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Hunter Moon

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Bawling cattle tore Shelby Flint from her bed. With lawyer fees to pay in her struggle to keep her ranch from the clutches of her greedy cousins, she couldn’t afford the loss of even one calf. When she sees a large wolf circling her cows, she aims and fires. While the wolf escapes, Shelby can’t seem to get away from her troubles when a marijuana grower sets up shop on her land, sabotaging her property and eventually coming after her. Adding to that, a handsome game warden is poking his nose into her business and working his way underneath her skin. Shelby will have to fight harder than she ever fought before to keep from losing her heart and everything she ever loved.

384 pages, ebook

First published February 28, 2012

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Cait Lavender

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Author 9 books227 followers
September 13, 2016
I’m just going to go ahead and admit this right now. When I first read the synopsis for this novel I thought it was all over the place. Here we have twenty-six year old Shelby Flint who inherits her grandfather’s ranch; the same ranch she was raised on by said grandfather and helped maintain throughout the years. On top of having to run the ranch by herself now, she has to deal with her money hungry cousins suing her as they believe she put their grandfather up to willing her the land instead of selling it and splitting the profits with the family. Shelby is having enough trouble making ends meet without the added lawyer fees and new form of trouble for her herd of cattle in the form of a large wolf that she finds hovering around her property. Things couldn’t get any worse, right? Wrong. To top off the list of bad things going on in her life, she stumbles across a dead body on her property and soon finds out that marijuana growers are using her land for their product. Little bit of everything in this book, huh? That being said, the author really makes this work. The novel is written from Shelby’s point of view and I really enjoyed seeing things through her eyes. I will also say that I loved her inner monologues. LOL. She had me cracking up more than once through this read. I have never read a book before with a heroine like Shelby. She is a no-nonsense, gun wielding, strong willed woman who doesn’t back down to anyone. She fights for what is hers and isn’t afraid to stand her ground. That being said, I also liked how she interacted with Cash Newcomb, the new game warden in town and Shelby’s love interest. Cash has this ability to make Shelby shed her tough girl exterior and lose herself in the moment. The relationship between the two of them was so teasingly sexy that I actually felt every bit of sexually frustrated as Shelby. And Cash. Cash is just so…sigh. He is super sexy and very alpha male, which makes him way protective of Shelby. I loved their whole love/hate relationship and how the two of them just couldn’t stay away from each other. I read this novel in one day, staying up well past my bed time just to finish it. The only complaint I have about this novel is the fact that it ended:) I swear, when I hit that last page I honestly didn’t believe it was over. I kept swiping my finger across my kindle screen to get the page to turn, and when it didn’t I started tapping it like a mad person. If my kindle had the ability to file assault charges against me I think it would, lol. Honestly this was a very, very good novel. Cait Lavender is a talented writer and I’m expecting big things from her. That being said…Cait, please hurry up and write the next novel because I’m dying to know what happens next!
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158 reviews16 followers
March 10, 2012
Imagine you're on a roller coaster. You get to the part where you're click-clacking up the hill and you're thinking to yourself, "Huh, I don't know about this."

You hit the top and start rolling downhill full speed and you're screaming "YAY, WOOHOO!"

The ride ends, you pull into the station and go, "I just waited in line a hour, for that?"

BUT you know, damned well, you're going to go wait in line for another hour jumping up and down with excitement the whole time.

So concludes my extremely juvenile metaphor of how I felt while reading Hunter Moon.

