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Fae Not

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Ashton has never had a problem being able to turn heads, or being able to persuade humans do to whatever he wants. After the accidental death of a childhood friend, Ashton knows all too well the dangers that come along with channeling humans and begins to resent his existence because of it.
Ashton now spends his time trying to “fix” humans at a therapeutic camp in his colony. When Claire comes to the camp, not only is she different in the fact that she’s shy and innocent, but his abilities don’t seem to work on her either.
Distraught, Ashton discovers who her real parents are and what Claire must be, but he knows he’s also running out of time because another more powerful fae is erasing the memory that she even existed. He must find her before they find him or the memory of Claire, the only girl he’s ever loved, and the knowledge of what she truly is will be erased forever.

258 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 25, 2012

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About the author

Leah Spiegel

12 books187 followers
An Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Graduate who once spent years drawing imaginary worlds and now writes about them with her sister, Megan Summers.

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September 9, 2012
I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. My thoughts are my own. I was drawn initially by the blurb, promises of a good fae story and maybe romance. Possibly more on the YA side (this was just a pre-read guess) but I thought I would really enjoy it.

This book gave me trouble. I tend to be generous with stars, and it started sucking me into the story and the characters. I wanted to like it, and did even lean strongly toward 4 stars... but for the end.

Remove the last 5 or so pages, and it's a 4 star read. But the ending was so, Wham-Bam-Thank-You-M'am.... it was like a HEA fairy came and threw up on everything. Yes, it leaves you with the feeling of HEA. But dude... slapping wings on something does NOT mean that explains everything and it's all roses and kittens.

I'm sorry that's so graphic in a Disney-Gone-Wild sentiment... but I adore fae stories, even half-fae. There were 'good' ones and 'bad' and there was tricks that you would expect from fae, and I liked that there was some explination in the mythology behind the story. It basically had many elements I usually love in a book. Hot guys and/or male fae never hurt either.

Maybe if I loved the characters a little more, was a little more drawn into the story, I might have wanted a HEA so badly that I could just smile and say 'Yahoo!' But... there's always a but... I just couldn't buy it. I really appreciate the chance I had to read it, and I'm just one person. This could totally end up being your next favorite book; it just wasn't mine.
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July 15, 2012
Posted at my blog too Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books

I finished this quick read in less than a day, and I really enjoyed it. I only had one problem with it, and that the ending was abrupt. To me, it didn’t tie up any of the loose ends at all. I can’t see anywhere that it is a series, as it could be one. If it IS meant to be a series, then that ending is ok, BUT if its NOT, then that leaves me very unsatisfied.

This is a fun book about Fae, we have a swoon worthy male, Ashton who is fae (except I have no clue as to what he looks like, NO descriptions of him at all, which sucks, I could not really bring up a good picture in my head, it’s all from his point of view) He spends his time now trying to “fix” humans at this camp, using his abilities to try and help them, as he is guilt ridden after a tragic death of a human friend when he was younger.

This is a new twist on the fae, we have “coffee Shops” that offer more than coffee for the fae customers, (the fae channel energy from humans)these shops take payment from the fae and they point out good humans to channel from.

Then we have a mystery girl Claire, who we do not know WHAT she is. Ashton works at a farm to help rehabilitate troubled humans. Claire is brought to this place by her adoptive parents to get her out of her depression, as her adoptive parents are fae, and they want to “fix” her, as she is no longer producing energy that they can feed off of.

They lead everyone at the camp to think she is human, but it’s found pretty quickly by Ashton that she is much more than human, but doesn’t know exactly what she it. Her way with animals is fascination, and some of the things she can do. Ashton grows closer to Claire, and he felt the most amazing energy he has ever felt when she is happy over the baby animals, and it’s all felt without even touching her. He falls in love with her, and vows to protect her and not allow her to be harmed. He finds out horrid things her adoptive parents have done to her, “pimping” her out for money, to let all these fae channel her energy. She had learned to shut it down, and it’s why she ended up at the camp.

