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Charley Davidson #4

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

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Welcome to the world of grim reaper extraordinaire Charley Davidson. Try as she might, there’s no avoiding her destiny.

Sometimes being the grim reaper really is, well, grim. And since Charley’s last case went so awry, she has taken a couple of months off to wallow in the wonders of self-pity. But when a woman shows up on her doorstep convinced someone is trying to kill her, Charley has to force herself to rise above...or at least get dressed. It becomes clear something is amiss when everyone the woman knows swears she’s insane. But the more they refute the woman’s story, the more Charley believes it.

In the meantime, the sexy, sultry son of Satan, Reyes Farrow, is out of prison and out of Charley’s life, as per her wishes and several perfectly timed death threats. But his absence has put a serious crimp in her sex life. While there are other things to consider, like the fact that the city of Albuquerque has been taken hostage by an arsonist, Charley is having a difficult time staying away. Especially when it looks like Reyes may be involved.

Just when life was returning to normal, Charley is thrust back into the world of crime, punishment, and the devil in blue jeans in this hilarious fourth installment in the New York Times bestselling series.

308 pages, Hardcover

First published October 30, 2012

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About the author

Darynda Jones

51 books15.5k followers
NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones has won numerous awards for her work, including a prestigious RITA, a Golden Heart, and a Daphne du Maurier, and her books have been translated into 17 languages. As a born storyteller, Darynda grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, certain they went away the better for it. She penned the international bestselling Charley Davidson series and is currently working on several beloved projects, most notably the Sunshine Vicram Mystery Series with St. Martin's Press and the Betwixt and Between Series of paranormal women's fiction. She lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys.

Click here to read one of the more popular short stories by Darynda called The Monster:

She can be found at http://www.daryndajones.com

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November 4, 2012
Spoilers and Rant

-The majority of the story was predictable and pointless. The book begins with Charley moaning about her agoraphobia — she's not left her flat or worked a case for 2 months since she was tortured. Anyway, that changes quickly enough when she takes on a case for a woman who's been tormented by a mystery somebody and just like that Charley's agoraphobia and emotional scars seem to vanish and she goes on her merry way to investigate the girl's tormentor. There were a few times Charley mentioned she wanted to be at home but those just felt like half hearted attempts at trying to show her slowly recovering. I wasn't impressed with Charley's post traumatic stress or how it was handled — it didn't feel realistic enough.
There was a nonsensical side plot about a bunch of bank robbers that added nothing to the story. The actual long running arc in the series of Charley being a portal and Reyes being something or other and demons wanting to use Charley to invade heaven/enslave mankind, felt very much like an afterthought. Instead of focusing on the demon invasion, it's just forgotten about and the bulk of the story is taken up with Charley's 'case of the week' — a plot that won't add anything to the series as a whole.
After 3 books, there should have been more about the demon shit going down and the oncoming war but apart from being attacked by demons sporadically there was hardly any development in that story. None of Charley's investigations matter to the series overall, so why does it always take up all of the book?!

-The humour was grating. I initially thought Charley's humour was quite refreshing - I was just tired of all the emo, alpha bitch and angsty heroines but now her humour just gets on my nerves. First of all, her jokes are lame and induce much eye rolling and second her humour is inappropriate and never ends, not even when scenes/situations require gravitas. I can no longer stand Charley's awful humour.


-Charley was a dumb bitch..I don't even know where to start because her idiocy was that epic.

-After Reyes set her up as bait for his psycho dad, Charley ended up tortured and almost killed. Is Charley mad at Reyes for this? No, well in fairness Charley says she is but she doesn't act like it. No, what she acts like is a horny teenager because Reyes is just that 'hawt'. After a few chapters, she gives up the pretense of being mad at him and stupidly claims that she was never really mad at him to begin with — she just forgives and forgets because in Charley's head there was actually nothing to forgive or forget in the first place. He did not betray her in any way — he had every right to fuck her over!

-So Charley for some bizarre reason realises that she no right to be mad at Reyes. Not only that, she comes to the epiphany she was actually never angry at him BUT THAT she was actually angry at herself for being tortured by a lunatic — no, no it's not Reyes fault for fucking her over and setting up his sadistic stepdad to torture and kill her..it was perfectly reasonable for him to use the woman he 'loves' as bait for a psycho… Reyes did nothing wrong, if anything Charley's in the wrong, I mean she shouldn't have let herself get tortured..bad Charley for being a victim!! How dare she get herself tortured! I also don't know how she dared to be upset that Reyes got her tortured — the bloody cheek of her!!

-Even though Reyes treated her worse than shit, Charley didn't care because deep down she loves when he uses and abuses her, it gets her hot and bothered..So hot and bothered that she starts rubbing up against Reyes every chance she gets and then she rewards him getting her tortured by having sex with him..as you do.

-Funnily enough by the end, Charley was somehow made out to be the bad guy in the relationship because she apparently betrayed him (even though she didn't). So, Reyes then proceeds to throw a hissy fit and act like a bitch because naturally she deserves to feel his wrath. But when Charley was mad at him, he acted like she was being a bitch for deigning to be pissed at him, so it's okay for him to get pissed at Charley because his feelings are fwagile and important but it's not okay for Charley to get mad at Reyes because her feelings don't matter..ugh.

-Charley believes everything that Reyes tells her — never mind that he's the son of Satan, never mind that he repeatedly lied to her, never mind that he was happy to sacrifice her life so he could get out of prison, never mind he was a general in hell for millennia, never mind all the evul he's no doubt committed, never mind that he treats her like shit, never mind he's done nothing to earn her trust — none of that matters god dammit because she's so randy and he's so hot and thus nothing else matters. Charley puts Reyes on a pedestal and no matter what he's done or what anyone else says, she doesn't care because Reyes is her pwecious, sexy, sex-baby-god from sexerton.