The beginning was fairly slow. You're introduced to Shelby and are given a pretty thorough look at how difficult but rewarding her life is. She's inherited a large amount of land from her grandfather and is doing her best to maintain her cattle to ensure a fiscal future for herself. Raised by her grandfather on the ranch she's used to hard work and tough talking. Unfortunately at times I found her "tough talk" to be a bit over the top. I understand being a strong woman but at times it seemed unnecessary. When introduced to the gorgeous game warden, Cash, she feels a connection to him but seems to do everything in her power to push him away. Lucky for her she's got a pull on him that she doesn't even know about. The paranormal elements don't really show themselves until about a third of the way through the book, but once they did things really took off for me. I started getting excited, reading the pages as quick as I could to unravel the mystery of the wolf that kept showing up at her house, and the pull that she had over Cash.. When things started to heat up, some big questions answered, and a kidnapping thwarted things abruptly ended. I literally huffed in frustration, shaking my tablet, wondering if I was missing pages. Sounds ridiculous, I know. But like I said before; I was pulled in, the story came to life and I wanted more answers and more yummy Cash! I am definitely awaiting the next installment. But so help me if the next book ends as suddenly as Hunter Moon I'll probably be buying a new tablet because I will have thrown mine against the wall and will have no way to read the third installment. Ms. Lavender please don't make me have to buy insurance for my electronics :)

In all; if you love stories with yummy cowboy heroes, highly animated gun-toting heroines, and a good mystery check out Hunter Moon.
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475 reviews9 followers
March 13, 2012
I reviewed this book for promotional book tours for an honest review.

This book is amazing. I loved it. It was very well written and sucked me in from page one.

I found myself thinking about the wolf a lot since he wasn't scary to her. I had 2 different ideas of who the wolf was. There was a twist thrown in there though that I didn't see coming. That is when you know its a good book!

I wonder though if the marijuana grower was put there by her greedy cousins to try and get her to give up the farm. They are stupid enough to try that I think.

Shelby is a very strong independant woman to run a farm on her own. Even a strong independant woman needs love.

I can't wait to read the next book in this series!
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Author 1 book276 followers
March 20, 2012
This was an absolutely fantastic read! I had a heck of a time putting the book down in order to take care of my normal daily activities (i.e. take care of my son, eat, sleep, etc.). Cait Lavender does a wonderful job in bringing the action and romance in this story about how a woman comes to accept werewolves in her life. Being that I knew the story had werewolves in it, I was able to see where some of the story was going when the main character Shelby could not. I think Cait did a wonderful job of demonstrating how a person could rationalize all the evidence of a werewolf in their life. Shelby doesn't even consider that Cash, her "boyfriend" is a werewolf until she sees it. She doesn't pick up on her wolfy friend "Fang" only being around when Cash isn't or at least that they are never in the same room. She doesn't notice that they have the same scent or same eyes. She chooses not to because that would mean she's going crazy right? That's what any normal human being would think. So whydo wolves keep showing up at her door when there are no local wolves in the region? She rationalizes that as well.

Shelby's biggest torment and it will be yours too is that Cash never takes the next step in their relationship. They have this instant attraction to each other and both even admit to wanting each other, but they never do the deed. You will spend time sitting in frustration and wanting to hit Cash for how often he backs away from Shelby leaving her hurt and confused. You will feel her pain and wish you could do something to help her out. There is no solution though without Cash admitting his secret. It was a wonderful read and one I cannot wait to continue when the second book comes out!
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633 reviews37 followers
February 25, 2013
I think I was reading a TOTALLY different book than those people who gave this 3-5 stars. Seriously.
/Rant on/

I was encouraged by seeing the 4 & 5 star ratings so I decided to take a plunge and read. The storyline wasn't bad and the characters of Cash and Shelby were enjoyable even though the story is told in first person from Shelby's POV (I don't like first person POVs but I will read them). Then the song and dance that kept going on between them about being together started to work my nerves. See, Shelby is a virgin (gawd save me from virgin characters!) and she is also Cash's mate. But Shelby doesn't know this and Cash doesn't want to tell her yet. But you figure that out fairly quickly. Every time that it seems like Cash and Shelby were about to get their 'smexy on' they are either interrupted or Cash pulls back and tells Shelby that he want's her SO bad but he just can't have her yet. Ok, the first few times he says that it was fine. But if he still singing that song 75% into the book and they STILL haven't done "IT"? I was SO over them getting together and even though I was tempted to DNF this, I continued to read because I did want to know how it ended.

