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Grandma's Bag of Stories

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When Grandma opens her bag of stories, everyone gathers Around.

Who can resist a good story, especially when it’s being told by Grandma? From her bag emerges tales of kings and cheats, monkeys and mice, bears and gods. Here comes the bear who ate some really bad dessert and got very angry; a lazy man who would not put out a fire till it reached his beard; a princess who got turned into an onion; a queen who discovered silk, and many more weird and wonderful people and animals.

Grandma tells the stories over long summer days and nights, as seven children enjoy life in her little town. The stories entertain, educate and provide hours of enjoyment to them. So come, why don’t you too join in the fun?

178 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2012

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About the author

Sudha Murty

164 books2,589 followers
Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She did her MTech in computer science, and is now the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written nine novels, four technical books, three travelogues, one collection of short stories, three collections of non-fiction pieces and two books for children.

Her books have been translated into all the major Indian languages and have sold over three lakh copies around the country. She was the recipient of the R.K. Narayan's Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006.

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476 reviews871 followers
November 25, 2021
“We should always have some aim in life which we must try to achieve while being of help to others.”

~ Rating-4 stars ~

Grandma's Bag of Stories by Sudha Murty, is a collection of short stories narrated by Ajji, (grandmother) to her grandchildren. These stories deal with simple themes and morals in a beautiful and engaging way and I would highly recommend it, specially for children.

I think this book is best suited for children within the age of 6-10 years, but it also just as enjoyable for older readers. There are several references to the Indian culture, which being Indian I thoroughly enjoyed!

Despite this, there isn't much focus on the characters, Ajji and the grandchildren, even though we can see character development of the characters in the stories told by Ajji. I also felt that there was a lot of telling instead of showing in several instances, but it is understandable considering Ajji is narrating these stories. I do wish that we got more stories to read.

Overall I loved this book and am giving it 4 stars. This was re-read and I loved it just as much as the first time and I am very happy to have started my year with this book.

DISCLAIMER- All opinions on books I’ve read and reviewed are my own, and are with no intention to offend anyone. If you feel offended by my reviews, let me know how I can fix it.

How I Rate-
1 star- Hardly liked anything/ was disappointed
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4 stars- Loved a lot but something was missing
5 stars- Loved it/ new favourite
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373 reviews38 followers
July 1, 2020
A book of Indian cautionary tales for children. The illustrations were not very stylish, but this is
beautiful storytelling by Sudha Murty.
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334 reviews56 followers
September 2, 2020
Grandma's Bag of Stories is a beautiful collection of short stories by Sudha Murty. Who can resist a good story and especially when it's handpicked, sorted and being told by Grandma? Grandma will tell you stories of magnanimous king, wise farmer, enchanted scorpions, greedy mouse and many more. As Grandma sits with her grandchildren to tell stories over long summer days and nights to entertain and educate her pupils.
I loved this book. For me it's one of the best children-literature book and adults will also enjoy this book. I can't express myself how much I miss those short stories told by my mother and grandmother when I was a kid. Every story in this book is so entertaining, every chapter has some lesson. I personally liked "Kavery and the Thief". It's a story about a farmer woman who with her wits fooled a thief. I really enjoyed the stories and they are written in Layman's English so they are perfect for children. It was a great time spend reading this book.
Author 0 books250 followers
April 15, 2020
Sudha Murty has been one of my favourite storytellers whose work amazed me as a child. My mom got me one book of her and I've read that countless times, diving into them effortlessly.

This book brought the same magic, children's stories with a message and amusing tales one hears from their grandparents sitting leisurely and spending a good time during holidays in villages. I loved how I was reminded of the storytelling sessions I was rendered by my grandparents. I miss them and couldn't have asked for more from this book.
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416 reviews21 followers
August 22, 2013
For most of us, grandparents telling us stories during the holidays have a special place in our memories. The warmth of a grandparent, spinning tales that held us rapt. Sudha Murty's Grandma's Bag of Stories is just as charming.

Anand, Krishna, Meena and Raghu arrive at their grandparents' place in Shiggaon. Ajj'si and Ajja's house was all readied up for their arrival, with Ajji preparing their favourite snacks. The perfect holiday with wonderful food, fun times with the animals in Ajji-Ajja's house and best of all, the wonderful stories that Ajji told them.  After all, when Grandma opens her bag, everyone gathers around.

From her bag, emerges tales of kings and cheats, monkeys and mice, scorpions and treasure, and princesses and onions. Unlikely combinations, one might think, but when Grandma is the one telling them, they are just perfect! The book is great for young children to be read to, and for older children(5+, perhaps) to read for themselves. I particularly loved it, because the whole setting took me back to my childhood. The school holidays when we would all travel to our grandparents and had this wonderful time with our cousins.

