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Every day Violet Eden wonders whether she made the right choice.

She still doesn't fully understand the powers she's been granted as a half-angel Grigori. And worse, isn't even sure she's capable of using them. Stab someone through the heart? Really?

No matter how bad things get, though, Violet doesn't run and she doesn't quit. Even if it means she can never allow herself to love the guy she longs for. Even if it means asking her enemy for help. Even if no one is telling her the truth.

The war between Exiles and Angels is on - and she's wanted by both sides.

464 pages, Hardcover

First published March 29, 2011

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About the author

Jessica Shirvington

27 books3,248 followers
Jessica Shirvington is the author of THE VIOLET EDEN CHAPTERS also known as THE EMBRACE SERIES, stand alone novel, BETWEEN THE LIVES and has an exciting new duology called DISRUPTION on the way in 2014.

An entrepreneur, author, and mother living in Sydney, Australia, Jessica is also a 2011 & 2012 finalist for Cosmopolitan’s annual Fun, Fearless Female Award. She’s also one of the lucky few who met the love of her life at age seventeen: Matt Shirvington, a former Olympian and current sports broadcaster for Foxtel and Fox Sports. Married for twleve years with two beautiful daughters, Sienna and Winter, Jessica knows her early age romance and its longevity has definitely contributed to how she tackles relationships in her YA novels.

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39 reviews
March 12, 2012
God i love Phoenix!!!!! Like hell!
Violet belongs with Phoenix!!!
392 reviews334 followers
May 30, 2011
Before reading Enticed I was a little bit nervous (okay A LOT nervous) as I had mixed feelings about Embraced the first book in the series. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this installment. There were some big improvements made that were desperately need.

Again I liked Shirvington prose. Simple yet elegant. The plot this time had less romantic drama (the love triangle was milder). In Embrace I felt like it big time overwhelmed the rest of the storyline. This time there was a better balance of romance and action and adventure. Enticed is also has more unexpected twists and turns making for an edge of your seat read.

Violet felt like a more believable character. In Embrace I couldn't see her as a 17 year old girl (I felt like she was 25) but this time she seemed her age and a more down to earth character. Violet is also stronger and smarter. And I am liking the character she is becoming.

Shirvington knows how to write romance. Violet and Lincoln have some sizzling chemistry. Sparks were flying, especially in those delicious kissing scenes. And it didn't feel like just physical attraction but rather an actual connection which is very different from her relationship with Phoenix in the first book which was that love/lust at first sight.

The only big problem that I still have is the relationship between Violet and her Dad. I find it hard to believe. I hope in the final instalment he has a stronger presence in the story line. As well as resolving some of the issues they have with their relationship.

Overall, Shirvington delivers a page turning novel that is full of passion, romance, action and suspense. I am now curious to see how it is all going to end in the final installment Emblaze.
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339 reviews698 followers
June 5, 2017
Like I said in my review of the previous book, I've read these books at least 100 times and I still absolutely love them.

Even though this is my least favourite of the five books, it's still such an amazing book. I think I actually expected to not love it as much as I did since I remembered that it was my least favourite. However, it definitely leads up to all of the big shit that's about to happen in the next three books and I can't wait to dive back into them!

This series is perfection and I am really loving experiencing these books again since it's been about a year since I read them. I love these characters so much. Even Phoenix who's such a shit for three books.
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195 reviews64 followers
October 30, 2022
you know when a book early on in the series foreshadows so fucking well that it feels like you're being gutted from the inside out every time you reread it knowing what happens in the later books? i present to you; entice.

my updated review will come soon :'(
102 reviews
March 23, 2011


OMG! 10,000 stars.

Some sequels are bad or just dont match up, this was not one of those books.

You get everything that you got from the first book: The characters in all their glory, Villians you love to hate; and relatoinships galore!

You get all this and more in ENTICED. I loved the new characters! Spence? I love you.

There is so much action that it gets your heart racing along with the events that unfold. I felt the book was so well researched with all the biblical referenes, characters and ledgends. I loved the original characters- Violet, Lincoln and Phoenix, they were back and more awesome and deeper than before. I also loved steph the best friend to Violet, she really had an important role in the book, and of course she is a best friend anyone would want to have their backs.

This book literally had me gasping for air, and got my heart racing!

This is an incredible unforgettable book.

Jessica Shirvington rocks my socks.