You know how it ends? In a FREAKING RELATIONSHIP CLIFFHANGER WHICH NO ONE MENTIONS IN THEIR REVIEW! OMG I'M SO heated! I HATE relationship cliffhangers in books with the strength of 10,000 suns! If I want to find out what happens to Cash and Shelby, I have to read the next book? hmm.. No thanks. I'm pretty much over it.
/Rant off/
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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217 reviews25 followers
March 1, 2012
Hunter Moon by Cait Lavender what can I say but "Oh my god".  I couldn't put it down.  The hot and cold dance that Cash and Shelby were doing made me want to take a cold shower.  The gun packing woman that Shelby is would have made mot men high-tail it and run.  But as a lupine they mate for life and he realized that he needed to go about mating with her a different way hence the appearance of "Fang".  I would give this book a 5.5 stars it left me crying out at the end wanting to have a continuation to the story.  Run to your nearest computer a get this book while you can you won't be disappointed.
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Author 18 books450 followers
March 1, 2012
I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from the author, I was not disappointed. Shelby was instantly likable, you can imagine her as your best friend. I read the entire book in an afternoon, I literally couldn't put it down. I had a million things to do, plus a 2 year old running around, and I couldn't stop reading this book. I loved the action, and I definitely loved the steamier scenes. Cait Lavender is one to watch, she has such a talent. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series!
Profile Image for Carole Rae.
1,241 reviews41 followers
April 14, 2012
Like earlier stated...I read this for Ever After Pr for my honest opinion.

The cover may be slightly crappy, but don't let that keep you away from this book! Just summary alone makes me want to re-read this. Perhaps it was the promise that all the reviews I've for this book was positive or I'm a huge werewolf kick right now. Well, I love those werewolves, but lately I've been wanting read non-stop werewolf fun!

The story began off a little slow and it made me groan slightly. Once the game warden appeared in all his yummy-ness I was instantly hooked. After introducing his character and a few tense moments, the story died a little for four chapters, but then it picked up again. Perhaps Cait Lavender did this on purpose; the calm before the storm? I don't know, but once I got past those four or so chapters I could NOT put this down. I even stayed awake WAY past my bedtime and had to force myself out of bed for work in the morning. I'm a bad kid, I know.

On surface both Shelby and Cash (the game warden) seem like they would be shallow, 2D, perfect characters, but they aren't. I was so happy that Cait Lavender avoided that ditch and made all her characters very believable and 3D. Even the side characters had some very good depth. Even the womanizer brother of Cash had some depth. ^.^ I really liked Shelby (the main chicka), because she was kick-ass. She could handle herself and I would be a lucky gal if she were to be my friend. I loved her sarcasm and her sassyness. She doesn't take anyone's crap. In some odd way, she reminded me cowgirl version of my friend Anee. I loved Cash too...he is the only man alive that can keep up with Ms.Sarcastic-cowgirl-who-could-kick-your-rump.

Not only did the characters have some nice realness to them, but the story also had a lot of depth and complex parts. I wasn't expecting the story to have so many layers, which it did and I loved it! I thought I had everything figured out, but Cait Lavender would throw another curve-ball to the story.

There was a lot I loved about this book and I don't have enough time or energy to do so, so I'll just skip to part I hated. The ending made me want to scream! I nearly killed my poor Kindle Fire. I kept trying the next page, but nothing appeared! I kept sliding the screen, but there was no more! Many people have had this situation occur to them when they ended the book. I feel like Cait Lavender just pushed me off a cliff and I'm hanging by a piece of string. It was a great cliff-hanging ending, don't get me wrong, but WHY CRUEL FATES!? WHY? *clears throat* Sorry, but now I'm dying to get my hands on the second book. I believe this is going to be a trilogy. Mhmmm. Not 100% sure, but I know there is another one coming out someday.

Anyways, this was a wonderful read and I'm simply dying to read the sequel. My eye is slightly twitching, because of the ending. Cruel author! Very cruel. Well...besides for the ending I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend this for those that love a nice love story, action, drama, a smoking hot game warden, and a kick-ass heroine. I grant this one 4 stars.