-Even though Charley being with Reyes will probably cause hell on Earth, she refuses to give up on him because what's the fate of the world matter compared to getting laid by your hot abusive boyfriend?! Reyes even tells her she might need to kill him at some point in order to stop Satan and his gang from fucking over the world and Charley's all 'OMG, no way, your like super hawt, there's no way I could like kill that hawt body. I like can't believe you'd like even suggest that like. The world will like have to totes save itself, I ain't giving up my man, my va-ja-jay like needs you for like sexy times'.

-I was pissed that Charley forgave her dad yet again. She just kept making excuses for him — sure, she was mad for a while but as soon as he gives her hug or says something nice, she forgets about all the times he shat all over her.

-I got sick of the amount of times Charley kept throwing up and having to be saved by Reyes and Artemis - she was bloody useless. She's turned into an honest to god damsel in distress.

-A lot of Charley's 'quirks' like naming her tits/car/sofa and drinking coffee was less quirky and more annoying.

-Charley uses the word va-ja-jay for her vagina..ugh.


-Reyes has been destroyed — he's a fucker. I can't believe I actually used to like this bastard.

-I was hoping that Reyes would do some much needed groveling and begging for forgiveness. Did that happen? No, it was actually quite the opposite. He was mad at Charley for not 'getting the fuck over it' — he honestly believed she had no right to be upset with him or hurt by what he did. There was an apology but it was without feeling and just seemed insincere — he genuinely didn't give a fuck that he was the reason she was tortured. He didn't care that she was suffering or scared, he didn't feel guilty AT ALL. Was I supposed to believe that he loved her?! Because him lacking empathy towards Charley's pain and being indifferent to her suffering made me think the opposite.

-The way Reyes treated Charley was vile — he constantly pushed her around and grabbed her throat, bullied her, intimidated her and abused her. The only reason I can think he did that was because he's probably a wife beater and likes to hurt and control her. He wants Charley to be his good little submissive bitch and that's why he's always threatening and hurting her. Oh well, at least Charley seemed to like being abused.

-All of Charley's family and friends kept going on and on about how Reyes saved Charley from Earl..they were all hugging him and thanking him and he was loving all the thanks and hero worship, even Charley felt grateful for him rescuing her. Naturally, I was screaming WTF IS THIS SHIT!! It was his fault she was attacked in the first fucking place!! Why does Charley forget that?! And why does Reyes accept all the thanks and shit from Charley's friends and family like he's proud of himself for saving her?! He's disgusting!! He should have felt guilty and awful when everyone was thanking him because it was his fucking fault for putting her in danger and not protecting her but no, he likes his ego being stroked. The dick.

-Reyes got angry about the picture she kept of his abuse… after what he did, it was just bizarre that he got all self righteous about trust and betrayal — it's not like she framed it or masturbated over the damn thing!! She was keeping it as evidence, it was hardly a betrayal. But Reyes likes making Charley feel like shit — he gets off on it and so anytime he thinks she does something questionable he starts to make her feel like shit. Nice.

-Reyes may claim to wuv Charley but there's no evidence to support that. He's just horny for her because it's forbidden. The only people he has genuine affection for is his pseudo sister and his 2 friends… And it's bizarre how he cares more for them than Charley since his whole reason for being on Earth is because he wanted and wuved Charley..so why does he show his sister and friends more love than Charley when she's his whole purpose on Earth??

-Why the hell did Reyes not pay Charley the money he owed her?! He just wants her to struggle. He gave his sister 50 million dollars which she doesn't even use and then he refuses to give the 1 million he owes Charley! WTF?! He needs to pay Charley and what does it matter if he takes the 1 million from the 50 million that's never been used?! Does he think his beloved sister can't live off 49 million?! His sister doesn't even want the money that's actually rightfully his! Charley has a right to her money but because Reyes doesn't want her to be happy and worry free he won't pay her. He makes sure his sister's comfortable and looked after but he doesn't seem to give a fuck about Charley's well being. It's weird - I actually thought he seemed more in love with his sister than Charley. All he felt for Charley was lust.

-I got tired of the amount of times that Reyes lowered his head and looked at Charley from underneath his lashes. Was it meant to be sexy? Because I thought it was actually quite girly.

Charley's dad

- Where do I start with this fucker?! How many times has this guy fucked Charley over?!
1. He let Charley's stepmum treat her like shit all her life.
2. He used her on his police cases when she was a child so he could further his career. He didn't give a fuck about traumatising Charley as long as he looked like the top dog at work.
3. Like Reyes he set her up as bait to be killed so he could save his wife and other daughter who he loved more.
4. When Charley was lying in a hospital bed recovering from being tortured, he called the police so she could be arrested.
5. He shoots her not once but twice!! He claimed he wanted to see if she could protect herself or some shit but he actually wanted to kill her.

I was pissed that instead of Charley's dad winning back her trust with time and love and shit — he was given cancer so that Charley would forgive him and see the bigger picture or some shit. It was a cheap way to make everyone sympathise with him but it didn't work on me — he was a dick full stop.
This guy was the biggest mother fucker ever! I was pissed by what he did in the earlier books and I had thought he might try to redeem himself in this one but he didn't he just kept betraying Charley and shitting all over her.

