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The Grimm Diaries #1

Snow White Sorrow

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What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?

Sixteen year old Loki Blackstar is no Prince Charming. His mother is a ghost. His only friend is a red Cadillac that sings to him through the radio. He looks like an Angel but acts like jerk. No wonder he has been banned from Heaven, which is the least of his troubles. Loki needs a job to pay for school and support himself.

Still, Loki has a rare gift: He is a Dreamhunter. One of the few in the world who can hunt and kill immortal demons in their dreams so they never wake up again.

When Loki is sent to kill a sixteen-year-old vampire girl the locals call Snow White Sorrow, he is pulled into a magical but dangerous world. The locals believe the monster to be Snow White.

The real Snow White... living in the ruins of an ancient castle in a small town. She is described as horribly beautiful, terrifyingly enchanting, and wickedly lovely.

What he finds instead is a beautiful monster girl filled with rage and hurt, who has an epic untold story to tell of things such like why the Brothers Grimm altered the fairy tale, who the Evil Queen really is, where the mirror came from, and who possessed it.

Snow White has killed every person who has dared come near the castle where she once lived with the queen. Mysteriously, she lets Loki live, and whispers two words in his ears; two words that will change his life forever.

480 pages, ebook

First published May 30, 2013

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About the author

Cameron Jace

99 books2,036 followers
Bestselling author of the Grimm Diaries and Insanity series. A traveller and collector of out-of-print books from all over the world, obsessed with the origins of folk tales and the mysterious storytellers who spread them. Many of his books made Amazon's Top 100 Customer Favorites in Kindle 2015 & Amazon's Top 100 kindle list. Cameron lives in California. When he isn't writing or collecting books, he is playing music or enjoys photography.

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June 26, 2013
This is the synopsis vs other books. I'm not commenting on the content of the book; simply pointing out the similarities of the blurb, so take your little rant elsewhere, please.

SNOW WHITE SORROW: He looks like an Angel but acts like jerk [...] He is a Dreamhunter [...]

CITY OF BONES: It's also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk.

SNOW WHITE SORROW: When Loki is sent to kill a sixteen-year-old vampire girl the locals call Snow White Sorrow, he is pulled into a magical but dangerous world [...] What he finds instead is a beautiful monster girl filled with rage and hurt [...] Mysteriously, she lets Loki live.

ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD: When they arrive in a new town in search of a ghost the locals call Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas doesn’t expect anything outside of the ordinary: move, hunt, kill. What he finds instead is a girl entangled in curses and rage, a ghost like he’s never faced before [...] And she, for whatever reason, spares his life.
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June 27, 2013

Sixteen year old Loki Blackstar is no prince charming.

Loki Blackstar. Loki. Blackstar. Loki and Black Star.


Here's what I think of when I hear Loki Blackstar.



Black Star



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August 11, 2014
My name is Jen, but for the remainder of this review feel free to just think of me as the voice of reason. Snow White Sorrow has a lot of inexplicably good reviews, which is why I'm taking the time to share my honest assessment of this book; In my opinion, it just *might* be The Worst Book I've ever had the misfortune to read and if I can spare just one soul the torture that I experienced while reading this book then I'll consider writing this review time well spent.

If writing is a labor of love then even Cameron Jace didn't like this book because he did not take the time to read it himself. If he had, he might have caught and corrected the typos and misused words and tenses found on every other page; I'm quite sure that I have spent more time editing college papers. If the plot of the novel was at all engaging then perhaps all of the errors would have went unnoticed, but sadly this was not the case.

I had high hopes for this novel because the premise seemed interesting but the plot was lacking, the dialogue was unbelievable and corny and the author spoon fed the reader his plot, all of which, helped to make this book an annoyingly tedious read; The blurb was more interesting! It was painful to watch these characters realize what was happening chapters after the reader, which is anticlimactic.

The plot was hackneyed and the character development was almost non existent. I was not made to empathize with the protagonist at all, in fact, he was rather unlikable. Women in this book were also not portrayed in a positive light. They were either bitchy or needed to be saved...or both. What passed for humor in this book could not even be considered sophomoric; What I can only guess was intended to be funny was in actuality cringe-worthy.