Favorite Character(s): Shelby, Cash, James (even though he was pain in the rump), and Jesse
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Shelby's cousins
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Author 62 books744 followers
April 7, 2012
My Review:
Shelby is one tough cowgirl and, for this California rancher, it seems like everything in her life has become extremely complicated lately. Her grandfather died a year ago, leaving her alone to run the ranch. She grew up with him as truly her only family. Now greedy relatives are trying to steal the ranch from her and she's barely making it financially as it is. So when she comes upon a large wolf among her calves, she is terrified and more than a little angry that he's trying to steal her livelihood. The next day the sexy new game warden is on her doorstep asking why she's out shooting in the middle of the night....and again Shelby gets angry.

Shelby gets angry a lot...hehe. She's seriously feisty...and prickly...and horny...and the sexy new game warden is driving her crazy. One minute he's completely turning her on with his sexy eyes and the next she's threatening him with a gun. She's independent because she's had to be. Besides her best friend, Shelby doesn't get close to too many people. She lives in this small ranching community and everyone knows her, but she keeps to herself a lot of the time, especially when it comes to guys. But Cash, the game warden, isn't taking a hint or a shotgun pointed at him. He just keeps coming back.

This is just a fun book. Shelby is a fabulously conflicted character. She likes Cash a lot, but she really doesn't want to. She holds onto her independence with all that she can, even though she definitely is connecting with Cash. The problem is, Cash is hiding something, and every time Shelby is finally ready to move forward with him, he pulls back. He's running hot and cold and it just ticks her off. In her book, it's way better to get angry than to get vulnerable, which is about the worst thing that she can imagine in this world. She works extremely hard not to show her vulnerability to anyone except for maybe her bff, Jessie.

And Cash. *sigh* I loved him with his emotionally changing eyes. 6'4" of rock-hard yumminess. I love how he seems to get Shelby even when she's spitting fire at him. There are a lot of questions not answered about him until the end of the book, but I definitely saw it coming...I just loved him and his super-sexy over protectiveness and the way he would just show up when Shelby needed him.

This is a long book. I was surprised at how long it took me to read, but the story really sucked me in once it got going. There were a few issues, but the story line was good enough that I could overlook those easily. So you can imagine my surprise when the book simply ends. Yep, this is one of those that ends in a cliffhanger. *gah* So not cool, although you can bet I am going to be standing there when the next one comes out because it worked...I'm hooked and definitely want to read more to this series.
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Author 1 book261 followers
May 3, 2015
I really quite enjoyed Hunter Moon. I found Shelby's prickly cowgirl persona appealing. I liked her sarcastic narration (even if it was largely in first person). Cash was sexy and protective without falling over into overbearing territory too often and I adored his exposed, vulnerable moments. The side characters were colourful, the writing easy to read, and it was really quite clean. There was a lot of sexual tension, but no actual sex. All-in-all a satisfying read.

A lot of page-time was dedicated to describing what Shelby owned, especially in the beginning (vehicles, animals, guns, guns, and more guns). I found this distracting, but at the same time I also appreciated that it made it apparent that she was of a normal socio-economic strata. She lived in a trailer instead of a quaint cabin. She had more than one car/truck, but they were as old as her. She owned a ranch, but wasn't making bank with it. She seemed normal in this respect. I sometimes feel like normal is a rare bird in fantasy. (Who wants to read about the norm after all?) But in this case I liked it. It made her more relatable. Which was good because I couldn't really relate to the gun crazed cowgirl that she was the rest of the time. I liked her, but couldn't relate to her.

I did feel like the three primary threads (romance, mystery, and family/legal drama) didn't really weave together. I kept waiting for them to and had even decided how it was most likely to happen, but it never did. However, they may come together later in the series. In once sense this is good. I would be calling the plot out as predictable if it did, but as it stands the whole family/legal drama seemed unnecessary. It didn't seem to contribute to the story much.