I absolutely hated this — it was rubbish. Charley had no backbone, she was a doormat especially when it came to Reyes and her dad. She reacted like a dolt when they betrayed her by brushing what they did under the carpet. I no longer like the romance - Reyes and Charley have some chemistry but that's all they have, they don't have a swoon worthy or epic relationship because there's no love, trust or affection there — it's just sex and lies between them which makes them an unattractive couple.
I'm not interested in the 'investigation of the week' type plots, I'd rather have read more development on Charley's destiny and the demon war.
This was disappointing - I can't say I won't read the next book because I did enjoy the first 3 books so I'm consequently hoping for a miracle in the fifth one.
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4,001 reviews58.9k followers
April 29, 2019
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet by Darynda Jones is a 2012 St. Martin's Press publication.

“I meant to behave.
There were just too many options.

Time to check in with Charley Davidson again after a brief hiatus.

After surviving yet another series of traumatic events, Charley becomes reclusive, spending all her days maxing out her credit cards watching the home shopping channel.

Cookie finally steps in and takes matters in hand, and before long Charley has a new case to solve.

This time a troubled young woman is convinced someone is trying to kill her. Soon, Charley suspects her new client is holding the key to the mystery inside her own head, in the form of repressed memories.

Meanwhile, Charley and her father continue their feud and Reyes can’t leave Charley alone. However, he offers her a few more clues about her many powers and abilities, as their relationship deepens on an emotional level.

I decided to give this series one more shot after book three, which almost put me off the series entirely, because Reyes’ behavior towards Charley made me squirm.

I’m glad I decided to give the series a second chance though- although I think it works out better if I space the books out, instead of reading them too close together.

The humor is top notch, and the series is certainly outside the box, but the stories also drain my emotions.

This installment follows the same format as the first three books in the series. It is action-packed, with big emotional wallops, and laugh out loud dialogue. There is, of course, a very compelling mystery to solve, as well.

However, Reyes’ is much better behaved in this installment and his and Charley’s relationship shifted significantly, although Reyes is still too prideful at times.

Not only that, this chapter also showed some maturity and growth instead of relying too heavily on the action and sexual tension.

Now I am excited again about this series and am looking forward to meeting up with Charley again in the future- just not the immediate future.

4 stars
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November 10, 2012
Another amazing ride with Charley and Reyes. Not sure if I'll write a full review, but I'll try ;)


The release date was moved from 2013 to October 30th 2012!!!!
Not usually a fan girl but I will make an exception: Eeeeeeeeeeek! Sooooo Happy right now!! *does happy dance*


For some reason I had thought that this would be a trilogy...hmmm, I am not complaining!*Fist Pump*
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February 8, 2016
Brownies are like spare batteries. One could never have too many in the house.

I know - only 3 stars. I still love Charley and will continue reading the series. It's just that she lost a lot of her mojo in this book.

In the last book, Charley was tortured, and it was really really bad. (Screw you, Thesaurus!) She is slowly healing, but has a bit of PTSD from the experience, and so while her body is healed, her mind is far from it. She has not left her apartment in two months, and instead spent all of her time watching the Home Shopping Channel and spending what was left of her money. That makes for some funny purchases such as a Flowbee, a Jackie Kennedy commemoritive bracelet, and some Kiss action figures.

If you don't know what a Flowbee is, you are missing out on something you totally need. It is part vacuum cleaner, part hair cutting tool - all awesome.

Obi-wan approved...

So, even a depressed and traumatized Chaley book still has its funny moments. And, there does come a point when your heroine, who is always almost getting killed but is definitely always getting her ass kicked, needs to have some sort of down time for healing. It would be (more) unrealistic if Charley gets tortured and then is simply fine and dandy. This way, her character develops and becomes more realistic...for the Grim Reaper.... who is in love with the son of satan.... Okay, maybe realism isn't what I am looking for in an urban fantasy.

Or in a haircutting tool!

I have a good feeling about this haircut, gramma!

But continual shopping without a never-ending supply of money doesn't work out well for things like getting the bills paid so Charley finally decides to take a case. She is trying to figure out who has been stalking and tormenting a girl for many years. This puts her back on the streets, and back in the path of Reyes - who has been shacking up with a bimbo who was trying to be his prison bitch. This pissed me off. Like, really really mad. (Again, Thesaurus, you can just go straight to hell). What the hell, Reyes? You are supposedly soooo in love with Charley. Your douche of a bad guy was the one who tortured her. And, instead of going over there for the past two months to help her through it you've been screwing a bimbo? This isn't helping me like the guy who everyone seems to be in love with. I have half a mind to give him a haircut.

Come here, Reyes. Let's see how pretty you are after me and Flowbee are done with you!

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1,370 reviews920 followers
November 15, 2015
4.5 stars

Considering I have a ton of ARCs I should really be catching up on, and considering how much I love Charley, I really should have known better than to tell myself, "Just one chapter!" But it didn't even take a chapter, I was hooked by the opening paragraph.

'I sat watching the Buy From Home Channel with my dead aunt Lillian and wondered what my life would've been like had I not just eaten an entire carton of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy with a mocha latter chaser. Probably about the same but it was something to think about.'

Oh, Charley. I missed you.

Charley was funny and full of snark (as usual) but after the incident from the last book she has a new sense of reality. She's still fragile and recovering mentally and hasn't even left the house in two months when the book begins. It takes a lot of work from everyone close to her (and a few margaritas) to get her close to normal, or as normal as Charley has ever been.

'Surely my macking on some guy in an insane asylum wouldn't hurt him. He'd been living with his stalker, for heaven's sake.'

Her love life is full of drama as usual and Donovan makes a (small) appearance to complete the love triangle going on. Strangely, this is one love triangle that doesn't cause a negative reaction from me. I'm quite fond of both boys. :) But, it was just a small appearance and Reyes is front and center in her life (as it should be.) The two butt heads for a short time until Charley can forgive him for his actions from book 3. He had an attitude problem for the vast majority of the book but he made amends for that. And then some.

