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Seventeen-year-old Kearly Ashling can travel anywhere her mind takes her—literally. Becoming Empress of the planet Cyeor and battling monstrous, otherworldly creatures isn’t a problem. Living among the elves on the Plains of Glasslyn has yet to be an issue, as well. Even touring normal places like Paris, London, Tokyo, and the Amazon Rainforest isn’t difficult.

But traveling through her imagination isn’t just fun and games—it has consequences. Following a battle on the planet Cyeor, she’s visited by a guy who’s unimagined. He warns her to stop using her gift or they will find her. Kearly doesn’t heed the messenger’s advice and soon wishes she had. When the messenger finds her again, he transports her to the M.I.N.D., a corporation which specializes in “healing the psyche.” Once she’s inside the M.I.N.D.’s doors, however, Kearly realizes escaping is nearly impossible.

Now, she must figure out the M.I.N.D.’s true intent, try not to fall for the irritating-yet-handsome messenger, and find a way to outsmart the organization before they stop her from ever imagining again.

284 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2014

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About the author

Rebecca A. Rogers

78 books739 followers
Rebecca expressed her creative side at an early age and hasn't stopped since. She won't hesitate to tell you that she lives inside her imagination, and it's better than reality.

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920 reviews1,333 followers
October 21, 2014
I hereby declare, I'm officially a YA novels fan!
Well huge thanks to the author, Rebecca A. Rogers, for mailing me with an e-copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

Mind's Eye is not any kind of chicly love-story, instead its gripping and highly intriguing tale of a teenage girl, Kearly, with a super special ability,(like seriously cool!)till it’s very last pages. Kearly can travel in her mind, can visit unknown places, can do a battle and can certainly fall in love with the people of those places. Since Kearly's real world is not so cool, like a chain-smoking alcoholic mom who can't live without men and so clearly to avoid all these drama, Kearly escapes into her own fantasy world, where she is the Empress of the planet Cyeor and battles like a war like any warrior. But she is warned by a messenger guy, Dom from using her power way too much, she doesn't pay much attention to it and eventually she's captured by M.I.N.D to take away her power and hence her quest begins.

The author has written this story in such a way that this book engages you completely till its very end. The author has managed to make a whole new world with so many amazing characters which were unfolded slowly. And not to mention the chemistry between Kearly and Dom is quite rocking. Kearly's character is strong and funny with a whole lot of attitude. And about Dom, he is wrapped up in so many layers and those layers were peeled off slowly with the pace of the book.

So guys get this book now and pull-up your socks for a great and exciting new adventure in an unknown and beautiful world!!
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Author 8 books141 followers
April 30, 2014
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Yes, Yes... I've already admitted my weakness for YA Fiction; but there's just so much good stuff out there! Now I have a list about a mile long of series that I'm waiting on the next book. Add that to my TBR and I will never get to the end of either :)

I always said that if I could have a superpower I would want to be invisible; but now I think I've found something much better than that. Wouldn't it be fascinating to be able to escape to any place that your mind can conjure up? After a long day at the office, where you have maybe had to deal with rude people all day, you can come home and imagine a beach paradise complete with cabana boys and spend the rest of your evening lost in a fantasy world of your choosing? Heck yea!! Kearly (and let me just say that I LOVE this name!) Ashling can do just that. She can imagine a world, close to home or completely made up, and disappear into it.

I like Kearly. She's got a rough life. Her mother is a chain-smoking alcoholic who works at a bar and changes men like most people change underwear. Her mother is definitely more interested in the happenings of her own life than that of her daughter's. So Kearly uses her "gift" to escape reality; and honestly, who can blame her? But her mother wasn't always that way; Kearly remembers a time when her mother was loving and attentive. What happened to make such a drastic change in her personality?

We meet Kearly's friends, but they don't play a huge role in this book so we just scratch the surface as far as their characters are concerned. Ryan and Jessica are the "power couple" at school and neither of them can stand Kearly (the feeling is mutual). Somewhere along the way Ryan begins to warn Kearly about things that he overhears between Jessica and her father. Can Kearly trust him? Does he really want to help her? And then there is Dom. I don't feel like we've learned all there is to learn about him yet. We get bits and pieces of information, but definitely don't learn his full story. Does he want to help Kearly or is he leading her into a trap?