The End.
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11 reviews3 followers
March 29, 2011
Amazing!! This was even better than the first book - tying in so much world history to this fantasy genre without forcing religion on the readers just adds a whole new layer to the story and depth of emotions in the writing. Love the new characters, although the Violet/Lincoln situation is absolute heartbreaking torture! Please let's have some (positive) resolution come October's book three - can I really wait that long?!

Addition: this reminds me a lot of an angel take of the Vampire Academy series (fantastic!) - forbidden romance, main character who has a backbone and opinion, fights/battles without being annoying or boring, and a story that keeps you guessing!
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56 reviews29 followers
March 27, 2011
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need Emblaze NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo goooooooood
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714 reviews930 followers
August 28, 2012
This book was even better than Embrace!!!! Totally 5/5 stars, in fact I would've given it 10 stars if I could. Hands down the best angel books ever!
One complaint: not enough Phoenix!!!! *pouty face*
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Author 1 book109 followers
June 17, 2018
I loved this sequel even though my man Phoenix wasn't in it much, I think deep down he really loves Violet so hopefully they have great moments together in the next book.
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492 reviews80 followers
September 22, 2012
The review is also available on my blog, Bows & Bullets Reviews

To rant or not to rant, that is the question.

Yeah, it’s not really a question, is it? I’ll go ahead and warn you now. If you are a huge fan of this series, on Team Lincoln, easily offended by bad language and derogatory comments (then why the hell do you read my reviews?), then this might upset you and you should probably skip it. If none of that bothers you (ie only my little sister will probably be reading this), then read on.

Okay, let’s try to summarize before I go all rageface on you. Violet Eden has finally completely embraced her Grigori side, though she still has major issues with it, she and the other Grigori are trying to find the scripture, which I think is a list of all of the possible Grigori, but I’m not sure. It never really says in this book. It did in book one, but I just don’t fucking remember clearly. Either way, this sends her and the others on a journey to find them before the exiles do, or rather before Phoenix’s group of exiles do. ::breathes:: nope, hold it in, don’t rage yet. Anyway, while all this is searching is going on, Lincoln is facing his own set of issues. The exile who is responsible for the death of his mother has resurfaced and he can think of nothing but revenge. When I say “nothing but revenge”, I mean nothing, he is even ignoring Violet which she is not too keen on.

This novel does just a few things right. It’s just as damn addictive as the first book. Once I got into the story, I couldn’t stop reading. Where they going to find the scripture in time? What the hell was up with Phoenix? Are Violet and Lincoln soul mates? Is that really enough to get them around the whole “Grigori partners are incompatible” bit? I just had to keep reading to find out. Other characters also shine through in this one. Steph, for one, seemed to have a much bigger role in this one. Can I just say that is something else I loved? The normal, human best friend doesn’t just get pushed to the side in favor of new people to “protect” them, but instead is told about all of it and brought along for the ride. A few new characters where introduced, one of which I loved. His name is Spence and he’s just a cocky, sarcastic, funny, over-exuberant guy…who is interested in Vi in friends only zone.

But, unfortunately, he brings me to my rant. The role Spence plays in this book is hauntingly similar to the one Phoenix played in book one (well except for the part where Spence is only a friend and Phoenix was clearly more). He hangs out with Vi, helping her through shit while Lincoln is off gallivanting around doing God knows what and keeping his many secrets from Violet. Once again, my rant will probably bring about many spoilers, so proceed only if you dare.
If you read that, you know how angry this book made me. If not, well let’s just say that unsatisfied is an understatement. With all that being said, do I plan on reading the rest of this series? At the particularly moment, yes I do because even though I really know that things aren���t going to go the way I want them to, I am still mildly curious to where it does go and I have that need to finish series. Besides, I want more glimpses of my awesome Phoenix (assuming is normal personality comes back). But I will not be recommending this series to anyone else until I finish it. This has made me too mad to want to condemn others to suffer it unless I know it’s worth it.
9 reviews
June 16, 2015
OK as far as the book itself goes I liked Entice a lot the story and the newly introduced character were all well written and I love the fantasy world of the Grigori (I can't remember if that's how it was spelled so I apologize if I'm wrong.) But there was one thing keeping me from loving the book.


In Embrace I loved Phoenix and the complexity of his character, I have always had a thing for the dark hero, they're more fun and more relate-able then the straight laced good guy hero which only exist in books. Lets be honest we all have a little mean in us. But I could tell from the beginning that Linc and Violet were going to be together because the author has a very clear love for Lincoln (And even though I know they're not real characters why did you have to play with Phoenix like that Ms. Shirvington? Having Violet give her virginity to him and making him think he had a chance with her was just mean) And then after everything in the first book where he was always there for Violet when she need him, healed her when Linc couldn't and took care of her when no one else was there to do it, why did you have to go and turn him into WHAT EVER THE FREAK HE BECAME IN THE SECOND BOOK!!!