Charley's sister Gemma plays a larger role this time around and I loved what she brought to the story. Charley and Gemma have finally made amends and for the first time in their life they're actually acting like sisters. One of their funniest moments was when everyone was concerned that Charley wasn't sleeping so Gemma and Cookie resort to drinking margaritas (Cookie-a-ritas). The morning after conversation between Gemma and Charley:
"Have you seen my pants?"
"Speaking of which, how did you get home without them?"
"I borrowed a pair of your sweats. I ran into a convenience store with them on. I talked to neighbors out in their yard when I pulled up. And only after I got inside did I realize they had 'Exit Only' written across the back."
"You stole my favorite sweats?"
"I wanted to die."

I think I just died of laughter.

Charley finally gets some answers in this installment! What she's capable of, why she's here on Earth, and even why Reyes calls her Dutch which has bugging me FOREVER. I won't ruin it for you but it was quite enlightening. Really opens up future storylines and how it's going to go. As usual, this is one series I'm constantly pining for and cannot get enough of. Start the countdown for book 5 "Fifth Grave Past the Light" due out July 9th, 2013. Only 9 months. *sigh*

Tell me that cover is not badass.

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3,161 reviews2,010 followers
February 6, 2020
My fourth adventure with Charley Davidson, the most unlikely Grim Reaper you could possibly imagine. It was an entertaining read but not remarkable.

Charley is recovering badly from the unpleasant events of the last book. Fortunately she has plenty of friends, both alive and dead, to pull her out of her misery and get her going again. And luckily for us she never loses her sense of humour.

At last we begin to discover a few things about her true background although every word has to be dragged grudgingly out of Reyes. I am not sure whether he has a reason for not telling her or whether he is just a grumpy so and so. I tend towards the latter judging by the rest of his behaviour. There are also a couple of advances towards revealing Charley's full powers.

Highlights in this story - Artemis, Angel and Swopes. More of all of them I say!!! Anyway, on to book five.
March 22, 2013
4.5 ★'s

After what happened in the last book, Charley is going through some heavy stuff. She's having a hard time sleeping and spending most of her money at the Buy From Home Channel. Thank goodness Cookie comes to the rescue and puts a stop to that. And also thank goodness for Harper showing up...a new client!

Well, by now you should be used to this crazy paced story line. I'm always amazed at all the different events going on. Naturally, you can figure out some of the puzzles but I really love the ones that catch you by surprise. I was surprised a few times in this book and was happy to come upon a couple of nice twists too.

This book has stepped things up. We get to know more about Charley and more about Reyes and...more about Charley & Reyes. I just love them together but I do have to say the whole 'warning' about what happens when the key of darkness is inserted into the locket of light felt like a bit of a wet blanket! Things didn't seem to bode well for Charley & Reyes after that. But I was happy to finally get to know the meaning behind Charley's nickname, Dutch, even though it was also a bit let down.

I'm totally loving Reyes. Yes, he can be a major jerk but he is always there for Charley. I enjoyed the parts where the green monster reared its ugly head and what's funny is they both seemed to liked it too!

My Reyes...


yum, yum, YUM!! And I sooo liked the way he took care of Area 51!! (I need an area 51 and oh yeah, a Reyes too!!)

It was nice spending time with all the old characters although Ubie was a bit in the background as was his case with the arsonist. (You will find out why towards the end of the book.) We also got to meet a new character named Quentin which I really took a shining to and am looking forward to more of him in future books.

But...the hero of the book is Artemis !


...I'd have that dog as my kick@ss guardian any day!!

Everything appears to be coming together with all the family and friends and I got a big kick out of Charley and Cookie's new neighbor! Can't wait for the next book, Fifth Grave Past The Light, coming out July 9th.

(P.S. I was really happy to see that the couch name moved on from Sharon...hoping it stays that way!)

Favorite quotes:

♦ "Mistakes were so permanent. Like nine-months-after-prom permanent."

♦ “How did you come up with a million dollars?”

I plucked a string off my jacket. “I added my regular daily charge plus expenses, then rounded up.”

After a quick sideways glance, he asked, “You’re not very good at math, are you?”

♥ "Now I know the true meaning of perfection."

And the famous last line....

♥ "I think you guys should make some more of those brownies, 'cause that boy looks hungry."
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February 2, 2016
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet is the fourth installment in Darynda Jones's paranormal mystery series titled: Charley Davidson. My review is going to be short and sweet. If you've stuck with this series up to this point then I'll just tell you this one is more of the same fun: Our amazing heroine: Charley (aka grim reaper) continues to solve mysteries via her private investigator gig. She still has her hilarious sense of humor and that sexy, sexy Reyes hanging around (and in her pants!). The funny one-liners continue to set up each chapter (my fav part!), and the end keeps you interested in reading the next book.

Read the book synopsis for details, but if you have enjoyed this series so far (like me), then you'll like this one...you may even like it a little more. Check it out!

My favorite quote:
“I meant to behave. There were just too many other options."