The things that I did enjoy about this book, however, were borrowed from other sources. For instance, Carmen speaking by using the radio was very much like Bumblebee and Christine. Sigh.

I like books that make you think, and I love books that make you dream, but unfortunately, this book accomplished neither. I was sucked in by all of the positive reviews but you can still save yourself. RUN! Life is too short and there are millions of fantastic books to be read! If you want to read something in this genre, I suggest that you check out The Blood and Snow series by Workman, which also explores the idea of a vampiric Snow White, but far more successfully.

The underlying message of this book was think for yourself, which I obviously already do. If you decide to give this book a go despite my earnest attempt at persuading you to do otherwise, then I would love to hear what you thought about it.
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Shelved as 'maybe-reads'
February 9, 2013
Me reading the blurb:


And here's why:
Loki has a rare gift: He is a Dreamhunter. One of the few in the world who can hunt and kill immortal demons in their dreams so they never wake up again.

The real Snow White...is a beautiful monster girl filled with rage and hurt, who has an epic untold story ...Snow White has killed every person who has dared come near the castle where she once lived with the queen. Mysteriously, she lets Loki live.



Of course she lets him live! How else are they going to have electrified make out sessions?

And the fact that the premise sounds so familiar to Anna dressed in blood makes me gag even more. WHERE IS THE ORIGINALITY?!


And the cover...Snow White you just don't look scary or intimidating or terrifyingly enchanting as the blurb says.

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May 28, 2013
How in the hell can you people leave a review for a book you haven't even read? Judging by some of your idiotic reviews, most of you haven't even read the prequels. This book hasn't even fully been released yet but I won an early copy of it in exchange for a review. I suck at giving great reviews, so here's my input.

The anticipation leading up to this book has been worth it. You're coming into this book when most of the fairy tale characters don't know who they really are at this point, although you the reader can tell (Paw Paw, Big Bad, Ulfric MOONCLAW, Lucy RUMPLESTEIN, Axel & Fable CRUMBLEWOODS, Igor the Magnificent). This book was great although I wanted to slap Fable a few times.. She sometimes acted 8 more than 15. It was very detailed and had one helluva twist ending that I never saw coming.
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11 reviews
August 22, 2016
I absolutely LOVED LOVED this book. I have never read Anna Dressed in Blood however I have read City of Bones and I can assure you that I found no similarities whatsoever. I was hesitant to get this book because of how people were saying its not original. Trust me, It is VERY original and Jace does a wonderful job of making this story his own. I am so happy I downloaded Cameron Jace's story and you will be too. If you have time....GO READ THIS!! :)
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August 3, 2013
It does sound like Anna Dressed in Blood but except for the blurb, they're nothing alike. Snow White Sorrow is an interesting take on the classic fairy tale, Snow White. I love everything about the magical world Cameron Jace has spun. It's whimsical, goofy and romantic. I love the characters, even the small ones. Georgie Porgie, Skeliman the Ferryman (sometimes the Libraryman), that vampire in Forks who was killed by Loki but was resurrected and "appears in the twilights", they cracked me up. Love the food - Sticky Sweet Bones, Tragic Beans, Coffinmuffins, Poisoned Apples, Cinderella Mozerella, and Reluctant Jelly; and the name of places - Bedtime Stoories, Candy House, Sorrow, Snoring, Belly and Beast. The story is captivating, it's impossible not to get pulled in. Perhaps my only complaint is the dialogue, especially Loki's. I thought it's very cheesy and clichéd. I cringe every time anyone speaks. Frankly, I'd rather they didn't have lines at all, but oh well.

Seen on Eat Read Shop.
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April 2, 2015
there are no strong enough to say how amazing this book is.
if i could i'd give it a 100 stars.
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59 reviews
June 21, 2013
I'm not entirely sure that I can write a coherent review for this book, so I'll just put in the notes that I wrote as I read the book and go from there.