The book ends on a cliffhanger. [I'm getting so tired of reading books that don't end.] It's not as precipitous as some I've come across, but there is obvuously more to come. I looked into buying the sequel as soon as I finished this one, which is solid evidence I enjoyed Hunter Moon. The problem is that the next one, Cowboy Moon, appears to be a prequel instead a sequel, is very short, AND is also a cliffhanger. Serial cliffhangers are something I avoid. As much as I enjoyed this book and would like to know what happens to Shelby next I don't know that I'll read anymore.
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Author 1 book22 followers
April 18, 2012
What I Loved:

There is so much in this book to love! I have to say that Shelby is a very feisty woman and very interesting main character. So feisty, in fact, that I couldn't believe that some of the other characters put up with her- I have a hard time they found her feistiness as entertaining as I did. The leading male protagonist, and Shelby's love interest is about as typical tall, dark, and handsome as they come- though he never comes off the page as typical or cliche- on the contrary he was a close tie with Shelby as my favorite character. The story has a good pace and kept my interest from the first page all the way to the last word.

Also, I loved the way that this book was definitely erotic, but there were no real sex scenes. It's all Shelby's inner dialogue and imaginative narrative that teases and entices the reader here. A very nice alternative to actual sex-scenes that are o-so-common in erotic literature.
What I Didn't Like:

That freaking last word! I'm told that Cait won't be getting book two out until next year and this is driving me insane! Read the book to see for yourself. I didn't realize it was the end of the book and I kept pounding on the screen to get to the next page. Haha. Good thing I noticed before I broke my Kindle.

Also, it has to be said that I get annoyed at characters that don't take a hint- and while I loved Shelby overall, I thought she was quite thick-headed in not putting the pieces of the puzzle together until it literally exploded in front of her eyes.
My Overall Review:

(5 of 5 Stars) A new favorite for paranormal romance

Cait Lavender hit the mark with this book. It was easy to read through, though I did have to stop to sleep for a few hours and I kept letting life distract me. Once I blocked out the world however, I was stuck and it was a most enjoyable prison to be stuck in. The tone of the story is sarcastic and edgy, and the story itself is engaging and interesting- if only for the spicy-hot intimate scenes. I will be very much impatiently waiting for book 2 in the Lupine Moon Series.
This book was provided for me at no charge, nor was I given compensation
of any kind for this review. This review only reflects my personal opinion.
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Author 39 books341 followers
March 30, 2012
First, I have to say I am not the biggest Werewolf fan but I absolutely loved this book. When I first started "Hunter Moon" I thought it would be another "insta-romance” paranormal romance story. You know what I mean. Two terribly attractive people meet, they share some witty banter back and forth, add a cup of water, 30 seconds in the microwave, stir, 30 more seconds and BAM you have the plot of 90% of the romance novels on the shelves.

So when I met rough around the edges Shelby, and all American cowboy Cash born with a 50 pack abs (Ok, I loved him instantly) I was waiting for the moment when I would become annoyed with them. After my Kindle reached 100% completion I realized that moment never came. Author Cait Lavender doesn't constructs a world where damsels wait for werewolves in shiny armor to save the day for fear of ruining her favorite pair of red bottom stilettos. Her world consists of a strong willed, independent, quick tongued woman armed with a pair of dusty cowgirl boots and a gun collection that rivals most terrorists.

Hunter Moon is a well written novel that will leave you laughing, grasping your eReader with white knuckles in suspense and falling for a pair of lovers whose romance blooms so beautifully it puts meadows of flowers to shame. Readers will find themselves on the wrong side of midnight devouring each word until the story reaches its climactic resolution and leave them urging for more. I have a feeling with the introduction of the other equally swoon-worthy Newcomb men; Cait would be more than happy to strap her readers in for another exciting roller coaster ride.
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317 reviews49 followers
April 10, 2012
Hunter Moon by Cait Lavender tells the story of Shelby Flint, a tough as nails rancher, trying to run her grandfather’s ranch on her own. Her grandfather has died, and her cousins are contesting the will, and her right as owner of the ranch. Amidst all of the family drama, and the daily ranch duties, Shelby is dealing with a pot grower on her land, and a lone wolf that appears on her property. The incident with the wolf brings the new game warden, Cash onto her property, into her life, and working his way into her heart.
This is not your typical werewolf story. Or your typical romance novel. Shelby is not a damsel in distress. She is tough as nails, independent and a sharp thinker. She’s also good with a gun. Shelby has a quick wit and the ability to laugh at herself. Cash is a hottie, for sure. Right as he is making headway with Shelby, his equally hot younger brother arrives on the scene, making waves for Shelby and Cash.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about this book when I first agreed to review it. I don’t usually read a lot of adult paranormal romances, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I could not book the book down. I found myself getting deeper and deeper into Shelby’s world – falling in love with her ranch and her friends (and her man – lol). I loved the book so much that I went online and bought the novella that takes place before this book and tells the story of Shelby’s mother and father.
I cannot wait for the next book in the series!
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395 reviews10 followers
January 4, 2015
When I first read the summary I thought for sure it was going to be the mystery/western/romance type of book...not my favorite but I decided to try it.

