!! I was hooked from page one. I loved taking the ride with Sebastian as he fell in love with Aspen. I adored his love for his mum and his friends. Hell, I adored everything about him!! If like me, you are a sucker for a romance told from a males POV then What a Boy Wants is for you!!
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2,254 reviews50 followers
July 2, 2012
Thoroughly enjoyable! Sebastian was adorable...it was kind of fun to read from the guy's POV and have it actually be believably a guy's...kwim? So much fun to watch him change and grow. He and Aspen are perfect for each other... And not just those two, but the 4 best friends were great to watch....
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587 reviews376 followers
July 3, 2012
Great, clean, sweet, young adult book. This book went by so fast, once I got going I couldn't stop. I loved all the characters, especially Sebastian and Aspen. They had such a genuine love going from best friends since the age of 5 to boyfriend/girlfriend at age 17. There were lots of typical young relationship angst and uncertainty, pretty predictable, but very enjoyable.

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