Grrrr he was an ass and it made no sense to me why!! I just couldn't see the Phoenix from the first book reopening Violets stomach wound or trying to kill her and manipulating her the way he did in the second book even after she broke his heart. I know he did manipulate her in the first book a little but in the end you could see that he was genuinely hurt and that he cared about Vi, and this was such a drastic jump even after someone breaks your heart a part of you still cares about them. Also he was barely in the book and I missed him and Violets interactions. But all of this might just be my Phoenix love which is slowly dying

And then to top it all off I kept getting pissed at Linc because of his all over the place attitude about Violet, I mean seriously pick a side either fight for her or don't, don't lead her on and then throw up your guard. Even I was getting a little mental whiplash from the constant back and forth. And if Linc and Vi are soul mates then you would think that Linc would be there for her a bit more and be more understanding about what she's feeling and has felt considering her relationship with him and not keep throwing her past mistakes in her face and running to Magda with his problems and ignoring her. I get it he's hurt rightfully so, but they are half human and humans make mistake, use a little of your angel ness and forgive her I mean your competition is now trying to kill her so I would say that you no longer has anything to worry about in that department.

So with all this said in my honest advice I believe that Violet should just start over with guys, the ones she is currently involved with have just a little to much baggage.
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266 reviews56 followers
December 22, 2014
You know how there's some things where you go through the motion? I felt like I was going through the motion for this book.

Because this book is really meh. I just couldn't give a crap about anything in this book, from the characters to the plot to the romance.

SO it's a two star rating for me.
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354 reviews16 followers
May 31, 2021
Band 2 der Engel-Saga war ganz okay, aber meiner Meinung nach schwächer als Band 1. Irgendwie fehlte mir hier immer etwas. Vielleicht lag es auch daran, dass Phoenix hier nicht allzu viel ,Spielzeit‘ hatte?! 😏 Nein im Ernst, mir ist hier insgesamt einfach zu wenig passiert. Nur die letzten 100 Seiten waren ganz spannend, allerdings war da vieles sehr vorhersehbar.
Von Linc war ich in diesem Band auch etwas enttäuscht, er hat zu wenig hinterfragt und sich leiten lassen.
Ein paar Dinge sind mir einfach noch nicht ganz klar. Zum Beispiel finde ich das Verhältnis von Vi zu ihrem Dad sehr seltsam. Zu viel möchte ich aber nicht verraten, um nicht zu spoilern. Ich hoffe, dass sich noch ein paar offene Fragen in Band 3 aufklären und bin gespannt wie es weitergeht.
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340 reviews26 followers
May 7, 2019
3.5 // 5 stars

Still just as addicting as the first book, though I will say that I think I enjoyed the first book more? One of my favorite characters got very little page time in this book and I think that's what drove my enjoyment down a little bit. But other than that I loved how the world, magic, etc all expanded in this book. Definitely interested in seeing what happens next!
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347 reviews108 followers
October 14, 2017
2 stars

Well....that was kind of boring.


It was better than the last book though I guess. Where the last book was a mess, this was organized well, but it seemed kinda anticlimatic. I get it, many things happened, plot twists I didnt guess (Partly because I know nothing about angels or the quotes from the bible) and i suppose I should've been shocked or something when the twists were revealed, but I was just...not?
The plot twists just...happened, and the way they were revealed was all anticlimatic, and nothing made me stop for two seconds to process the information or something.

The second problem in this book was the romance. In the beginning I was all hardcore shipping Lincoln and Violet, and I still do ship them, but once again it was all anticlimatic. One minute they're not canon, then they are, and you just dont understand when exactly that happened, I legit had to reread a full chapter to see where Violet and Lincoln suddenly became canon, But? I? just? couldnt? find? it? and then suddenly they break it off and then I had to reread a full chapter again, and guess what. I. Didnt. Find. It.

The action scenes were well written I guess, but I found myself skimming through them, maybe I've just read better?

I still hate Pheonix, and Steph is easily my favorite character.

Plus the whole Magda thing was just weird, her reasoning to do what she did was stupid and dumb, I think it couldve been better written and less obvious.