Shelby Flint isn't your typical herione, she's an outspoken, strong-willed, gun-slinging, ill tempered cowgirl. Her inner monologues had me in a stitch throughout the book. I was convinced at first that no one would break her hard exterior...that is until Cash Newcomb, the new warden shows up. The passion between the two was intense and Cash had a way of not only breaking through her walls but crumbling them in the process.

After losing her grandfather, Shelby is left to maintain the farm all by herself, hard work, right? Throw in some nasty, money hungry folks trying to steal her land, her cousins no less and that leaves Shelby in a state of stress. She is tough though and will stand her ground and protect her land.

Can she still handle it when she is on her daily chores and finds a dead body...only to later learn that a marijuana dealer has taken up residence on her land? Cash being the protective type ends up risking his own life to save hers. Shelby then finds herself in a position of doing the only thing she can while having no idea it will change her very existence as she knows it.

The tone of the book was refreshing and the characters were very relatable. The end had me near my own little temper tantrum....it definitely leaves you hanging on wanting more. I was given this book from Promotional Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.
143 reviews20 followers
March 9, 2012
I absolutely loved this book. Shelby is a real, honest to goodness kick-butt cowgirl.(Cowwoman? LOL) The details of life on a cattle ranch in California really fascinated me,and it is obvious Cait Lavender knows her stuff! Poor Shells has plenty of problems on her plate. Her cousins are upset she inherited Grandpa's ranch and,in spite of being rich and having nothing to do with grandpa when he was alive,they are now suing for their 'fair share'. There's a huge wolf terrorizing her cattle and her,there is evidence that someone is using her land to grow pot,and to top it off,she finds the body of an obviously murdered man. Hmm,the killer must be the same guy she saw looking in her window at her. ****possible spoilers****
A few good things do happen. The huge wolf is tame and befriends her,even sleeps w/her at night. Obviously it was a pet at one time. Right? And then there's the game warden,Cash,a 6'4" hunk of gorgeous!! Seems like between the wolf and Cash,she always has a guardian. When one of them leaves her alone,seems like the other always appears. But can they save her from the killer,or the strange black wolf that shows up? And what about the guy named Hank. How is he connected to all this?
If you enjoy books about cowboys,or books about werewolves,guaranteed,you will devour this book.
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590 reviews92 followers
May 19, 2012
I discovered Cait when I read the anthology Cupid Painted Blind and knew I had to read more of her work. I immediately downloaded and read Cowboy Moon and Hunter Moon and read them in that order. I enjoyed this book very much and after the first few chapters I could not put it down. I actually read until 5am. I have to admit it did take the first few chapters for me to get into the story. I think it was because I know absolutely nothing about about horses, cattle,ranches etc. I think if you are a lover of those things, the first few chapters probably would hold your interest more than it did mine.

I read a lot of shifter/were books. I enjoy them and the diversity of the lore used to create them. Cait definitely put her own spin on were lore, which always makes me happy. I also enjoyed that all of the "mystery" that was unfolding was not were/super naturally related. Cait has a fun sense of humor that made Shelby a character to love. Reading her inner monologues were a hoot and a half, especially as they pertained to Cash. I really wish the next book was already out because the ending is not all wrapped up in a pretty little bow. There are a few typographical errors in the version I downloaded, which may be an issue for some readers.