The Charley Davidson series includes the following installments as of January 2016:
#1-First Grave on the Right
#1.5-For I Have Sinned
#2-Second Grave on the Left
#3-Third Grave Dead Ahead
#4-Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
#5-Fifth Grave Past the Light
#6-Sixth Grave on the Edge
#7-Seventh Grave and No Body
#8-Eighth Grave After Dark
#8.5-Brighter Than the Sun
#9-The Dirt on Ninth Grave
#10-The Curse of Tenth Grave
First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, #1) by Darynda Jones For I Have Sinned (Charley Davidson, #1.5) by Darynda Jones Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson, #2) by Darynda Jones Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson, #3) by Darynda Jones Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson, #4) by Darynda Jones Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson, #5) by Darynda Jones Shimmer (Charley Davidson, #5.5) by Darynda Jones Glow (Charley Davidson, #5.6) by Darynda Jones Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson, #6) by Darynda Jones Seventh Grave and No Body (Charley Davidson, #7) by Darynda Jones Eighth Grave After Dark (Charley Davidson, #8) by Darynda Jones Brighter Than the Sun (Charley Davidson #8.5) by Darynda Jones The Dirt on Ninth Grave (Charley Davidson, #9) by Darynda Jones The Curse of Tenth Grave (Charley Davidson, #10) by Darynda Jones Untitled (Charley Davidson, #11) by Darynda Jones
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1,588 reviews1,467 followers
April 2, 2018
Sale Alert: April Monthly Kindle Deal for $2.99

Possible minor spoilers for books 1-3

“He's an enigma wrapped up in sensuality padlocked with a dozen chains of desire and topped off with a razor-sharp ribbon of danger. There are more layers to him than a billionaire's wedding cake.”

You can say that again. I like Charley she has a witty, sarcastic and dark sense of humor I enjoy but, I’m reading this series almost entirely for Reyes. Four books in now and I’m still not sure if he will be the end of the world as we know it or if all of that is just a lie the devil wants us to believe. I’m not even sure now if he knows which side he is really playing for. Reyes’s actions seem mostly good however what he says is sometimes so hard and conflicted….ugh I’m so confused I really want him to be on team good.

Of course there is the PI story helping a woman find out why someone is leaving dead bunnies on her bed and cutting her brakes. Charley is not the absolutely strong on girl she has been in the past. She is suffering from some form of PTSD after being tortured in her apartment and reluctantly takes a case after being held up in her apartment for the last few months avoiding everyone and everything in the world except her to be named later couch. Charley does have a penchant for naming random things from her breasts and jeep to now her couch and after that her life.

I liked that in this book we get a deeper sense of Charley she is vulnerable and not as strong as in the other books. I think she has really grown some emotionally from the spitfire fearless girl that she was. I still want to see more of what she can do, as Angle puts it in the book

“Quit acting like you are human.”

And I agree….I want to see more Grim Reaper awesomesauce, theoretically she is more powerful than even Reyes if she can figure it out. There are a few new power reveals but she still seems so week by comparison. We also get to see a more corporeal side of Reyes as well and I like him even better in the flesh. He is forever Charley’s protector and while she does some stupid stuff and thinks she doesn’t affect him much I always think it is abundantly clear that everything he is doing is for her. It might also be for his endgame but I don’t know yet. I really hope it is all for Charley.

We also get some backstory for the Grim Reapers, what they are and where they come from. I really liked that Reyes and Charley had actual conversions, full meaningful ones, in this installment. Plus chapter 17 was a welcome and nice surprise I’d take that kind of therapy any day.

There is still some fun with friends as we see some of our favorites from books past. Cookie and Amber are endearing in their attempts to help Charley cope with her PTSD. Gemma is becoming a favorite character of mine as she tries to bond with her estranged sister. Charley’s interactions with her father after his betrayal, oh I have theories about that, even her stepmonster might be deeper than originally thought. Garrett plays a small role and has been changed since being shot but he was absent for most of the story, but I’m sure he will play a bigger part later.

Finally…….there is her protector Artemis, who kicks ass. Artemis seems to be the most bad-ass of all the characters. She kicks demon but and then some, now if Charley could figure out how to be just as bad-ass the next books could hit a whole new level.

If you are a fan of the series I think this is probably one of the best of the series thus far. The characters are beginning to seem more three dimensional and real now. But the item that I took away from the book to add to my personal life is:

Brownies were like spare batteries. One could never have too many in the house.

True That!!! I agree you can never have to many brownies.
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August 24, 2022
Book Blog | Bookstagram

“If you must eat a banana in public, never make eye contact.”

I ate a banana for breakfast this morning, so this seems like a relevant Charley quote.

Between her father's attempts on her life, her dysfunctional relationship with Reyes and dealing with her PTSD, Charley did some serious growth in this installment. She felt like a more well-rounded Charley, one who really understood her own reality a little bit more. Plus she made some excellent purchases from the Home Shopping Channel.

I'm always impressed with Jones's ability to pack a Charley adventure with multiple storylines and actions. Honestly, there is constantly something going on, but I never find it confusing. Usually, I hate too many subplots, but Jones makes it work.

But again, my usual gripe remains - for as awesome as Charley is, for as strong and powerful and full of personality she is - my god she lets herself get pushed around by men a lot.

It shouldn't need to be explained but people that keep hurting you, don't really love you.

Reyes is constantly hurting Charley - on purpose. He's always angry, always emotionally abusive (occasionally bordering on physically.) He's the reason she was tortured, why she developed anxiety and depression. Even when he's getting into her pants, he's rude and aggressive and doesn't treat her like a human being.

Why am I supposed to think this is sexy???

Despite everything amazing about Charley, when it comes to Reyes she's little more than a doormat with a hard-on, and that's consistently been disappointing to me. I hope the overall plan for the series is going somewhere profound with it.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ | 4 stars
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Author 5 books3,911 followers
May 8, 2020
As always, these books are light UF fun with more than just a hint of darkness, but for me, I think I enjoy the Albuquerque, NM geeky vibes most.

Yes, the Frontier restaurant even has a cameo. Do you think they paid for the advertising? :)

That being said, the STORY itself had a few pretty cool twists and I despair at seeing the number twist continue on into the 13th or 14th books. That might get WONKY. But for now? I'm having a good time and it's quite relaxing to fall into something like this.

It's comfort food.

Solving cold cases with the help of ghosts? Surviving encounters with demons? Romance with the son of Satan? Being the Grim Reaper?