Daughter loved the stories too. Living abroad, I felt that this was a nice book of stories which helped her connect to India a tiny bit more, reliving her own experiences of hearing stories from her granddad, her favourite part of holidays. Needless to say that it was a book that both of us enjoyed - thoroughly! I haven't read any of Sudha Murty's other books, but am certainly looking forward to picking up some more of hers, particularly the children's ones.

A beautifully written book, which can be enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike. I would rate it a 5/5.
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113 reviews8 followers
January 1, 2020
A quick, easy read. Though children's book but the stories can be equally enjoyed by adults. Reminds one of summer vacations spent at grandparents' place listening to endless stories.
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68 reviews6 followers
January 12, 2021
This book is centred around the summer vacation of seven children. These children visit their Ajji (Kannada for grandmother) and Ajja (Kannada for grandfather) in Shiggaon. Their Ajji knows a great deal of stories and she narrates one story a day, and it is for this reason that the children love her. Over the summer vacation, these children spend their time in this small town with their Ajja and Ajji. Most of the stories are being narrated by Ajji, but on few occasions, other village characters narrate these stories too.

There are 22 stories, and preceding those stories are glimpses of the children's lives and why the narrator told the story. All the chapters are named after the story. There are surprising, humorous, poignant and happy stories. There's a story where a bear wants to eat payasam (kheer), there's a story where a princess got turned into an onion, there's a story where a lazy man didn't put off a fire till it reached his beard, and many more such colourful stories. The writing style is witty and remarkable. There are pretty illustrations too.

Recommended to children and those looking to bring alive the children in them with a children's book!
Profile Image for Vinay Leo.
972 reviews71 followers
April 5, 2013
When you are little, stories form a big part of your life. More often than not, your parents or grandparents would tell you stories with those happy endings and daring deeds, with a moral to show you good things happen to good people. Sudha Murty's book, Grandma's bag of stories, is a refreshing read for anyone, any age. It has those memories of childhood for us who aren't kids anymore. It's put in a tone that you'd remember your grandparents telling the stories in. And it makes you want to go back to those days. Beautifully written book, a very enjoyable experience reading it.

Review at my blog: http://bit.ly/Zh8WEm
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69 reviews10 followers
August 13, 2020
It is always a nice feeling reading Sudha Murty’s books. I loved this bag of stories.
Profile Image for vik.
39 reviews11 followers
Currently reading
October 6, 2012
Read some 50 pages; more to go.
Cute stories.
Wish I had all this in childhood.
Profile Image for AdvikaReads.
6 reviews
February 8, 2023
I liked this story because :
* It was from an Indian author
* Every night I could read one story and the sweet characters would give me a good night's sleep
* It gives me nostalgia from when I go to my native and my ajji will tell me and my cousins a heart warming story <3...
* It tells about various type of people, places and things.
* It had great endings

IT WAS AN AMAZING READ!!!!!!! Best read of 2023 for now!!!!❤️❤️
Profile Image for Theredheaded_Bibliomaniac.
271 reviews35 followers
May 12, 2019
Stories which are important not only for children but also for the adults like us. Sudha Murty writes awesome stories which reminds us of our childhood and our villages.
Profile Image for Bhakti Dahal.
10 reviews
November 14, 2022
Collection of fun stories with hidden message. It may come useful if you have young cousins or to read to your own kids.
50 reviews1 follower
July 25, 2022
This book by Sudha Murty is like that warm sun that you wanna feel on a cold winter morning. It will boost your soul and spirits, fill your heart with longing and happiness & will take you back to the time when life was simpler and fun.

It is a collection of 22 short stories told by Ajji to her grandchildren Raghu, Meenu, Anand, Krishna and their neighbourhood friends. The grandchildren come to their grandparent's place during their summer vacations. Their grandparent's house is away from the hustle-bustle of city life; surrounded by greenery and an open field. The children however are most excited about the stories that Ajji is going to tell them during their stay with her.

The stories told by the grandmother are short & sweet moral stories. These stories deal with a variety of topics such as hard work &honesty, being down to earth, being helpful & humble & content & loyal, loving people unconditionally
All the stories will fill you up with hope and a feeling of content.
The narration is very effective as you will be able to retain the stories for a long time. The tone is full of warmth. The book is woven in a way to make you feel nostalgic. It's a very sweet & humble book. Do give it a read. you won't be disappointed.
Profile Image for A.J..
33 reviews4 followers
February 2, 2023
Loved it!

This book is a collection of amazing short stories which are humourous and moral giving! The stories are narrated by Ajji over the course of summer holidays.