We then get some action when her adoptive parents come take her away, against her wishes, screaming and crying. Ashton is heartbroken, and goes on this journey to find her, and in the process learns what she truly is.

It’s a good book, it really is, but I was left unsatisfied at the end, IF it’s not a series, like I said. Too many loose ends not tied up. I just don’t buy the “They Lived Happily Ever After” endings when the man saves the women. I want to know how they get out the situation they find themselves in, how he keeps her safe, as her adoptive parents are not going to just let her go. What they do with the information on who Ashton thinks her real parents are. Do they approach them? Are they going to be allowed to be together? Will they have to go on the run? How do they escape where he finds her at? (ok, I know one way, and I won’t say, as it will spoil it for people who have not read it yet)

I also do not understand the name of this book, what is meant by “Fae Not”? It makes no sense to me. I do like the cover though, very pretty.
That all being said. It was written very well. If there is a 2nd book (I sure hope there is) then I will for sure want to read it.
I do recommend it. Its still a fun read, and think most people will enjoy it, if you like this kind of book. Which I do. Got my fingers crossed for a sequel.

Summary from Goodreads:

Ashton has never had a problem being able to turn heads, or being able to persuade humans do to whatever he wants. After the accidental death of a childhood friend, Ashton knows all too well the dangers that come along with channeling humans and begins to resent his existence because of it.

Ashton now spends his time trying to “fix” humans at a therapeutic camp in his colony. When Claire comes to the camp, not only is she different in the fact that she’s shy and innocent, but his abilities don’t seem to work on her either.

Distraught, Ashton discovers who her real parents are and what Claire must be, but he knows he’s also running out of time because another more powerful fae is erasing the memory that she even existed. He must find her before they find him or the memory of Claire, the only girl he’s ever loved, and the knowledge of what she truly is will be erased forever.

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July 16, 2012
This book was great. It was such a fun, quick read and I had it done in just a few hours. The premise is great and I really enjoyed learning more about Claire as the book went on. Ashton was fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, I kind of love him a little. While I was hooked from beginning to end, I had a bunch of questions. I understand the point of the "camp" but I wish we had gotten more detail about its purpose and the people who worked there. While the prologue and a little throughout the book fill us in on Ashton's past we don't really learn about Ella or the other counselors. I'm really hoping this is the first of a series because I've got to know more about Ashton's theory on Claire's birth parents and her in general. Overall this was a great book and I'm really looking forward to reading more in the future!
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July 18, 2012
Well, to begin with the cover is good, however I still think there should have been a bigger splurge. If it was about fairies, the authour could have demanded more creativity, especially since book covers are essential to selling a book. I can't really speak fairly since I didn't pick out this book from a bookshelf of equally talent stuffed books. In fact, I got it i the midst of an impulse after realizing I could easily get giveaways as long as I reviewed them (SO AWESOME). I was instantly interested, especially since it was closer to my usual genre.

Since, Ishould be a positive person, I'll end this review on a good note and start with the problems (interlaced with sneaky compliments of course). Flaw number one, the writing. Like loads of books I seem to find myself caught in, the story was delicious, with characters I was actually interested in. However, the writing felt slightly rushed, as if the authour had so much inspiration and beauty in her thoughts that she just had to expel them as soon as possible. Problem is, that creates an interesting story but not beguiling words. Books need time. Like flowers, they need to be nurtured and ground, sprinkled with nourishing water and a tugging sun. Without time, they can't reach their full potential. Honestly, this book could have been much better. That was the main problem, this book needed more time.

Flaw number two, cheesiness. It was sweet, no lie, bit somethimes it felt a tinny bit too cheesy. It was the perfectly innocent novel, without any tugging attraction whatsoever. It made the novel feel much less realistic. This book needed that added, sultry feel. It didn't fully capture the deeper emotions it dearly neeeded. The authours seemed to shy away from adding a splash to their work. For a book (I assume) aimed at teenagers, the authors needed to dive into the real world, instead of barely grazing the water.