Anyway, I still think that maybe I'll continue with this series although not knowing anything about angels is really annoying since I dont really get shocked by the plot twists.
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930 reviews187 followers
October 5, 2017
A great sequel to Embrace! I absolutely adore this series. It has steamy forbidden romance, epic adventures, half angels with wicked powers, and crazy scary villains! What more can you want in a YA book?

This story starts with our main characters Violet and Lincoln in a crazy place. They are both very much in love with each other, but cannot be together because they are Grigori partners, and must depend on each other with their lives. On top of this, Lincoln is still extremely jealous and upset over what happened with Phoenix. Which I get, but its not like Violet had any control over that situation. She was completely manipulated by Phoenix, and now she both regrets everything with him, but still yearns for him like a junkie, which she tries to hide from Lincoln.

On top of this, Magda is creating a wedge between Lincoln and Violet, so neither is really aware of what is going on with the other. For Grigori, this is BAD! How can they protect each other?

There are multiple threats in this story, so at times this felt like 2 or 3 shorter books condensed into one journey. They did relate to each other, so the story worked, but at times it was a little confusing. I think that's my only complaint. I was still completely with the characters, especially Violet. I am so in love with Lincoln! I wish he was mine! (Sigh)

The ending left us with a pretty big cliffhanger, and our God Squad (as Steph calls them!) was feeling pretty hopeless by the turn of events. I can't wait to read the next one! 5 stars!
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943 reviews18 followers
June 26, 2017
I loved this book! I am so mad at myself for waiting so long to read it. Now I need to move straight on to book 3, Emblaze.

Entice was full of action, suspense, and a little romance. And what little romance it had was HOT. And it was just a few kisses. I really love Violet and Lincoln. They are such strong characters, and they are beautifully written. I am frustrated with Lincoln, though. That boy sure is quick to turn away and avoid what I want him to tackle. This story was full of action. And Even though you know when something big is going to happen, you are surprised by what does happen because you cannot see it coming. Jessica Shirvington does an excellent job at throwing in surprises at every corner. This book has an amazing villian. Phoenix. I love Phoenix. He is up to no good, but his no good is sooo good, and keeps the story exciting.and we haven't heard the last of him, especially with the surprise we got in the end of a promise of much more action and adventure to come.

I recommend this series to everyone! 5 giant glowing stars!
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320 reviews22 followers
November 10, 2014
So not as good as the first book, I thought it was pretty predictable and didn't get going until well past the 150 page mark. Is it terrible that I love Phoenix? Rudy's scene at the end had me crying! I do hope the next one is better!
354 reviews92 followers
July 30, 2020
I absolutely loved this book. I now consider it to be a favorite of mine. This book was a fantastic sequel. The action was great in this book. I loved all of the twists and turns. I will be definitely be continuing on with this series. "We all have the capacity to find the will to do what must be done--even when that which we must do terrifies us most. Remember that."
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385 reviews38 followers
June 2, 2021
Die Männerprobleme haben 80% vom Buch übernommen, der Rest war der eigentliche Plot.
Es war langweilig.
Und ganz ehrlich: dieser Lovetriangle der kein wirklicher Lovetriangle ist nervt mich nur.
Außer Spence gab‘s in dem Buch nichts gutes.
589 reviews1,029 followers
September 7, 2016
See more reviews at YA Midnight Reads

3.5 stars
This book was better than Embrace, and it felt more YA. AND, the romance, plot and pretty much everything improved. I was unsure, heading into Entice as Embrace didn't really capture me. Must I say I am impressed by the development of the characters and plot throughout this book which really kept me up till midnight to finish it off.

Violet gets more realistic in this book (mainly because Phoenix isn't controlling her) and she is showing more of her angelic side here. The only thing I got annoyed about her is the amount of times she cries in this book. Get a grip! Lincoln is a bit annoying too, keeping secrets huh? Yeah okay I'm fine with that but then going all mercy and saying 'sorry oh I should have told you' other than that Lincoln was really protective and a great gentleman in the book. (Magdalena, I swear that is her full name.)Magda, as usual is this stupid jealous bitch that I hated from the first book. Finny we get to know her more and her secrets which really left me shocked. For me, the characters really pulled through and made this book feel more comfortable in reading.

I was so tempted to make a 'complicated plot' shelf for this book. So many things were going on at once and it felt quite overwhelming at the start, but soon everything clicked into place making this one superb novel to read. I enjoyed Stephanie's part to this book, I really wish I had a friend like her, she researched and pretty much was one of the heroines as she pieced everything into place at the end. And what made me happier was that Steph was the only character that I found not annoying in anyway.