"But something stopped Loki right in his tracks. It was the squeaky sound of a squirrel, stuffed under Dork Dracula's costume, right above his heart. Loki knew it was a common trick vampires pulled EVery vampire knew Loki had a soft spot for squirrels so he wouldn't dare stake them. 'Seriously?' Loki ripped Dork Dracula's costume open and saw a squirrel duct-taped to his chest. 'You bastard,' Loki screamed at the drowsy vampire who was smirking happily at him. 'Why would you do that to this tiny, helpless animal?' Loki freed the squirrel carefully, closing his eyes to the sound of pain it made when he pulled the duct tape away. 'Are you OK?' Loki held the squirrel in his hand tightly. 'Please tell me you're OK? Talk to me!'"

Uhh, okay. There are so many weird things with this section, I don't even know where to start. First, in all practicality, how comfortable is it to have a squirrel taped to your chest? I mean, aside from the squirrel squirming and scratching you, and aside from the tape pulling at your skin, there's also the awkward lump that you have to have covered while wearing normal clothes. I mean, really. Also, how do they know when Loki is hunting them? Do they constantly wear the squirrel? is this a new vampire fashion? (Plus, Loki is kind of a wimpy vampire hunter, so I don't know why they're so concerned about him anyway.)

Second, why don't we talk about Loki's reaction. Aside from being obnoxious and whiny and over-the-top, couldn't you pull the squirrel off, stake the vampire, and worry about the squirrel later? I mean, come ON.

This quote is from a teenage girl, while they're sneaking around a haunted castle. "We said we'd have fun in the castle and if anything strange happens, we'd call it a night and go home. I have to be back before two or my mom will notice my absence."

She'll what? What kind of teenager says that their parent will "notice their absence"?

Loki's inner thoughts: What the tic tac toc is that thing?

Why the tic tac toc do you say that? I don't understand...

More of Loki's inner thoughts: I like Fable so much that I'd adopt her as my sister

This one just bugged me because Fable is such an annoying character. And it's a little bit creepy.

There was no explanation why she'd spared their lives yesterday, but he doubted she did it for Axel.

Wow. Just wow. You are such a kind friend,and so humble! HE IS TALKING ABOUT HIS FRIEND, HERE, PEOPLE.

At this point, Fable is dancing around in circles. He didn't bother telling her that it was best if she didn't dance around so she wouldn't wake up the vampire princess

Oh, so keeping the spoiled brat happy is more important than keeping the three of you alive? Loki, you're an idiot.

And this is a collection of quotes from Fable, who is horrified that Loki wants to kill a murdering vampire princess:

"You two are horrid," Fable whispered, which made Loki think she was also a little bit afraid of Snow White but wouldn't admit it. "She is just a young beautiful girl. You didn't tell me she was this beautiful!"

"She is so beautiful, I can see why her evil stepmother wanted to kill her out of jealousy. Please, Loki, please."

"She spared your life yesterday, she must have done it for a reason. Why do you insist on killing her?"

"You're evil Loki! Why did you even come to this town? We were all happy before you got here!"

Oh, gee, let's see. Maybe, Loki wants to kill her because she's killed hundreds of people. Fable is such a spoiled brat, I can't even take her. And Loki just thinks she's sooo adorable. Gag.

Loki tried not to kick himself in the head with a school bus driving infinity-miles-per hour when he heard this.

Umm, what?

Referring to the evil queen: "She Who Must Be Obeyed."

Wow, that sounds awfully familiar.... but I just can't place it....

Talking about what the good guys did to Snow White to keep her safe from the Queen: "...an enchantment that split the princesses heart into seven tiny hearts."

Ohhh, now I remember! So this book isn't just ridiculously similar to Anna Dressed in Blood and City of Bones, but it's got some Harry Potter mixed in, too!

I know I haven't been real kind about this book, but there were parts that I enjoyed. It was just too easy to make fun of it :P

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 30, 2015
{my thoughts} - The main character in this book is Loki Blackstar. He is a half – angel that has been banned from heaven. He is a fascinating character because he is brought back to the ordinary world after being shadowed and left with no recollection of who he is or his past. His main goal throughout the book is to kill vampires in order to be accepted back into heaven which he has been lead to believe is his home. However, when he is unable to meet the quota of ninety-nine dead vampires by his sixteenth birthday he is then approached with a solution to his problems. The solution is that he should kill Snow White the Princess of Sorrow and her death will equal that of his goal. He accepts this quest which leads him down odd roads and allows him to meet new people that he begins to like. However, you must read the book if you want to know if he fulfills his quest or not!