Mind's Eye is a quick read. There's not a lot of in-depth background given, the characters are fleshed out just enough to give the reader a feel for who they are. Hey, we are dealing with teenagers here. From personal experience I can tell you that most teenagers aren't real "deep". The story flows along at just the right pace. If you are looking for something light and fun to read...then you will enjoy this book.
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26 reviews8 followers
April 22, 2014
I was asked to read this book in exchange for a honest review.

Kearly Ashling is not my first impression of Mind’s Eye. Well, it was Kearly, but I didn’t know it was. I got to start this book on a totally different planet, and that was pretty cool…

Now, Kearly comes across as your typically ill adjusted, angry at the world, rebellious teenager. Dark hair, dark clothes… what we called emo when I was a middle school teacher.

Her mother, Tabitha, certainly isn’t any help. Smoking, drinking, and probably on drugs, Kearly is more in charge of their household than she is.

With such a dysfunctional life, Kearly has a secret that allows to her escape into her imagination. Not just a daydreamer, she actually creates and goes to the worlds she imagines. She thinks she is keeping it a secret until a young man walks into one of her dreamscapes and warns her that using her ability could be the end of life as she knows it.

When she doesn’t heed his warning, she ends up on an quest to end M.I.N.D. before they take away her ability ever being able to use her imagination again.

As for setting, Ms. Rogers does a great job describing the dreamscapes that Kearly creates, other than that, all you need to imagine is a typical high school and a typical trailer park home. You’ll have it pegged.

I love the diverse story telling in Mind’s Eye, from alien planets to fantasy realms to the real world, this book has a little bit of everything. I would even be on the verge of giving this book 5 broken clocks, except for one thing….
You do need to be warned that there is quite a bit of vulgar language. I know that most high schoolers are exposed to/speaking these words, but I just don’t see the need to sensationalize it with a character that you are going to be rooting for. I believe that Ms. Rogers is using Kearly’s language to help paint a realistic picture of this girl’s life, but I just don’t like reading it (or hearing it in movies). In my opinion, there is always a better choice than cursing.

So, read and enjoy. I’m giving Mind’s Eye 4 broken clocks and if Kearly learns, in future books, to clean up her language, I could easily see myself giving 5.

If you like this review and would like to see more, then check out our blog at www.sciencefictionandsuch.com
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864 reviews101 followers
September 21, 2014
***This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

I really enjoyed this book. The idea of being able to create your own world and go wherever you want to is exciting! The consequences of doing that, not so much…

I really liked Kearly. She was just your average teen (aside from her ability, of course) who liked hanging out with her friends and getting away from school. She could definitely be a badass who wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself or her friends, and I liked that side of her. She wasn’t about to let anyone push her around.

Dom was an interesting character. Even at the end of the book, the reader knows little about him. I think that’s what makes him so intriguing. There’s something about Kearly that he’s drawn to, but we don’t yet know what that is. He’s reflective and a bit closed off, but he has a playful side that he reveals to Kearly. He is definitely attracted to her, and he makes that clear very quickly.

Instead of Kearly’s imaginary world being glossed over, we get to do battle with her as Empress of Cyeor and really get a grip on it and how much it means to her. Her home life isn’t that great, and these worlds she has made up are her saving grace. When everything is about to be pulled out from under her, she decides she’s not going to go down without a fight.

I thought the pacing of this book was spot on. Nothing felt rushed, and I thought new characters and places were introduced in a way that didn’t overwhelm the reader. At this point, we are left with more questions than answers, but it’s enough to make me want to read the next installment!

I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a unique plot with interesting characters!
Profile Image for Shelby.
219 reviews6 followers
August 9, 2016
** 3.5 Stars **

* I received a free eCopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review **

Mind's Eye is a very unique read. I was impressed by the amount of thought and imagination that the author put into the writing of this book.

Kearly is an average high schooler with a not so average ability. Kearly can travel anywhere in the world. And anywhere not in the world. The sky is the limit. Or rather, her imagination is the limit. If she can think it, she can go there. Unfortunately there is a secret agency called M.I.N.D whose mission is to stop people like Kearly from using their ability. When Kearly fails to heed their warning she is forced to go on the run. Her only allies are the boyfriend of the girl who hates her the most and one of M.I.N.D's own agents. Who does Kearly trust?