I recommend this book to lovers of paranormal and angels. It really brings angels to the next level and led me to a different perspective of angels. Try it!
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4 reviews
March 27, 2011
Could I LOVE this series anymore!

It has everything I want from a story - fast moving, interesting plot, history and folklore, strong lead characters, delicious baddies, best friends, heartbreak, love, love, love and to top it off bouts of dry humor. Need I say more?


Enticed starts off a month or so after Embrace finished. Violet is training with Lincoln who is even more gorgeous in this book than Embrace and she is having trouble making the difference between killing-baddies okay - and killing bad full stop. I love that the author has done this. So many of the supernatural books avoid this question completely since looking at things too realistically can kind of blow it all out of the water but by doing this she just makes everything more believable and its easy to sympathise with Violet and the choices she has to make.

Enter Phoenix. I'm just going to say right off if I seriously haven't picked camp-phoenix or camp-lincoln yet. Not an easy choice becasue for all Phoenix's evilness, and in this book he doesn't exactly hold back, I still kinda love the guy.

New charcters are introduced in Enticed who come from 'the academy' in New York. They are all great! Especially Spence. Oh Violet, you have some cool dudes hanging around. And then there is Nyla and Rudyard and since I don't want to ruin the story I won't say more on that except O.M.G! :(

And ... Magda ... Grrr!

I actually cried in this book. Twice!
Then again, I also laughed out loud at serveral embarrassing moments for Vi.

The best thing about this series is they are different to all the other YA books out there and Enticed was amazing!
Now I can't wait until Emblaze comes out.
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1,057 reviews908 followers
April 12, 2016
An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. Quotes pulled from the ARC may be incorrect and may be subject to change.

Being Enticed sure sounds like fun but dangerous at the same time. Healing by making out with someone to transfer your power sounds like a fun way to heal.

The story was better but I also felt that Violet thought way too much about everything she did. It annoyed me to no end that she would even question Lincoln's feelings for her when it was rather obvious in the beginning. I can't help but giggle when Violet describes how Lincoln fights. In a way I get how in love she is, yet I can't help but find humor in it because it's so darn cheesy. I do love how confident she is in his abilities and I truly enjoy Lincoln and all of his sweet and kind remarks. Oh Phoenix sure knows how to stir the kettle. I wish we could find out more about his past. The bad-boy image is just so attractive don't you think?

The twists and turns this novel had to offer far succeeded the first book and I rather enjoyed this one more. The plot does develop but not as fast as I would have liked. I thought the middle could have been shortened and have the characters doing something other than trying to find the Scriptures. Violet was indeed distracted by him but I'm guessing Phoenix planned it that way.

The villain in the end didn't end surprising me because I was gunning it was that person after all. I felt rather smug that it was said person. Yet I also love it when an author spins another character a different way and it also takes me by surprise.

I can't wait until the next book in this series. I hope it's just as good as this one.
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488 reviews45 followers
January 14, 2023
Now that I've read this series a million times, I see that Violet is weak and strong at the same time. She faints a few times, but I mean come on! She saved their lives with her power so I think she deserves a little slack! My point is, when she shows even the slightest weakness she straightens up and acts as if she's fine. That, in my book, is admirable.

I thought about where Violet ends up in books 4/5 and I see so much more clearly now. At the beginning, Violet was so young and didn't know herself or her powers. Entice is where she is so uncertain of her abilities and of Lincoln. It's almost sad to see how much time they lost by trying to stay away from each other. Thinking about the end is always a trip.
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470 reviews59 followers
September 21, 2017
I thought perhaps I needed to give this series another chance but I think not.

This is the kind of book that makes me feel mentally drained. Reasons being I do not enjoy it and the dialogues were really odd. To name but a few...
"No surprise, the exile told him to eat shit."
"...I had not seen such lame fighting from an exile before."

I'm sorry but I really cannot handle such sentences in a book. This brings me back to the point of a childish writing like in book 1. I had to drop this series as it was too draggy! I was reading for the sake of completing it.
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590 reviews51 followers
July 13, 2013
Entice was such a good sequel to Embrace. After getting past the first few chapters (which were mainly a catch-up with what happened in the last book) it turned out really good.

There's some great new characters in this and the love triangle isn't really there. The storyline was intriguing and I think Jessica Shirvington is really getting into the swing of writing.

I'm really looking forward to listening to the next one on audiobook. Thumbs up!
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200 reviews29 followers
November 10, 2014
Even better than the first so addicting where's the third one. I need it now !!!!
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