Flaw number three, okay, I get this may have absolutely nothing to do with the novel, but I feel kind of offened for Megan Summers. Of the two authors, she seems to be completely and totally ignored on any other count than the actual book. Maybe she did less work, but it still made me feel bad.

Okay, time for the good bits! I know how much you must be looking forward to it. Awesomeness number one, the story. All you have to read is the blurb posted on Good reads and you'll be instantly drawn in. Ashton is honestly a cool character and his assumption that Claire will be obsessed with him is definitely not to be interpreted as generously self-centred. His determination to not use is abilities wrongly and to hurt as little people as possible is admirable and I cannot help rooting for him.

Awesomeness number two, who Claire was. Well, WOW. What the authours did there was shocking. I loved how they twisted such an interesting secret into the plot. My advice though, 'what she was' should have been mentioned more often to give it a gigger impact when we found out. It was already slap worthy but it could have reached earthquake level. Either way, it was scarily talented how the authour added that in.

Awesomeness number three, the back and forth of Claire and Ashton's relationship. Who knew I'd love that bit so much? I mean, thinking about it now, my throat is closing up with excitement. Their 'you're playing me,' 'I can't care about you,' and 'I refuse to hurt you' was soooo adorable. I couldn't help but love the twist and turns in their relationship.

So...since I really liked this novel, a four star it is. No fives since I rarely get favourites. I recommend this book.

For the full version, visit my blog: heartbeatblogspot.co.uk

Thanks for reading :)
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156 reviews
July 22, 2012
A quick read since I couldn't put it down.

Fae Not was truly a captivating read. I'm always partial to novels about fairies and this one incorporated both the idea of faes and of how vampires suck in the sense that faeries "suck" or channel energies from humans in order to feed.

The male protagonist is Ashton, a camp counselor in the farm intended to help people with difficulties. He's revealed to be one of the faes who feeds on the energy given by humans in order to replenish but as a self-imposed rule, he doesn't fraternize with the clients of the farm.

Ashton meets Claire, a depressed girl who, to his inner turmoil, gives him pleasurable desires and conflicting emotions. Claire, Ashton found out, could hardly be affected by his compulsions and commands and she also gives of such strong energy that's very hard to miss. As the both of them learn to trust and be with the other, more and more of Claire's identity, her past, and the reason why she was sent to the farm is revealed. But with that, the people who's after Claire became more and more insistent on putting her to use, pushing Ashton to do whatever it takes to save and protect Claire -- the only girl he has fallen in love with.

First off, I would just like to say that I appreciate very much the fact that this book is using Ashton's POV. It's always refreshing to read a novel with a male's POV because usually, it's the girls' that authors employ nowadays. And well, it's a thrill to read the thoughts of the opposite sex.

Secondly, I couldn't put the book down because I just liked reading about Claire and Ashton's interactions with each other. It's not pretentious and overly done. The romance isn't exaggerated and they were just very, very cute together. Whenever they're together, it's just so entertaining.

Although there were some grammatical errors, they're something that could easily be corrected. Moreover, the conflict of the story was significant enough. I just wished it was more developed and the tension in the story was given more attention because it just felt so quick. This leads me to the downsides of the book.

At first, I couldn't really understand the whole purpose of the farm since the readers are just thrown into the story without any sufficient background at first. I was just really glad that as the story unfolded, the farm, its purpose, the faes are introduced. I guess that the lack of beforehand background was one of the few negative points of this story. Secondly, the author forgot to provide the basic descriptions of the characters, especially on Ashton. The readers are left the task to imagine him any way they want -- how he looks, the range of his age -- since there weren't any concrete descriptions put into place.