In the beginning stages of Mind's Eye, I had a little bit of a hard time connecting to the story. The characters and dialogue seemed a little forced or off somehow. But about halfway through the story really hit it's stride and I admit that I was hooked. I soon became really interested in what was going to happen next. Rebecca Rogers did a great job of grabbing my interest and holding on. I had no idea who to trust and who not to. I didn't envy Kearly's predicament one bit! And that ending...ugh! I have so many questions that I NEED answered now. Namely, is Cassandra a friend or foe?

I sincerely cannot wait to read the next book in this series! While it took me a bit to warm up to this first book, I have high hopes for this series as a whole!
Profile Image for Sarah Capps.
132 reviews
November 16, 2014
The premise behind Mind's Eye is certainly intriguing, after all, I would love to be able to travel wherever I imagined. The thought that a big bad is out there to stop us from using our imaginations is downright terrifying. Now throw in a stubborn teenage girl with a pretty tough home and school life and you've got a good story.

Kearly makes for an interesting character. She refers to her mother on a first name basis because she has lost all respect and connection to her, yet mimics some of the very behaviors she seems to loathe (drinking and smoking). She has trust issues, and rightfully so. She's not afraid to stand up for herself, even if it isn't the smartest idea in the long run. My only complaint is that despite the fact that Kearly seems to have a pretty solid survival instinct, she agrees to meet the guy she just publicly berated in the cafeteria in a secluded area, after dark. Seems like there could have been a better way for these to characters to interact, at least initially.

I look forward to seeing Dom (hopefully) get fleshed out a little more in the next book. Right now he remains a bit of a mystery man. I'm curious to see if Kearly can bring her imagined friends out of her worlds and into other dimensions to battle M.I.N.D.

I am looking forward to part two. Definitely pick this up if you like a little fantasy YA reading. I read Mind's Eye in one sitting.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Amber.
487 reviews58 followers
March 27, 2014
I was very intrigued about the premise of this book. To be able to go wherever you could possibly imagine? I am one of those people who lives in there head. A big day dreamer, so that just made this even more of a fun idea.

Kearly is a great lead character. She's very witty and snarky. She doesn't take any bull from anyone. During one of her "trips" she meets this guy Dom, who she didn't make up. He works for an agency that stops people with Kearly's abilities by erasing their imaginations and memory. He gives Kearly a warning that if she does it again he will strip her ability away from her.

I didn't really know what to think of Dom at first. He just came off as very cocky and kind of arrogant. But you do discover he isn't what he says he is. He's really a good guy with some layers. After Kearly is taken by the Ministry or M.I.N.D. and about to get her powers stripped she finds out that Dom is really part of a group working within the Ministry that wants to destroy it. Dom helps Kearly escape making them both fugitives. He then recruits her to help take them down.

The first part of the story moves kind of slow but then the action starts and its very fast pace.

It does end with a cliff hanger and makes me anxious to read the next book. This series has a lot of great potential and I'm intrigued to see what happens next.
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Author 11 books85 followers
April 16, 2014
I never bore my readers by rewriting the cover blurb of a book, but I do need to say that I wish I was a Dreamer! But I suppose as a writer I am the next best thing and will have to be satisfied with that.

Obviously I enjoyed the premise of this book. Clearly Rebecca has a wonderful imagination too. With Kearly, we have a believable 17 year old with a horrible home life that makes us wish her well in her fascinating form of escape.

The plot is a bit slow in the beginning as the author lays out the background and develops the characters and conflict, but once she is on a roll the story unfolds with twists and turns that are sure to keep the reader's attention to the very last. She uses description and images any reader can relate to. Who doesn't remember their mom giving them money for the ice cream truck?

This is a great read and Young Adult to Young at Heart Readers as sure to enjoy this fast, easy read.

Book Bling gives this story 3 1/2 Blings!
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617 reviews
August 5, 2015
I received this book in return for an honest review, and honestly I am now hooked on this series!