This book is wonderfully written, thought provoking, it has it’s happy moments and sad moments as well as many funny moments. It is a must read for anyone who enjoys reading different takes on the fairytale legends or myths.

{reason for reading} - I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.
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March 19, 2016
To be honest, I was disappointed by this book. After "Insanity" I was expecting something equal to it, but "Snow White Sorrow" is more like a preteens novel rather than an exciting YA. It got me more than what I expected to take me to finish it and the last few chapters I just speed read them. The first part had little interest, with things happening way too quick and the plot was a little messed up and boring. Then there were the descriptions of Snow white, one after the other, being repeaten again and again and again. I was also annoying by the fact that Loki fell for her too quick, but it was explained in the end and so I guess it makes sense. The other half was better with Snow Whites story, but then the ending was rushed and didn't explain a lot. Final remark: sometimes it was hard reading it. I usually am excited to read a book and find out what will happen next, but with this one, it felt like I was forced to read it, like a homework or something. But because I loved C.Jace other books, I kept going. Though I won't try my luck with the second book, the first one was more than enough. I'll get Wonder instead : )
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March 7, 2015
This book is great! The amount of characters in the book that are actually fairy tale characters is awesome. Most of them are easy to figure out :-)

Loki is hilarious. I totally got his character wrong! I didn't figure that one out until the end. It is just the way he acted and his sense of humor that threw me off.

I was not expected this kind of book. I thought it was going to be something totally different. I don't why, as the author has a tendency to throw you for a loop.

I love Snow White in the story. And her mom!! Camilla! That's all I'm saying. I love she was added in there, I have the book Camilla.

If you want something different, off the wall, fairy tales, vamps, etc then you will like this book.
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Author 3 books36 followers
April 3, 2015
Píše se rok 2012 a do města Sorrow přijíždí skoro šestnáctiletý kluk Loki Blackstar najatý, aby zabil jednu upírku. Má však dva problémy: dostal na to jen týden času a druhý, vážnější, má strach, že by se do té nestvůrné dívky mohl zamilovat, protože už se to prý jednou stalo. Tak začíná příběh o tom, že pohádky nejsou vždy šťastné a veselé a že sny mají velkou moc. Jak z pohledu snílka, tak z pohledu toho, kdo spícího upíra zabil.

Jsou místa, která jsou upřímně dobrá a jsou místa, která jsou tak špatná až jsou dobrá. Nic naplat Snow White Sorrow je Jacova první nebo jedna z prvních knih a tak jsou tu věci typu prapodivných přirovnání a někdy je autor moc výřečný, když by podle mě prospělo trochu víc tajemna a nevychrlit všechno najednou. Taky autorské pásmo a pásmo postavy Lokiho se dost často prolíná a ne všude to působí dobře. Taky ta chemie mezi Sněhurkou a Lokim je někde taková moc 'forced'. Čtenář vidí, že se autor snaží seč může, abychom viděli, jak se mají oba rádi, ale někde to nevyzní. Zato jejich rvačky jsou uvěřitelné. Velmi.

Přesto se mi to líbí a budu pokračovat. Pro ten nápad, že pohádkové postavy jsou živé a každých sto let se budí, aby znovuprožily své vrcholy a pády. Za ty hlášky, které mě opravdu dostávaly. Za to, že i velcí a úžasní bojovníci občas dostali přes tlamu a to ne zrovna důstojně. Grimm diaries jsou prostě víc akční fantasy, než horrorová próza, ale to mi nevadí. Také je zajímavým prvkem to, že některé postavy v prequelech i v hlavní linii záměrně lžou nebo skrývají některé souvislosti, takže se celý příběh odkrývá postupně.

Pokud ujíždíte na pohádkových přepracováních, pak se SWS nedá vyhnout a i když to má začátečnické mouchy, Jace si zaslouží dostat šanci.
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285 reviews36 followers
June 3, 2013
4 Stars!