I loved the small incidents told before the start of stories. It was very enjoyable to read about the village family, and activities done by them.

The writing is simple and easy to understand. Every child should definitely read this! This is a kids book but the stories are very fun and an adult could also easily read it.

I narrated all the stories to my mom and she loved them!

This book is easily one of my favorites.
8 reviews
June 5, 2020
Grandma's Bag Of Stories , kids sit around the grandma with there , while getting mesmerised by one interesting tale after another showing there emotions in the twist and turn of stories and asking questions to show there attentiveness .

The book starts , and a few children go on to their grandparents ' home in Shiggaon , Karnatka
on a holiday during summers ... The children find some one to play with . They befriend the kids next door , and they had loads of fun with them . From taking a fun picnic to visiting the weekly market , they enjoy every minute of there vacation . But there favorite thing to do is listen to there grandma's fantastic stories .

Grandma's Bag Of Stories contains the stories that the grandmother narrates to entertain the seven young children. The tales are magical and replete with captivating characteres . Moral lessons are subtly blended in with tales to impress the differences between right and wrong . The illustrations of Priya kurian make the book more intresting and keep young readers engrossed .

My Favorite story among that was doctor doctor . The stories feature sevral characters like queen who discovers silk, a princess who is turned into an onion , a lazy man , an angry bear ,a magical pot and mice and monkeys .

My one more favourite story was 'What's In it For Me, which is about a mouse who wants to get paid for everything he does. I also liked 'The Enchanted Scorpions' in which a man sells his ancestral home to a merchant. The merchant finds a box of scorpions which was actually money but only a true family member could see it as that. The merchant finally hands over this family treasure to the grandson of the man who sold him the house.

Childhood is the time when morals are imbibed, so the stories we hear then from our elders are those happy ending, wisdom filled tales so we understand that though the world isn’t a perfect place, there are good things, and good people. This book has those innocence filled stories that just sound in place. It might as well be you in the place of Raghu or Meenu, and your grandmother instead of Ajji, the stories might seem familiar in their wisdom.
Remindes me of my grandma ...

And it is right to say that no one could resist good stories ; especially by grandma .
12 reviews
July 15, 2021
Raghu, Meenu, Krishna and Anand had come to Ajji and Ajja’s place for the summer holidays. They were so excited. They all wanted to spend time with their dear Ajji. Ajji has a never-ending collection of fabulous stories like the story about clever Kavery and a silly thief, one about a girl called Gita who forgets the instructions given to her and one about a princess called Beena who wants a new dress every morning. The children enjoyed every one of them and eagerly waited for the next day to hear another marvellous story. From where did Ajji get such a big bag of stories?

Grandma’s Bag of Stories written by Sudha Murty is a bunch of different kind of interesting stories. These stories give us some kind of lessons like the story ‘What’s in It for Me?’ tells us that whenever we give something to others it is not necessary to expect anything in return. The stories that I liked the most are ‘Fire on the Beard’, ‘Roopa’s Great Escape’ and ‘The unending story’.

Devanshi Agarwal/Class 4
November 5, 2020
This book is a compilation of many short stories, some funny, some adventurous and some scary too! Seven children who love stories listen to the tales told by their grandmother (ajji) and also told by others. Their grandmother can spin tales on anything under the sun, however she insists that she will share only one story a day. When the children demand more, she replies, " If you only eat laddus and pickles all day, will you be healthy? Stories are like that." Too much could be boring!!!
There are twenty two stories in this book. Each story is a different one, like about the bear who wanted to eat payasam, a poor woman who brilliantly tricked a thief, a princess who wanted new clothes everyday, a king who enjoyed listening to stories and refused to do his duties and many more interesting stories.
In my opinion, friends, if you love tales - this book is a must read. Thoroughly enjoyable.
June 14, 2020
When Grandma opens her bag of stories to teach lessons, everyone gathers Around. From her bag emerges tales of kings and cheats, a magic pot, monkeys and mice, bears and gods. Here comes the bear who ate some really bad dessert and got very angry; a lazy man who would not put out a fire till it reached his beard; a princess who got turned into an onion; a queen who discovered silk, an island full of statues, the saltiest sambar in the world and many more weird and wonderful people and animals. Grandma tells the stories over long summer days and nights, as four children enjoy life in her little town. The stories entertain, educate and provide hours of enjoyment to them. The book is great with many different characters that teach us many life lessons which with out any doubt will help us one day or the other. I enjoyed reading the book a lot, it helps me concentrate more and calm down. I wish to read more books like this
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Author 8 books17 followers
January 16, 2021
"Sometimes with a bit of luck and lots of pluck, people can change any situation in which they find themselves."