Well, it has all the proper earmarks. :)
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September 19, 2016
Welcome to the world of grim reaper extraordinaire Charley Davidson. Try as she might, there’s no avoiding her destiny.


I slept on it. I did. I tried my best to get over my problems with this fourth book. I failed. I initially gave it 3 stars, but I'm toning it down to 2. And I'm writing my review now, before I go for 1 star.


You know, for such a strong woman, Charley can be quite the fool. And no, I'm not talking about her depression and anxiety. That is normal. Any normal human being would feel that. I'm talking about all the whining, and the way she gets pushed around by the men in her life (specifically by Reyes and her father).

Her father is a bastard who milked Charley for everything she got. THEN he grew a conscience, forbid her from pursuing her work, and even tried to have her arrested while she was in hospital (after being tortured in the worst way possible). F*ck you, daddy! That part is from the previous book, as I wanted to rant about it without adding spoiler tags. As for this book,


Moving on to pretty boy Reyes...


Seriously! Charley really needs to learn keeping it in her pants. He used her as bait! Just as her father did, by the way. He is the reason she got tortured into depression and anxiety. And he is the one to be angry with her most of the time!


Oh, but wait! He loves her, so that makes it all ok.


In spite of her sassiness and her coolness, when it comes to Reyes, Charley is little more than a horny doormat. And I'm very disappointed with that.
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938 reviews608 followers
November 20, 2015
Shit. Wrong review guys. Sorry.


This is why I'm not good with more-than-4-books-in-the-series review.
I'll just give you some of Charley's words of wisdom that I certainly follow. Cross my heart.

“If you must eat a banana in public, never make eye contact.”

“Insanity does NOT run in my family. It strolls through, takes its time, and gets to know everyone personally."

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1,982 reviews195 followers
September 24, 2013
LOVED IT. Ms. Jones rocked it, again. She had me laughing, snorting and giggling like a child through much of the story. There was the sniffling and worrisome parts too, it's not always fun an jokes for Charley and Co.
Charley gets to put her crazy on and dip into the pool of hoarding for sanity, it's too good I can't spill more. She also gets lusty with a few guys, oh yeah, she is smoking sexy. : D Her expectations of what life would be like when Reyes was finally freed have not happened, darn it ! Her fears have fractured her life and she uses her humor to soften the blows as they come. it's a hard time for our Charley girl, family issues, money issues, men issues, fear issues, and the biggest issue of them all- she is not .......omg !
The ending was so satisfying. The key, he gave her the key !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeee- I want the next book so bad, this series hits all my happy spots.
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13 reviews36 followers
November 1, 2012
I really can't wait for this next book. Sigh~ Unfortunately, I have to wait for it for a year. I really LOVE this Book Series! I really like the personalities of all the characters in the book. Please Darynda Jones!! Don't take it a year for you to finish a book! 'I'm dying here' *wink* XD
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May 11, 2017
At least we got a little more of Reyes. But not enough. I seriously need more. That's the only way I'll survive reading this series and not die out of boredom. Charley was alright, I guess.
Rate: 2.5/3 stars.
357 reviews138 followers
November 2, 2012
3.5 stars

As all of you know, I’m a big fan of these book series and I was really excited about reading this book, especially after the way things ended up in the last one. The biggest reasons for that are: the amazing writing style of the author, a unique and interesting storyline and most of all I like them, because these are one of those rare books where I actually like the main female character Charley The Grim Reaper almost as her tall, dark & hot bad boy Reyes.

That’s a really big plus for a book to have such a likable main (female) character and a true rarity in my reading history. I don’t know about you, but lately every book I’ve been reading usually has a big ‘drama queen’ for the main role and the guy, except some minor “issues”, is usually perfect or even too perfect, but that‘s not the case with these books and that’s why I really enjoy reading them.

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet is the 4th book in these series.
I liked it and I’m sure the fans aren’t going to be disappointed.
So why 3.5 stars from me and not my usual 5stars??? Well, the reason for that is- while the 1st three books were nothing less than great, this one was IMO rather good, but it has its ups and downs and while I liked it, I didn’t love it like the rest of them, but first, let me tell you about the things why you should definitely read it and be excited about it:

Yes, the big, bad son of satan is back for good and hotter than ever!!!:D While he wasn’t that much present in the last three books, he definitely and FINALLY is present a lot in this book, I would say-about 80% of the book and the scenes with him are one of my favorite ones. Yes, he is still a bit grumpy and mysterious to the point that you want to “shake” him a bit, but he finally started to open up a little about himself and show his vulnerable side and when he does that, you can’t, but to fall for him all over again.

It would never be better than this. Better than him. Reyes was the apex. It was all downhill from here. He was heaven and hell at once, angel and demon. I wondered how long I could keep him. How long I could call him mine.

Darynda Jones wrote one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever read and this book is no exception. Some of the readers are complaining that “she is trying too hard sometimes to be funny”, but I don’t agree. I love her sense of humor.

“Are you in a bad part of town again?”
“You know it.”I climbed into Garrett’s truck and completely ignored him. It was fun. “But I did learn something today.” “Yeah?” “If you must eat a banana in public, never make eye contact.”

“I do have a weakness for guys on Harleys.” She wagged an index finger at me, teasing. “Just say no.” “You don’t understand,” I said before heading that way. “It’s a really strong weakness.”

It was interesting as usual, full of action. We find a lot about the background of the characters, especially Reyes and Charley and we finally meet the big, scary demons. Charley gets another case to investigate and her reaper powers are getting more powerful. Her dad is being a jerk again, but we finally get him in a way, although I’m still far from his fan. You’ll love her new guardian Artemis, the biker gang who have a new “profession” and you won’t believe what happened to Snopes when he was dead.