A lovely read! I'll admit I kinda hated it in the beginning because I thought the humor/quirks in the beginning were a little too childish for me (like Loki's inability to resist saving squirrels), but Cameron Jace's storytelling was too good to pass up.

I may be a bit biased since I'm such a sucker for fairy tales (especially Snow White!) whether they're Disney versions or the original. Though I wasn't a huge fan in the beginning, I slowly warmed up to the story as it progressed. Some scenes felt a tiny bit dragged on when a rant here or there kinda ruined the suspense of a scene, but overall it was enjoyable.

What I love about novels like these are when they take a new twist to fairy tales. Even if it does shatter the perfect Disney version most (if not all) people have come to know and love, I personally enjoy seeing a new take on things because I love hearing about conspiracy theories.

I recommend this book for those who love vampires, Snow White, fairy tales in general, romance, or all of the above. The comedy may seem a bit childish at times (which isn't too surprising since it is targeted at a young audience), but most of the comedy (as you progress in the story) can be enjoyable by all. I'm definitely curious to see what happens next after a cliffhanger like that!
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304 reviews10 followers
July 14, 2013
UPDATED REVIEW: As an adult reading a young adult fantasy novel about fairy tales, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this twist on the famous tale of Snow White and the Huntsman. While the book started out in my opinion a little too slow, lagging at times as the main character, Loki, finally arrived in the city of Sorrow, once Snow White appeared the book's pace was fast and a true page turner.

In this first edition there are a few spelling errors and typos; however, don't let that stop you from entering the town of Sorrow and following Loki on his journey. I ended the book with more questions than I began and that is a very good thing for the first book in what I hope will be a long and prosperous series by Mr. Jace.

**As an update, the author sent me a second revised copy of this book which he had edited and revised typographical errors and mistakes of the like. It made the book even more thrilling upon my second reading. I continue to recommend this book to lovers of fairytales, both young and old.**
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1 review8 followers
Want to read
May 11, 2012
Although I am biased toward Snow White and the Huntsman movie, when I first read about this book I was like:


Because since Neil Gaiman's short story Snow, Glass, Apples, I wished someone would write a long book about what if Snow White was a vampire. Yeah.


then it suddenly hit me that this could be like this:


please make it like the above. I would love it. can't wait to read it
btw it's my first review trying to add animated images. I 've done it yay.
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13 reviews9 followers
Want to read
May 6, 2012
The synopsis has a stunning resemblance to Anna Dressed In Blood and the cover reminds me a lot like the cover templates of the Mortal Instruments series ( particularly City of Lost Souls ). Even the author's last name is an uncanny resemblance to Jace Wayland. ( coincidental much? ) But I am super excited to read this one anyway!
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Shelved as 'just-no'
June 20, 2012
Similarities to Anna aside...
"He looks like an Angel but acts like jerk."
Coincidence of all coincidences, look what I found in the blurb for City of Bones!
"It's also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk."

There is something drastically wrong with books that are published even with such blatant copying.
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158 reviews19 followers
May 31, 2013
unfriggn real!!!! this book will blow all those little singing blue birds outta the air!!! snow white is a vampire, The evil Queen is even more Evil then you thought and the hero is not who you thought. Mr Jace has done it again, he has taken a sweet happy fairy tale and twisted it till its awsome!!! you will not be sorry!!
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232 reviews20 followers
March 22, 2014
....ok...there are many good things about this book...but there are things that I really didn't like...one being the main character...Loki. I, just for some reason could not get drawn to him...it was very hard to finish this book...because I just did not care about him. I loved the writing style...and the many characters popping up...but I just could not fall in love with Loki and his story...
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Want to read
May 4, 2012
This synopsis sounds a lot like Anna Dressed in Blood.
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894 reviews497 followers
April 24, 2017
So this started of really well and funn and promising. It took a little dive in the middle, mainly because I really don't like Axel and Fable, I find them annoying. Towards the end I just was ready for the story to be over - but of course it has to stop in the middle of the story and just continue in the next book.
Ah well. It is a sorta fun read overall, with some nice ideas despite some lacking character descriptions/depths.
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7 reviews
January 5, 2016
All monsters must die except the BEAUTIFUL ones

First of all, I have to tell you guys that this is no City of Bones related or Anna Dressed in Blood(well I haven't read that book so I can't say much)But to those who compares Loki to Jace, I'm telling you you're all wrong. I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?Okay here are some things to prove that I'm right:

1. Loki has a soft spot for squirrels while Jace on the other hand does not
2. Loki is not a jerk.Well, yeah they both look like an angel but Loki is not a jerk.
3. Loki is a dreamhunter not a shadowhunter. Dreamhunters kill immortals/demons in their sleep while shadowhunters,well they also kill but not in their sleep. There's a big difference people!
4. Well there is no four. So moving on...