You do not need to read Cowboy Moon to enjoy this book, but I do think I enjoyed it more because I had read it.
Profile Image for Trista.
33 reviews
April 18, 2012
As you can tell from the synopsis, this book incorporates many interesting topics - greed, money problems, keeping a farm, marijuana growers, handsome man, and finally bravery. Before I begin any book I always look at the front cover and think if it would be interesting. Believe me, I do this! I once bought a book called "White Trash Zombie" because it looked funny with a zombie smoking a cigarette. I made my prediction that the book will be about the lady on the cover and the warden will be the wolf on it. Was I correct? You have to read it yourself!

Over all this book was easy to be drawn into. One instantly becomes engrossed in the story because Shelby is such a likable character. She makes herself look like a tough girl who "rough talks" and acts like she can conquer the world. I think the author waited to bring in the supernatural/paranormal elements into this book to give us a back story. Once she added these elements into the book, it was like a fish seeing the worm on the end of a hook!So it sounds good, huh? OK well the ending is the worst part - I was wondering if my Kindle left something out because I kept hitting next page. Authors use this tactic to make us think and by gosh did I! What a way to keep the reader hooked!
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3,569 reviews84 followers
May 1, 2012
Hunter Moon is an enjoyable story. The one thing I did love about it were the characters! Shelby is one tough lady. I loved that she was strong, independent and wasn't afraid to face danger. She also was willing to fight for what was hers. Cash was a great match for Shelby.Their chemistry was sizzling, if not a bit frustrating. But, I did like that they didn't jump in the sack after the first kiss. The peripheral characters rounded out the book nicely.

While I did enjoy the book overall, I felt like the first half of the book dragged a bit. It didn't really get going until halfway through the book. Then, it sucked me right in. For me, the book started out to as a romantic suspense, then changed over into a paranormal romance. I wish that the paranormal aspect of the book had come in a lot sooner than it did. I think the book would have flowed better for me that way. Be warned, this book ends in a huge cliffhanger. At first, I thought I was missing part of the book. As you know, I'm not a fan of cliffhangers. I can only hope that the next installment comes out soon because I HAVE to know what happens next!

I do recommend giving Hunter Moon a shot. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Lavender.
99 reviews15 followers
April 2, 2012
Hunter Moon was a very good werewolf read. I really had a lot of fun reading it. I never knew what was going to happen next and I couldn't wait to find out.

Shelby is just an awesome female character! She is a fighter, she is strong, she stands on her own two feet, and needs no one. She was so much fun to read about. As she found herself attracted to Cash she was fighting so hard.

Cash is one hot man! I enjoyed reading about him. He was good looking, strong, and stubborn. He definitely had to be to keep up with Shelby!

The other characters throughout the book were great. I love Jesse! She is funny and knows how to handle Shelby's attitude. James was fun, too. He was so sure and cocky. I hope to learn more about him later.

There was so much happening in this book! Wolves, crimes all over the place, family drama, and a budding romance. It was so easy to get pulled into this book and stay stuck. I hope the next book is coming soon. I was so into this book that I was freaking out when it ended. My poor Kindle probably didn't appreciate the crazy tapping trying to get to that next page that didn't exist.
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542 reviews149 followers
April 7, 2012

For all you romance fans, this one's for you. But is doesn't end at that. This little book carries a punch of various different genres - romance, mystery and something else.

If you like men who make you go weak in the knees, you would love this one. If you are into strong female characters (like me. No, not like that , silly!), you have got it here. Shelby is one hell of a woman and I adore her guts. What a character and I mean that in a good way.

Add to that a charmer who has got a brain and brawn, and it's enough to make you swoon. But wait, that's not all. This book has more to it. But I can't reveal what it is.

I love romantic books but at times, it got too mushy for me and hence not a higher rating.

The first half is more of romance but the second half is fast-paced action that makes you not want to stop reading. And the end? Oh my God. I almost pulled my hair out. Did that book just end? I clicked and clicked to no avail. Yes, the book has ended and now I will have to wait for the sequel. *sigh*

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this book.