Kearly is a high school student that has the ability to physically travel any where that her mind can imagine real or of her own creation. One day she's celebrating her victory in battle as Empress of Cyeor and a mysterious man pops into her world, she knew she hadn't created him so how did he get there? He demanded she stop using her ability or that he and the others would erase it. How could someone erase her imagination and why would they want to? Suddenly she's running for her life and trying to keep her imagination intact!
Awesome book and I would love to see this made into a movie or tv series! Looking forward to reading the next book!
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40 reviews4 followers
February 22, 2014
I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.
Kearly Ashling is a high schooler with the ability to go anywhere in her imagination. It's all fun until a guy appears threatening to completely take away Kearly's imagination if she keeps using her ability. This soon leads to Kearly becoming a fugitive from M.I.N.D, a corporation that wants to get rid of all "Dreamers."
I really liked Kearly. She was strong, stubborn and funny. The book took me a little while to get into, but soon I couldn't put it down. The middle and end make up for the beginning. I honestly did not see the ending happening like it did. Can you say cliff hanger? Now I NEED the next book right now.
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Author 6 books1,827 followers
August 17, 2017
While I had excitement over the premise of this book, I found it difficult to connect with the characters. There's an underlying message I didn't agree with and the cliffhanger was horrible. Why did I give it a three-star instead of one-star? The author's writing ability is superb and she kept me turning the pages because I needed to know what would happen next.

My Rating: 3 stars
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1,069 reviews11 followers
February 13, 2014
review posted here...
Mind’s Eye is the first book in the Mind’s Eye series in which we meet Kearly Ashling, a seventeen year old girl whose imagination can literally take her anywhere. Kearly uses her means of escape often to balance out the wreckage that is her home life but that has brought her to the attention of a mysterious man who warns her not to use her powers again for what she does is wrong & if she doesn’t stop….he will erase her imagination. Thinking that this man ‘is’ someone from her imagination she doesn’t heed his warning and the next time she escapes, he isn’t too far behind and he won’t let her leave without taking the only thing that keeps her sane. Thus introducing her to the corporation known as M.I.N.D. who want to rid the world of the ‘Dreamers’…..usually things go according to plan for the corporation – but they haven’t met Kearly Ashling and she won’t go down without a fight, they’re about to get a shock at the determination of a ‘dreamer’ intent on keeping her imagination… but can one girl really be a catalyst to bring down an entire corporation?
So, I really enjoyed this book and read it in one go. I thought Kearly was a great character, I liked her attitude & whole demeanour, even though her homelife was less than perfect, she didn’t come across as a victim and I like that she stood up for herself. She had a great sense of humour and it wasn’t hard to connect to her character because she came across so well making it easy to read. I also appreciated her outlook on everything and I liked that when a love interest came onto the scene that she didn’t become someone else, she wasn’t just thinking about the boy, she weighed her options up and didn’t fall all over him. That leads to mystery man, he was interesting & had that certain something where you can sort of feel his appeal but I don’t feel we totally know who is yet so will be looking forward to more from him. He was a good love interest but that is in the very early stages so it could go anywhere & be influenced by anything.
I thought the storyline was very original and interesting and very easy to read, it flowed so well and I really like the premise of the story. I thought it was great that Kearly can do what she does, just imagine it… who would want to live in the real world when you can go anywhere, do anything, be anything…it’s limitless and when someone threatens that…you wouldn’t take it! Which is where the threat comes into play and it was extremely fitting to the tone of the book. The book had a the whole chase & run scenario going on and help was had from unexpected sources, you could really feel the emotions of the circumstances & the hopelessness making the book a good paced ride. It isn’t fair what is being done to the dreamers and sets up a good series thread where you just know that the ‘dreamers’ will rise up against the enemy and blow apart the M.I.N.D. operation. I loved everything about this book to be honest, especially where it went towards the end, it has good potential and definitely left me wanting more.
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Author 1 book9 followers
January 7, 2015
Okay, wanna know what the one fucking huge flaw in this story is? It never even once tells us what is so bloody bad about having an imagination. Yes, having this gift allows you to create and inhabit imaginary worlds. But who is that hurting? Does it hurt the dreamer? Does it hurt the world as a whole? Is making up new worlds somehow destroying our world? Are all the imaginary worlds real somewhere and thus the dreamers must be stopped because they're abusing real people? What? But, no, the story never says.

Aside from that, the story's rather straightforward. Ordinary girl has the power to create and visit imaginary worlds. A secret agency wants to stop this by completely killing off the imaginations of those who can do so. Naturally, the ordinary girl tries to stop this.

But why is it happening in the first place?! Argh!