I LOVED this book!From first word to the very last.I actually cried when I was reading the last chapter.Okay, seriously moving on...

When I first read the plot I already gave it 5 stars. I was like, 'Oh cool. Snow white's a vampire. What a cool plot twist'. What would you get if Snow white is a vampire? Extreme awesomeness!

Okay. This book focuses on the life of Loki Blackstar. A 15 year old Half-Angel who was banned from Heaven for loving a demon girl. He was allowed to have a second life again but with consequences. He can go back to Heaven if he can kill ninety-nine vampires before he was sixteen. He also had no memory of his past as part of the consequence. One night a mysterious man called him wanting him in their town to kill a vampire girl Snow white. Knowing he has a weakness for demon girls he refused. But Charmwill, his guardian, told him that Snow white was worth ninety-nine vampires. From there he travelled to Sorrow, the town where he could find Snow white, and that's where he will find the truth about what really happened to the real Snow white.

For me, this book is worth 5 stars. If you don't believe me read the book yourself. It's not just about true love's kiss or whatever. It's about Loki Blackstar and Snow White Sorrow. That's the difference. Oh, and I would love to experience the Loki Blackstar Kiss, not true love's kiss.
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177 reviews9 followers
August 28, 2013
I absolutely LOVED the prequel to this book. I was super excited to read the real thing. I dove right into it and came up entirely confused. It is not the same book as in the prequel. The prequel is dark and mysterious and a bit horror sounding. You get to the book and it's a bit childish sounding. I knew it was probably going to be a young adult novel but I thought from the prequel that it would be more on the adult side. Boy was I wrong. It's definitely more for a younger crowd. And the prequel makes it out to be different than the normal bedtime story. Really its the same thing with a small twist. And more of a love story than anything. I was trying to run away from the whole twilight love story cock-a-mammy and ended up back in it. If I remove my hard feelings I have for being tricked, the book isn't all that terrible. It's definitely a teens only book(not to say adults can't read it). But it was a quick, easy, and highly predictable read. Because of my A type personality, I'll be reading all 7 books. But at least this time I know what I'm getting into.
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16 reviews13 followers
Want to read
September 3, 2012
What the hell?
I'm going to read this just for fun and for the hell of it.

I mean, it's not often you get a book trying to smash 2 books into 1.
Well. There are.
But not so obviously. And from the bunch of other amazing reviewers, you can tell which smashing it is. Actually, you can read the blurb and tell which 2 books it is, if you're on top of your bookish game.

And who the hell nicknames their monsters Snow White Sorrow?
How did that nickname even come about?
"She did it to me!"
"The being... Dressed like... Snow White."
"She was... *gasp*, sad." *Dies*.
"What the hell?"

But. Maybe, it's just a publicist having a bad day. You know. Or one who thinks that we're dumb. I don't know.

Maybe, just maybe, it could be something amazing
Let's hope it is...
Still. A good book doesn't ever deserve shining crackled skin. Ew.
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11 reviews9 followers
July 8, 2013
Awesome Book

I like it and I enjoy it.
I like the fact that Snow White is a vampire is a cool twist to the story.

He is cool and I like him, Oh YEAH!

I'll just comment one thing I didn't like...
The boogie man really?
What the hell has to do the boogie man with fairy tales?
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406 reviews
June 26, 2013
A long awaited book after reading all those prequels:D At first it was hard for me to concentrate on the story and Loki was not exactly as i expected. However the story was picked up after 25 % of the book has passed and the ending was beautiful.

So it is a wonderful first book and i need more; so write write like the wind Mr Jace:)

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