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Author 7 books147 followers
April 15, 2012
This book is hot!

I haven’t read Cowboy Moon, the book that comes before this, but I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything by picking the story with Hunter Moon. Meaning, nothing seems to be left out. It took me a chapter or two to get into this book but by the time the dead body rolled around, I was intrigued. I loved the characters in this book, Cash, a sexy warden, Shelby, a strong, independent cowgirl, Jack, a sexy Green Beret, Cash, again because I love him.

The story unfolds well and the sexual tension is very hot. This book is a part 1 or part 2 because it doesn't end at the HEA, but I still loved it and can't wait for the next in the series. I give this book 5 stars! The action and hotness level are incredible!
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800 reviews1 follower
May 2, 2013
Okay, I absolutely loved this book...BUT, I am so freaking pissed off. This book was released in April of 2012...so here we are May 1, 2013 and there is no second book. What the heck? Seriously, there is no excuse....you can't have a book series and leave with one HELL of a cliffhanger and not even habe some sort of release date for the next book. I have looked at the author's numerous social media pages and website. ..and there is nothing. I'm so pissed that I should just give this book one star to change the overall rating of this book and get all my friends to do the same. Luckily I am not that vindictive. ...yet. There better be some kind of news of the upcoming book soon.
seriously distraught.
Oh, and the editing could use some work.
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339 reviews35 followers
July 3, 2012
I really don't know what I could say to do this book justice! The modern style writing gives it an edgy feel, while still retaining a clever story throughout. I absoloutly loved the main character, Shelby is so ballsy and has such a wicked sense of humour. I really felt bonded to her from the start. The love interest is manly ,yet vulnerable and it makes you melt. I instantly felt invested in the story and I will stick with the series for sure. It is mainly romace and family based, but there is so much besides that going on too it is so very very good. Love love love it! Will be sharing with friends for sure! x
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March 31, 2012
First off, I am a HUGE supernatural fan. Werewolves are one of my favs. I've read them all so it takes a REALLY good story to keep me interested. I finished working around 10 one night and figured I'd read a couple chapters before I went to bed. I started reading and the next thing I knew it was 3 am! It was one of the better written supe books I have read in a long time. A original storyline (which is hard to do with werewolves) a great romance story mingled in and plenty of action. I love the description she gives...just enough detail so it doesn't bore you. Fantastic read.
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July 15, 2012
I loved the characters, they stayed true to themselves all the way through. I loved the writing, it kept me turning pages & wishing I could be when I wasn't. I really enjoyed everything Shelby said, did, and thought.

What I did NOT love was the ending. I stayed up til 2am only to find myself standing at the edge of a huge cliff, cursing and stomping! Would have been a 5 star if the "end" had not pissed me off, but I'll try not to be too petulant about it and give it the credit it's due.

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40 reviews
October 21, 2015
This book just ends in the middle of the story. It leaves almost everything unresolved, and looking at the writer's blog, she isn't working the sequel. Don't read this book until the sequel is released (if it ever is, there is nothing that says there will be another one) or you'll just be frustrated. With a sequel or more issues resolved, this would have been a 5. There are two books in this series, both have different characters and plots. Both leave you hanging with the ASSUMPTION it'll be explained later.
7 reviews
April 2, 2012
I'm normally not a paranormal romance fan but I read this book because it takes place near where I live. I was pulled into the story immediately and couldn't put it down! Hunter Moon has lots of action and suspense, I'd almost be tempted to call it a Mystery Romance. I really enjoyed the main character's inner monologue, she made me laugh out loud. I am looking forward to the next installment in the series.
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July 3, 2012
Honestly I was wondering if I should even bother picking this up as the last bookwas lacking to me. However, I am so glad I did. I was hooked almost from the first page.... By page two I was hooked! I couldn't put this down. lol, I mean really I had to tear myself away just to fix food! I can hardly wait until the next one come out. OMG... the interactions between Shells, Jessie, Cash, James and her father just to name a few was great.
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