Futhermore, I felt like the ending was abrupt. Things ended too quickly and there wasn't full resolution of the tension and conflicts that happened. What happened to Frank? What about Claire's true family? What then? I was really shocked when I reached the end of the book and I was like, "That was the end? I want more!" I believe that some of the issues weren't entertained and resolved yet and I would like to know how Claire and Ashton would've managed them.

Bottom line is, I want Book Two! :) I want to know how things would progress and I want to read more of Ashton and Claire.
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244 reviews
July 21, 2012
I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I had a hard time deciding how to rate it, because I love anything to do with faeries and the story was captivating, but ultimately it was the abruptness of the ending that decided me.
The plot itself was interesting and compelling and easily read within a day. The story kept the reader's attention - it was something the reader wanted to know more about. The interpretation of faeries was familiar enough to be understandable, but different enough to be interesting. Some of the interactions between the main characters were very believable as well, which I enjoy. Verisimilitude is important when incorporating paranormal elements, I feel.

I did feel that there were plenty of places for expansion, background, um ... fleshing out the story. While I could understand what was going on, I was propelled forward on the idea that I would eventually understand more or better, and that didn't precisely happen. There were whole segments of world-building that never got specific attention - they were left to the reader to determine how they might have come into existence or why they mattered. The farm, for instance, was something that readers understood the need for and could even envision how it came to be. But there was quite a bit missing - why these counselors, how could a business run with authority figures always acting so ... puerile? How does one get a job at the farm? Are there other places like it? Just lots of background missing.Lots of places that might have filled in how the plot could happen. It's reasonable to assume that someone is going to be irresponsible, but how, for instance, does the camp have someone who's so insensitive to the needs of the people they are supposed to be "helping"? Even if it is selfish help, it's still the goal. I didn't understand with such a small staff how the camp wasn't more choosy. I was willing to be convinced - it just wasn't there. Also, Ashton's going to try and help her get her job back? Really?
The ending was also very abrupt. There were a lot of questions left unanswered, and a lot of follow-up ignored. The why and how was again missing - I loved the what, and I was happy for the characters, but I was very interested in knowing the background that brought everyone to this place. How did Claire's parents manage to hide what they'd done? How did no one in these fae colonies figure this out? The story was great, but some of the details and wrap-up were missing.
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97 reviews
July 26, 2012
Original post: http://wishingonashootingstarreviews....

*Given a copy for a honest review.

Ashton is a fae. Faes channel (feed) off human and they can persuade humans. But when Claire arrives at the institute Ashton knows there's something wrong. She's different. She can give off heaps off energy and she can control the channeling. It's as if she knows. The big mystery of Claire gives the readers an adrenaline and keeps them on the edge of their seat. I couldn't put it down. I haven't had good old thrill, like this, since ages.

Claire, our main character, is adopted by two faes and they both channel off her. When she arrives at the institute she's quiet as a mouse but when we go through the book we see her character developing into a stronger one. We find out how Claire is used and how she goes around been channelled by many faes. It's filthy and wrong. *shiver* Along with Claire's character developing, we also see the relationship between Ashton and Claire developing. Ashton is not like other Faes. He doesn't like what he is. When Ashton meets Claire for the first time he knows that she's different from other humans. She doesn't swoon after him or follow him around like a lost puppy. Then, we see that Ashton is growing special feelings for her. The thing that ticked off was that when Aston and Claire had a romantic moment Claire would always run away and it was not explained. Despite this, Ashton and Claire were cute together.