I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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129 reviews23 followers
April 1, 2014
I really enjoyed this book. It is not like any other that I have read. I loved the premise of individuals who can enter their imaginations and interact with the characters they have created there. I also thought how the Kearly has to battle and run from the top-secret organization made the story more engaging and left you wondering what was going to happen next. The story was fast-paced and kept me turning pages. I also really enjoyed the main character Kearly. She is an extremely strong character. She is self-sufficient and doesn't rely in anyone else to do anything for her. The ending was somewhat abrupt, but did leave me wanting more. I will be looking forward to reading the next installment to this series.
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60 reviews1 follower
April 19, 2020
This book just made me go "What?" constantly and I had to stop to make sure I read everything right. I could not believe some of things Rogers can come up with, but they are so captivating and draw the reader right in that I could not stop reading. Creating your own worlds and travelling to them? Big, bad guys stealing memories and taking away abilities? Running from them inside their secret lair multiple times? A little bit of romance, and thankfully not the sappy kind, with who should technically be your sworn enemy thrown in? Betrayal that is unimaginable? Heck ya. Cannot wait for the second book. I would definitely recommend this to anyone into things that are not ordinary.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,203 reviews11 followers
February 20, 2014
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed this book very much. The author did a great job with character development and the storyline was flawless. I loved the the female lead was a strong one. Kearly wasn't afraid to stand up for herself and though she came from a less than perfect home she never let it get her down. I will definitely be on the look out for the next installment! Can't wait to read other stories from this author too!
49 reviews5 followers
March 31, 2014
I have received this book in exchange of an honest review.
I’m always ready to read a good young adult paranormal story and Mind’s Eye is definitely one.
Right from the start I liked the premise of this book and thought it was both different and original.
The main character is funny and witty and I liked her immediately.
The plot moves rapidly and the story is well-written and very interesting and I think any Young Adult and Paranormal fan would enjoy this story.
Profile Image for Teresa.
28 reviews
February 6, 2014
I really enjoyed this book. It is a different concept than what I am used to but I was entertained the whole time. I will definitely read the next book.
Profile Image for Kirti Fadnavis.
19 reviews3 followers
May 3, 2015
early is a great lead character. She's very witty and snarky. She doesn't take any bull from anyone. During one of her "trips" she meets this guy Dom, who she didn't make up. He works for an agency that stops people with Kearly's abilities by erasing their imaginations and memory. He gives Kearly a warning that if she does it again he will strip her ability away from her.

I didn't really know what to think of Dom at first. He just came off as very cocky and kind of arrogant. But you do discover he isn't what he says he is. He's really a good guy with some layers. After Kearly is taken by the Ministry or M.I.N.D. and about to get her powers stripped she finds out that Dom is really part of a group working within the Ministry that wants to destroy it. Dom helps Kearly escape making them both fugitives. He then recruits her to help take them down.

The first part of the story moves kind of slow but then the action starts and its very fast pace.

It does end with a cliff hanger and makes me anxious to read the next book. This series has a lot of great potential and I'm intrigued to see what happens next.
Profile Image for Jason.
197 reviews
January 28, 2014
An interesting premise, but for the most part it lacked a real feeling of danger.

I also often felt like the character's actions didn't make sense. I mean, the Ministry hates the Dreamers why? Just because they exist? They have to threaten the Ministry in some way. And simply existing isn't a good enough explanation. There's some brief discussion about all imagination being wiped out and the Ministry moving to "Plan B" (probably better named "Phase 2"), but "Plan B" doesn't sound very ominous at all.

The main characters were only vaguely fleshed out, so I never felt particularly connected to any of them. As you would expect, Kearly is the most fleshed out off the characters, but even then it felt skin deep. What are her core motivations, other than just basic survival and escapism?

All that said, this is a OK start to the series. I'll probably read the next book. Maybe some of my issues with this first installment will be resolved.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Babs | babs_reviews.
423 reviews10 followers
November 24, 2015
The idea behind this book was a pretty cool one.

I thought the depth was a bit lacking but the story was enough to keep me engaged and wanting to know more.

I would have liked to see more details about M.I.N.D instead of surface information. I was left mildly confused at to the WHY of what they did. What was the purpose of taking away the imagination ability? I never understood the danger it imposed.
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