MY “BUTs” about this book:

1.The development of the Plot
So, even though I liked the plot, it still didn’t quite meet my expectations. It was fun and interesting, but IMO the story didn’t progress that much as I expected it would. Basically, after I read the book I somehow felt that this book should be book number 3.5 and not 4. A lot of things happened, but still IMO nothing that much meaningful since the last book and to tell you the truth I didn’t quite get what was the point of some things author did, for example:

-The “HARPER” case-I still don’t get how was this case relevant for the plot. Was it to help Charley to get back being her old “badass” self after the trauma with Earl? Either way, I was more curious and excited about the demons than reading about this case.

-Donovan & the biker gang -

- And why didn’t Reyes tell her things she found out from the demon Hedeshi? And what’s more important- why would a demon tell her ‘that’ when it’s in his best interest that she doesn’t know it?

So these are the minor issues I had and which I hope would become clearer in the next book. I really hope that we are going to find out more about the demons and Reyes who is still the greatest mystery of them all. It’s high time that he opens up. All in all, the book was good. The ending was epic. Guess who ‘s Charley’s new neighbor!!!

“We are enemies, Dutch. A princess and a pawn, each from opposing sides.” One corner of his sensual mouth lifted. “They would be quite disappointed knowing how we’ve gotten along.”

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2,714 reviews331 followers
March 18, 2016
This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional Bookviews
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet brought more insight to Charley and what she is capable of, and it also shed more light on everything else that is going on with the reaper, the ghosts, and the people surrounding her.

Review - (un)Conventional Bookviews

I loved the case Charley had to work on in Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet, because she really had to use all of her wits to figure out what was going on, and she definitely got it before I did! Cookie is such a great side-character and best friend, she is always there for Charley, even when Charley only wants to spend her hard-earned money on buying stuff she sees on late-night infomercials and not leave her apartment if at all possible. Finally, we also got to see that there is love between Charley and her sister, and I thought that was really good, especially after what Charley had to go through with her dad in the last book. I was so mad at him - and still is - about the way he treated Charley.

Reyes... What to say about this perfect bad boy? The one who might be either the salvation or the one who ultimately ends the world as Charley knows it? The chemistry between the two of them continues to be very strong, even if Charley is truly fed-up with the way he treats her, and how he won't always let her know what's going on until it's almost too late.

The series continues to be one I really enjoy, and I'm already looking forward to the next instalment. There were some very intriguing interactions between Charley and a certain ghost here, as well as what happened at the asylum. Definitely a story fans of Charley will devour.

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

A midmorning sun filtered through the blinds and cut hard streaks of light across my body, casting me in an ultra-cool film noir effect. Since my life had definitely taken a turn toward the dark side, film noir fit.

"And they've all been canceled. I have to make sure I get paid every week. I've also funneled all of your remaining funds out of your bank account and into a secret account in the Cayman Islands."
"You can funnel money?"
"Isn't that like embezzling?"
"It's exactly like embezzling."
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February 5, 2023
Book 4, Charley's main case is searching for the culprit who has been terrorizing Harper since she was 5 years old. Her family believes she has been making it up for attention. Harper believe someone is out to kill her.

Some side cases involve Charley finding an arsonist, the identity of the gentlemen bank robbers, and the ever evolving story line with the demons out to kill her. The new development with the demons is that they are possessing people before going after her. This way they are protected from her light.

We got a few more pieces to the puzzle that is Charley. She showed some new abilities and her relationship with Reyes seems to still be moving forward, just at a snail's pace that picked up a bit there at the end. I'm hoping that momentum keeps up.

I'm still very much loving this series. it's highly entertaining with some great side characters. On to the next book...

Overall series description: Heroine, Charley Davidson, Private Investigator and Grim Reaper. She's a portal for the dead to pass through to heaven. Hero, Reyes Alexander Farrow, Son of Satan and portal to Hell. Since Charley can see and talk to the dead, she has helped her former cop father and current cop uncle solve cases. The main focus in each book are the cases Charley solves with the help of her best friend Cookie, her uncle and the dead victims. The side focus is the romance between Charley and Reyes and the impending war with the demons that is predicted.
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April 4, 2021
Yok annem! Ben kesin okuduğumu anlamıyorum. Önceki kitapta öldü denilen, ruhu Charley'i ziyaret eden adam nasıl yaşıyor?Ve nasıl olduğu, nerde yazıyor? Ya ben bazen sıkılınca yüzeysel okurum, durumu ben mi kaçırdım ama sayfalar da atlamam ki ben 🤔🙈 Darynda Jones hayalet yazar mı kullanıyor acaba? Bazen tutarsızlık hissediyorum hikayede😂😂Neyse...Nerde kalmıştık🤭
Reyes artık özgür. Ve hedefleri var. Bu nasıl kötü çözemedim. Herkesin dilinde bir laf... Neler yaptığını, yapabileceğini biliyor musun?Madem öyle bu nasıl bir Charley düşkünlüğü. Adamın kesilmedik uzvu kalmadı kızı koruyacağım diye...Aaa ama sinirli de... Koruyup kolluyor diye pamuklara da sarmıyor.Sürekli bir çekişme var demek isterdim ama kitabın yüzde yirmisinde anca beraber görüyoruz.🙄Yazarcığım tamam dip dibe de olmasınlar ama azıcık yan yana da görelim yani. Bu varla yok arası iletişimsizlik beni yoruyor...
Zaten Charley de bir alemlerde. Yüzde yüz anladığım bir durum. Aynı işkenceleri bende yaşasam değil evden çıkmak yatağın altından kafamı çıkarmam. Bir de alışveriş kanallarında paralarını harcamak gibi huy edinmiş. Ne aldığından bile haberi yok 😂Gülüyorum ama alışverişin amacı kalbimi kırdı. Neyse ki çevresinde onu sevenleri var❤️😍 Hoş kendisi bu durumdan pek memnun değil ama 🙈
Hikayenin dedektiflik kısmı ise ciddi anlamda ağlatacaktı beni. Harper ve korku ile geçen yılları. Kimsenin ona inanmaması... Offf! Hele sonucu. Harper'ın odasında ölü tavşanlar, kendisinin ölmesine yönelik durumlar vardır. Charley'i bu dava için tutmak ister.
Tabii ölümle dans edercesine haşır neşir olan Charley çok fazla tehditle karşılaşır. Hakkında yeni şeyler keşfeder. Bir de o çoook istediği büyük daireyi biri kiralamıştır😂 Babasını hala affedemedim ben. Bu sefer de üstüne kurşun sıktı kızın 🙄 Hayır sen bir şeyler kanıtlayacaksın diye ne bu çile 😒🤷
Bilmiyorum güzel bir okuma oldu ama durağandı sanki. Olaylar vardı evet ama nedense temposu eksikti.
Ve motorcu çetesi... Umarım sizi yeniden görürüm. Lütfen 🙏🏻😍
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135 reviews29 followers
November 7, 2012
Charley, Charley, Charley. You make me laugh every single freaking time. The craziness, the ADD, the obvious, and of course the follow through. I find reviews on books that are a few into the series tough. Because why review, I think most people have already made up their mind if they are going to continue a series or not. Is my review going to really sway someone? So I will just post my favorite quotes, well just a few actually, because if I posted them all it be a chapter or two itself.