Although, Fae Not was addicting and had great character and relationship development there was also a flaw. The ending was just like there. There was all this thrill and action, then bam! It's the end. I thought this hadn't ended yet, but after flicking through a few pages i finally got that it had finished. I was devastated, a little exaggeration but yes i was devastated. Nevertheless, i still enjoyed Fae Not and would recommend it, especially, to paranormal readers.
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184 reviews32 followers
July 27, 2012
This is an R2R

Goodreads Summary:
"Ashton has never had a problem being able to turn heads, or being able to persuade humans do to whatever he wants. After the accidental death of a childhood friend, Ashton knows all too well the dangers that come along with channeling humans and begins to resent his existence because of it.
Ashton now spends his time trying to “fix” humans at a therapeutic camp in his colony. When Claire comes to the camp, not only is she different in the fact that she’s shy and innocent, but his abilities don’t seem to work on her either.
Distraught, Ashton discovers who her real parents are and what Claire must be, but he knows he’s also running out of time because another more powerful fae is erasing the memory that she even existed. He must find her before they find him or the memory of Claire, the only girl he’s ever loved, and the knowledge of what she truly is will be erased forever."

I did enjoy this book. I like the relationships and the character development and the plot was really well thought out. It was just disappointing how quickly the book ended. I don't know if it was just that I was so into or that I read too fast, but the ending was suddenly there and I was like, "Woah... is it over? Really, it's over? It's over that quickly? NO, IT CAN'T JUST BE OVER?!"
I really liked reading it! AND OMG THE COVER ART IS GORGEOUS!
I will be purchasing a print copy of the book because I do think that I will reread this book :)
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5,072 reviews266 followers
July 24, 2012
This is an intriguing novel, but I must add that right away the elitist Fae infuriated me. Like vampires in so many paranormal novels, the Fae here perceive humans as fodder--energy supplements the Fae want and need. At Rykers Farm the “counselors” ostensibly interact with troubled teens, bringing therapeutic insight through manual farm labour. Yeah, right: the adolescents are sent to the Farm because they’ve failed to produce sufficient energy reserves for their local fae. In Claire’s case, she is a human, adopted early by Fae parents, and as soon as her energy input ceases, it’s off to the farm, to be “treated” by Ashton. Claire’s problem seems to be deeper than that, though: she is pathologically shy and reserved; yet when confronted with Nature, her energy is over the top.
I’m afraid that the further I read into this novel, the angrier I became with the Fae attitude. Humans, even though some are sub-human, are not animals-and I resented the belief that “animals” means valueless except for whatever use they might be to the Fae (resenting this on behalf of both human energy-givers and animals, I am).
On the good side, there’s a lot of intrigue, romance, tension, conflict, interspecies relations (Fae and human), and all sorts of elements that readers of paranormal look for in stories of Fae. Readers who enjoy paranormal romance and urban fantasy will delight in "Fae Not."
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228 reviews63 followers
July 18, 2012
Fae Not was a unique and intriquing read about a new version of fae. The only thing that changed this from a 5 star to 4 star was that I wanted more background in the beginning. I understand the building mystery to the society and supernatural beings, but I wanted the farm more clearly explained. Sometimes it felt a little thrown into the middle of a story. Because of this, the farm was sort of vaccuum that I wasn't real sure of the time period of the story. It wasn't until the trip to Wal-Mart and mentions of the Garmin GPS that I was sure it was present day.

However, that being said, I did immediately get drawn into the mystery of Ashton and the depressed Claire. The new twist on the Fae keep me reading as I wanted to know all the details of how the society worked. While the beginning bothered me with a lack of background details, the story really picks up halfway through and kept me reading until I finished it. As Claire's true story emerges and her relationship with Ashton deepens, I really feel fans of the fae will be enthralled. I loved the last half of the book and couldn't put it down but wanted more details of what happened. The ending felt a little abrupt but did give me my happy ever after.
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103 reviews3 followers
September 28, 2012
What to say about this book? I read it in one day! I enjoyed reading it cuz it kept me kind of wondering what the characters were as far as "species" goes; I had thought of vampire at first, simply due to the whole 'feeding' reference, but quickly dismissed that, lol. It did keep me interested in the story & trying to figure out what Clair was as well; & it came to light towards the very end. It seems to just kinda finish with not much explanations at the end, & Im not sure if there might be a sequel...? There were some grammatical errors, but I've sort of adapted to seeng that more often than not in free books. One particular error that irked me more than others (& I just have to say it) was the use of the word "conscious" when it clearly was meant to be "conscience". Little things like that, that kinda bugged me. But overall I did like the story & the interaction between Ashton & Claire, and totally disliked Malana right off the first appearance. I would like to see another book to answer the unresolved & unexplained questions of this one.
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39 reviews
July 24, 2012
I liked the book but it took me a while to get hooked. I did not really understand what was going on at first. I think it would have helped if the book had elaborated on the purpose of the school/camp, the people who worked there, and the girls who were sent there and etc. The Main character Claire was very likeable but I think the author could have elaborated a lot more about her. More on her background, how she became aware of the fae, how she learned to block her power and etc. Also the ending felt unfinished to me. I think it could have been elaborated a little also. What happened after the rescue? Did Claire find her real parents? How come the parents didn’t look for her, it seemed to me that they of all people would have enough power to find their daughter.