GRANDMA'S BAG OF STORIES written by Sudha Murthy is a collection of interesting and informative stories for children.

How many of you miss your grandparents?
I do.
How many of you miss your grandparents Stories?
I do.

Well, then this book is all about grandmother (ajji) and grandfather (ajja)'s stories to their grandchildren who came to visit them during summer holidays in Shiggaon, their village. The stories are about being kind, vigilant, clever, how to handle any situations , not to be greedy etc It makes children think and learn.

Grandma' bag of stories is not only enjoyable for children but also elders, because they are lever stories which make us think, while we are enjoy listening to the story.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
12 reviews
June 7, 2021
Grandma's Bag of Stories by Sudha Murthy is a collection of 22 short stories, in which 4 children came to their grandparents house to spend holidays and their grandmother tell them lot's of stories .
The books genre is fiction.
The book sounds exciting by it's title.
The main characters were Raghu, Meenu, Anand and Krishna who visited their grandparents house and their grandmother who tells them a lot of stories.
The other important characters were grandfather and Vishnu Kaka.
My favourite character was the kids grandmother, because she knews many fascinating stories.
I liked the story named 'The Payasam For The Bear' because,it taught me a really good moral that is
'If you make a promise then keep it'.
I liked the book because there were a lot of moral and interesting stories.
Children especially between the age group 8-11 will enjoy this book.
12 reviews
October 15, 2020
I have read this book twice and yet if i read it now again, i feel something new in it. I am a lover of sudha murthy and have read most of her books. The book has a big horizon of views, different stories of wit and wisdom. About the title, i would say that, grandma, the word itself is a synonym to stories in many cultures. She has a wide range of stories of many types. She never scolds us but tells stories with morals and we understand what she means. At last i would say to each and every one who is scrolling down to see whether this book is worth reading or not, my suggestion is do not waste a minute, its a must read.📖📖📚
Profile Image for Vaishnavi.
491 reviews5 followers
February 26, 2022
this book felt so nostalgic, I miss my grandma more than ever and I'm surely planning to visit her soon.
This book was such a fresh breath of tales that was a glimpse from my culture that had me smiling and appreciating each and every short story. The fact that the author shares her stories as a part of a summer vacation with the grandparents and other people is superb.

The different characters, the morals that are evident before and after every story is precious and makes me gently push this book towards all of you. The illustrations are so cute to look at in between and I'm super glad I nabbed this book from the school library.

No matter how old you are you always will be fond of Grandma's stories because they are a very special kind of magic.
July 9, 2020
Sudha Murty's books are one of my most favourite books as they contain some and the other moral in them. This book has the morals even after every chapter or the story grandma tells. As in the silk story i got to know about the occurrence of silk which helped me in my class reading the same topic in science and history. This was also the first book I read. It grew to be very interesting when the stories started and finished ending up with a new moral or something knowledgeable. I reccommend reading this book to the beginners helping them in developing their interest in reading.
October 29, 2020
Who doesn’t love a good story especially when its told by grandma ?
Join Sudha Murthy into the world of wonderous tales told by grandma where princesses turn into onions and scorpions turn into gold...…
In this book the different stories teach us the values of life and examples of stubborn, generous, and absent-minded people. These delightful stories provide a great deal of entertainment and enjoyment to people of all ages. The weird and wonderful characters of these stories are the parts of the different life lessons and they all combine to form extremely funny yet important stories.
Profile Image for Srivalli Rekha.
Author 18 books256 followers
April 12, 2021
This is a heartwarming and lovely collection of short stories narrated by the favorite grandmother. The grandfather steps in to share a story or two, much to the delight of the kids. Though the book is aimed at kids and pre-teens, there is something beautiful and nostalgic when reading this book, irrespective of one's age.
After reading Mahashweta, my first book by Sudha mam, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy her style of writing. But this book answered my question.
Or maybe I went in more prepared because I knew what to expect from her works. This is definitely a favorite and is something I can reread when feeling low. It's as warm as the hug of a grandparent. Beautiful indeed.
Profile Image for Ashrita K.
36 reviews14 followers
November 9, 2021
I love it
It's rating is 4/5 stars, the short stories are really good. Honestly it was one of the best short stories I've ever read, I am not a fan of short stories but then this has changed my opinion about them. If you are planning to show some keen interest in reading then this is the best book to start with...

Although it's just the second book of I've read of this author,I've enjoyed the way Ms. Murthy writes her books..

This will remind you very well of your grandparents and the warmth of their house and heart...

This is a book that one should keep in their to read list...👍🏽
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