I sat at a light wondering what guacamole would look like if avocados were orange.

You can't fix stupid, but you can numb it with a 2 by 4 -T-shirt

.. an emergency stash of Thin Mints. Frickin' Girl Scouts. Those things were way to addictive. They had to be laced with crack.

"Where have you been?"
I stepped into my apartment and met Uncle Bob's glare with one of my own. "Out trying to pass myself off as a movie producer to get hot guys to sleep with me. Where have you been?"

I faced my well-meaning but garishly obnoxious group of friends and/or family members, try to decide, if this were a video game and they'd all been turned into zombies, which one I'd take out first.
"Okay, what's going on?"

Dear Santa,
What the fuck?

Clearly he didn't know he was one of my best friends. He must've felt really honored. Or horrified. It was a win-win.

"You know those women in nursing homes who have to be restrained around the clock because they mix up everyone's medication and steal all the bedpans?"
"Yes," I said, wondering what I was walking into.
"That's going to be you."
She was probably right. If I lived that long.

"Charley's House of Edible Thongs."
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1,232 reviews2,029 followers
February 29, 2020

If I were to re title this book, I'd name it Fourth Grave of Unexplored Opportunities, as in the opportunity of exploring PTSD, betrayal, reconciliation in a sensitive manner. Instead, the author often relied on cheap humor and mind bogglingly stupid plot to explore Charley's PTSD, her dad and Reyes' betrayal.

A lot of stuff didn't really go anywhere. And Reyes' betrayal was explained and excused by making it Charley's fault.

Anyway, I had to halt reading the series after this to deal with my disappointment.
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November 2, 2012
4.5 stars

Can we please take a moment & bow our heads for the hotness that is Reyes?
Whew. I needed that.

The last 15% of this book was AMAZING!
It was nice learning a bit more about Charley, her past, her beginnings, her abilities BUT I NEED MORE.
I was truly baffled at the turn in Harper's case, did not see that coming.
Denise ... I think she's trying .... not enough, but she's trying.
Glad to see Charley & Gemma bonding.
Love Cookie, needed more of her in this book. And, hello, let's get her a little nookie.
Donovan ... somehow, that didn't pan out as I expected. I thought he would've been a more active participant in Charley's life.
Can we come back to Reyes? Yeah ... YUM!

Overall, I enjoyed the story but I felt the beginning was a bit all over the place.

Earlier updates
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January 15, 2020
I remember little parts of the plot of each book of this series, but I always remember my love for the Fourth Grave. It may not be my favorite book from this series, but it's definitely in the top 5.

Really, Reyes Alexander Farrow? AMAZING. First, his name is 'Alexander' and that's one of my favorite names ever (Aleksander being the original).

Charley is always my favorite character in this series.

I cannot wait to start the Fifth Grave.

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Shelved as '06-l-have-my-reasons'
September 26, 2017
I've decided to stop with this series because even though I like Charley and her awesome sarcasm. I just can't deal with her & Reyes at the moment. Maybe I will change my mind but I found out they get back to square one later on in the series. So no!
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1,366 reviews
April 17, 2019
Charley has a bit of a love/hate following, and I really do think it takes a few books before you can properly decide which camp you are in.
I think I'm in the love her one.
She is snarky and has a razor wit, but is fiercely loyal and dedicated to her friends and family which is probably the best part of these books.
The relationship angle is my least favourite part of the series, and if that was a little more subtle I would probably enjoy this more. But I'm sure there are plenty of people who are into the whole fate-love-at-first-sight thing.
I was given the first four books from the publisher and NetGalley (thank you) in exchange for an honest review and now I am keen to go ahead and jump into the 5th.
This book finally gave us some answers (maybe?) around her and Reyes' background that should make for an interesting storyline moving forward.
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March 4, 2023
Initial Thoughts
This was good! I loved the humor in the story and found myself chuckling more than once at some of the things said during the story. I love that I was surprised a few times during the story. The is no way I could have seen the ending coming. We finally have some progress between Charley and Reyes. I listened to the audiobook and thought that Lorelei King did an amazing job with the story.

Book Source: Library

Full review to be posted soon.
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