That being said, the second half of the book had me hooked. I enjoyed Claire’s character; I loved when she and Ashton got their well deserved revenge with the tainted lemonade. I enjoyed the friendship/ love that grew between Ashton and Claire. All in all I think it was a very sweet story.
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1,659 reviews355 followers
July 22, 2012
This book is between a 2.5 and 3 for me. There were a few things I liked and a few things that felt a bit off for me.

I thought the premise was interesting and once the story got into the detail, it moved along well.

There were a few sentence and word issues (conscious instead of conscience) I ran into that took away from the story. Overall the story moved very quickly. In some areas I thought it was paced too quickly and it would have been great to have some back story. For example, at the beginning we are dropped right in and I was a bit lost as to what the farm was all about and although it became clear as the story progressed, it would have been great to get more detail up front.

The end seemed a bit abrupt and although the story wraps up with Ashton and Claire, we don't really get into a resolution around who Claire is and how her "family" ended up with her. I would have liked to understand that and what some of the repercussions were for Frank.

Again, I think this story has a lot of potential and was definitely interesting.
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6 reviews6 followers
July 28, 2012
i really like this book. i would rec. this as a good read, i like how it kinda grabbed you and held on until the end. i loved Claire and ashtons chem. but what i didnt like was how it ended? i thought it was going to dive more into the fact that shes royal decent? maybe book 2?? also what happenes to ashton? do they stay together? ya it seems so but he was shot and sooo close to having his mind erased also? it is a good book but would be better if there were a book 2 to pull all together/ also loved the cover!!
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391 reviews16 followers
July 15, 2012
3.5 stars

Surprisingly good, quick read. Original story and likable characters. A couple of things that bothered me: I didn't know the age of either main character until 3/4 through the book. I presumed Claire was under 18, and as it turns out she was 17. I never got a sense of Ashton's age. Also, it ended abruptly. It would appear that there will be a sequel, but either way, it was too abrupt. That being said, great story by a new author and I look forward to reading more.
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56 reviews3 followers
August 9, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this bookFae Not. I loved the relationship built up gradually between the main characters Claire and her THERAPIST Ashton. A very sweet love story that will leave you wanting more. I cannot wait to read any follow up books and will most definately recommend this to all my fellow book lovers.
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773 reviews65 followers
August 17, 2017
Rating - 4

I would've given this a 4.5 rating but I feel there could have been more added to the end. The story was fast paced though and I really enjoyed it. The characters were well thought out and I felt that I really got to know them by the end. It was a different take on fairies/fae and I really liked it.
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58 reviews2 followers
September 20, 2016
Yeah, this was just kinda dumb. The story concept had much potential, but the writing was just dreadful. Sure, it's a YA book, but that doesn't mean it should read like it was actually written by a high school kid. At least it was short, so I didn't waste too much time on it.
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198 reviews29 followers
October 3, 2012
Cute fun book. The end leaves you still with questions unanswered. Maybe another to follow? If so I'd like to read it
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